The Human Milf and the Dragon Quarterback

Jan 23rd, 2020
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  1. >Mojo was *kind of* your typical sports-addicted college athlete
  2. >life was good, and he had gotten into this awesome university with a full scholarship due to his impressive athletic ability
  3. >but he was different from other people, as he was no ordinary man
  4. >he was an anthro Komodo dragon with an impressive muscular body that helped him win said scholarship, and he lived among humans
  5. >he was a pretty good Quarterback for his college football team, and they already had one Rosebowl victory from last year since he’s joined the team
  6. >it was now a whole new year
  7. >it was after an impressive game where the college’s football team demolished the team from the next state over
  8. >Mojo took off his gear when he arrived in the locker room
  9. >all of his fellow teammates came in and cheered him on
  10. >”That snap at the end was fucking amazing, man! The looks on their faces when we passed the ball over to Matt in the goal line was the shit!” one of them cheered on
  11. >Matt looked at Mojo and smiled in pride
  12. >Mojo smiled back and winked at him
  13. >Matt was the team’s runningback, and one of Mojo’s best friends
  14. >another teammate leaned into Matt and whispered
  15. >”Dude, Matt’s mom was totally checking you out the entire game! I think she’s thirsty for you.”
  16. >”Yeah?” Mojo quietly said in disbelief
  17. >”Fuck, yeah!” he replied back
  18. >they all showered and chattered on like birds in a forest
  19. >Mojo thought to himself, wondering if Matt’s mom was really attracted to him and why someone her age would want a college student like him
  20. >He got out of the shower and dried himself off, and then put on his boxers
  21. >Mojo continued to get dressed after he showered
  22. >Later that night
  23. >It was past midnight
  24. >Mojo was out drinking with his teammates to celebrate their team’s victory
  25. >Matt’s mother, Heather, walked into the bar
  26. >she wore a low-cut top that seemed to barely support her massive breasts and as her milfy gut fought them for room
  27. >her jeans did her ass the same favor, hugging every curve of her body
  28. >She walked up to the college boys celebrating, much to Matt’s surprise and embarrassment; she was always a helicopter mom
  29. >”That was an amazing game, my dears. Don’t you all think?” she replied with a sultry smile
  30. >Matt was embarrassed beyond belief, and he put his face smack-down into the table out of fear of being seen
  31. >Heather laughed
  32. >”Anyways, would I be able to join you all?” she asked
  33. >Matt was gone, and their friends decided that they were tapped out for the night
  34. >One of them stumbled while trying to call for a ride to get back to the dorms
  35. >Heather turned to Mojo and gave a tempting smile
  36. >”Well, then. I guess it’s just us tonight. Would you like to party? I know that the quarterback must be quite the party animal.” she quipped
  37. >Mojo wasn’t even tipsy, and he thought about it for 30 seconds
  38. >”I guess I have nothing else to do.” he responded
  39. >Heather tried to contain her excitement
  40. >”I know of a place where I like to hang out. We can party there!” she gleefully said
  41. >Mojo felt something odd, but he brushed it off
  42. >”Was she really into me?” he thought. “Nah, it’s nothing.”
  43. >The club was just around the block.
  44. >The kind was actually rather long, which made Mojo grunt in annoyance
  45. >”Don’t worry. Aren’t you the quarterback, Mr. Mojo?” she playfully asked
  46. >”Yes. Why?” he asked back
  47. >Mojo was an honest guy, so he didn’t like skipping lines and getting attention while outside of the field
  48. >Before you knew it, people were already hounding the poor lizard for his autograph.
  49. >The bouncer noticed the commotion and he saw Mojo. He flashed Mojo his replica Rosebowl ring for the state’s team.
  50. >The bouncer walked up and told Mojo that him and his “date” were allowed into the club with VIP access.
  51. >Lights flashed onto the dance floor as people wearing rather expensive clothing drank and formed mosh pits with loud music cranked up to deafening levels
  52. >Mojo would have jumped at the opportunity, but he was worried about being out in public with a woman twice his age
  53. >Heather noticed this instantaneously and she whispered into his ear
  54. >”Timid, much?” she teased
  55. >Mojo was frozen in place
  56. >”Well, then. Shall we go over to this corner to dance, quarterback?” she playfully offered
  57. >Mojo spotted a bartender.
  58. >”Can I get a drink first?” he asked
  59. >”Sure!” Heather gleefully responded.
  60. >Heather knew that Mojo was aware that he was onto her. It was only a matter of time before she reeled her catch in...
  61. >A rather tipsy Mojo came back after a couple of shots
  62. >”Heh, this scaly hunk can’t handle his liquor?” Heather thought to herself deviously
  63. >Mojo was still well-aware of Heather’s advances, so he decided why that hell not. Fucking a milf was on his bucket list, anyway. Might as well have some fun.
  64. >one more shot later, and Mojo was ready to party.
  65. >Heather had downed a couple of Jell-O shots herself
  66. >he started by bouncing with his knees in a mildly drunk trance before shuffling his feet around the dance floor
  67. >soon enough, his arms were swinging along with the beat
  68. >But then in his mildly-inebriated state, he spotted Heather’s moves
  69. >she swiveled her motherly hips to the beat of the music while gently kneading the dance floor with her foot’s soft movements
  70. >he knew that she was chubby for a mom, but she had the chub in all of the right places
  71. >her large jugs and her fat ass came to mind
  72. >Mojo felt something rise in his pants.....
  73. >that slightly chubby belly of hers was just the right amount of mix. It wasn’t too fat, it wasn’t rolled, it wasn’t a potbelly.
  74. >Mojo’s bone rised up as Heather made her way towards him while shuffling around the floor
  75. >”Would you mind if I..... grinded on you?” she enticingly asked
  76. >Mojo thought with his large hemipenis and he muttered out a “....yes!”
  77. >Heather instantly shoved her massive ass cheeks colliding into the lizard’s crotch
  78. >his hemipenis instantly went diamonds hard
  79. >Heather continued to grind her large hips and rear into the jock’s pelvis
  80. >his face turned vibrant red and he could feel arousal whiplashing around in his brain
  81. >a rather large condom fell onto the floor
  82. >on it, there was a label that said “Monster Condom”
  83. >”Whoops!” Heather (admittedly sheepishly) said
  84. >”You weren’t supposed to see that, my love.” she said
  85. >”At least not until later, heh...” she muttered to herself
  86. >the awkward silence beteeen the two was then broken.
  87. >Mojo grabbed Heather’s thighs, much to her surprise as she yelped out in excitement
  88. >the dragon whispered into her ear
  89. >”Shall we take this to the bathroom?” he asked as he tried to contain his arousal
  90. >“There’s only one room that a single person can use”, he added
  91. >“Hook, line, and sinker!”, the cougar thought to herself
  92. >Mojo locked the door behind them
  93. >he tore open his varsity jacket as Heather undid her belt
  94. >his shirt was gone in an instant, and Heather was already in her bra
  95. >his pants and boxers were off, exposing his horny, pronged cock to Heather
  96. >Heather was in nothing but actual lingerie, as if she had planned this whole thing.....
  97. >she released her breasts from the bra
  98. >Mojo could feel his erection intensify
  99. >Heather stood there in only underwear bottoms that barely covered her cheeks
  100. >she started by giving Mojo’s hemipenis up and down strokes that increased with intensity
  101. >the stroking continued until the lizard reached the climax
  102. >goo shot three feet into the air, much to Heather’s surprise
  103. >Heather then took off her lacy lingerie bottom, revealing her full naked body
  104. >”You thought that we were finished?” she passionately asked
  105. >Mojo was in heaven at this point
  106. >”Having fun?”, Heather taunted
  107. >”I’m not done, yet. I’m about to send you into nirvana.” she cooed
  108. >Mojo’s momentary curiosity came to an end when Heather sat her ass down onto his thighs
  109. >”You’re going to love what happens next!” she chimed
  110. >Heather slipped the “monster condom” onto his hemipenis
  111. >she then began to ride his cock cowgirl-style
  112. >both of them were moaning continuously as she rid the quarterback harder and harder
  113. >Mojo’s cock could tell that she was an expert as this, but his mind was preoccupied in orgasmic bliss
  114. >a few more thrusts, and the two climaxed as Mojo’s goo shot into the condom
  115. >the two lovers sat there for a few minutes, recovering from their post-climax emotions
  116. >the two lovers then got dressed while not saying a word about what had just had occurred
  117. >the club was apparently dismayed to find “large amounts of dried semen all over their bathroom”
  118. >they never found out who
  119. >Mojo woke up with a slight hangover the next morning
  120. >he found something in one of the pockets of his varsity jacket
  121. >it was Heather’s number, along with a sweet letter and a note
  122. >it read:
  123. >”I really enjoyed the time that we had last night. I haven’t had great sex like that in a while, but you also gave this divorced girl the best that she’s ever had.”
  124. >”Call me~<3”
  125. >None of Mojo’s exes were this passionate, so he decided to keep this relationship
  126. >he kept it in secret, away from everybody else, ESPECIALLY Matt
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