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Dec 19th, 2016
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  3. 1. Premise and General Notes
  4. ---------------------------
  5. Brotherhood Without Banners (BWB) is a science fiction game using FEMTO v2.5. In it, the party will be members of a group of mercenaries known as the Golden Company, being sent on jobs throughout the galaxy. While the game will feature an overarching plot, this will not be the central focus of the game. Rather, the party will be sent on a variety of missions to several different parts of the setting, known as the Sun-Moon Empire, using an episodic format. Players are encouraged to create a cohesive party that will be able to tackle a variety of difficult situations, and to switch out characters if they feel like trying something different. No more than five party members will be allowed in this game.
  7. 2. Setting Details
  8. ------------------
  9. The main setting for BWB is called the Sun-Moon Empire. Centuries ago, an unspecified disaster now called the Fall ruined the planet home to Equestria, leading to the sentient races (commonly called the Kin) evacuating and beginning their life anew among the stars. Over time, the Kin began to develop great space stations to live in called Arks, eventually forming what is now known as the Sun-Moon Empire. Governed by Luna and Celestia, the Holy Sisters, the Empire has spread all across the galaxy, becoming the Kin's greatest achievement to date. Below are a few facts about the Empire:
  11. The capital of the Sun-Moon Empire is by far the largest of all the Arks, and the first to be built. It is called Korine, and the central Aurora Tower is home to the Holy Sisters themselves. Korine is situated in the center of the galaxy, as befitting the Imperial capital. The aforementioned tower is in the middle of one of the few remaining natural gardens in the Empire, an area known as Harmony Plaza.
  13. In recent times, a group the Empire call the Spurned have begun to emerge. While it is not clear what their motives and method of organization really are, they have officially declared war on the Empire and sporadically make attacks on certain Arks, stating that they will not rest until the Holy Twins are dead. Due to the unpredictable, disorganized nature of the Spurned, little is known about them, but it is clear that they are a threat, as anyone could be working for them.
  15. Certain Arks are not merely metropoles, but also have some simulations of natural environments as remnants of the old world. Most if not all of these are linked through a system of different spaceports, but some are built independently on the edges of the galaxy. These installations, known as Frontier or Outer Arks, are not directly linked to the rest of the Empire, and home to all sorts of seedy types.
  17. The private sector organization known as the Polybius Corporation has a near-monopoly on technological research and development in the Empire. They are the major force responsible for the production of arms and armor in the Empire, but are also rumored to be secretly supporting the Spurned as well. Their headquarters is on an Ark named Jorran.
  19. A popular pastime in the Empire is a combat simulation called the Astral Arena. Pioneered by famous inventor and billionaire Marvin E. Rivers, the Astral Arena provides a VR experience that allows users to customize their virtual bodies and fight in a simulated area. While popular, access to Arenas is limited to adults, seeing as fights can become particularly violent. The largest and most popular Astral Arena is on the Ark of Seani, where it originated.
  21. The worst criminals of the Empire are held at a prison known as Strongwall Correctional Facility. It is almost impossible to penetrate as it is not part of any Ark, instead being built on an asteroid that orbits a small star. In addition, it is not patrolled by any guards or warden, but by the most advanced AI Polybius has to offer, making escape effectively impossible.
  23. With the Imperial military being occupied with the Spurned, the government has turned to hiring mercenaries not only to serve in the war effort, but also to perform important tasks such as protecting VIPs or tracking down lawbreakers and bringing them to justice. Many disapprove of the use of these freelance agents, but the government has little choice.
  25. The official currency of the Empire are called florins, informally known as spacebux. Players may start with up to 200 florins in their inventory, and will earn more for completing missions.
  27. 3. Character Creation Details
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  29. When creating their character for BWB, players are encouraged to brainstorm with the DM and add to what is written about the game's setting when writing their character sheet, inventing places and generally building the world of the Sun-Moon Empire in a collaborative effort. However, below are some basic rules about the game's setting and what to take into consideration when character building.
  31. Aliens, as far as anyone knows, are no more than a rumor and do not exist.
  33. Plasma energy weapons exist, but are highly experimental technology and only used by certain elite branches of the Imperial military, and therefore are not accessible to players at the beginning. Weapons in this setting consist mostly of conventional guns, as well as enhanced melee weapons of the player's choice, within reason.
  35. Plasma works as follows for Elementalist: attacks from weapons deal double the usual damage on a crit, and have a chance to cripple the target while helpless.
  37. Robots and artificial intelligence do exist, but are for the most part limited to functional tasks such as labor, and are therefore not playable. There are certain androids built for combat and capable of advanced thinking, but these are few and far between, and property of the government and certain VIPs. It is theoretically possible to build a character that is an incredibly advanced AI that appears identical to a Kin, but speak to the DM if you are considering this.
  39. In general, the technology level of the Sun-Moon Empire is comparable to existing franchises such as Firefly, Halo, or Blade Runner. Weapons and such are fairly advanced, but not to the point of being completely alien.
  41. To better fit in with FEMTO and the Simple10 system, magic does exist in the world of the Sun-Moon Empire. Some of the most advanced technology used in the game, such as FTL travel, is generated by magical power, and mages themselves are not an uncommon sight. To better fit in with the sci fi setting, players are not encouraged to build magic-based characters, although they are perfectly welcome to do so if they so desire; however, players should consult the DM first before doing so. Note that it is perfectly possible to make a magic based character that refluffs magic-based skills to be technological in nature, such as a character having access to nanomachines that can heal wounds instead of casting a magical spell.
  43. 4. Player List and Party Inventory
  44. ----------------------------------
  45. Autumn (Undisol Hui):
  46. Garik (Risky Hooves):
  47. Gernade (Veta):
  48. Passy (Teal Drop):
  49. Pyrite (Pyrite):
  51. Party Inventory:
  53. Note that the above only covers the total sum of florins gained throughout the course of the game and any items the party may have found, and does not include items the players had from the beginning.
  55. 5. NPC List
  56. -----------
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