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Mar 25th, 2019
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  2. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:31 PM
  3. Went ahead and removed my votes (what lack there was)
  4. I can't properly judge a tf2 map, so it's just a waste of time.
  5. This comes from the fact that I don't properly play this game, the only gamemode I do play legit is MVM. I just derp around in community servers instead of causal.
  6. So when I try to look around the map (or whatever I'm suppose to be doing to give feedback) I end up dying and getting pissed off, in the last few IMPs I played I mostly when cloak&Dagger spy to check out the map in peace and try to give feedback. It wasn't very fun
  7. I can't judge a multiplayer map from a gameplay perspective, I only report stuff like bugs and glitches
  8. erkToday at 6:37 PM
  9. its ok dude you dont have to be the best judge to vote, but its cool if you remove your own just know that we wouldnt really have an issue with them
  10. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:40 PM
  11. I mean it's not like I can't give concise feedback
  12. tModLoader - Pinky's content pack | Page 16 | Terraria Community F...
  13. Seems like a great way to get building materials in pre-hardmode ;)
  14. I just can't do it in a game where you can never known how your enemy will act
  15. I grow up with singleplayer games, so multiplayer stuff is just my bane
  16. 14bitToday at 6:41 PM
  17. If you want to explore the map while people are playing on it to give feedback, spectator mode is great
  18. Our servers don't let you change teams normally, but you can do !spec in chat to get automatically moved to spectator.
  19. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:42 PM
  20. How are you people so cheery all the time
  21. I just don't
  22. savvaToday at 6:43 PM
  23. Just like my mom used to say
  24. "smile more stupid idiot"
  25. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:43 PM
  26. gee, thanks
  27. I wasn't very public about it, but this contest mentally scarred me
  28. that's why I've grown silent lately
  29. savvaToday at 6:44 PM
  30. Was the map making stressful or waiting for the feedback stressful?
  31. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:44 PM
  32. neither
  33. I failed, I didn't lose, I just straight up massively failed
  34. I know what I'm going to told rn: Your expected to fail
  35. that's fine and all, I'm just tired of failing for 15 years without succeeding once
  36. savvaToday at 6:47 PM
  37. You very likely succeeded once, you just never noticed it or considered that it didn't count. Besides, your map was one of the most unique maps in the contest, even if it didn't succeed being fun
  38. 14bitToday at 6:47 PM
  39. Your map was extremely technically impressive, I've never seen someone use the tutorial entities in that way. I just feel it was too ambitious and collapsed under its own weight by being too complicated for players to understand easily.
  40. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:48 PM
  41. I have, MVM_Waterfront
  42. they're used to introduce the caustic robots
  43. 14bitToday at 6:48 PM
  44. Oh, you did waterfront?
  45. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:48 PM
  46. no
  47. DrSquishyToday at 6:48 PM
  48. I wouldn't count them as absolute failures
  49. You've learned a great deal from your maps that can be applied in future projects
  50. savvaToday at 6:48 PM
  51. An absolute failiure would be entering a koth map into the contest :laughing:
  52. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:49 PM
  53. and I made a koth map after the contest GEE THANKS
  54. I think the final strall was how I noticed I can't make maps
  55. savvaToday at 6:49 PM
  56. lol, but you know what I mean
  57. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:49 PM
  58. I can't make a map I'll enjoy
  59. because it'll be changed so many times it won't even feel like my map anymore if I was willing to change it
  60. I described this as an "unpaid commission" Because honesty, that's what it feels like to me
  61. or I can make a map I would enjoy but be chastised by the community for "not listening to feedback" and get told stuff like "why are we even playing this if he's not going to change it?"
  62. savvaToday at 6:51 PM
  63. You gotta balance it out
  64. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:51 PM
  65. I don't see a winning scenerio and all it does is cause me grief
  66. I started game devving when I was 8, 8 years old, and I've been at it since then
  67. I'm tired, worn out
  68. savvaToday at 6:53 PM
  69. Age doesn't matter, I did hardass maths since I was 5 and I still suck at it
  70. You could be immortal and it still wouldn't matter
  71. What matters is what makes it fun for you
  72. If you need to change it, change it in a way thats still fun for you
  73. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:54 PM
  74. It's a bit different when you get older and you start expecting payment for your work, ESP when you have bills
  75. I'm past doing things for a gamble in return
  76. savvaToday at 6:55 PM
  77. If I'm assuming you're born in 1994, you're still a young adult, we're in the same range
  78. I have bills too, I have a job
  79. Hell, everyone in this server has a life of their own, some easier, some harder
  80. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:57 PM
  81. Ok, now tag on abusive parents, dial-up internet, and being the town mental case
  82. savvaToday at 6:57 PM
  83. They make maps for TF2 because they have fun making it, and have fun showcasing it to their closest friends who are likeminded
  84. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 6:58 PM
  85. there's been many times where I have the choice to sacrifice everything I ever learned to become a bland, generic person to escape my past
  86. I would take it, no one would know I was gone
  87. savvaToday at 6:58 PM
  88. People here have abusive parents, dial-up internet, and even being the town mental case
  89. Stop being so negative
  90. I used to be "alone" and "nobody understands me", but then I realize that being that forever will not change anything
  91. You have a fear of being a bland, generic, person?
  92. You're acting like one right now by being negative as everyone else in the world
  93. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:00 PM
  94. no
  95. if I was one
  96. I wouldn't be here, and no one would know me
  97. Those things are gone now, but it's not make I can make friends with people around here IRL
  98. savvaToday at 7:01 PM
  99. The only people who are bland, generic people are those that fear into becoming one
  100. You say all your friends are bland, generic people? They have unique lives, as much as yours
  101. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:02 PM
  102. I'm saying I don't have any because they're dangerious people around here
  103. bad nehboorhood, I'm afraid
  104. dexc34Today at 7:02 PM
  105. Dangerous? Elaborate
  106. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:02 PM
  107. black thugs
  108. dexc34Today at 7:02 PM
  109. What???
  110. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:02 PM
  111. sorry if that sounds racist
  112. dexc34Today at 7:02 PM
  113. Im confused
  114. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:03 PM
  115. but that's the best way I can describe it
  116. savvaToday at 7:03 PM
  117. You mean thugs who wear black clothes?
  118. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:03 PM
  119. ok so I'm living in government housing in a bad nehboorhood
  120. Look where I live, I've seen some people get beat up outside on the streets
  121. I'm scared ok
  122. scared to get social
  123. savvaToday at 7:04 PM
  124. Being scared is generic
  125. dexc34Today at 7:04 PM
  126. Not really
  127. I mean, maybe, depends
  128. savvaToday at 7:05 PM
  129. I've been robbed by a person, doesn't mean I'm going to get a knife
  130. Just do what your body wants you to do
  131. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:05 PM
  132. I don't care, that encounter is enough to make me not even try
  133. not worth the risk
  134. savvaToday at 7:05 PM
  135. Whether it being social or even eating
  136. Alright, but one day or another, your body is gonna say "Im sick of this shit, I want to go outside, I dont care about those thugs"
  137. I gurantee this
  138. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:06 PM
  139. I do go outside I just mind myself and only myself
  140. I don't talk to others, unless I have to
  141. dexc34Today at 7:07 PM
  142. If you never take a risk in your life, your gonna stay miserable
  143. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:07 PM
  144. I think it's not a risk if they are raised this way
  145. savvaToday at 7:07 PM
  146. No it is a risk
  147. Kids who dont go outside are susceptible to diseases
  148. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:08 PM
  149. I just said I do go outside
  150. it's currently winter
  151. almost, almost spring
  152. savvaToday at 7:08 PM
  153. One day, you'll find some people to talk to
  154. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:08 PM
  155. yes, but not the people around here
  156. but someone else
  157. savvaToday at 7:09 PM
  158. Just have hope that the future has this
  159. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:10 PM
  160. yeah, I'll be ready to be called a White Blood again
  161. wow this got off topic
  162. I guess instead of saying generic person, I should have said normie or NPC
  163. that's what I meant by that
  164. savvaToday at 7:10 PM
  165. >normie or NPC
  166. God thats cringe
  167. People who use those terms are unironically NPC themselves
  168. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:11 PM
  169. You don't know anything
  170. phiToday at 7:11 PM
  171. NPC is an incredibly dehumanising term
  172. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:12 PM
  173. but thanks for trying, I guess
  174. dexc34Today at 7:12 PM
  175. I dont know what an NPC is
  176. IdolonToday at 7:12 PM
  177. non player character
  178. savvaToday at 7:12 PM
  179. Non-playable character
  180. theres a meme where you would call a person an NPC just to devalue their argument
  181. phiToday at 7:12 PM
  182. it's a 4chan term that refers to people in real life who they don't think are "aware" enough
  183. dexc34Today at 7:12 PM
  184. Oh. I knew what it meant in game, i didnt know people refered to it outside of games
  185. savvaToday at 7:12 PM
  186. "You like X? You're an NPC!"
  187. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:12 PM
  188. it's ususally that really uninteresting person who goes to collage
  189. dexc34Today at 7:12 PM
  190. Ah that clarifies things
  191. savvaToday at 7:13 PM
  192. >that really uninteresting person who goes to college
  193. phiToday at 7:13 PM
  194. Honestly, CaptainRussia, we don't take well to 4chan-types around here
  195. I'd rethink what you're trying to elude to here
  196. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:13 PM
  197. I don't even go to 4chan
  198. savvaToday at 7:14 PM
  199. Then why do you use 4chan memes? Do you go to somewhere worse? 8chan?
  200. Russian chan?
  201. Diva DanToday at 7:14 PM
  202. why are we accusing someone of being an 8channer
  203. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:14 PM
  204. I think anywhere but here
  205. dexc34Today at 7:14 PM
  206. There is an 8chan?????
  207. Oh god dont even tell me
  208. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:14 PM
  209. this is getting out of hand
  210. Da Spud LordToday at 7:14 PM
  211. Let's not throw around accusations.
  212. MikroscopicToday at 7:14 PM
  213. #payload-checklist-contest :sadnug:
  214. dexc34Today at 7:14 PM
  215. whoops
  216. Diva DanToday at 7:14 PM
  217. wow this is payload checklist huh
  218. what the hell
  219. savvaToday at 7:15 PM
  220. Things get weird here
  221. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:15 PM
  222. It started with me talking about how i can't give feedback
  223. and I went into reasons and, this happened
  224. savvaToday at 7:15 PM
  225. It started with you being negative
  226. Diva DanToday at 7:15 PM
  227. savva you really aren't helping
  228. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94Today at 7:15 PM
  229. and you accusing me
  230. I know I'm not helping either I'll go sit in a corner
  231. sad dergon
  232. Diva DanToday at 7:15 PM
  233. its alright just keep chat on topic yall
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