Please Call me Prinz! [Typeset]

Apr 5th, 2016
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  1. Please Call me Prinz! Translation
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  5. >[Oppai Pudding]
  6. >Oy, Suzuya, tell me, what should I do?
  7. >Eh? >I~'m Be~gging You~
  8. >Why are you charging over? What are you talking about? Speaking of which, could you stop?!
  9. >Hold on, H-hold on!
  11. >-------Why....
  12. >Hm?
  13. >Everyone in the naval district calls me Eugen-san!
  14. >Eh | is there something wrong with that name?
  15. >THere's a big big problem!
  16. >For me it's a huge problem!
  18. >Well that's your name innit? Isn't it normal to be called Eugen?
  19. >But it's so uncute, isn't it?!
  20. >This name "Eugen"....
  21. >it sounds like some old guy with his hair all over the place, doesn't it?
  22. >Does it?
  23. >So why don't you just tell everyone to call you Prinz?
  24. >Well~ if I do that it'd be like I'm forcing everyone to call me a prince, so I kind of feel bad....
  25. >[Mhm]
  26. >[Is that so--]
  27. >But saying this to Suzuya makes it seem like you're forcing me. [Not that I mind.]
  29. >I'm home.
  30. >Ara, Eugen-san's come over, please enjoy yourself...
  31. >Please don't call me Eugeeennnnnnnn (note: it says Prinz, but that's definitely wrong). >Well, I kind of figured this would happen as soon as I knew Kumano was out.
  32. >Eh...ummm....did I do something that offended her?
  33. >Ahh--uhh...
  35. >...and that's why I want to figure out how to convince everyone to spontaneously call me Prinz.
  36. >Well, I finally know what's going on....
  37. >...But in this kind of situation
  38. >it's really hard to change once you get used to calling someone something.
  39. >....Weellllll, even so, if someone keeps calling you Prinz, they might eventually come around and start calling you prinz too. Eug...uhhh....Prinz?
  40. >That's it! Suzuya, if you call me that, I think everyone would eventually come around to it! >really....
  41. >I'm really not used to this....I've always just called you Eugen too.
  43. >I see. | So you were unhappy about your name and so wanted to discuss it.
  44. >Um, but I don't remember a single time I've ever called Eu....Prinz-san "Prinz-san" before?
  45. >Ahh--well, whatever, Suzuya's never done it either. But when I said it earlier there was a strong sense of deja vu.
  46. >Speaking of which, what made you decide against being named Eugen-san?
  47. >Because Prinz is cuter, isn't it?! | they're both my names anyway, so i want the cuter one!
  48. >[Prinz || Cute!!]
  49. >[Eugen || Not cute!!]
  51. >But speaking of which, Prinz isn't really a person's name, is it?
  52. >Guh
  53. >Although at the root it's not a person's name, "Prinz Eugen" is my actual name...
  54. >Everyone calls my fellow Germans DDs Z1 and Z3
  55. >cute names like Lebe and Max!!
  56. >So why? Just my name has solidified, and on the uncute side no less!!
  57. >Ah, I suddenly remembered.
  59. >Eugen-san is really close to "Oi-gen-san," so it's really easy to tie in! (note: "お-い源" basically sounds just like Eugen)
  60. >Who?!
  61. >I see.
  62. >Ah seemed too right so I ended up agreeing out loud....
  63. >[Ha?!]
  64. >On the other hand, it's very hard to japonize Prinz or find a Japanese Cognate.
  65. >Don't say it! Don't twist the knife!
  66. >Eh....No, no, that wasn't my intention.
  68. >Sorry Eugen-san, I had no ill intent....Ah, Prinz-san!
  69. >Whatever, it's okay....this was the name given to me, it's fate or poor fortune...
  70. >Huh?! That's did I forget something so simple?!
  71. >Nicknames!
  72. >I always see situations where they you guys are called "Suzu-chan" or "Kumano-chan!"
  73. >By that logic, if I get a cute nickname someone will call me that...
  75. >By that logic, wouldn't you still be called Eugen?
  76. >Wai--
  77. >Sorry, forget I said anything.
  78. >No matter how much I fight, I can't escape the fate of being called Eugen....
  79. >Hold on--isn't her mood all ruined again?
  80. >Uhh...that's true. Hmm....
  82. >...that's right! >We can use Gen-san's impression to our advantage!
  83. >[I've been called Gen-san again....]
  84. >But how....
  85. >Fufufu....when you realize what it is, you'll be amazed by its simplicity.
  86. >Leave it to me.
  87. >I, Kumano, have found an excellent solution!
  88. >This way we can definitely solidify Eu....Prinz-san as your name for sure!
  90. >Listen up. First do this....
  91. >[whisper whisper]x5
  92. >Mhm mhm, then how about this...
  93. >I'm kind of worried after all, but let's see how it goes.
  94. >Whew~ so what did those two decide on in the end?
  95. >Ara, Suzuya-san, good morning!
  96. >You came just in time! Please watch and give me your thoughts.
  97. >Hm? What?
  98. >Her confidence actually makes me even more worried.
  99. >Behold! This is my trick to get rid of Eu...Prinz-chan's conundrum!
  101. >This is!
  102. >Prinz-san's newest pose!
  103. >W....what is that....
  104. >We're pushing her first impression closer to "Prinz!"
  105. >By putting on the pudding cap, this operation forcibly changes Gen-san impression into the "Pudding" (Purin in japaense) impression!
  106. >[Fu][sion]
  108. >Also, the headdress required a night's work from AKashi-san!
  109. >[The heck is this?]
  110. >It seems like innocent bystanders have already been involved.
  111. >[I kind of feel bad...]
  112. >Amazing! I feel like if I have this everyone will call me Prinz!
  113. >Yes (literally, Ehhhh! in the Japanese way)! With this, anybody who sees you will get the Prinz expression!
  114. >So you going to wear that to sorties from here on out?
  115. >Ahhh....rehhh?
  116. >No, just while resting....
  117. >What are you talking about? Don't you realize what happens if you don't wear this while sortieing and on standby?
  119. >Could it be that you're afraid?
  120. >No....
  121. >Although this is a really good plan, | once I start to realize i'm going to do this in front of people I suddenly feel really embarrassed....
  122. >Well, it is embarassing.
  123. >Is that so? But it's so cute and friendly, I felt like this was a great plan.
  124. >By the way, if you wear that crap to battle I guarantee you you're going to incur disciplinary action.
  125. >I understand, let's abandon this plan.
  126. >But aren't you eyecatching enough even without the pudding suit?
  128. >Even without that kind of getup, aren't certain parts of you already like pudding? >Hold on?! What?! SUzuya's suddenly talking like some kinda old man!
  129. >Now that you said it, isn't it kind of true?
  130. >If that's the case, then why didn't I give off an impression of pudding?!
  131. >It's because there are a lot of people with great bodies here, probably.
  132. >[The end!!]
  134. [Postface]
  135. >When I handed in the manuscript, the second set of swimsuit CGs was just coming out.
  136. What the hell, why couldn't I find Suzuya's swimsuit pose? I felt like if it should be anyone it should be her with a swimsuit picture, right? Don't you agree?
  137. >This time around, the SuzuKuma duo group together with Prinz. There are a lot of groupings which I feel like you could put together three people. I feel like the CA groupings are still insafficient. I think everybody would support this grouping!
  138. >And once they become the canonical grouping, we'll definitely get some seasonal CGs...right....?
  139. >...why no swimsuits?
  140. >[By the way, Suzuya-san, if there's anything you want to tell me....]
  141. >Nothing!
  142. >This is Suzukuma's portion.
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