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  1. Author: ddraig
  3. Several "fixes" for weird Misery behaviour.
  5. Made for 2.0.2 (QF)
  6. ------
  10. Picture the scenario: You're in the middle of nowhere. The clouds go all weird. All hell starts breaking loose. You scrabble desperately in your backpack, and pop an anabiotic. The surge sweeps over you... and you die.
  12. Sound familiar? Turns out the anabiotic, despite having a usage script, does not actually link to the anabiotic callback functions. This is a HUGE oversight. I've fixed this.
  14. This adds in (hopefully) a proper usage script. It will go through all the stages of using it (taking your helmet off, eating it etc.) and then will knock you out on your ass and let the anabiotic do its thing.
  16. I've tried to make the anabiotic "taking" look convincing. Any improvements on it are welcome, but I think it looks and functions rather well.
  18. Copy over the actor_effects_data.script from the class_diversity/scripts folders (doesn't change anything other than the anabiotic function, but if you're paranoid merge to make sure). The new anabiotic function is contained in the axr_misery.script. If you're using any class other than the assaulter, copy the actor_effects_data.script from your respective class' folder into the main scripts folder.
  20. Enjoy your functional anabiotics!
  24. Included is an updated bind_stalker.script file. This is very major, it removes the additional post-process check associated with taking damage, which can render the Assaulter's Strong Grip/Sturdy perks useless aswell as making being a recon/sniper almost unbearable. This also contains the associated functions for the anabiotic fix, so this is practically required.
  28. Someone was pissed off that the mercs wouldn't accept their food, so I made this:
  30. The Mercs in Zaton that were after food would only accept three specific types: bread, kolbasa (old meat) and conserva (can of tuna). This has updated the function to include virtually all imported food (MDT included all these foods but forgot to make them do their function). Mercs won't accept "Zone-produced" products like raw meat or cooked mutant meat. They want canned food, bread or high quality meat. In practical terms they'll accept most food that doesn't come from a mutant or dubious source and is actually a decent "meal" (i.e. not gum). If you want specifics, look in dialogs_zaton.script for functions associated with the "b106" smart terrain.
  34. Very minor change to the surge_manager.script file. Turns out that they were evaluating the "safe_cover_notification" setting incorrectly, so false would make the game give you the task, while "true" would make the game not give you the task. Now the option behaves correctly.
  38. Replaced the sleep, zevok and wakeup sound effects with actual sound effects. Properly ogg-commented. These were previously "empty" sounds.
  42. Exoskeletons now have a proper hud. In addition to this, they also have been set to not allow helmets with their use. They're basically a closed-circuit suit with a bunch of features added.
  46. I've completely rewritten this entire script. Hopefully I've fixed the sleep_actor_safe flag always being false. Added in various extra conditions to the "You cannot sleep" functions, including lack of tiredness, radiation (actually working properly), surges/psi-storms, bleeding and a combination thereof. If you want to sleep, you better be in good condition and actually want it. Since you now need to be tired to sleep, sleeping pills are no longer useless.
  48. Time forwarding should now work properly and not be dependant on you sleeping somewhere safe. Time moves forward no matter where you are.
  50. Forced surges should now only happen if you sleep outside of a base. Sleeping inside one will properly skip surges.
  52. If you place your sleeping bag down, and try to sleep but are unable to (for any of the reasons listed above) you will no longer just leave your sleeping bag, you will automatically pick it up. This can lead to rather embarassing situations where you leave your sleeping bag somewhere and get the fuck out of dodge, and when you sleep in a base your sleeping bag might magically find you. The Zone touches things, even lowly sleeping bags. If you've lost a sleeping bag, then try this, it may actually come back to you magically. I could probably fix this, but I find it slightly charming.
  54. The "Dialog already hidden" crash should now be fixed. Turns out they the forced sleep function could try to hide the sleep ui dialog even if it wasn't already active, thus causing this rather embarassing crash. This is now fixed, hopefully.
  56. If you want any more information, I've commented the code in the script. MDT should learn to do this.
  58. Changed scripts are itms_manager.script and ui_sleep_dialog.script
  60. Any problems, I'd really like to hear them.
  64. A very minor fix. To get to Pripyat, you need a suit with a closed-circuit respitory system. As far as I can tell, there are four in game: The SEVA suit, the Red/green Scientific outfits and the Exoskeleton.
  66. Now instead of requiring the SEVA suit, you can choose any of the four. You also need to be wearing it when you talk to Zulu, otherwise he won't consider you ready.
  70. There is also a new "postproces_mod.script". This is minor, but it greatly reduces the amount of time you can stay awake. They've added in this rather neat post-process mod but have set it at values which makes it very, very unlikely the average player will ever see them. For example, the sniper, who is least dependant on sleep, can stay awake for FOUR DAYS. This is absurd. I'm not a trained military specialist, but after a single day of not sleeping, and pretty much sitting on my ass, I feel really shitty and run down (and I consider myself a bit of an insomniac). How the hell can someone stay awake for four days while operating at maximum capacity before finally collapsing, while being in a radioactive hellhole with everything trying to kill you? (the new dialog manager texts even mention that the Zone saps away at the strength of even the strongest guy, so this seems even more absurd)
  72. All classes have had their traits taken into account. I've pretty much halved the original values. Snipers can now stay awake a maximum of 53 hours (just over 2 days), Assaulters can stay awake for 36 hours (a day and a half)
  74. Feel free to disregard this fix or change the values to whatever you like.
  78. The Black Road kind of annoys me. They say it's supposed to be a hard mode, and give it an elaborate backstory, but all it essentially does is move you to the sawmill and give you no equipment. Boring.
  80. I've decided to make the Black Road slightly more logical. You presumably get to the Sawmill after being ambushed by something. It's dark, you've used up all your medical supplies, and you're in quite bad condition thanks to that. You barricade yourself inside the building, hoping to save your life somehow.
  82. Why does Degtyarev take the time, while running for his life, to rip off his helmet and strip practically naked? He has enough foresight to keep his knife (a useful tool), but drops other useful things? The UPD is a very useful tool, as is a flashlight, so why would he ditch the UPD while keeping his knife and flashlight? Tossing your gun if you're running and it has no ammo? You might do that - it could probably be more of a burden than it's worth. Going through your pack to get rid of non-essentials to make it easier to get away? Yeah, I can see that, but why would you throw away useful, valuable and lightweight tools that may help you out somehow?
  84. The Black Road now has you in bare minimum equipment. You have your helmet, outfit, battery and knife. Your helmet is broken, your outfit ripped, and your battery drained. You've been hell to get to this point. If used with the exhaustion tweak above you also start off partially exhausted. Each class now has the same knife in Black Road and non Black Road starts, just for consistency.
  86. Just to add a bit of flair to the occassion, there's a 10% chance of a surge starting. Pray the Zone has mercy on you.
  88. --------------------------------------------
  89. ------------- OTHER FIXES ------------------
  90. --------------------------------------------
  92. These have not been made by me, but are included as they round out the overall experience:
  94. * WEAPONS OVERHAUL (Author: kv0)
  96. A very large, very well thought out overhaul to certain weapons. Changes characteristics, makes certain weapons more compatible with different classes (Recon should get the most use out of carbines, but a lot of them he does not etc.)
  98. Full readme:
  100. 1. Shell ejection for right-bolted weapons now correctly plays on the right side.
  101. 2. FN F2000 and FS2000 shell ejection animation disabled.
  102. 3. Fixed zoom rating for certain weapons, such as the Mosin etc.
  103. 4. Correctly aligned grenade launcher/silencer/scope icons on weapons where they were once misaligned.
  104. 5. Binoculars now have a 6x zoom rating, upgrading to 15x.
  105. 6. All rifle scopes, silencers, grenade launchers and ammo have had their weights tweaked to their real-world analogues.
  106. 7. Skorpion vz.68 correctly renamed to vz.82, with corresponding description updated. Fixed the placement in hands and iron-sights.
  107. 8. Fixed unrealistically low recoil for the Skorpion vz.82.
  108. 9. PPSh-41 now has correct position in hands.
  109. 10. Rebalanced characteristics of almost all weapons. The scopes zoom rate refers to normal.
  110. 11. Corrected weapon upgrades, hopefully removing all errors present in Misery 2.0
  111. 12. Corrected ballistics: removed the large dispersion rate in the 'actor' config. Weapons now shoot straight.
  112. 13. Disabled upgrades related to the FAMAS' integrated scope. It doesn't have one.
  113. 14. RPK-74 no longer has an upgraded magazine size, instead you can install a side-rail bracket for optical scopes.
  114. 15. L85 has a permanent 4x Scope. The scope upgrade has been replaced with a weapon weight reduction.
  115. 16. AEK-971 renamed to AEK-973S.
  116. 17. SAKO M95 has correct silencer in its description.
  117. 18. Ditto for the TT-33
  118. 19. XM8 Rifle now has 1.8x ACOG Scope
  119. 20. Added 1.5x integrated scope to the G36K description.
  120. 21. The Unique VSS 'Tide' now has profiles for all character classes.
  121. 22. You can now install scopes on the AK-105. It had a rail bracket, but no ability to attach scopes.
  122. 23. Fixed class proficiency for AKS-74U Camo, LR-300ML, M4A1 - high for Recon, M16A1 - high for Assaulter.
  123. 24. Sniper now has high proficency with the VSS Vintorez. Recon has high proficiency for AS VAL and VSK-94.
  124. 25. Sniper rifle 'KSVK' has the more correct name 'ASVK' and new description.
  125. 26. On the ASVK, the scope texture has been corrected to remove the transparent stripe across the screen.
  126. 27. Sniper rifles TRG-42, M14 DMR and M24 'Green Dragon' have 10x scope zoom rate, and upgrade up to 15x.
  127. 28. Sniper rifles SVD, SVU and Vintorez have a 4x scope zoom rate, upgrade to 8x PSO-3.
  128. 29. Gauss is equipped with 10x scope.
  129. 30. SUSAT 1.6x scopes have been replaced by 2x, as they are more universal.
  130. 31. ACOG scopes now has 3 types: 3.5x35, lighter 2x20 and night 2x20.
  131. 32. Mythical PSU-1 scope is no longer in the game. It has been replaced by the 1P78 "Kashtan" with 2.8x zoom rate.
  132. 33. NSPU-3 scope has a second generation night vision device, with the corresponding sight and authentic reticle.
  133. 34. New PSO-1-1 reticle texture.
  134. 35. PU and ZF-4 scopes have realistic characteristics.
  135. 36. Slightly corrected description of M100 silencer.
  136. 37. PBS-2 silencer now replaced by 'TGP-A' 5.45 mm caliber.
  137. 38. PBS-4 silencer now replaced by 'TGP-V' 7.62 mm caliber.
  138. 39. The cartridges SP-5 and SP-6 has swaped armor classes piercing.
  142. Greatly optimizes trader inventory. Basically, any items that are sold to traders that the traders do not normally sell are removed from their inventory. This greatly reduces the load that traders have on the game. There's a lot of "clutter/junk" in the game, this makes it slightly more managable.
  144. * HUD/BREATH SOUND FIX (Author: Yasti)
  146. Changes the conditions for Hud damage. Now it is correctly calculated. Also has a minor script that changes the volume intensity of the actor's breathing depending on how much stamina he has left.
  148. * SAVE GAME CORRUPTION FIX v5 (Author: Yasti, Real Wolf)
  150. Attempts to "fix" a lot of potential save game corruption that can occur. May also fix save games that have already been corrupted, but don't count on it.
  152. * IMPROVED SUIT TEXTURES (Author: Unknown)
  154. Replaces several "arm" textures to better match the suits that the arms correspond to.
  156. * IMPROVED AK74 TEXTURE (Author: Unknown)
  158. Higher quality/more detailed texture based on the Metro 2033 AK. Better suits the ingame icon for the weapon.
  160. -----
  161. ALL of these fixes should be save game compatible, provided you make sure to use the right version of class_diversity files.
  163. Enjoy your slightly less miserable Misery.
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