GreentextSavant - Swoands

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >Rarity enters the room through a curtain of glitter.
  2. >SciTwi stands there in the outfit her friend made for her.
  3. >"So..." Rarity begins. "Are you ready to test this out?"
  4. >With a nod, SciTwi adjusts her glasses and prepares to duck behind the nearby bookshelf in case anyone walks in on this.
  5. >Rarity whips out her dual magic swoands and begins to wave them around.
  6. >The glow a very dim blue, soon intensifying in color.
  7. >"I would like to thank you again to agreeing to do this experiment with me. It was a great help towards my cause. It's much appreciated."
  8. >"You're welcome." SciTwi's voice is quiet as she answers.
  9. >"Is something wrong, dear?"
  10. >SciTwi shakes her head. "On, it's nothing. It's just that... I'm not really used to being naked in front of other people... if this comes to that, that is."
  11. >"Oh, it's okay. You have nothing to worry about." Rarity scoffs reassuringly. "We're both girls, here. And I promise to keep this between us, you have my word."
  12. >"Th-thank you. I should admit I'm still really nervous about this. But I'm still willing to go through with it, though."
  13. >"That's fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong about feeling nervous about this. If you even want to cover yourself up after it starts shrinking, there's no problem with it. I'm only going to be analyzing how the fabric behaves."
  14. >"R-right. And you're sure about the relationship between the person growing versus the clothes shrinking, right?"
  15. >"I am certain, darling." Rarity lightly flicks her hair to the side as both of her hands are busy with the dual swoands that not light up brightly enough to light up the entire room if it were dark. "If what you said before was right, then the way the fabric behaves would be exactly the same due to the change in scale, whether it's one thing getting smaller or the other getting bigger.
  16. >SciTwi tries to imagine which part of her outfit would break first.
  17. >This pink tank top is already starting to ride up her abdomen every time she reaches her arms up. This darker pink skirt is actually very loose.
  18. >It's really more of a deal of where SciTwi will have to put her hands first.
  19. >"This is a weird kind of science." SciTwi comments with an awkward smile.
  20. >Rarity giggles. "It is. Which is why I'm glad you came along to help me out with this."
  21. >"Well if there's anything I'm most glad about right now, it's that there's no one else around here to see th- EEP!" SciTwi feels the waistband of the skirt clench her waist.
  22. >And the bottom of it begins to ride up her thighs, soon reaching a point where it's not as comfortable to wear in front of other people.
  23. >"Just try to relax as much as you can." Rarity tells SciTwi as she points the swoands at SciTwi to make the clothes shrink. "This should take longer than a minute or two."
  24. >The tank top's bottom half is dragged up to Twilight's chest, getting tighter and tighter to the point where the straining in the fabrics itself can be heard.
  25. >The undersides of her boobs slip out, only giving the top even more to fit around as it slowly gives in.
  26. >Rarity keeps her eye on the article of clothing, chasing the lewd thoughts out of her mind and the expressions on her face.
  27. >SciTwi's arms can't help but scurry around the front of her body, trying to pull the clothes back over herself.
  28. >Her right hand soon failing to keep the skirt covering her crotch, and the thing rips in the back anyway.
  29. >The girl's ass pops out, and the tank top soon follows the shreds of the skirt down to the floor.
  30. >SciTwi only has her hand to cup her breasts under something.
  31. >"Mhm, okay, okay." Rarity prays that there isn't a blush on her face. "So the size comparison at about forty-five seconds in is where I would want to be with my outfit I'm going to make." She steps out of the room. "Let me go get you a robe or something while see which types of fabrics would work best for this."
  32. >SciTwi silently laughs to herself as she watches the remains of the clothes shrink at her feet until they are barbie doll sized. "I guess right after this is where I draw the line for experiments I'm willing to partake in."
  33. >Rarity returns with a robe and two outfits identical to the one SciTwi used to be wearing. "Here, put this on until we're ready for trial number two." She hands SciTwi the robe.
  34. >...
  35. >After about an hour, Rarity finally works out a rough idea of how to compost the dress best for her during date night, as well as which materials to use.
  36. >She thanks SciTwi after the last trial is over.
  37. ~
  38. >Date night.
  39. >Rarity sits at a dinner table at a restaurant with her boyfriend, Not-Anon.
  40. >She has to be careful not to let her magically gargantuan breasts knock over her drink. But she at least doesn't have to worry about her white dress ripping for reasons only she and SciTwi can remember.
  41. >Not-Anon is powerless in trying not to look down from Rarity's face.
  42. >And Rarity is enjoying every last bit of the moment.
  43. >...
  44. >Be Not-Anon.
  45. >You're on a date with huge titted Rarity because of course you are.
  46. >Every time you try to come on as a nice guy with control and look in her eyes, it's as thought your eyes are being brought down by an unstoppable to gawk at that massive rack she has there.
  47. >And you've noticed a big grin that's appeared on Miss Rarity's face every time she catches you doing this.
  48. >You're starting to think she wants this to happen. You had a hope in your heart that this would turn out to be the case ever since she approached you before you left her house, lifting violet curtains out of the way in the doorway to step through.
  49. >Telling you about how ready she was for the date.
  50. >There was something in the way she said "ready" that made your dick wiggle a little.
  51. >"I'm having such a lovely time~" Rarity lewdly circles the rim of her glass on the table with her finger.
  52. "I... uh... heh..."
  53. >"I certainly hope you're ready for dessert tonight, darling~"
  54. >How come the table didn't jump up from the force of your boner hitting it?
  55. >...
  56. ~
  57. >...
  58. >"That was such a marvelous night, Not-Anon." Rarity opens the curtains to her bedroom window as the sun rises.
  59. >You're surprised she had enough energy to slip back into that white dress.
  60. "It was everything I imagined it would be... and then some!"
  61. >"I think you should stay for breakfast." Rarity tells you with a wink.
  62. >Your stomach grumbles.
  63. >...
  64. >At the kitchen table.
  65. >Rarity somehow managed to make you a full course breakfast with all of the fucking breakfast foods you can think about. Like... just all of them, man.
  66. >She stands in front of you as you eat, and you hear footsteps come scampering down the stairs from the second floor.
  67. >"Hey! Not-Anon!" Sweetie Belle's voice pierces your ears. "How much do I look like Rarity?"
  68. >Rarity's face turns red as you turn around to find that Sweetie Belle has on another white dress, but has stuffed the top with two balloons to imitate Rarity's glorious chest.
  69. >"Sweetie! This is not the time nor place for that!"
  70. >"Why? It's just banter!" Sweetie Belle makes a real life cat face.
  71. >Rarity playfully chases her back upstairs so she can watch you eat breakfast in peace.
  73. THE END
  74. Someone else can write the sex scene I skipped over because the first scene in this was already bad enough for me.
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