Redacted in Equestria (Chapter 1) (PTG)

Jun 19th, 2018
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  1. Work has been revised and details have been added.
  3. >You being your holy self drifts through space opening rifts through space and time, it is until this moment you find a suitable location.
  4. >I am the one and only truly powerful essence to ever exist, my name is Redacted and I have found a new playground to play in.
  5. Oh this is going to be fun.
  6. >Drifting through space and time you find a realm of which you have never seen.
  7. “It truly has been a millennia since I have come across a sentient creature but here I am, this land known only as Equestria will be quite fitting.”
  8. >Your being which composes of small dusts and your will power slowly gets compressed into a ball and falls to the newly found playground.
  9. >After passing the atmosphere your essence uncompressed and dispersed into the air.
  10. The air is fresh, I can already tell I like this place.
  11. >Your essence drifts through the winds and finds a nearby settlement, they call it Ponyville.
  12. Ahh yes I can sense the joy radiating off here. Redacted is pleased.
  13. >Your essence finds its way above the settlement, your essence is spreaded to far for them to see, but you can see them all.
  14. It would appear the sentient life of this realm is talking quadrupeds with ties to magic, how quaint.
  15. >After a short amount of time you search for a new body and enter the homes of the ponies who are most likely to be known.
  16. What do we have here?
  17. >From all the words you have heard thus far you can easily determine that the mare in front of you is the one and only ‘Cold Front’.
  18. >You move around her with your essence taking in her every detail, white coat, amethyst mane and tail, blue eyes and white lightning on the flank.
  19. A perfectly healthy mare fresh and ripe for the taking as it were.
  20. >Your essence condenses around her to the point it is a visible vortex of red dust fueled by your will.
  21. >”Whats happening? Please help!”
  22. “They can’t hear your screams, you will bend to my will or suffer my wrath!”
  23. >She attempts to move you using her pitiful magic, but your will is stronger than hers.
  24. >She grew quite exhausted at her attempts to fight back, but now you have the power to overwhelm her.
  25. “My turn.”
  26. >Your essence slowly made its way into her lungs and body, she coughed at first but now she can’t resist, her body is starting to turn against her will breathing in more and more of my essence until I had complete control of her body.
  27. >Her body fell to the floor and the unnecessary dust followed afterwards.
  28. I Redacted now have a new body, it will prove useful in the days to come, let's make use of it.
  29. >You lift the newly acquired body using what's left of her strength.
  30. >You now have full control of the body, with it comes the sense of life and feelings, not only that you also have access to all her memories.
  31. The feeling of entering a lifeform is like getting out of a coma after several months, but I'll get used to this body in no time at all given you have her knowledge of walking with 4 legs.
  32. >After a short rest on the floor to gain your strength you slowly make your way to the kitchen and gather some ingredients using your new eyes to see.
  33. Let's make Cold Front’s favorite food while we are here, I can tell her body is hungry.
  34. >Using the newly acquired horn you gather some mixed greens and some mint leaves and mix your ingredients together to make a nice mint flavored salad.
  35. What a lovely light purple aura this thing makes, I like this new form, It’s quite comfortable.
  36. >You bring your new body to the table and use the unicorn’s weak magic to carry the bowl.
  37. Time to eat.
  38. >You then bring the food to your newly acquired mouth and enjoy the meal before you.
  39. “Ahh” I can see why Cold Front liked this, It’s quite ‘cool’ pun intended.
  40. >You instinctively lick the bowl clean.
  41. “Delicious to the last drop.”
  42. >After enjoying your food you go to the living room and experiment with your body.
  43. Lets see what spells this new body can create.
  44. >Using the horn you can cast several basic spells, you start with weight reducing charms and use it to move the couch, then you teleport the bowl in the kitchen to the sink and then you found something unique in her memory of spells.
  45. It’s some sort of.. Cloud. Right that cloud is a elemental entity, very few ponies can create such things. From the look of it the cloud shoots out ‘white lightning’ wherever you wish as intensely as you wish. The spells this unicorn uses are quite weak, almost as if the unicorn avoided using magic whenever possible.
  46. That will be fixed in due time.
  47. >After a long day of thinking, plotting and well living you decide to sleep, something you haven't done for a millennia.
  48. >You make your way to the bedroom and lay into the bed.
  49. This bed is actually quite comfortable, I can get used to this.
  50. >That night you had dreams that were a mix of eating mint flavored food and conquering the world at the same time, dreams are weird like that.
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