kunori - Episode 7 Commentary (SAO II)

Sep 23rd, 2014
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  3. Suguha's here in the flesh! Adorable with her chin on both hands! She may have been relegated to MORE DEBAN village at the back of book 15,
  4. but she still has more screen-time in the anime… she should…! Probably!
  6. I saw an article saying salad wasn't very normal overseas, but there was salad at the hotels' breakfast buffet in Guam and Seattle.
  7. But there wasn't even the time for breakfast in Los Angeles, lol.
  9. And Kirito immediately tries that painful attempt at deceit after the expose. That AC in the room must be from Mitsubishi.
  11. The OP, Aoi Eir's "IGNITE", and the ED, Haruna Luna's "Startear" will be on sale today… no, yesterday, on 20th Aug!
  12. They had a joint sale commemoration event at Akihabara…!
  14. Barging into the room… But that's nothing compared to my other work where a heroine barged into a cubicle in a men's toilet and attacked!
  16. A video chat with Asuna who just got out from the bath… oh, really…? And while I wrote that, I noticed《videophone》isn't used anymore.
  17. Anyway, if he does that every night, Kirito must really keep his room clean.
  19. I want a wall shelf like in Kirito's room, but it's scary having it lean against only the wall, lol. Must be more stable than it looks…
  21. Of course, there's no such thing as a nanocarbon shinai yet, though, lol.
  22. But a carbon nanotube handlebar from Easton (a bicycle parts manufacturer) is around 30k yen, so I estimate a similar price for the shinai!
  24. Asada sure is mad… And she has all the right to be angry…
  26. And Shinkawa with that refreshing smile as he suggests a PK in the field to Asada.
  28. Did you notice the mole near the root of the thumb on Asada's right hand?
  29. This is actually not a mole, but a scar from the post office incident where unlit gunpowder from the pistol penetrated her skin.
  30. It appears to be called tattooing in forensics.
  32. In the scene where Shinkawa holds Shino tight, the rusty pole of the swing's releasing an indescribable amount of presence…
  33. Same goes for the balloon that flew from the child, but I want to be able to represent such nonchalant yet effective events in my books.
  35. I instantly thought, "It's so hoooooooot" when I saw Kirito's black helmet and jacket, but it was winter in there!
  36. Geez, bikes are a bitter vehicle no matter whether it's summer or winter…
  38. Players who PK-ed or PKK-ed in Aincrad were not charged at all when they returned.
  39. Legally, Kayaba was charged with criminal liability for the entirety of the SAO incident and it all ended with the death of the suspect.
  41. There were some who shirked from PK among the survivors and they all tried to leave the dark side of Aincrad in the past, not just Kirito.
  43. If Death Gun was truly from Laughing Coffin, then the motive for resuming《PK》in GGO might be due to anger towards those circumstances.
  45. The acting in the scene where Kirito turned to Nurse Aki and cried out was great. Matsuoka must have put his all into it.
  47. A balloon flew past outside the window.
  49. The colors in ALO are so vivid… I always think that. Or rather! Klein's in such a dreamy position! He really needs to put his all into it!
  51. VRMMOs sure seem fun, being able to do actions impossible in games now. The huge lizard must be set to "stop moving when its tail is held".
  53. Or so I thought before that terrible DoT from the poison breath, lol. And the healer's fell asleep… not!
  55. The third BoB tournament's broadcasted live on MMO Stream, so Klein and the rest planned to watch it in ALO.
  56. It's like a real television's pointless now… or so it seems, but multitasking while watching's impossible, so it still has its place!
  58. What was Sinon looking up at were the rates for the betting pools.
  59. Both Kirito and Sinon had pretty high odds (so they're unlikely to win), and Sinon must have gotten a little mad with Kirito above herself.
  61. As expected, as Sinon was surprised with her real name suddenly called out by Spiegel. But her tone of refusal's harsher than as Shino…!
  63. The 7th episode ends with the confrontal between the 26th and 27th in popularity, among 30 people, Kirito and Sinon.
  64. Thank you for following along, it's finally time for the tournament! I hope for your time again for that in the 8th episode!
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