Don’t be a dick on someone’s birthday

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  1. So today, June 19th, is my birthday. Seems like a simple concept wouldn’t you say? Well, no. Yesterday, June 18th, I learned I would be unable to enact my plans for today because of not having all the materials I needed to celebrate my birthday by playing my favorite game in the stupidest, but funnest way possible: prima%. I had asked my grandparents to mail me my childhood copy of the prima guide and it was supposed to come in on Monday. Unfortunately, the book was shipped to the wrong house and the neighbors, being the most horrible people, sent the package back, making the whole plan not possible. So I just do something else right. Nope, following suit I felt physically and mentally ill, which made any sort of motivation for the rest of the day at a 0. Now today. I wake up at around 6am because I slept horribly. My mom wishes me a happy birthday even when I was depressed and felt like shit. I check the mail to see if maybe the package that was sent for a second time might have gotten there (last hope stuff). It wasn’t there (no surprise). I go to return to my room and my step-father says, “Checking the mail huh?” To which I respond, “Yep. Its not there.” The way I had said it was in a frustrated and defeated tone that seemed to set him off. I go to my room, shut the door, and lay in bed. My step-father walks into my room without knocking or anything and says in an aggressive tone, “You don’t get to talk to me that way! Even if it is your birthday!” I tell him to please leave me alone and lay in bed. He keeps persisting until I tell him for the 5th time to leave my room and let me sleep. He then responds, “The more you keep saying that the longer I will stay!” I snap and scream to get out of my room, but he says nothing and starts walking towards me. I jump out of bed and bolt passed him and run the put on my shoes and go out the door. As soon as that door opened, I shut the door and bolted down the sidewalk afraid. For the next hour to hour and a half I’m just wandering the neighborhood in my pajama pants, a shirt, and sandals. No phone, now keys, nothing. I decided that I would head home and hope that either my mom is home or the door is unlocked so I can slip inside. I see that my mom had left for work and that it was just my step-father home. I checked all doors and they were all locked. For the meantime I hid in the garage hoping that at some point I could catch a moment where one of the doors are unlocked and get back inside. I did not want to knock because I didn’t want to see him. I still don’t want to see him. After waiting about 30 minutes I came out and saw my sister standing at the sliding door. I tried to get her to unlock the door, but I then saw my step-father marching with a scowl towards the door. I reacted by bolting away and to the front where he couldn’t find me. I was left without hope. I was scared. I didn’t want to see him. I was stuck. After another hour or so I caught some luck and found that the front door was left unlocked by accident and I slipped in and fast tip-toed to my room where I am now. I am now laying in bed with the door locked and scared for my life. So a special message to everyone in the world: If you have a petty problem on someone’s birthday, keep it to yourself, and most of all don’t persist and believe you are in the moral right to do so. Everyone has a right to enjoy their birthday. So don’t be a dick and fuck up their entire day.
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