Optitex 12.2.50 Nesting 2++ FULL download activated license

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  1. Optitex 12.2.50 Nesting 2++ FULL download activated license // Info at :  
  3. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  5. Optitex 12.2.50 PDS & MARKER & Nesting 2++, Import, Export, Conversion, Grade, Mark and 3D.
  7. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  9. Optitex 12.2.50 + NestingPack 12.2.50 + Samples Pack
  12. Info at :  
  15. ==================================================================================
  17. all the new features and improvements that were implemented in Optitex version 12.
  18. All of the new features and improvements have been divided according to modules.
  21. PDS 12
  24. Features
  26.     Advanced Draft Tool: A new set of tools that allow you to turn interactive guidelines on or off when drawing.
  27.     Dynamic Measurement Chart: A new feature that allows you to connect patterns to measurement charts, thus allowing efficient grading and style updates.
  29. Improvements
  31.     Measurement Chart: If you make changes to a piece, the Measurement Chart will update automatically so you no longer need to use the "Update Chart" option.
  32.     Grading Walking: The Walk now restacks the grading on the point while walking, allowing you to check the base size and all other sizes.
  34.     Selection Tool: Allows you to have more control over pieces and internal selections when pieces are overlapped. (Drag left to right, or right to left)
  35.     Screen Coordinates: If you are using the Draft tool, will show the X and Y position of your last point.
  37.     Change Dart Width in Place: You can now reduce the width of a dart without having to rotate or correct the piece.
  39.     Fold In Fold Out Preferences:The Fold In and Fold Out properties are now located in their own category under Preferences, and have been improved to include options for dealing with internal lines and button placement.
  40.     Measurement Dialog Improvements: The Measurement Dialog can now be re-sized and adjusted so that it is easier to read, and includes a new field: Variation Sizes Set.
  41.     Add All Intersection Points: A new option that allows you to add intersection points to intersecting lines.
  42.     Map Zone Table: The Map Zone table is now a separate window (no longer part of the Piece Properties dialog).
  43.     Quality Zone: Allows you to define zones for your leather pieces according to their quality.
  45. 3D
  46. Features
  48.     High Quality Rendering (HQR): Enables you to create photo realistic 3D Virtual samples to drastically reduce style creation time and save on prototype costs.
  49.     Shader Manager - Export as FBX: You can now export as an FBX format for RTT DeltaGen rendering purposes.
  51.     Shader Manager - Variant/Article System: Allows you to manage multiple colorways via textures, colors and print placement.
  52.     Visualization: A new ability to add 3D realistic elements such as zippers, buckles and other rigid parts to virtual samples.
  54. Improvements
  56.     Texture Stitch Mode: A new preference that was added that allows internal decorative stitches to be visual and not effect the physical simulation process.
  57.     Use Thickness: A new preference under Stitch Properties that allows you to lay pieces between stitched pieces according to the fabric thickness.
  58.     Stitch Properties - Minus Value: Allows you to elongate the stitch length between two points.
  59.     Stitch Properties - Constant Deformation %: A new feature that allows you to maintain the pre-simulation piece shape during simulation, according to its fabric bending.
  61. Improvements
  63.     Cloth Simulation:The Cloth Simulation is now based on real physics.
  64.     Measurement System: A new preference has been added allowing you to edit setting values as imperial or metric units.
  67. Marker
  68. Features
  70.     Plotter Preview: Allows you to view the final plot/cut result before using paper or sending to the cutter, saving you valuable time and resources.
  71.     Leather Nesting & Quality Zones (for costing): A new nesting solution that allows control over the leather hides for areas of different quality, enables you to accurately calculate the cost and save money on this expensive material.
  72.     Piece Bar Size Window: New dialog that allows you to adjust the appearance of the Piece Bar Size window, so that you can add more pieces, sizes, change the fonts, etc. without distorting the window.
  73.     Shading (Horizontal Group): Allows you to create a horizontal group to handle shading differences in the cloth thus allowing you to decide to what to nest and where.
  75. Lectra Converter
  76. Features
  78.     Chanel Lectra mdl converter: Two new preferences have been added: draw/cut command and channel width value, which allows you to define the offset of the second internal line using the same command.
  80. Improvements
  82.     ConvertFlatPattern: With and/or Without Extraction Piece options have been added to the ConvertFlatPattern feature.
  83.     Measurement System: A new preference has been added allowing you to edit setting values as imperial or metric units.
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