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Schoolgirl Spanked

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  1. Oh, h-hi, sir. I…I was just running a little late this morning. There was so much traffic and then I had to go to the bathroom and… Oh, it’ every class? Well, you know, I’m a girl and sometimes we have to go at random times in the day..and..and, what not believable? Umm, ok I promise to be early to class and come  half an hour early at the start of the day, before the school even opens! That’s not very believable either? What, more drastic measures, but what does that mean, sir?
  3. Tell my parents, no sir, don’t do that, please…. they’ll take away my car! You think that’s a good idea…you’re so mean, sir…Oh no, I’m sorry sir, please, I didn’t mean it. I wouldn’t be able to go out Friday nig-I mean, drive to the library to study. Take the school bus with other kids? But, but..can’t we do something to sort this out, sir? Like Community Service or something, please? Oh, there’s a special way you could punish me?  Umm, like what kind…physical? What..kind of physical punishment sir? General...well I’m sure it won’t be as bad as losing my car, especially if it’s just a little whip on my wrist, fine I’ll do it..
  5. Bend over? Umm, ok, but these skirts they make us wear are pretty short so if I bend more you’ll see my panties..that’s, that’s the point? Hey, why are you tying my hands to the rails, oh my god, please, I thought you were just going to  slap me on the wrist, I don’t..ok, ok, I don’t want to be expelling for being late…ahhh, you’re pulling up on my panties, sir..it’s rubbing on my pussy..it feels kinda nice, sir. *spank*Ow, my bum. Count them? Um..ok *spank* One..ohh..*spank* Two..ahhh . *spank* Threeee, ow,ow..*spank* Fouuur *spank* FIVE..owww, is this really necessary, sir? *spank* Siiiiix, my ass  is turning all red  s-*spank* SEVEN, *spank* (moaning) Eiiight, *spank* niiine, *spank*… (in a big sigh) Ten..
  8. Ok, are we done now? Siiir, your hand is..is…on my pussy..that, that actually feels really nice, I’ve always kinda had a crush on you sir, yes, please rub it more, this is making me wet…OWWW my hair, you’re pulling on my pigtails..it hurts..*spank* oww, I’m sorry, I won’t complain. What are you doing with my panties? You’re keeping them..but..*spank* ok, they’re yours. Oh god, is that your cock sliding on my pussy, sir, please I just want to keep my car..oh fuck it’s so big, I can’t fit anymore sir…oh fuck your dick is ripping me apart *moaning, wet sliding sounds* fuck..you’re….fucking…me…so….hard…you’re double…the size of…my boyfriend …*spank*.
  10. Yes, sir, I’m your good little schoolgirl slut and only your little slut…fuck..I can feel you throbbing…*spank* yes, sir..I want you to cum on my pretty school uniform…yes, cum for me. Oh god, I can feel it everywhere. Go  to class now?  But sir, my pretty uniform is all ripped and you came all over my stockings and ass…and I don’t have any panties, everyone will see.. *spank* ok ok  sir, I’ll go to class with no panties and cum soaked stockings…I’m your little schoolgirl slut.
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