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  1. <skyboy> FOUND IT
  2. <skyboy> fucking hell
  3. <Drullkus> ?
  4. <skyboy> the source of the bad wordlgen lag in 1.7
  5. <skyboy> there's a one fucking character difference in the code between 1.7 and 1.6
  6. <skyboy> >= became ==
  7. <skyboy> and performance went to shit
  8. <skyboy> because now hundreds of changes go through a slow method, where before they went through a fast method
  9. <Drullkus> Damn
  10. <skyboy> !gm sendChunkUpdate 1.7.10
  11. <Drullkus> skyboy: Like, THIS WHOLE TIME
  12. <Drullkus> IN 1.7.10 MODDING?!
  13. <skyboy> oh god damn it someone renamed it
  14. <Drullkus> Damn
  15. <skyboy> it's 1 character
  16. <skyboy> literally 1 character
  17. <Drullkus> The power of typos, man
  18. <skyboy> with tens of thousands of lines of code to pour through
  19. <skyboy> i've been hunting loosely for it for 3 months or so
  20. <Drullkus> O_____o
  21. <skyboy> and in the last couple hours i started really, really inspecting the block change packets
  22. <skyboy> found a S22PacketMultiBlockChange that had 4 fucking thousand entries
  23. <Drullkus> o___o
  24. <skyboy> every block gets set, 1 by 1, every block updates all 6 blocks near it which in turn check all 6 blocks near them, every block recalculates sky light and immediate lighting changes
  25. <skyboy> all told, every block passing through that packet will read or alter around a thousand blocks
  26. <Drullkus> Damn
  27. <Drullkus> At least the error was found...
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