Old Fashioned Wife by Anon (Anon/Pinkie Pie)

Jul 31st, 2016
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  1. Old Fashioned Wife by Anon
  3. ---
  5. >you love your wife, Pinkie Pie
  6. >love her until the day you die
  7. >but there are times when she just does things
  8. >and the second she does them, they result in a big fat mess
  9. >it can be pretty annoying
  10. >but you love her anyway
  12. >but tonight, this wasn’t a mess
  13. >this was a big deal
  14. >bigger than a mess
  16. >forgetting to set the alarm on the oven
  17. >and leaving something inside of it
  18. >By the time you discovered it, it was almost too late
  19. >big clouds of black smoke, the cake was set completely on fire
  20. >it spread to the counter
  21. >if there wasn’t a big fire extinguisher in that kitchen and a deep sink to dump the burned cake in, you might be homeless
  23. >You’re sitting on the couch now
  24. >head in your hooves
  25. >bent down, just thinking
  26. >recovering from that very stressful ordeal
  27. >The oven is a black hollow, unusable
  28. >and across from you, Pinkie Pie sits in another chair
  30. >She’s crying, but quietly to herself
  31. >She hasn’t said a word since you quenched the fire with the sink
  32. >she’s afraid to look at you
  34. >You are mad, honestly
  35. >she’s been quite forgetful in the past
  36. >but until now, you’ve both been lucky
  37. >her brain just moves at a million miles an hour
  38. >moving from one thing to the next
  39. >and it’s getting her (and you) in a lot of trouble lately
  41. >Pinkie wipes her weepy eyes
  42. >”I’m so, soooo sorry, Anon.”
  44. >You say nothing back
  45. >you’re still trying to calm down
  46. >you don’t want to shout at her
  47. >she feels bad about this already
  48. >you don’t have to make her feel even worse
  50. >She whispers
  51. >”Are you mad at me?”
  53. >should you shake your head, say no?
  54. >You decide to tell the truth.
  55. >You nod
  56. >”Yes. I am.”
  58. >Pinkie sinks into the chair, looking guilty
  59. >the thought of making you mad at her is a big deal to the pink pony
  60. >all she wants to do is make you happy, after all
  61. >You don’t stop it at that, though.
  63. >”Pinkie… you could’ve burned the house down. All because you forgot about the oven, again. What were you even doing that made you forget?”
  64. >You sound like a father scolding his filly
  65. >She’s an adult, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself but talk like this to her
  66. >Sometimes, she does act a little like a filly
  67. >innocent
  69. >It’s hard to be mad at somepony so sweet and good natured
  70. >but she needs a wakeup call
  71. >no more “no, it’s ok sweetie” stuff
  72. >this was serious
  74. >Pinkie Pie is broken up over it
  75. >she stammers
  76. >”I-I have n-no idea how I forgot. I was just… I’m sorry.”
  77. >she bows her head to you
  79. >Pinkie is crying
  80. >you watch her from the couch just start to lose it
  81. >you know she’s not just doing it for sympathy
  82. >she feels awful
  83. >she’s the kind of mare who owns up to her mistakes
  84. >takes responsibility fully
  86. >You don’t need to be harsh with her
  87. >she’s hard enough on herself about all of this
  88. >feeling for her, you reach your hoof out to her
  89. >A good warm hug will help de escalate the situation, you think
  90. >you speak softly
  91. >”Hey, come here, Pinkie.”
  93. >The pink pony looks up through her big, shiny eyes at you
  94. >when she see your hoof, you think she’ll maybe cheer up a little
  95. >know you aren’t furious with her
  96. >but that’s not what happens
  98. >instead, you see her ears flop back
  99. >she stares for a couple of seconds
  100. >swallows
  101. >it looks like she’s hesitating to even get up
  102. >she’s low to the floor when she starts to walk over
  104. >your face is blank
  105. >confused
  106. >why is she acting like this?
  107. >maybe she’s feeling so bad that she doesn’t even feel like she deserves a hug?
  108. >Poor thing.
  110. >”Ok, ‘non…I’m coming...”
  111. >She sounds like she is trying not to sob
  112. >she takes a couple more steps
  113. >but she’s off to your side
  114. >walking to the space next to you, it seems like
  115. >confused, you beckon to her again
  116. >say almost with a whisper, “Come on, come here, sweetie”
  118. >then, though, something happens that you did not expect
  119. >She hurries forward with a gentle squeak, like your gentle beckoning to her to come to you was barked at her like a command
  120. >and then, before you can reach around her and pull her in
  121. >she avoids your hoof
  122. >slides under it
  123. >and bewilders you with what she does next
  125. >She leans over the couch cushions
  126. >and starts to crawl over you where you’re seated
  127. >right on top of your lap
  128. >and then, with your hooves up high beside your head with surprise, she drops down on top of your lap
  129. >laying down horizontally
  131. >You sit there for at least ten seconds in shock
  132. >not the kind of adrenaline pumping shock
  133. >just the “what the hell just happened” kind
  134. >You simply stare down at your wife, who is laying across your knees
  135. >sure, she’s sometimes a pretty weird pony >but this just doesn’t make ANY sense to you
  136. >She’s got her face hidden in her hooves and her eyes shut tight
  137. >like she’s bracing herself for impact
  139. >The only thing you can say when you see her is, "Uhh, what are you doing, Pinkie Pie?"
  141. >She gasps
  142. >then she looks up at you
  143. >over her shoulder
  144. >she cringes, you can feel on your legs
  145. >She starts stammering again
  147. >"Oh! I, uh, ummm, I just..."
  148. >She is blushing red as a rose
  149. >But she stays still on your legs
  150. >"I just assumed you were, that you were gonna... since you were m-mad and you wanted me to come over, you were gonna... punish me."
  152. >The party pony is looking at you with a dead serious expression
  153. >Your wife is bad at sarcasm
  154. >and even though you've barely been married 6 months, you know when she is joking around
  155. >now wasn't that time
  157. >For a while you don't breathe
  158. >too shocked to speak
  159. >Except...
  161. >"WHAT?"
  163. >You can't believe what you just heard
  164. >Now, all of a sudden you realize what she was doing
  165. >you can't believe it
  166. >a husband, to his wife? Doing THAT to her?
  167. >If you ever had foals, then maybe you'd do something like that to THEM when they acted up
  168. >but your wife?
  169. >what was this, the middle ages?
  171. >It's official, you married a crazy pony.
  172. >You have so many questions on your mind to ask right now
  173. >but you'll start simple
  175. >"Ok, ok... Pinkie. I just... let's take a step back for a second."
  176. >you gently push on her belly
  177. >telling her silently to get up
  178. >she does, and sits in front of you
  179. >she's still blushing, and breathing hard
  180. >Your gaze meets her eyes
  181. >"Why, in all of Equestria, do you think I was going to do something like... THAT, to you?"
  183. >Now, Pinkie Pie is also looking confused at you
  184. >Her answer is innocent sounding
  186. >"I t-told you, because you were really mad and I almost burned the house down, and th-then you told me to come to you, so I just thought you were going to... spank me."
  188. >Once again, there is no joking bone in Pinkie Pie's body right now
  189. >She's completely serious
  190. >All you can do is stare at her, right now
  192. >Where to even begin?
  194. >"Pinkie, why on earth do you think I would ever do something like that to you? Where ever did you get an idea like that from?"
  196. >Pinkie Pie seems so confused right now
  197. >Like the questions you're asking are in a different language or something
  198. >But she answers
  199. >speaking quietly and looking at you with tears still in her eyes
  201. >"I... b-but I don't get it. That's what my daddy did to MY mom... and my Aunt Shale's husband did to her when she was out of line..."
  203. >Hoooly crap
  204. >Now, this all makes sense
  205. >Not just this, tonight, oh no
  208. >You weren't a domineering kind of pony
  209. >When you ran into Pinkie Pie, you fell in love with her for who she was
  210. >And she trusted you, totally
  211. >But boy, was she submissive to you
  212. >you didn't demand that of her
  213. >She just was that way
  214. >and now, you understand why
  216. >You don’t even think Pinkie knows how weird that is
  217. >understands how other ponies who are together relate when they’re angry
  218. >poor pony thinks that you’ll smack her ass repeatedly if she does something wrong
  219. >just like her parents
  220. >your heart aches
  222. >”Oh. Ok then. But I’m not gonna do that, Pinkie. Even if that’s what you did back home…”
  224. >Pinkie cocks her head at you
  225. >She asks you a question delicately
  226. >”Wait, so… back home? So, are you saying that other ponies don’t do that? Then how do stallions punish their wives around here, then?”
  228. >Fuck, that’s a weird question for you
  229. >like it’s from a different dimension
  230. >she’s so innocent when she asks it
  231. >you can’t believe she really thought that wife spanking was considered normal
  232. >You laugh nervously
  233. >”Uhhh, they… don’t?”
  235. >Pinkie Pie’s eyes widen
  236. >she looks at you like you just sprouted a second head
  237. >”What!? But, b-but… how do they make sure their wives obey them, then?”
  239. >How far away from Ponyville was this rock farm, again?
  241. >”Uhh, they… don’t?”
  243. >Pinkie seems to ponder this for a while
  244. >Her lips purse together
  245. >she thinks, eyebrow raised
  246. >you always thought she looked adorable when she was contemplative
  247. >Finally she shakes her head gravely
  249. >“I don’t get it. That just seems so… so, wrong!”
  251. >You knew her family was old fashioned, but this was so foreign to you that you don’t even know what to say
  252. >culturally, Pinkie’s ideas of marriage are way, waaay different than you ever thought they were
  253. >You sigh, uncertainly
  255. >”Ok, Pinkie. So, lemme get this straight. You think that, because you’re my wife, you have to always do whatever I say?”
  257. >Pinkie’s eyes narrow
  258. >like you asked her a stupid question
  259. >she nods many times
  260. >”Well, yeah! Of course.”
  262. >This is so weird
  263. >you keep up your line of questioning
  264. >”Ok. And always doing whatever I say, always obeying me… you’re ok with that? Like, do you feel happy doing that?”
  266. >Again, Pinkie’s expression is like you are a crazy pony
  267. >She nods again
  268. >”Uhh, yeah! Why wouldn’t I? I love you!”
  271. >Something happens in your brain when you hear her say that
  272. >A realization
  273. >The fact she wanted to marry you, thinking what she thinks now
  274. >thinking that she had to always obey you
  275. >and yet, she married you anyway
  276. >The amount of trust she has in you, just…
  277. >blows your mind
  278. >you take a long breath in and out
  280. >You honestly have to admit that you are flattered right now
  281. >more than you ever have been in your life.
  283. >still you have your own thoughts on this matter
  284. >but you don’t want to tell Pinkie them word for word
  285. >tell her that her ideas are old fashioned, ridiculous
  286. >You know she’s still feeling bad about almost burning the house down
  287. >and rejecting her notions right now, could really, really hurt her
  288. >make her feel like you’re rejecting her love and devotion outright
  289. >you don’t want to do that to her
  291. >You also still have one question
  292. >the thing you are still weirded out by
  293. >”And if you disobey, or do something wrong… you expected me to spank you for it?”
  295. >This time, Pinkie Pie nods less eagerly
  296. >her ears flop back
  297. >but still, she’s totally sincere
  298. >”Uh huh. When I was a filly growing up, that’s what my daddy told me had to happen sometimes. He told me that sometimes, a husband had to love his wife enough to put her back in line when she needs it, even if she doesn’t like it. Just like whenever he had to spank me or Limestone or Marble or Maud.”
  299. >she says matter of factly
  301. >Oh, no.
  302. >you go over what she just said in your head
  303. >and you realize the implications of it
  304. >”a husband has to love his wife enough…”
  306. >This feels so twisted to you
  307. >so, if a husband DOESN’T punish his wife, “when she needs it” then according to what Pinkie believes
  308. >he doesn’t love her enough?
  310. >You ask the next question very, very carefully
  311. >”So, Pinkie, tonight… when you thought I was going to punish you, did you…... think you “needed it?”
  313. >The pink pony looks at you with her eyes beginning to tear up
  314. >She hesitates
  315. >but somehow, you know what her answer was going to be
  316. >you cringe when she says it
  317. >”Uh huh. A… a lot.”
  319. >Now you’re in deep water
  320. >up a creek without… or with a paddle
  321. >what do you even tell her?
  322. >that wife spanking isn’t on the table
  323. >tell her that you aren’t like that
  325. >and
  326. >basically reject her whole upbringing, her ideas of her married life
  327. >and risk offending her and insulting her whole family’s traditions
  328. >and in her mind, “not love her enough”
  329. >be culturally insensitive
  331. >oooorrr
  332. >do you just… do it?
  334. >You want to ignore option B completely
  335. >but the more you think about it, the more you see
  336. >she says she’s happy doing what she is doing now
  337. >content with obeying you
  338. >does it because she loves you
  340. >Pinkie Pie is stifling herself
  341. >but she’s crying
  342. >you see her teary eyes
  343. >she’s waiting for you to make a decision
  345. >You feel sick to your stomach
  346. >how in the world are you actually considering this right now?
  347. >how did you get to this point?
  348. >You sigh
  349. >your hooves are shaking
  350. >You ask her, seriously as you can
  352. >”Pinkie, please be 100% honest with me, ok? Is this what you really want? Are you really, truly happy with this? With us, just the way it has been?”
  353. >Pinkie Pie’s eyes light up
  354. >She licks a tear off her lip
  355. >and she nods her head
  356. >no hesitation
  358. >”Uh huh. I am, Anon. PINKIE Promise.”
  360. >Your heart beats hard
  361. >you gulp
  362. >she treats those promises so seriously it isn’t even funny
  363. >she means it
  365. >here it comes, the big question
  366. >the question you never thought you would ask her in a million years
  368. >”And if I punished you, for what happened tonight… would you feel better about all of this?”
  370. >Pinkie Pie shivers
  371. >She looks down at your lap
  372. >her head slowly begins to nod
  374. >”Uh huh. I-it would, Anon.”
  376. >there it is
  377. >the final answer
  378. >you can’t believe what it is you are about to do
  379. >but if this is what she truly wants
  380. >both tonight and in general
  381. >feels she deserves
  382. >you decided you’re going to do it.
  384. >Sigh
  385. >”Ok, Pinkie Pie. I’ll do it.”
  387. >there it is
  388. >the final answer
  389. >you can’t believe what it is you are about to do
  390. >but if this is what she truly wants
  391. >both tonight and in general
  392. >feels she deserves
  393. >you decided you’re going to do it.
  395. >Sigh
  396. >”Ok, Pinkie Pie. I’ll do it.”
  398. >Her mixed emotions when you say this show up on her big, expressive face
  399. >for a quick second you see her eyes and ears perk up
  400. >but then, she looks fearful
  401. >A tear drops down
  402. >She looks at you tensely
  403. >”Yes, Anon.”
  405. >You don’t even have to ask her
  406. >she starts walking over to you
  407. >eyeing your lap
  408. >you decide you’re just going to let her do her thing
  409. >she obviously knows how it’s done
  411. >Pinkie gets back into the same position she was in before
  412. >laying across your knees
  413. >whole body on the couch
  414. >rear hooves pointed away to the window
  415. >head next to your lap on the couch
  417. >Holy fuck this is awkward
  418. >your only experience with spankings was a couple of times as a colt
  419. >and they weren’t like this
  420. >not as formal, just a few spanks standing up
  421. >you honestly don’t even know what to do next
  422. >should you just… start smacking her butt now?
  424. >You’re hesitant to do anything to her as it is
  425. >you don’t want to do it in a way she won’t approve
  427. >”Uhh, so… hey, Pinkie? I want to do this right, so… where you’re from, how do husbands do it exactly?”
  429. >It’s so weird asking her this question when she’s laying down over your lap
  430. >you don’t know how hard to spank
  431. >you don’t know how long
  432. >you don’t know anything!
  434. >Pinkie Pie is super tense right now
  435. >understandably
  436. >but she starts calmly answering your question
  437. >trying not to cry already
  439. >”Well… my daddy had a big, old wooden hairbrush. He used that, but…”
  441. >Ok, this was already crazy enough
  442. >If you were going to do this, there was no way in hell some hairbrush was factoring into that
  443. >You switch the topic quickly
  445. >”Oh. Well… ahem. So, and how long did he do it for?”
  447. >if this is going to be a punishment, you don’t want it to just be a few slaps and done
  448. >at least, if you’re even gonna do it at all
  449. >that would probably just make things worse
  450. >make her think you’re just half assing it
  451. >You really don’t want to do this, still
  452. >You start second guessing yourself
  453. >But you decide to stick with your decision, for her sake
  455. >She replied, shyly
  456. >”I-I don’t know… he did it a long time. They hurt a lot, they were supposed to.”
  458. >She grabs the couch with her hoof
  459. >bracing herself
  460. >Pinkie knows that telling you this could mean worse things for her
  461. >but she’s still telling you
  462. >that says something
  464. >What did you get yourself into?
  466. >Well, whatever it is you’re going to do to her, it can be done with your hoof
  467. >you aren’t using some big hairbrush on her
  468. >never
  470. >You are just not going to think about it
  471. >Fuck it.
  473. >She's obedient to you
  474. >keeping her tail away from her posterior
  475. >now, she’s just waiting
  476. >you decide that she shouldn’t have to wait any longer
  477. >but still, you’ll give her a warning
  479. >”Ok, Pinkie. I’m just going to do it now, until… until you’ve learned your lesson.”
  481. >Fuck
  482. >that was the most awkward thing that’s ever come out of your mouth
  483. >that came all the way back from your foalhood days
  484. >your own parents
  485. >You feel like you’re talking to your own wife like a child
  487. >Pinkie Pie, though, doesn’t seem to think the same way
  488. >She nods her head and hides her face
  489. >”O-ok. Yes, Anon.”
  491. >Poor pony
  492. >you don’t know how you’ll live with yourself
  493. >Let’s just get this over with
  494. >You lift your hoof up
  495. >Pinkie senses it and squeaks
  496. >she shuts her eyes
  498. >No more delaying
  499. >You aim at her butt, which is perched on your knee
  500. >Sticking out
  501. >And then
  502. >you swing it down
  503. >onto her butt
  504. >and it makes a sharp, hard SMACK!
  506. >”Yow!”
  507. >Pinkie Pie’s yelp follows the spank right away
  508. >But to your shock she stays perfectly still
  510. >you don’t want to wait too long
  511. >might make you think too much
  512. >or think AT ALL
  513. >Another harsh SMACK!
  515. >”OUCH!”
  516. >Pinkie exclaims again
  517. >You hear her cries, but she’s still not moving
  519. >You guess you’re doing it right?
  520. >Well, you can’t stop after two spanks
  521. >so, you give her another one
  522. >SMACK!
  524. >”Ah!”
  525. >This time, her hoof back hoof moves a little bit
  526. >kicks, but just barely
  527. >You do it again, and again
  531. >”Ow, ow! OW!”
  533. >SMACK!
  535. >”Aow!”
  537. >SMACK!
  539. >”Oow! Uh, uhuuuhh”
  541. >Then you hear it
  542. >she’s starting to cry
  543. >little sobs
  545. >You honestly just want to stop now
  546. >But something inside you says not to do that
  547. >the words “he did it a long time” echo in your mind
  548. >This has barely been any time at all
  550. >smack goes your hand
  551. >over and over again
  552. >And Pinkie’s getting a lot louder
  553. >Even though, she hasn't moved an inch on you
  555. >You're just going to keep going.
  557. >The pink mare rubs one leg with the other
  558. >yips and yells every time your hoof gives her butt a stinging smack
  559. >shivers and sobs
  560. >but she refuses to struggle
  561. >apart from some twitching
  562. >she’s so sweet and kind and affectionate
  563. >you hate hearing her in pain, and crying
  564. >You’ve been trying to ignore it, but it’s not easy
  566. >”Yowch! Oww! OWW!”
  568. >You’re getting in a rhythm
  569. >left, right, middle
  570. >left, right, middle
  571. >it seems like it’s working
  572. >based on Pinkie Pie’s tears
  573. >you’re watching closely
  574. >paying attention to her butt
  575. >you don’t want to leave a bruise
  576. >so far, it’s hard to tell that you even did anything
  577. >her backside is pink, after all
  578. >You can only imagine what a big hairbrush would do to her
  579. >You try not to think about that
  581. >Pinkie Pie just submits to it all
  582. >she’s so tense
  583. >you can tell she wants to move
  584. >but she isn’t
  585. >you can only imagine what’s going through her mind right now
  586. >wanting to please you
  587. >wanting to take the punishment she feels like she deserves
  588. >such a heavy weight on her mind
  592. >”Uhhuhhoow! Oww! OWIEEE!”
  594. >That’s when she moves, for the first time
  595. >Shakes her butt away from you
  596. >kicks her hooves
  598. >All of a sudden, it’s like she’s about to have a panic attack
  599. >she gasps
  600. >Starts stammering
  602. >”I-Im-m sorry! Sorry, Anon! I won’t kick anymore, I’m sorry!”
  604. >Oh, jeez
  605. >you didn’t even say anything
  606. >since she’s submissive with everything else, it only makes sense
  607. >she feels like she has to totally submit to this spanking, too
  608. >to her, struggling is disobedience
  609. >your heart is breaking
  610. >you almost stop right there
  611. >call it a night, give your wife the biggest, warmest hug and kiss you’ve ever given
  613. >but before you do that, something occurs to you
  614. >a thought, that makes you groan inwardly
  615. >if you stop now
  616. >then she’ll think you’re stopping because you don’t think she can take it
  617. >because you feel sorry for her
  618. >not because you think, as you said before, that she “learned her lesson”
  619. >And it still hasn’t been much time
  621. >You never want to do this again
  623. >”It’s ok, Pinkie. A-are you, doing ok?”
  624. >god, that seems like a stupid question
  625. >she’s crying while being spanked!
  626. >”Doing ok?” are you retarded?
  628. >But she cries out a teary eyed response
  629. >She nods her head
  630. >Her poofy mane isn’t as poofy anymore
  631. >”Y-yes, Anoonnn…”
  633. >You’ll take that with a grain of salt
  634. >You’re starting to see a little bit of darker pink on her plump tush
  635. >It’s obvious she’s in pain
  636. >but you have to go on
  637. >at least a little while more
  639. >You’ve been spanking the same spots this whole time
  640. >Leaving small dark pink circles on her butt
  641. >You decide that you’ll start spanking lower
  642. >You aim, and SMACK! goes your hoof
  644. >Pinkie yelps, and her back hooves do a little wiggle
  645. >but she doesn’t kick
  646. >you spank the other cheek, same spot
  647. >she hiccups and sobs into her legs
  649. >Several more swats and Pinkie is really starting to cry
  650. >Before it was softer, held back
  651. >now it’s more open
  652. >Instead of kicking or moving her butt anywhere, Pinkie Pie shuffles her legs up and down each other
  653. >”Owwowowoww!”
  655. >But she hasn’t begged at all
  656. >pleaded for you to stop
  657. >even said your name
  658. >Your poor wife still must feel so guilty
  659. >and knowing how submissive she is, she’d probably lay right here all night long
  660. >take whatever punishment you give her
  661. >Because that’s what she thinks she has to do
  663. >You love her
  664. >and you’re so glad she married you
  665. >not some other stallion
  666. >because you will never abuse her trust of you
  667. >never go too far just because she’ll let you
  668. >which is why you have to stop, now
  670. >But first, you’re going to follow through with your promise to her from the beginning
  671. >your promise that you would spank her until she “learned her lesson” or whatever
  672. >So, you stop smacking her ass and ask a big question
  674. >So, Pinkie, have you learned your lesson yet?”
  676. >Pinkie Pie can’t answer you right away
  677. >But you’re just happy to be done with this whole thing
  678. >she’ll just say yes
  679. >and then as soon as she does you’ll let her up and give her a desperately needed hug
  681. >Finally she speaks, through sobs
  683. >”I-I, I h-haven’t… I don’t think I have yet, Anooonn, I’m sorryyy…”
  685. >Oh, fuck.
  687. >You weren’t planning on this happening.
  688. >How long did these things take for her family?
  689. >With a hairbrush?
  690. >WHAT?
  692. >Screw it, you’re going to try reasoning with her
  694. >”Pinkie, sweetie, why do you think that?”
  696. >ironic
  697. >she’s the one being spanked
  698. >but you’re the one basically begging for it to be over
  699. >She cries some more
  700. >wipes her face on the couch
  701. >thing is covered in tears
  702. >her butt is light red, too
  703. >she’s been spanked plenty, right?
  704. >Right?
  706. >”I alm-most burned the house down… a-again… uhhhuuhuhhh… we coulda been on the street c-cuz of me…”
  708. >so that’s it, then
  709. >You just haven’t done it hard enough
  710. >she thinks she just deserves more
  711. >this is crazy
  712. >horrible
  714. >You can’t believe it, but you have to keep going
  715. >You sigh, try to calm your fast beating heart
  716. >mentally brace yourself
  717. >after all of this, you are going to have a talk with her
  718. >a REAL talk
  719. >God, this poor pony
  721. >”Ok, Pinkie. I’m gonna keep going, ok?”
  723. >Pinkie Pie shivers on your lap
  724. >she nods obediently
  725. >”O-ok… yes, Anooon”
  727. >no time to sit and think
  728. >you have a job you promised her you would do
  729. >You raise your hoof, and spank her again
  731. >You get back to the rhythm, and pretty soon she’s sobbing all over again
  732. >her posterior is heating up
  733. >and even though she’s doing her best
  734. >she still sometimes just has to shuffle her hooves
  735. >but she never moves her flanks
  736. >makes sure that they’re always in the same place
  737. >ready for the next swat
  738. >her butt has to be on fire
  739. >It sure looks that way
  741. >Your hoof is starting to burn, too
  742. >You think a morbid thought
  743. >No wonder her dad used a hairbrush instead
  744. >but you can’t even imagine how much that thing would hurt the sweet pony on your lap
  746. >Pinkie lifts her head when you spank her on the bottom part of her butt
  747. >cries out loudly, freely
  748. >Her puffy hair is getting in her face
  749. >tears are getting it wet
  750. >you honestly don’t know if you should stop now or not
  752. >You don’t have a clock
  753. >But you guess it’s been a couple of minutes
  754. >does that count as a long time?
  755. >Her bottom is getting redder
  756. >you don’t know
  757. >you honestly wish Pinkie gave you a time amount
  758. >so you could do half of that
  759. >without that fucking hairbrush
  761. >your mind keeps going back to that brush
  762. >but it’s only now that you are starting to realize something
  763. >Pinkie, bless her heart, is probably used to a spanking from THAT thing
  764. >not from your measly little hoof
  765. >and even though she’s crying, she’s still in control of herself
  766. >And she’s a pretty loud and noisy pony to begin with
  768. >Oh crap.
  769. >It’s no wonder she doesn’t feel like it’s enough.
  770. >But what that means for you is…
  772. >No, you won’t do that
  773. >No hairbrush
  774. >But you have an idea
  775. >And it’s still not one you like.
  777. >You need to lay down the law, and go full at it
  778. >Or she’ll never feel ok with what you’re giving her
  780. >You take a deep breath and aim your hoof
  781. >Then, you begin spanking much faster
  784. >”Uhhuhh, OWW! Ouch, oowww, ow ow ow! OW!”
  786. >Pinkie’s cries suddenly get louder
  787. >Less sniffly, more bawly
  788. >Your hoof leaves some little red prints on her tush
  789. >They make you wince, and your stomach feels bad
  790. >But she doesn’t move
  791. >even though her hooves are twitching and the rest of her body is so tense
  792. >the now blubbering pony still stays there, across your lap
  793. >taking the punishment she (thinks) deserves
  795. >And the beat goes on and on
  797. >You force yourself to just stick with it
  798. >follow through with every spank
  799. >Your hoof stings and is turning red, too
  800. >but it’s nothing compared to how Pinkie’s backside looks
  801. >your spanks are now painting temporary white hoofprints that fade back into red
  802. >like pressing against a sunburn
  804. >then she kicks, again
  805. >just a single time
  806. >but she reacts in the same way as before
  807. >choking and crying
  808. >”Ssorry! Sorry, ahoww, I’m sorry…”
  810. >You ignore that
  811. >you can’t tell her right now, exactly
  812. >but you don’t care if she kicks
  813. >struggles
  814. >you won’t punish her worse for something like that
  816. >The clock keeps ticking on
  817. >and you don’t think you can take much more of this
  818. >not anymore than she can
  819. >You are spanking her seriously, no holds barred
  820. >disregarding the stinging in your own hoof
  821. >and now, Pinkie is howling
  822. >crying without trying to keep herself calm or quiet at all
  823. >her mouth is gaping open
  824. >tears are turning her face red, too
  828. >that’s when she starts to squirm anyway
  829. >under your spanks, she begins to move her butt
  830. >not much, but despite all of her best tries, she can’t help it anymore
  831. >you don’t think she even knows that she’s doing it
  832. >Because, well, she’s still doing it
  833. >and that makes your heart shatter
  834. >knowing she's in that much pain right now
  835. >it's just...
  837. >That’s it. Enough.
  838. >You spank her a few more times, and stop
  840. >Pinkie Pie is crying brokenly
  841. >Her butt is an angry, burning red
  842. >she’s sliding her hooves back and forth
  843. >over the couch cushion
  844. >but she suddenly stops
  845. >goes rigid
  846. >and she starts stuttering yet again
  848. >”I’m ss-sorry, I didn’t realize, I-I’ll stop! I won’t mo-ove!”
  850. >Oh god, that’s it
  851. >you aren’t giving her one more spank
  852. >you refuse
  853. >you know what you’re going to do
  855. >You pick her up, lifting around her underside
  856. >Pinkie’s still weeping
  857. >her spanked tail end fiery red
  858. >you lift the plump pony up
  859. >slide her over your lap
  860. >and hug her tight with both arms
  862. >The poor thing hiccups and sobs
  863. >but when she sees you are hugging her, she latches onto you like a filly
  864. >squeezes you hard
  865. >hugging you around your shoulders
  867. >You feel tears in your eyes
  868. >as well as the tears of your wife on your shoulder
  869. >her mane is wet
  870. >the poof in her pretty hair much less than usual
  871. >You rub her back lovingly
  872. >right between her shoulders
  874. >”I’m-m sorryy! Waahahaaa!”
  876. >You feel so sorry for her
  877. >she’s in pain in more ways than one
  878. >your mouth is right next to her ear
  879. >you talk into it
  881. >”Pinkie, sweetie, it’s ok, now! It’s over, shhh, it’s over, I’m done. I’m not mad at you, you’re ok, shhh”
  882. >You pat her back and nuzzle her mane
  883. >The pink pony melts into your hug
  884. >begging for forgiveness
  885. >her rear legs squirm
  886. >probably from the pain in her bottom
  887. >you can feel how hot it is now that it’s touching your lap
  889. >you cringe
  890. >hug Pinkie tighter
  891. >you really did it to her hard
  892. >you are starting to regret ever going through with this
  894. >you wait for Pinkie’s cries to quiet down
  895. >and eventually, they do
  897. >Pinkie Pie finally relaxes a little bit
  898. >You rock the poor mare back and forward
  899. >she doesn’t let go
  900. >you nuzzle her again, wiping tears on her mane as you do
  901. >then, you relax your hold
  902. >let the whimpering pony lean back
  903. >and you give her a wet, deep kiss
  905. >Air sniffs through Pinkie’s runny nose
  906. >she’s definitely surprised
  907. >but she “mmphs” with pleased shock when you plant your lips on hers
  908. >And with another tear spilling down her face
  909. >she closes her eyes and kisses you back
  911. >you keep the tender moment going
  912. >she sometimes has to gasp for air
  913. >her nose is too stuffy
  914. >but she goes right back to kissing you once she gets a breath
  916. >eventually, you force yourself to break the kiss
  917. >you have other business with her that you need to discuss
  918. >desperately
  919. >you never want to do this again
  921. >You start to gently move Pinkie off your lap
  922. >”Ok, Pinkie Pie. Can you just, I dunno, sit next to me? We have to talk.”
  924. >You didn’t want that to sound ominous
  925. >but it did
  926. >Pinkie’s face is still stuffed into your chest
  927. >but you feel her slowly nod her head against you
  929. >”Yes, Anon.”
  930. >She says shakily
  931. >Then, she reluctantly moves off your lap
  932. >Her puffy eyes and face held low
  933. >Nervously
  934. >You realize that Pinkie must somehow think you’re going to scold her more
  936. >She sits down on the couch
  937. >winces
  938. >You feel like slapping yourself, forgetting that sitting down is probably not very comfortable for her now
  939. >”A-Actually, Pinkie, if you would be more comfortable not sitting down, you could…”
  941. >you don’t finish the sentence
  942. >you just point to the floor around you
  943. >inviting her to stand if she wants
  944. >Pinkie Pie hesitates
  945. >looks at the floor and then at you
  946. >and then, she asks, “O-Ok… s-so do you want me to not sit down?”
  948. >this time, it’s hard not to groan with frustration
  949. >to her, the only thing that matters is your say so
  950. >what YOU want
  951. >it’s exasperating
  952. >but you control yourself
  953. >”Whatever you think is more comfortable, Pinkie. That’s what I want. Ok?”
  955. >You hope it sinks in
  956. >You don’t want to have to order her to sit down or stand
  957. >Let her make a decision for herself, the poor thing!
  958. >Pinkie nods her head
  959. >”Ok… yes, Anon.”
  961. >and slowly, she gets up
  962. >and stands facing you
  963. >ok, good
  964. >you’re glad you suggested it as an option
  965. >god, her butt must REALLY hurt
  966. >these cushions are pretty soft!
  968. >Then, Pinkie starts talking
  969. >breathing shallow, fast
  970. >she’s bowing her head
  971. >and her back hooves shuffling behind her
  973. >”I’m-m really sorry I kicked so much, Anon. I didn’t mean to do it, I Pinkie Promise! Next time you spank me, I-I’ll stay more still…”
  975. >no
  976. >no more
  977. >you can’t take it anymore
  978. >”No, Pinkie. Just… listen. Listen to me ok?”
  980. >Pinkie’s ears flop down
  981. >she instantly quiets down
  982. >true to herself
  983. >Then her big eyes looking at you attentively
  984. >dropping whatever she was going to say
  986. >You address her directly
  987. >Pinkie Pie, I love you. I love you dearly. And I know you love me, too.”
  989. >Pinkie Pie can’t quite stand still
  990. >her butt is throbbing too much
  991. >but she’s listening
  992. >you lean your head in
  993. >looking at her closely
  995. >”And I know you want to show me that you love me, too. But Pinkie… that doesn’t mean that you always have to do exactly what I say no matter what. It doesn’t mean I can just boss you around. Ok?”
  997. >Pinkie Pie’s face is somewhat predictable
  998. >slowly it turns into a confused expression
  999. >she’s hesitant to speak up
  1000. >but she does
  1002. >”Oh… b-but I’m your wife, so… doesn’t that mean you’re the boss, though?”
  1004. >Fucking shit
  1005. >how are you going to get through to her?
  1007. >”Oh, well I uhh… ok, Pinkie. Let me put things this way. There’s a difference between a boss, and a boss who loves you. And even though I love you...”
  1008. >you are desperately hoping what you say makes sense
  1009. >”Sometimes, Pinkie, I may do things that don’t feel very, well, loving. Because nopony’s perfect, right?”
  1011. >Pinkie’s slowly nodding her head
  1012. >looks like she’s following
  1013. >meanwhile, her back legs are still dancing in place a little
  1014. >butt moving side to side
  1015. >”R-Right…”
  1017. >”Right. And Pinkie Pie, whenever that happens, I want you to be able to tell me when. If I’m ever doing something you don’t like, or treating you in a way that makes you feel bad, I want you to be able to tell me, sweetie! Ok? Because I love you, and if I’m just acting like your boss, then I’m not being a good husband.”
  1019. >Pinkie sniffs and snorts through her clogged nose
  1020. >she looks at you with those huge, expressive eyes
  1021. >and they’re lighting up a little with understanding of what you’re telling her
  1023. >”But, but, you are a good husband, Anon!”
  1025. >the fact that a pony could say that
  1026. >so sincerely
  1027. >just after they’d been spanked by said husband as punishment
  1028. >it’s kind of hilarious
  1029. >in a fucked up way
  1030. >you nod, and your eyes do a roll
  1032. >”Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have my bad days, ok?”
  1034. >Pinkie smiles just a little
  1035. >blushing
  1036. >she looks back at her flank
  1037. >makes a pained face
  1039. >”Yeah… I guess I understand. I have my bad days, too”
  1041. >You wince when you see what she’s looking at
  1042. >but it turns to a smile
  1043. >Finally, she gets it
  1044. >at least, it’s a start
  1046. >”That’s ok, sweetie. It’s all ok, in the past.”
  1047. >you assure her
  1049. >This makes Pinkie’s face brighten up
  1050. >she stares at the ground
  1051. >blushing harder
  1052. >”Ok…”
  1054. >”So Pinkie, do you promise to let me know? To speak up whenever I’m not acting the way I should, even...”
  1055. >you pause
  1056. >almost trail off
  1057. >but at the last second, you finish
  1058. >”even though I’m the boss?”
  1060. >long pause
  1061. >You hope to Celestia she says yes
  1062. >you pray to Celestia she says yes
  1064. >When Pinkie Pie slowly nods, you feel overjoyed
  1065. >”Uh huh… If that’s what you want, Anon.”
  1067. >Alright, now that takes care of one thing
  1068. >but there’s still one more thing you need to talk about
  1069. >and it’s not going to be pretty
  1071. >Sigh
  1072. >sigh again
  1073. >ok, it’s time to just go out with it
  1074. >”And Pinkie… we need to talk about spanking.”
  1076. >There it is
  1077. >that word again
  1078. >It makes Pinkie’s face instantly drop
  1079. >she gasps softly
  1080. >gulps
  1081. >”Oh. Ok...”
  1083. >somehow, you think she thinks you are going to scold her
  1084. >talk to her about her moving during the punishment
  1085. >you’re gonna set that straight
  1087. >”Ok, Pinkie. About what happened tonight… I don’t want to do it ever again.”
  1089. >Ok, it’s out
  1090. >let’s see how she reacts
  1091. >you hope she understands
  1093. >Pinkie Pie wipes her runny nose
  1094. >she looks just like she did before
  1095. >before you spanked her
  1097. >”I know, Anon. I, I-I’ll be good, I won’t forget the oven again…”
  1099. >Oh, wait
  1100. >you should probably rephrase
  1101. >poor Pinkie thinks you’re promising her another spanking if she forgets again
  1102. >although, you’ll definitely be pissed
  1103. >whatever
  1105. >”No Pinkie. I mean, I CAN’T do it ever again. Just seeing you cry, knowing you’re in pain. I can’t do it.”
  1107. >That should be clear, now
  1108. >you wait
  1110. >Pinkie Pie stares at you for a minute
  1111. >then, she pulls her thinking face
  1112. >that adorable expression with her eyes narrow
  1113. >eyebrows bent down in thought
  1115. >She talks slowly
  1116. >like she’s reasoning while she talks
  1117. >”But… it’s a punishment. Isn’t it supposed to hurt? I mean, I know I cry, but I’m ok, Anon! It’s just my butt.”
  1119. >Only Pinkie Pie could say something like that and sound so innocent
  1120. >You sigh with exasperation
  1122. >”I know, I know, Pinkie. I know it didn’t hurt you permanently or anything, but that isn’t the point. I don’t want to cause you pain, sweetie. Even if it’s temporary.”
  1124. >Pinkie surprises you when she responds
  1125. >she frowns
  1126. >looks at you confused
  1128. >”But… what about when we want to have foals someday?”
  1130. >you blink
  1131. >not sure about what she’s asking
  1132. >but then, suddenly, you get it
  1134. >”Now, Pinkie, that’s different. With our filly or colt, I might consider doing that, ok? But not with you. That’s just different.”
  1136. >Pinkie isn’t letting up, though
  1138. >”Ok… but why different? If you think you should spank our kids sometimes when they’re bad, why not me?”
  1140. >A wife
  1141. >in the modern day
  1142. >arguing for why you SHOULD spank her
  1143. >this is the strangest conversation you’ve ever had
  1144. >you’re getting frustrated
  1146. >”Because you’re my WIFE, Pinkie!”
  1148. >”But I sometimes do bad stuff, like tonight… almost burn the house down. Sometimes a wife might need it even if she doesn’t want it, need tough love…”
  1150. >“Pinkie Pie, I only did this tonight because I was afraid you would think that I didn’t love you enough. I thought you would think that I didn’t care about you unless I spanked you. But tough love doesn’t have to be me… me smacking your butt until you cry! Does it?”
  1152. >You meant it to be rhetorical
  1153. >Pinkie doesn’t get your meaning
  1154. >She gives it a little thought
  1155. >And then
  1156. >”I guess… sometimes?”
  1158. >This time you actually groan
  1159. >Damn it, you are so frustrated
  1160. >Poor thing is brainwashed, you think
  1161. >Fine. You aren’t getting anywhere with this
  1162. >not tonight
  1164. >”Uhhgghh… ok, Pinkie. Let’s just not talk about this anymore for now. Ok?”
  1166. >Pinkie hears you groan
  1167. >she knows you’re getting annoyed
  1168. >she looks at you worriedly
  1169. >”Ok. Sorry, Anon…”
  1171. >”No, don’t be. It’s ok. I’m glad you’re telling me what’s on your mind, sweetie. I really am.”
  1173. >Pinkie smiles
  1174. >She blushes
  1175. >looks at you with a twinkle in her eye
  1177. >”Well, that’s what you said you wanted me to do, Anon. So I’ll do it!”
  1179. >Ok, that’s it
  1180. >You have to smile at that
  1181. >her tone of voice was almost…
  1182. >playful
  1183. >lighter hearted than she’s been all night
  1184. >a glimpse into her fun side
  1186. >you reach out both hooves this time
  1187. >open them wide
  1188. >Then, you say, with a big smile, “Ok, Pinkie. Come here.”
  1190. >There’s no confusion this time about what you mean
  1191. >Pinkie’s tearstained face lights up the room
  1192. >And she walks into your chest and snuggles up against you
  1194. >You pick her up bodily
  1195. >lean back in your seat on the couch
  1196. >and let her lay on top of you
  1197. >her head resting right beneath your chin
  1199. >you realize her spanked rear end is on top of your legs again
  1200. >but Pinkie Pie doesn’t move
  1201. >she closes her eyes
  1202. >flutters her eyelashes
  1203. >and sighs with content happiness
  1204. >relaxes on you
  1206. >You stroke her mane and back
  1207. >kiss her face
  1208. >Pinkie smiles, and simply curls up tighter
  1209. >using you like a pillow
  1211. >eventually, after the long and stressful evening was over, you both drift asleep
  1212. >holding each other tight.
  1214. THE END
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