HyperSpace HyperWars 4

Apr 20th, 2020
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  1. >It was a hell of a thing watching your building spring up from the ground up
  2. >Discord must have really put the fear of god into those construction horses
  3. >Every time you walked by, they were working like their lives depended on it
  4. >Hopefully, it didn't, but you still liked the speed
  5. >With each day there was real process
  6. >The foundation was made
  7. >Pipes and wires and those sort of things were laid out
  8. >Then came the wood
  9. >Wood flooring, then a wooden skeleton
  10. >Steel came next
  11. >From morning till afternoon you could hear the banging of hammers and the sound of magic twisting and cutting metal
  12. >A roof was put on, then the smaller, but just as important, things were built and readied
  13. >Air conditioning, lighting, doors, windows, you name it they put it there
  14. >In the span of a month, you had a whole building to your name
  15. >The next trick was trickier
  16. >Cranky and his wife were true to their word
  17. >You had no idea how the donkey's managed it, but you got yourself three dozen machines
  18. >You weren't too sure of what they all did
  19. >Greta insisted that she needed them, and you believed her
  20. >They also had the most important thing for all this
  21. >Steel molds
  22. >Hundreds and hundreds of them
  23. >All made out of the finest donkey metal, all ready to be broken in
  24. >This took a great deal longer to get, though shipping them here was no issue with Discord helping, and getting them into the building was an absolute breeze
  26. >Their expense was felt, however
  27. >All of the machinery was easily double the cost of the land and the construction for the building
  28. >That, along with ten tons of plastic, wood, glue, paints, and a billion other things, took nearly all of your royal funding, and you had to do some hardcore flirting to get some more cash to make your building look pretty
  29. >There were a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of talking and planning with your eat
  30. >A few times you went some days without eating, and you're pretty sure this whole thing had taken years off your life due to stress
  31. >None of that mattered when Discord placed the sign right above the front door to the customer wing of your store
  32. >You had Fresh Coat make it
  33. >She wanted a epic scene of battle and triumph
  34. >You instead insisted on something simple
  35. >A yellow, plain background
  36. >In it's center were two war axes with blades pointed to the sky
  37. >Sandwiched between them were bold red words with a thick black outline
  38. >BattleAxe: HQ
  39. >The sight had brought a tear to your eye, and after the sign was up you and your team spent the rest of your funding partying like it was 1993
  40. >You and the team were now in the "creation" wing of your building
  41. >It would be where every model, every tube of paint, every brush was created, packaged, and shipped
  42. >The space was tiny, but it would be good enough for now
  43. >If things took off, this one be one of many buildings, but this would be a good start off point
  44. >You were giggling like a schoolgirl, Moondancer was fast asleep at a desk, a mountain of papers all around her, Fresh Coat was balancing a paintbrush on the tip of her muzzle, looking bored, and Discord had a grin on his face
  46. >Above you all, pulling levers and twisting nobs, was Greta
  47. >The Gryphon was staring intensely at one of the many screens in front of her, all the while the machines groaned and hissed and beeped
  48. >You all watched as five hundred pounds of plastic pellets were poured into a big funnel
  49. >The pallets were melts and formed into a long tube of plastic the thickness of a soda can
  50. >That was then cut, and they were lifted and dropped into the molds, where they were squeezed into shape
  51. >Greta had tried explaining the whole process to you, but she may as well have been speaking moonrune
  52. >There was a hiss, and one of the molds began spinning
  53. >Faster and faster is went, making you all step back, before it suddenly stopped
  54. >Just as a flash, Greta leapt from her control station, and with a flap of her wings landed softly next to it
  55. >The mold opened, and she reached out with a claw, taking the frame from it's confines
  56. >She examined it, a frown coming to her beak
  57. >"I don't why you wanted the models to be put in pieces," she said, offering you the frame. "We could have made the whole thing, no need for all of that glue and clippers crap."
  58. >You rushed over, taking it from her
  59. >There were dozens of little arms, torsos, and heads
  60. >Guns, little anonymous bits, even the bases
  61. >All of had been put in these frames
  62. >They were perfect
  63. >Maybe even better than back home
  64. "There's a lot of reasons why having them like this are better, Greta," you said. "For one, these don't get damaged as often being shipped compared to a whole model. They also take up a lot less room."
  66. >The gryphon's frown deepened
  67. "And what about these mold lines? Why in Equestria did you insist that they be there, huh?"
  68. >You opened your mouth, then closed it
  69. "Hey, if I had to deal with mold lines everyone here needs to know my pain."
  70. >Discord laughed
  71. >Fresh Coat and Greta groaned
  72. >"Typical colt."
  73. >"You're really a piece of work, you know that?"
  74. "Building molds isn't supposed to be fun. It's a character building exercise! You're supposed to find out who you really are after spending an hour shaving plastic off a model."
  75. >"Really?"
  76. "Yes, really."
  77. >"You can't let your would-be customers enjoy the whole process."
  78. "Fuck no!
  79. >"You're nuts."
  80. "No, you!"
  81. >The gryphon snorted, snatching the frame of of your hands
  82. "I'm fixing the molds."
  83. >You opened your mouth to protest, only for her to smack your stomach with her tail
  84. >"Shut your trap and get those boxes ready. In ten minutes we'll start full production."
  85. >With a flap of her wings, Greta launched herself into the air to hover over your machines
  86. >You just stood there, glaring at her
  87. "The second you leave I'm putting the moldlines back," you shouted
  88. >"I guess I'm not leaving then, huh?" Greta shot back, pulling a wrench from her toolbelt
  90. >You puffed your cheeks out in frustration
  91. >You'd show her...
  92. >Discord floated over
  93. >"There, there," he said, patting your shoulder. "After those molds are used a few thousand times you'll get your way."
  94. >"No it won't," Greta said. "You crazy colts."
  95. >Your business partner had to drag you away so you didn't start throwing things
  96. >Next she'd want plastic glue not to get you messed up and not to get all cut up while building...
  97. >You were lead to a long table
  98. >Sitting there were stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes
  99. >They were special
  100. >Brought in just this morning
  101. >Fresh made the box art for these
  102. >They were what she wanted for the outside sign
  103. >A company of Bloods fighting with Boar Boyz
  104. >A lieutenant stood in the center of the box
  105. >Standing on a rock, his chapter's flag in one hoof while he gored a Big Bozz with his powerclaw
  106. >Beside the boxes were everything else you needed
  107. >Dice, blast templates, instruction manuals, rules for models
  108. >Beside all of that, you had tape and plastic wrap and those little price sticker guns
  109. >Fresh Coat trotted right next to you
  110. >She pulled her cap off, tossing it onto the table
  111. >"This is gonna be a boatload of work. You ready for this, chief?" she asked
  112. >You nodded, a smile coming to your face
  113. >This was it
  114. >The beginning
  115. >Now it was time to see if all that prep work meant anything...
  117. "It'll be a long night, but we'll kill it. This is what we've been talking about and training for. Everyone grab your own box. We'll sign 'em and keep them for ourselves. Greta, get the special orders ready first. Discord, please get Moondancer up. We got a thousand boxes to fill!"
  119. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  121. >Be Pinkie Pie
  122. >It was super duper late
  123. >Not that you'd know that, what with you being asleep and all
  124. >You might have been an energetic mare, but even you needed to get your eight hours
  125. >You laid in your bed, splayed out, snoring away while you dreamed Pinkie dreams, when your tail twitched
  126. >And your snoozle wiggled
  127. >And it felt like a bug bit your rump
  128. >MotherbuckingPinkieSense1000.jpg
  129. >You bolted upright in your bed, turning on the light sitting on your nightstand
  130. >There was nothing to worry about of course
  131. >Gummy was already on the case
  132. >The gator sat on the stack of boxes that now sat in the middle of your room
  133. "Aw, you beat me again," you said, jumping out of your bed. "Good job, buddy!"
  134. >Gummy blinked, wagging his tail as you walked over and gave him a pet
  135. >You looked over the boxes
  136. >They were bright and shiny, and so new that you could still smell the glue drying
  137. >There was also a note
  138. >Lifting one of Gummy's widdle claws, up, you grabbed it and gave it a read
  140. Pinkie,
  142. Here's the game we spoke about. Sorry about bringing it so late. We all were just so excited to get it out, and we'll be too dead tomorrow to do anything other than sleep. There's a box for you. Everything should be in there, but if you have any questions just pop on by. Thanks again.
  144. Anon
  146. >You smiled
  147. "Neat."
  149. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  151. >Be Shining Armor
  152. >It was the wee hours of the morning
  153. >You were up because Flurry needed her nappies changed
  154. >Cadence was useless with diapers, so that was your job
  155. >You didn't mind
  156. >When you were a normal guard you didn't get much sleep
  157. "Who's my cute little girl? Who is it?" you cooed, nuzzling your filly's face
  158. >She babbled happily, holding her wammy tightly
  159. "Do you want a baba? You want some nummies?" you asked, grabbing a bottle and bringing it to her lips
  160. >Flurry, of course, drank it all
  161. >She then burped and fell asleep
  162. >The spitting image of her mother, the little pig...
  163. >As you were placing her back into the crib, there was a flash from across the room
  164. >You didn't panic, but your horn did crackle with magic
  165. >There, sitting on your nightstand, were boxes
  166. >Four of them, all wrapped in butcher's paper with a note on top of one of them
  167. >You weren't stupid
  168. >No matter what the nobles in Canterlot said, you were more than a bit of eye candy
  169. >You checked the stack with a half dozen spells before taking so much as a step toward it
  170. >Nudging it with your snout, you picked up the letter
  172. Shining,
  174. Here's something special for you. These won't be coming out for a couple of months. Hope you like them. Thanks for all the help, buddy, couldn't have done any of this without you. Let's hope this will be as big as you think.
  176. Hey, do me a favor. When you paint these send pictures. The girls and I were thinking of putting pictures and art up on a public board or something like that. Maybe it'll give others ideas. I don't know. Tell the old lady I said hello.
  178. Anon
  181. >A smile came to your face
  182. >That smile only grew when you opened the boxes and saw what was inside
  183. >Bits and pieces, instructions, a rulebook, dice, paints, brushes, even a knife and clippers
  184. >Everything had a cute little BA logo on it
  185. >It was lovely
  187. >You were expecting good things from Anonymous, but not this good...
  188. >Flurry let out a whine from her crib
  189. >Carefully putting everything back in their boxes, you rushed over and picked her up
  190. "Does my little girl wanna see what uncle Anon got her pappy?" you asked, poking her belly
  191. >The foal just giggled, hooves kicking
  193. ~_~_~_~_~_
  195. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  196. >Probably the most suspicious horse in Equestria at the moment
  197. >Anon's building was finally finished
  198. >You had absolutely no idea what is was ACTUALLY going to be used for
  199. >That whole toy nonsense was a load of horseapples
  200. >He was up to something
  201. >He was ALWAYS up to something...
  202. >It was early
  203. >You hadn't slept very well, and you were a little grumpy as you sat at the kitchen table waiting for Spike to walk in
  204. >A stack of pancakes was exactly what you needed right now...
  205. >Your ears perked up when you heard the tell-tale sounds of his little claws tip-tapping against the crystal floor
  206. >You were expecting him to be wearing his cute little kiss the cook apron that you got him for his birthday
  207. >Instead, he was carrying two large boxes
  208. >Each of them must have been twice his size
  209. >From the look on the little drake's face, you could tell they were heavy as well
  210. "Spike, here, let me get those," you said, grabbing them with your magic. "Where did you even get them? Did Starlight leave something out again?"
  211. >"Nah, I found them near the front door," Spike said, letting out a yawn. "They had out names on them."
  212. >Tilting your head to the side, you spun the boxes around, trying to figure out what was inside of them
  213. >Both were covered in brown butcher's paper
  214. >There weren't a lot of butcher's in Ponyville
  215. >Actually, there wasn't a one
  216. >In fact, the only butcher you knew was in Canterlot...
  218. >You let out a hum, bringing one of the boxes close to your ear and giving it a shake
  219. >It rattled
  220. >You couldn't help yourself, tearing it open
  221. >Out fell a letter
  222. >Picking it up, you began to read as Spike started getting ready for breakfast
  224. Twiggy,
  226. Here's a sample of what I'm making over at the old warehouse of mine. Something for both you and Spike. Hope you like it.
  228. Anon
  230. P.S.
  232. Discord is very excited about this. Says that you'll have a chaotic time.
  234. >Your ears folded against your skull
  235. >Anything Discord would like would no doubt be hazardous to your health...
  236. >Still, a gift was a gift
  237. >Why not at least open it?
  238. "Spike, breakfast can wait. Come and open your box up. We'll see just what we have here..."
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