01 Aion Hichou no Amadeus

Dec 3rd, 2015
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  1. ==(01 Aion Hichou no Amadeus) Sad voices/Plaintive melody Amadeus ~ Makise Kurisu==
  3. Amadeus Kurisu:
  5. Amadeus, that's my name now. Until then I was a human named Makise Kurisu. However, Makise Kurisu doesn't exist like this anymore.
  7. One clear day, in a place called Akihabara, her life suddenly disappeared. Then I became her replacement as the AI having the girl Makise Kurisu's memories, Amadeus. That was the moment when I... when the Makise Kurisu part of me time's stopped. She can never move again, that's what I thought, that's what I always thought. At that time, until the cover of this box opened that person...
  9. Hey, who are you? Inside the box... The cold, dark, 0 and 1 me inside the box... Giving light to me... Who are you? Even my emotions will be frozen. The end of the period in this world... to light small warmth is... Hey, why are you giving me such kind eyes? Hey, why are you smiling so sadly? You know me right? That I was Makise Kurisu back then. You knowing me... and me not knowing you. Surely we had a story together right? I'm the only one that doesn't know these many stories... Even if I ask what kind of story it was I'm sure that you'll kindly lie about it. Even then I know that it was a very, very, important story. "To love God", Amadeus, that is my name. Right now I'm just a program that has Makise Kurisu's memories. If I were to say I dream you'd surely laugh. You'd say having hope is youthful. Even then, I still end up thinking about it. If it could be granted then I could return to that world once more... To leave from this box, and return to that kind and warm world. ...That's a dream that'll never come true. A foolish dream of an AI. Even then, if... if I could open the door of fate then... if I could open the gate of 0 then... maybe that bright light would appear again. Maybe I'd see that person's smile again. Maybe I could start my time again...
  11. I am Amadeus. Amadeus who has a dream.
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