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  1.         Little_Gloom    Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twenty-Four: Northern Blues (Part Nine) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
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  4.         Little_Gloom    Kid looks wide-eyed at the new, shiny shotgun. "DIBS."
  5.         Little_Gloom    Bookwright speaks up, and addresses the empty air. "Computer, where is the nearest workbench?"
  6.         Little_Gloom    Shatara blinkstares at the guns. "That's some strong medicine..."
  7.         Little_Gloom    Shatara then takes one of the traq rifles.
  8.         Little_Gloom    CopyCat floats the unclaimed rifle over to herself and begins to inspect it. She's surprisingly adept at handling the weapon.
  9.         Little_Gloom    Shatara looks over the shortage of ammunition, wondering if they were issued that way, or had seen...use.
  10.         Little_Gloom    Noble_Heart views Doctor Uguani's file...
  11.         Little_Gloom    id just hovers over that shotgun and starts to breathe heavy. To others, it would look rather creepy. To her and her love of shotgun goodness? It's like Hearth's Warming Eve morning again, where her brother was around, and Ma and Pa were looking down on her freaking out like the time she'd gotten her first toy BB Gun and everything was calm and peaceful and P
  12.         Little_Gloom    Kid just hovers over that shotgun and starts to breathe heavy. To others, it would look rather creepy. To her and her love of shotgun goodness?
  13.         Little_Gloom    It's like Hearth's Warming Eve morning again, where her brother was around, and Ma and Pa were looking down on her freaking out like the time she'd gotten her first toy BB Gun and everything was calm and peaceful and Pa wasn't a...
  14.         Little_Gloom    Kid seemed to snap out of it with that thought. Funny how thinking about her father sobered her right down. She checked the magazine. Bean Bags. Not really her style, but beggars can't be choosers. She worked the action a few times. Stiff. Needs some lubrication, but would work just fine for as little ammo as she had until she got it.
  15.         Little_Gloom    She put away her Over-Under and rested the new drum-fed thing...
  16.         Little_Gloom    Shatara chuckles softly, watching Kid drool over the drum-fed weapon. Inspecting his own find, he looks up towards the cieling. "Say, err...building-voice-lady? Not to say we're ungrateful for you're...er...support... but do you have more ammo for these in stock?"
  17.         Little_Gloom    Noble_Heart frowns, tilting her head to one side. Quietly moving on to Doctor Rose Bloom's file. Whatever misgivings she had about Uguani she didn't seem inclined to share them.
  18.         Little_Gloom    The voice answers pleasantly, "Unfortunately, our current stock of tranquilizer darts is very low. However, we are expecting more in the next supplies shipment. It should arrive any day now. If you would care to wait, we have lemonade. Pink or yellow."
  19.         Little_Gloom    The voice adds, responding to Bookwright, "The Cybernetics laboratory has a workbench you should find suitable."
  20.         Little_Gloom    CopyCat answers absent mindedly. "Pink lemonade please." She looks over at Kid acting giddy over her new shotgun. "That's a fine weapon, Kid. I think it suits you."
  21.         Little_Gloom    Kid smiles. "Ah know, right? Shotguns jus' kinda... Click with me." She rubbed the back of her mane. "No pun intended, a'course."
  22.         Little_Gloom    --- Session Begins ---
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  25.         Get_Lost        takes a look at the weapons, whistling "wow, those things seem pretty impressive... so, what now?"
  26.         Kid     was wondering that same thing. "Yeah. I was thinkin', ya'll know. Goin' back t' that one place we got to now that we ain't all t' pieces. Military camp thing?" She paused. "Hey', Flutteryvoice! What'cha'll know about that military place not too far from 'ere?"
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  31.         Kid     was wondering that same thing. "Yeah. I was thinkin', ya'll know. Goin' back t' that one place we got to now that we ain't all t' pieces. Military camp thing?" She paused. "Hey', Flutteryvoice! What'cha'll know about that military place not too far from 'ere?"
  32.         Noble_Heart     tapped her chin quietly a few moments as she thought about what she'd learned. Pulling up one of the two remaining files mostly at random. She had doubts either would provide any more information. But there was little reason to ignore them. And one might have something as a clue to the current state of the crystal empire.
  33.         Bookwright      pulls out the phoenix implant and holds it out for Get_Lost to inspect, "This implant is supposed to help the bearer heal magical energy damage in the field, so to speak. I'm loathe to say this, but perhaps you should get it... er. Installed?"
  34.         Get_Lost        "gives a look at book, or at least she would give it to him, if she had eyes; it's hard to say what she is thinking at the moment, but then she smiles and takes the phoenix thing in her hooves "hey, thanks! let's see what is this baby...""
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  36.         CopyCat trots back over to the medical brain-bot who had fixed her up. "I wanted to thank you again. You did a wonderful job." She smiles for the bot's benefit, its desire to please a feeling she understood all too well.
  37.         Shatara continues to familiarize himself with the tranq rifle, fiddling with its bolt and gas system.
  38.         Get_Lost        starts tinkering with the implant, asking aloud "how is this thing supposed to work?"
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  42.         Mitzi   probably still looks party mummified.
  43.         Noble_Heart     spends a few moments at the keys, pulling up the final file of Doctor Fine Detail. One last little bit of information. Whatever might be recovered could be important. And was certainly very interesting.
  44.         Kid     charged the bolt handle a couple of times, trying to get it looser. Nothing was wrong with it, but she probably did want to get the feed ramp polished before too long. She had no idea what that meant, but it sounded cool.
  45.         Mitzi   looks at Kid, "Wut yu tryeen tu du?"
  46.         Get_Lost        is still trying to figure out how to make the implant work, seems quite at a dead spot
  47.         Kid     stopped cycling her new shotgun. "Hmm? Oh. Jus' messin' with this lovely lil' thing." She rose the drum-fed shotgun happily.
  48.         Little_Gloom    The voice of the Ministry of Peace responds politely to Kid. "That would be the Social Re-Acclimation Center #5. The facility treats the psychological needs of its patients, helping with their emotional re-adjustment and allowing them to rejoin a nice society."
  49.         Mitzi   nods, "Eet better den yur old un? Uh dun know much about guns, Uh prefer Ur own claws."
  50.         Kid     frowned. Re-adjustment sounded a lot like Rehabilitation, which sounded a lot like a four letter word she's very fond of. "How's that workin' out for y'? Any reason us folk would want t' come in fer an' inspection?" She turned to Mitzi. "Yeah. Sights 're not what I'm used t', but I bet'chall I can spit buckshot even faster with this thing." She began reloading the beanbag rounds into the...
  51.         Kid     ...drum magazine, grimacing a little. "... Or, beans. Whatever needs to get sent a fair distance."
  52.         Get_Lost        shrugs and offers the implant back to bookie "ah, i don't think i can use this at the moment... i could study it a little longer but i'm not really sure how long it could take... we should simply move on and let this thing be.."
  53.         Bookwright      "No, I think you can use it. We just need to have one of the machines here implant it..."
  54.         Mitzi   nods, "Eet shoot farther und fastur? Sounds gud."
  55.         Get_Lost        takes a long look at bookie "you are kidding me, right? i'm not going in that thing again."
  56.         Get_Lost        "if i can find a way to work it myself, then okay, otherwise you can call dibbs on it and sell it to the steel ranger of your choice"
  57.         Shatara chuckles towards Kid. "Hey, it's possible we'll run into something that needs shootin' but not killin'. Maybe."
  58.         Bookwright      grimaces, "Erm... Right. I'm sorry for even suggesting it. In any case, I can't use this thing, so maybe you should hold on to it."
  59.         Get_Lost        shrugs "alright then, i'll try to study it a little longer on my spare time"
  60.         Little_Gloom    Noble_Heart views the file for Doctor Fine Detail.
  61.         Little_Gloom    > Doctor Fine Detail
  62.         Kid     rolled her eyes, then after getting done feeding the magazine, she placed it into the gun. "Never met the thing yet."
  63.         Little_Gloom    > Position: currently on loan to Equestrian Robotics
  64.         Little_Gloom    > Former Position: Head of Prosthetics. Head of Cloning Research.
  65.         Bookwright      waves at Shatara, "Remember that little project I was talking about last time we were in town? I'm done with the schematics, I have the raw materials, we've got a bit of downtime, it's safe, and there's a workbench in the other room. We're not gonna have another chance for who knows how long. Ready?"
  66.         Little_Gloom    > Security Level: Monitored.
  67.         Shatara nods to Bookwright, putting away the dart gun.
  68.         Bookwright      unfolds his schematics and holds them up as he and Shatara walk down the hallway into the Cybernetics lab, "Okay, here's what I want you to do..."
  69.         Little_Gloom    > Prior Employment History: Head Researcher, Ministry of Peace - Crystal Empire. Researcher, Fillydelphia General Hospital.
  70.         Shatara listens intently, his eyes gliding over the levetated schematics. He wasn't real big on lazor phazor rays, but he could tell this thing was made of two parts crazy and a part and a half of awesome.
  71.         Little_Gloom    > References: [redacted]
  72.         Noble_Heart     raises her eyebrows at the notes of former positions. That was... Worrying. Potentially. Depending on what was going on out here...
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  74.         Get_Lost        sits next to noble "so... a clone scientist?"
  75.         Little_Gloom    > Personality Profile: Extremely intelligent. Arrogant. Confrontational. Does his best work alone or when in a position of unchallenged authority. Brilliant.
  76.         Kid     decides now might be a good time to fill up before coming in. She sauntered over to the break area and decided to order some food and some of that lemonade for the road. She was debating where she wanted to go. On the one hoof, she wanted to prove that screw that robot, she got into that facility. On the other, that big ol' spire looked pretty neat now that they had some medical supplies.
  77.         Get_Lost        "brilliant and antisocial... does it seem dangerous just to me?"
  78.         Little_Gloom    > Special Notes: Doctor Fine Detail is currently on lone to the Equestrian Robotics R&D facility in the Crystal Empire as part of a cooperative effort with Stable-Tec. Details [redacted].
  79.         Noble_Heart     looked towards Get Lost as the cyberpony entered the cybersurgery room, filled as it was with cybernetics. "It seems that way. We weren't aware that Equestria had attempted such research. It is worrying." She looks back towards the information and tilted her head to one side. "Neigh. Danger from such tendencies is common in Our experience. Though lacking the motives to take
  80.         Noble_Heart     over might help prevent that."
  81.         CopyCat follows Kid, also interested in more lemonade. "I think the spire would be a good idea. We may not even have to visit the military camp after all. I don't want to meet any more of those big robots."
  82.         Mitzi   follows Kid, looking around for something more pleasing to her palet. "Dere any real fud here?"
  83.         Shatara gets to work on Bookwright's weapon. Attempts to install the phase modulator backwards. Derp!
  84.         Kid     gnawed on the back of her hoof lightly in thought. She still isn't used to being read, but well, it might come in handy later. "Yeah. Then again, I know a castle when I see one, and damned if that ain't a castle. Which means, somethin' worse might be there." She arrived in the break room, sat down, and pondered. "Granted, I still would prefer t' go there if we're goin' there at all instead...
  85.         Kid     ...o' th' buildin' since it is prolly more dangerous and now we have some potions, but it ain't an easy thing t' consider."
  86.         Bookwright      looks at device on workbench. Checks schematics. Looks at device. Checks schematics. Oop! Schematics were upside down!
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  88.         Noble_Heart     sighs quietly and shakes her head, moving away from the console. "We are troubled by all of this. This place holds many secrets, of that We are certain. More information must be found. And it seems that this rehabilitation center is the best place to find it." She walked back out through the halls in search of the others, catching up to Kid in the break room.
  89.         Mitzi   looks around for any kind of... anything that wasn't grains or plants.
  90.         Little_Gloom    Fluttervoice responds to Kid: "Oh yes. Our own Doctor Uguani is a wonderful example of how effective Princess Cadence's emotional re-adjustment magic is."
  91.         Kid     is in a state of intense focus. There's no great answer here. There's...
  92.         Kid     blinks. "Wait, hold up. /Princess/ Cadence?"
  93.         Little_Gloom    Fluttervoice pauses. "Oh dear... did I say something wrong?"
  94.         Kid     's eyes go wide. "Naw. Not at all."
  95.         Mitzi   looks to Kid, "Who dat?'
  96.         Get_Lost        is left alone in front of the computer; the mare takes a look at the files herself, then moves where the others are supposed to be and finds noble and kid
  97.         Kid     seems to be looking off into space. "A princess. An honest t' Celestia princess." She began to feel giddy. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh she gets to meet a princess! Oh, pony, she just got that dress and she'll look her prettiest and... Why wouldn't she help ponies in the wasteland if she were still alive? And is whoever it is in the Castle the real princess? Who is it if not?
  98.         Mitzi   waves a paw in front of Kid's face.
  99.         Noble_Heart     trotted over to sit down beside Kid. She looked down towards the smaller pony curiously. Then up towards the ceiling with a frown. "Has Princess Cadence ever used this facility? If so, can you tell us how long ago?"
  100.         Get_Lost        takes a long look at kid's fangasm and frowns "ah... what did i miss?"
  101.         CopyCat looks between Kid and Mitzi and tries to translate. "Umm, a very nice pony. I think."
  102.         Kid     doesn't slap her paw out of her face until after a while, after the wave of giddiness and subsequent prompt disappointment wore off. "Yeah. A nice pony."
  103.         Mitzi   blinks, "Wud she be een charge?"
  104.         Get_Lost        tilts her head, still not understanding, having lost the first part of the message
  105.         Noble_Heart     taps her chin and tilts her head to one side. "Maybe? We are not certain that We have ever heard of a Princess Cadence. But knowing her and what happened to Uguani may help Us find what happened to turn this place into its current state." She looked down to Kid and ruffled the smaller pony's mane with a forehoof. "And We are certain Our young friend would be excited to meet
  106.         Noble_Heart     a princess."
  107.         Kid     frowns. "Yeah. She would've. Probably." Her voice was thick with a mix of fear and an albeit irrational regret for someone not coming along sooner.
  108.         Kid     is now rather conflicted, and decided that she literally couldn't figure this out by herself. "Hey! Everyone in! We need t' take a vote."
  109.         Get_Lost        "wait, a princess? as in, another goddess?"
  110.         Mitzi   smiles, an idea forming in her head, "We gunna go see hur?"
  111.         Shatara looks up from his work to tilt his head at the conversations. How many princesses did these ponies have again?
  112.         Get_Lost        "two, i think?"
  113.         Kid     shook her head. "Maybe, I dunno. Look, votin' time. Let's take a vote on where t' start packin' up to next now that we're fixed up. Way I see it, th' two obvious ones are th' castle, n' the re-learnin' place. I'm thinkin' castle. Everypony else?"
  114.         Noble_Heart     rankles slightly at the word 'goddess', spending a few moments straightening her wings again afterwards, the discomfort associating that term with 'princess' causes her being fairly obvious. "We are uncertain if she still remains. However such is not impossible. Princess Celestia ruled Equestria for a thousand years, or so the stories say. It is not unthinkable she may be
  115.         Noble_Heart     here, trapped by one of the two who now rule the city." She contemplates. "We wish to visit the re-acclimation center first. There is a larger puzzle here, and We believe that it may hold keys. But We will not complain about a trip to the castle either."
  116.         Mitzi   looks to Noble Heart, "Dis Princess yu tink eez kind, yus? Yu tink maybe eef we help her, she cun help hounds also?"
  117.         Kid     points at Mitzi with a foreleg. "I dunno. This might not even be th' princess in th' castle. I /am/ curious on what is there, then. Yer vote?"
  118.         Noble_Heart     frowns. "We do not know. She was the one responsible for re-acclimating Doctor Uguani. But We have no idea how this was accomplished or what magic she might have used. This is part of why We would like to visit the center first. It is not unthinkable that a pony might have used mind-altering magic to force the doctor to work for Equestria, much as it pains Us to admit such
  119.         Noble_Heart     a possibility." She didn't look comfortable admitting that at all. Let alone considering the prospect of what had happened to her kind in the past. "So We cannot say that We support helping her without knowing more."
  120.         Get_Lost        "well, if i had to chose i'd go and see what soes this princess look like, but i don't want to leas the decision, mostly because i'm not the one fighting..."
  121.         Little_Gloom    Little robots with bunny-like ears deliver more lemonade as well as Fancy Lad snack cakes. There are also vending machines in the break room for Sparkle~Cola and Sparkle~Cola Rainbow.
  122.         Bookwright      politely declines the offers for lemonade, and instead fetches more coffee. "Shatara, want some coffee?"
  123.         Noble_Heart     stood up and moved away from the table, taking a moment to search for any sign of bits, before giving up and heading to the Therapy room, to check the desk there for any loose change. A cold Sparkle~Cola to calm her nerves sounded wonderful right now...
  124.         Shatara continues tinkering. Is that the planck inverter or the... "Oh...errr...sure, why not."
  125.         Little_Gloom    Fluttervoice answers Noble_Heart's inquiry. "Princess Cadence has never used the facility. Although she did visit us once. It was very nice.
  126.         Noble_Heart     looks up and taps her chin with a frown. "How long ago was it when she visited? Do you know?" She searched the desk for any loose bits. The trouble with bottlecaps was that no old world vending machines actually ran on them!
  127.         CopyCat gladly accepts more lemonade and sips it slowly. "I agree with Kid. The spire might be a good idea first. That's where the voices asked us to go when we first got here." She looks down at her hooves. "But wherever you want to go is fine."
  128.         Get_Lost        "well, do you have any archive image of this princess? a video, maybe?"
  129.         Kid     does choose to partake this time. Just packaged goods, but she wasn't complaining much. It ain't fresh, but she didn't expect fresh anyway. "Jus' because we go there don't mean we have t' like 'r trust the folks there." Although, with a considerable amount of horror involved, she realized that she could potentially force them to do whatever if it's the same princess.
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  132.         Little_Gloom    Fluttervoice answers: "Of course. Let me look it up. Oh, here we are. Two hundred and twenty-eight years, five months ago." There is a sad pause. "Oh my... that's a long time ago. I hope she's okay."
  133.         CopyCat scuffs her hoof on the ground. "I hope so too. She sounds like such a nice pony."
  134.         Little_Gloom    Noble Heart finds two caps worth of pre-war bits. Hardly enough to buy anything in the Wasteland, but enough to operate the Sparkle~Cola machines twice.
  135.         Noble_Heart     frowned and gave a quiet sigh, nodding her head. "We hope she is well as well." Though she didn't hold out much hope for that. She continued her search for the elusive money of the past. "We are curious. Has this facility ever treated ponies made of crystal? When We first arrived We encountered strange crystaline ponies of a sort We had never seen before." Pulling the caps
  136.         Noble_Heart     free she levitated them back towards the other room with a smile. Success!
  137.         Get_Lost        "well, a lot of ponies shrog off years like clear water, don't worry miss voice... so, can i ee the photos?"
  138.         Get_Lost        *see
  139.         Little_Gloom    Fluttervoice seems cheerful. "Oh yes. We have an entire wing dedicated to the Crystal Ponies. We did everything we could to help them."
  140.         Kid     is still pointing at Mitzi. "And what happened to 'em?"
  141.         Shatara finds a certain forbodeing in the past-tense nature of the voice's statement.
  142.         Noble_Heart     taps her chin briefly as she fed the coins into the Sparkle~Cola Rainbow machine, pressing one of the buttons. Sparkle~Cola Rainbow Crash was rare, especially in the wasteland, so she might never get another chance to try it. "Oh. Well. I suppose that should be no surprise they're here now, then. Is it?" She frowned, uncertain about whether it should be or not. "Do you know
  143.         Noble_Heart     anything about what was done to try and help them? These ponies... They did not seem well. They attacked us as though they were wild animals!"
  144.         Mitzi   frowns. She didn't like the sound of this. She looks to Noble_Heart, "Crystal Ponies gone berserk, und Princess eez either ded or stuck. Eef she alive, den we help. We get in wit Crystal Pony Princess, many hounds appreciate. Gems here eez not high quality, but dere's lots. Hounds wud approve uv dis more dan other ponie places."
  145.         Little_Gloom    Fluttervoice finally answers Get_Lost's question. "There is a picture of Princess Cadence in the second administration office on the northern wing."
  146.         Get_Lost        shrugs and follows the instruction, going to said office to see what this princess looks like
  147.         Kid     clops her hooves together. "Mitzi. Where do ya'll wanna go? C'mon, gimme a vote."
  148.         Little_Gloom    Sparkle~Cola Rainbow has the delicious and energizing taste of sparkling zap-apple cider combined with the rejuvenating radiation that invigorates your body and mind! (This post brought to you by Sparkle~Cola (tm)!)
  149.         Mitzi   blinks, "Vote... oh, dat ting where ponies give diffrent choices und choice picked most wins, right? Uh wanna go to Castle ting und see eef Princess eez alive. Den Uh can tell her about Hounds situation und maybe see if she willeen tu help us eef we help hur."
  150.         Kid     nods. "Right." She pointed at Shatara. "You. Where are we goin'?"
  151.         Shatara squawks embarasingly. "Err...what?"
  152.         Noble_Heart     buys a second bottle of Sparkle~Cola Rainbow as well, tucking it away in one of her bags, before opening one and drinking it rather happily. Delicious, nutritious -and- radioactive. A triple whammy of the best things for an Alicorn!
  153.         Kid     doesn't look away. That glowing yellow eye is starting to look rather creepy. "Yer vote. Where d'ya'll wanna go?"
  154.         Get_Lost        keeps searching for the office with the princess photo
  155.         Bookwright      I'm rather interested in seeing the re-education camp. Don't hurry figuring out where we're going, it's gonna take a while for Shatara to build that thing.
  156.         Kid     looks at Bookwright. "I'm just wanting t' know a clear answer. It'll take a load off've my mind knowin' where we're goin' next."
  157.         Noble_Heart     moves back towards the group as she drinks her soda. "We would like a chance to look at the wing dedicated to the crystal ponies before leaving. If there are more like those whom met Us on arrival it may be valuable to know more about them. That would give Shatara time to finish the project for Bookwright, yes?" She looks towards Bookwright.
  158.         Bookwright      nods, "Yes. And maybe we'll learn something about these crystal ponies while we're at it.
  159.         Mitzi   nods, "Dat cud wurk. Let us know maybe how better tu help." Mitzi's desire to help was in fact sincere, even though she was putting a fair bit of emphasis on how it could help out her kind. She really did want everyone to win here.
  160.         Bookwright      "
  161.         Little_Gloom    A directory on the wall of the northern wing lists modules for Gift Shop, Administrative Services, Community Outreach, Embassy Suite 1, Embassy Suite 2, Guest Suite, Community Studies and Archives.
  162.         Bookwright      is interested in the Archives.
  163.         Kid     continues pointing at Shatara. "So. If ya'll had t' choose, where would ya'll go?"
  164.         Little_Gloom    Administrative Services is a room with several desks, each with comfortable chair, as well as a small table with another coffee pot. On the wall above is the framed picture that Get_Lost is looking for: a picture of Cadence shaking hooves with Doctor Fine Detail while surrounded with other smiling ponies in front of the Ministry of Peace.
  165.         Shatara glances around nervously. "I...er...the.....camp?" He forces a grin.
  166.         Get_Lost        admires the image for a while, then picks the frame in her teeth and trots back to the group, showing them the photo of the supposed princess cadence
  167.         Get_Lost        "fee? fif if frinfeff fafenfe"
  168.         Kid     nods. "Alrighty." Last vote. She tried to track the cybermare down. It was a lot easier since they were talking.
  169.         Noble_Heart     downed the last of her drink and tossed the empty bottle in a nearby recycling bin. Doubtful it'd get recycled properly. But who knew? There were still functional robots here, after all. She stood and stretched her legs and wings, eyes closed a few moment with a happy grunt. "Mmmmh. We have not felt so invigorated in many years!" She opened her eyes and looked to Bookwright.
  170.         Noble_Heart     "Come. We suggest checking upon the Crystal Pony wing now, while we have time." She trotted out of the room in a half-skip, like a school filly. Bubbly and happy for once.
  171.         Bookwright      flips open a notebook eagerly and follows Noble_Heart, coffee mug in tow.
  172.         Kid     barely got to the office when Noble started half-skipping. Out of context, that was just about the funniest sight she'd seen in a while. So, of course she was gagging on her own laughter.
  173.         Get_Lost        since nopony seems interested in the princess photo, the solaris pony puts it away in her bags
  174.         Noble_Heart     hums a happy tune as she praces down the hallway, her eyes closed. Pausing to check the signs when she got back towards the main halls. She didn't actually know where they were going after all. But after that Sparkle~Cola she felt like a filly again. Amazing what some stimulants and a little radiation will do for an alicorn's mood.
  175.         Kid     wipes her eye. Okay, okay. Stop laughing. "Ah- ah. Okay, Get. Get_Lost. Ya'll, uh. Ya'll get a vote too. Where d'ya'll wanna go?"
  176.         Get_Lost        "so, did you decide where are we going next?"
  177.         Get_Lost        "well, i'm fine with whatever you decide... i'm not the one shooting or fighting so i don't want to enforce my opinion"
  178.         CopyCat smiles and trots after Noble_Heart. "Nobles right. We can check out the Crystal Pony wing while Shatara works his mechanical magic."
  179.         Kid     frowned a little bit. "If ya'll had t' choose, gun t' head, what would it be?"
  180.         Get_Lost        sighs "oh, okay, let's see... i'd say we go and check the castle first, because we were invited and we could make a mess if we don't have a vhat with any sane pony in this place firts"
  181.         Kid     smiles. "Right then. Ya'll were th' tie-breakin' vote. So, we're goin' t' th' Castle first." It felt good having something to look forward to. She sauntered over to the Crystal Pony wing, holding the bean-bag gun gingerly. A lot of good things came out of this place. This was possibly the best hospital she'd ever been in. She couldn't wait to get out of it.
  182.         Get_Lost        "by the way, kid, want to see what princess cadence looks like?" the science mare takes the photo again from the bags and shows it to the little filly
  183.         Kid     blinks. "Oh. Uh. Sure!" She kind of didn't want to due to the fact that she knew that the reality would never live up to the ideal. But that little schoolfilly curiosity hasn't left her yet.
  184.         CopyCat pauses to check out the photograph. "Is that what a princess looks like? She's pretty. I hope she's okay."
  185.         Get_Lost        puts the photo on a table and comments it "i think she's pretty. i like pink"
  186.         Bookwright      "She looks just like miss Noble_Heart. I wonder if they're related... nah."
  187.         Noble_Heart     pauses at the commotion over the photograph. Tilting her head to one side as she turns to look at Cadence's picture. "Like Us?" She looks down at herself. "We are fairly certain We are entirely the wrong colors to be her. And Our eyes are not at all right. Though We must admit she is quite cute and seems like she must have been a very caring pony, once upon a time." She
  188.         Noble_Heart     smiled, nodding her head. "We thank you for the comparison."
  189.         Kid     crosses her forelegs. She looks pretty! She wished that she had a dress like that. Hell, she'd settle for being tall like that. It kind of sucked sometimes being little. Aw, and look at her mane, she just wanted to-
  190.         CopyCat pretends to look at something in the corner.
  191.         Kid     immediately stopped thinking like that when she realized that there was a telepath in the party. Wow, it's amazing how much blushing can peak through fur! "Yeah. Uh. Real purty."
  192.         Get_Lost        smiled "so... castle it is?"
  193.         Kid     coughed awkwardly. "Yeah! Castle!" Stop thinking about pretty dresses stop thinking about pretty dresses stop- damnit. She groaned uncomfortably.
  194.         Noble_Heart     reached out a forehoof to ruffle Kid's mane. "There is no need to feel embarassed. We know well that the Alicorn's shape is one which many ponies find attractive and beautiful. Perhaps We can help you find a dress which would suit you before We leave this city?" She smiled happily down to Kid. "We believe you would look very good cleaned up. Especially now that you do not
  195.         Noble_Heart     need to hide your eye." Giving a firm, confident nod at that prospect.
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  198.         Get_Lost        thinks about noble's words for a moment "well yeah, i think alicorns are sexy too.... there's no shame in getting aroused by them... sure i like stallions more, vut hey... who knows..."
  199.         Kid     's ears flatten in irritation. "Th' day I look anything like you is th' day ah swallow a barrel and pull th' trigger." That killed the thought going through her head, if anything. "Now, c'mon. Move yer big flank." Although she did kind of like the compliment. She didn't come anywhere near admitting it, though.
  200.         Noble_Heart     blinked in surprise, frowning slightly. "Do We really upset you that much..?" She sighed and shook her head. "We shall not hold your irrational hatred against you. We still believe you are a good pony." She turned and trotted away, the prancing mood killed by Kid's reaction to her words, heading down the hallways to try and find the crystal pony wing.
  201.         Get_Lost        whispers to kid "hey, wanna keep the photo?"
  202.         =-=     Mode #FalloutEquestriaPNP +v Bookwright by Little_Gloom
  203.         Bookwright      "A barrel of what? Whiskey? What does that have to do with a trigger?"
  204.         CopyCat trots behind Noble_Heart, trying to hide her glowing cheeks behind her long mane.
  205.         Noble_Heart     actually looked more than a little bit down at Kid's extreme reaction. Being told that one would rather commit suicide than be more like her was joykilling to say the least. But she had things to do to keep her mind off it at least.
  206.         Kid     grins as that prance left her step, but it was short lived as guilt set in. Amazing how killing someone you don't want dead's good mood doesn't tend to make yours any better. She looks at Get_Lost, a bit conflicted. "... Yeah, sure. I'll take it."
  207.         Get_Lost        gives the framed princess photo to kid and smiles
  208.         -->|    WandOfEternity (cgbknvoihtx@Pony-sh90oo.fios.verizon.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPnP
  209.         Kid     puts it away and looks kind of bummed. "... She drives me fuckin' nuts sometimes, y' know that?" She whispered to Get_Lost. She seemed to want advice more than anything.
  210.         Get_Lost        "i think you overthink a lot, kid... she simply wants to be friends... sure, her antics are weird but hey, you can't blame a mutated and mentally proven pony for being a bit weird...."
  211.         Bookwright      "She's not weird, any more than Kid is weird or I am weird. She's just who she is... Even if the Followers don't exactly appreciate it much."
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  213.         Get_Lost        the cyborg shrugs "i know you had it hard too, a lot, but you are letting-" stops ant turns her head to bookie "ah... yeah..."
  214.         CopyCat slowly notices the other alicorn's mood. "I-I'd like to be more like you."
  215.         Get_Lost        "i'm not an expert, probably i'm simply making things worse..." the mare drifts away letting the conversation die
  216.         Noble_Heart     blinks and looks up towards CopyCat, giving a half-hearted smile to the other alicorn. "We thank you. But We suspect Our companions prefer you the way you are. We seem to only make them angry." She moves backwards slightly to wrap a wing around CopyCat. "But We are still greatful. And happy you are here, sister."
  217.         Shatara stretches his wings a bit as he tinkers.
  218.         Kid     frowns. "I know. Jus'... More than anythin', I hate cocky. Especially fer some reason, when comin' out of her mouth. Just gets th' brain firin' up on all th' wrong cylinders."
  219.         CopyCat smiles. "I'm glad to be here too."
  220.         Get_Lost        me sirs and starts rummaging in her bags, mumbling in the meantime "she's not cocky... at least i don't think so... she simply sees things her way... but in this case i almost feel like blaming her for that air of superiority is like blaming unicorns becasue they cheat using magic..."
  221.         Noble_Heart     nods her head to CopyCat, her mood lightening a bit. "Now, why would you wish to be like Us? You are you, after all. And We are Us. Being the same. Well, We were once, weren't We? And we both know how that turned out." She blanches at the thought and shakes her head. "But We still thank you for the sentiment. It is appreciated. And We would be happy to help you however We
  222.         Noble_Heart     can."
  223.         Kid     rolls her eyes. "Well, I dunno. I don't get angry at you fer bein' so smart, and sometimes, I think that's cheatin'. I don't get mad at CopyCat, even though that head thing she does gets me mad sometimes. I just get mad at Noble because she is so stuck up her own flank, she can see her own damn breakfast."
  224.         Bookwright      snatches his thoughts back before they can wander too far afield.
  225.         CopyCat looks a little confused. "We were the same? Is that why you call me sister?"
  226.         Get_Lost        taps her chin, thinking for a bit "are you sure she is stuck up? i think she simply is very lonely... from the little i see, she uses all that image of the white horse because she somehow... well... wants attention, friends... only, she's not very good at it... you should try and see beyond her mask"
  227.         Noble_Heart     blinks and tilts her head to one side. "You do not remember? The Unity? The Goddess..?" She bit her lower lip at those words. "No. It is better that way. If you don't remember. Those were dark days. Sad days. Days without freedom or light or hope. When all were one and none were anything." She nuzzled CopyCat's cheek. "We are happier now that We are not one with Our sisters.
  228.         Noble_Heart     That We are close is good, but We do not wish to be them."
  229.         Get_Lost        giggles "tha's funny, i just got my eyes wiped out and i can't refrain from making sight and masks metaphores.... see how weird is th epony mind? really, give her a chance, maybe in the long run she will even loosen a bit"
  230.         Kid     winces slightly at the mask metaphor. She was wrong, she wouldn't get better. Nopony really reforms. But, well. Something she said struck true. She wanted to find some sort of bile in her gut to spit out, but really couldn't. Not without being a hypocrite or somepony that isn't who she is. "... Yeah. Yeah, yer prolly right." She swallowed her pride again. "Yeah, fine. I'll apologize when we...
  231.         Kid     ...get t' the Crystal pony whatever."
  232.         CopyCat looks down but nuzzles Noble back. "That's good then. And I do feel calmer with you around. Thank you taking me with you."
  233.         Noble_Heart     smiles to CopyCat, her wing tightening a little around the other Alicorn. "We are glad to have you with us." She begins to head down the halls again, calling back. "Bookwright? Do you wish to join us in looking for the crystal pony wing?"
  234.         =-=     Karina is now known as Kar-LoL
  235.         Get_Lost        "i don't think you have to apologize, we're all a bit on the edge because this whole mess we put ourselves in... simply, try to relax a little more with her and see if things get better, that's all"
  236.         Bookwright      nods, "Yes, yes I would. Please, lead the way."
  237.         Kid     frowns. "I hurt her. And that means that I gotta set things right. And apologizin's how you set things right fer hurt feelin's. So I gotta apologize."
  238.         Get_Lost        nods "then okay, just... remember that you see things your way, she sees things in hers... try to meet her in themiddle, and everything will be fine"
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  240.         Kid     looked straight ahead, back rigid, eyes giving a thousand-yard stare. She was willing up the strength to do something she really didn't want to. Again. Sort of.
  241.         Kid     frowns and trots up to Noble when things slow down. "... Hey." She said wearing her guilt on her saddle.
  242.         Noble_Heart     blinks and pauses in her steps, looking down towards Kid. "Yes?" She gives another warm smile to Kid. "Is there something We can help you with?"
  243.         CopyCat gently slips away from Noble, leaving Kid with the alicorn.
  244.         Bookwright      quietly leaves Noble_Heart and Kid alone.
  245.         Kid     winces. "Can you, like, I dunno." That smile started to hurt her. "Look, just please stop... Ugh." She was bad at this. "Look, I know I can be hurtful at times. And I really don't mean it. And I'm sorry when it happens. I grew up and always needed t' be tough. An' when somethin' got me angry, I acted on it. 'Cause..." She seemed frustrated and then just finally gave up. Maybe that gave her...
  246.         Kid     ...insight. "Because bein' angry is how I deal with bein' hurt. An', well. I know you get along bein' hurt by bein' all white horse, and that just gets me angrier. And what hurts more is that white horse thing just makes me angrier because I saw it justify so much hurt from my Ma and me, an' even afterwards, I see it justify so much hurt. That's my problem. It ain't yours. An' y'no what?...
  247.         Kid     ...When it boils down, bein' angry at you like that is more of a burden on me than it is on you. And that White Horse thing is a burden on you too that just gets me..." She paused, wincing, trying not to say 'angry'. "Upset."
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  251.         Noble_Heart     stands quietly, pondering Kid's words, before slowly kneeling down and reaching a forehoof out to hug Kid, nuzzling the smaller pony's ears. "We understand. And We are sorry that Our actions upset you so. We do wish to help you. And We would never hold such desires, envy, jealousy or pain of the past against another pony." SHe sighs quietly and holds Kid, closing her eyes.
  252.         Noble_Heart     "... and I know what it means to not be good enough..." Her voice low and quiet as she held Kid with her forehoof. Slowly sshe stood up again. "But, We understand. Please do not feel bad. We believe that you are someone who will go far in life, and We wish to be there to help you." She gave another smile, this one a bit sadder, but hopeful. "We promise."
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  254.         Kid     huffs. "I know that don't justify me hurtin' you. Nothin' does. And especially after I asked t' be your friend. So... Sorry."
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  261.         Kid     gulps down hard. "... You know. If I end up like you one day, I wouldn't mind that much. And I wanna help you too. Because that's what friends do. They don't lash out on them. They don't actively try t' put 'em down fer somethin' petty. I wanna be your friend. And I promise that even if I'm hurtful, I wanna be your friend as much as you wanna be mine." She nuzzles her begrudgingly, but then...
  262.         Kid     ...there was a little light in her eye. A little piece of liberation that came with admitting the truth.
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  269.         Noble_Heart     smiles, raising a forehoof to ruffle Kid's mane again. "We would not tolerate your indignity so lightly if We did not care for you." She smirked. "Besides. We do think you'd look most excellent in a well made dress with your mane up and your tail in a proper Prench braid." She contemplates that a few moments, tapping her chin. "Perhaps with a tiara just the right size."
  270.         Noble_Heart     Standing and stretching again with a happy sigh. "We are glad you came to Us to say this. We are sorry for Our words hurting you as well. It is difficult for Us to avoid saying such things at times. But We hope that you can forgive Us as well."
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  273.         Kid     frowns, the looks up at Noble with a hopeful look in her eyes. "Ya'll don't need t' apologize. But I appreciate ya'll doin' it." She smiles a little and blushes. "Ya'll really think I'd look good in a Prench braid an' a dress?"
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  277.         Noble_Heart     nods her head. "Oh, certainly. We imagine that you would look most pretty. Like the Wasteland's own Princess." She gave another smile then giggled a little. She began moving down the hall again slowly, contemplating that. "Though We must admit you'd be lacking the usual accessories, such are the darker times now." She gave a rather amused smile, like she was making some
  278.         Noble_Heart     kind of inside joke to Kid, before bowing her head to the younger pony. "No matter what else, We promise We will help you and be there for you when you need Us."
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  281.         Kid     smirks. "I'll be there, too." She pondered for a little bit. "Ya'll know? I never did see it as a wasteland. Not no more at least. Way things were down in Equestria, I mean. I kinda see it like a frontier, like th' way way old storybooks. I mean, wasteland, nothin's goin' right. In a frontier, there's a potential for things to go right or wrong. Hoofbasket in motion. That sorta deal."
  282.         Noble_Heart     contemplates this, tilting her head to one side, then the other, as they moved along. "It is an old and hard habit to break to call it a Wasteland. The world burned and suffered and died for so long. We do not expect ponies or zebras to call it anything else for many, many years. But as it is now, it is home and hope. Not death and sorrow. And for that We are thankful."
  283.         Noble_Heart     She lowers her head and whispers conspiratorially to Kid. "Also adventure. But don't tell those stick-in-the-muds back home I said that." Straightening up again with a happy hum as she returned to prancing down the hallway.
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