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Isabel Medina Peralta Interview @ Youtube David Santos, 20/02/2021

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Feb 20th, 2021
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  3. Video:
  5. English summary by some random Spaniard
  10. >She says she's an 18yo, dedicated to politics and who likes reading, painting, fashion, martial arts, skying, horsing and visiting the Museo del Prado.
  11. >Now she's noticed in the street, not like before.
  12. >She was redpilled by books and due to Streisand effect, for curiosity.
  13. >Communism is a Jew creation. She's explaining the "Jew is the blame".
  14. >"The Jew" is the culprit, not regular Jewish people. She refers to Soros, NYTimes, Hollywood, International Monetary Fund, etc. Looking in Wikipedia is enough.
  15. >Evil is not a thing of blood, but New World Order is in Talmud and other semitic texts. Families like Rockefeller follow them. It's not a thing since Hitler but long before (Egypt, Isabella, etc.).
  16. >Jewish Religion doesn't allow usury between them but with others. According to these texts, non Jewish people are like animals.
  17. >She doesn't want to talk about the Holocaust because of the judgement. In case she's jailed, she'll write a book about Kalergi and Jewish families in power.
  18. >100 Jewish families control democracies and economy.
  19. >She's talking about the Chosen Ones and the Protocols of Zion.
  20. >She insists she's not talking about an entire people.
  21. >She's defining fascism. Not everything is fascism, that's just the Italiam movement. She's jonsista, a Spanish national socialist ideology, adapted to the Spanish society.
  22. >She's national socialist because she believes in fatherland and social justice, but the word for her as a Spaniard is jonsista. She's opposite to Catalan and Basque independence.
  23. >Spain is diverse in race, language and custom, united historically (she refers to Andalusians, Catalans, Basques...).
  24. >She's from Madrid. The union which formed Spain is above differences between Spanish peoples.
  25. >Talking about Spanish history.
  27. >The interviewer says she sounds like communist leader Pablo Iglesias. She's against separatists though.
  28. >She isn't democrat but respects all opinions.
  29. >She says there're superior nations. Spain is a warrior country although now is a nation of faint-hearted men.
  30. >The interviewer says she's a leftist, she denies it.
  31. >Spain had a Golden Age, but since then it has not showed it except in few cases like Blue Division. Spanish civil war was absurd. She doesn't consider herself leftist or rightist. The important thing is one can have a house and form a family, true social justice, but left is in idiot things like lgtbi and postmodern feminism, they don't care about workers dignity.
  32. >Left vs. right is a stupid thing of less than 200 years, a French burgeois invention.
  33. >Media classifies her as extreme right, and she considers it absurd. She thinks right voters have good intentions though, the problem is who funds the parties.
  34. >Media identifies her as Vox party too. She thinks Vox plays with the national feeling of their voters. They aren't patriots and that's disgusting. There's no difference when left or right wins, it's just a farce.
  35. >Vox's voters are tricked. Podemos' voters just hate Spain. That's why she despises Vox more than Podemos, because Vox fools their followers.
  36. >She says Vox's congresswoman RocĂ­o Monasterio supported the Jew after her speech, and Ortega-Smith is pro-Israel. Democracy will be always sold to the same people.
  37. >Antifa is anti-system just like her, but they're completely different, they just share a common enemy.
  38. >Her phone has been intervened since her speech.
  39. >She talks about "Best Korea"
  42. >Heteropatriarchalism is a term of second-wave feminism and Soros, who wants to destroy identity denying races, confronting men and women and attacking maternity so as to weak the West.
  43. >She doesn't had TV.
  44. >The system she proposes is one with both a leader and popular support, not fear. People doesn't have capacity to vote though.
  45. >However she doesn't want to take power through violence.
  46. >The current system is not democracy. True and original democracy is the one where just the wise persons vote, as Plato defined it. To achieve that education would be necessary.
  47. >Currently the state is the parties, and they aren't interested in investing in education. Freedom is achieved through education, and current freedom is a farce.
  48. >She believes in hierarchy, but without parties. A leader and a cultivated elite. The most similar system to what she thinks better is the jonsista, which was never applied, and the national socialist.
  49. >Peoples need to get rid of Zionism through education. Her intellectual referents are Friedrich Nietzsche, Pedro Varela and Julius Evola.
  50. >State must be an instrument to the service of fatherland and the people (to protect tradition, economy, etc.).
  51. >Hitler never wished to make war. It was a provoked war.
  52. >Hitler was loved by his people.
  53. >Valkyrie Operation was held in her birthday, and was a foreign plot.
  54. >Kalergi makes people believe "racism" means hating races. Originally it means recognizing the racism. Anti-racism is actually racist, and media promoted mixracing, for example in TV commercials, to destroy identity.
  55. >Kalergi, godfather of European Union, said about destroying races through mixing. The interviewer is scared his channel will be deleted.
  56. >All races can be spirituality in communion with natsoc, also Jews
  57. >She encourages people to read about everything without prejudices
  58. That's all. Have a nice day.
  63. PS: Fuck Spain.
  64. t. Portugal.
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