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Feb 13th, 2021
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  4. Hey, everyone! Alpharad here. :)
  5. Normally, I put all of the music in the description, but given that this is over an hour long, it made more sense to just cram it all into a pastebin rather than flooding the video description with links. Most of these songs are either taken from Smash anyways or taken from a character's source game. I don't have timestamps, but the songs are listed as they first appear in the video. Thanks again for watching. :D
  7. MK8 Online Menu:
  8. Smash Ultimate Theme:
  9. After Burner (∞ Climax Mix):
  10. Friendship:
  11. One Winged Angel (AC):
  12. SMW Ending Theme:
  13. Story 5 Meeting:
  14. Dragon Roost Island:
  15. Baseball (Training):
  16. Layer Cake:
  17. Dating Start:
  18. FE3H Main Theme:
  19. Game Selection 2:
  20. Meta Knight's Revenge:
  21. Welcome Horizons:
  22. Wii Shop:
  23. Megalovania:
  24. Song of Freedom Fighters:
  25. Malo Mart:
  26. Athletic Theme:
  27. Driftveil City:
  28. Cooking Curry:
  29. Jungle Level (Melee):
  30. Toy on a Tear:
  31. Halland / Dalarna:
  32. Corneria:
  33. Funky Monkey Dance:
  34. Unfounded Revenge / Song of Praise:
  35. Sanctuary Guardians:
  36. Bob-Omb Battlefield (Remix):
  37. Lights, Camera, Action:
  38. XB2 Battle:
  39. Zinnia Theme:
  40. Yoshi's New Island Theme (Remix):
  41. Brinstar Depths:
  42. Boss Fight 1 (KIU):
  43. Greenhorn Forest:
  44. Gentle Breeze:
  45. Standing Tall:
  46. XBCDE Title Theme:
  47. You Will Know Our Names (DE):
  48. Hall of Fame (LGP&E):
  49. Trance Logic:
  50. Wide, Wide Ocean:
  51. Ramen Bowl:
  52. Adventure (DQ3):
  53. Serpent Eating the Ground:
  54. L'Impeto Oscuro:
  55. Final Boss Phase 2 ~ Reach for the Stars:
  56. Daughter of the Dark God:
  57. Aerith's Theme:
  58. Purple Streamer Battle:
  59. Decisive Battle II:
  60. Harlem Globetrotters Song:
  61. City Trial (Remix):
  62. Pikmin Theme (Remix):
  63. Kahuna Battle:
  64. Glide:
  65. Spear of Justice:
  66. Staff Roll (LoZ:SS):
  68. The outro theme is an original composition by Garrett Williamson
  69. Find more of his stuff at:
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