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  1. NAME: Tom   ROLE: Slave/Prey/Little   AGE: 23   GENDER: Male   ORIENTATION: Bisexual   DATING STYLE: Poly   STATUS: Single   LOCATION: United states, California (PST).
  3. KINKS: Anything not included in my limits (listed below) is fine, but some of my favorites are: BDSM, DDLG, CNC, Master & slave, Cyber domination, edge play (extreme play), primal play, emotional play, tease and denial, degradation & humiliation, behavior modification, begging & worshiping, fear play, ERP, orgasm control (edging), pet play, age play, hypnosis, sensory & sensation play/deprivation.
  5. LIMITS: Physical pain, physically unhealthy activities, revealing personal identity, breaking the law, giving away money, gift cards, and purchasable gifts, breath play, scat, pegging.
  7. LOOKING FOR: Friends to help each other grow, a Master or Mistress who is enthused by my kinks to pull me into their rabbit hole, a mommy/daddy to shield me from life, a potential partner to solidify my heart, and to simply enjoy my time interacting with this prestigious community to enrich my existence.
  9. HOBBIES: Interacting with people and making friends, traveling, Soccer, running, writing, video games, listening to music, watching thrilling movies.
  11. ABOUT ME: Greetings!  My name is Tom.  I currently study philosophy in which I trashed the course so badly that I achieved enlightenment.  Ok, you got me.  Not quite there yet. I also enjoy writing about my life views.  I am seeking out a like minded community and I can clearly tell this discord is one.  I have Aspergers so I can be kind of quirky.  I love traveling to many places with my family.  I run competitively and play soccer with some friends. I listen to upbeat music to pump myself up.  I watch movies with family and friends to chill.  Of course, we can't forget the big one.  Yes, I LOVE video games.  Notably RPG, JRPG, and action adventure ones.
  13. DM'S: Open! :)
  15. I look forward to meeting all of you, and really enjoyed reading everyone's intro!
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