Half-Moon in Equestria 4

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  1. You are Anonymous
  2. You are carrying a small purple unicorn on your back
  3. and it is raining
  6. Straining your eyes to see through the thick of the rain you notice you have just reached the outskirts of Town.
  7. Looking back at Twilight you ask "Which way to your house?".
  8. Peering over your shoulder she indicates a direction, that is approximately the middle of town. Nodding, you trudge forward, the bottom of your robes already pretty wet, even with the umbrella. After a few more minutes, you find yourself in front of a large tree, with a number of windows anda door on it, at least as you can see.
  9. Setting Twilight down, you kneel down and set the umbrella behind you. As she opens the door, you crouch in after her. Inside are books, books everywhere.
  10. "My house is also the library" She tells you. Stepping over to the stairs she calls out "SPIKE!!".
  11. Down the stairs come a small purple lizard with green ridges on its back, and a green stomach. Judging by its appearance you guess it to be a dragon, albeit a young one.
  12. "Spike, this is Anonymous, he will be staying with us for a while, so you should get to know him". Turning back to look at you, she see's you pulling off your robe, revealing a lightly muscled chest and shorts underneath. Suddenly tuning a vivid shade of red, she turns away and says "You should warn Somepony when you do that"
  13. "Hey Twi, your face is all red, do you have a fever or something?" Spike says looking over at her.
  14. "Hey, Twilight, do you have anywhere I can hang this up?" You ask, lifting your robe.
  15. Barely managing a glance your way, she says "Hang it off the second floor railing, its probably the only place tall enough to hang it".
  16. Going up the same stairs Spike came down, you set up your robe to dry, but not before removing your State Alchemist watch, as well as your notebook and pen. Hooking the watch up to your shorts as you come down the stairs, you see Twilight focus on it, before asking "Whats that?".
  17. "This?" You say, holding up the watch on its chain "This is proof that I am a State Certified Alchemist. It also helps keep time" Flipping it open, you show them the clockwork, a fine piece of ingenuity made by some of the best alchemists of your time.
  18. After their curiosity had been sated you take a cross legged seat and open your notebook and begin writing.
  19. *Day 1 in Equestria: Found myself in a palace, apparently the royal palace for the place I am in now, which is called Equestria. I met both princesses Celestia and Luna, and learned that Unicorns can apparently use magic.
  20. Got sent to learn with Celestia's Diciple, a Unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. The trip was amazing, being flown in a carrige pulled by a half dozen pegasii. Twilight is nice, although we got caught with bad weather rolling in, I Made an umbrella and carried Twilight back home, since the umbrella wasnt large enough to cover both of us any other way. She is actually quite soft, and light, so it was kind of pleasant to carry her*
  21. As you write this you feel the two of them reading over your shoulder, and you quickly shut the notebook, your face going slightly red, and you hear spike say "Twi, your face is getting red again, are you sure your ok?".
  22. Without turning around you hear twilight heading off as she says "I'll get some bedding for you Anonymous, its getting late so we should get to sleep soon".
  23. Nodding, you stand up and stretch, just as Twilight comes back.
  24. She see's you stretching, and gives a faint "eep", drops the bedding, and rushes up stairs saying "Goonight".
  25. Spike just looks at you and shrugs, heads upstairs and says goodnight as well.
  26. Grabbing the bedding, you set yourself up a sort of bed, and try to fall asleep.
  28. ****
  29. You find yourself lying in a field, much like the one you found yourself in when you first met Twilight. Looking over you see Twilight lying next to, her head, almost resting on your shoulder. reaching a hand out, you pick a rose from beside you, place it on a transmutation circle that just happens to be there, and turn it into a candied rose.
  30. Reaching your other hand out, you wrap it around Twilight, pulling her close, you offer her the rose. She gladly eats it, and places a kiss on your cheek.
  31. ****
  33. Suddenly you sit up, realising you had been dreaming. Looking out a nearby window, you can swear you see Luna chuckling. "Curse you luna, I Don't care for Twilight like that" You say, waving your hand at Luna. She just laughs, and dissapears in a cloud of dark smoke.
  34. Giving a sigh, you lay back down to sleep. The rest of the night is uneventful and you soon find yourself waking up to the sun peeking through the windows.
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