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Jan 27th, 2016
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  1. RDRAW Business Agreement/Opportunity
  2. From: Tek Stalker
  3. Sent: 2016.01.27 04:35
  4. To: Rapid Withdrawal,
  6. Attention All,
  8. As most of you know we get approached with offers for wealth and PvP greatness from others. This comes in the form us joining an alliance. However these offers really offer us neither. However I was approached a few weeks ago with an offer that I believe is beneficial to us. This deals will offer will allow us to basically keep things the same as they are now. We can live where we want. We can do what we want. We will keep 100% control of the corporation without interference from others. We will not have to deal with alliance politics. Everything will remain as it is now. However we gain a powerful ally. We make a little isk. We open up some end game content and opportunities not only for the corporation but for you the individual pilot as well. Below I am going to list the terms of the offer I intend to accept. I am asking you to trust in me and the corporation leadership that has made us one of the power houses in low sec and the game. The scrub Onatards have come a long way. This is due to you and your hard work.
  10. Terms of the Deal!
  12. Perm Blue status with Snuffed Out
  14. We make a little Isk per month
  16. We get involved in some high end content along side of Snuffed Out (Excludes Galmil Content We will not be fighting Galmil unless they turn on us) We would also gain a powerful ally if we need them. This to some extent will allow us to move about in bigger fleets without being dropped on. Well, at least by Snuff. We will remain a Galmil Militia corp because we wish to at this time.
  18. Allows pilots that don't meet Snuffed Out requirements a place to call home until they do. So will be getting some pilots sent our way. We will not compromise our recruiting standards either. RDRAW will remain the RDRAW. If someone is disruptive or a fucking retard they will not last long.
  20. If one day you wish to leave RDRAW to join something bigger and more focused on end game content you have a place to go maybe. You would still have to meet all the requirement to get in but you would be know to come from a trusted corporation. In a way we would a feeder/training corp for Snuffed Out kind of like WAFFLES is for Pandemic Legion.
  22. Any way you look at this we are allowed to remain who we are and do things as we want when we want. We gain some monthly income. We gain a powerful ally. We get some exposure to things we don't get much of now. This mate I believe is a compliment to us as a corporation. The deal was only offered to us and that speaks volume to how far we have come. I know there will be questions and I expect that. So if you have them feel free to contact me. Our world is not turning upside down so don't panic trust in me. I have got us this far and I intend to take us much further.
  24. Thanks
  25. Tek Stalker
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