godzilla vs kong "leaks" roundup

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  1. Several years after the battle of Boston, mankind and the Titans seem to have renewed the semi-peaceful coexistence they had in the ancient past.
  3. Madison and Mark Russell now live in California; Madison now suffers from minor PSTD from the events of KotM and Mark has taken over Dr. Serizawa's role as “the Godzilla guy”.
  5. Monarch has set up base of operations on Skull Island in order to search for a possible entrance to the Hollow Earth, and to keep watch on Kong, who’s been acting strangely since Ghidorah’s attack. G-Team is now a full force and military backed group that deal with Titans, each G-Team group is classed by which Titan type their team specializes in dealing with (Lessor, Major and Apex, movie follows Apex group).
  7. A mechanical Titan resembling Godzilla has been built on Skull Island to detour Titans that had been trying to come to Skull Island. The robot has a built-in and modified version of the ORCA that releases a signal telling Titans to “stay back”. It’s basically a glorified scarecrow.
  9. During this time, Monarch has become aware of seismic activity and sinkholes appearing at an increasing and alarming rate around the world. They decides to have their newly reformed "G-Force" travel around the world and investigate the sinkholes to find the cause.
  11. Ren Serizawa (the son of Dr. Serizawa) and Demián Bichir's character (a wealthy man who wants revenge on the Titans after what happened to his family in Mexico) are the human antagonists. Ren was also jealous of his father's attachment to Godzilla and blames the Titan for their estranged relationship and his ruined family. After hearing that his father sacrificed himself to save Godzilla, Ren makes it his mission to kill Godzilla at all costs. Keeping his mission secret, Ren is recruited by Monarch to work on the Mechagodzilla Project. Little does Monarch know that him and Alan Jonah have been in contact for some time; Jonah mentions how he obtained the head of Ghidorah from Mexico and that it “could" be used for something.
  13. This is Godzilla and Kong's first encounter with each other in-universe, but Godzilla has met and fought Kong's species numerous times in the past. The cave paintings discovered show and tell a story of Kong's kind being an invasive species and a major threat to ancient humans, causing fear due to their territorial nature and large numbers.
  15. Godzilla arrived one day and attempted to control the situation, Kong's species would refuse to abide and submit to his dominance unlike the other Titans. This resulted in a war between Godzilla and Kong's species, Godzilla ultimately winning and forcing Kong's remaining species away from the main world and into the Hollow Earth. They would eventually arrive at Skull Island, where they would meet their end to the Skullcrawlers not long after, all killed off aside from Kong.
  17. Kong is a special case for his kind, he's the first to actively protect humans that need his help. Kong sees humans similar to him, as he grew up alongside them on Skull Island.
  19. Godzilla sees Kong as just another familiar foe from the past, but now is much bigger.
  21. After Kong proves himself to be a formidable opponent, Godzilla takes Kong's existence much more seriously and a priority to exterminate. Kong sees Godzilla as a threat to humans and an invader of his territory once the Titans start converging on Skull Island more and more.
  23. The Winner of their “fight": Godzilla.
  25. Kong isn't meant to win in the end against Godzilla, but to prove that he can hold his own through multiple fights with someone much larger and stronger than him, gaining "respect" and his own spot in Godzilla's kingdom. In the end Skull Island is destroyed and sucked into the ocean, leaving Kong without a home and now hanging around Godzilla in the Hollow Earth.
  27. Rodan doesn't die during the final battle, but does suffer another major injury fighting Mechagodzilla and is out the remainder of the film.
  29. Mechagodzilla’s design is based off the classic Showa-era design, with several built-in weapons on it's body and arms. It’s major weapons are Maser cannons and a Freon Cannon.
  31. Mechagodzilla is a prototype Anti-Titan machine using a bio-computer for it's "Brain", which is powered by Ghidorah's brain with a few cybernetic enhancements. Ghidorah's brain is able to communicate with people similar to a Speak & Spell. (Example: Hello, Dr. Mark Russell). Very creepy and HAL-9000-esque, they make Mechagodzilla as much of an actual antagonist as the human villains.
  33. In one battle Ghidorah's brain recognizes Godzilla and attempts to take revenge out on him, locking the pilots out. It's construction was approved as a joint project with the US government and Monarch, overseen by the UN. Monarch's reason for building MG was in the event Godzilla was to ever fall in battle, humanity would stand a fighting chance against rouge Titans, while the US government sees it as an equalizer weapon to keep ALL Titans in line.
  35. They built and stationed MG on Skull Island to prevent detail leaks or any type of outside interference from the rest of the world. It's head is ripped off during the final battle, revealing it's “brain", similar scene from Terror of Mechagodzilla.
  37. While not truly back, Ghidorah's blood and body has caused mutations in lesser creatures, making them larger and aggressive. It's blood is leaking out of Mechagodzilla after it's destruction.
  39. The Hollow Earth contains a enormous serpent Titan that circles around a large section of the Earth's core and has been kept as one of Monarch's biggest secrets. The Titan is listed as "The World Serpent” (Jörmungandr) and it's long body is absorbing energy from the Earth's core. Its theorized to be helping keep the planet stable.
  41. They find out it's the cause of the increased seismic activity and there's something wrong with it, as it's finally waking up. It previously being dormant for an untold amount of years. Next film is Monarch and the hero Titans traveling through the Hollow Earth to fight an unknown apocalyptic force.
  43. ---
  45. Teaser next month, attached with Joker. Extended version at NYCC exclusively for attendees.
  46. It doesn't show much, scenes of destruction in Hawaii, and some new kaiju on Skull Island. Giant lobster is a notable one.
  47. Titans from KotM rampaging.
  48. Godzilla and Kong charging towards each other against the Hong Kong skyline.
  50. Marketing is going to be more like Skull Island, less like KotM, last I heard. More older licensed songs used in trailers. Teaser is set to an unsettling remix of this:
  52. Another leaker around here claimed to see almost the exact same trailer as me awhile back but set to the creepy score from the G14 score. Rumblings within Legendary make it sound like they’re going through a shift in marketing and aren’t sure whether to have promos be more like KotM or Skull Island, the latter being more successful at the box office. We’ll find out soon enough though.
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