Bladerunnr vs Unity (7/27/2021)

Jul 27th, 2021
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  1. Bladerunnr vs Unity
  2. Amateur Title Match
  3. 7/27/2021
  5. R1:
  6. Both fighters step forward into southpaw stances. Unity closes in with a punch and hits the upper rib of Blade.
  7. Blade jumps up and attempt to up jab at the same time after stubbing his toe, landing a low kick to the ground. As he lands down, he tries a very weak chop with the rear hand that does nothing.
  8. Unity tries to punch with his lead hand but is suffering a lateral balance failure towards his right, failing to generate any meaningful force.
  9. Unity steps back, Blade jumps forward.
  10. Blade tries a very ill-advised framing roundhouse while at a 150 degree angle to the ground. Horrible technique and any impact will be ignored.
  11. Unity tries a stiff left roundhouse, pivoting on the heel of his foot on his base leg and fully extending out.
  12. Blade places his kicking leg out on a good angle and closes in for a left hook to the top of the skull whilst blocking Unity's turning toe kick to the face.
  13. Unity tries to caveman smash his extended left arm downwards after the kick but misses his target.
  14. Blade tries to throw a cross while pulling and on one foot but does not land.
  15. Unity tries another caveman smash but is countered by a 3-4 from Blade.
  16. Unity lands a left body shot to the upper rib but Blade responds with a harder body shot to the solar plexus.
  17. In the ensuing entanglement, Blade is the first to strike while in the closed space with a short hook to the head.
  18. Blade begins to get pushed over in the entanglement; but, Unity jumps up in the air for some reason and slips on a banana peel, falling on the ground.
  19. He makes some meaningless offense on the ground to aid his movement back up but is caught with a caveman smash back from Blade.
  20. Unity decides to offer up his arm for some reason at end and Blade begins to spin an armbar on him.
  22. R1: Bladerunnr 10-9
  24. R2:
  25. Both fighters step out into an open stance. Unity taking a squared southpaw stance and Blade taking one similar in orthodox.
  26. Unity fires out a rear roundhouse immediately but is out of range.
  27. Unity reaches in for a rear hand in his now orthodox stance on a bad angle while Blade moves off on a 45 degree angle to hit a retreating rear hook counter.
  28. Unity tries a front kick that is parried by Blade.
  29. Unity tries to close in but Blade lands a double chamber roundhouse to the face of Unity.
  30. Unity tries to catch the leg of Blade. Blade gets physical and smashes his left hand into Unity's face.
  31. Blade then grabs into the crook of the same side arm of Unity, giving up his back a bit but Unity does not take the transition.
  32. As unity tries to walk into a deeper clinch, blade wrenches him down into side control.
  33. Unity scrambles and frames a bit to start re-guarding.
  34. Unity makes a stand up and turns around to land a hard right hook to the upper rib of Blade's left side.
  36. R2 Bladerunnr 10-9
  38. I am not scoring this as a 10-8 because a lack of control on the ground leading to Unity's stand up and eventual turn over of the entire situation only to be ran out by the timer shows that this was not a dominating performance.
  40. R3:
  41. Unity tries to jump forward with a leaping right roundhouse.
  42. Blade counters with a roundhouse of his own underneath Unity's kicking leg and into his base leg.
  43. Unity tries to invert and pull guard of sorts; but, only succeeds in dragging his foot off of Blade's face for a moment.
  44. Blade closes in for a big right hook to the head but misses as Unity hits a good right frame to the face of Blade, slightly askewing Blade's strike and earning some damage points.
  45. Unity then frames away at random points until he can bring his legs back into play and feeds Blade his right leg while his left knee is raised into his chest to act as a layer of defense.
  46. Blade recognizes this as a troublesome position where he has received more small damage than he wanted when opening up for his larger strikes. He then stands back up while underhooking Unity's right leg.
  47. Blade then pulls in Unity's leg to throw a hook towards Unity's chin.
  48. Unity frames away for a moment but gets caught at the very end of Blade's range.
  49. Unity starts having complete failure in all of his layers of defense and is easily controlled for a consecutive hook to the face at full force. Unity chooses to close space instead of creating space to defense here and opts to grab a headlock.
  50. It appears Unity attempts to use this to stand back up but is controlled back down to the ground.
  51. Blade is a step away from finishing the armbar and they set tf.
  53. Bladerunnr winner by submission(armbar)
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