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  1. Survey Request
  2. Well, excuse me for being a little stressed out over the end of the world!
  3. 18 GENERIC Zheng Chu
  4. Jesus, what a waste. Marshall may be lost. -%1$s
  5. Pharmacy
  6. What are you doing up here?
  7. Doctor
  8. You'll be tending my boot up your ass if you're not careful.
  9. I am way too tired to lug that thing around.
  10. Has lost trust.
  11. Research Chemical Incendiaries
  12. Drank a Lot
  13. Some people are too INDEPENDENT to ever give 100% trust.
  14. Fully exploring a building creates a temporary safe area.
  15. Help & Options
  16. Just let me know when you find the Doc.
  17. HURT: Cracked Ribs
  18. Search (Hold)
  19. Enrique
  20. I'm having a heck of a time finding people willing to trade with us.
  21. The youngest Wilkerson brother is near death.
  22. Seeing this thing finally done... it's worth all the splinters and sore muscles. We're actually building something new here, not just squatting in the ruins.
  23. Trait Discovered: Lost Brother
  24. I hope that was worth it.
  25. The most important thing, at a time like this, is knowing somebody has your back.
  26. Having someone up here should help keep the zeds at bay.
  27. Oh, fuck you!
  28. So don't go thinking you can force us to take you away from all this, because we will shoot you. Thoroughly. That is all.
  29. Daniela
  30. Built-in facilities can never be upgraded. You get what you get.
  31. We could set up a watchtower here.
  33. Level 7
  34. Try not to attract too much attention.
  35. Swine flu, Corporal? Are you trying to tell me the thing that kicks off the Book of Revelation is swine flu?
  36. Can't say this is the safest I've ever felt.
  37. We might actually unfuck ourselves at this rate.
  38. %d added to Supply Locker. (Passable food supply.)
  39. Ian
  40. Yeah, well, faith's not exactly my strong suit.
  41. Dalhgren
  42. Amelia
  43. In the meantime, I think I'm going to look around some more.
  44. TRUST LOST (Ally Set on Fire)
  45. Wouldn't mind a hand.
  46. Jesus Christ, that was close.
  47. We should try to make contact.
  48. Man, they're all over that thing.
  49. EXPIRED: Trouble at the Courthouse
  50. Controls
  51. White paint pen on black construction paper.
  52. I like a fight as much as the next guy, but maybe we should try using a little stealth next time.
  53. Unhappy community members create instability.
  54. Pistol Specialization Improved! (Recoil Reduced)
  55. Yeah, well... when I was a kid, my best friend Sally? She lived in this house. I was so jealous, I always wanted to live here.
  56. Passed on a job from Ray Santos.
  57. Let's hope we don't have to do that again any time soon.
  58. People are Strange
  59. Something cropped up with the Garden. Uh. No pun intended.
  60. ADD MISSION. Find out where Carl is.
  61. Umm. Yeah. Sorry. Too much information.
  62. I'll see what I can do.
  63. ABORTED: Accusations
  64. Back in business.
  65. Looks like I'm stuck minding the home front till this arm heals.
  66. Walking? Please. Just reach under the steering column, touch the brown wire to the red ones, and voila.
  67. Aluminum Pipes
  68. Let's see to those barricades before more of 'em show up.
  69. I've always been a private person. Even when my husband was still alive, I always had my own office I could disappear into, just to have some time to myself.
  70. Be advised that I have authorized all troops to respond to such measures with lethal force.
  71. HISTORY: Nearly Starved
  72. Things are starting to sound pretty urgent. I don't know how long our friends can hold out.
  73. Built In Medical Area
  74. Off
  75. You know anything about this Ray guy?
  76. Kyla
  77. Bryson
  78. A good setup.
  79. Ashton
  80. Need to head home and rest. Food's not gonna help.
  81. Otherwise, I'm going to take inventory of what's here.
  82. Well fuck it, can we just shoot it, set it off that way?
  83. We're going to need a few things to complete this upgrade. - %1$s
  84. At this rate, we could start our own lumber yard.
  85. Born Leader
  86. The best part of you dribbled down the crack of your momma's ass.
  87. Oh. Was it... I mean... did he suffer?
  88. Good luck.
  89. Destroy the Feral Zombie
  90. Research at Library
  91. Rest in peace, you gross old bastard.
  92. %1$s was in a bad place, but %2$s managed to talk them out of doing anything stupid.
  93. Clear the Area
  94. Numbs the pain, but won't help serious wounds. Typical over the counter stuff. I like the ones with the sugary coating.
  95. It's too bad we don't have an infirmary. As it is I'm gonna be laid out for a while.
  96. We're done here.
  97. -10 Friendship.
  98. I'll distract him, you bash his skull in.
  99. I can't find my friend.
  100. <Yawning>
  101. That… that's a lot of zombies.
  102. Raudon
  103. Emmanuel
  104. COMPLETED: Supply Run
  105. Alan's been saying we should move to someplace bigger, but my dad's a carpenter and he says we could build, like, a dorm room or something to get more space.
  106. I got this one, boss!
  107. How is he?
  108. Almost done. There's a lot of good stuff here.
  109. Hanson
  110. Solvents
  111. Screwdriver
  112. Needless to say, this kind of explosion is going to raise seven different kinds of hell, so if you've got any unfinished business, now's the time.
  113. I don't know what happened, %1$s tried to get %2$s to put on these sunglasses and suddenly it was like Monday Night Wrestling. - Lily
  114. New guns in the Farmhouse supply locker.
  115. Not hurting right now.
  116. Got a problem?
  117. Cancel Action
  118. MISSION: Help Doc Hanson
  119. We'll need MATERIALS to fortify the walls.
  120. Open Door
  121. No, YOU shut up!
  122. Hellen
  123. Zombie Mask
  124. Don't know that I'd call it a problem, exactly. I'd just advise you to keep your eyes open.
  125. Clear the Building
  126. It takes a little longer before I get tired.
  127. That sucks.
  128. We shouldn't just move anywhere. We need to find a suitable location if we're going to move. - %1$s
  129. RUMORS: Disease Epidemic
  130. Come on. We're going to take a walk.
  131. ATTITUDE: Pissed Off
  132. Just looking after our customer base. You understand.
  133. Some folks out there could still use your help.
  134. We should think about building an outpost. Might help slow down these attacks.
  135. Uhh, they're coming this way.
  136. If we work together, we'll find a way to survive.
  137. But I'm digging through his drawers, looking for some duct tape.
  138. An angry bull, this packs a big punch.
  139. How about years of experience on the beat, huh? How's that grab ya?
  140. Yeah, but you know they'll change all the details, add some bullshit love story and a zombie-killing ninja badass to boost the ratings.
  141. Everything's coming up Milhouse!
  142. Incendiary
  143. Thanks. Don't know what possessed 'em to run off like that. I just… I just hope nothing terrible's happened.
  144. Spoken like a man who's never been to a wedding in Trumbull County.
  145. Got my rifle, got my moonshine, got my target. Life is good.
  146. Really? How many days did you spend sitting in an empty shelter with a pot of soup, just in case a hungry person showed up?
  147. Let me see if I can play it for you.
  148. You're a life saver, Doc.
  149. Goddammit! Eat shit you dead bastards!
  150. Well, guess we better get settled in. Thanks again.
  151. Rifle: 597 Varmint
  152. Spatulas
  153. Dammit! This place was supposed to have a closet full of first aid kits! That son of a bitch lied to me....
  154. Beloved by police units, light and powerful.
  155. God, no!
  156. We found one of our missing community members. Unfortunately, the zeds got to them first.
  157. Beats being shoved into a locker, at least.
  158. Navarro
  159. We need anything here?
  160. Economical, .22 caliber version of the Uzi.
  161. How long has it been since you ate?
  162. Huh. What's it do?
  163. Why would I waste my time?
  164. 11 STORY Jess Cohen
  165. Finally killed that one-armed bastard that killed Frankie and the rest way back at the start. I know they say these things can't think, but I swear that thing was stalking us. - %1$s
  166. Ask about Ammo Caches
  167. Marlee
  168. Dangerous groups of roaming zeds.
  169. We're still gathering what we need.
  170. Obliged to you. Thought them things had my number for sure this time.
  171. How does now work for you?
  172. Maybe that's a good thing, right? Maybe it means this thing is almost over?
  173. Yeah, I did. I got you a pony. Yeah, but then it tried to eat me, so I shot it in the face.
  174. Good news, our people just kicked some serious zombie butt.
  175. Bennett
  176. Took me almost 20 minutes to find a first aid kit yesterday. If it had been a more severe injury, somebody could have died. - %1$s
  177. Lead's pretty easy, and you can make gunpowder if you're not afraid of your own piss, but brass? That's tricky.
  178. Look for Places to Search
  179. We should have it covered.
  180. Destroy the Armored Zombies
  181. Well, that's one way to stop it.
  182. What's the point?
  183. Bye.
  184. Shit, might as well get this over with.
  185. Engineering Textbooks
  186. Pre-1964 models are very valuable. Scoped.
  187. Then I'll answer any questions you want.
  188. Our scouts are reporting a lot of zombies closing in on your location. Might want to tell your sentries to wake the hell up.
  189. How would you feel about helping us do a little zed-related housecleaning?
  190. You're kidding me!
  191. Bee Wax
  192. I'm happy to do what I can.
  193. Rick
  194. Steaks
  195. Like you took care of Eli?
  196. Grenade Launcher Ammo
  197. ADVICE: Build a Medical Area
  198. Don't see why we don't just take whatever you brought.
  199. Let's head to a neutral location for the exchange.
  200. Hi.
  201. Cane
  202. Has a job for someone.
  203. Could use some time to cool off.
  204. I think I found us an opportunity.
  205. Get out of here! This stuff is mine.
  206. Time to move on.
  207. Harlan, can you pick up a carton of milk at the Tartan Mart next time you're out? I want to bake a cake for Lucy's birthday. Thanks! - Sandy xoxoxo
  208. Microscope
  209. Come get us when you're ready.
  210. Uh-uh.
  211. Not till I rest up a little.
  212. Seems like everyone's been on edge lately.
  213. BUILT: Library
  214. Want to help clear an infestation?
  215. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Zombie Hordes
  216. You have any idea how much of a living hell %2$s made my life? Should have done this years ago. - %1$s
  217. Brought home some building materials. -%1$s
  218. MISSION: Fork in the Road
  219. HURT: Serious Blood Loss
  220. Look around! Civilization has gone down in flames, people are turning on each other like jackals around half a zebra carcass, zombies are probably gonna be the only species of human left on the planet in a few years....
  221. Just sorry your reward for that looks like death by super-cholera.
  222. Perrone
  223. Watch that right flank!
  224. New steps in engineering, pistol configuration.
  225. This is the only way out. %1$s
  226. Well that's odd.
  227. Nichelle
  228. Do you need any help?
  229. Oh God, I don't want to die here!
  230. This one's clear.
  231. Lost mine trying to bust a zombie skull back on the second night.
  232. Howdy doody!
  233. You know, rifling through things like that? That's noisy as hell.
  234. So, wait a minute. What's the government's response to all this? Haven't they sent in the National Guard or something?
  235. I don't know about you, but I miss the comforts of modern life. You know, like being able to see after the sun goes down.
  236. We should try to spot the hordes before they see us.
  237. Pretty big step. Sure you want to go through with this?
  238. Bed Rest
  239. Behind you!
  240. Oh yeah, here you go. Yeah, my pack was too heavy anyways.
  241. I think one of them was even wearing an Army uniform.
  242. Trade our Ammo for some Fuel?
  243. Over here, hurry!
  244. Look, I just... I just can't go back there. Not yet. If I don't bring in my quota, my ass is toast.
  245. I never meant to... hell, I never thought I was even capable of something like that. I guess you never really know what you're capable of until you're three days out from your last meal and some kid grabs the last can of tuna fish out from under you, huh? Learned a lot of things that day. Like how it feels to crush the life out of somebody's throat. I don't even know who I'm writing this note to. God? Myself? That kid? Hell, whoever you are, I'm sorry.
  246. Okay, I admit it, I'm impressed. You happy?
  247. Follow me.
  248. But we've got to have each others' backs. Together we can survive this shit. On our own, we're done for.
  249. <Weeping>
  250. So how'd you and Eli meet, anyway?
  251. You aren't near any supplies!
  252. COMMERCE: Biodiesel
  253. MEDICINE RESOURCE. A stack of over-the-counter medication.
  254. Eruzione
  255. Even tried to convince me to get a pit bull.
  256. Look, I really don't have time for this.
  257. PERSONAL SKILL. Now, let's everybody just calm down and talk this through, okay?
  258. No! No!
  259. Fitted with a metal bracket.
  260. Rifle: 10/22
  261. TIP: Press [LB] + [B] to roll.
  262. We've got too many rookies around here. We need a place to train people so shit like this doesn't happen.
  263. Yeah. Heard a few of their goons hit the gas station outside town, found a couple survivors holed up there.
  264. INCIDENT: Horde Encounter
  265. Evans
  266. Pistol Specialization Improved!
  267. I didn't come here to talk about my feelings, okay?
  268. Local high school English teacher.
  269. SURVIVAL TACTICS: MultiKill
  270. We can convert some of our food into fuel.
  271. Pastor Will is sick.
  272. Caffine Pills
  273. They're breaking through!
  274. BUILT: Garden
  275. Last time I saw anything like that was in Afghanistan.
  276. Might as well take care of this batch, too.
  277. TIP: Your top survival needs are FOOD, MEDICINE, and AMMUNITION.
  278. I'm not sure.
  279. WITHDRAWL: Nicotine
  280. A workshop to focus on making explosives and incendiaries.
  281. Resource Cache
  282. Florence
  283. Distilled Water
  284. What? No, please... please don't.
  285. What kind of a person turns a gun on someone they live with?
  286. It was a long time ago. Least it spared her from seeing all this.
  287. ADVICE: Upgrade to Machine Shop
  288. Eleanor
  289. We could use some extra manpower to clear this infestation out.
  290. Let me think about it.
  291. Hey, a hiding spot.
  292. Zion
  293. Protect Your Friend
  294. Let's go!
  295. This isn't going to be quick.
  296. Forget it. You'd have done the same for us.
  297. %+d Fame.
  298. We need help! Everybody's gone crazy, some guy freakin' mauled my friend!
  299. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Bloated Zed
  300. Black pen on a yellow sticky-note.
  301. Whenever you're ready, boss.
  302. Next person that tries to take what's mine gets worse than that. - %1$s
  303. Dog Lover
  304. You okay? Come on, we gotta get going.
  305. If we don't get some guns, the next attack just might overwhelm us.
  306. Come on, come on... where are you?
  307. Aw, no, no, no, this is bad, this is really fucking bad!
  308. MISSION: Search and Rescue
  309. Edgar
  310. INCIDENT: Fight in the Community
  311. Gimme some two-by-fours, a hammer and nails, and a couple of guys to keep the zombies off my back, and I'll rebuild the whole town.
  312. Everybody stand back. I got this.
  313. Protect Jacob
  314. Watch the front.
  315. 22 GENERIC Susan Friedl
  316. COMPLETED: Friend In Danger
  317. It's pretty garbled. Let me see what I can do.
  318. We need to make things safer around here.
  319. Clear out the Infestation
  320. Uh, yeah, sorry about that. I've been... busy.
  321. 2 STORY Wendell Higgins
  322. Cutting
  323. Watch my back.
  324. It's not safe! It's not safe!
  325. He seem a little... twitchy to you?
  326. I should RADIO Mickey if I need some covering fire. - %1$s
  327. All those repairs we had to make after the last attack, they really burned through our supply of materials.
  328. But if we find another one, I'll show you how to strum a few chords.
  329. The sooner the better.
  330. I just... I wanted to leave something behind. For the people that didn't make it.
  331. It's nice to get away.
  332. Talk to Jacob
  333. Save Game Deleted
  334. Catalogued today's hot spots.
  335. This, this is too much.
  336. Whatever fertilizer we're using, it's working. That last crop was huge.
  337. We're not opening up until the zombies are gone.
  338. H-Hello? Has anybody out there seen Quentin?
  339. I got a few ideas where to look. Come on.
  340. We have smoke. I say again, we have smoke.
  341. Silverstone
  342. JOURNAL: Peace and Quiet
  343. Machine Shop
  344. They need you to bail them out of a jam.
  345. Sometimes I feel a little lost. %1$s usually knows what we should do, though. That's a good thing. - %2$s.
  346. More hands are always a good thing. -%1$s
  347. NOTE: A Windfall
  348. Feel like getting a little mercantile?
  349. This trade should benefit everybody. -%1$s
  350. A place to resupply without traveling all the way home.
  351. Any idea who they are?
  352. I dunno, there's just something satisfying about building something, you know?
  353. Okay. We're done. I'm going home.
  354. Requires HIGH ALCOHOL BEER.
  355. Better hurry up.
  356. Infirmary
  357. Lopes
  358. Okay, I was a smug, elitist "foodie" and I'm pretty sure all my friends wanted to throttle me whenever I said the words "dinner party."
  359. It's like I'm living the dream!
  360. Sam? What are you doing here?
  361. It isn't just about fuel for your body. A good meal can nourish the soul. (Good cook.)
  362. Does now work for you?
  363. I owe you one. Let me come with you, watch your back. Least I can do.
  364. Seems like it came out of nowhere.
  365. Hey, feel my forehead.
  366. Zeds wiped from this location.
  367. Shit, I dunno. I mean, he seems like a nice enough guy, but it was just sex, you know?
  368. Firebomb
  369. ATTITUDE: Chippy
  370. Revolver: M 1917
  371. %d Trust with the Wilkersons
  372. Radio Room
  373. Prevents food prep problems.
  374. Well, these are about as useful as sugar pills now. -%1$s
  375. Okaaaay.
  376. Delay your decision. Maybe they'll survive long enough for you to reconsider.
  377. Classically trained ballet dancer from Danforth. Dancing is his life.
  378. Molina
  379. Listen, whatever your problem is, you need to knock that shit off. You're starting to freak out the others.
  380. Get Yo' Freak On
  381. So... we've got a visitor.
  382. Melancholy
  383. Event: Ally Fled
  384. Scalpels
  385. Ugh... Jesus, I think they ate them. Or... well... parts of them, at least.
  386. I think I took a wrong turn somewhere.
  387. I don't care what your favorite book says, hunger isn't a game. I'm out. - %1$s
  388. Corporal! Where are those tissue samples I asked for?
  389. Revolver Specialization Improved!
  390. What's going on?
  391. Trait Discovered: Live a Little
  392. So you're going up to the farm? Yeah, I'll just wait here.
  393. Hope people aren't accusing me of not pulling my own weight because of this stupid injury.
  394. Gonna get up high to cover you.
  395. Okay, what's up?
  396. You're a badass motherfucker, you know that?
  397. Didn't think we'd actually survive that one.
  398. The door will make less noise. Or, hey, you could do it like a total fucking idiot. Up to you.
  399. Roofing tool, very tough.
  400. Decided not to question the Wilkersons about whether or not they've been robbing people. - %1$s
  401. COMPLETED: Lay of the Land
  402. Fighting
  403. You Didn't Hear This From Me...
  404. Bore Brush
  405. Selfless actions are helping keep the peace.
  406. Nichols
  407. Bonus XP for Hack n Slash
  408. Illness Recovery
  409. Unassign Person
  410. Increase FPS by 5%.
  411. Assault Rifle: AR 15 Custom
  412. I'm in awe of the balls it takes to go out there and find some crap somebody lost.
  413. Are our friends still hanging on, Lily?
  414. Don't worry, I'll be back out there as soon as I can. Not gonna let a sucking chest wound slow me down.
  415. Hey. Listen, I just wanted to say, you've been down in the dumps for a while. I'm worried about you.
  416. 98 STORY Ariel Long
  417. Me, I'm not so sure about God, but I've got faith in us. And in you.
  418. Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time. You've probably got a lot on your mind, you don't need old Ray talking your ear off.
  419. Eat me!
  420. Insubordination
  421. What's our sitrep?
  422. Don't hurt me!
  423. Aw great. Out of food.
  424. You smell something? Ah, shit, it's a rotter!
  425. Come to papa.
  426. Gas Station
  427. Earned a skill specialization for one of your community members.
  428. No buts. We had a deal, and you don't want people thinking you're the sort that breaks his deals, now do you?
  429. Rotary Tool
  430. We're too cramped in here, and our runners keep having to go farther and farther from the church to find supplies.
  431. I'm not interested.
  432. Klinsmann
  433. They're not. We're on our own.
  434. Unlocks
  435. Be careful.
  436. Recovered a fallen ally's backpack
  437. You do not have an item selected.
  438. Nothing Left
  439. Headed back to base.
  440. So all we need from you right now is a little scouting.
  441. Eyes up high. We need you to do a little survey.
  442. Something fishy here.
  443. Think I've seen more of this valley in the past two weeks than I have in the last five years.
  444. I hear them clawing at night.
  445. Okay. Now we're going to kill some zombies the old-fashioned way.
  446. Well, then how do we get out?
  447. ATTITUDE: Short Tempered
  448. We're pretty much down to fumes on our fuel supply.
  449. Digging through things like that is noisy as hell.
  450. And now some dumb fuck just panicked and wasted a whole bunch of our ammo!
  451. A favorite of police forces the world over.
  452. Villa
  453. These bastards aren't smart, but they never quit. They'll find their way in if there's an opening, and if you give them enough time, they'll make one.
  454. Where are you, you bastards?
  455. Now, I want you changing those bandages every day, and try not to get 'em wet.
  456. Man, I'd like to see the zeds fuck with us now. They're all, "Raaaaarrrr, eat your brains!" and I'm like "POW! Now there's a bullet in your face, bitch!"
  457. Fast Hands
  458. NOTE: Hasta La Vista
  459. Rodgers
  460. Power Kick
  461. Take this. Better if everybody has at least a little.
  462. FRIENDSHIP EARNED: Sam Hoffman
  463. TIP: Press [DUp] (D-pad) open your journal and view inventory, skills, and community info.
  464. That's a bad idea.
  465. DANGER: Big Un Sighting
  466. Can you see me? I'm invisible!
  467. Cop
  468. It's a risk, but our people could thin out the zombies around our outposts. Should make the area a little safer.
  469. Vehicle
  470. I'll have to come back to this later.
  471. Dear whatever prick came in here to loot my house: one can of food in this kitchen is poisoned. Good luck, asshole.
  472. Can't help you there.
  473. Target located.
  474. %1$s ran into some trouble, but at least they got the supplies home. - %2$s
  475. PERSONAL SKILL. Your Honor, I must object to opposing counsel's attempts to chew on my head.
  476. If he offers to show you a trick, say no.
  477. Might find some here.
  478. I'll uh… I'll mark it on your map.
  479. You came looking for me? Wow... didn't expect that.
  480. Can you grab a car or something?
  481. Let's look in here.
  482. TIP: Press [Back] to view Mission Opportunities.
  483. I don't know why he kept it, but... it kind of made me realize I don't have anything to remember him by.
  484. Medical Area
  485. Maya didn't join us until pretty late in this whole thing, but right from the beginning she was one of us.
  486. Isolation
  487. I sprained the hell out of my ankle.
  488. Look for "Call for Scavengers" in the Radio.
  489. Gotta love bringing people in from the cold, right?
  490. I was out patrolling the other day. Wanna guess what I saw?
  491. Done and done. Tell Erik he owes us.
  492. Valdez
  493. Got word of an area that is rumored to have MEDICINE. Let's check it out.
  494. Fuses
  495. Can't talk now.
  496. Acquiring targets.
  497. One of the Wilkersons' gun thugs is waiting to talk to me. - %1$s
  498. Barricade's down!
  499. That's not gonna happen unless we get some more materials.
  500. SWAT team, pronto!
  501. Shoot the Sick Guy
  502. Goddammit, Alan.... - %1$s
  503. We appreciate it. Last we heard from him, Jack should be somewhere in this vicinity. Let's get looking.
  504. Hoff
  505. %s is now rested
  506. No, I'm not going to make a Black Knight joke here. Shut up.
  507. Sure, man. I can do that.
  508. Guyton
  509. Yes!
  510. Recoil Reduction Increased!
  511. Beware of Dog
  512. DECLINE MISSION. Nobody'll blame you for not helping. (Except the people at the Grange.)
  513. 1980's TV made this very recognizable.
  514. Well, I'd say remember me on election day, but....
  515. STORAGE facilities increase your maximum storage capacity.
  516. No, but they're none of the people we usually trade with.
  517. I wouldn't say no to a hand, pardner!
  518. Good.
  519. Well, when you get drunk you do stumble around like a zombie. Can't blame somebody for taking a shot at you.
  520. Basically, we'll be able to hear their radio transmissions. I'll patch the interesting ones through to you.
  521. Quality movie prop replica.
  522. Second of the seventy-fifth.
  523. Ding!
  524. In accordance with the new laws, all citizens sheltering at the courthouse are required to turn in any and all supplies found to the designated supply officer.
  525. Sure wish I could shoot like you. Damn, I've gotta practice more.
  526. Automatic Encumbrance
  527. Look before you leap.
  528. Amphetamines
  529. So now we're putting people in jail for keeping back a little food for their family? Jesus.
  530. Sorry. I shouldn't have assumed.
  531. Need to push the zombies back first.
  532. Mild-mannered treasurer for the town of Marshall.
  533. Sears
  534. Right. Well, thanks for the offer, but we're doing just fine on our own, and I'm damn sure not surrendering my weapon when the streets are full of flesh-eating dead people.
  535. Don't listen to him, he's just jealous.
  536. You're aces, baby. Straight aces!
  537. Mother of God....
  538. Okay, that was good.
  539. Got a message from one of our neighbors.
  540. So tape it shut and keep loading.
  541. I need help finding somebody.
  542. I'm gonna have to clear the area first.
  543. Swear to God, one of these days she's gonna snap.
  544. Scouted home sites.
  545. He was supposed to be gathering supplies from here. Maybe he's still inside.
  546. Yeah, I'm down.
  547. Trait Discovered: Rich Friend
  548. Let's make sure everybody here is armed.
  549. Heck
  550. Meet up with Sgt. Tan.
  551. Safely extracted.
  552. Our guys have hit on a way to make pretty reliable firecrackers.
  553. You see that up there?
  554. Sneaking through here is proving harder than I thought.
  555. TIP: [DLeft] or [DRight] (D-pad) to select an item. Press [RB] to use it.
  556. New Grave
  557. Unemployed
  558. I've got bad news.
  559. Community members who are Hurt have a chance to recover (or get worse) every day.
  560. That wasn't so bad. Anybody wanna go again?
  561. Event: Meds Tossed
  562. Ease up, Becca. Not everybody's out to kill us and take our stuff.
  563. Yeah, well... that was different.
  564. This won't do me any good. I'm still fresh.
  565. Aw fuck!
  566. Lunch Boxes
  567. I'm getting better at casing stuff quickly.
  568. Yeah, it's a regular walk in the park out here.
  569. Protect Sgt. Tan
  570. <Sigh> I guess I should go talk to her, huh? Can I bum a ride with you?
  571. Devon
  572. We'll crack open a cold one for you.
  573. Improved research
  574. You get up close if you want; me, I'll stick to killing zombies from as far away as possible.
  575. I could still use a hand with these infestations if you're willing.
  576. MIA
  577. This is for you. You've earned it.
  578. Copper Pipe
  579. Soon as anything contagious hits us, it'll spread like wildfire if we don't have an Infirmary. - %1$s
  580. If you're not trading, get lost.
  581. Turmeric
  582. Might want to swing wide, we got zombies off to the right.
  583. The church in Spencer's Mill. We're on our way. We'll, uh, try not to look too dicey.
  584. %d Trust with the Grange folks
  585. Well, then we need to get people out there looking for more building materials. Lumber, nails, tools, that kind of shit.
  586. Hey, Lily. How you doing?
  587. Yeah, well, I pulled jury duty the last time Job Wilkerson was arrested.
  588. COMPLETED: Lily's Brother
  589. Ok, ok. I shouldn't have assumed.
  590. He hasn't woken up since it happened. We had to carry him back here.
  591. I need a suppressor on this gun.
  592. That's going to be way beyond what we can support.
  593. No, Quentin. She was a prostitute.
  594. This better be important.
  595. Look, I'm a pretty easygoing guy, but this? This is unacceptable.
  596. Sorry, we just don't have room for you right now.
  597. Car breaks down just outside of Trumbull and this was the cheapest place the tow truck could take me to.
  598. Sam? What are you doing out here?
  599. Failure at the Vet Clinic.
  600. Rest is the only other way to restore Max Vitality.
  601. I used to install the things for a living, and trust me--the expensive ones can survive a hell of a lot more than this.
  602. What do you suppose Ray wants?
  603. Score one for the still breathing.
  604. Course we're awesome. I'm on the job.
  605. I'm still not used to breaking into other peoples' houses.
  606. Couldn't have happened to anyone nicer.
  607. Sue
  608. Geez, %1$s, I know you hated high school, but did you have to shoot out every single window in the place? We need that ammo for zombie killing. - %2$s
  609. Meet Ray Santos.
  610. The way I see it, it's my job to see to the needs of our souls.
  611. MISSION: Sam Hoffman
  612. Never gonna make it on foot.
  613. Rusty Kukri
  614. The Lord has provided us a fine new home.
  615. Just... you know... scouting.
  616. It's an ugly choice, but we have to consider the risks to the entire community. -%2$s
  617. I'm feeling pretty good about having you guys around. - Your neighbor, %1$s
  618. From Outposts
  619. Pest Control
  620. COMPLETED: Army Activity
  621. Because we just figured out how to make pressure sensitive mines. Thought you'd want to know.
  622. Hey, I've got a favor to ask you. Could you stop by the store when you get a chance?
  623. Don't think I can break this bastard down.
  624. Aw dammit. No more painkillers.
  625. Anyway, I hope you know what you're doing. I'm really not sure being buddy-buddy with the Wilkersons is a good idea.
  626. Elias
  627. %d Construction Materials
  628. %1$s took care of that freak on their own. Bonus! - %2$s
  629. Sup, noob?
  630. HOME: Recovery
  631. Caterer
  632. No, no, everything's fine.
  633. Unable to contact any new survivors.
  634. Coming up here can't be a good idea. There's no wall. - %1$s
  635. Use repeated or loud NOISE to create a DISTRACTION.
  636. If no storage device is selected no save game will take place and all progress will be lost.
  637. Everyone knows this was a good move. The community feels a little more organized.
  638. I can't leave yet. It's my fault our food stores went bad. I've got to make that right.
  639. Come on. No sense in screwing around.
  640. Karina
  641. Care to elaborate on that?
  642. Gallery Owner
  643. Quentin wanted me to snoop into Becca/Alex's background. I didn't think it was a good idea. - %1$s
  644. Use the "COMMERCE: Biodiesel" action at the Storage facility.
  645. Ha. Nicely done.
  646. No sign of 'em here, either.
  647. MISSION: Trade Opportunity (Fuel)
  648. Specializes in clogged drains and right hooks.
  649. +40 Food, Ammo, Medicine, Fuel, and Materials capacity.
  650. Mendez
  651. Doubles quantity of all purchases.
  652. We both showed up to check the same convenience store for supplies. This was a couple days after everything started.
  653. Ready when you are. Hopefully we won't have to look too much.
  654. We need to make sure we're well fortified.
  655. Just... be careful, okay? I just got you back. I don't want to lose you again.
  656. I'd pretty much switched to buying everything on the internet.
  657. Drowning victims seem to come back as these toxic, BLOATED ZEDS.
  658. %1$s could have used a hand, but at least the search party got %3$s home. - %2$s
  659. Where's he at?
  660. We're running low on food.
  661. <Groan>
  662. Ferris
  663. Don't be an idiot. Why would it be from their stock?
  664. Our only hope is to band together, stand strong, and do whatever is necessary for the survival of the human race.
  665. Somebody left some guns behind.
  666. Should I tell everyone to pack up?
  667. Have rifle, will travel.
  668. This piece of shit needs a tune-up.
  669. A special attack that hits everything in a wide area in front of you, with a chance to trip or dismember.
  670. Camryn
  671. Win or lose, time keeps moving forward.
  672. So after Mickey beats the hell out of them and drags them out to the farmhouse, Job decides to "teach them a lesson."
  673. See? What'd I tell ya? Couple pills, some bandages, good as new. - %1$s
  674. XP BOOST: Wits
  675. Church of the Ascension
  676. Sounds like a fair trade.
  677. Gunfire just draws 'em closer, dumbass.
  678. Yeah. I heard a few of their goons hit the gas station outside town, found a couple survivors holed up there.
  679. Plus he's not half bad in a fight.
  680. Alright, you're safe. Let's go. Let's go!
  681. Science and Nature Magazines
  682. Rebane
  683. Bowls
  684. We keep expanding at this rate, and by the time this blows over we'll be our own little mini-country.
  685. Tanner Lake
  686. All right, we'll go. We're not here to pressure anybody. You folks stay safe, now.
  687. Rifle: M107 CQ
  688. Even better.
  689. Hmph. Don't need any of this.
  690. Some people have been seeing zombies with helmets or something.
  691. Wonder what happened to Danny anyways? I was on a supply run in his old neighborhood the other day, didn't look like anybody was living in his family's house.
  692. I'm not leaving empty-handed. Do what you can.
  693. It's too bad we don't have an infirmary. Looks like I'm gonna be laid up for a while.
  694. Siddown!
  695. Seems that way.
  696. Search Speed Increased!
  697. Over on the left.
  698. You can't reach your radio right now.
  699. ADVICE: Upgrade to Bunkhouse
  700. Keeping all our supplies organized would go a long way toward making things easier around here.
  701. I'd get better a lot quicker if we had a damn infirmary.
  702. BONUS XP (Multikill)
  703. Larsen
  704. Yeah! I'm with you in spirit!
  705. Roger that. Let me know when I should start paying attention again.
  706. Anything I need to deal with out there?
  707. Sons of bitches.
  708. QUENTIN BARNES. Completes current Build and Upgrade facility actions. (+1 Use every week.)
  709. Hanscomb
  710. NOTE: Fell Off A Truck
  711. 2x4
  712. That's nothing. I caught her earlier, staring at her pistol like it was her long-lost best friend.
  713. Yeah, well... your symbolism's still trite.
  714. Nadia
  715. Hey, where are you going?
  716. Gene
  717. Mission Scrapped
  718. Double Dead
  719. No pennant for us.
  720. Time is of the essence!
  722. Better make these count.
  723. There's a reason the Army chose this location. Pretty sweet. - %1$s
  724. Too many people are getting sick. I'm starting to worry.
  725. Better keep moving. We've got zombies behind us.
  726. Revolver: Model 29
  727. Have you met the Wilkersons? They're not the most enlightened guys. Somehow I doubt that they'd approve of me showing up to pay my respects.
  728. Right, so, yeah. After that incredibly awkward conversation, let's move on.
  729. Job
  730. So... how's it coming out there?
  731. Rate of Fire Increased!
  732. I promptly told them all to get fucked as soon as I turned 18. Moved out here and did my damnedest to forget everything they taught me.
  733. Escape Mt. Tanner and find the survivors at the church.
  734. We have more FOOD than we'll be able to store. - %1$s
  735. A Discreet Request
  736. So, creepy guy who wants a favor update?
  737. HOME: Flu Preparedness
  738. Requires Cardio Level 7
  739. You've gotta love how dumb those things are.
  740. In life, the Miller cousins were big and ornery . In death, they're much the same.
  741. Hey, I told you my sister wouldn't leave us to die.
  742. So let me get this straight. If these soldiers have been locked in the warehouse, and you can't open the warehouse door without power, and the power's been out for days....
  743. You see them?
  744. Cohen
  745. HOME: Expulsion
  746. You better get back here quick. I don't know how long we can hold them.
  747. +7%
  748. SEEK AND DESTROY: Infestation Cleared
  749. We're all hard workers here. We'll pitch in with anything you need.
  750. Kyle
  751. Wouldn't mind having someone looking out for me. How about it?
  752. I guess we're gonna have to fix that.
  753. We've burned through a lot of our ammo. We're gonna need more soon.
  754. I'm prepared.
  755. No, you just risked everything we have by leaving this place undefended! But I'm glad you're home safe.
  756. I didn't say that. Just, he should have known better, is all.
  757. Sheila
  758. Black Fever
  759. to begin
  760. Fighting hordes hand to hand increases the risk of our people getting exhausted or hurt. A bigger ammo stockpile will let us keep them at range longer. - %1$s
  761. Well, that's one less infestation for us to worry about. Remind me to send %1$s a fruit basket. - %2$s
  762. Sweet Setup
  763. Quentin may hold it together for today, but I'm not so sure about tomorrow. - Lily
  764. That's one more nest of these dead things we don't have to worry about.
  765. It's a good thing we got a decent food stockpile.
  766. Word's out about us being able to keep food from going bad. Another survivor group has approached us about pickling some vegetables for them. In exchange, we get to keep a portion for ourselves. - %1$s
  767. Oh, hey. Listen, no hard feelings about that business at the gate, right?
  768. %1$ds
  769. Climb the Water Tower
  770. Hey, look. If I'm gonna keep this up, you gotta give me some ammo.
  771. I was basically homeless. I was an addict... and I turned tricks to afford my habit.
  772. Pistol: Tac Master 1911
  773. All that rotten flesh... God, it turns my stomach. (Can cook.)
  774. Also our "get hit on by hot bait shop clerks" ritual.
  775. Jump
  776. Somebody's broadcasting something.
  777. Wouldn't have been so bad if we had some advance warning. We've got to get a watchtower set up.
  778. Yeah. Okay, sure.
  779. Well, Let's be honest here. When you get drunk you do kinda stumble around like a zombie. I mean you can't blame somebody for taking a shot at you.
  780. Nothing's ever easy, is it?
  781. Crusty Shovel
  782. Police Department
  783. Here, take this. We make our moonshine strong, should make decent enough firebombs.
  784. If we got randomly placed in a match together, I wouldn't mute your channel.
  785. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.
  786. Sacrifice your life in a blaze of glory.
  787. Yeah, yeah, shotguns are a classic, but you've still got to use them to improve your Shotgun Specialization.
  788. Ella
  789. I don't know how it happened, one minute %1$s and %2$s were just arguing, and then there was a gunshot, and %2$s was dead. - Lily
  790. Combat actions drain your Stamina 50% slower.
  791. 84 GENERIC Carlos Hernandez
  792. Mechanical Engineering Manuals
  793. Bet you we all get medals after this. Probably put us on all kinds of talk shows. Maybe even make a movie out of us.
  794. Rule #1
  795. People, how are we going through this much butter? Is somebody eating it like candy bars? Are you trying to construct a hilarious new zombie trap? Or are you just smearing it all over yourself and running naked through the streets screaming "I am the queen of dairy!" -%1$s
  796. It IS true that there's a place you can hit a zombie so its head will explode! (Weapon Specializations: Sweep, Spin)
  797. Fully gassed and ready to go.
  798. Lillian
  799. Kicked out of the community.
  800. Reflexes
  801. We... uh... have you run into trouble with the locals.
  802. That's not a building. Are you suggesting we start camping under the stars?
  803. Saunders
  804. Guerra
  805. Okay, this is starting to get seriously creepy. -%1$s
  806. Found by %1$s.
  807. Here, let me go find more, huh?
  808. Table Leg
  809. I can't thank you enough.
  810. We're moving out now, be there soon!
  811. Need beds for everyone.
  812. Oh, man... that was... holy shit. How'd we make it out of that one?
  813. Rea
  814. Actually, let's stay put for now.
  815. I'm not going outside with all these zeds around.
  816. Patrols will collect any such remains and deliver them to the Army for autopsy.
  817. Now, which one of these do I want...?
  818. Mission
  819. How'd you even find me, anyways?
  820. You've got two strikes already. Don't make it three.
  821. Heh. Dumbasses.
  822. You didn't see anybody at service last Sunday, Will. Nobody goes to those things because the rest of us are too busy trying to stay alive!
  823. Pfc. Winters
  824. They're wondering if we'd be willing to teach them a few survival skills.
  825. Get to the church.
  826. Good Cook
  827. Carruthers
  828. That's a load off my mind.
  829. 3
  830. DANGER: Bloated Zed Sighting
  831. Stockpiled since 1974, this example came out of an EOD training container.
  832. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Fuel Storage
  833. Jacqueline
  834. HOME: Relocated
  835. More arguing in the community. Things are too dangerous to not have an infirmary. -%1$s
  836. Boastful.
  837. %s Delivered!
  838. It actually looks like we could do something similar here.
  839. Distant Gunshots
  840. Seems like we missed an opportunity there.
  841. You have to think tactically.
  842. BASIC SKILL. Rule #1 for survival. If you run out of Stamina, that's it. Can't fight, can't run away. You're done.
  843. I don't know who's got those kinds of weapons, but knowing they're out there scares the crap out of me.
  844. We got him!
  845. SET UP: Fairgrounds Lockers
  846. Oh, real fuckin' cheerful. Where'd you get your Biblical Symbolism certificate? From an online college?
  847. Bunkhouse
  848. Jesus Christ....
  849. Outpost Overrun!
  850. This is no good.
  851. I hear the Wilkersons are up to the same old shit again.
  852. Okay, I guess we'll just.. muddle on here as best we can.
  853. I was always the 'sick kid' growing up. I felt helpless. Well, I'm still sick, but I'm not helpless. If you run into trouble out there, just remember: I'm listening.
  854. Requires Fitness Expert
  855. Am I crazy, or are they just walking the same route over and over?
  856. Fast Food Restaurant
  857. Thank you. I mean, I kinda already knew, but... it's good to hear it out loud.
  858. I haven't puked this much since college. What the hell did I eat? - %1$s
  859. All set!
  860. 24 STORY Bob Macklin
  861. Industrial Supply Store
  862. I'm hearing reports about some trapped survivors.
  863. Best thing about the zombie apocalypse? No more funny cat pictures on the internet.
  864. PANIC
  865. TIP: Press [A] to set or clear a waypoint.
  866. Swear to god, I trip over one more newbie, I'm gonna kill somebody.
  867. Nothing yet....
  868. Creates a couple homemade suppressors.
  869. 0 STORY Marcus Campbell
  870. Anya
  871. Missing Survivor
  872. Not good. Two more slipped into comas last night. I don't think they're waking up.
  873. Pistone
  874. Course, my wife didn't agree, but never you mind.
  875. Let's start looking.
  876. Koch
  877. Revelation 21:3 and 4. It's not all plagues and darkness.
  878. Who says they're his friends? I mean, maybe they didn't even really like the guy.
  879. Gal
  880. Caring personalities object to selfish actions (e.g., refusing to help someone in need).
  881. TIP: Return home and let someone else take over.
  882. Do not let them break through!
  883. They're hitting the right side!
  884. Pawn Shop
  885. The Minutemen ARE TOO better than the Goshawks! - %1$s
  886. Do not let 'em break through!
  887. Law and order. That was my life. Now there's no law and no order, but I'm still a cop at heart. (Improved Shooting.)
  888. Look for home sites?
  889. I know.
  890. Watch your distance.
  891. Killed by Alan Gunderson.
  892. Go easy. You're gonna kill yourself like that.
  893. HOME: Holding Together
  894. As bad as the situation is, in a way Becca welcomes it. The end of the world is an opportunity to forget the past and move on, and she's ready to become a new person
  895. Hinges
  896. I know. I'm sorry. We'll try to get you some more meds soon.
  897. You doing okay?
  898. DECLINED: A Helping Hand
  899. Trait Discovered: (Very) Ex-Militia
  900. If you're looking for something to do, I think I can hook you up.
  901. Only... you're going to need to go get him. From the sound of things, they're penned in pretty good.
  902. An iconic Austrian bullpup design.
  903. Looks like we're on our own.
  904. Maddox
  905. Used by special operations forces.
  906. Get 15 people in your community.
  907. If we don't get some more soon... shit, we might end up in the Donner family cookbook.
  908. Amazed the walls didn't collapse.
  909. You'd be surprised how much time and specialized equipment you need to get good at this. Too bad both are in short supply.
  910. I mean really, what's more important? Who she used to be? Or who she is now?
  911. Woo! They're right up on top of us!
  912. No pain, no... need for pills.
  913. Austin
  914. I can't shoot through walls, boy, you gotta handle the ones inside!
  915. Where the fuck are you?
  916. Kirsten
  917. Caden
  918. You all can scratch one more infestation off your maps.
  919. Charlie Actual, this is Charlie 6. We've got a bunch of civilians heavily engaged with zed about a half-klick from our position. Requesting permission to assist
  920. Damn, they're on that thing like hobos on a corndog!
  921. Materials Supply
  922. You think it's gonna be any better outside the valley? I'll give you a hint the pretty orange lights in the distance aren't sunsets.
  923. Create A Distraction For Eli
  924. Time to bail!
  925. FOOD RESOURCE. Soups, sauces, fruit, beans, and meat.
  926. This kind of surveying could be useful - I'll have to mark likely spots on my map. - %1$s
  927. Sgt. Tan found something, he wants to meet and it doesn't sound good. -%1$s
  928. Loud noises can be used to temporarily draw zeds away from you.
  929. At least the bullet didn't hit a major artery. That accident could have been a lot worse.
  930. ATTITUDE: Shaken Up
  931. We're gonna need you here for this one.
  932. It's way too easy for zombies to ambush us. We need to build a watchtower and curb that shit.
  933. Hey, don't be shy; I'm very approachable.
  934. Roger that. I'll take care of these. You go make sure you and your people are all stocked up and ready to blow this shit stand.
  935. You
  936. 9 seconds
  937. %2$s feels a little better.
  938. Screw this, I'll do it myself!
  939. Unarmed
  940. Not right now.
  941. Accusations
  942. Mild Stims
  943. No one is sick.
  944. Never made much sense to me. I mean, what, when the going was easy, were the tough just sitting around on their butts?
  945. Caviar
  946. See? Nothing to it. Now, why don't you run along, and if we hear anything, you'll be the first to know.
  947. Runner arrived. Starting to search.
  948. Morale Issue: Fear
  949. Cesar
  950. Sorry, you just… you don't really seem the type, that's all.
  951. 123 STORY Soldier
  952. Leah
  953. Big, slow and handles like a bug stuck in molasses. Sweet fake wood sides and lots of steel. A very tough four seater.
  954. We've had enough of being on our own. We'd love to join you if you'll have us.
  955. The radio calls sound pretty urgent. I don't think there's any way they're getting out of there without help. -%2$s
  956. We've had a couple of people showing flu-like symptoms. We're churning through meds trying to keep everyone well. - %1$s
  957. ADVICE: Build a Garden
  958. HOME: Ship Shape
  959. Everybody clear? Okay--fire in the hole!
  960. Let me see if I can make this place safer first.
  961. Wait there! I'll be back.
  962. I'm not exactly used to being rescued like that.
  963. Debug5
  964. That's it right up there. Make yourselves at home.
  965. Controller Vibration
  966. I didn't really know Ed. I don't think any of us did, really, not even Maya.
  967. Help the Stranger
  968. Set of Metal Files
  969. Psst! Hey!
  970. MISSION: Ally in Trouble
  971. We're missing someone! Help me search!
  972. Restores max stamina a fair bit. (Addictive?) Pure glass--the good stuff. Accept no substitute.
  973. Skilled rider who shows horses at the county fair.
  974. Investigate Becca's Background?
  975. The fuck is this busta-ass shit?
  976. Son of a bitch! You just can't trust anybody to know their shit around here these days, you know?
  977. You can pick locks. Of course you can.
  978. Sniping Zombies
  979. I'm not gonna be able to get everything home myself anyways. Give me a hand and I'll split the loot with you.
  980. It's not exactly your typical meet-cute, huh?
  981. Yo do realize that you're giving away our position with this Rambo shit, right?
  982. Has always offered to help you.
  983. Nobody wants to be the first to say it, but things are not going well around here. It's not my fault, I'll tell you that much. - %1$s
  984. You call it "wasting ammo," I call it "sighting in." It's sniper shit, I wouldn't expect you to understand. - %1$s
  985. 'We ran out of ammo.'
  986. Shotgun: M1014
  987. Hey, those new hands are going to go a long way.
  988. Upgrade
  989. Someone's a badass.
  990. DECLINED: Civic Duty
  991. This thing... black fever I guess they're calling it? It's bad. I mean, it's real bad.
  992. I don't know if I'm ever going to be as good as you.
  993. I ain't here to spare your delicate sensibilities, I'm here to see to your medical well-being!
  994. How's the leg?
  995. Set Up Basic Workshop
  996. Jesus, Ed, why'd you do that?
  997. To your left!
  998. Christopher
  999. Got a horde on the move.
  1000. Ah, shit, dropped my bottle.
  1001. Simpson
  1002. You can handle it.
  1003. Attention citizens. If any of your loved ones have contracted what's being called "black fever," we advise you to quarantine them immediately.
  1004. <Vomiting> Ah, shit. Guess that's it for me.
  1005. Kyler
  1006. And if he doesn't knock off this clinging vine thing, I think I might throttle him.
  1007. Hey buddy, come on. We're going for a walk.
  1008. Brace for contact, people!
  1009. Should be seeing your runners soon.
  1010. Our fortunes might just be turning.
  1011. Gonna go see how things look from higher ground.
  1012. MISSION: Zombie Infestation
  1013. Compact relative of the P226.
  1014. Guess anything's possible.
  1015. Rosenbaum
  1016. Give me a minute to rest. (Unavailable)
  1017. You know like nobody has guns over there? Can't imagine how much worse things are for him.
  1018. Our scouts can't go anywhere without running into hordes.
  1019. Well don't fucking dance with it.
  1020. Yes, let's do it.
  1021. Somebody's cruising for a bruising!
  1022. Seems all the stores are closed. We need to build and maintain fortifications and every other thing we need to survive.
  1023. You folks got any room at the inn?
  1024. Find out what the Wilkersons want.
  1025. One of our people's been gone a while.
  1026. Just a few more seconds!
  1027. Get your ass back here, Alan!
  1028. I'm not interested in your excuses. You got two days.
  1029. Dude, I can protect myself just fine.
  1030. Slow attack that hits all enemies around you and knocks them down.
  1031. Shit, at this rate you might beat my record!
  1032. Do you know what I had for breakfast today? Fucking tree bark.
  1033. We lost a friend today. Let's all take a moment to remember the sacrifice they made.
  1034. Shotgun: Hooker
  1035. We're headed your way. You said you were holed up in a church? What the hell's happening around here?
  1036. And...?
  1037. 140 STORY Becca Collins
  1038. Research Greenhouse Gardening
  1039. What are you going to do?
  1040. Seems to me you and I could be useful to each other. We should have a chat sometime soon.
  1041. Hansen
  1042. Man, I miss that tree fort.
  1043. Gossip
  1044. That, my friend, is how we do it!
  1045. You haven't heard?
  1046. Put a little thought into it, and a little can go a long way. (Improved wits.)
  1047. At least one screamer can be found in any Infestation.
  1048. Let's make sure everybody's armed.
  1049. You've got him on antibiotics?
  1050. Maybe it'll make a difference and maybe it won't, but I figure better safe than sorry.
  1051. <Nervous laughter>
  1052. No help whatsoever.
  1053. Attacks from Freak zombies or while you are on the ground reduce your Maximum Vitality.
  1054. COMPLETED: Diversion Request
  1055. Now that we've got the means, we should cook up a big, fresh meal. Get everybody's spirits up, you know?
  1056. Hey, even I can't carry everybody.
  1057. Hey, you need to back in here!
  1058. HOME: Facility Need
  1059. I think the stress is getting to her.
  1060. To help defend our home.
  1061. Silvia
  1062. People are already talking about leaving.
  1063. We gotta start loading up on gas, or these cars won't be worth squat.
  1064. Coulter
  1065. The People page shows information on your character, such as Name, Equipment, Traits, Skills, and Status. With a portrait selected, press [A] and use the D-pad to highlight specific items to see more information.
  1066. If your portrait is currently selected you can use D-pad [DLeft] to manage items in your inventory. This is where you will Equip and Unequip weapons, Reload guns, Use consumables, and Destroy unwanted items.
  1067. Wilkerson
  1068. But you might want to be on your best behavior with them. That's all.
  1069. Hey, if there's anything I can do, just let me know. I'm ready to go. Ready. To. Go.
  1070. Return Home
  1071. +15% to profit margin.
  1072. Don't take it personal. She's under a lot of strain. We're penned in pretty good by these things, and like you might have heard we're shorthanded.
  1073. But we've got to have each others' backs. Together we can survive this shit. But on our own, we're done for.
  1074. Up here!
  1075. So... what now?
  1076. You can SWITCH control to any of your FRIENDS.
  1077. I can't believe we survived that.
  1078. Can fix just about anything... as long as he's got a steady supply of whiskey.
  1079. Thank you, I know, it's great to be me.
  1080. I'm gonna go check on Eli.
  1081. Sweet. We can always use more two-by-fours.
  1082. And the steady supply of ammo won't hurt.
  1083. Let me know if you want to head back together.
  1084. No
  1085. Machado
  1086. Dunno, but I tell you what - I put 'em in the ground once, I'll do it again.
  1087. Over to your left.
  1088. Available Influence
  1089. Switches
  1090. Accountant
  1091. But I really want to know who walked out their front door, looked upon the end of civilization as we know it, and went "Man, I'm gonna have to take some shits. Better stock up on two-ply ASAP."
  1092. Brass is losing their damn minds....
  1093. I'll show you when I get there.
  1094. Guenthner
  1095. Maybe. Figured we can't have too many materials on hand.
  1096. You here to trade, or get punched in the fuckin' mouth?
  1097. Fix Up Storage Room
  1098. Syringes
  1099. Arrested Developments
  1100. Man, that sucked on toast.
  1101. Pistol: P 226
  1102. MISSION: Stranger in Trouble
  1103. I never really wanted to be big and strong and lug heavy things about... I'm good with it now, though. (Physical powerhouse.)
  1104. Felix
  1105. Graciela
  1106. More food isn't going to do it. I need rest.
  1107. Lab Equipment
  1108. Preparing Traps
  1109. Hell, she'd probably handle it better than I do. She always was the smart one in the relationship.
  1110. Achievements
  1111. You here to trade, or play grabass?
  1112. Got word of an area that is rumored to have MATERIALS. Let's check it out.
  1113. If this turns into another joke about sausage, I swear to God....
  1114. RECOVER: Supplies
  1115. I appreciate you doing this. It's good to see people with a head for business making their way in the world. Reminds me of myself.
  1116. So here's the thing. We've had zombie attacks like five times already, and a couple times they actually got inside.
  1117. Master the use of Pistols.
  1118. My folks, not so much. Dad worked at the lumber yard when his back wasn't "out," mom was a cashier at the boot store.
  1119. All right, you lazy fuck, you're on your own from now on.
  1120. Aw shit, there's more of 'em coming.
  1121. Look, it's a lot more complicated than just grabbing stuff off shelves and hoping you get lucky. You've got to know filing systems, interlibrary loans.... and none of that really exists any more, does it?
  1122. What's going on, you two?
  1123. Brendan
  1124. Plus you get to crack some skulls when folks get uppity.
  1125. SET UP: Library
  1126. There we go.
  1127. Mckenna
  1128. Okay, that was way too close.
  1129. Did you want anything else?
  1130. START MISSION. Trade 1 Case of Ammunition for 5 Barrels of Fuel.
  1131. You think she's okay?
  1132. We have our own problems to worry about.
  1133. That's one less freak for the rest of us to worry about, courtesy of %1$s. - %2$s
  1134. Library
  1135. How about we fight these things together?
  1136. I'm there. I'll take a look around.
  1137. Carpenter's Glue
  1138. Long time Marshall garbage man who hoards useful stuff that people throw away.
  1139. Provides additional resources each day... until the supply runs out.
  1140. Depressed community members won't pull their weight.
  1141. Numbs the pain, but won't help serious wounds.
  1142. We've got this place locked down.
  1143. All right. You deal with the power, and I'll meet you at the warehouse when you're done.
  1144. So I jumped out the back window, and of course what happens? I land right in the middle of a goddamn horde.
  1145. Eccentric
  1146. Found a large stash of %s
  1147. Yeah, that's real heartbreaking. Thing is, that doesn't change our bottom line.
  1148. Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!
  1149. Yeah, I can probably pick this lock.
  1150. Available at the Grange
  1151. Follow Job inside
  1152. Deliver the Supplies
  1153. Wait here.
  1154. Now's not the right time. We should talk about this later.
  1155. No way. I need to rest up before I do that.
  1156. We're down to scraps for building materials. We really need more.
  1157. ATTITUDE: Concerned
  1158. I just got a report on something you might want to check out.
  1159. Anybody receiving that knows a place to stock up on ammo? We're looking a little light here.
  1160. We're all hard workers here. We'll pitch in with anything you need if you'll let us move in with you.
  1161. Fame
  1162. Thanks. You're a pretty good teacher.
  1163. Yeah. I don't think I'll want to come back here. Like, ever.
  1164. Barely even remember the last time I ate.
  1165. Displaced persons.
  1166. I've got you now.
  1167. Cecilia
  1168. Point.
  1169. We've had sightings of a really big zombie around there.
  1170. Okay. Now we're done. I'm headed home.
  1171. 40 GENERIC Winona Hesse
  1172. Heofle
  1173. This area's all clear.
  1174. I'll help you look.
  1175. Yeah, good call. It's a good thing I brought my rubber hose then, huh?
  1176. Holy shit am I glad to see you guys!
  1177. That's fantastic!
  1178. You still should have talked to the rest of us first.
  1179. Requires Shooting Level 6
  1180. Might want to ask Job about it. Mickey's got that temper, I'd hate to think how he'd respond to an accusation like that.
  1181. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Gaining Trust
  1182. Poker
  1183. I'm almost done. It'll only be a minute.
  1184. Funny thing about construction tools, they make pretty good zombie-killers.
  1185. One-Time Jock
  1186. Some people say I'm strange. I think they're the strange ones.
  1187. Heads-up.
  1188. That's a zombie horde. Those you want to avoid.
  1189. I was back at the stern, and everybody who was there swears I didn't make a peep when I went over.
  1190. An Elevated Perspective
  1191. PERSONAL SKILL. Did you hear about Mary Jo Bligh?
  1192. How about lending a hand for once?
  1193. How about you help me out here, sugar?
  1194. Now this is just fucking ridiculous.
  1195. We need to build some real defenses.
  1196. Flame Fougasse
  1197. He's hanging in there, but let's just hope we find the Doc soon. Those antibiotics would be a big help, too.
  1198. Janson
  1199. HISTORY: Fled
  1200. A mysterious offer.
  1201. %+d Community Morale.
  1202. And, of course, all firearms will be surrendered. Only duly appointed law enforcement officers are allowed to go armed.
  1203. Yes! The power's back!
  1204. Man, I had no IDEA assault rifles made killing zombies so much fun. Gonna have to do that again. - %1$s
  1205. %1$s nearly killed %2$s.
  1206. Get in Ray's Car
  1207. Brynn
  1208. Antonio
  1209. Quentin
  1210. We sit around talking about our feelings all day, and then what? He turns when nobody's looking? Eats three of us before we put him down?
  1211. I'll be here.
  1212. On of our runners still hasn't checked in.
  1213. Control
  1214. We need to get people trained up on proper trigger discipline, or this is gonna keep happening.
  1215. Fuel Supply
  1216. I turned down a mission. Maybe I could have been more tactful. - %1$s
  1217. The Alamo
  1218. Ask around.
  1219. You are just going to have to trust my judgment. (Can be Overbearing.)
  1220. I know just the person to get this thing working.
  1221. Just calm down. Calm down. We'll find her.
  1222. I'm always ready to lend a hand.
  1223. Cool.
  1224. Complete a survey activity.
  1225. All right, we've done what we came for.
  1226. Debug2
  1227. Thanks. You don't know what this means to us.
  1228. It's too bad we don't have an infirmary. As it is I'm gonna be laid up for a while.
  1229. Completing missions helps, but you can also gain TRUST with individual actions like cheering someone on after a kill.
  1230. Found a stash of canned goods. -%1$s
  1231. Really? That's great!
  1232. We don't have the resources.
  1233. Somebody ought to step up and man the infirmary. Not doing us a lot of good otherwise.
  1234. Don't panic, but they're behind us.
  1235. No! We do not have time!
  1236. It's fine. Let's... let's get you to the infirmary.
  1237. Advice: Upgrade to Medical Lab
  1238. START MISSION. This could get pretty intense.
  1239. Things are getting pretty crowded. Might be time to start looking for a new place to stay. - %1$s
  1240. Gain +3 AMMO to train survivors from another community in self-defense.
  1241. Snap out of it! We need to keep going!
  1242. We just don't have what you want.
  1243. Reports are still sketchy, but it sounds like suicide. Somebody found them all with gunshot wounds to the head.
  1244. I've got big plans. Big plans.
  1245. Badass
  1246. ATTITUDE: Determined
  1247. Level 5
  1248. So they say I've got my head in the clouds? Well I'd point out that there's no point in everyone seeing things from the same perspective.
  1249. Infestation
  1250. They're coming in from the front!
  1251. You're wearing yourself out.
  1252. Create Biodiesel
  1253. Let me poke around here a little bit more.
  1254. We've had trouble getting the supplies from one of our outposts.
  1255. Well, shit.
  1256. Upgrade to Workshop
  1257. Rifle Specialization Improved!
  1258. We can do that.
  1259. Famous for his sausage.
  1260. Hey, at least I know if my ass runs into trouble out there, somebody'll be coming for me.
  1261. So how would you go about building this?
  1262. Spin
  1263. I'll look around, see what we got.
  1264. But if there's anyone who'd want to say goodbye to him, I'd keep them close at hand.
  1265. Want any help?
  1266. We did a few good things today. I'll grant you that. - %1$s
  1267. Enjoyed Camping
  1268. Keep an eye out for zombies--I'll be as quiet as I can, but, you know… hammer.
  1269. Forget it.
  1270. Leave the Area
  1271. We've gotten a reputation for being selfish and heartless, and I agree. I can't be a party to this. - %1$s
  1272. Weights
  1273. Always good for a laugh and a misadventure.
  1274. It was just me in a chainmail dive suit, a couple of bang sticks, and great whites off the coast of Australia.
  1275. NOTE: All Clear
  1276. Don't try to talk me out of this. I've seen what happens to people who get bitten. I don't... I can't... face that.
  1277. There's something weird going on there.
  1278. MATERIALS RESOURCE. Just what we'd need to do a little construction.
  1279. Wants to think the best of everyone.
  1280. Spray and Pray
  1281. Where the hell did these nutjobs come from? And why are they so... bitey? - %1$s
  1282. Hey! Got any good stuff for trade?
  1283. Just... just hang on. Somebody will be there soon.
  1284. It's just up here a little ways.
  1285. Killed one of each freak zombie type with your car.
  1286. Quentin Barnes?
  1287. Okay, go ahead.
  1288. No, goddammit, I said I was gonna do it, I'm gonna do it!
  1289. Morphine
  1290. Requires Reflexes Level 3
  1291. Look for a place to find medicine.
  1292. Yep. We're on our way.
  1293. Rifle: Ranch King
  1294. Pull it together! We're leaving!
  1295. Don't worry, it's not too far.
  1296. High-End Exotic
  1297. We'll take care of the repairs.
  1298. Sure. I understand. You've still got food for us though, right?
  1299. We're packed in like sardines. I'm thinking maybe it is time to move.
  1300. Clemency
  1301. Some days you wish people knew more survival techniques and less sports trivia.
  1302. Come and Knock On Our Door
  1303. Okay, but I can't wait forever.
  1304. Couple of days later, who should I run into in the back of the Tartan Mart?
  1305. You've called in this favor too many times recently.
  1306. Yeah. Not far now.
  1307. Post Office
  1308. Come on out, you dead fucks. Got a present for ya.
  1309. TIP: Press [X] repeatedly to knock an enemy off the car door.
  1310. Hey Lily, just wanted an update on stuff at home.
  1311. Out of ammo. See you next time.
  1312. Protects against spoilage.
  1313. Pull [LT] to draw your gun.
  1314. As you increase your mastery of shotguns you'll be able to maximize the effectiveness of the weapon's kill zone.
  1315. Collect medicine.
  1316. I was out with %2$s when things turned south. - %1$s
  1317. SUPPLY RUN: Materials Found
  1318. Trait Discovered: Perspective
  1319. Ava
  1320. Has anybody seen %1$s? They're way overdue, and from the way they've been acting lately, I'm afraid they might have run off. -- %2$s
  1321. Damn it. Well, every little bit helps.
  1322. I wonder what the hell happened to him? I hope he's still out there somewhere, just straight up picking fights with zombies for shits and giggles.
  1323. A lawyer from the city who happened to be in Marshall when shit went down.
  1324. Okay, now we're looking for high concentrations of brain-eating assholes. Let us know what you find.
  1325. Food and water are priority number one. Each case will feed several people for a day.
  1326. We'd better move before more of 'em show up.
  1327. Upgrade to Dojo
  1328. Uh, excuse me. I require immediate assistance!
  1329. A built-in sleeping area.
  1330. Allows you to upgrade an Infirmary to a Medical Lab.
  1331. Jesus... no. I... I can't do that.
  1332. Perform a hand to hand double kill special attack.
  1333. Eenie meanie miney mo....
  1334. Kahn
  1335. Let me take a look.
  1336. Door number three it is.
  1337. Chess Club
  1338. Seems like they're moving around a bit.
  1339. What the hell was that?
  1340. We could really use a watchtower. Y'know, someplace we can post a lookout and snipe zombies from.
  1341. Everything's gonna be alright. (Idealistic.)
  1342. Tough as Nails
  1343. I'll still need a WORKSHOP to actually make them.
  1344. Yeah. Anyways, not long after that was when Lily was diagnosed. Our dad was, um... well, he was kind of a wreck.
  1345. Long
  1346. I don't have anything to say.
  1347. Sometimes, out of nowhere, my hands just start shaking. How am I supposed to shoot straight with shaky hands? - %1$s
  1348. Delay your decision. They might survive for a bit, right?
  1349. Settings
  1350. Shh… it's okay. It'll be over soon. Just close your eyes.
  1351. Famous design, in the WWII configuration. (replica)
  1352. Built In Bunkhouse
  1353. Save on this storage device
  1354. Advice: Build a Garden
  1355. Hold Up
  1356. 7 seconds
  1357. Yeah, I got this one. Get ready to watch the master at work.
  1358. Key survival gear.
  1359. I did what had to be done. But will the Wilkerson's forgive me for it?
  1360. Old Pickup
  1361. Hey, I'm not sure what happened, but I think we've gotten separated.
  1362. SCRAPPED: The Vet Clinic
  1363. HOME: Foraging
  1364. The Law
  1365. Potassium Nitrate
  1366. Maldonado
  1367. Precision Drill Bits
  1368. We gotta help them! Please!
  1369. Cars left here overnight will be repaired a bit. REQUIRES WORKSHOP.
  1370. Does it clear the debt or not?
  1371. If there's one man all of us want to keep alive, it's Doc Hanson.
  1372. 80 GENERIC Omar Magnusson
  1373. Fuck this. Anybody wants to avoid court martial stay where you are. Anybody else, on me!
  1374. Can't do this one on foot.
  1375. +5 Panic
  1376. Looks pretty safe over there.
  1377. They got through!
  1378. Oh. Hey.
  1379. Advice: Build a Medical Area
  1380. Jonathan
  1381. There you go. Don't say I never gave you nothing.
  1382. You doing this or what?
  1383. Uhh….
  1384. Choi
  1385. This is awful.
  1386. Even quarantine don't seem to stop it. Isolate a patient and a couple days later it crops up in the folks next door. Damnedest thing I ever saw.
  1387. Dammit, can't you see I've got other things on my mind? Take some aspirin and call me in the morning.
  1388. The roads near you are too crowded.
  1389. MISSION FAILED: Anger Management
  1390. Fearful community members may panic.
  1391. How are things on the home front?
  1392. You can carry more items per stack.
  1393. I don't know if you knew this, but nursing homes, hospitals, places like that? They were some of the worst hit early on.
  1394. The Basics
  1395. It's nothing. I just... took a bad fall. Lucky a good Samaritan happened by and helped me back here.
  1396. START MISSION. Try to find a lost community member.
  1397. We're clear!
  1398. I'm not willing to risk that. We're barely holding this block; we don't try to expand until we've consolidated.
  1399. Come on, you fuckers! Dinner's served!
  1400. Keri
  1401. Need a little more breathing room.
  1402. Dissection Tools
  1403. Chemical Incendiary
  1404. All things considered, I think we're doing pretty okay.
  1405. Garland
  1406. Look, why don't you come stay with us? We've got room.
  1407. I'm out. Pleasure doing business with you.
  1408. Sure. Never know when things will change. Best to be flexible.
  1409. <Sigh of relief> Thank you. Now please smack him in the head for being an idiot.
  1410. Beaty
  1411. Marshall's seen some bad times and some good, but my family's always done our part to help her through the bad and make the good even better.
  1412. There are still a few things to do out there.
  1413. The runners need some help!
  1414. Thank you. I feel a lot more confident now.
  1415. Delay the mission.
  1416. Damn, get it together!
  1417. Good Night's Sleep
  1418. Right, right. Well, thank you very much for the offer, but we're doing just fine on our own, and I'm damn sure not surrendering my guns while the streets are full of flesh-eating dead people.
  1419. Nothing important here.
  1420. Look, we... we're sorry, right? We're just trying to get by. Same as everybody.
  1421. We need some more sleeping space. People are already sharing beds in shifts.
  1422. Mickey Providing Overwatch
  1423. Looks like you're slowing down. Food might help a bit, but you need rest.
  1424. Pro shooters do it in the Weaver Stance.
  1425. We need help back at the towers!
  1426. COMPLETED: Ally in Trouble
  1427. FOOD RESOURCE. Industrial-sized ingredients.
  1428. All right. Let's get moving.
  1429. We need your help.
  1430. To turn a building into an Outpost, start by searching it completely.
  1431. MEDICINE RESOURCE. Container of medicine
  1432. Lankes
  1433. You get yourself home safe. Don't do anything stupid, ok?
  1434. Clear them out!
  1435. Check on survivor
  1436. Gauze
  1437. Stew Meat
  1438. Look, that "dinner" last night was revolting. Everybody knows it. I nominate we institute an "opt-out" program where people can take a little extra from the stores if they don't want to eat this deep-fried crap.
  1439. Read
  1440. Yeah, that's right.
  1441. Construction complete. I always wanted to say that.
  1442. You don't know the half of it. You prolly want to be gone when they get back.
  1443. You are HIDDEN. Remain in cover to avoid detection.
  1444. Take this. Better safe than sorry.
  1445. 73 STORY Ben Hanscomb
  1446. Don't worry. I made sure the shot would destroy my brain. I'm not going to turn on you. At least I can do that part right. - %1$s
  1447. Wilson
  1448. Current Objective
  1449. Anybody out there? You aren't alone.
  1450. Scary Santa
  1451. TIP: Press [LB] + [Y] to finish off a downed foe.
  1452. Yeah.
  1453. We got any more cereal?
  1454. Start a New Game
  1455. Find and Kill %s
  1456. Historian
  1457. START MISSION. Trade 15 Daily Rations of Food for 3 Cases of Ammo.
  1458. Olmstead
  1459. Sounds like everything worked out.
  1460. Give me a second to get it tuned in.
  1461. Speak softly and carry a big...
  1462. <Gasp> No!
  1463. You look like hell. You carrying painkillers?
  1464. Word's getting around about us. I've heard from another group of survivors who'd like to join us. - %1$s
  1465. BASIC SKILL. Sometimes the best defense is a lead pipe to the face. Other times, it's getting the hell out of the way.
  1466. I encountered a new group of survivors. They seem pretty sure of themselves. - %1$s
  1467. Okay, I'm at the generators. I don't see much damage, but they're definitely not running.
  1468. Look, follow me, okay? I know a place we can find some really choice stuff.
  1469. Good work, everybody.
  1470. Arnim
  1471. Just got word from Sheriff Parsons. I guess those people didn't make it. Thought you should know.
  1472. Howzitgoin'?
  1473. Protects against Food Contamination.
  1474. Keep an eye on %1$s.
  1475. I need a car delivered.
  1476. I think she put up such a tough front because getting close to people made it harder to lose them.
  1477. Studied Gymnastics
  1478. Hazel
  1479. Jesus. I'm getting tired of %1$s always trying to one-up me. Some people talk way too much, you know what I mean? - %2$s.
  1480. 'Today almost felt... normal.'
  1481. Watch out! Big ‘un coming again!
  1482. But I--
  1483. Capponi
  1484. Military First Aid Kit
  1485. Grandpa's favorite!
  1486. Okay, I know, I know, it was stupid of to come out here alone, I just thought... I dunno, if I could find something really useful, maybe Lindsey'd finally like me. You know?
  1487. Cerny
  1488. Keep your eye on the right, we've got zombies incoming.
  1489. MISSION: Lay of the Land
  1490. Unless we get more medicine quick, the next flu that rolls through here is going to wipe us out.
  1491. Traversoni
  1492. COMPLETED: Indefensible
  1493. God, I'm hungry.
  1494. No, I'm not letting you cut out my appendix! Not only are you not even close to being a doctor, we don't even have an infirmary! - %1$s
  1495. Corporal, are these results accurate?
  1496. Folding Cot
  1497. More of them headed this way!
  1498. Fuckers didn't have guns. They had dogs. I dunno what kind, but they were friggin' huge. Hungry, too.
  1499. It's a mess in here. This is going to take a minute.
  1500. Thomas
  1501. ATTITUDE: Spiteful
  1502. Calvert
  1503. Quick and efficient. Just how I like it.
  1504. It's a WHOLE bunch of explosives stuffed into a pipe. Extra shrapnel means more dead zombies.
  1505. The ammo that we've got isn't gonna last much longer, so we gotta either find more or we gotta start thinking about making our own.
  1506. The Army may have use for you.
  1507. Cool. This ain't over, though.
  1508. Impressed by seeing you rescue strangers.
  1509. Buildings go up. It's my job to make them come down. (Chemistry know-how.)
  1510. Cheat card played!
  1511. We've been hearing some rumors on the CB. People out looking for supplies getting robbed. Stuff like that.
  1512. Chef
  1513. This just gets better and fuckin' better.
  1514. Hey, better luck next time, I guess, huh?
  1515. Lukas
  1516. Sup, boss?
  1517. No one can be sick. Medical supplies are necessary for a healthy population. They can be used at an Infirmary to speed recovery from wounds.
  1518. Another survivor group has approached us about generating some biodiesel for them. They're offering 5 ammo in exchange. - %1$s
  1519. Yeah. It might be time I had a little chat with the Wilkersons.
  1520. Jacob has healed up from his wounds. - %1$s
  1521. Terrence
  1522. We've had to hole up.
  1523. That last attack really ate through our ammo stocks.
  1524. MISSION: Melancholy
  1525. Think that was the last of them?
  1526. We need to find someplace with a good stockpile of medications... someplace less obvious than a hospital or a pharmacy.
  1527. Alan and Sam took care of it.
  1528. Looks like we've got some preparations to make.
  1529. There's only so much everyone can do each day. Total up the people who aren't TIRED or INJURED. That's how much labor we have at any given time.
  1530. This make you feel any better?
  1531. Gonzalez
  1532. What?
  1533. See things through at the courthouse.
  1534. Too Many Infestations
  1535. That's what I'm talking about. Who the hell cares if the Army's here to protect us or not? We got this shit!
  1536. We could use a hand clearing the area.
  1537. Too bad he never got around to explaining the right spot to hit a human being in the head so their skull cracks open like an egg.
  1538. Test Enclave
  1539. BASIC SKILL. When the shit hits the fan, you need to think fast. The quicker you can assess a situation, the better chance you have.
  1540. Menocchio
  1541. Kill Score (Weekly)
  1542. Modern family sedan, stock. The registration says it's last year's model. Four seats.
  1543. I wish I could shoot like you. I've gotta practice.
  1544. COMPLETED: Mercy Shot
  1545. It's okay everybody! False alarm! Nobody got hurt, it's all good. - %1$s
  1546. Just got a call on the radio. %1$s made it home safe and sound. - %2$s
  1547. We should be fine from here.
  1548. HURT: Gravely Wounded
  1549. What the fuck? No, you cannot just ignore this.
  1550. Construction Expertise
  1551. Fair enough. If you change your mind, though, here's the address.
  1552. And another one down.
  1553. You're all nuts, you know. Squatting in what's left of civilization--where do you think all the zombies are concentrated? There's 8,000 acres of national park just on the other side of those mountains. Keep your Tartan Marts and Swines & Bovines, I'll go live in the woods. How hard can it be? - %1$s
  1554. SMG: UMP40
  1555. I feel bad asking for another favor, but don't tell the others what happened to me, okay?
  1556. Those fuckers can't climb, so I figure it's safe enough.
  1557. History of Farming Book
  1558. Well... that was exciting.
  1559. Kelley
  1560. Enclave
  1561. Taking out multiple zeds with one shot... Now that takes some real skill. - %1$s
  1562. Hope you ladies got your guns to hand, they're just about on us!
  1563. Lily says to talk with him, not Mickey.
  1564. We're getting light on ammunition.
  1565. Is that my food? Excellent. Hope you threw in a few cans of beans, one of my other clients loves those things.
  1566. USMC issue rifle. Badass attitude included.
  1567. Home Improvement Supplies
  1568. Heads up, folks. Our boys are out there right now, clearing the streets. Best you stay out of the area.
  1569. %+d Cases of Ammunition
  1570. Anyway, we were on our way back when these psychos rushed us out of goddamn nowhere.
  1571. Known for his temper.
  1572. Come with me.
  1573. ...and there I go.
  1574. Warehouse Lockers
  1575. Wish they'd just attack and get it over with.
  1576. AMMO RESOURCE. Military grade.
  1577. Okay. Yeah. I need to go talk to Becca. Alex. Whatever.
  1578. Engineer
  1579. Sheesh, he's got a temper on him, huh?
  1580. Naw, naw. I'm nursing a hangover so bad I'd probably just shoot you for breathing too loud.
  1581. Scouted for resources.
  1582. Hey, we've got some trouble out by the shed.
  1583. No food, no reason for me to stick around. Good luck with the zombies. - %1$s
  1584. Project: PALLAS Phase 1 complete. Evaluation: Vastly exceeded expected parameters. Phase 2 pending reestablishment of proper chain of command.
  1585. Little closer... little closer....
  1586. +100%
  1587. CONTACT: Words of Encouragement
  1588. 'You coulda killed somebody!'
  1589. And don't call me Becks!
  1590. Okay, I'm free and clear. See you soon.
  1591. Proximity Triggers
  1592. Library, Generator, Storage, Dining Area, Garden, Kitchen
  1593. BUILT: Sleeping Area
  1594. Health care background.
  1595. I'm headed out.
  1596. Fuel cans are getting pretty light.
  1597. Damn fool's probably drunk up a tree somewhere, but could you have your people keep an eye out for him? He's overdue by an hour.
  1598. Burning through Medicine
  1599. How many headshots was that?
  1600. Hey, we're all dealing with the same bullshit, okay?
  1601. So, uh... haven't seen you around the church before.
  1602. Dude, too close, too close!
  1603. That didn't work.
  1604. I didn't know poop could BE that color. We need somebody who actually knows how to cook. - %1$s
  1605. Goddammit!
  1606. Zombie moans fascinate me. I wonder if they're trying to communicate in some strange, primal way? (Research experience.)
  1607. Event: New Infestation Spotted
  1608. Upgrade to Machine Shop
  1609. I don't know. Whatever you say.
  1610. As for you, you take care out there. And enjoy the ride. I'm sure I'll see you around.
  1611. Well, at least the bullet didn't hit any vital organs. That accident could have been a lot worse.
  1612. Not Enough %s
  1613. Building an INFIRMARY will increase our chances of recovery in the future.
  1614. Rifle: Dog Leg
  1615. The one thing you can trust is that he can't be trusted.
  1616. Gathered 6 Daily Rations of Food
  1617. I got some zombies for you to shoot here, Mickey.
  1618. ATTITUDE: Welcoming
  1619. Copy that, we're Oscar-Mike.
  1620. And I remember very clearly, there was a moment before it lunged, when I could have bolted for the door to my dad's room, or the door to the courtyard.
  1621. Paid for our trouble.
  1622. Scales
  1623. Good quality, well maintained blade.
  1624. Caleb
  1625. So much for getting across here.
  1626. We've got things under control in here. You just get out there and keep them off our backs.
  1627. Dangers of sad community members.
  1628. Don't worry about it. I'll alert the troops.
  1629. Look, could we just not do this right now? Please?
  1630. Never did ask out that girl from the car dealership.
  1631. Adkins
  1632. BUILT: Dining Area
  1633. Hey, I think we've got a plan for getting out of this shithole. Meet us out by the pass, we'll go over it.
  1634. We can't manage another outpost.
  1635. Are you sure about this?
  1636. Look around. We're facing a disaster of unprecedented scale. We have no way of knowing how widespread it is or how long it will take federal authorities to respond.
  1637. Sacrificed your life in a blaze of glory.
  1638. BUILT: Cooking Area
  1639. Sgt. Tan wants someone to call out horde locations for his artillery buddies. -%1$s
  1640. So what's wrong with helping people?
  1641. Willing to lend you some firepower on occasion.
  1642. Shit, where these fuckers hiding?
  1643. Join Sgt. Tan.
  1644. Then we started hearing about how bad it was getting. Other people tried to go it alone and ended up....
  1645. More items available.
  1646. I have some questions for you.
  1647. Careful - Mickey's in a mood today.
  1648. Resource Bundles
  1649. While searching you will occasionally find a bundle of resources that can be brought back to your home and added to your Community's Stockpile. Press [A] to load it up and take it yourself, or press [Y] to radio in for some scavengers to take it for you.
  1650. Alternatively you can press [X] to break it open to get consumables of that resource type instead of adding it to your Community's Stockpile.
  1651. %1$s came running back home with some zeds in hot pursuit. Couldn't do much to help because we're out of ammo. -%2$s
  1652. I'm not sticking around here any longer. Let's go.
  1653. Heavy Bag
  1654. I dunno... what day is it today?
  1655. Food Storage
  1656. In position.
  1657. Don't let them break through!
  1658. 102 STORY Frank Fitzgerald
  1659. Crises cannot be ignored.
  1660. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Collect Weapons
  1661. Or?
  1662. Julia
  1663. %s Unknown
  1664. Holding up here. Looks like trouble ahead.
  1665. Great. It's locked.
  1666. Really? Wow, that's... thanks.
  1668. Found some fuel.
  1669. Eat that, you fucking pieces of shit! Yeah, come on back if you want some more!
  1670. SWAT's on the way.
  1671. Incendiaries and explosives may be your best bet.
  1672. Christ, we just can't catch a break, you know? Everything seems to be going wrong.
  1673. Zeds. 3 o'clock.
  1674. leveL
  1675. Lopez
  1676. Gonna have to hoof it.
  1677. Don't mention clowns around him.
  1678. Hydrogen Iodide
  1679. We need to be more careful. Watch out for hordes.
  1680. She was supposed to be gathering supplies from here. Maybe she's still there.
  1681. Damn! These guys pick on you in high school or something?
  1682. There's no point in dwelling on the past. Sure, we aren't all perfect. I'm not perfect either, but I look around and I can tell you one thing: I believe in us. All of us. - %1$s
  1683. Sleaze
  1684. One version of the ever-evolving M14.
  1685. Miguel
  1686. You know what weirds me out about this whole thing? All the toilet paper disappeared in the first few days.
  1687. Bringing everyone down.
  1688. Generators guzzle the stuff more than you'd think.
  1689. Thank God. I was starting to worry there was nobody else left.
  1690. Wiring
  1691. Yeah. True story.
  1692. I really appreciate it. Really. I'll stay here in case they turn up.
  1693. Oh. No, I see. I see. Well, I guess I can't blame you.
  1694. This is, uh... Wow, this is a lot of ammo. What were you planning to do with it?
  1695. Unlocks one of two Special Attacks based on your Weapon Specialization.
  1696. Seek and Destroy
  1697. Need tools expert.
  1698. Sell a Piece
  1699. Well, so much for that trade op. I'll let you know if I hear about any more. - %1$s
  1700. We don't get enough warning of these attacks. We need to build an outpost.
  1701. Help me out, brah!
  1702. Okay, come on.
  1703. Friendly Survivors
  1704. You've joined a Community! Press D-pad [DUp] to open your Journal and learn more about your fellow survivors on the People page.
  1705. Well, your concern's noted, but we haven't had any problems here. We look after our own.
  1706. Let's bounce, baby.
  1707. Sleep Deprivation
  1708. Thanks to the brave actions of our Trumbull County Sheriff's Deputies, the lawless elements that plague the rest of the valley have been kept out of Marshall.
  1709. Okay, that's enough.
  1710. Greatly reduced Vitality and Stamina. Bed rest is advised. Little chance of recovery without medical intervention.
  1711. Wind-Up Alarm Clock
  1712. We're happy to help however we can, of course--don't think we're asking to freeload.
  1713. Church
  1714. I need more than a shoulder to bust this open.
  1715. Are You Blind, Ump?
  1716. Ooh, yeah, everybody loves you.
  1717. The towers are in trouble!
  1718. The more Infestations out there, the more dangerous things are.
  1719. COMPLETED: Fork In the Road
  1720. Chemistry
  1721. I think I can get a decent view from up there.
  1722. Aw shit!
  1723. Help! Anybody!
  1724. Wish I could, but got some other business to take care of right now.
  1725. Look, I... I didn't want to say this in front of your friend, but fever is a bad sign, especially after a bite.
  1726. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Food Storage
  1727. We're planning a little DIY around here. Anybody know a place we can find some materials?
  1728. START MISSION. Go on a training run. Gain Trust.
  1729. STATUS: Malnourished
  1730. Right about now I'm wishing I'd gotten into horror books. Probably have some good survival ideas in there.
  1731. Are you sure you want to overwrite this save game? All previous save data will be lost.
  1732. I recognize some of this. It's the same shit the geek squad was carting around when they were trying to find out what caused this.
  1733. Restores max stamina a fair bit. (Addictive?) King of the Road Trucking Pills. Truck as hard as you want. The label says fenethyl-something, only approved in Europe.
  1734. You're all a bunch of assholes.
  1735. Bandages
  1736. The grand tour.
  1737. Debug
  1738. If you're in a hurry, let me know.
  1739. Yes sir, officer.
  1740. Jesus, don't talk like that!
  1741. Waypoint (Home)
  1742. Guys, guys, guys... for the last time, if there's fuzz on the bread, you throw it out. We can't eat this! - %1$s
  1743. This place is starting to get kind of gross. People are just eating wherever, leaving messes....
  1744. The rest of the ammo you're owed. That should clear the debt.
  1745. Creates a few homemade firecrackers.
  1746. Zombie Horde Infested Location!
  1747. Where the hell have you- oh my Lord, what happened to you?
  1748. %d m
  1749. Requesting sniper support.
  1750. Land Usage
  1751. I didn't come out here to talk about my feelings, okay?
  1752. Not a chance.
  1753. Mickey Wilkerson's got a "job" for interested takers. I'm not sure I want to know. - %1$s
  1754. I can hardly even walk right now, let alone that.
  1755. Wouldn't say no to a little help.
  1756. Alright, found you.
  1757. I can't help you.
  1758. Morrison
  1759. Are you sure? That's a big decision.
  1760. I like a fight as much as the next guy, but we gotta be more quiet.
  1761. She usually goes to ground here when things get bad. Maybe that's where she holed up.
  1762. Gathered 8 Daily Rations of Food
  1763. Relocate your home base.
  1764. It's getting ridiculous
  1765. I'm in complete awe of the balls it takes to go out there and find some crap somebody else lost.
  1766. Time to head home.
  1767. Day %d
  1768. I'm going home. See you around.
  1769. Trait Discovered: Problem Solver
  1770. This could work. Nice size, remote enough that there's not too many zombies....
  1771. Event: Morale Drop
  1772. If I get sick they're gonna shoot me in the head, I know it.
  1773. We let things get toxic in the community and now we've paid the price. - %1$s
  1774. All right, I think I'm okay now. Thanks.
  1775. XP penalty from A Pack a Day.
  1776. Sgt. Tan's artillery buddies will now provide support for you from afar if you toss an artillery marker.
  1777. We can't raise them on the radio--I'm afraid they're in real trouble.
  1778. You don't get special treatment just because you're pissed off. Don't act like the enemy or I will treat you like one.
  1779. Everything okay, man?
  1780. We need to find more food.
  1781. Requires OFFSHORE ACCOUNT.
  1782. Watch the Birdie!
  1783. MISSING
  1784. Sounds good. I'm on my way.
  1785. It's her way or the highway.
  1786. Plus, can you say "homemade ice cream?"
  1787. COMPLETED: Bad Tidings
  1788. There's nothing quite like cracking some skulls.
  1789. UPGRADED: Food Storage
  1791. You see a horde, sing out.
  1792. I can't remember the last time I had a decent night's sleep. We need to build a bunkhouse.
  1793. Music Volume
  1794. Guess I should have expected somebody to miss me.
  1795. Head of the county's Department of Transportation.
  1796. Taxi
  1797. Pemberton
  1798. The pages are too blood-soaked to read.
  1799. Clear The Infestation
  1800. Might be a good friend to have. Might be full of shit.
  1801. The town of Spencer's Mill is almost completely overrun with the walking dead. Pastor Will has welcomed a group of survivors into the church, where they are doing what they can to survive. - %1$s
  1802. Might want to consider finding a suppressor for your gun, if you haven't already.
  1803. Let's take a break.
  1804. The Sheriff wants some help clearing infestations. Guess I've been deputized. - %1$s
  1805. As for you... well. I guess we owe you one. Nice to see not all the decent folks are gone.
  1806. But at least we can make them now.
  1807. Wait, wait, what?
  1808. You might want to come back and restock. You don't want to rush in unprepared.
  1809. Listen, I don't think anybody here knows how to treat that.
  1810. TIP: Hold [Y] to build a barricade.
  1811. Eddie
  1812. Remove Food Storage
  1813. Holding hands and singing kumbaya isn't gonna keep us alive. Folks around here ought to remember that.
  1814. Becca
  1815. Now that you mention it...
  1816. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed.
  1817. We've got someone out scavenging.
  1818. Friend
  1819. All right, here's the deal. You work for us, you get a cut of whatever we bring in. Food, ammo, gas... well. Whatever.
  1820. Brett
  1821. Shit, Lily. We're down one.
  1822. Slow help is no help, they say.
  1823. You earned:
  1824. I'm your huckleberry.
  1825. Trucker Pills
  1826. Only reason I haven't killed myself already is I don't have a gun.
  1827. SET UP: Kitchen
  1828. Might have been a foolish move, but I turned down an offer from the Wilkersons. At least Lily'll be proud of me. - %1$s
  1829. Marcus didn't join us until pretty late in this whole thing, but right from the beginning he was one of us.
  1830. We're not safe anywhere.
  1831. I didn't really know Ed. I don't think any of us did, really, except for Marcus.
  1832. My world is nothing but evacuation. Kill me now. Please. - %1$s
  1833. So the dispensary she uses gets raided a week before my trip.
  1834. First against the wall when the revolution comes....
  1835. Gimme a minute.
  1836. Sloppy Joe Mix
  1837. So? When are they coming to get us?
  1838. 4 seconds
  1839. Destroy 10 hordes in one day.
  1840. Stylist
  1841. Can somebody get a bird's eye view of things and tell us what you see?
  1842. Center for research.
  1843. You're not supposed to be out here.
  1844. Rifle: SOCOM II ETR
  1845. This is a bad idea.
  1846. Or... wait... was I supposed to take a left back there? Shit. Mind watching my back while I check this?
  1847. Shop
  1848. Driver
  1849. Setting things up for safe food storage allows us to attempt sanitary food storage.
  1850. Boiled shoe leather is not a food group. I don't care how much you salt it. - %1$s
  1851. I've had enough of your crap!
  1852. How long have we got, Doc? Before he turns.
  1853. Water Tower
  1854. Foam Rubber
  1855. Alan has healed up from his wounds. - %1$s
  1856. If we can't defend those walls, there's no point in sticking together.
  1857. Rylie
  1858. This car's gonna get us more attention than we want.
  1859. But the squirrels are just fine. Hell, probably better--I've never seen a zombie go after a squirrel. Just saying.
  1860. We could use a few more outposts.
  1861. Has anyone out there seen my brother?
  1862. I'm sorry.
  1863. We don't have enough guns for everybody.
  1864. I just saw that truck again. I think they're watching us.
  1865. Storage Space
  1866. Here. A little something for you.
  1867. Chatman
  1868. HISTORY: Ran Away
  1869. For now, that's a good enough reason. It's bad enough fighting zeds, I don't want to fight the Wilkersons, too.
  1870. Wants to get to the Ranger Station.
  1871. Alright folks, let's do this quick. Let's get our shit and get the fuck out of here.
  1872. There's food here. Looks like it's still good.
  1873. Located an area that has AMMO.
  1874. Essential for home defense.
  1875. Wasted ammunition blowing off steam.
  1876. Toss this to target an area for artillery.
  1877. I just don't think we should be so friendly with them, you know? I mean, yeah, not many people left, stupid to burn bridges, yadda yadda yadda, I get that.
  1878. I don't have time.
  1879. We're getting close.
  1880. 85 GENERIC Lindsey Carruthers
  1881. Just let us go! I-I've got kids, man!
  1882. Buy one get one on merchandise at all stores.
  1883. Let me tell you, there's nothing like staring death in the face to make you really reevaluate your life decisions.
  1884. ...What?
  1885. Good kill.
  1886. I think I remember seeing a ranger station on the way in. Might be worth a look.
  1887. cuz I'd be more than happy to nail you to a tree and use you as bait.
  1888. HOME: Failed Expulsion
  1889. Hey, I think that place is inhabited!
  1890. All right. You did what you could.
  1891. It's never gonna get any better, is it? This is the way the world ends.
  1892. SMG: M1A1
  1893. Takes %s.
  1894. 134 STORY Captain Diane Montressor
  1895. Because the MidgameCheat flag is set, the library has been unlocked.
  1896. Cord
  1897. Pace yourself.
  1898. Here we go!
  1899. So the next time you guys get into an argument, try using your words. Sound it out.
  1900. Prevents mishaps when making explosives.
  1901. Stethoscope
  1902. Methadone
  1903. You know, in Chinese the word for "crisis" is the same as the word for "opportunity."
  1904. A whole bunch of our food just went bad!
  1905. North
  1906. Dentist
  1907. Doc? Doc's busy. Gotta fix up my baby brother 'fore he goes anywhere.
  1908. Let's make a deal.
  1909. Jack? Jack, do you copy? Dammit, man, where are you?
  1910. We could use a diversion.
  1911. Master the use of Shotguns.
  1912. We've got a pretty good handle on treating people's injuries, but there's a lot more going on out there than sprained ankles and zombie bites.
  1913. Just leave me alone, okay?
  1914. Sure. I understand. You've still got food for us, though?
  1915. Zombies up ahead. Go through, or go around?
  1916. Here. A little something for the pantry.
  1917. Supply Run Aborted!
  1918. Hmmm. Might be some people there.
  1919. Do not open the door!
  1920. Almost ready. Just got to take care of one thing first.
  1921. Flyer
  1922. Never thought I'd miss the paper so much. I used to look forward to that morning thump against my door, but the only ones I hear now are from those things trying to get in.
  1923. Would allow us to create more effective stimulants (Uses up medical supplies.) REQUIRES MEDICAL LAB.
  1924. %1$s is depressed.
  1925. Located an area that has FUEL.
  1926. Kaleb
  1927. What can I do? Well, I can make you a website on... paper? Yeah, not an ideal career path for the apocalypse, I guess. (Computer skills.)
  1928. How about we go together? I'll make sure nobody bothers you.
  1929. A dorm area with beds.
  1930. Have this. Better safe than sorry.
  1931. We're in luck, it's still a small one.
  1932. Rather than charging in blindly, Lily suggests using elevated survey locations to spot areas of heavy zombie activity and scope out places that are likely to have useful stuff. - %1$s
  1933. Jacob! Oh, thank God! When I heard what happened I thought I'd lost you!
  1934. Pretty sure if I try to run they'd swarm me in a few seconds flat. I need a ride.
  1935. This damn thing needs a tune-up.
  1936. <Death rattle>
  1937. Say, you want to try something really cathartic? Head up this way, I want to show you something.
  1938. PERSONAL SKILL. I forget, do you drink when you miss a shot or when you make a shot? Oh well, let's drink!
  1939. A sign in change occurred. You are now being returned to the title screen.
  1940. Sawyer
  1941. Goddamn miracle.
  1942. Runners should be getting close soon.
  1943. Doc's In Trouble
  1944. Hey dawg, sup?
  1945. You're doing great stuff out there.
  1946. Damn shame about Eli.
  1947. Upgrade Delayed
  1948. Found a bunch of dead people on patrol yesterday.
  1949. Things didn't go well.
  1950. Chemical Incendiaries available for construction.
  1951. The Assets page is where you can get an overview of your Community's Assets. Use the D-Pad to highlight specific items to get more information.
  1952. Status and Possessions show statistical information about your Community.
  1953. Stockpiles are the resources you'll need to keep your Community alive, safe, and healthy.
  1954. Knowing that an entire community is looking to me for guidance and support gives me the strength to carry on when all seems lost.
  1955. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Collect Ammo
  1956. Morelos
  1957. Kill 3 zombies with an exploding propane tank.
  1959. Hey, call me a coward, but things were going to hell. It didn't make sense to stick around.
  1960. Shouldn't be too much trouble, though.
  1961. That outpost is up and running.
  1962. The right flank. Watch it.
  1963. Seems like we've started to turn a corner here.
  1964. First, do no harm. (Medical knowledge.)
  1965. Rucksack of %s
  1966. See what I mean?
  1967. Morandi
  1968. 53 GENERIC Ashley Lake
  1969. Pipe Wrench
  1970. %1$s didn't have enough support to clear out that infestation. - %2$s
  1971. That's what happens when we don't have a clean place to prepare our food. This place needs a kitchen.
  1972. Requires SURLY BOSS.
  1973. Old and reliable, these pickups continue to be a favorite of the farmers who count on them every day. Slow but steady. Room for two in front and two in the bed.
  1974. STATUS: Sick
  1975. We're probably too late already.
  1976. You're in for a world of hurtin'!
  1977. Game Type
  1978. 'We're surrounded by infestations!'
  1979. All right, hop to it. Let's get this done and get the hell out. Try to keep the zombies outside, huh?
  1980. ADD MISSION. Earn a little more goodwill with the Wilkersons.
  1981. You know, when we first set up camp here, the Captain designated this as our R&R spot?
  1982. Delay your decision. They might be willing to wait a while.
  1983. Attempted Murder
  1984. Search for the Bloated Zombie
  1985. Good thing I brought my rubber hose, then.
  1986. It's not too far.
  1987. Thinks that's nonsense. Our top priority has to be taking care of ourselves.
  1988. All right, let's go try this.
  1989. Things look kinda bleak, huh?
  1990. So he'll come see Ed next, right?
  1991. Hey, look at your map again.
  1992. No Gun
  1993. Creates a few homemade explosives. Small chance of mishap.
  1994. Cries for days if she stubs her toe.
  1995. Alamo Food Storage
  1996. Has anybody seen Jack? He's still missing.
  1997. Aaden
  1998. Waypoint (Potential Home)
  1999. I don't think there's anybody left that's not hurt. Before long we're all gonna be screwed.
  2000. Thanks honey.
  2001. MISSION: Missing Survivor
  2002. Hobbyist's Materials
  2003. Pro Wrestling
  2004. A favorite of movie badguys.
  2005. Abandoned Site
  2006. Alexa
  2007. Loved Books
  2008. Let's rock and roll!
  2009. Okay. Got what we needed. Let's roll.
  2010. I don't know anymore.
  2011. I trust this won't be repeated in the future?
  2012. It's not a bite! Relax! I just need a little bit from our medical stocks and I'll be right as rain. - %1$s
  2013. Medical Treatment
  2014. You kick the bucket and who's gonna save my fucking soul, huh?
  2015. Global
  2016. Those who take on the mantle of leadership often suffer under its burdens.
  2017. Located an area that has MEDICINE.
  2018. All right then. Let's get to work.
  2019. Feels like I'm trying to give birth to a nuclear explosion. - %1$s
  2020. Scene of the Crime
  2021. You're one badass motherfucker, you know that?
  2022. Why do I doubt you're helping this guy out of the goodness of your own hearts?
  2023. Listen, we can do this fast, we can do it good, and we can do it cheap. Pick two.
  2024. Alan is back.
  2025. Kiss my ass!
  2026. Climbed up high and got a good look at the surrounding environs. It's important to do this periodically. - %1$s.
  2027. Rebecca
  2028. You get allergies, you blow your nose like a man and get back to work!
  2029. Hey, I could use your help!
  2030. Ask about Carl?
  2031. Influence
  2032. HURT: Busted Arm.
  2033. Okay, let's get the hell out of here! Lead the way!
  2034. Surveyed the area.
  2035. How'd you end up working in a soup kitchen?
  2036. Crushed
  2037. Liked Range Shooting
  2038. Keep clear of the window!
  2039. This one might be worth a look.
  2040. Achievements are not available while not signed in
  2041. Here you go. My pack was too heavy anyways.
  2042. We just wrapped up a construction project.
  2043. 10 seconds
  2044. LESSON 3
  2045. I Gotta be honest, I'm not sure how safe I feel here any more.
  2046. Zombie Horde Nearing Location!
  2047. It's time for a change in scenery.
  2048. That one looks vicious.
  2049. Discovered %s
  2050. They might still be alive in there!
  2051. Danielle
  2052. DANGER: Epidemic
  2053. Screamer
  2054. We need a better idea of what's out there. Somebody want to give us a lay of the land?
  2055. Random maulings, violent incidents at hospitals, black helicopters in the sky... just strange stuff.
  2056. Blue items active during Aiming.
  2057. Gilbraithe
  2058. %2$s rescued.
  2059. Created 3 Barrels of Fuel.
  2060. FOOD is key for keeping the community alive.
  2061. Antibiotic Ointment
  2062. Chem Lab
  2063. I know you don't owe us anything, but if you'd be willing to help us look, I mean we'd definitely make it worth your while.
  2064. Won't be long now.
  2065. Stay calm, let's look around.
  2066. Restores max stamina a little. It's cold, it's stale, and I think it was filtered with zombie guts, but dammit, it's coffee.
  2067. I think we've got room for you, if you're interested.
  2068. Jackpot.
  2069. Huh. Not many zeds over there.
  2070. She was a prostitute?
  2071. Well, tonight's menu features beans, with a side of beans in a bean demiglace over a bed of beans avec buerre Argentine.
  2072. We've got a fresh crop ready to harvest. Better get on that before it all starts to rot.
  2073. Stockpile maximum exceeded.
  2074. Met some folks holed up in the grange outside Marshall. Decent folks, just hanging on. -%1$s
  2075. 122 STORY Soldier
  2076. Don't let them inside!
  2077. %2$s wounded.
  2078. If nobody minds, I'd like to have a moment of silence.
  2079. Looking for some death from above.
  2080. Requires PHOTO SHOOT.
  2081. ATTITUDE: Depressed
  2082. 101 STORY Nicholas Forge
  2083. Dammit, %1$s, you want to stop wasting our ammo AND drawing zombie attention? Clear your chamber before you start cleaning your gun. - %2$s
  2084. Fuckers kicked us to the curb. Left us in the woods like an unwanted puppy.
  2085. Scratch that. Ignore what I was saying.
  2086. DANGER: Hordes
  2087. Check
  2088. 127 STORY Andy Pimms
  2089. Well with the medicine situation being what it is, guess I'm just going to have to tough it out, huh?
  2090. Stahlberg
  2091. TIP: Press [Y] to enter or exit a car.
  2092. Serving Dishes
  2093. Set Up Infirmary
  2094. START MISSION. Trade 1 Case of Ammunition for 10 Pallets of Materials.
  2095. BUILT: Storage Area
  2096. SICK: Black Fever
  2097. Searching
  2098. Reminds me of Christmas when I was six years old. My folks stayed up all night screwing together this tree fort in the backyard. They told me it was from Santa.
  2099. This would give us more spots for sleeping. Just need to clear out the remnants of... what happened here.
  2100. I'm already starting to forget what it felt like to be worried about normal shit.
  2101. Morale
  2102. Jesus Christ, like we don't have enough problems feeding everybody?
  2103. DANGER CLEARED: Too Many Infestations
  2104. How are our friends holding up, Lily?
  2105. Sure, just one sec.
  2106. Mickey? Mickey, what he hell happened to Eli?
  2107. Artillery spotting.
  2108. MISSION: Insubordination
  2109. Target's good. Here we go.
  2110. Save Ed
  2111. Greatly reduced Vitality and Stamina. Bed rest is advised. Good chance of recovery every 24 hours.
  2112. TIP: Move into a bush while crouched to hide completely.
  2113. UPGRADED: Munitions Shop
  2114. Loved Good Food
  2115. Sharpshooting
  2116. A feral made it inside the walls. We managed to take it out without any deaths, but %2$s was wounded. - %1$s.
  2117. How about you help me out and I give you half of whatever we find?
  2118. Head Toward the Gunshots
  2119. +70%
  2120. Blood Pressure Cuff
  2121. Natural Athlete
  2122. Shaken up but alive.
  2123. Jesus... like we don't have enough trouble with the walking dead? - %1$s
  2124. Fine. Then maybe you should bail on us, too.
  2125. If it comes to that... I promise Alan will take care of him. Bullet to the brain before he turns. It's for the best.
  2126. Over there. Right side. See 'em?
  2127. Appreciate the hospitality.
  2128. Set Up Medical Area
  2129. Endgame.
  2130. If he doesn't get some antibiotics, he's probably not going to make it.
  2131. Are you crazy?
  2132. Don't even worry about it. I'm happy to help.
  2133. Liked to Cook
  2134. 42 GENERIC Marley Zimmerman
  2135. People need to have somewhere to sleep!
  2136. Give us a hand clearing this place out.
  2137. Ed's taking a turn for the worse. We aren't going to be able to treat him without Doc Hanson. - %1$s
  2138. Damn, that's loud.
  2139. My Boss Will Kill Me, But...
  2140. People don't mind you taking a few extras here and there if you're getting shit done. Just don't be a freeloader.
  2141. Pillows
  2142. Parsons
  2143. Thank you.
  2144. DISCOVERED: Mistrustful Survivors
  2145. MEDICINE RESOURCE. Someone's prescriptions. Looks like they bought in bulk.
  2146. Use [LS] to move.
  2147. Jimmy
  2148. Swear to God, one of these days he's gonna snap.
  2149. Redmond
  2150. Sounds like someone's been scavenging around here. We should look into it. -%2$s
  2151. I'm done for. You know it. I know it. Even that damn fool little girl knows it, she just won't say so.
  2152. Doesn't look like anybody made it out of here alive....
  2153. Brady
  2154. Nails, wood, tools... the whole nine yards.
  2155. You should get back home and heal up.
  2156. Built his house with his own two hands.
  2157. Might not be a bad idea to get out of here for a while, though. You feel like going house hunting?
  2158. Great. Your first left will take you right to the church.
  2159. ATTITUDE: Worried
  2160. Guard the Perimeter
  2161. Don't let them get behind you.
  2162. So many zed in the area, I don't think circling around's any better.
  2163. I can teach you a few things.
  2164. Capacitors
  2165. Gain +3 AMMO for creating biodiesel fuel for another group of survivors.
  2166. Electrical grid is down. If we want ELECTRICITY, we'll need to generate it.
  2167. You stepped up for people you barely even knew. That means something.
  2168. This is his church.
  2169. Only got one more.
  2170. Sounds like they're in a bad spot--might want to offer them a hand.
  2171. Don't laugh, it's better than people settling their differences with fists. - %1$s
  2172. We're running low on food.
  2173. New Allies
  2174. Claims he saw Bigfoot once.
  2175. How about drawing some zombies out of here?
  2176. Modeling
  2177. An OUTPOST would provide a safe destination for missing friends.
  2178. Michelle
  2179. You're not going to tell her?
  2180. Population Requirement
  2181. Yeah, well... I don't know where he got it, and I don't really care. Ray's a good guy in my book.
  2182. Wenderly
  2183. Now look at me. Bleeding out, maybe an hour from eating people.
  2184. Where the hell am I gonna carry this?
  2185. Mickey! Our friend here is curious if we've been stealing from our fellow survivors. Seems there are rumors to that effect.
  2186. Holy shit, check out that freak!
  2187. Welcome to the Trumbull County Fairgrounds
  2188. Gives %d %s
  2189. Fix Up Pastor's Room
  2190. Outpost Depleted
  2191. %+d Trust
  2192. So, that cop called you "Alex?"
  2193. Perfect. What the hell was I thinking?
  2194. Trust
  2195. Well, now that's just fine.
  2196. You see me? You see Colton or Strand? Do the math.
  2197. Pictures of the smug son of a bitch with celebrities all over the walls. Typical Jerry, "look how important I am."
  2198. NOTE: Let's Cooperate
  2199. Woo!
  2200. 108 STORY Mercenary
  2201. Funnels
  2202. Olsen
  2203. We only have so many trained officers left, and I'm not comfortable with the prospect of arming civilians for this kind of work.
  2204. Riano
  2205. Have you got the location?
  2206. She just started crying. Took me years before I understood why.
  2207. Tell me about it.
  2208. Skillful feats like a headshot streak provide a big XP boost.
  2209. Watchtower, this is Charlie 6. We're en route to the carnival, requesting access.
  2210. Same shit, different day.
  2211. Man, she's been a real downer lately. What's her deal?
  2212. 47 GENERIC Rob Hardin
  2213. Can't hardly sneeze in this place without sprayin' somebody.
  2214. Yeah, me neither. Haven't seen any of their patrols in a while either.
  2215. Pretty good with that rifle of his.
  2216. You know what'll happen if we don't.
  2217. TIP: Experiment with the different emotes your character can perform. Hold [RT] then press [A], [B], [X], or [Y].
  2218. This place is pretty much Fort Knox. Bring on the zombies.
  2219. Need to push back the zombies first.
  2220. So, you got what we asked for?
  2221. Total Lush
  2222. TIP: Hold [LB] to sprint.
  2223. Pay the stranger's debt?
  2224. Gotta say, I'm impressed.
  2225. Let me guess. You're here to take me home?
  2226. Yeah, so things have been pretty tense around here, huh?
  2227. Zombie Horde Inbound!
  2228. Defend the Farmhouse
  2229. Hold tight. I'm on the way.
  2230. Let me know if you find anything.
  2231. Vazquez
  2232. Might be nice to actually keep our cars running instead of dumping them on the side of the road when the engine starts to knock.
  2233. SCAVENGING: Ammo
  2234. Yeah. Guess I owe Jacob one too.
  2235. Don't trust the Army!
  2236. Keep your eyes open. I don't want to get ambushed.
  2237. I'm in place.
  2238. Marek
  2239. How many people do you have here?
  2240. Remind me not to piss you off.
  2241. Trouble at the Courthouse
  2242. Wooden Bat
  2243. I dunno, just some people have been having trouble sleeping. You know, with the stress and all.
  2244. Map
  2245. Sometimes, my nightmares are about Dr. Remoray and his sister. How dumb is that? I mean, I know they were just characters. I'm not one of THOSE people. (Soap opera trivia.)
  2246. Everything worked out alright.
  2247. Good supply of FOOD in their location.
  2248. Cheap replica of a brutal weapon.
  2249. And not a minute too soon.
  2250. Strong Back
  2251. I'm too tired to try to hide it. I vomited blood today. I don't know if I'm going to make it. - %1$s
  2252. We opened up our Shooting Platform to train some outsiders. Things went well. They seem more like they can handle themselves. And we improved our stockpiles. It was a win-win. - %1$s.
  2253. Yep. Kicked in the door, smashed up the place, pissed on her bed. Felt good, even if she is already a zombie.
  2254. Ain't nothing too dangerous.
  2255. Check out the Courthouse.
  2256. Site cleared.
  2257. Skydiving, base-jumping, mountain climbing... you name it, I tried it. Even swam with sharks once.
  2258. Tavern
  2259. Rendezvous with Sgt. Tan.
  2260. Kayden
  2261. I think my blood sugar's fine.
  2262. While aiming [LT], tap [LB] to slow time for the world around you as long as your Stamina lasts.
  2263. This isn't my problem.
  2264. What are you doing here? You've got to get out!
  2265. No dice on the search for %3$s. Sounds like things got pretty hairy out there. - %2$s
  2266. Christina
  2267. This shit still hurts!
  2268. At home
  2269. I dunno. Yeah, maybe. I guess so.
  2270. Shit, man! At this rate it's only gonna be a matter of days before the zombies swarm in here and kill us all!
  2271. Okay, that wasn't our best outing, but hopefully you learned something.
  2272. I'm looking for Carl. Anybody seen him?
  2273. Is now your friend.
  2274. PERSONAL SKILL. I wonder what happened to the Housemates?
  2275. EXPIRED: Trade Opportunity
  2276. Still not zombie chow, huh? Good for you.
  2277. Won't be a problem.
  2278. Moya
  2279. Eyes front.
  2280. The hell am I supposed to do with this?
  2281. Hell with this, I'm done.
  2282. You're making too much noise. Take your time.
  2283. Nah, I'm not interested.
  2284. Help hunt the Armored Zed?
  2285. You saved my ass back there. I won't forget it.
  2286. Sorry to hear that.
  2287. We're getting reports that %3$s is way overdue. Might want to look into it. -%2$s
  2288. Yeah….
  2289. Hey! Come here!
  2290. TIP: Your mobility and stamina are penalized if you carry too much weight.
  2291. %d added to Supply Locker. (Made in Workshop.)
  2292. Can you come with? Keep an eye out for me?
  2293. People who die... they don't stay dead. They come back as one of those things.
  2294. No dice.
  2295. Frank
  2296. What do you think about trading resources with other survivors?
  2297. Collect explosives.
  2298. Hidden Stash
  2299. Think about it. They're basically animals, right? A few thousand years ago, people thought wolves were monsters, but then we trained them and bred them into dogs. Now they're man's best friend.
  2300. Joselyn
  2301. I'm just lucky to be alive, man.
  2302. Dialed in and ready. Mark your target.
  2303. Hey Lily, your folks haven't seen Bill around anywhere, have you?
  2304. We've got a trade offer.
  2305. Seems like you never go for the quick kill. You just get caught up in the moment?
  2306. Provides +8 beds to sleep in. If we have enough beds for everyone, people might even feel rested.
  2307. Our people just cleared out a serious infestation.
  2308. Wait, what?
  2309. Get lost or I will fucking cut you!
  2310. Hey, just happy to help.
  2311. So, I've been looking over some of my dad's old drawings. I have an idea.
  2312. So you do know her.
  2313. For now, that's a good enough reason. It's bad enough fighting zombies, I don't want to fight the Wilkersons, too.
  2314. We're not going to open up until the zombies are gone.
  2315. COMPLETED: Fear Itself
  2316. They're out scouting for supplies. I think. Haven't heard from them in a while.
  2317. One of ours took off last night. Left behind a note that just said "I'm sorry."
  2318. Leave the area.
  2319. We should find what we need somewhere around here.
  2320. Stamina will gradually recover while resting at home. It should take about 30 minutes to get back to full Stamina.
  2321. Seems friendlier than the others.
  2322. Idle
  2323. This sure as shit isn't gonna help our stock of materials.
  2324. It was a close call, though.
  2325. I can't put weight on it.
  2326. Make Suppressor
  2327. Hey look, you're not alone. Everybody's scared. Just don't do anything stupid, okay?
  2328. Like all valuable resources in the world, cars are in limited supply. You'll want to get them home and fixed up in your workshop to keep them in top working order. If a vehicle gets damaged beyond repair, it's gone forever. And don't forget, vehicles are noisy!
  2329. Vehicle Inbound
  2330. NOTE: I'm Staying Vigilant
  2331. I owe you one, man.
  2332. Check the cabins for survivors and supplies.
  2333. A friendly inquiry from Quentin.
  2334. Have you see what we've got for building supplies? We try to build anything bigger than a birdhouse and we've got nothing left.
  2335. We opened up our Dojo to train some outsiders. Things went well. They seem more like they can handle themselves. And we improved our stockpiles. It was a win-win. - %1$s.
  2336. With the two of us, I bet we can make it. How about it?
  2337. Biodiesel available for production.
  2338. I've located a zombie infestation.
  2339. I could use some help, my friend.
  2340. Color photocopy, with several pictures.
  2341. No.... Nooooooo!
  2342. I'll take care of it!
  2343. Really? Yeah, no, that... that's great.
  2344. That why you wanted this bit of quality time?
  2345. Area's secure.
  2346. 50%
  2347. We're running low on fuel here. Any suggestions on where we might find more?
  2348. I was contacted by a local bigshot, he wants to meet in Marshall. -%1$s
  2349. Too many INFESTATIONS.
  2350. Find yourself a good spot to get a bird's-eye view.
  2351. Forcing people to pair off and have kids isn't--
  2352. Creech
  2353. Ask around about an area that has MEDICINE.
  2354. See what Sam's been up to.
  2355. Vehicular Zombicide
  2356. Misty from Frontier Fun SHE was a fine piece of ass. Best lap dances in town, too. Wonder what she's looking like nowadays? (Sexting guru.)
  2357. I've got some ideas for how to improve this place.
  2358. McCarthy
  2359. 37 GENERIC Steve Scott
  2360. Requires Shooting Level 7
  2361. Tim
  2362. Just wondering if you're having the same problem.
  2363. +15
  2364. Cross country cyclist who made the mistake of pit-stopping in Marshall.
  2365. MISSION: Nervous Survivor
  2366. Zombie Horde Nearing Home!
  2367. Strand's down! We got-- oh, shit!
  2368. Assault Rifle: AR 15
  2369. Zombies on your right!
  2370. Tell you what. Help me clear some of these problem areas out and I'll vouch for you. Put in a good word, maybe set up some kind of trade arrangement.
  2371. On second thought, hold off.
  2372. All due respect, Your Honor, we're stretched too thin as it is. You've got half my guys guarding the dispensary instead of out there pushing these things back!
  2373. I'm very sorry to hear that. We'd certainly prefer it if people joined us freely, before the issue has to be forced.
  2374. I'm all set, but are you?
  2375. The combination of speed and erratic movement can make them hard to shoot.
  2376. Thank Christ. I was starting to think no one was coming.
  2377. I know that losing a friend hurts, but we can't block it out like it never happened.
  2378. With so many cars in one place, it's no surprise that someone'd take one out for a ride. - %1$s
  2379. Heads-up!
  2380. A bigger population will help us survive zombie attacks.
  2381. Available Actions:
  2382. Then I suggest you find a way to rationalize it.
  2383. A pump shotgun says "Private Property".
  2384. I ain't too proud to ask for help!
  2385. Give it another day. They'll want something from us. - Lily
  2386. You know they can hear you shooting, right?
  2387. Shit! Bugging out!
  2388. Climb up and look for danger.
  2389. Don't let them sneak up on you.
  2390. We've already built all the outposts we can afford.
  2391. Yeah. Should I--?
  2392. Lots of zombies in our way.
  2393. I'm done for the day.
  2394. Damn. That was too close.
  2395. You can choose a melee weapon specialization if you haven't already chosen a weapon specialization.
  2396. Find Quentin Barnes.
  2397. That won't work now.
  2398. Create a distraction to lure off the zeds.
  2399. If Fred could see me now, he'd hardly recognize me.
  2400. I'll follow your lead, just get me home.
  2401. Stand back. Hate to get brains on ya.
  2402. One of my buddies isn't answering the radio.
  2403. It's pretty bad out there. I wouldn't go out without backup.
  2404. Ammo supplies are running low.
  2405. No more choppers have landed.
  2406. Anyways, like I was saying, the watchtowers were my idea, but Quentin designed them.
  2407. Revolver: Snub Special 22
  2408. I've got a little care package here that needs to make its way home. I can make it worth your while.
  2409. RIP
  2410. There we go. See those zombies?
  2411. Brock
  2412. This backpack is TOO SMALL to hold your current inventory.
  2413. Cut down version of the 1100.
  2414. 111 DEBUG
  2415. Hey, that wasn't the last of them.
  2416. You've impressed a lot of people around here.
  2417. It isn't over yet.
  2418. START MISSION. She plays it cool, but Sam would probably appreciate the help.
  2419. You keep your eye on the target. I like that.
  2420. Now that feels good.
  2421. I just want you to know, you're doing great. Thank you.
  2422. It's not totally silent, but it makes a big difference.
  2423. Killed a member of your community to prevent them from turning.
  2424. I guess so.
  2425. Officer needs assistance!
  2426. Found Missing Npcs!
  2427. You holding up?
  2428. Previous
  2429. Community Reputation Improved
  2430. It's motherfucking beans.
  2431. A watchtower would really help us with our defenses.
  2432. Tarducci
  2433. Stay strong, brother!
  2434. DECLINE MISSION. It's a cold-hearted move, but once these resources are gone, they're gone for good.
  2435. %1$s's people are still searching, but it's not looking good. - %2$s
  2436. Varga
  2437. Yeah. Over here.
  2438. Keeping It Clean
  2439. Destroy 5 infestations in one day.
  2440. Slow down, pick your targets, and take your time.
  2441. Just try to keep yourself out of trouble, okay?
  2442. Fuck 'em. We've survived this long, we'll keep surviving.
  2443. Juanita
  2444. Hey, I love running over zombies too. It's risky, though, you know?
  2445. TIP: Press [Y] to shove an enemy away.
  2446. 9 GENERIC Sarah Jordan
  2447. I've got lupus. It's a chronic condition. Could be fatal without treatment.
  2448. Your inventory is FULL.
  2449. Your DAILY INFLUENCE is limited by your FAME. You can temporarily earn more Influence, but it will gradually diminish if it exceeds your Fame.
  2450. We'll take it from here.
  2451. No, forget it, it's stupid, it's way too risky. I'm sorry I brought it up.
  2452. He was... amazing. I know it must have been hard for him after Mom died, but he never let me see it.
  2453. Mickey? Hell no. He was the one that stopped it.
  2454. You watch my back, and we'll split everything we find fifty-fifty. Sound fair?
  2455. The survivors at the Grange seem like an interesting group. - %1$s
  2456. No! No way, I am not moving one inch! Fuck you, you think I want to die?
  2457. Uhh... let's hold off on the move for now.
  2458. But it should keep you from getting swarmed the first time you fire off a round.
  2459. I'm not even afraid of getting killed by zombies any more. It's the long, slow death that scares me. Starving, or sick, or lying broken-legged in a muddy ditch somewhere. Gives me chills. -%1$s
  2460. HOME: Ally Returned
  2461. I didn't mean to kill 'em... Christ, it was an accident! - %1$s
  2462. Kresch
  2463. And we're done building. You coming home for the ribbon cutting?
  2464. Attitudes go out the window when someone is seriously Hurt or Sick.
  2465. Yeah, well, people are scared. Only makes sense.
  2466. Civilian disarmament continues.
  2467. Standard issue police baton.
  2468. Ready to go collect some explosives?
  2469. I love running over zombies, but it's risky, you know?
  2470. Misspent Youth
  2471. Help me out here.
  2472. Fell in the initial assault.
  2473. So we ain't moving.
  2474. We've gotten word that another group of survivors wants to trade some of their Food for some of our Ammunition. -%2$s
  2475. Becca, it's Quentin. We found Jack, we're on our way home.
  2476. People Person
  2477. Leave it alone.
  2478. Individual attitudes change frequently, affected by pride, gratitude, hope, fear, sorrow, and anger.
  2479. Kind of makes you miss the days of car accidents and heart attacks. (Medical knowledge.)
  2480. Attention!
  2481. Dead.
  2482. Sodium
  2483. Sup, brah?
  2484. Stay there. I'm coming down!
  2485. You have 15 minutes remaining in your trial. Press Start [Start] to unlock the full game.
  2486. I'm still feeling pretty energized. I better save this.
  2487. Jaylen
  2488. Look, you mind... leaving me alone with her? I want to say goodbye.
  2489. An outpost would give us more warning about attacks.
  2490. Just stopping by to see if I can help out.
  2491. Yes ma'am. You heard her, people, let's move!
  2492. I'm in trouble here!
  2493. Have you had a chance to check on Jacob yet?
  2494. And the law says that all food goes into the community food supply.
  2495. %s Supply Run: Preparing
  2496. Nah, I don't feel bad about killing these things. They're stupid. You can tell 'cause they don't run away when they see us coming.
  2497. A problem solver.
  2498. Auto Dealership
  2499. Caratti
  2500. Diller
  2501. Daily Influence
  2502. 29 STORY Sergio Miles
  2503. Having trouble keeping it together.
  2504. And here we are. Thanks for driving.
  2505. Rosetta Recording
  2506. Ivanova
  2507. Zed Hunt (Armored)
  2508. Hey! So, look, we're not doing that great here. You seem to have your shit together, so we were hoping you'd let us join up with your group.
  2509. And you wouldn't know anything about this, would you?
  2510. Well, safe bet they heard us rolling up.
  2511. Lila
  2512. 30 GENERIC Frank Johnson
  2513. A home site needs a defensible perimeter wall.
  2514. Low profile, slim but brutal.
  2515. Infestation up ahead.
  2516. Zombies to your left!
  2517. Grundherr
  2518. Okay, so in terms of raw firepower it's not that impressive, but they'll make good distractions.
  2519. HOME: Illness Spreading
  2520. Short Barreled Rifle.
  2521. Jeez, man. He's got a temper on him, huh?
  2522. Seems reasonable. Things have been pretty tight lately.
  2523. Hell. Guess we're staying put till one of you changes your mind, then.
  2524. Sounds like %1$s' people aren't too happy with us. I guess %1$s really needed that escort home. - %2$s
  2525. I... the things I saw. I try not to think about my students. Sometimes I succeed... for a minute or two. (Counseling experience.)
  2526. You keep lining up. I'll keep knocking you down.
  2527. Keep it down. They'll come check out any loud noise they hear.
  2528. You're... kind of one of a kind, you know that?
  2529. Sergio
  2530. That's it, I'm out.
  2531. It's a bunch of explosives stuffed into a pipe. What could go wrong?
  2532. You sure can shoot.
  2533. Scott
  2534. Voice Volume
  2535. Should give us some protection, anyways.
  2536. Relocate Home Base
  2537. ATTITUDE: Frustrated
  2538. So... I hear this commotion out in the hall, and I go to see what it is. And these things are just dragging people to the ground, ripping at them like dogs with scraps of meat. And then one of them noticed me.
  2539. Yeah... I'm sort of rethinking this.
  2540. %+d Fame
  2541. Take this. Gonna need it soon.
  2542. Don't downplay this: if I hadn't been here, %2$s would be dead meat. We need to deal with this situation with %2$s.
  2543. %1$s tried their hand at hunting the most dangerous game. What? No, not people. Freaks. - %2$s
  2544. Right on, brother!
  2545. Doc says Eli ain't good to move.
  2546. I got Lily's brother home safe. Hopefully his boyfriend made it too. - %1$s
  2547. New neighbor.
  2548. We've got a problem.
  2549. Chemistry Textbook
  2550. Return to mission area
  2551. If I had some more hardware, I might be able to decipher them.
  2552. Esparza
  2553. Avoid the VISION CONE and don't make NOISE near a HORDE to prevent detection.
  2554. Lead the Runners Back to Base
  2555. Goddammit! Come on, let's find a ride and get this shit home.
  2556. Creates a few homemade Chemical Incendiaries.
  2557. Trait Discovered: Childhood Lessons
  2558. Modern Pickup
  2559. Mid-range round for pistols and some submachineguns.
  2560. We gotta take that feral out first.
  2561. Gotta stay together
  2562. Thomason
  2563. Haven't seen any other Army choppers land near us, but we'll keep an eye out. -%1$s
  2564. Ever done a donut on a zombie's head? It's pretty cool.
  2565. Pallets of Materials
  2566. Before all this, I used to be an adrenaline junkie.
  2567. Complete Sudoku puzzles 50% faster.
  2568. Built 8 outposts.
  2569. %1$s tried to fight off that attack themselves. It... didn't go well. - %2$s
  2570. Dojo option added temporarily.
  2571. Leave it be.
  2572. They'll come help for a few minutes.
  2573. He's gone.
  2574. 89 GENERIC Danny Bilkins
  2575. Feral!
  2576. Uhhh.... I may be in some trouble here!
  2577. Community members who are Sick have a chance to recover (or get worse) every day.
  2578. Never would have expected that from Alan... maybe I was wrong about him. - %1$s
  2579. Fuckin' sweet!
  2580. Lifted the siege.
  2581. Come back later. (Unavailable)
  2582. Have you see what we've got for building supplies? We try to build anything bigger than a birdhouse and we're gonna have nothing left.
  2583. We try not to travel in large groups too often. Attracts too much attention.
  2584. Knockdown Chance
  2585. UPGRADED: Infirmary
  2586. Don't you "Hi Becca" me, with your "aw, shucks" small-town charm. I can't believe you!
  2587. I been taking care of myself pretty much my whole life. Mom skipped town when I was four, dad was high more often than not.
  2588. You look like you need to blow off a little steam. Come on.
  2589. I'm just afraid I'll fuck it up somehow. I mean, I'm a goner anyways, I just want it to be over quick. You know?
  2590. This is... you're gonna want to hear this.
  2591. Negative, negative. Can't do it.
  2592. You think I don't know that?
  2593. Ray says he can get us cars when we need 'em.
  2594. Found one.
  2595. Whew!
  2596. Loud as this thing is, we'll have every zed from here to Danforth on us.
  2597. Having a surplus ain't a bad thing.
  2598. I think we ought to move our base down here.
  2599. Washburn
  2600. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Evolving Attitudes
  2601. Short-stroke piston reliability. Scoped.
  2602. Farmer
  2603. We're done.
  2604. FAILED: Mercy Shot
  2605. Medical Facilities
  2606. But you gotta figure out a way to deal with that shit. Take it out on the zeds, not the rest of us.
  2607. PERSONAL SKILL. I'm quicker and more agile than most.
  2608. Let's get searching.
  2609. Patrols are back in. No casualties today, but no food, either.
  2610. Deal.
  2611. Charlotte
  2612. Never thought we're gonna have to worry so much about a case of salmonella.
  2613. Take out that feral!
  2614. Well, I'm thinking, if we build a workshop, we can keep our weapons in better repair. Guns included, maybe.
  2615. Talk to Jacob to start looking for home sites.
  2616. Just trying to be practical.
  2617. Medical Lab
  2618. SET UP: Fairgrounds Storage Area
  2619. Target confirmed.
  2620. RESISTED: Epidemic
  2621. Goddamn, that's loud.
  2622. Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a rubber crutch, what is wrong with you?
  2623. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.
  2624. MEDICINE RESOURCE. Meant for emergencies. This probably counts.
  2625. +75%
  2626. Voila!
  2627. Somewhere to hide!
  2628. Snack
  2629. "It's in the hole!"
  2630. COMMUNITY: Joy Ride
  2631. If you're looking to shore up our ammo supplies, we've got no shortage of gun stores around here. Plus just about everybody who lives outside town hunts at least a little.
  2632. Look into the strange transmission.
  2633. Make Steel Pipe Bomb
  2634. Ah, negative on that. We've got other problems right now.
  2635. Destroy the Big Un
  2636. Captain Montressor
  2637. Guess that's one of the perks of having all the guys with guns working for you. I'm telling you, if it wasn't for my girls, I think I'd take my chances on my own.
  2638. Listen, we have to keep going.
  2639. Fair enough. I got a couple cases of ammo and some canned goods here--how's your moonshine stock?
  2640. That's some SWAT team shit right there!
  2641. I'm coming home now.
  2642. Jacob
  2643. Thank you. Oh I'm lucky you came along.
  2644. Let's just say that, officially, he'd already turned when I found him.
  2645. Copy that. We're locked and loaded.
  2646. The more people we have, the more beds we need. This'll give us a few more places to sleep.
  2647. The new kid on the block.
  2648. Swine and Bovine Mask
  2649. Found some guns.
  2650. Could have been food poisoning, but we noticed in time.
  2651. Happy that you've stockpiled meds.
  2652. Well, you can cancel that missing persons report. I just heard %1$s just made it home. - %2$s
  2653. Owner of the local mortuary.
  2654. We need a KITCHEN
  2655. Horn
  2656. Not to toot my own horn, but this library thing's turned out to be a good idea. Another group of survivors has asked to check out our books. There's 2 cases of ammo in it for us. - %1$s
  2657. Aggressive personalities can contribute to strife in the community.
  2658. You see that?
  2659. Holy shit, are you okay?
  2660. Nadeau
  2661. I think so, yeah.
  2662. Nice work. Things are looking up already.
  2663. Ready to go? 'Cause I am.
  2664. Mercy Shot
  2665. I'll wait till I need an energy boost.
  2666. Guess the good Lord sent him, just like he sent you.
  2667. You see that shot?
  2668. Heavy Gloves
  2669. One of the Miller boys was spotted, load up for bear. They can do some serious damage. -%2$s
  2670. COMPLETED: Sgt. Erik Tan
  2671. Extraordinary circumstances sometimes require that we take extraordinary measures to see justice done. You never used to have a problem with that.
  2672. Trade Opportunity (Ammo)
  2673. 48 GENERIC Duane Harlow
  2674. Free up this space for something else.
  2675. Helped %3$s clear out an infestation. In return, they hooked us up with a little something from their stocks. -%1$s
  2676. Ok, ok. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed.
  2677. How long are we gonna stay in this dump, anyway?
  2678. Find Help
  2679. So, look. I really appreciate you dragging me all the way out here in the middle of nowhere for this little heart-to-heart, but um....
  2680. We're having a real problem with security.
  2681. %1$s killed by zeds.
  2682. No more Army drops.
  2683. Steigauf
  2684. Let me see your map a second... there.
  2685. Empty Socket
  2686. Okay, in retrospect, that's a pretty dumb idea.
  2687. That's what I'm talking about!
  2688. Now I don't know if you noticed…
  2689. Shit, that's a lot of zombies.
  2690. A Pack a Day
  2691. I'll help you barricade.
  2692. Merschdorf
  2693. Goodbye Sam. We'll miss you, and your foul... friggin' mouth.
  2694. So that last treatment didn't work. We'll try again.
  2695. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Relocate Home
  2696. You seem pretty excited about this place.
  2697. Kill Zone Size Increased!
  2698. Hey, I thought you might like a little time away from the ranch, huh?
  2699. No one available.
  2700. An empty socket
  2701. We've got a missing persons situation.
  2702. Watch out.
  2703. No... no, please no....
  2704. Go Somewhere Isolated
  2705. Here, let's ask Mickey.
  2706. Toth
  2707. Delay your decision. They probably won't wait forever.
  2708. Feher
  2709. That's one down.
  2710. These psychos picked the wrong people to mess with.
  2711. Washers
  2712. Well, don't worry. We'll get you some more soon.
  2713. A little help here?
  2714. This is what happens when you get trigger happy!
  2715. Look, I know that there's some food here somewhere, I just... I gotta find it. Please. It's for my brother.
  2716. Scouts said they found a bunch of empty pill bottles around. I don't think it was suicide, though. I think they were trying to fight the Black Fever.
  2717. Jacob is back.
  2718. The Home page is where you can view, build, and upgrade your Community's Facilities. Use the D-Pad to select a Facility Slot and press [A] to get more information about the bonuses it provides and the actions available.
  2719. An Infirmary is critical when it comes to dealing with disease and injury; meanwhile a Garden will keep everyone fed, and a Watchtower will keep everyone safe.
  2720. START MISSION. Give up 5 Cases of Ammo to help a stranger.
  2721. Melee
  2722. Survive!
  2723. Fork In the Road
  2724. Well, we're not stuck on this side of the river any more. Wonder what's happening over there. -%1$s
  2725. Can we please get an infirmary in here? I'm tired of having to mop up blood in the common areas. - %1$s
  2726. Guess I lucked out.
  2727. Awesome!
  2728. Okay, I'm about half done here.
  2729. Rob a man, and he'll give you what he's got in his pockets. Sell him what he wants, though? What he needs? He'll keep on coming back to give you everything he has.
  2730. Built one of every type of facility.
  2731. Improves Recovery Chance.
  2732. A Good Meal
  2733. Uhh, intel shows that that's an interior location. We're not here to do demolition work.
  2734. Well maybe if we weren't down to an expired bottle of baby aspirin and a case of cough syrup, we wouldn't have so many sick people.
  2735. HISTORY: Abandoned Home
  2736. That's the difference between us and them. We cook. (Good cook.)
  2737. Jesus. This is getting ridiculous. I'll bet Judge Lawton's not going hungry.
  2738. Alan? Alan!
  2739. Shotgun: Model 1100 Tactical
  2740. Okay. We'll see what we can do.
  2741. The old pineapple grenade, I'm sure it's still ok after sitting around for 65 years.
  2742. Maybe now human discourse can rise to a civilized level.
  2743. Might need your help.
  2744. Leave the rest. We need to go.
  2745. Facility Information
  2746. I think the Lord has marked you for a special purpose.
  2747. I'm sure. Let's get everybody moving.
  2748. This vacation was not even close to long enough. Ah well. Time to start packing up. Back to reality. I'm not looking forward to seeing what my work inbox looks like. - %1$s
  2749. Let's start looking around here.
  2750. So damned tired.
  2751. Thank a man for doing his job, it'll just go to his head.
  2752. Accelerant
  2753. DECLINE MISSION. Who cares what this asshole says?
  2754. Virtanen
  2755. MISSING GIRL: Have you seen me? Alex Collins, 5'6" 113 lbs., brown eyes, purple-dyed hair. REWARD OFFERED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We just want our little girl home.
  2756. Hey, I told you I saw an opportunity, so I took it. Just... expected it to go a little better, is all. - %1$s
  2757. Farmer's Almanac
  2758. Bullshit. You're gonna be fine.
  2759. Some pretty scary shit going on out there, huh?
  2760. I refused a group who wanted to join us. I do not think they will forgive us soon. - %1$s
  2761. A mostly unfurnished sleeping area of cots and futons.
  2762. Aaaaaaaagh!
  2763. If somebody wants to give me a reason to not just lay down and die, I'd love to hear it. -%1$s
  2764. Let's get busy.
  2765. Expertise
  2766. MISSION: A Discreet Request
  2767. Prepared a Feast.
  2768. I'm not surprised, man. There's so many infestations around here it's a miracle you didn't die when you stepped out the front door.
  2769. Cannot claim home site while on a mission.
  2770. Inside Infestations
  2771. If I knew that, we'd have raided it for supplies already.
  2772. At this rate, we're not gonna be able to keep the lights on much longer.
  2773. Sure. I can do that.
  2774. Took this shit to break me out of my shell.
  2775. That's good.
  2776. We might be able to hold off another attack if we're lucky.
  2777. Black pen on a military form 469, labeled "Duty Limiting Condition Report". Signed by Lt Col Schwalier.
  2778. What did you want to say?
  2779. Rescue the Runners
  2780. Bloater
  2781. Food Cache
  2782. Float like a butterfly... (Improves at FIGHTING faster)
  2783. Listen to me right now. We will mourn when this is over.
  2784. We'll be fine as long as we keep working together.
  2785. I like a fight as much as the next guy, but maybe we should use stealth from here.
  2786. Press Start
  2787. There's a lot of ground to cover, though. Somebody ought to put a bell on that girl.
  2788. Waypoint (Enclave)
  2789. Everything all right?
  2790. God I hate those things.
  2791. Quilts
  2792. Parish
  2793. Typewriter (yes, an actual typewriter) on typing paper.
  2794. Bueno. I always wanted to live in a Mexican restaurant.
  2795. We just chewed through a whole crap-ton of meds.
  2796. Let us pray that our wanderings in the desert are not as long as the Israelites.
  2797. Let's make this outpost happen.
  2798. Let me do this! I'm done for anyways.
  2799. Community Morale is Low
  2800. Childhood Lessons
  2801. You willing to help us find somebody? One of ours went AWOL.
  2802. Caccio
  2803. Winona
  2804. Trait Discovered: Go Big or Go Home
  2805. %2$s got me sick. We need an infirmary and sick people need to stay in it. - %1$s
  2806. Hello? Am I out here all alone? Buddy system, people!
  2807. Steady, we've got a lot more coming in!
  2808. Hold [LB] and press [X] to launch an attack guaranteed to knock the target down.
  2809. Home Base
  2810. That was my last one.
  2811. We need ammo to deal with it.
  2812. Shovel
  2813. Greenhouse
  2814. I know you did. I know that. But see, here's where I have a problem I also know what I told you last time.
  2815. So he'll come see Ed next?
  2816. It's locked.
  2817. Can't remember the last time I had a decent night's sleep. We need to build a bunkhouse.
  2818. Fucker drank the last cup of coffee. %1$s
  2819. You're right. Start putting the calls out to everyone we know. Tell them we're getting ready to move. We're all getting out of here.
  2820. Dockery
  2821. Better hurry up.
  2822. You must fully SEARCH a location before establishing an outpost there.
  2823. We'll handle the rest of the repairs.
  2824. How fucking sad is it that I have a better social life after the end of the world?
  2825. 13 GENERIC Tessa Wyeth
  2826. Compact MP5, great for tight spaces.
  2827. I'm not sure what happened, exactly--some people are saying it was zombies, some are saying it was some kind of shootout.
  2828. Just wondering if you were having the same problem.
  2829. These ought to help with our construction projects.
  2830. Energy Drink
  2831. Yeah, okay, I ditched my search buddy. But see, I know this place, not too far from here. Guy had like a hundred grand stuffed into his mattress.
  2832. Good, you're here. Coming with me?
  2833. Requires Heavy Weapons Level 4
  2834. So, we've still got some stuff to take care of out there.
  2835. Let's hole up here for a while longer. There's still some stuff I want to do before we go.
  2836. %1$s died.
  2837. You and Lily and the rest do a good job seeing to the needs of the body.
  2838. Ivanov
  2839. Fucked if I know. I'm just a professional bullet stopper, they don't waste big words on me.
  2840. You were untouchable out there.
  2841. Blocker
  2842. Save and Exit
  2843. All set here.
  2844. Shit, man, I told you this was a mistake! Jack shoulda known better than to go off alone.
  2845. Never expected a stroll down Main Street USA would make that seem about as exciting as tea with my grandma.
  2846. Congratulations. You're less of a fuckup than some four-star generals I know.
  2847. All I've done is point you to the truth you already knew. Stay safe.
  2848. And what the hell is this?
  2849. Lead's no problem, and you can make gunpowder pretty easy if you're not afraid of your own piss, but brass is tricky.
  2850. Trait Discovered: Scary Santa
  2851. We're in trouble here.
  2852. I tell you the other night I busted into my bitch ex-wife's house?
  2853. Doc Hanson Contacted
  2854. TIP: Hold [LB] to sprint. Press [A] to jump and climb.
  2855. Start nailing some boards over those windows.
  2856. Close
  2857. Where the hell am I supposed to get a whole case of ammunition?!
  2858. Continue without saving
  2859. I don't like the look of that.
  2860. Temple
  2861. Resupply
  2862. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  2863. Ammo Supply
  2864. We've got an awesome crop ready for harvest. Looks like a lot more than usual.
  2865. Keep eyes on our six!
  2866. Suddenly, I'm the asshole for trying to bring a little levity to the situation? It's not like everyone didn't know it was you crying yourself to sleep, %2$s. (Besides, I thought it was a pretty damn good impression.) - %1$s
  2867. Somebody oughta do something... the Judge is going too far.
  2868. We're getting low on building materials.
  2869. Somebody's gonna have to take responsibility for it if it's going to do us any good, though.
  2870. Great. We're short on meds as it is, and now we gotta deal with this shit.
  2871. Serious stuff. Numbs the pain, but won't help serious wounds. It'll just make you not care about them.
  2872. This was my parents' place. I just want to find something to remember them by.
  2873. Unlocks the ability to create Whistling Box Mines. REQUIRES A MUNITIONS SHOP.
  2874. Camping Guides
  2875. SMG: MP5A3
  2876. 1 GENERIC Vitaly Marchenko
  2877. Looking for %s
  2878. We've got enough problems without people like you.
  2879. HISTORY: Killer
  2880. Goodbye, cruel world. I die as I lived: an enormous cliche. - %1$s
  2881. I'll think about it.
  2882. Churchill
  2883. There's really nobody coming for us, is there?
  2884. I appreciate you coming to get me, but I really need to find this. Think you can come with me while I look for it?
  2885. Jesus
  2886. Not if you want to finish them towers. We've got zombies harassing the guys bringing out the materials.
  2887. Assets
  2888. People tend to listen when I'm talking. Most of the time that's a good thing. (Leadership skills.)
  2889. You couldn't have know this would happen.
  2890. Hey uh, got a message from some of our neighbors.
  2891. Oh, God, don't get me started. So, the other night we had a pretty close call, right?
  2892. Wait a minute. What are you saying?
  2893. That gonna do you?
  2894. You remember those other survivors? They didn't make it.
  2895. Red Phosphorous
  2896. Nah, I don't think I can break this bastard down.
  2897. Leave Mt. Tanner
  2898. I don't have enough space for this.
  2899. Has taken things hard.
  2900. Reduces the chances of characters fleeing in panic.
  2901. 4 Daily Rations of Food per day
  2902. That feels a lot better.
  2903. We're all stressed. But we can't afford to be at each other's throats, okay? So start playing nice, or you're out on your ass.
  2904. I'm sorry we all ignored you so much. You kept us going when it would have been easier to give up.
  2905. These meds are older than your mom. Yeah. I went there. -%1$s
  2906. So much for that.
  2907. Save Game Corrupt
  2908. Oh. I see. Well, I guess I can't blame you.
  2909. What happened to your brother?
  2910. Found %3$s.
  2911. Toxic
  2912. Oh, and in case you were wondering? We do have ammo.
  2913. If you're not sure about something, just ask me.
  2914. Look for "Relocate Home" in the Radio.
  2915. I think that last one was just asking for directions.
  2916. Destroy (Hold)
  2917. We were coming up on this insurgent camp up in the mountains.
  2918. Copy that.
  2919. Should recover just fine.
  2920. TIP: Click [RS] to turn your flashlight on or off.
  2921. Hey Lily, we just got that fancy coffee maker/espresso machine at the grange up and running. You and your friends are invited to stop by for a cup any time. - Quentin Barnes
  2922. Heavy Weapon
  2923. It's a start.
  2924. Just got word on the radio; sounds like Doc's in some kind of trouble.
  2925. You'll need Food to prevent hunger, Medicine to ward off disease, Ammo to defend yourselves, Building Materials to construct new Facilities, and Fuel for projects in your Workshop.
  2926. Stockpiles are adjusted every real-world day. The daily adjustment is determined by your Facilities, Population, and Outposts.
  2927. I swear my old manager used to set the schedule just to mess with us. I don't miss that. (Street smarts.)
  2928. Missing person found dead.
  2929. SET UP: Rodeo Kitchen
  2930. Hey, go team!
  2931. We really need help.
  2932. You might be okay.
  2933. Okay, I'm here. What now?
  2934. Yeah, well that's nothing. I caught him earlier, staring at his pistol like it was his long-lost best friend.
  2935. We need help! Everybody's gone crazy, we've got casualties.
  2936. Biggs
  2937. So, I've been sketching some plans in my spare time, and I think I hit on something.
  2938. Our people are getting really worried about the ammo situation.
  2939. 14 GENERIC Timothy Ebberts
  2940. Under Attack
  2941. He's lost a lot of blood, and my plasma supply ain't what it used to be.
  2942. ABORTED: The Law
  2943. Thanks again for taking us in.
  2944. Go ahead then. Get it over with. I'm on borrowed time as it is.
  2945. We aren't at the outpost yet.
  2946. Our people are in trouble.
  2947. The noise ain't making this any easier!
  2948. It was a lot for a kid to live up to. I didn't handle it well. As soon as I turned 18, I told my dad I was moving to Danforth and I was going to college.
  2949. 10%
  2950. ATTITUDE: Abashed
  2951. Amaya
  2952. I wanted to help the stranger out, but we don't have what he needs. - %1$s
  2953. Shoot. I think he wandered off on his own. He left this note on my desk... I don't know what it means.
  2954. Yeah, well, you know, excuse me for not being a team cheerleader.
  2955. Good to see you.
  2956. Once punched a bear in the face. So he says.
  2957. Timothy
  2958. Okay, loading up.
  2959. COMMUNITY: New Members
  2960. I mean, what's really more important? Who she used to be? Or who she is now?
  2961. Canned beans are a lot better than I remember. Some cumin and sea salt would really help, though. (Decent cook.)
  2962. Here you go.
  2963. Infestations cleared.
  2964. Three weeks away from the rat race. No email, no cell phones, not a worry in the world. This is the life. - %1$s
  2965. Allison
  2966. Dill Seed
  2967. Head to the Next Infestation
  2968. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Supply Locker
  2969. Go on.
  2970. Okay, we got everything we can.
  2971. Guard Duty: %s
  2972. Makes the best chicken soup in the valley.
  2973. Reach out to Lily for some moral support.
  2974. Needs Chemistry Expert.
  2975. Morale Issue: Sadness
  2976. 8 seconds
  2977. Impossible.
  2978. They never get tired, but you don't have to pretend you don't. Get some rest.
  2979. We need to fortify this place before the zeds show up.
  2980. Delete Corrupt Save
  2981. Zed Hunt
  2982. I need a breather.
  2983. Not like a charity case or anything. We'll work.
  2984. Grigsby
  2985. We've got an opportunity for a little trade.
  2986. Those guys might still be alive.
  2987. The dinner table made the ultimate sacrifice.
  2988. Yeah. I don't know how much longer they'll last, so do yourself a favor and don't get sick.
  2989. Probably a good place to check for supplies, then.
  2990. It was pretty rough, though.
  2991. Hydrogen Peroxide
  2992. 50 GENERIC Keri Florence
  2993. Alcalde
  2994. Even though he was dead, it was kind of intense.
  2995. Advice: Build a Work Area
  2996. Max Storage: %1$d
  2997. Should have known not to rely on anybody else.
  2998. Weird how they seem to be following a particular path.
  2999. Trouble on the right flank.
  3000. Artillery Ready (Use Artillery Marker)
  3001. Kenneth
  3002. Does it... does this change anything between us?
  3003. It's hard to know how things stand when someone is MISSING.
  3004. Head to the Survivors' Stash
  3005. Big Bastard
  3006. Ow! What was that for?
  3007. Debts repaid.
  3008. Gotta say, it seems like these people have a pretty good setup here. Maybe we should stick around. - %1$s
  3009. Marshall's resident stoner.
  3010. %1$s did not make it.
  3011. No longer in the community.
  3012. Thanks. I'd come with you, but if I don't finish my work here, the boss'll have my head.
  3013. No! No way, I am not moving an inch! Fuck you, do you think I want to die?
  3014. Get killed by zombies.
  3015. Shooting targets was fun, but taking out zombies? Now THAT's a freaking blast! (Improved Shooting)
  3016. Maybe not at first. But when things started... whatever they started to be?
  3017. That'll help with the pain, but I'm still hurt.
  3018. I mean, seriously, is somebody running a home theater system when I'm not looking?
  3019. %3$s must have an angel on their shoulder, because%1$s found them and got them home. - %2$s
  3020. I think we could hold this place.
  3021. Soldering Iron
  3022. Ask the Sheriff
  3023. You heard any broadcasts from the Army lately?
  3024. Mise En Place
  3025. Friends
  3026. Garrett
  3027. We need a workshop, you know? Something that will show people we can actually build on this place, not just scrape by.
  3028. It's the freaks we really gotta worry about.
  3029. COMMUNITY: Foot In Mouth
  3030. This is where we gotta hold them. I guarantee you, we don't want this turning into a room-to-room fight.
  3031. I'm sick as a dog.
  3032. Used to track characters that have become sick in order to allow them to recover during gameplay
  3033. I'm not leaving empty-handed. You do what you can.
  3034. Keep them off me! I'm going to fix that barricade!
  3035. Found something.
  3036. Let's keep moving.
  3037. Waiting for you at home.
  3038. +10 Max Vitality for everyone. 30% Recovery Chance from injury/illness each day.
  3039. Watch your left flank.
  3040. Revert to Defaults
  3041. Hey, while you're out there, keep an eye out for infestations.
  3042. You keep away from them!
  3043. Retired dentist who now owns a small farm in Spencer's Mill.
  3044. Probably a couple of screamers in there.
  3045. Charlie 6 to anyone receiving. Where the hell is everybody?
  3046. We should probably toss one more of those when we get a little farther up the road. Give him a little more time to get clear.
  3047. You can't seriously be considering this.
  3048. You gotta fight through the pain. (Max Vitality bonus.)
  3049. Allows manufacture of painkillers and stimulants.
  3050. We got a big one coming!
  3051. Hey, folks, special delivery!
  3052. The folks at the Grange needed my help. Sucks to be them. - %1$s
  3053. You hear those broadcasts the Judge has been making?
  3054. Laura
  3055. Located an area that has MATERIALS.
  3056. I'm sorry Captain! I'm, uhh, having a hard time telling what's what. It's a real mess here.
  3057. There's an issue with the Infirmary.
  3058. But she always looked out for me. For anybody she felt like she had to protect.
  3059. Medicine Supply
  3060. When you raise your weapon to aim you'll snap to the target closest to your crosshairs. Increasing your snap distance with rifles enables you to use this ability at greater range.
  3061. Loved Hiking
  3062. I should make a note of that.
  3063. In a weird way, I think I'm going to miss this place.
  3064. WEARY: Sleep Deprived
  3065. Got anything for me to do?
  3066. Score one for us, huh?
  3067. I don't want to piss anybody off.
  3068. Donahue
  3069. With the medicine situation being what it is, guess I can just tough it out.
  3070. Trait Discovered: Sweet Setup
  3071. New Location Discovered
  3072. SCAVENGING: Fuel
  3073. Weight affects stamina.
  3074. Lost a barricade!
  3075. Help destroy an armored zed.
  3076. What's up, brother?
  3077. Find Ed
  3078. Hey, dude.
  3079. Just give me a second to catch my breath, and I'll be fine.
  3080. MISSION: Find Help
  3081. Let's do this quietly.
  3082. You have new Events in your Journal! Press D-pad [DUp] to open your Journal and review things that have happened to you on the Events page.
  3083. Yeah!
  3084. Anything you want to get off your chest?
  3085. Our scouts just spotted a new group of survivors.
  3086. UPGRADED: Machine Shop
  3087. Fuel Cache
  3088. Quick and efficient. That's how you do it.
  3089. It's the same everywhere, I'm afraid. This "black fever" as the folks are calling it tears right through you.
  3090. Infestation Cleared!
  3091. So, the sheriff called you "Alex?"
  3092. -
  3093. When your purpose falters, remember that.
  3094. Rest easy, son. How do you feel?
  3095. We just don't like each other.
  3096. Instant Counter
  3097. Hope
  3098. Having outposts is great, but we could be using them more proactively.
  3099. Kendall
  3100. Somewhere along the line, we picked up a reputation for being kinda... wimpy?
  3101. We've got some work to do packing this place up. We'll see you at your place soon.
  3102. You can now SWITCH TO Ed Jones.
  3103. Going up high to cover you.
  3104. Event: Bonding
  3105. I got it!
  3106. Infestation cleared.
  3107. Salt
  3108. Yeah, we burned through a lot of ammo. Totally worth it to bring %1$s home safe, though. - %2$s
  3109. Feels like we're accomplishing something instead of just treading water.
  3110. Bob and weave, baby. Bob and weave. (Improved Fighting and Cardio.)
  3111. Revenge killings are not an excuse. Dispensation of justice is a police matter, and we will not condone vigilantism.
  3112. Karlson
  3113. Before you ask, no...I don't have sweet nunchuck skills. I hate (Improved Cardio and Fighting.)
  3114. Frag Grenade
  3115. I'll pass.
  3116. Fuckin' screamers. Ain't so tough without all their little zombie buddies around, am I right?
  3117. Defend the Survivor
  3118. Like, I've got my dad's old notebooks, and I'm sure some people here have at least worked on a farm...
  3119. That was loud.
  3120. You scared the pants off me, you big fat jerk! What were you doing out there?
  3121. 118 STORY SWAT Officer
  3122. Helped the Wilkersons resolve their differences.
  3123. Came across someone gathering supplies, and we agreed to work together. %1$s would carry the supplies; I'd provide protection. I don't know what to say. I couldn't hold up my end of the bargain. - %2$s
  3124. Machined Suppressor
  3125. You got me into this, you can get me out!
  3126. Let's go.
  3127. Nice work! You really kicked some ass back there.
  3128. Our runners are in a bit of a jam.
  3129. As they say… No, there's no quotes for this.
  3130. Hooah!
  3131. Suppose it's only fitting I took him out of it, too.
  3132. Well, %3$s made it home. %1$s found 'em, but things could have gone better. - %2$s
  3133. Has a head full of useless knowledge.
  3134. We better get moving. It's a hell of a trip.
  3135. I read you.
  3136. I really think we've got the right person to take charge of this one.
  3137. Nora
  3138. DECLINE MISSION. Do they really expect you to risk your neck for them?
  3139. We can extend the safe area around our home with a little sharpshooting.
  3140. I'm not entirely sure you people can be trusted. - Your watchful neighbor, %1$s
  3141. How you holding up?
  3142. BASIC SKILL. Used to be shooting was just a hobby. Now it's a daily requirement.
  3143. Got a delivery here for you, assuming you're not too proud to trade with me.
  3144. INCIDENT: Bloated Zed Encounter
  3145. The Voice On the Radio
  3146. START FINAL MISSION. Be sure all your old business is complete first.
  3147. Advice: Build a Cooking Area
  3148. Is he... I mean will he....
  3149. Still feeling pretty energized. I better save this.
  3150. Could use a diversion.
  3151. Dramatically reduces food spoilage and food poisoning.
  3152. I don't think they've fortified anywhere.
  3153. Teach you to mess with me!
  3154. Jacob, come on. Let's get you and your friend out of here.
  3155. Rylan
  3156. Sabrina
  3157. The new hands will go a long way.
  3158. Like a Molotov, but this one's pressure sensitive.
  3159. Upgrade to Food Storage
  3160. I'll tell you what. Running errands has taken on a whole new complexion these days.
  3161. Fuckin' A!
  3162. Dichio
  3163. Event: Bickering
  3164. We've got better things to do than sit and chat.
  3165. Nielsen
  3166. Research Pipe Bomb
  3167. Okay, I know, I know, it was stupid to come out here alone, I just thought... I dunno, I thought if I could find something really useful, maybe Lindsey'd finally like me. You know?
  3168. Progress Blocked
  3169. COMPLETED: The Law
  3170. I wish I could say I know what you're going through out there. I wish I could be out there, helping out.
  3171. Right, because we don't have enough problems, I should give a loaded weapon to an idiot.
  3172. I'll sleep easier tonight.
  3173. We've got trouble back here!
  3174. Knowledge is power.
  3175. Our new home, the Savini Residence, has a built-in watchtower with that treehouse. Jacob always did love this place. - %1$s
  3176. I need a guardian angel!
  3177. Level 6
  3178. Man, my mom was so paranoid when I moved out of the house.
  3179. I can make that deal.
  3180. Let's cut a rug, baby!
  3181. Antique American Civil War replica
  3182. He's pretty clever when it comes to building stuff. With girls? Not so much.
  3183. I guess %1$s just couldn't take it any more. - Lily
  3184. You ought to think about settling down here. Least until the government's back up and running.
  3185. Cases of Ammunition are good for big trades. For little things, you just need a little INFLUENCE, be it goodwill or intimidation. Gotta pace yourself though. You can only push people so far on any given day, and then tomorrow's another story.
  3186. Powerful. Scoped for precision.
  3187. Cots and futons beat sleeping on the ground, but I think we could get some actual beds in here without too much trouble.
  3188. You can't stay here.
  3189. If we set aside a little space for a training area, we could make sure everybody's ready for all that fence hopping and zombie fleeing.
  3190. Trade Opportunity (Medicine)
  3191. Doesn't sound like there was anything anybody could have done. They just... gave up.
  3192. We better get some more materials soon. Before shit starts to break.
  3193. COMPLETED: Civic Duty
  3194. We finally done turtling? Awesome.
  3195. Walk with Judge Lawton
  3196. Survivors trapped by zombies.
  3197. Hey, one of you jokers looking for survival training?
  3198. Next time maybe don't go running headlong into infested areas, huh?
  3199. %d Cases of Ammunition
  3200. Stand by.
  3201. Back
  3202. FUEL RESOURCE. Great for running generators or making petrol bombs.
  3203. Crazy. Yeah.
  3204. They've got enough to worry about without this.
  3205. ATTITUDE: Charitable
  3206. Your %s has broken!
  3207. Bring %1$s to %2$s
  3208. Still no luck finding %1$s. This would be easier if we had some outposts. - %2$s
  3209. %d added to Supply Locker. (Poor medicine supply.)
  3210. COMPLETED: Scavenger?
  3211. I'm begging you. Don't make me do this.
  3212. Generators
  3213. Upgrade to Medical Lab
  3214. Who knew we had enough people with musical talent to start a jazz quartet? Okay, maybe "talent" is too strong a word, but at least it's keeping people entertained. - %1$s
  3215. Boy loved him some vanilla ice cream. Day his tonsils came out, you'd think he won the lottery.
  3216. We'll make every effort to get you an escort.
  3217. Powerhouse
  3218. Destroy the Army Zombies
  3219. <Sigh> Yeah. Okay, sure. If you can find us a place to get more medicine, I'll make sure your friend has a place to stay.
  3220. We need ammo and a guard tower.
  3221. Picked up some extra food.
  3222. You could come here and pretend you give a shit.
  3223. Look, a hiding spot.
  3224. Melissa
  3225. Requires Powerhouse Level 6
  3226. Your gun already has a suppressor.
  3227. Num Killed
  3228. Hearing Protection
  3229. Heads up. Zombie-fuckin-central.
  3230. Injury and Illness
  3231. No, I don't think so.
  3232. George
  3233. Pool
  3234. Could use some help.
  3235. Gamer Zone
  3236. Unless you have LEADERSHIP, expulsions may be refused.
  3237. HOME: Wild Shooting
  3238. Every day I thank my mom for making me go practice day in and day out. (Improved cardio; fitness guru.)
  3239. Ray's not the only one with a longer reach than us. Spread the word, Sheriff. We'll trade ammunition for food to anyone willing to bring it.
  3240. Earn 500 Fame.
  3241. Trait Discovered: Folksy Charm
  3242. See? Things aren't as bad as they seem.
  3243. You might want to go check it out.
  3244. 86 GENERIC Jackie Reece
  3245. We'll do a few more of those on other frequencies, too. Somebody will know where he is.
  3246. Might want to come home and say hi.
  3247. Garcia
  3248. I will be forever grateful. Without %1$s's sacrifice, I would not be here today. - %2$s
  3249. The more outposts you have, the safer your home is.
  3250. EXPIRED: Survivor in Trouble
  3251. We're going to need some pretty hefty firepower to blow this barricade. -%1$s
  3252. Another crop's ripe. Time to get harvesting.
  3253. No way we can clear this barricade by hand. Zeds would have us for breakfast before we made it ten feet.
  3254. Spotted something interesting. Should check it out later.
  3255. We've identified a good spot to find some supplies.
  3256. Like we don't have enough problems?
  3257. HOME: Ed Didn't Make It
  3258. %1$s lost.
  3259. Increases our storage capacity for all the key survival resources (Food, Medicine, Building Materials, Ammunition, and Fuel.) REQUIRES WORKSHOP.
  3260. Dammit. We can't keep the bastards out.
  3261. Over here!
  3262. Short, self-defense version of the 1911.
  3263. Guess that's why he paid three times what that dump was worth.
  3264. Rescued Jack.
  3265. Say--do you want to see just about the coolest way to kill zeds ever?
  3266. Has anyone else noticed that %1$s is always getting in everyone's business? - %2$s.
  3267. You're a goddamn machine!
  3268. Just got a call from one of our neighbors.
  3269. If you're trying to cheer me up, this is a pretty piss-poor job of it.
  3270. Turns out we had it covered pretty good.
  3271. I have no use for you.
  3272. It's not a good idea.
  3273. Peyton
  3274. I supply them with seized whiskey, and they rain hellfire on any hordes that happen to notice me and my boys.
  3275. Here we go. Fire in the hole!
  3276. 9 Daily Rations of Food per day
  3277. %1$s is upset.
  3278. COMPLETED: Exit Strategy
  3279. 109 STORY Mercenary
  3280. Or we can just drive around and see what we see. Your call.
  3281. I'm sorry, Okay? I'm sorry.
  3282. Need a Plant Expert
  3283. Y'all got some big brass balls, and you've done us right so far.
  3284. Led the Search
  3285. This is too much.
  3286. Esmeralda
  3287. Brewer
  3288. Oh look, wow, you're, like, super-cool now or whatever. That's so awesome. We're really happy for you.
  3289. Bonus XP for Bludgeoning
  3290. I can't really put any weight on it.
  3291. I'm not interested in sharing with strangers.
  3292. Say, you got any spare lumber in your barn there? I know some folks who are running a little short.
  3293. Will wonders never cease?
  3294. Okay... whew... maybe this ain't so bad.
  3295. The Army's been oddly quiet.
  3296. Damn! These guys pick on you in high school or something?
  3297. COMPLETED: Home Away From Home
  3298. Just testing. Turns out we were right. You CAN'T kill them except by destroying the head. - %1$s
  3299. With two of us, I bet we can make it. How about it?
  3300. 30%
  3301. Dillard
  3302. While aiming ([LT]), press [A] to cycle rate of fire (automatic weapons only), or press [LS] to toggle zoom (scoped guns) or switch shoulder (non-scoped guns).
  3303. Sam Hoffman
  3304. You poor dear. You look like you could use a nap. (Idealistic.)
  3305. Use noise to lure in the zed.
  3306. Sets zeds on fire. This one's just a rag stuffed into a bottle of booze. Top shelf too.
  3307. So how about it? Ready to see what's on the other side?
  3308. Love the idea, but we kinda got "volunteered" to check a couple other places for survivors first.
  3309. Body Dump
  3310. HOME: Missing Ally
  3311. Minutes, maybe. Maybe sooner. Unless...
  3312. Coffee
  3313. Keep them out of the building!
  3314. COMPLETED: Special Delivery
  3315. Don't get me wrong, I love the church... but we need to consider the long-term.
  3316. Want some help?
  3317. There's one thing we need to deal with first.
  3318. Survey Complete
  3319. Maybe you should just go.
  3320. An errand of mercy.
  3321. Wow, you're super corporate, huh?
  3322. MEDICINE RESOURCE. Standard issue meds.
  3323. Excuse me all to hell for "keeping you up at night moaning." In case you didn't know, gut wounds HURT. Where else am I supposed to recover? Not like we have an infirmary here. - %1$s
  3324. Yeah, I'm sure. Let's get everybody moving.
  3325. Friends to the ends!
  3326. It just went off!
  3327. Cross-country? No problem.
  3328. Long shot anyways. Well, don't let us keep you from whatever you're doing. We'll manage.
  3329. Kingston
  3330. %1$s is starting to get that thousand-yard stare. Like something inside 'em just... snapped. - %2$s
  3331. Break It Up
  3332. Edmonds
  3333. Mier
  3334. I always hated getting sick, even when I could go to the doctor, you know?
  3335. Zimmer
  3336. Canned Ham
  3337. ATTITUDE: Distant
  3338. Sit tight--help's on the way.
  3339. The Lord will provide, if we just have faith in Him.
  3340. Friendship Gain
  3341. Hey, save a few for me, huh?
  3342. Needs Tools Expert.
  3343. This thing's gonna draw zombies like flies to shit.
  3344. Too many fucking newbies around here, man. Gotta get us a training facility.
  3345. Maybe later. I'm kind of busy right now, sorry.
  3346. Good news. Our research just paid off.
  3347. Shoulda figured you'd be a goddamn disappointment.
  3348. Not that I don't appreciate you coming all this way to find me, but I paid Ray half of my weekly food ration for the lead on this place.
  3349. Job sent me. Wants to ask a favor of you.
  3350. Where are you?
  3351. Good news--%1$s and their crew broke the siege. - %2$s
  3352. Campbell
  3353. SUMMARY
  3354. Event: Near death experience.
  3355. Barricades down.
  3356. With so many hordes out there, our people are in constant danger. - %1$s
  3357. I guess so. Maybe.
  3358. Two of us together are probably safe, though. Goddamn jackals.
  3359. Live a Little
  3360. Actually, forget it. My mistake.
  3361. Nobody here has escaped losing people they cared about.
  3362. Some of our stuff is missing.
  3363. MISSION: Scavenger?
  3364. Does the Army pay you to give excuses, Corporal?
  3365. Shotgun: A12
  3366. Where the hell's the target?
  3367. Bam! Check that shit out.
  3368. When everything went to hell, first thing I did was go check on my mom.
  3369. Modern manufacture, wild west inspiration.
  3370. They don't care what happens to us! They're turning us out in the goddamn street!
  3371. Oh, man, this is bad. This is bad. I think I pissed off a horde or something.
  3372. Carl... you made the right choice. Back then, and yesterday. I know it's difficult, but I need your support. Can I count on it?
  3373. We're gonna want to move quick on this one.
  3374. You know anything about this guy Ray?
  3375. Whatever you say.
  3376. Yeah, you know it. Our people get shit done. There's nobody here that's afraid to mix it up with zed.
  3377. Well, that didn't go well at all.
  3378. I was fourteen. It was totally lame. But it was sweet.
  3379. Now let's try some shooting.
  3380. Special techinique that allows you to instantly counter incoming attacks.
  3381. Hunt down a Rotter zombie.
  3382. Ammonia
  3383. Kesia
  3384. COMPLETED: Trade Opportunity
  3385. That's what happens when we don't have a safe place to store our food. We need a storeroom.
  3386. Blue pen on a sticky note that reads, "To do list".
  3387. Good for community unity.
  3388. Hey, Mickey. How'd you feel about some target practice?
  3389. HURT: Busted Leg
  3390. Prybar
  3391. No! No way. We're going to bury Eli proper.
  3392. Our lifeline in the field.
  3393. Helped our fellow survivors.
  3394. Gonna be hard to make repairs at this rate.
  3395. It's that time again, folks. We're clearing infestations in the area, so stay out of the way.
  3396. %2$s killed by %1$s.
  3397. Is loaded up and ready to go.
  3398. Hope you're ready to go back to living in the dark ages. Pun intended.
  3399. Spitzy
  3400. Huh. I think I see a pattern to their movements.
  3401. Items
  3402. With a refrigerated storage area, we can really improve our ability to keep food fresh.
  3403. HOME: Panic
  3404. That really hurt!
  3405. Simms
  3406. Requires WINE CELLAR.
  3407. Mountain Man
  3408. I'm going to have to remember this spot.
  3409. Then you'd best watch the Wilkersons. I trust them just about as far as a two-headed snake.
  3410. Tech
  3411. I found what we needed and brought it home. There was much rejoicing. - %1$s.
  3412. Victoria
  3413. I got your back, don't worry.
  3414. Pamphlet on Gun Safety
  3415. Andy
  3416. Uh, uh, we should go.
  3417. Yeah, well, I'm not gonna get better without some medicine, am I?
  3418. Reinelt
  3419. Bro
  3420. Numbs the pain, but won't help serious wounds. Serious stuff. Also good for getting off the junk.
  3421. Oh. Okay, sure. I understand.
  3422. You cannot do this while in combat.
  3423. FOOD RESOURCE. A massive amount of honey
  3424. Last week we found something labeled "cheeseburger in a can." Nobody's been brave enough to open it yet.
  3425. NOTE: Marshall Law
  3426. ATTITUDE: Moody
  3427. All right, go.
  3428. Valerie
  3429. They will pick us off one by one, and we will ultimately be overwhelmed by a tide of soulless, ravenous husks of what were once our brothers and sisters.
  3430. Yeah. Should keep us going a while longer.
  3431. Tools Expert: %s
  3432. Payment received.
  3433. You'd do well to remember that.
  3434. Becky
  3435. Yep.
  3436. Call for Backup
  3437. I went into a zombie infestation and cleared it out. Destroyed the screamers who were attracting 'em and wiped out the rest of the zombies. Should be safe here for a little while. - %1$s.
  3438. Benefits of a misspent youth.
  3439. Encyclopedia Set
  3440. Andy's a guy used to come into Pastor Will's soup kitchen all the time. Haven't seen him since this bullshit went down.
  3441. Pastor Will's going to try and get Doc Hanson to come down and take a look at him, but....
  3442. Keep your head down, we're on our way!
  3443. Hit and move. You can't attack all the time.
  3444. Cooking Supplies
  3445. Isom
  3446. Chemistry Equipment
  3447. They'd like to learn some of your zombie-killing techniques.
  3448. Watch our backs while we tear these barricades down, and I'll give you the grand tour.
  3449. Looks like the tables are starting to turn.
  3450. They still need your help out at the Barrett place! You better hurry!
  3451. Kohler
  3452. %+d Influence for the day.
  3453. Explosives
  3454. Historic collectible, still in good condition.
  3455. A reliable military shotgun.
  3456. You know what's awesome? Outposts. We should set up more.
  3457. I just spotted an infestation.
  3458. Wyeth
  3459. I'll wait here.
  3460. So, what happened?
  3461. You can't do everything yourself. Come home and rest, somebody else can pick up the slack.
  3462. Remember the Marshall Ice Dogs' championships!
  3463. Here in the valley for a hunting trip with some old Army buddies.
  3464. Falchion
  3465. We have more FUEL than we'll be able to store. - %1$s
  3466. This won't do me any good.
  3467. Military Surplus Catalogs\
  3468. Survey complete.
  3469. Now's not really a good time.
  3470. Coming in the back!
  3471. This is a bad sign.
  3472. We lost someone special today. %1$s, you will not be forgotten. - %2$s
  3473. Okay. Watch yourself out there.
  3474. Liked to Hunt
  3475. Thematic Expounding
  3476. Hoe
  3477. Not that I don't appreciate you coming all this way to find me, but I paid Ray half my weekly food ration for the lead on this place.
  3478. All you fuckers are gonna die!
  3479. Figured pitching in might make you feel better.
  3480. I mean, it's great that we've got so many people helping out, but we're almost to the point where we've got to start hot-bunking.
  3481. Umm... thanks?
  3482. Box Mines available for construction.
  3483. %3$s probably has it covered.
  3484. Ernesto
  3485. Upgrade to Infirmary
  3486. That's better.
  3487. So, %1$s went after that freak on their own. It's taken care of, but it was a close call. - %2$s
  3488. ATTITUDE: Meek
  3489. Assault Rifle: M4A1
  3490. Yeah. Get your kit and head on over.
  3491. Marcia
  3492. See, %1$s? I told you it's possible to get food poisoning from a carrot. - %2$s
  3493. Look, follow me, okay? I know a place where we can find some really choice stuff.
  3494. There you are.
  3495. Home improvement.
  3496. MISSION: Exit Strategy
  3497. Come on!
  3498. Got any good news?
  3499. Guys, guys! Come on, we gotta at least check the place. Somebody might have survived.
  3500. Becca? Becca!
  3501. HOME: Crisis of Faith
  3502. I was always sort of a homebody. Pretty much just shuttled between home and work. Maybe the occasional stop for take-out.
  3503. Feel like I got run over by a bus full of angry nuns.
  3504. Jesus... no… no, no, I can't do this.
  3505. Olofson
  3506. Feel like helping us clear an infestation?
  3507. You all laugh at me, you think I'm crazy, but I'm TELLING you! I saw that same zombie in the green jacket outside my window AGAIN last night! It's STALKING me! I've got to get out of here... BEFORE IT FINDS ITS WAY IN! - %1$s
  3508. My expertise isn't as practical, but I'd like to return the favor some time.
  3509. Good stuff, man.
  3510. Regular zombie stampede.
  3511. I'll head up and cover you.
  3512. Eat that, you fucking pieces of shit!
  3513. I'm telling you, this thing, it's a lot bigger than we thought.
  3514. Okay. Now we're going to kick some zombie ass the old-fashioned way.
  3515. It's... been a while. What was it? Three years?
  3516. Pastor Will succumbed to Black Fever and turned before we could react. - %1$s
  3517. Don't trust the Army.
  3518. I don't think I can break this bastard down.
  3519. Welcome to the Alamo
  3520. The precision of it... I don't think it was some random thug. Looked professional.
  3521. Okay, I'll be here a bit longer.
  3522. Those were the first places to get hit.
  3523. Cavalry's on it's way, just hang on!
  3524. Whew.
  3525. Did not appreciate that.
  3526. Talk to the Pastor for help.
  3527. Company coming. Stay sharp.
  3528. At this rate we won't even be able to make basic repairs pretty soon.
  3529. Jesus, this hurts like hell. Hate feeling this useless.
  3530. Look, I... I just can't go back there. Not yet. If I don't bring in my quota, my ass is toast.
  3531. Watch the front!
  3532. About two mags worth. At this rate we'll be throwing rocks by the end of the week.
  3533. Still no word from %3$s. %1$s really could have used a hand out there. - %2$s
  3534. Yeah, that's right. We've already got yours loaded up and ready.
  3535. Took %1$s out skeet shooting. Burned a little ammo, but it was worth it to blow off some steam. - %2$s
  3536. Lilia
  3537. Welcome back.
  3538. Roughing it's actually pretty fun. Fewer zombies would be nice, though. (Improved Wits and Cardio.)
  3539. I'm here.
  3540. Goddammit Charlie Actual, these people are going to die without help!
  3541. We've pretty much picked downtown clean. Maybe if you let the scouts range out farther....
  3542. Goddammit! We're right in the middle of a supply run and %1$s starts screaming like a baby and rabbits! What the hell ever happened to covering your buddy's back, huh? Well, good riddance, you ask me. - %2$s
  3543. Delay your decision. Becca won't wait forever before trying it without you, though.
  3544. One down.
  3545. Our scouts have spotted some people moving around here. Might want to make contact.
  3546. Got it.
  3547. All that's missing is classic rock on the radio.
  3548. I hear the Wilkersons are up to their old shit again.
  3549. TIP: Hold [RT] to see character names and perform emotes.
  3550. How's it going back home?
  3551. We looked into this thug problem that's been going around and took care of business. Come share in our windfall. - Job Wilkerson
  3552. Patricia
  3553. Rodriguez
  3554. Rifling through things like that is noisy as hell.
  3555. DANGER: Army Zed Sighting
  3556. You trying to deafen me or get me killed, asshole?
  3557. Speed up construction.
  3558. Eli's not his family.
  3559. I'm almost done. I'll only be a minute.
  3560. Well, that whole crop's wasted. We should have harvested sooner.
  3561. Delay your decision. Quentin won't hang around waiting forever.
  3562. Whaddya say? Fifty-fifty sound good?
  3563. You have to kill me, do you understand? You have to kill me!
  3564. I think it's clear over there.
  3565. Philip
  3566. Duck and cover, folks!
  3567. Rieger
  3568. Look, I'll make you a deal, okay? You don't ask me how I got this little, ahh, injury, let me take some medicine from the stocks on the QT, and I'll give you my share at lunch for the next week. Deal? - %1$s
  3569. Why don't you come with me? We've got room.
  3570. Because we're businessmen. It's all about seeing the long game.
  3571. No, thanks.
  3572. HOME: Black Fever
  3573. Kill Score
  3574. Robertson
  3575. I'm sorry, this is just way beyond my ability to treat.
  3576. Witherspoon
  3577. MISSION: Diversion Request
  3578. Unknown resource
  3579. A zombie apocalypse is no excuse for poor oral hygiene. Are you flossing? (Some medical knowledge.)
  3580. Oh, bite me.
  3581. You'll like this one. The boys in the back room figured out how to make a suppressor.
  3582. Fuck, did we lose somebody?
  3583. Retrieving Data
  3584. Uh... uh... yeah, no, you're totally doing great... buddy....
  3585. FUEL is useful for making weapons and keeping generators running.
  3586. Caution is key--now I'm less likely to break stuff when I search. (Core Specialization: Ninja)
  3587. Okay, then you can protect me too. I'm not proud.
  3588. Next time I kill a zombie, release this cote full of doves behind me, okay?
  3589. Sturdy root chopper, good on zombies too.
  3590. I wasn't going to tell anyone! Jesus, dude, I was trying to start over!
  3591. Bumper Crop
  3592. Whatever. Still be awesome.
  3593. Zombies behind you!
  3594. Civilian version. Popular in video games.
  3595. Yes ma'am.
  3596. No way.
  3597. And don't worry--all this is gonna work out exactly the way it should. At least if I have anything to say about it.
  3598. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Infestations
  3599. SWAT support unavailable. Apologies.
  3600. Requires CUSTOM-BUILT PC.
  3601. I froze. My brother tried to bolt, and the thing... it just pounced on him.
  3602. Zombie Horde Headed Towards Home!
  3603. 129 STORY Eli Wilkerson
  3604. We're good, Ray.
  3605. Look, just tell me what to do. I got nothing.
  3606. And just in time for the nights to start getting longer, too.
  3607. Manifest Destiny
  3608. A new save file has been created
  3609. Trait Discovered: Off the Wagon
  3610. Now that's damn peculiar.
  3611. Hey, thanks for showing up.
  3612. Sounds like there's some vestige of civilization hanging on at the courthouse in Marshall. - %1$s
  3613. And now some stupid fuck just panicked and wasted a whole bunch of our ammo!
  3614. Vallarta
  3615. Kaylee
  3616. Light, portable, and efficient. Just like me.
  3617. I'm freaking out here, man!
  3618. HURT: Twisted Knee
  3619. More people are dying out there.
  3620. Not in my experience.
  3621. You know they make pistols you can take through airport metal detectors now? Not that that's really relevant any more.
  3622. Well, it beats that hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach.
  3623. So, whaddya think for next year? Canoeing in Georgia, caving in North Carolina, or camping at Crystal Lake?
  3624. We fended off another zombie horde. - %1$s.
  3625. What the hell'd they think was gonna happen?
  3626. This is from your stock, isn't it?
  3627. Come on. I'll show you the rest of the grounds.
  3628. With the medicine situation being what it is, guess I got to just tough it out.
  3629. Leadership
  3630. Fishing trip. Sort of our annual "get out of the rat race and decompress" ritual.
  3631. Local diner waitress.
  3632. I thought I was a goner there.
  3633. Everyone's stuffed.
  3634. Disapproves of our reputation.
  3635. Insensitive
  3636. Yeah. Should keep us going a little while longer.
  3637. I've seen just about enough of this valley. Let's get the hell out of here.
  3638. We could start gathering books and put together a reference area.
  3639. We should go.
  3640. Keep out of its way!
  3641. Reckon you can come on up and wait a spell. But you disturb Eli, and I'll feed you your fuckin' feet for breakfast.
  3642. Buy
  3643. Charges set, Sarge. Everybody fall back!
  3644. They've been locked in there for hours.
  3645. We'll get packed up and head to your base.
  3646. Runaway
  3647. Joseph
  3648. It was nothing.
  3649. Pickling Salt
  3650. Got 15 people in your community.
  3651. Research
  3652. PERSONAL SKILL. Let me just peep your digits.
  3653. I've been packing up my Dad's stuff, and I found a watch box. It's from the birthday present I got him when I was 12. This stupid little plastic thing with cartoon fish on it.
  3654. Trailer Park
  3655. What about the other survivors? We can't just abandon them and hope they figure out the problem with the water.
  3656. Ropes
  3657. We finally caught a break! And I lived!
  3658. Yup. Not far now.
  3659. The generators could shut down any minute now. I don't have to tell you how bad that would be.
  3660. Josiah
  3661. 5.56mm
  3662. The usual. Couple crates of food, some gas for your cruisers, and a little something extra.
  3663. I can't.
  3664. You'll just have to decide who you want to run it.
  3665. He's still my brother.
  3666. Back at the Church. Worried about Eli.
  3667. Why can't everything be this easy?
  3668. This fever... I know what this means. Just don't have the guts to do it myself.
  3669. That's the spot right there.
  3670. Reduce income tax rate to 14.1%
  3671. We got another one of them big ‘uns comin'!
  3672. Next
  3673. We've got some supplies in the locker over there. Take what you need. And stay safe out there.
  3674. Somebody's gonna have to account for this.
  3675. INFLUENCE GAINED (Gathering Complete)
  3676. Starting a new game will overwrite your existing save game and you will lose any progress made. Are you sure you want to start a new game?
  3677. Where the fuck did you go?
  3678. Sunny Days
  3679. And suppose they're watching it closer than you think? Suppose they got snipers up there, just waiting for some dumbass to try getting over?
  3680. Yeah, surprised the hell out of me too.
  3681. MISSION: Supply Run
  3682. You best back away from me right now.
  3683. But I put that shit behind me! I swear, I got clean, I started over... that's why I took the new name.
  3684. Last I saw him he was going up to the lake to look for survivors.
  3685. NOTE: You Suck!
  3686. We should consider a FITNESS REGIMEN at an TRAINING AREA.
  3687. Bonus XP from Shooting Platform!
  3688. I know it's unfair to ask, but... will you help me? Please?
  3689. The supply run can be completed without you.
  3690. Heads up, a whole 'nother pack's coming up the road!
  3691. 92 GENERIC Marcia Granderson
  3692. I'm going to take a quick look around.
  3693. Listen, I understand where you're coming from. You know, we've all lost a lot.
  3694. I can do that.
  3695. You cannot switch to someone who is BUSY.
  3696. Thanks. I, uh, I appreciate the hospitality.
  3697. Medrano
  3698. MISSION: Trade Opportunity (Ammo)
  3699. Feeling better?
  3700. Keeping an eye out for trouble.
  3701. You lost me.
  3702. Lot of zombie activity out there. That might mean survivors.
  3703. There's something comforting in carrying a weapon that weighs as much as a small child.
  3704. Growing Danger
  3705. Shelf Brackets
  3706. Hey, before we go we've got to take care of one more thing.
  3707. You'll find it on your map.
  3708. Whoa!
  3709. Not happy about how things are going.
  3710. I can't go on foot.
  3711. Can't attach a suppressor to this gun.
  3712. So we're brokering deals for the Wilkersons now, huh? Super. What next? Ooh, do you think I could join the Mafia?
  3713. I've seen how it goes for people with black fever. Jesus. I never thought I'd go out like that.
  3714. I've been thinking about what our dying friend said about the water. Right before they locked me out, the science geeks were talking about something they found up at the reservoir.
  3715. Marked for Greatness
  3716. The search party couldn't even find %3$s. All in all, could have gone a lot better. - %2$s
  3717. Enjoyed the Opera
  3718. Huh. That's a good idea. Okay, sounds like it's worth checking out.
  3719. Donelli
  3720. Do you hear me, Charlie Actual? Charlie Actual!
  3721. You're pretty good at killing zeds.
  3722. Whoa, little close don't you think?
  3723. Nope.
  3724. Seems to me I'm not the one you should be apologizing to.
  3725. How do you feel about going on a supply run?
  3726. Sorry, Q.
  3727. Be supportive.
  3728. Ain't far now.
  3729. <Sigh>
  3730. COMPLETED: Besieged
  3731. I didn't-
  3732. Assign
  3733. +50% to learn languages.
  3734. Plumber
  3735. Help! Please!
  3736. COMPLETED: Sam Hoffman
  3737. Look, I gotta be honest. I have no idea what to do now.
  3738. 77TraitBlockTemplate.Quirk_StrongTough_2_1Edgar Carew
  3739. Thanks. Don't know what possessed 'em to run off like that. I just hope nothing terrible's happened.
  3740. I'm faster while aiming, I reload quicker, and I can lock in on a zombie's head from even farther away.
  3741. For God's sake, I just kept some tuna so my husband could eat!
  3742. Kaitlyn
  3743. The Armory
  3744. Package delivered. Have a nice day.
  3745. Glad you made it. Hope this wasn't too far out of your way; I like to come up here sometimes to think.
  3746. Yeah. Wonder what it's gonna be tomorrow. Probably the fucking bun.
  3747. Resistant to gunfire.
  3748. Y'know, without blowing ourselves up by accident.
  3749. Too slow, Mr. Zombie! (Class Specializations: Spin Kick, Sweep)
  3750. MATERIALS RESOURCE. A random collection of supplies for hobby projects.
  3751. Run, stupid!
  3752. Don't give me shit for liking cooking shows. My grandma raised me on Julia Child, OK? (Good cook)
  3753. COMPLETED: The Armory
  3754. Shawn
  3755. Destroy the Bloated Zombie
  3756. Now this is just ridiculous.
  3757. Generous to his friends.
  3758. I lost my virginity behind the football field. Me and Lucy Cormoran, junior year. She had this thing she did where...
  3759. The Lord has turned his gaze on you.
  3760. Graw
  3761. I haven't eaten an actual meal in weeks. You all can keep starving, I'm out. - %1$s
  3762. Guy smelled like he hadn't bathed in a month. Seriously. I think the zombies stink less.
  3763. Reach out to Pastor Will for some moral support.
  3764. Rescue Runners Mission Expired
  3765. 3 GENERIC Sally Jo Harrison
  3766. Yeah. That's right.
  3767. Have you noticed how we seem to be attracting the wrong kind of people lately?
  3768. Found this while I was out.
  3769. EXPIRED: Help Request
  3770. Oh god, I'm gonna die!
  3771. Daroca
  3772. Good Samaritan
  3773. Man, this is totally sweet! I can't believe I'm learning to do this, like, for real.
  3774. Probably the last of them for a while.
  3775. How long before the 5k zombie run becomes a real sport?
  3776. And we don't have enough guys to fight off zombies and fix the place up.
  3777. With the Wilkersons.
  3778. MISSION: Mercy Shot
  3779. Garden Rake
  3780. Sex. 1981. Sex. Big mustache and aviator shades. Sex. One ride to rule them all. Two faux leather seats.
  3781. Electrician's Tape
  3782. Look for medicine.
  3783. Talk about out in the boonies. I guess it'll be quiet, at least.
  3784. I'm gonna need more than a shoulder to bust this one open.
  3785. SMG: TMP9
  3786. Need a Workshop!
  3787. Composite stock and iron sights.
  3788. Palaver
  3789. You're a life-saver!
  3790. Still a bunch of them out there!
  3791. Fast, vicious, tough in melee, and hard to shoot.
  3792. Karlsen
  3793. Red ballpoint in a small, leather bound diary.
  3794. About time things started looking up.
  3795. Have you noticed how %1$s is always wearing long sleeves these days? Yeah... it's not THAT chilly yet. - %2$s
  3796. Wooden Branch
  3797. We'll have one for you shortly.
  3798. A favorite of target shooters and small game hunters.
  3799. Shared Influence
  3800. Find out what's going on.
  3801. Climb the water tower and look around.
  3802. Because the LategameCheat flag is set, all of these have been unlocked: Grenade, Landmine, Firebomb, Suppressor.
  3803. Construction Site
  3804. Oh, man, that's a lot of crazies.
  3805. Bonus XP from Fast Hands!
  3806. To Be Continued.... -%1$s
  3807. Happy to help. I'll talk to Lily.
  3808. Last mag.
  3809. That was amazing. You're the best.
  3810. Knows something about Becca.
  3811. We're stretched too thin as it is.
  3812. Radio broadcasts can be used to coordinate our efforts, reach out to other survivors, and to provide hope.
  3813. Built In Workshop
  3814. Chiffonade! (Yes, it's a real word. Shut up.)
  3815. People are celebrating having cleared that infestation. -%1$s
  3816. Low stamina makes it easier for the zeds to drag you down.
  3817. Cavalry Saber
  3819. Well? Whaddya think?
  3820. Damn shame. I brought him into this world 20-odd years ago.
  3821. If you need to get out after everything's boarded up, we got a ladder off the upstairs porch.
  3822. Wow, that's... great.
  3823. PERSONAL SKILL. It's more than just nailing planks together. Construction's an art form, and I may not be Monet, but I know how to color inside the lines.
  3824. And to think I used to be a picky shopper.
  3825. Overkill? No such thing.
  3826. Hmm... I'm sort of rethinking this.
  3827. Here's the location.
  3828. Got any projects for me?
  3829. COMMUNITY: Forgive and Forget
  3830. We've lost contact with one of our people.
  3831. Used to run the Tartan Mart in Spencer's Mill.
  3832. Hold it right there! Hands where we can see them.
  3833. Disarray
  3834. You don't get special treatment just because you're pissed off. Don't act like the enemy or I'm gonna treat you like one.
  3835. BONUS XP (Headshot Streak)
  3836. Shotgun: Warrior Police
  3837. Sometimes called an "improved" Uzi.
  3838. Yeah, well, unless we get our ammo stockpiles up soon, it's gonna keep happening.
  3839. Wait, wait wait. You couldn't know this would happen.
  3840. TIP: Hold [RT] to accelerate. [LT] to brake or drive in reverse.
  3841. I'll go find us a ride.
  3842. Reach for it, Mister!
  3843. I'm gonna pass.
  3844. Filters
  3845. Hedge Shears
  3846. Asshole, where the fuck are you?
  3847. Doom and gloom.
  3848. Rassle
  3849. Asshole.
  3850. Rusty Machete
  3851. I think we're going to have a fight on our hands.
  3852. Don't worry about me, help the others!
  3853. Pack Mule
  3854. MISSION: Indefensible
  3855. Created 3 Steel Pipe Bombs.
  3856. How's the car holding up?
  3857. Good supply of MEDICINE in their location.
  3858. It's not my fault, I'll tell you that much.
  3859. I just don't see why you're so heartless about this. We've got plenty of food here, we should be sharing it!
  3860. RECEIVED: Wilkerson Private Reserve
  3861. Grossman
  3862. Allende
  3863. Cornelius
  3864. Greyson
  3865. Away
  3866. Jesus. I need to get out and live a little more.
  3867. I'll come with you. I owe her that much.
  3868. Walk with Lily
  3869. Armed and dangerous.
  3870. It's like ringing a frickin' dinner bell!
  3871. JOURNAL: Vacation's Over
  3872. Roger that. We'll be waiting.
  3873. Yeah. Thanks.
  3874. We're going to need more medicine pretty soon.
  3875. I don't have a lot of details, but it sounds like one of their own turned sometime during the night. It was all over from there.
  3876. Had one guest star role on that sitcom with the talking dog 15 years ago.
  3877. Trait Discovered: Jaded
  3878. All this running's tough on clothes. Glad I can patch things up. (Handy with Arts and Crafts.)
  3879. Be there in a few.
  3880. Trouble. Right flank.
  3881. You don't really know how fast a dog can be till it's going for your throat.
  3882. We're doing what we can, alright? Now do your job and protect us.
  3883. Just... God, will you just shut up, Alan?
  3884. 26 GENERIC Edgar Reynolds
  3885. There's nothing a good bottle of Jack can't fix. Beer pong, anyone?
  3886. Please tell me that you're joking.
  3887. Rugged, late model farm truck with enough seats to take the family out on the weekend. Seats six in a pinch.
  3888. Oversee the trade.
  3889. I just can't do it right now. I'm sorry, I'm beat.
  3890. Leaves a toxic cloud.
  3891. Machete
  3892. SICK: Fever
  3893. Swing by if you want.
  3894. Well, so far so good.
  3895. Out of ammo.
  3896. If we made a few additions to our training area, we could run combat drills.
  3897. Maybe we should have taken another route.
  3898. I don't think there's a car left in this valley that's not spoken for. Sorry, nothing I can do for you.
  3899. If it was up to me, everybody'd go out with one magazine's worth of ammo until you learn to control those goddamn trigger fingers.
  3900. Insists that if you can kill it, you can fry it, and if you can fry it, you can eat it.
  3901. Those SWAT zombies can wear you out and you gotta fight 'em hand-to-hand. - %1$s
  3902. An extra pair of eyes would be a big help.
  3903. TIP: Press [X] repeatedly to force open a locked door.
  3904. How the hell do we stop something that big?
  3905. %1$s could go at any time.
  3906. MUSIC
  3907. Yeah. Listen, I just wanted to say, you've been down in the dumps for a while. I'm worried about you.
  3908. Man, I hated it. The costume was hot, the beard was itchy, and if the boss thought you weren't suitably excited about whatever crappy little novelty gift came out of the sack, he'd chew your ass out for "bringing down morale."
  3909. JOURNAL: Young Love
  3910. Guess I've taken up enough of your time already--let's get out of here.
  3911. PERSONAL SKILL. Hey, I might need that!
  3912. Hagen
  3913. %d Trust with the Courthouse
  3914. Jackman
  3915. Broken
  3916. Trait Discovered: Marked for Greatness
  3917. Without our help, there's no way anyone survived. - %1$s
  3918. Move along please.
  3919. RECEIVED: Suppressor
  3920. Looks like that was the last horde for now.
  3921. See? Things aren't all bad.
  3922. If you need to get in and out after everything's boarded up, we got a ladder off the upstairs porch.
  3923. Lily Ritter Contacted
  3924. Hey, over here!
  3925. Clear out the inside!
  3926. Hang back--we don't know if whoever did this is still here.
  3927. There's a clinic northwest of town, but last time we thought about making a supply run in the area it was crawling with... uh... "zombies."
  3928. Look, I wish you all the best, but you can't eat good wishes. I'll take my chances on my own. - %1$s
  3929. Collection of Medications
  3930. I don't think they're gonna make it.
  3931. Gabriella
  3932. Look to the right.
  3933. You lishten to me, hear...I haven't *hic* touched a drop of that shtuff shee...
  3934. 83 GENERIC Kyle Branson
  3935. I met this guy on-line... I know, I know, it's corny as hell, shut up.
  3936. What the hell am I supposed to do with this?
  3937. I've got some news, but... I don't think you're gonna like it.
  3938. I need someone to make a delivery.
  3939. Narrowly escaped. Seems fine.
  3940. Pastor William
  3941. You doin' okay?
  3942. Beats me.
  3943. I guess I need a new dance partner. I had to shoot mine the other day. (Improved cardio.)
  3944. Liz
  3945. Look, laugh all you want, but it's a sport. You ever lug a set of clubs over 18 holes? (Improved cardio, believe it or not.)
  3946. You got it.
  3947. Dependent
  3948. Think you can handle it?
  3949. COMPLETED: Escape
  3950. Alicia
  3951. Nothing beats a good night's rest.
  3952. %3$s is in danger. I should go help before it's too late. -%1$s
  3953. Multiple Saves
  3954. Okay, I'm here. Now what?
  3955. Shana
  3956. You did good. I know things are looking pretty bleak right now, but just try to remember that everybody is here for you.
  3957. Wish that was still an option.
  3958. Seems like we have some unfinished business out there.
  3959. I've given all I got today. I'm going to bed.
  3960. Safe and sound.
  3961. Dammit, we were light on ammo before this!
  3962. I'll tell you assholes what: You are lucky as hell I'm here. If there was a medal for zombie fighting master, it'd be a gold engraving of my face with a double-fucking rainbow behind it. -%1$s.
  3963. Come on. No sense in dilly-dallying.
  3964. Think we ought to leave a note?
  3965. Whoever keeps leaving passive-aggressive notes around the kitchen, please knock it off. We're all dealing with the same shit, and nobody cares about your petty complaints. - %1$s
  3966. Great. Here's the address. You pick up the folks at the ranch, make sure they get there okay.
  3967. 113 DEBUG
  3968. Combat Training
  3969. Ask around about an area that has FOOD.
  3970. Now why don't you run along… you hear me?
  3971. Feels like we're actually accomplishing stuff instead of just treading water.
  3972. Press D-pad [DUp] to open your Journal and manage your Inventory on the People page.
  3973. What do we do now?
  3974. Don't give up now.
  3975. The supplies made it home safe, but %1$s isn't too happy about having to do it alone. - %2$s
  3976. Hey Becks.
  3977. Sit tight, I'm bringing this stuff home.
  3978. Locklear
  3979. Guess I've taken enough of your time already--let's get out of here.
  3980. Needs an escort home.
  3981. MISSION FAILED: Doc Hanson
  3982. You! You've been out there, right? Have you seen my son? He wasn't here at muster this morning, I don't know where he went!
  3983. I saw what you did. And I know you know I saw it. I'm not going to out you, okay? In fact, I'm just going to leave. Nobody will ever find out from me. Okay? So there's no reason to come after me. - %1$s
  3984. Random Boxes of Ammo
  3985. Mother fuck! This piece of shit rucksack's coming apart at the seams!
  3986. Wrote Fiction
  3987. Oh yeah. No, I'll take any help I can get.
  3988. Sweet ride.
  3989. Compter printout on official County Parks Administration letterhead.
  3990. Farrell
  3991. Could be in a jam.
  3992. Let's roll!
  3993. Stockpiles increased.
  3994. Gage
  3995. I'll head up there and I'll cover you.
  3996. Hold the Bridge
  3997. In times like this, I often draw inspiration from the Book of Revelation.
  3998. Sometimes I still see things...scenes that would make a really good shot, but then I hear those moans.
  3999. Speed Sudoku
  4000. TIP: Hold [RT] and tap [RB] to drop rucksacks.
  4001. We've got to do something about the food situation, or more people are going to get food poisoning.
  4002. That new outpost is going to make a huge difference.
  4003. Roger that. Stay safe.
  4004. I mean I dunno, maybe they would have left me alone, but I've heard those broadcasts. I didn't want to take any chances.
  4005. I'm going up to HQ to find out where the survivors bugged out to.
  4006. +25% scoring.
  4007. Cordova
  4008. Puff Pastry
  4009. Thinks he's God's gift to everybody.
  4010. Hastings
  4011. Can our friends hold out a little longer?
  4012. %s Supply Run: Searching
  4013. Befriend
  4014. It's hard to know how things stand when someone is FLEEING.
  4015. Captain Montressor's orders. We just do what we're told.
  4016. FOOD RESOURCE. Boxes of ingredients for baking.
  4017. Well, obviously not any more!
  4018. Additional Food, Ammo, Medicine, Fuel, and Materials capacity.
  4019. If I'm going to keep doing this, I'm going to need some ammo.
  4020. Been a pleasure doing business.
  4021. Alfonso
  4022. Becca? You mean Alex? Ah, hell, hope I didn't cause her any problems with that. Didn't even think.
  4023. Plastic Bottles
  4024. Yes! Okay? It's true! Are you happy now?
  4025. Is that terrible?
  4026. Short-order cook, infamous for his greasy fries and dried-up grilled cheese sandwiches.
  4027. Well, thanks for the info. Guess I've got a decision to make.
  4028. Hey, don't sweat it. If they try anything, I'll protect you.
  4029. Lehner
  4030. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, aight!
  4031. 40% chance to make rent this month.
  4032. Save game has been deleted
  4033. Lighter, shorter version of the X-Lock.
  4034. Teapot
  4035. Suicidal Tendencies
  4036. Trumbull County Fairgrounds
  4037. Jefferson
  4038. Remove Storage Area
  4039. Well, today went downhill fast.
  4040. Jesus... somebody coulda died there. We gotta be more careful. - %1$s
  4041. Stay away from the windows!
  4042. Bryan
  4043. Double Boiler
  4044. %1$s has been binge eating to deal with the stress. Fucker ate the last of the snack cakes, too. %2$s
  4045. Bad news You're gonna have company soon, and not the friendly kind.
  4046. Jesus. This is about the biggest crock of horseshit ever.
  4047. Dude, it's her dad.
  4048. You know anybody that can survive standing a foot away from 100 pounds of TNT?
  4049. TRUST LOST (Reckless Driving)
  4050. I've been sitting here staring at this gun for hours. I know I should do it. It's not right to ask Jack to.
  4051. Copy.
  4052. Leave Trumbull Valley
  4053. 143 STORY Pastor William
  4054. ATTITUDE: Uncertain
  4055. Chance to Decapitate Increased!
  4056. Dammit. Where the hell could they be?
  4057. With the right people for the job, we can do anything. (Handy with tools.)
  4058. Jeremiah
  4059. The zeds never saw us coming.
  4060. People are worried about food.
  4061. I think I've figured out some power options, though. Looks like our best bet's setting up a generator. Solar panels would be even better, but we'd have to move into someplace that already has them installed.
  4062. What we need is an infirmary. We can't keep cramming sick people in with the rest of us.
  4063. Look, I don't know what we're doing out here, but don't you think we should get back?
  4064. Need to head home and rest. Eating isn't the answer.
  4065. Let's go. I'm taking you home.
  4066. SMG: Uzi
  4067. Resources:
  4068. Shit, I'm pretty messed up here.
  4069. I mean... straight to the church. I mean... you know what I mean.
  4070. I got a horde on the move.
  4071. Okay, we'll get everybody moving.
  4072. Mighty Blow Chance Increased!
  4073. Hmm... I think I see a pattern to their movements.
  4074. Numbs the pain, but won't help serious wounds. Typical over the counter stuff.
  4075. Single Focus
  4076. Ed
  4077. Sam rescued them.
  4078. Gotta be honest, I'm not sure I feel safe here any more.
  4079. Maybe you'll spot someplace to find medicine.
  4080. Auto Mechanic
  4081. %s\n%s
  4082. Hey, listen, I get that you want to help, but this... isn't.
  4083. Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know we got Jack home. Thanks for the help.
  4084. Good in a tight spot, but freaks out if he can't get a drink.
  4085. Our medicine cabinet's almost empty. I don't want to think about what will happen next time someone gets sick.
  4086. But you must remember you aren't alone. Everyone here stands behind you, and we're all praying for you.
  4087. No one's being "forced" into anything. We'd offer them incentives; extra food rations, maybe.
  4088. Julian
  4089. Yeah. Heard a few of their goons hit up the gas station outside town, found a couple survivors holed up there.
  4090. 50+ years of combat ops and counting.
  4091. Goddamn motherfucking piece of shit!
  4092. COMPLETED: Nervous Survivor
  4093. How'd you all end up at the church, anyways?
  4094. I'll take an inventory of the place.
  4095. Does it have a good wall around it? Like a "defensible perimeter?"
  4096. 59 GENERIC Clarice Washburn
  4097. In charge of demolitions at the local construction company.
  4098. If you was my kin, I'd take you out and whoop ya.
  4099. I mean, shit... leaving those people to die like that? Cold.
  4100. Package inbound on your pos. I say again, on your pos.
  4101. So... welcome to our little home.
  4102. My best friend died here, you know. Came here looking for some food, and... bam.
  4103. Survivors
  4104. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are royally screwed.
  4105. START MISSION. Another potential act of charity.
  4106. I'm not in charge here.
  4107. You, uh... you got a gun? I'd rather this was painless.
  4108. Combat
  4109. Requires Powerhouse Level 3
  4110. That's pretty much how I expected this to end. Still sucks. -%1$s
  4111. Eyes In the Sky
  4112. You're making quite a name for yourself around here. If there's anything I can do for you, anything at all, you just let me know.
  4113. Thought she was gonna pop me one right there.
  4114. Sudoku
  4115. Might have to hit a few places, but I think we can find everything.
  4116. So you can all just shut up and do what I say.
  4117. TIP: Spend INFLUENCE to take items.
  4118. Ha ha! Yeah! What a rush!
  4119. Hey, thought you could use a little time away from the ranch.
  4120. UPGRADED: Bunkhouse
  4121. I'm not lost. I came out here to end things. I've seen what happens to people who get bitten. I won't let that happen to me.
  4122. Guess we can never have too much.
  4123. Frying Pan
  4124. Zimmermann
  4125. Look, if you're trying to cheer me up, you're doing a pretty piss-poor job.
  4126. Why do I doubt you're helping this guy out of the goodness of your hearts?
  4127. Trait Discovered: Loyal Son
  4128. XP penalty from Coward.
  4129. Cook a Big Meal
  4130. Will swing by the Church later.
  4131. Look at how things are going lately. I can't kid myself anymore. We're doomed and anyone who says otherwise is full of it. - %1$s
  4132. ‘nother fat sumbitch, coming up quick!
  4133. HOME DEFENSE: Feral Attack
  4134. Name's Ed. Pleased to meet you.
  4135. COMMERCE: Library Access
  4136. Suspicious Pharmaceutical Cache
  4137. Dreamed of playing major league ball. Too bad he sucks at it.
  4138. Sienna
  4139. Need an infirmary.
  4140. CHANNELS
  4141. Well, I wouldn't dawdle too long if I was you. Something about this whole thing is making my balls tighten.
  4142. That wasn't too bad.
  4143. Sounds good. I'll escort you.
  4144. Need Ammo
  4145. We're gonna want to move quick on this one.
  4146. Tell you this, we don't get some food soon, we're gonna start having riots.
  4147. Improvised Suppressor
  4148. Here comes a fresh batch of 'em!
  4149. There, you see? You'll be in good hands.
  4150. It's funny... I used to get roped into playing Santa at the company Christmas party every year.
  4151. Pays his debts.
  4152. Big fan of Professor Poliakoff.
  4153. Umm... no, that's okay. You just get him back to the church safe. I gotta get back to my brothers before they notice I'm gone.
  4154. MERCY SHOT
  4155. Zombies? Pfft. Kid's stuff. Wake me if something actually scary shows up, like werewolves. Or tax auditors.
  4156. So, whatever you're doing out there, keep it up.
  4157. Oh god! Momma! Momma!
  4158. I'll get people moving.
  4159. Over on the left side!
  4160. Hi Ma. Dunno why I keep writing these notes to you--I'm a little too old to believe you're reading them up in Heaven. Habit, I guess. Well, anyways, Joanie had the baby, but it was a pretty tough labor. She's staying with her folks out west for a little while, but I've got to stay here and keep working. It's hard, knowing she and little Max are so far away, but that's what men do for their families, right? That's what you and dad taught me, anyway. Okay, Ma, I gotta go--something's on the TV about an emergency evacuation order or something. I better go see what it is. Love to Grandma and Grandpa. - Eugene
  4161. Okay, no more food.
  4162. PAYMENT: Ammo
  4163. No, no. Let's wait on this one.
  4164. No shit, no shit. This thing, it was wearing one of those mascot costumes, you know?
  4165. I just got word on the radio. Someone hit them. Looted the place blind, and...
  4166. Let's try looking around here.
  4167. Slow down!
  4168. This is gonna be a bit of a trek.
  4169. Screamer!
  4170. This whole operation has been a chucklefuck from day one, and your people seem to be the only ones with your heads on the outsides of your collective asses.
  4171. Montoya
  4172. Fear, Sorrow, and Anger
  4173. Revolvers
  4174. You get in a tight spot, give 'em a shout on the radio. I'll get the cannon-cockers to send you a special delivery.
  4175. 8 GENERIC Hank Rassle
  4176. Welcome to the Ranger Station
  4177. Other survivors are having problems with zombie infestations. We should consider helping them out. -%2$s
  4178. This'll be easier than I thought.
  4179. Rescued Jacob.
  4180. I'll check this out next.
  4181. So what if it's a bunch of nuts and bolts in an old paint can? It still explodes.
  4182. Woah, woah. Is this… Is this a good idea?
  4183. Well, I'm sure as hell not gonna object to having a trained soldier on our side. - %1$s
  4184. Cans, Jars, and Boxes
  4185. Huffman
  4186. Why not?
  4187. The exchange.
  4188. Soooo... dunno who brought it, buuuut... somebody brought out a bottle of 20-year-old single malt. Turns out? 'Sa goooood team building exercise. Also turns out? Scotch is kin'a awesome. - %1$s
  4189. Eli, we've talked about this. I'm not ashamed to be seen with you!
  4190. Find Quentin.
  4191. The Bruce
  4192. There's not a lot to go on--looks like one of those freaks got inside and killed everybody.
  4193. Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
  4194. Destroying infestations helps everyone.
  4195. Shotgun Shells
  4196. Anything else is a waste of time. I can lock onto a zombies head from farther away now.
  4197. Yeah... what's the story there?
  4198. Seriously, enough!
  4199. This already is your home!
  4200. Still waiting for you whenever you're free.
  4201. Since the outbreak, Sgt. Tan and his squad have been tasked with maintaining some semblance of order in Trumbull County.
  4202. Harvest
  4203. Jacob, right? Come on, let's get you and your friend out of here.
  4204. An uneasy truce.
  4205. I can't sleep!
  4206. Take these.
  4207. Woah woah. Crusty?
  4208. Hey, here's a thought You want to see what's over there? What the big bad Army's been doing while you civilians were stuck on this side of the river?
  4209. The food situation here is really dire. Please, keep your eyes open for any place we can get more.
  4210. Nothing I've found. Antibiotics, antivirals... they don't even slow it down. Longest I've seen anybody last is a few days.
  4211. Used a car door to kill a zombie.
  4212. Alan
  4213. I need to set my own goals.
  4214. Thing is... I don't know where she is. Not exactly. Might have to look around a bit.
  4215. Worried about our ties to the Wilkersons.
  4216. Always happy to provide moral support.
  4217. Sorry, my stock's a little depleted right now. Maybe later.
  4218. Restores max stamina a fair bit. (Addictive?) Active ingredient: modafinil. Whatever that is.
  4219. Hope we don't see another attack like that any time soon. -%1$s
  4220. Well then, let's get the hell back there. You want to take point, or should I?
  4221. I need some covering fire here!
  4222. I mean, yeah, the recoil bruises my shoulder and I get dizzy if I run around too long and there aren't any sweet alien hovercraft that totally break the game and never should have been allowed in deathmatch, but still.
  4223. NOTE: Bandits or Beggars?
  4224. That why you wanted this little bit of quality time?
  4225. You completed a challenge
  4226. Here you go. Little something for the pantry.
  4227. Hey! Anybody hungry?
  4228. Well, since we don't have the internet any more, I'm thinking we should start assembling a reference library.
  4229. Felder
  4230. 81 GENERIC Henry Jefferson
  4231. Think I've seen more of this valley in the past two weeks than I have in the last five years...
  4232. 139 STORY Quentin Barnes
  4233. TIP: Press [DUp] (D-pad) and then [LB] to view your HOME BASE.
  4234. Looks like you could use this.
  4235. Last one.
  4236. Galvanometer
  4237. Sometimes a woman's got to know when to stand and fight.
  4238. Escrima Stick
  4239. All those repairs we had to make after the last attack really burned through our supply of materials.
  4240. We can fix up your broken ones overnight.
  4241. Our friends are willing to join us, but they need someone to escort them safely home. -%1$s
  4242. Are you... okay?
  4243. Requires FANSUBS.
  4244. I'm sending you the location now.
  4245. Orourke
  4246. Shoulda known you'd come looking for me.
  4247. Ammo casings. They're the hardest part of a bullet to make.
  4248. Day 9. The attacks are getting more frequent now. They know we're here. Ammo's running low, but it's the stress that's really getting to us. Can't sleep with all those screamers out there. Vasquez is taking it the worst--if you find this note, and you find us dead from gunshot wounds, look at Vasquez.
  4249. Trait Discovered: Uke Master
  4250. Potential Home Site
  4251. Let's do this quiet.
  4252. Archer
  4253. Oh damn, I think that's one of them Miller boys. He always was a fat fuck!
  4254. That tasted terrible!
  4255. Never leave a man behind.
  4256. How's it looking?
  4257. Advice: Upgrade to Workshop
  4258. I'm in awe of the balls that it takes to go out there and find some crap somebody lost.
  4259. Sounds like Sgt. Tan's having trouble with his superiors. -%1$s
  4260. We're not the only ones who made it! Some other survivors want to join us. -%2$s
  4261. Seems like things have hit you especially hard.
  4262. From Exploration.
  4263. Secure Perimeter
  4264. Typical.
  4265. No dice with that freak. Sorry. - %2$s
  4266. Ah shit, this one's tough.
  4267. Infestation discovered.
  4268. Space for one car. Cars left here overnight will be repaired a bit if we have a Workshop.
  4269. Did I just get two, or am I seeing double?
  4270. I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I didn't think we were gonna survive that one.
  4271. We'll get payback, but for now we gotta keep moving.
  4272. Yeah, right. You don't spend years studying, you might as well be telling people to swallow live spiders to cure their cough.
  4273. Let me worry about that.
  4274. Construction Advice
  4275. 9 mm
  4276. Infestations increase the number of zombies in an area and the rate at which hordes form. Clearing them out makes everyone safer. - %1$s
  4277. Schaffer
  4278. Trait Discovered: OSHA Standards
  4279. The military has a term for this...FUBAR. -%1$s
  4280. I don't know yet.
  4281. Powerful round for revolvers and some rifles.
  4282. You want to kiss ass to some cops, you be my guest.
  4283. If we want people to trust us, we're going to need to prove ourselves.
  4284. LESSON 1
  4285. Nice work!
  4286. To recover Max Vitality switch to someone else or take a break for the day.
  4287. Leave the House
  4288. That's the one. Anyways, these reports say they just left them behind. Sealed the doors and drove away.
  4289. Passive personalities are more prone to fear and sorrow.
  4290. Interesting? Yes. Useful? No.
  4291. Listen to me. I'm not gonna last much longer.
  4292. Only thing you can do for me is what I'm man enough to do myself. It's not a thing anyone else should have to live with.
  4293. Many eyes are looking to you now. Eyes that are afraid, full of sorrow and anger... but also hope.
  4294. He was supposed to be gathering supplies from here. Maybe he's still around.
  4295. Max Vitality Increased!
  4296. Tax Loophole
  4297. Maybe some other chickenshit bastards just hole up in their safe houses when things get bad, but not us. We got each others' backs.
  4298. It was touch and go for a while there, but %2$s will be okay. Now, what the hell are we going to do about %1$s? - %3$s
  4299. Mortar
  4300. MISSION: Not Alone
  4301. Roach
  4302. Sealed Bins
  4303. Bastard got me real good. There's no way I'm going to make it.
  4304. The hell'd you do that for?
  4305. Facility Bonuses
  4306. We've got trouble. You need to be done.
  4307. Jackson
  4308. Have you had a chance to check out that weird Army thing yet?
  4309. Now we just need to put somebody in charge of it. That's your call.
  4310. Hey, welcome back.
  4311. Hey, what's wrong?
  4312. Having a workshop to make explosives is our best bet against him.
  4313. She had a moustache!
  4314. Finally, things are going our way.
  4315. What the-?
  4316. What's- My dad's watch. Thank you, this... really means a lot to me.
  4317. All mapped out.
  4318. Huh... I think I see a pattern to their movements.
  4319. Huh? Wait, who's Alex?
  4320. BUILT: Basic Workshop
  4321. I've seen how it goes for people with black fever. Jesus. Never thought I'd go out like that.
  4322. Wait, did I tell you about the zed I wasted the other day?
  4323. Maybe they'll be back tomorrow.
  4324. Gamer Host Name
  4325. I'm gonna eat another fuckin' steak.
  4326. 62 GENERIC Laura Gilbraithe
  4327. Shotgun: Model 870 T
  4328. It's bad out there, yeah, but no worse than usual.
  4329. Mission Aborted
  4330. INCIDENT: Infestation Encounter
  4331. Played Trivia Games
  4332. Master the use of Heavy Weapons.
  4333. And then he tops the whole thing off with, and I shit you not, "And whatever your favorite football team is, they're a bunch of pussies."
  4334. I owe you one.
  4335. Everything's packed and ready. Are we leaving soon?
  4336. Expelled
  4337. Wilkerson Private Reserve
  4338. Cotton Swabs
  4339. %1$s was going to abandon us, but luckily %2$s has a sixth sense about these kinds of things.
  4340. A dojo provides the right space to practice specific survival techniques.
  4341. Get your ass back inside!
  4342. SOP would be to finish recon before heading back to base, unless anybody needs to resupply.
  4343. Clear out the Zombies
  4344. Centrifuge
  4345. But I do know that he was always ready with a joke to lighten the mood--sometimes one of his cracks was the only thing that kept us all from killing each other.
  4346. Somebody used peanuts in our dinner last night. Now, I posted that list of common food allergies in the kitchen for a REASON, people, so let's all try to be a little more considerate of others, okay? - %1$s <-- Nobody here is allergic to peanuts, will you please stop harping on it? - %2$s
  4347. I could use someone to watch my back.
  4348. You know your way around these parts pretty well, right?
  4349. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Friendship
  4350. Please. I'd rather go out like this than lying delirious in a bed somewhere.
  4351. INFLUENCE GAINED (Mission Progress)
  4352. Great. Where's an unlooted pharmacy when you need one?
  4353. Yes! Power's back!
  4354. Oh man! This is so screwed up!
  4355. Aniyah
  4356. You think he's okay?
  4357. Vines
  4358. Sometimes I wish %1$s would just shut up. Yeah, yeah, I get it. You're great. I'm not. - %2$s.
  4359. Blue ballpoint pen on the back of a Tartan Mart inventory order form.
  4360. And what happens when the people we "help" get a bunch of their buddies with shotguns to come and take what we've got?
  4361. Tell you what. You need somebody to pop some zombie heads for you, you gimme a call.
  4362. 136 STORY Judge Constance Lawton
  4363. Daily Infestation
  4364. Got those bastards!
  4365. Tested my faith? It's reinforced it. (Counseling experience.)
  4366. I'm all warmed up, coach!
  4367. Did some serious stress eating.
  4368. WIPED OUT: You and all your friends are DEAD.
  4369. Help! Anybody?
  4370. Wait there.
  4371. I-I'm sorry, I just... I can't....
  4372. We need to get people trained on proper trigger discipline, or this is gonna keep happening.
  4373. But construction's noisy.
  4374. Yeah. I don't know how much longer they're gonna last, so do yourself a favor and don't get sick.
  4375. Sam went out and rescued a group of survivors who needed our help. They are now a part of our community.
  4376. You feeling better?
  4377. Merc Gun
  4378. Damn. How many of them Miller cousins were there?
  4379. Try to understand, we might not find him until tomorrow. - Lily
  4380. Now? Shit, I'd almost welcome the change of pace.
  4382. Got into it over our food supply.
  4383. Zombies coming up behind us.
  4384. Delay. Sgt. Tan will wait around for you.
  4385. Lots of zombies milling around. Might want to go see what's getting their attention.
  4386. Paying my respects. That's my Gina right over there.
  4387. Mickey, we got trouble!
  4388. Canova
  4389. Need a sniper!
  4390. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Feral Zed
  4391. I'm afraid so. He fought like hell, but there wasn't no recovering from his wounds.
  4392. Shared his story.
  4393. We need to find more ammo fast. What we've got won't last much longer.
  4394. You have no idea how many times an extra round in the chamber has saved my ass.
  4395. Unlock the full game to receive it.
  4396. I just couldn't stop myself. Now I feel like I'm gonna be sick. - %1$s
  4397. The scavenger will decide for himself what to take.
  4398. SET UP: Bunkhouse
  4399. Sorry, everybody's out of commission right now.
  4400. Press [Back] to view your Map.
  4401. MATERIALS RESOURCE. The leftover materials from a few carpentry projects.
  4402. I think I've seen enough for now.
  4403. Online Shopper
  4404. Camera
  4405. I need to stop.
  4406. Okay, I can't wait forever though.
  4407. Screw that, they need our help!
  4408. Are you here to help?
  4409. You trying to deafen me or kill me, asshole?
  4410. Books on gardening, electrical engineering, carpentry... anything we can get our hands on.
  4411. This sucks.
  4412. You are not connected to Xbox LIVE. Your scores will not be recorded to the leaderboards while disconnected.
  4413. This sucks. Without a Medical Area, how am I supposed to heal up? -%1$s
  4414. Stalker?
  4415. Chance to Decapitate
  4416. Anna
  4417. Prevents injuries. Allows establishment of a Fitness Regimen.
  4418. Nothing worth taking.
  4419. Jesus. If he was still around, I'd never let him hear the end of it. No point in speaking ill of the dead though.
  4420. %1$s radioed home to report trouble with some zombies. I headed over to help out, but couldn't get it done. - %2$s
  4421. Jacob was MIA for a while, but he has returned. - %1$s
  4422. Oh, man, we are so completely fucked! I can't believe this is happening!
  4423. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Losing Trust
  4424. I was the "fashionable" one. Like, all my friends were always oooing and ahhing over my shoes or gushing about some outfit.
  4425. Great. So now what? Stay here a couple weeks and move again?
  4426. We really need an infirmary around here.
  4427. To switch, talk to Maya before starting a new mission.
  4428. I finally got back in touch with them a couple months ago, actually. This was my first visit home.
  4429. I see a place worth a scavenging run.
  4430. TIP: Press [X] to attack. Press [B] to defend.
  4431. Efficient and thorough with little patience for bullshit.
  4432. Lye
  4433. Doc didn't make it.
  4434. Barnes
  4435. Loved Science Fiction
  4436. %1$s's supply run shouldn't have taken this long. Their people are freaking out. - %2$s
  4437. I think they're all done. Wasn't too hard, actually.
  4438. Caring personalities may object to any ruthless actions you take.
  4439. Let's get moving.
  4440. Quentin? Quentin, please come in....
  4441. Has a little land just west of Spencer's Mill.
  4442. %3$s needs help!
  4443. That's all I wanted to say.
  4444. Let me show you how a real man kills zombies!
  4445. Found it.
  4446. Leslie
  4447. For your own safety, remain in your homes and wait for this to blow over.
  4448. Jacob? Where have you been? I've been trying to raise you for ages!
  4449. Master the use of Blunt Weapons.
  4450. I don't understand, that treatment should have worked.
  4451. Thanks, that did the trick.
  4452. So, uhhh, what are we doing out here, exactly?
  4453. Thanks.
  4454. Any civilians currently in possession of firearms have a two-day grace period to surrender them to the Sheriff or one of his duly-appointed deputies.
  4455. Created 3 Firecrackers.
  4456. Recovered %3$s.
  4457. Jesus, do you want everyone to hear us?
  4458. Oh no... Jacob... I'm so sorry.
  4459. Unable to delete save game
  4460. Ah, negative, Charlie 6. Say again, negative. Remain on station.
  4461. Parrish
  4462. Increases everyone's stamina by 10. (MUST HAVE A BED FOR EVERYONE.)
  4463. Snyder Trucking Warehouse
  4464. Level 2
  4465. Shoot
  4466. I've hauled some nasty shit in my days, but I never thought I'd be dragging around dead fucking bodies.
  4467. Heads up, zombies on our left.
  4468. Food Jars
  4469. Survival
  4470. All right. If I get a chance, I'll look into it.
  4471. Your actions determine other groups' attitudes toward you.
  4472. We found Doc. He's out at the old Barrett place, looking in on one of the Wilkerson boys.
  4473. Yeah, well... about what I expected. Even money whether the zeds got him or the booze did.
  4474. Ezekiel Marshall would roll over in his grave if he could see this town now. (Research experience.)
  4475. While at this stage the Army does not believe the disease is communicable, its onset is extremely unpredictable, and unexpected death will lead to spontaneous reanimation.
  4476. All right, well, might want to steer clear of Lily anyways. Just saying.
  4477. I know things seem bad, but we're going to make it, okay? And you're going to help. Now let's go.
  4478. Great. So can we get the hell out of here now?
  4479. Can you clear a path for them?
  4480. Nothing really. Just... y'know... checking in.
  4481. Lead Pipe
  4482. %s Supply Run: Searching (Just Arrived)
  4483. Howdy folks! Heard you were having some engine troubles. Figured I'd drop by with some spare parts and see if we can't get the old girl back on her feet.
  4484. Fuck! I'm in trouble!
  4485. That's great! You should go talk to them.
  4486. We're done here, Sergeant. Tell your men to prep for evac and RTB.
  4487. Zander
  4488. Gentle Hands
  4489. Gonna need some more painkillers.
  4490. I'm telling you, ever since we lost that outpost, shit's been seven kinds of messed up.
  4491. Unused
  4492. SET UP: Pastor's Quarters
  4493. Told Quentin the truth.
  4494. Hello? Hello?
  4495. Holy shit! Look at that big bastard!
  4496. Desperate Strangers
  4497. Ultra compact and mean, just like your little sister.
  4498. Life was going pretty well until this happened.
  4499. Running low on ammo! Anybody help me out?
  4500. Zombies are out in force
  4501. Reduced stamina penalty when using heavy weapons, and you can swing them a bit easier.
  4502. So, things have been pretty tense around here, huh?
  4503. I think you've met just about everybody, except maybe my brother and my dad.
  4504. Real Workshop
  4505. Trait Discovered: London Calling
  4506. My God, I got here just in time.
  4507. We can't stop to grieve, we gotta move!
  4508. Okay, okay... that was fun, but I suppose we'd better take care of this delivery now. Let's go.
  4509. Signs of survivor activity.
  4510. I think we've got bigger problems than overcrowding now. - %1$s
  4511. Hey, kiss my ass!
  4512. Shit, we're totally screwed.
  4513. Joined our community
  4514. Cassidy
  4515. That's what happens when we don't have a safe place to store our food. This place needs a storeroom.
  4516. Mace
  4517. Is anybody hearing this? I don't want to die!
  4518. Amy
  4519. +8 Beds
  4520. Fatal Illness
  4521. BUILT: Medical Area
  4522. Don't let her get started.
  4523. COMMUNITY: Tension
  4524. Lay of the Land
  4525. Stone
  4526. Better hurry to the warehouse, then. Best guess, the generators won't last long, and I'm sure as hell not going in there alone.
  4527. Shoot me... please...
  4528. Supermarket
  4529. Is that food?
  4530. Danny
  4531. Jesus, man, I don't want to fucking die up here!
  4532. Home sweet home!
  4533. Man, he's been a real downer lately. What's his deal?
  4534. Hold on. One more thing we gotta do.
  4535. Dammit, another big one!
  4536. Resume Game
  4537. I got some stuff to spare.
  4538. Enjoyed Antiquing
  4539. Just a second!
  4540. TIP: Use [LB] and [RB] to view other item types.
  4541. MORALE ISSUE: Fear
  4542. TIP: Use painkillers to restore Vitality
  4543. Help hunt the Army Zed?
  4544. I tried to tell them I could get the rest, but it didn't matter.
  4545. Oh, Ray talks a big game about everybody pulling together and helping out like some big happy family, but we've seen where that gets us. You've seen where it gets us.
  4546. Beat it.
  4547. 72 GENERIC Sue Rose
  4548. Watch your ammo and try and reload when it's safe.
  4549. Hold [LB] and press [X] to launch a slow, focused attack guaranteed to decapitate the target.
  4550. Holy shit, we made it! Next stop, Hazzard County!
  4551. Having a clean area for food improves health and protects against illness. REQUIRES WORKSHOP.
  4552. Trait Discovered: Homebody
  4553. We gotta be more careful with our fuel.
  4554. Alamo Bell Tower
  4555. START MISSION. Provide an escort for the supply run.
  4556. Was lucky nobody got hurt.
  4557. So, what do you say?
  4558. I just can't do it right now. I'm beat.
  4559. CANCEL MISSION. Spend Influence to prevent the attempt. Let the community handle it later.
  4560. 57 GENERIC Derek Jackson
  4561. SICK: Puking and Weak
  4562. You can load up a Rucksack and carry it home to increase your community's stockpiles of Food, Medicine, Ammo, Materials, or Fuel.
  4563. I can't remember what it's like not having a knot in my stomach.
  4564. Take the road southeast out of town a little ways.
  4565. I'm fine. Don't worry about me...
  4566. Can't believe that noise didn't bring anyone.
  4567. 82 GENERIC Jackson Palaver
  4568. Suspecting something isn't quite right, you decide not to take the survivors to meet the Wilkersons.
  4569. Grazioli
  4570. Glad no one tried to eat that.
  4571. Not for long, by the look of it.
  4572. Uh.. crusty?
  4573. Hidden
  4574. An infirmary would help.
  4575. Learned pretty quick you can't count on anybody else to look after you.
  4576. You can't make an omelette...
  4577. Feels like we're actually accomplishing something instead of just treading water.
  4578. We're not staying here, so sack up and move!
  4579. Harold
  4580. Acetaminophen
  4581. That's going to get me some attention.
  4582. Doing what I can.
  4583. Weapons
  4584. Seems like we've started to turn a corner.
  4585. I don't trust him! You know what his family's like.
  4586. There's a supply locker back at home where I can load up on emergency supplies.
  4587. Listen up. We'll mourn when this is over.
  4588. Alejandra
  4589. Chemistry Expertise
  4590. You'd better get going. The Captain gets cranky when people contaminate her scene.
  4591. Congratulations!
  4592. I'll do it.
  4593. 106 STORY Sam Haney
  4594. Did you ever look at the ceiling of this tent? It's all... "I'm the ceiling, I keep rain off you." Good job, ceiling!
  4595. Free Health Care
  4596. Looks like a zed party.
  4597. Disaster averted
  4598. It's a mess in here. This is going to take a while.
  4599. You know what we need to do is start expanding. Build some outposts. Start pushing the zeds back.
  4600. You should have just left me back there. I don't deserve this.
  4601. Kill the Survivor
  4602. We've gotten word that another group of survivors wants to trade some of their Medicine for some of our Ammunition. -%2$s
  4603. M67 Grenade
  4604. Drunk
  4605. Total Zombies Killed
  4606. I'm glad the zombies don't seem to have an interest in eating animals. I guess that's one good thing about this mess.
  4607. 32 GENERIC Billy Kensenth
  4608. %1$s will be remembered as a hero. Without this sacrifice we would not have triumphed. - %2$s
  4609. Flares
  4610. They're gonna break through any second!
  4611. People may start to panic.
  4612. Go on in. The bosses'll be glad to see you.
  4613. Bury it, and it'll claw its way out. Your brother's dead and gone, boy. What we're talking about here is a kindness.
  4614. Sorry you had to show up at such a bad time... but we're really glad you're here.
  4615. Standard police shotgun in Trumbull County.
  4616. I was ready like 20 minutes ago, are we doing this?
  4617. Anyone who is GRAVELY WOUNDED is in danger of dying instead of recovering.
  4618. Courthouse
  4619. %2$s died.
  4620. Dakota
  4621. Build an outpost in a Swine & Bovine.
  4622. Oh, god.
  4623. Why the hell not?
  4624. We'll need to get Doctor Hanson out here. I'll see if I can get him on the radio.
  4625. Yeah. Hey listen, I just wanted to say, you know you've been in the dumps for a while now. I'm kinda worried about you.
  4626. Man, I can barely even walk right now, let alone that.
  4627. In bad shape. Might turn and attack us in our sleep.
  4628. ADVICE: Build a Work Area
  4629. I've always wondered what it's like to put a bullet between someone's eyes... just to see how it feels. Now I can.
  4630. Buchner
  4631. We need somebody to run the place, though, or it won't do any good.
  4632. What's going on, Alan?
  4633. He's been gone a really long time now, but I'm the only one here. I can't leave the place unguarded to go look for him.
  4634. Jacob's doing much better.
  4635. Coleman
  4636. Guess I should have expected somebody'd miss me.
  4637. Metal Sheeting
  4638. %+d Daily Rations of Food
  4639. Once you've earned 100% Trust with someone, you can talk to them about becoming Friends.
  4640. Zombies to your right!
  4641. It's over.
  4642. Darius
  4643. And now some dumb fuck just panicked and wasted a bunch of our ammo!
  4644. Holy shit! We were only gone a few minutes, what the hell happened? - %1$s
  4645. Just making conversation. But if someone did have to talk some sense into Judge Lawton, well... you're a popular guy. Your support would carry a lot of weight.
  4646. Fighting Improved!
  4647. Yeah....
  4648. 67 GENERIC Ryan Simpson
  4649. I'm not waiting around, so you need to put your big kid pants on and move!
  4650. Produced in the millions from 1891 to 1965.
  4651. Carl, come on, you can't do this! You know me! I was at your wedding, man!
  4652. I found the belongings of a fallen ally and brought them home. - %1$s.
  4653. ATTITUDE: Assertive
  4655. You can search all of these locations for resources, weapons, and other survivors.
  4656. So far so good.
  4657. They're inside!
  4658. Your call who we put in charge, but I think I know the perfect person.
  4659. Captain Montressor is a driven, fiercely competitive woman who demands nothing but the best from herself and those around her. Her subordinates privately call her the Monster for her mercilessly high standards.
  4660. We still have some runners out there that need help.
  4661. 800,000 police officers can't be wrong: Pistol Specialization requires shooting things with pistols. In this case, zombies.
  4662. You will pay for this.
  4663. Search Progress
  4664. I totally shouldn't tell you this, but I know you can keep a secret. Right?
  4665. Figured what out?
  4666. Stamped metal, abused.
  4667. I think I see some survivors!
  4668. Seriously? They're coming in through the back too? Jesus.
  4669. Even without your help, a mission may end in success.
  4670. Removes locked doors and makes searching silent. Also lets you move faster while sneaking.
  4671. I think for now we just tell our runners to stay extra-sharp. We don't want to antagonize the Wilkersons if we don't have to.
  4672. Do not approach us asking for food, or shelter, or medicine. We have none to give. If you encounter a patrol in the streets, lie down on your stomach and lace your fingers behind your head.
  4673. %1$s tried to make that trade on their own. Guess it didn't go so well, though. - %2$s
  4674. Continuing to ask around for Doc Hanson.
  4675. Almost done. A lot of this looks like it's worth taking.
  4676. And not one of those "we'll put you in a metal cage with some sharks that never attack people" bullshit tours, either.
  4677. TIP: Press [A] to jump and climb.
  4678. I'm just scoping out the rest of what's here.
  4679. Horde Hoard
  4680. A Helping Hand
  4681. Sorry, you just... don't really seem the type.
  4682. Send runners for pickup.
  4683. I guess.
  4684. Restores max Stamina a lot. Fresh from our lab, cooked up extra potent. (Addictive?)
  4685. Beatriz
  4686. Remove Sleeping Area
  4687. -80% Max Vitality
  4688. Aaliyah
  4689. Bad Back
  4690. A feral made it inside the walls. %2$s was torn apart. - %1$s.
  4691. The better our medicine supply, facilities, and advisors, the higher the Recovery odds.
  4692. Hmmm... which one...?
  4693. You know, from a distance, in the right lighting, you'd be easy to mistake for a zombie. Just saying.
  4694. Hope you're ready for a long walk.
  4695. Who do you want?
  4696. 90 GENERIC Tom Jackman
  4697. Trouble in paradise?
  4698. You just think entirely with your stomach, don't you?
  4699. The hell you want?
  4700. Get it off get it off get it off!
  4701. Damn good thing %3$s was on duty, or we might have lost %1$s.
  4702. Aw, no, no, no no no, this is bad, this is really fucking bad!
  4703. Someone spotted an army zombie with body armor. We need to take it out. -%2$s
  4704. Remove Bunkhouse
  4705. Piece of shit had already skipped out and ditched her, but not before he took everything that might have been useful. Everything that might have kept her alive.
  4706. Wenelin
  4707. Killing Blow Chance
  4708. We've got to be realistic about this. Everybody comes back as one of them.
  4709. Building an outpost will create a safe area around it and let us resupply in the field. - %1$s
  4710. Hunt down a Feral zombie.
  4711. Let's avoid the farmhouse, ok? I don't really want to run into Job Wilkerson.
  4712. Crowd dispersal in a 40mm package.
  4713. Powerhouse Improved!
  4714. You're gonna have to do it. Promise me.
  4715. Clear the Warehouse
  4716. If we do a little more work on our treatment area, we could turn it into a real infirmary.
  4717. While carrying a Rucksack, you'll be Encumbered, wearing down your Max Stamina faster than normal.
  4718. Shotgun: 1300 Defender
  4719. 115 DEBUG
  4720. Not enough food
  4721. Oh, God, please! We gave you our food, our gas... you said that would square us!
  4722. On second thought, I need to think about this some more.
  4723. Huh? About what?
  4724. You're lucky you've got me keeping an eye on the kitchen. You know what would have happened if you ate this? - %1$s
  4725. Any chance of you listening if I tell you to go home and lock the doors?
  4726. Inexperienced cook.
  4727. Seriously? When these things expired the Spice Girls were still big. -%1$s
  4728. Press [LT] + [Y] to unjam your gun.
  4729. .44 caliber
  4730. Times like these, I almost feel sorry for the-- no, I'm sorry, I can't even say that with a straight face. Fuck 'em.
  4731. Bucket
  4732. Okay then. You want to take point, or should I?
  4733. Besides, you wouldn't even know which end of the wire to strip.
  4734. Good setup you folks have got here.
  4735. Everybody in town called her "Crazy Marley."
  4736. If they did, the ammo would be in this warehouse. There's just one problem.
  4737. Fuck. How many are there?
  4738. I'm beat. Why don't you take over for awhile?
  4739. A workhorse for 20 years. Close to retirement.
  4740. I just wish I could have done more for him.
  4741. <Heavy, wracking coughs>
  4742. We're a man down. Think you could help us look?
  4743. Take this. You're gonna need it soon.
  4744. Oh we're good, Ray.
  4745. Concrete
  4746. Get antibiotics.
  4747. I'm not even from here, you know.
  4748. HURT: Back Injury
  4749. Yeah, well that's nothing. I caught her earlier, staring at her pistol like it was her long-lost sister.
  4750. We need to do some foraging if we're going to survive.
  4751. Our food stocks are almost completely gone. We need to find more, fast.
  4752. Was ready to abandon the search.
  4753. If you ask me, Robert Wilford didn't deserve his 1987 World Mustache Championship victory. Samuel Holt's was MUCH more impressive. (Research experience.)
  4754. We're not going to last long not knowing what's out there. Anybody want to help us out?
  4755. The runners have hit some trouble.
  4756. Look for a Medical Facility
  4757. Wouldn't be a bad idea to set up here.
  4758. Watch those barricades!
  4759. Help find the missing survivor.
  4760. Beebe
  4761. Fine, you hold his hand.
  4762. Work has stalled.
  4763. We're running dangerously low on food. If we don't find more, people are going to die.
  4764. Event: Food Shortage
  4765. Think my number's just about up.
  4766. ADVICE: Build a Watchtower
  4767. Logan
  4768. Event: Zombie Hunt
  4769. There was this guy who lived on my street when I was a kid. Biker Steve, we used to call him. I dunno if he was actually a biker. Or if his name was even Steve, come to think of it.
  4770. Jesus. This is getting ridiculous. I'll bet you the Judge isn't going hungry.
  4771. Yeah…
  4772. You could say that. It's..
  4773. %+d friendship with everyone.
  4774. We're almost completely out of ammo. If we don't get more soon, things are going to get ugly.
  4775. I have a friend in the courthouse says they've got a little hardware to spare. Just head to the back room and check it out. - your friend Ray
  4776. We'll treat you right long as you do as you're told. But you don't toe the line, and I'll personally stomp you into paste.
  4777. Black pen on a heavily redacted CDC NORS (WDT) form.
  4778. Yeah, do it this way and you'll save a ton of time.
  4779. After fully searching a building, I can radio home an have the guy's set up an outpost.
  4780. 71 GENERIC Nick Parker
  4781. Gah! Jeez, where the hell'd you come from? Nearly gave me a heart attack there.
  4782. HOME DEFENSE: Big Boy Attack
  4783. Not a lot we can do without ammo.
  4784. We're doing what we can. Do your job and protect us.
  4785. Set Up Workshop
  4786. I don't know. I think most people at the core are basically good.
  4787. Wood Screws
  4788. What? Eventually money's gonna be worth something again. I'll cut you in for 25% if you help me get it.
  4789. Zimmerman
  4790. Secure that left flank!
  4791. Gotta be honest, I'm not sure how safe I feel here any more.
  4792. The infestations are getting pretty bad out there.
  4793. This character should NOT be at home.
  4794. Could be some swelling of the brain.
  4795. Hold on, hold on. You and your buddies were up here hunting, right?
  4796. Interact
  4797. It's funny how something as simple as a few days of nice weather can improve everybody's mood. - %1$s
  4798. Could be.
  4799. Please, I need your help!
  4800. Jesus, what's even the point any more? We're never gonna survive this.
  4801. Zombie Horde
  4802. No. That makes perfect sense.
  4803. %1$dhr; %2$dm
  4804. Got word of an area that is rumored to have FOOD. Let's check it out.
  4805. Turbo
  4806. -20% Max Vitality
  4807. Robert
  4808. Shit, half our stock goes bad before we can use it. We need a storeroom.
  4809. You're not telling me something.
  4810. Every day is a gift, one more than a lot of good people had. I try to remind myself of that. - %1$s
  4811. I still remember one day I came home from Danny's house and asked my mom why our place wasn't as big and nice as theirs.
  4812. Created 3 Chemical Incendiaries.
  4813. Head to the Infestation
  4814. MISSION: Survey Request
  4815. We're in a bad spot.
  4816. Go Back for Your Friend
  4817. Yeah. Stay low and keep quiet--maybe we can get past them without being spotted.
  4818. Neighbor Needs %s
  4819. Yeah... me neither.
  4820. Mighty Blow Chance
  4821. Down to my last one.
  4822. 5
  4823. Brought home some fuel. It's too useful to ignore. -%1$s
  4824. Family Rumors
  4825. Outdoor
  4826. Just keep lettin' ‘em chase you around like that!
  4828. Clear the barricades on the right!
  4829. Be careful with your flashlight. Zombies may be dumb, but even they'll notice if you shine a light right on them.
  4830. We could use your advice on construction.
  4831. And we're done here. Enjoy your new smoking crater.
  4832. What the hell is going on here?
  4833. Assault Rifle: M14
  4834. I've got some ideas on that front.
  4835. With all these infestations around, you're lucky that's all you got.
  4836. You might as well just ring the dinner bell!
  4837. Trait Discovered: Fashion Forward
  4838. Hydroponics Manuals
  4839. Okay, I'm listening.
  4840. Jesus! Are you okay?
  4841. You got any suggestions?
  4842. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Fatigue
  4843. Garbage Collector
  4844. Kovacs
  4845. Carbon fiber, custom paint, high end shift knob. Compensating for shortcomings can cost a TON! Two racing seats included.
  4846. Jesus, dude, they're not slowing down!
  4847. Pallenberg
  4848. Shotguns
  4849. I'm telling you, it's some kind of plague. We never should've stayed here.
  4850. Shotgun: 1300 Hunter SP
  4851. He wouldn't even let me walk him home when we'd meet up.
  4852. I don't know... didn't look like they were doing much of anything. Just driving around, watching.
  4853. Really not interested in talking about this, Ray. Just take your payment and get out of here.
  4854. Have you ever seen what double-aught buckshot can do to a zombie's head at close range?
  4855. I think this should square us.
  4856. Push them back!
  4857. Hey! You said we were getting antibiotics for Ed.
  4858. You have to kill me, you understand? You have to kill me!
  4859. Devin
  4860. No remorse.
  4861. She said no.
  4862. Honestly, I'm not sure we're gonna make it.
  4863. %s is dead.
  4864. Good job, team.
  4865. HOME: Action Complete
  4866. HURT: Internal Injuries
  4867. I can probably pick this lock.
  4868. Will need to talk to Becca directly.
  4869. So, anyways....?
  4870. Look for Zombie Hordes
  4871. I think I've got something for you.
  4872. OPPORTUNITY: Library Access
  4873. Keep an eye on your map and your ears tuned to the radio for new mission opportunities. Mission types range in variety, from scavenging runs to helping your neighbors fight off a zombie attack. Decide which missions to take based on your community's needs. Some mission opportunities are time sensitive, so choose your priorities carefully. Survival is exhausting work and, unlike zombies, people need to rest. When your Vitality and Stamina are running low, head back to your home base to rest up. Maybe take another community member out for a stroll.
  4874. Dammit, boy, what the hell are you thinking? What you think Pa would say about this? Huh? What about Eli?
  4875. I can provide an escort.
  4876. Where are you going?
  4877. We made it about a half a block before some zombies spotted us. We ended up hiding in a dumpster for almost three hours before they finally lost interest and just wandered off.
  4878. Some of our people could use some pointers on how to kick zed butt. -%2$s
  4879. Can't believe that noise didn't draw any zombies.
  4880. Hang tight, still got about half this place to fortify.
  4881. And I don't waste anesthetic on folks dumb enough to not follow simple directions.
  4882. When we invite people to join our community, we share in the work and fight side by side and share our resources as well. Greater POPULATION means more strength, but also more needs to be met.
  4883. Need any help?
  4884. %+d Trust with these survivors.
  4885. I trust you're keeping your nose clean.
  4886. Sounds like our neighbors suffered a loss. - %2$s
  4887. 7 GENERIC Caroline Smythe
  4888. Gotcha.
  4889. Encarnacion
  4890. Attention all civilians currently squatting in this godforsaken valley this is the Army.
  4891. Hey, still wanted to ask you about something when you've got time.
  4892. At this point, I'll read just about anything. I draw the line at that sparkly vampire nonsense, though. (Knowledge of literature.)
  4893. +47%
  4894. SICK: Sniffles
  4895. Man, this bites....
  4896. Monitoring community morale.
  4897. Yeah. So?
  4898. I can point it out on your map.
  4899. Oh no... I need help.
  4900. TIP: Eat a snack for a temporary stamina boost.
  4901. "Team Mom"
  4902. Reynolds
  4903. Looks like I'm on bed rest for a while, huh?
  4904. TIP: Press [Y] to kick an enemy away from you.
  4905. Not gonna happen.
  4906. Oh, shit, what the fuck am I doing?
  4907. We just don't have enough people to cover the walls.
  4908. Be there soon. No major problems.
  4909. Showed those son of a bitches what's what.
  4910. Find out what happened.
  4911. Franco
  4912. I lost my virginity behind the football field. Me and Lucy Cormoran, junior year.
  4913. It's hit home now.
  4914. Created 3 Potent Stims.
  4915. Was hot shit in high school but never progressed beyond that.
  4916. Castro
  4917. I'll run this home.
  4918. We'll get to work now. I appreciate you keeping watch.
  4919. I swear, bunch of pyromaniacs around here.
  4920. MISSION: Seek and Destroy
  4921. None of you gave a shit about me while I was alive, so why should you after I'm gone? You'll probably just use this note for toilet paper or something. - %1$s
  4922. Hold on.
  4923. I'll swing by when I get the chance; we'll talk about it.
  4924. There's no point in stockpiling more resources than we can store properly. -Lily
  4925. Keep an eye out for infestations. There's a lot out there.
  4926. Johnsen
  4927. Possible trade opportunity.
  4928. Do it! Target my position!
  4929. It's not silent, but it makes a big difference.
  4930. Very powerful round for large frame revolvers, pistols and long range rifles.
  4931. What if I find some more? Will that help pay our rent?
  4932. What? How did you-?
  4933. I've been saying we can't just leave shit lying around on shelves. We need some way to refrigerate our food.
  4934. Clear the Building!
  4935. I'll come back to this later.
  4936. .40 caliber
  4937. The Lord lends strength to my arm.
  4938. I knew you'd come through!
  4939. Allows use of No-No Picture on multiple recipients.
  4940. Got a horde over here.
  4941. Your %s has jammed!
  4942. Restore Max Vitality in the field.
  4943. Food
  4944. Rate of Fire
  4945. Hang tight, okay?
  4946. We're not out of the woods yet. Stay sharp.
  4947. Thing is... I don't know where he is. Not exactly. Might have to look around a bit.
  4948. Litmus Paper
  4949. Listen, whatever your problem is, you need to knock that shit off. You're freaking out the others.
  4950. Earn INFLUENCE by completing missions, gathering supplies, and defending your home.
  4951. Trust me. They're out there.
  4952. Shotgun: 1300 Hunter
  4953. Stupid. I knew how dangerous it was to be out alone after dark.
  4954. Preacher still sick?
  4955. Here. This is the frequency our SWAT guys use. You get yourself into a tight spot, give them a call, and I'll make sure they bail you out.
  4956. B.W.
  4957. You want this stuff, you keep them off us.
  4958. Cause let's face it... people are gonna get hurt out there. Having a place to take care of them will get them back on their feet faster.
  4959. ADVICE: Upgrade to Workshop
  4960. Fires out of the bottom of the cylinder.
  4961. Thinks he's cursed.
  4962. Good riddance.
  4963. You wanna know what worries me? They're setting up an infirmary in there.
  4964. Put pressure on it. Hard pressure, don't just half-ass it.
  4965. Really? Are you sure?
  4966. Aden
  4967. Stand back. I'd hate to get brains on ya.
  4968. Look, a civilian. Hello, civilian.
  4969. Did not survive.
  4970. Pearson
  4971. Demolitionist
  4972. We'd still like to join you, if you'll have us.
  4973. That was a pretty bad attack, but %1$s managed to fight them off. - %2$s
  4974. Woodworking Materials
  4975. We've got a little surplus. If you've got anything to trade, maybe we can make a deal.
  4976. NOTE: Hot Coffee
  4977. Survivor smash!
  4978. Pistol: 1911A1 Officer
  4979. Loner
  4980. Welcome to the McReady Farmhouse
  4981. Goddamn I'm tired of having to make the hard choice. We won't forget you. -%1$s
  4982. Do we have enough people to defend it?
  4983. Okay, fair trade.
  4984. All right, now that we've got an actual cook, we should really go all out. Have an "I survived the zombie apocalypse" feast.
  4985. Improves Vitality. Increases the chance of Recovery from injuries and illness each day.
  4986. Flashlight
  4987. Raul
  4988. Maybe when the post office gets working again.
  4989. This place isn't much bigger than the church....
  4990. Us freeloaders have to stick together.
  4991. Aha.
  4992. 'Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.'
  4993. One last push, and we can breathe a bit.
  4994. Gunfire just draws 'em closer.
  4995. If you can call slapping down a little tar paper "fixing," yeah. We don't have the materials for a more permanent fix.
  4996. What's the good word?
  4997. Climb on up here, we'll have a chat.
  4998. PERSONAL SKILL. It's okay, I can make anything look good.
  4999. He don't look so good, Job. Looks like he might keel over if you breathe on him funny.
  5000. You might want to slow down. Be a little quieter.
  5001. Goddammit, how long are we supposed to wait around here with our thumbs up our asses?
  5002. You have no chance to pair the wrong wine with food.
  5003. Somebody send you to finish me off?
  5004. Botany Textbooks
  5005. This area's secure.
  5006. Once built a steam-powered corn husker.
  5007. Gathered 10 Daily Rations of Food
  5008. We're in real trouble here.
  5009. Cuts down gunshot noise. Not quite professional quality, but might last for a good 50 shots.
  5010. Maybe we need some FIREARMS TRAINING.
  5011. Just make it quick, okay?
  5012. Quality Health Care
  5013. Duck and cover!
  5014. If we're going to fight zombies, why not do it from a safe distance? Guns make a lot of noise and ammo is scarce, but I feel a hell of a lot safer with a gun handy.
  5015. Let's get out of here while we can.
  5016. HOME: Restocked Locker
  5017. Fat zombies are the worst.
  5018. Yeah, I'm that awesome. What's up?
  5019. Storage Area
  5020. Baer
  5021. Man, I hope that was worth it.
  5022. Completed 50 missions or activities with the same character.
  5023. I dunno, looks like we could climb up over here, maybe.
  5024. MEMENTO
  5025. Something's still moving around in here.
  5026. Marlina
  5027. Revolver: Viper P357
  5028. Search the Cabins
  5029. To your right!
  5030. I need a ride.
  5031. Here's a riddle for you: How many cans of tuna does it take to kill a community? Answer: None. - %1$s
  5032. But it doesn't have to be that way.
  5033. Luna
  5034. Fantastic!
  5035. Bike messengers don't get a lot of work in small towns.
  5036. EXPIRED: Zombie Activity
  5037. I don't like what I've been seeing around here lately. We don't have to be ruthless to survive. - %1$s
  5038. Black felt tip pen on a cardboard box top.
  5039. We might want to take some steps to improve our reputation.
  5040. Cricket Bat
  5041. What the hell, Ed?!
  5042. Well, that could have gone better.
  5043. I don't suppose you've decided on whether we can join you?
  5044. Sick
  5045. I'm picking something up.
  5046. I don't think %1$s is going to make it home. Guess they just couldn't hold out any longer. - %2$s
  5047. Wait... was I supposed to take a left back there? Shit. Mind watching my back while I check this?
  5048. We've got a chance to trade some goods.
  5049. Refrigerated Storage
  5050. Supplies are getting harder to come by. Suppose you got a plan for that?
  5051. Where were you? We really needed your help.
  5052. Ray's offering a gift.
  5053. Appreciate you taking care of this for us.
  5054. MISSION FAILED: Melancholy
  5055. Mayes
  5056. Juan
  5057. While I was away, Ed succumbed to his injuries. As promised, Alan immediately put a bullet in his brain, so there was no risk of him turning. - %1$s
  5058. I'm almost home.
  5059. Has developed a suspicious cough.
  5060. I was born and raised right here in Trumbull County. Know it like the back of my hand.
  5061. We need more materials before we can do that.
  5062. Headed off to join the other Wilkersons. We didn't create a distraction for him.
  5063. Murray
  5064. Here comes trouble!
  5065. And hey, we might even be able to make our own stuff. Firebombs, firecrackers... maybe even stuff that doesn't involve fire at all!
  5066. Bada-bing!
  5067. Overkill? What's that?
  5068. I know that, ma'am. And you know I'm with you on that. But we're locking people up for keeping food for their families. That just doesn't seem right.
  5069. Jennifer
  5070. Who the fuck locks a zombie in closet? Probably his wife, couldn't bring herself to put him down.
  5071. Great. I think this actually works out for both of us.
  5072. Swing for the fences.
  5073. Medical Care
  5074. CONTACT: Death From Above
  5075. Boom! Check that shit out.
  5076. ARMY GUNNERS. Gives you an artillery marker. Toss the item to call in an artillery strike. (+1 Use every 24 hours.)
  5077. I'd stay clear of Marshall if I was you. Way I hear it, the Army's rounding people up down there and tossing them into camps.
  5078. What your friends do reflects on you and vice versa.
  5079. Did what was necessary.
  5080. I encountered a new group of survivors. I think they'll join us if we ask. - %1$s
  5081. %3$s stopped %1$s from killing %2$s.
  5082. We had a trade set up with another group of survivors, but we realize that we don't actually have our end of the deal. - %1$s
  5083. Hogler
  5084. P2P
  5085. Having a good Medicine Stockpile improves Recovery Chance.
  5086. A big boy made it inside the walls. We managed to take it out without any deaths, but %2$s was wounded. - %1$s.
  5087. You'll need inventory space for the ARTILLERY MARKER.
  5088. Still here. Still creepy. Still wants a favor.
  5089. Good thing %1$s was here.
  5090. FRIEND
  5091. It says "Heading to the Fork in the Road for a country fried steak. May be gone a while. -Alan."
  5092. Spectrograph
  5093. Lily? They're starting to get closer!
  5094. Hey, careful, you're gonna make me jealous.
  5095. We're flying blind here. Anybody want to do a little recon for us?
  5096. Oh, damn, sorry. I totally thought you were done eating.
  5097. I don't know what to think, you know? Could we have done more to help them out? I tell myself we're better than people like the Wilkersons, but those people are still dead and we didn't do anything to stop it.
  5098. Just go! I'll deal with this!
  5099. John
  5100. Well, excuse me all to hell for trying to keep the newbie alive.
  5101. Camacho
  5102. I'm gonna need a car.
  5103. Hello? Can anyone hear me? If you're receiving this, I need some help!
  5104. Cheese Grater
  5105. Tracking the Situation
  5106. The better our medical facilities, the higher the Recovery Chance.
  5107. Paratrooper version of the AK frame.
  5108. DISCOVERED: The Grange
  5109. I.V. Equipment
  5110. Yeah, wouldn't mind a little help over here.
  5111. Come on, goddammit! We're right here on the bridge, how do you not see us?
  5112. Well, hell, what am I even up here shooting for?
  5113. I could use a hand finding somebody.
  5114. RAY SANTOS. Spawns a random car near you. (+1 Use every 24 hours.)
  5115. Come with me. We'll find you a place to stay.
  5116. Okay, I think we're done here.
  5117. Oh look, it's the highlight of my day.
  5118. Let's not get too comfortable. They may be back tomorrow. -%1$s
  5119. The oldest Wilkerson brother. He's a psychopathic son of a bitch.
  5120. Skillful feats like a Slaughter provide a big XP boost.
  5121. Thanks. Obviously, don't mention this to Becca, right?
  5122. Language
  5123. %2$s has failed to recover from injury.
  5124. I can barely even walk right now, let alone that.
  5125. Found a lead.
  5126. Is that Scotch?
  5127. MISSION: Bad Tidings
  5128. That thing'll pull you right out of here!
  5129. That's a fucking bread knife. You are not getting anywhere near me with that thing! Christ, we need an infirmary. - %1$s
  5130. I don't think so.
  5131. Sweet!
  5132. Spencer's Mill
  5133. Business
  5134. Hey. Not bad.
  5135. Chew on this, motherfuckers!
  5136. Good supply of MATERIALS in their location.
  5137. Blanket
  5138. Oh man, I'm gonna have such a badass scar! It's awesome!
  5139. Shit. This may take a little longer than usual.
  5140. We could use your help over here.
  5141. A late-night commercial treasure!
  5142. What do we do?
  5143. Listen, I don't just fill the bottles. I've got a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. (Medical knowledge.)
  5144. Methylamene
  5145. I advised Quentin to let the whole "Alex" thing drop. We've all gotta learn to leave the past behind us. - %1$s
  5146. Alexandria
  5147. Let's wait on this one.
  5148. Gun Thugs
  5149. HOME: Missing Person Dead
  5150. Special Technique
  5151. In position.
  5152. Torque Wrench
  5153. Well then, let's get the hell back there.
  5154. Y'know, most people think a Molotov cocktail is just a bottle of booze with a rag stuffed into it, but the ones the Finns invented were actually pretty sophisticated.
  5155. Our food supplies were tight before, but this?
  5156. Kama
  5157. You've got thirty seconds to get out of my sight. Thirty... twenty-nine... twenty-eight....
  5158. Turns out she's a total fucking psycho. She handcuffed me to her futon and threatened me with a knife because she saw me talking to my sister.
  5159. See you around.
  5160. Not yet.
  5161. Consider this one searched.
  5162. Choose storage device
  5163. Espinoza
  5164. I don't care how secure or well stocked we are, without a clean water source, we're done.
  5165. Seems like you never go for the quick kill. You just getting caught up in the moment or something?
  5166. Sure as shit ain't about to start now.
  5167. CIVIC DUTY
  5168. +57%
  5169. Barry
  5170. Clarice
  5171. That's all we can do for now.
  5172. Goddamn sonsabitches....
  5173. Spot me!
  5174. Uke Master
  5175. Back to Main Menu
  5176. A Sleeping Area helps combat Sleep Deprivation. Can be upgraded to a Bunkhouse with actual Beds.
  5177. Thanks for making sure I get home okay.
  5178. %1$d Population
  5179. Richard
  5180. Trainer: %s
  5181. This... this is my fault. If I'd been here to help them, maybe....
  5182. Well... guess we owe you big time, then. Here... little token of our appreciation.
  5183. Monterrey
  5184. Waypoint (Runners)
  5185. Use the "Train Outsiders" action at the Dojo to accept.
  5186. Right side.
  5187. So, we gonna go looking at houses, or what?
  5188. New LIBRARY facility action added temporarily.
  5189. That… uh, heh... that's a lot of zombies.
  5190. Compact SMG, normally 5.7mm, adapted for 9mm.
  5191. Powerful kick that knocks back and staggers the target.
  5192. You think you can back me up on this trade run?
  5193. Press [X] to attack. Press [B] to dodge. Press [Y] to shove zombies away. Press [A] for a leaping attack. Hold [LB] for additional moves.
  5194. Zeds sometimes overrun buildings.
  5195. Bullshit.
  5196. I'd owe you big time.
  5197. Susan
  5198. Might be worth a visit later.
  5199. Fuck off, Ray.
  5200. Thanks. Good to know I'm not a heartless monster.
  5201. COMPLETED: Zed Hunt
  5202. Defended the Enclave
  5203. You better get going.
  5204. Must clear some INFESTATIONS out.
  5205. Even in times like these, a little music's a good thing.
  5206. Advisor: %1$s
  5207. %1$d/%2$d/%3$d
  5208. We need a better idea of what's out there. Somebody want to give us the lay of the land?
  5209. MISSION: Home Away From Home
  5210. Shit... where is everybody?
  5211. 128 STORY Sick Eli Wilkerson
  5212. COMPLETED: Sweet Ride
  5213. I could use a hand here.
  5214. Allie
  5215. Rifle: 750 Forester
  5216. Requires Wits Level 7
  5217. We're trying to get over there.
  5218. We're doing pretty well.
  5219. 91 GENERIC Barry Wilson
  5220. Unbelievable bullshit. "Surrender your guns, surrender your food, and we'll keep you safe?
  5221. Fuck it. I survive the zombie apocalypse, you think I'm gonna worry about my arteries?
  5222. TIP: Hold [Y] to search for supplies or useful items.
  5223. The garden's coming along nicely, but I think I've figured out how to set up a greenhouse.
  5224. INCIDENT: High Fever
  5225. Breathe. Aim. Fire.
  5226. Hey, look. If you're in a hurry, just let me know.
  5227. What the fuck?
  5228. A powerful attack that knocks enemies down.
  5229. ATTITUDE: Trusting
  5230. Clerk
  5231. Okay, this is looking good.
  5232. Break Open (Hold)
  5233. %1$s's memory will live on.
  5234. Remind me again why we're heading toward the sound of gunfire?
  5235. Our scouts spotted a horde moving in to create a new infestation. We weren't in a position to stop it. - %1$s.
  5236. That wasn't the last of them.
  5237. Created 2 Whistling Box Mines.
  5238. Thanks. I learned a lot.
  5239. They'll be hitting the left side any second!
  5240. Lets us store more stuff.
  5241. Heads up. Zombie-fuckin-university, right there.
  5242. I get it. By the way, you're going to want to tighten the timing on that belt or it's just gonna seize up again.
  5243. Doomsday Prepper Guides
  5244. Gustavson
  5245. Y'know, we're probably all safer without them around... so why do I still feel bad about this?
  5246. SET UP: Farmhouse Storehouse
  5247. Ashley
  5248. That feast really improved group morale. -%1$s
  5249. Alan's starting to get antsy. You'd better find that medicine soon.
  5250. HOME. Calls scavengers to come collect resources and useful gear from this location. (+1 Use every ten minutes.)
  5251. Loved Soap Operas
  5252. Upset about not having anywhere to sleep.
  5253. Weird how they seem to follow a particular path.
  5254. Actually owned a farmer's almanac, rumor has it.
  5255. Traveling light is good, but having what you need is better.
  5256. Eesh, you stink like my great uncle Harold.
  5257. A pipe with flow valve. Valves are cool.
  5258. Do I want to know where you learned to hotwire a car?
  5259. I'm not sure we're gonna make it.
  5260. Obsessed with anything sports related.
  5261. I couldn't... didn't help him. And then I ran. I've kept running.
  5262. Chatty stylist that just got her cosmetology certificate from the local community college.
  5263. .22 Caliber
  5264. Legendary battle rifle.
  5265. Stash
  5266. He, uh... he mentioned you. At the end.
  5267. I'm so gonna kick your ass!
  5268. Radio Assistance
  5269. I don't care how secure or well stocked we are, without clean water, we're done.
  5270. Thonis
  5271. Shit! I gotta get out of here!
  5272. I sorta took a bad fall. Off a roof. Don't think I can make it home on my own. Anybody out there who can give me a ride?
  5273. MISSION: The Old Farmhouse
  5274. %3$s has been jumping at shadows lately. We need to do something about that. -%2$s
  5275. But I don't have any!
  5276. Well, anyways, enough of my nattering on. Let's head to the next-
  5277. Stamina Regeneration Increased!
  5278. +20 Max Vitality and +10 Max Stamina for everyone.
  5279. Found a medium stash of %s
  5280. The Wilkersons seem like a dangerous and volatile bunch. - %1$s
  5281. +55%
  5282. PepperfFlakes
  5283. DEATH: Pastor Will
  5284. Our scouts have spotted one of those rotted bastards wandering around. We need to take it out. Preferably from a long way off.
  5285. Anyway, I wanted you to know that I understand your frustrations.
  5286. Hoyt
  5287. Next time don't let them get in.
  5288. I've learned how to move quicker while aiming.
  5289. We've gotten ourselves into a jam.
  5290. Guess you could say I'm new in town.
  5291. Use
  5292. 'It just went off!'
  5293. The People page shows information on characters in your community. Character portraits may be shaded to indicate conditions such as Hurt, Sick, or Tired.
  5294. Use the D-pad to highlight a character and view Name, Equipment, Traits, Skills, and Status. Press [A] and use the D-pad to highlight specific items to see more information.
  5295. Rescue Lily's brother.
  5296. TRUST GAINED (Mission Progress)
  5297. UPGRADED: Dojo
  5298. Summer
  5299. The Wilkerson boys decided I was getting behind on my payments.
  5300. It's not looking good.
  5301. I've got word of a group of survivors on the run.
  5302. When you search rapidly, you risk breaking something and making a lot of noise.
  5303. MORALE ISSUE: Bad Reputation
  5304. TIRED
  5305. First thing I'm gonna do when this is all over? I'm gonna have a fuckin' steak. Second thing I'm gonna do? Wipe my ass with real toilet paper. Third?
  5306. Upgrades to %s
  5307. 126 STORY Thomas Ritter
  5308. You can't reach your journal right now.
  5309. Slow shove guaranteed to knock enemies down.
  5310. Establish Outpost
  5311. Psychopath
  5312. COMPLETED: Accusations
  5313. Stood the test of a world war, highly collectible.
  5314. Let's move out, folks!
  5315. Trellis Boards
  5316. Jesus Christ, like we didn't have enough problems feeding everybody?
  5317. I spend most of my time here, using the radio to coordinate everyone.
  5318. A standard of wood sheds everywhere.
  5319. Check behind us.
  5320. START MISSION. The Wilkersons probably won't take kindly to your questions.
  5321. 5 STORY Shaun Hammerstein
  5322. Dominic
  5323. This note is for John. And for Sara. It's for Lisa and Geraldo and Mahz and all of them. I'm the only one left. Guys, I'm sorry this is the best memorial I can give you. I'm gonna leave this note someplace I hope people will find it. I'm gonna leave it with some pictures from that Vegas weekend last year. Hopefully it finds its way to your people. Love all you guys.
  5324. Resistors
  5325. Would let us convert Food to Fuel. REQUIRES FOOD STORAGE FACILITY.
  5326. I'm all yours.
  5327. Not till I rest a little.
  5329. Goddammit, I said I'm fine, and I'm fine!
  5330. Brutal
  5331. Farming Expert: %s
  5332. It ain't about shame. You know what Job would do if he caught us together.
  5333. Some questions are better left unasked.
  5334. But we've got to face facts. Do what we have to do, even if we hate ourselves for it.
  5335. Nope, my name's not Lee, Chan, Norris or Jaa. Why do you ask? (Class Specializations: Leap Frog, Quick Counter)
  5336. Definitions
  5337. This... this is my fault. If I'd have been here to help them, maybe....
  5338. Lehnich
  5339. That last attack really ate through our stocks.
  5340. ADVICE: Upgrade to Dojo
  5341. This one's just plain creepy. Seems to attract the zombies, though.
  5342. (Guest)
  5343. Did what I had to do, right?
  5344. Food poisoning. Got a couple of us. This is what we get for not having someone who knows how to cook worth a damn.
  5345. %1$s
  5346. I dunno, maybe about how you used to be a truck stop hooker?
  5347. Time to channel your inner woodsman.
  5348. Ammo Lost
  5349. I've heard jackhammers quieter than this thing.
  5350. Oh, you've got to be kidding me!
  5351. That's terrible! If there's anything I can do, just ask.
  5352. We can't stay at the church forever, but if we're going to move somewhere it needs a good defensible perimeter.
  5353. Damn security doors.
  5354. %d added to Supply Locker. (Good food supply.)
  5355. Tried to help %1$s and failed.
  5356. Studied Linguistics
  5357. Bad enough we gotta make this charity run, let's not waste all our damn ammo to boot.
  5358. %3$s is coming to stay with us now. Goddamn zombies. -%1$s
  5359. You all saw it! I didn't have a choice! That cow would've killed us all! - %1$s
  5360. Trait Discovered: Regret
  5361. I can not thank you enough.
  5362. I've got a lead on something for you.
  5363. Katherine
  5364. Is this a good idea?
  5365. Guess I've got to decide what to tell Quentin. - %1$s
  5366. Don't take it so hard. These things happen.
  5367. How's that bite wound healing, son?
  5368. Can save patients who would otherwise perish.
  5369. We've run into a snag.
  5370. 35 GENERIC Ryan Dillard
  5371. So, what? We tear it down?
  5372. Look, look. I already told you, I haven't seen-
  5373. We fended off another zombie horde, but we're in bad shape. I'm not sure we can handle another one. - %1$s.
  5374. Need a hand back here!
  5375. What do you say?
  5376. Missing persons.
  5377. What goes around, comes around.
  5378. MISSION
  5379. Livy? Titus Livius Patavinus? Ab Urbe fucking Condita?
  5380. The Sheriff? Yeah, he went out about an hour ago. Said he was gonna hunt down this feral bastard that's been ambushing our patrols.
  5381. The zeds never even saw us coming.
  5382. Note
  5383. Search for the Army Zombies
  5384. He's hurt, and... listen.
  5385. NOTE: Lowering the Bar
  5386. Cool. Let's head down toward Marshall. I think I know a place that might suit us.
  5387. Loved Baseball
  5388. Yeah. I guess it's time. Your dad... he didn't make it, Lily. I'm sorry.
  5389. Oh right. Kinda hoping you'd forgotten about that.
  5390. Number Zombies Killed
  5391. Earned 500 Fame.
  5392. Dammit boy, you hold on!
  5393. Most of those days I was hungover.
  5394. I just can't take it any more!
  5395. Busy Unknown
  5396. How about drawing some zombies away?
  5397. Leaderboards are not available while not signed in
  5398. Good thing we had an Infirmary.
  5399. %1$s is scared.
  5400. Extremely tough. Can be stunned with explosives.
  5401. Having a clean area for food improves health and protects against illness.
  5402. Magnusson
  5403. Muniz
  5404. Steel Pipe Bombs available for construction.
  5405. I was hoping it'd be you.
  5406. Doc's upstairs looking after my little brother. Don't interrupt him, and don't you dare let any zombies get up them stairs.
  5407. I'mma bout to bust a cap in your fool ass!
  5408. +83%
  5409. Got word of an area that is rumored to have AMMO. Let's check it out.
  5411. Aww, that's so cute!
  5412. This is for you. You earned it.
  5413. I need help!
  5414. Pipe Bombs available for construction.
  5415. Got the Watch
  5416. We need to build some watchtowers, like they have down at the courthouse. It's a fairly--
  5417. If we don't get somebody with real training in the infirmary, this shit's never gonna get better.
  5418. You think zombies can be trained?
  5419. Sorry I can't back you up in the field. I'll just have to help out around the house.
  5420. So how did you end up working in a soup kitchen?
  5421. If any of you out there runs into one of our people, you owe them a beer.
  5422. You've been pushing yourself like crazy. Come home and get some rest.
  5423. Might be time to move.
  5424. Paid a stranger's debt to the Wilkersons. We're all in this together, right?
  5425. Build Storage Area
  5426. CONTACT: Call for Backup
  5427. Always thinks he can do it better than you.
  5428. Believe it or not, this is old hat for me.
  5429. So... where we going?
  5430. If you ever need someone to lean on, I'm here for you. We're the only ones left, so we need to look out for each other. (Idealistic.)
  5431. Heal the Sick
  5432. We should get moving. Lead on.
  5433. Eat a snack for a temporary energy boost.
  5434. %1$s got atacked on that supply run. Tried to fight them off, but without backup.... - %2$s
  5435. Think you can come with? Keep an eye out for me?
  5436. Pizza Delivery
  5437. Many of these still require a WORKSHOP to build.
  5438. Big and tough S.O.B.s
  5439. Hope you're not worried about getting brains on your shoes.
  5440. Cornett
  5441. Dammit, we were already light on ammo before this!
  5442. If you're here looking for supplies, forget it. This place is totally stripped bare. Just like the last four places I checked.
  5443. Kate - Your dad's still not back from the commissary at the ranger station. I'm going to go see what's keeping him. If I'm not back before you wake up, stay in the cabin and have a granola bar for breakfast. No using the camp stove unsupervised. - Mom
  5444. They must have drawn too much attention. The zombies followed one of them home and overwhelmed them.
  5445. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Relocating Our Home
  5446. Nothing quite like cracking some skulls.
  5447. You okay? You're not looking so good.
  5448. I am getting nothing but dead air, we will have to try again. Let me know when you want me to give it another go.
  5449. Oh good, you're here. Coming with me?
  5450. Should we go...?
  5451. Requires: %1$d People
  5452. You know what I hate about living in a small town? Knowing all your goddamn neighbors.
  5453. SMG: Super Z
  5454. Omar
  5455. +14%
  5456. Dominga
  5457. Finish the Delivery
  5458. Farnese
  5459. Book on Small Unit Tactics
  5460. Ready to get going?
  5461. I've been thinking. You're so good at surviving out there.
  5462. Death from Above
  5463. That's right.
  5464. Still, a couple cracked ribs is better than starving. I guess.
  5465. Hey, we don't have time to wait around on you all the time. I took initiative. How was I supposed to know it'd go to shit? - %1$s
  5466. SICK: Sore Throat
  5467. New Mission Opportunity (Map Updated)
  5468. Loved Painting
  5469. Help the Sheriff out?
  5470. Bethany
  5471. Vanessa
  5472. I... umm... okay.
  5473. Shit like that better not happen again.
  5474. Always Be Closing
  5475. Serves 'em right.
  5476. (Very) Ex-Militia
  5477. Remove
  5478. Tarney
  5479. That… ah, heh… that's a lot of zombies.
  5480. Attention all residents of Trumbull Valley. This is Captain Diane Montressor. We are not a rescue mission.
  5481. More carrying capacity, but it's bulky.
  5482. Okay. This is it.
  5483. Seems like we're getting a reputation. Some neighboring survivors asked if they could come train at our dojo. There's 3 cases of ammo in it for us. - %1$s
  5484. No. No way, there's got to be... I mean, we don't know there's not a cure.
  5485. Need: %s
  5486. Look for the Watch
  5487. There's nobody up there....
  5488. We gotta start somewhere, right?
  5489. Oh, shit. Oh my God.
  5490. Thermite
  5491. Performed a hand to hand double kill special attack.
  5492. I've got a few other leads, though, if you'd cover me while I go check them out.
  5493. Everyone's got their strengths and weaknesses, but some people are a lot trouble than others.
  5494. Advanced Shooting
  5495. Wants a private conversation.
  5496. Ooh, whatcha got?
  5497. Move along.
  5498. We run out, and how the hell are we supposed to keep this place secure?
  5499. And now we've got a fuel supply. Go us!
  5500. How panic'd your community is.
  5501. We're still waiting. Come on!
  5502. Produces food.
  5503. Jada
  5504. I know you don't owe us anything, but if you'd be willing to help us look, we'd make it worth your while.
  5505. Owner, sole waitress, and part-time cook at the Fork In the Road Diner.
  5506. Wait, I know there's some food here somewhere, I just... gotta find it. Please. It's for my brother.
  5507. Dennis
  5508. Are you ready?
  5509. Cover the back!
  5510. I found this old book on canning and pickling food. It seems pretty straightforward.
  5511. Lot of ammo here.
  5512. Press [LB] + [B] while near an enemy to suplex them. Press [Y] in the middle of the suplex to execute a finishing move.
  5513. So, we've got an opportunity to do some trading.
  5514. Just calm down. We'll find her.
  5515. Well, I'm not running any marathons any time soon.
  5516. One time, he just walks into a Swine and Bovine, goes up to a table full of, I dunno, construction workers, longshoremen, whatever. Big ass dudes.
  5517. Popular compact version of the Bz75.
  5518. Hey, Doc!
  5519. All we know is a bunch of crazy people tried to eat us.
  5520. ATTITUDE: Punchy
  5521. MEDICINE RESOURCE. Quite the collection of pills.
  5522. Bastidas
  5523. I threatened to cut him off. It got ugly.
  5524. Gain +2 AMMO for providing library access to another group of survivors.
  5525. Okay, in retrospect, that's a very dumb idea.
  5526. We're not at the outpost yet.
  5527. COMPLETED: Something's Missing
  5528. Why are you doing this? Aren't you worried you'll get sick too?
  5529. Elsa
  5530. Standard pump action hunting Shotgun.
  5531. Shit, got me good with that one.
  5532. Short, powerful and reliable.
  5533. Israel
  5534. Conduct business deals anywhere.
  5535. All squared away?
  5536. Okay, we'll meet at a neutral location.
  5537. Student
  5538. Designed Marshall's most famous buildings.
  5539. We've burned through almost all of our fuel. Better get some more soon, or we're gonna be in a tight spot.
  5540. So, Mickey beats the shit out of a guy, then has him escorted home? Weird. - %1$s
  5541. I've tried running around. I'm too hurt.
  5542. Yeah, our CO is already asking questions. That's a no-go.
  5543. Thinker
  5544. Romance troubles on the rise.
  5545. Find out what spooked the poor guy.
  5546. Carolina
  5547. Parking
  5548. If you're careless about making noise, it's easy to attract a lot of zeds and get overwhelmed.
  5549. 15 STORY Jack Ferris
  5550. Cooper
  5551. Supplies a bonus when assigned to a kitchen
  5552. That looks promising.
  5553. LMG: M60E4
  5554. %2$s slain.
  5555. Seems like you never go for the quick kill. Just getting caught up in the moment?
  5556. I'm on it.
  5557. Mariana
  5558. Found some stuff that might be useful, but nobody else alive. This is so fucked up. - %1$s
  5559. Research Delayed
  5560. Bonesaw
  5561. SEARCH AND RESCUE: Missing Person Found
  5563. Mickey really worked you over, huh?
  5564. Choose a storage device to create new save data or load another save, or you may continue without saving but will lose any progress made.
  5565. DECLINED: Indefensible
  5566. I think we got what we needed from the scouting. Alan and Sam are waiting for you at the clinic, if you're willing to help with the supply run.
  5567. Maybe, but I'd still keep stocked up on ammo and food, just in case.
  5568. MISSION: Family Drama
  5569. Found you.
  5570. So much for doing this the quiet way.
  5571. There's nothing worse than trying to take a shot with an empty magazine.
  5572. That's that.
  5573. Mission Complete
  5574. Vote Off
  5575. Hey, we're not made of artillery shells over here. Don't press your luck.
  5576. It was touch and go for a while there, but hey I made it.
  5577. Choose (Hold)
  5578. Rifle: Bolt Scout
  5579. We just couldn't take the risk anymore. I asked %1$s to leave the community. - %2$s
  5580. About two clips' worth. At this rate we'll be throwing rocks by the end of the week.
  5581. Having a surplus isn't a bad thing.
  5582. We've blown a gasket here, huh?
  5583. Weird. Okay, I'll check it out. If they've got a chopper, maybe they can get us the hell out of here.
  5584. I think the phrase is "Eureka."
  5585. I could take care of this in my sleep.
  5586. Look, I just think we gotta look at the big picture here. We all like Jack, but let's face it, the guy's probably dead.
  5587. We got plenty. What I'm wondering though... is what's to stop me from caving your skull in and just taking that shit?
  5588. Eliana
  5589. Never would have figured Sam had such a soft side. -%1$s
  5590. Help the less fortunate.
  5591. That's another one down.
  5592. 51 GENERIC Theo North
  5593. Some of our neighbors are in trouble.
  5594. Intervention
  5595. A classic western rifle. (replica)
  5596. Fuck me, is that Bobby Miller?
  5597. Hardin
  5598. %3$s can probably handle it solo, but I could provide an escort if I wanted. - %1$s
  5599. Looks like a whole lot more zombies coming your way.
  5600. We have our own problems.
  5601. They're gonna need you to make a path.
  5602. I'm telling you, somebody better pop open the champagne they've been hoarding, because we are owning this valley!
  5603. COMPLETED: Distant Gunshots
  5604. HURT
  5605. Y'know, I hate to say it, but we're not the most popular folks around here these days.
  5606. Nearly killed.
  5607. Doc will meet you at home later.
  5608. So, I guess I apologize for all the times I implied I'd shoot you in the head if you kept breaking quarantine.
  5609. 69 GENERIC Harrison Biggs
  5610. What's it do?
  5611. Police Cruiser
  5612. Command Center: Materials Located
  5613. It's reckless, is all I'm saying.
  5614. Shit!
  5615. I think we've got the space to plant a little garden, if we wanted.
  5616. Dammit, people, how many times do I have to tell you? We need sentries watching the approaches!
  5617. Okay uh, let me think here.
  5618. Fat sumbitch, coming up quick!
  5619. Jesus, not now Ed.
  5620. I found some ammo.
  5621. Pipe Threader
  5622. How do you figure?
  5623. Almost. Just a second.
  5624. All that's left is to blow this barricade and get out of here. -%1$s
  5625. Hey, %1$s, I've got a movie quote for you: 'Fuck you, asshole' - %2$s
  5626. Hope he's not expecting to find new patients up there.
  5627. I mean, hypothetically. Not that I... look, my point is it's convenient, okay?
  5628. Feast
  5629. You got some stones on you!
  5630. Deceased
  5631. Always a pleasure.
  5632. Special counter that kills two nearby enemies.
  5633. Castelo
  5634. Could trip over a shadow. (Slow to improve at fighting.)
  5635. We can try sneaking around, but I'd just as soon destroy them right now.
  5636. My dad had some pretty wild ideas for what to do with this place. Listen to this.
  5637. Man, if you weren't here, we would have been fucked.
  5638. Problems getting out.
  5639. Word of mouth counts for a lot these days, and we... kinda don't have any.
  5640. Reality Show Trivia
  5641. Long story short, they beat them up pretty bad, kicked them out, and took everything they could carry.
  5642. Create
  5643. Showed mercy.
  5644. Got to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station.
  5645. PERSONAL SKILL. You think all I do is read books all day? It's called Library *Science* for a reason, motherfuckers!
  5646. To improve our fitness and combat skills.
  5647. Moving goods around.
  5648. Requires FASHION INDUSTRY.
  5649. You can pick locks?
  5650. Zaila
  5651. If we didn't make so much noise, we wouldn't draw so much attention.
  5652. Folksy Charm
  5653. A bad fall, huh? Well, you'd better get yourself inside and lie down. Go on, scoot!
  5654. Hunsberger
  5655. Head to the Exchange Site
  5656. Well. Shit.
  5657. Maxwell
  5658. Hold [LT] to Survey
  5659. Focus Aim
  5660. Looks like we need to break open the armory.
  5661. Fuckin' civilians....
  5662. Sorry, did you say something?
  5663. We're in over our heads.
  5664. Well... that was exciting.
  5665. Listen to Ray
  5666. Shark Hoodie
  5667. Hey, I'm with you on the whole "more support means better odds" thing.
  5668. %1$s joined some other survivors.
  5669. I was just looking at our medical stockpiles, and we're running pretty low.
  5670. Stranger
  5671. Now this is more like it.
  5672. Juan-Carlos
  5673. This is my fault. She was right. I never should have left her like this. Alone. Vulnerable.
  5674. ADVICE: Upgrade to Medical Lab
  5675. You hear about the Wilkersons?
  5676. Had to drag %1$s back to base after that last run. Thought they'd just sit there and wait for the zombies to eat 'em. - %2$s
  5677. Selflessness vs. Selfishness
  5678. COMPLETED: Water Tower
  5679. Real nice, Alan. I offered them shelter, I'm letting them in.
  5680. Find out what the Army's up to.
  5681. Adeline
  5682. Follow the Judge
  5683. On second thought. Hold off. This place ain't safe.
  5684. Friendly attitude.
  5685. Headshot Streak!
  5686. Your Location
  5687. "12 gauge" is "I love you" in Survivor.
  5688. Yeah. Nicely done.
  5689. Santiago
  5690. His manners are better than his older brother's, but his intentions aren't.
  5691. I've been going through my dad's notes, looking for inspiration. How does this grab you?
  5693. Found 'em.
  5694. Damn shame there's no more biathalons. I'd clean up.
  5695. Hey, how about lending a hand for once, huh?
  5696. The food rationing sucks, but at least the raiders stay away.
  5697. Man, fuck you.
  5698. Convinced another enclave to join your community.
  5699. Build one of every type of facility.
  5700. I'm cool with that.
  5701. Seems like you folks know what you're doing. What would you say to us joining forces?
  5702. Advice: Upgrade to Infirmary
  5703. Hey! How are you?
  5704. Calling in an artillery strike.
  5705. START MISSION. Trade 1 Case of Ammunition for 5 Daily Rations of Food.
  5706. Ready to roll.
  5707. We're thinning them out now!
  5708. Zeds at 9 o'clock.
  5709. Maybe.
  5710. Hey, thanks for the help there. We managed to get a few civilians out, at least.
  5711. Katiana
  5712. Forget it, let's pack it up. These folks might as well have been tossed in a blender and set to frappe.
  5713. Lindberg
  5714. What are you doing here? You've got to get out of here!
  5715. Whoa, double trouble!
  5716. So. Is it this bad everywhere?
  5717. Edged Weapons
  5718. Of course.
  5719. Provides no beds, but gives a 50% chance of preventing Sleep Deprivation.
  5720. Loved Sports
  5721. My father took that education and gave back to this town. Miguel Santos was the first Latino mayor Marshall ever had, did you know that?
  5722. What's the Point?
  5723. Okay, maybe we went a little overkill on the shooting... but these new guns are so cool! - %1$s
  5724. That's not a bad idea, actually.
  5725. Not many people feel like dancing right now. Things are just too goddamn depressing. (Improved cardio.)
  5726. I love running over zombies. It's risky, though, you know?
  5727. TIP: Radio home using [DDown] (D-pad) to relocate your home base.
  5728. Former county commissioner. Slick bastard.
  5729. When it comes to putting bullets in zombies, I've got three words: quantity, quantity, lots of bullets.
  5730. People will leave if they do not have enough to eat.
  5731. I think this oughta square us.
  5732. Keep these assholes off me while I go check.
  5733. Black Fever Strikes Again
  5734. Jesus, will you give it a rest with the doom and gloom? We all know things are bad, you don't have to keep reminding us. -%2$s
  5735. Mt. Tanner is fucked. It's time to leave.
  5736. Ask around about an area that has AMMO.
  5737. Huh. Didn't figure you for Job's cronies. Always heard you folks were decent sorts.
  5738. Unless your job requires you to leave the building, everyone stays in the courthouse.
  5739. I hope you brought me something pretty.
  5740. We're in this together.
  5741. MISSION: Zed Hunt (Armored)
  5742. Just got a call from %1$s's people. They got home, but without our backup, it went pretty bad. - %2$s
  5743. Homebody
  5744. SICK: Cough
  5745. FOOD RESOURCE. Cereals and snack bars.
  5746. I'm not leaving them!
  5747. Damaged
  5748. OVERBEARING people have their drawbacks.
  5749. Frugal Gourmet
  5750. 131 STORY Hazmat
  5751. 146 STORY Alan Gunderson
  5752. I need to head home and rest. Eating isn't the answer.
  5753. Heads-up... Coming in hot.
  5754. Fine, I'll take care of this!
  5755. That's worth checking out.
  5756. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Weight
  5757. Try not to be so glum, pard.
  5758. Just waiting for you, bud.
  5759. Why are we even out here?
  5760. So what did we learn? The next time you piss someone off, you make sure they're not armed.
  5761. MISSION: Neutral Observer
  5762. I hope the rest of you make it. I really do. But I just can't face another day of this shit. - %1$s
  5763. We're pissing away ammo like cheap beer at a rodeo, and it's all because you civilians panic and dump a whole clip into the first zombie you see.
  5764. I got out of the hospital and I swore I was going to clean up my act, get sober, and turn my life around.
  5765. Just hurry, okay? I'm not sure how long I can rein Alan in.
  5766. You're used to running long distances without tiring. Sprinting drains your Stamina 50% slower.
  5767. What we need to do is start expanding. Build some outposts and start pushing the zeds back.
  5768. Let God sort 'em out.
  5769. We found some of our missing community members. Unfortunately, the zeds got to them first.
  5770. Meant my grocery runs took two hours when I could have just zipped down to the Tartan Mart up the block, but I was making a difference.
  5771. All right, all right. I apologize for all the times I implied I'd shoot you in the head if you kept breaking quarantine.
  5772. Need a Library!
  5773. CONTACT: Words of Inspiration
  5774. Missed my chance to help out %1$s. I hope everything went alright. - %2$s.
  5775. This could work. Nice size, remote enough there's not too many zombies....
  5776. It's all about the rule of threes. I wouldn't want to be the person responsible for this...if it's a person, that is.
  5777. Zombies on our right.
  5778. Might as well lay down and die.
  5779. Come on come on come on...
  5780. I mean, yeah, the recoil bruises my shoulder and I get dizzy if I run around too long and there aren't any sweet alien hovercraft that totally break the game and never should have been allowed in deathmatch…
  5781. I'm happy to have a place to call home.
  5782. Alondra
  5783. Spangler
  5784. I could use help getting this stuff home.
  5785. Army Field Manual
  5786. SUPPLY RUN: Resources Delivered
  5787. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Exploration
  5788. Like an IOU. I dunno, what's the etiquette for looting in a crisis situation?
  5789. Okay, we're here.
  5790. Stella
  5791. Aunt Helen: Took me ten years, but I finally found it. Proof that the sheriff buried evidence in my cousin's case so he and that damned judge could keep their conviction rate intact. I was supposed to show it to Councilman Santos' friend at the Marshall Gazette today, but he had to reschedule. Something about a major story breaking at the hospital.
  5792. Ask about Medicine Caches
  5793. I'm not sure how much I got left.
  5794. No! Come on, we've got to help them!
  5795. I really don't have time for this.
  5796. Just... give me a few minutes, okay?
  5797. Territorial
  5798. Feeling kind of heroic.
  5799. DISCOVERED: The Wilkersons
  5800. Wendell, start doing an inventory of whatever medical supplies we've got. We're gonna need them.
  5801. I don't know what things will be like on the outside, but I doubt it's good.
  5802. Jesus, Lily, he's not a rabid dog!
  5803. Cookbook
  5804. CANCEL MISSION. Spend Influence to prevent the attempt. It's safer to just leave it, right?
  5805. Wow, that's... thank you. Could have done without the mental image, but thank you.
  5806. Always manages to get in over his head.
  5807. Watched Reality Shows
  5808. Create a Distraction
  5809. Teacher
  5810. I thought you were a good shot.
  5811. Well, this has gone from bad to fucked.
  5812. If we don't get more medicine, we're going to start seeing a lot more sick people.
  5814. Meet Ray On The Rooftop
  5815. Huh. I was expecting Mickey or Job to meet me.
  5816. Believe me, there's nothing worse than trying to take a shot with an empty magazine.
  5817. See... when all this started, I was visiting my dad. His Alzheimer's is--was--pretty bad then. Most of the time he thought I was my mother. Or a stranger come to steal his money.
  5818. Great. Okay, I'm on my way.
  5819. Rob
  5820. You're going to make somebody very happy with this. Turning a profit is all well and good, but knowing that you helped keep someone from going hungry or cold? That's the real treasure.
  5821. Those two are gonna get themselves killed one of these days.
  5822. The hell am I supposed to do with this, huh?
  5823. Goddamn eyeless son of a bitch!
  5824. Wingate
  5825. Find the Survivor
  5826. Looks like we've got a few seconds. Let's put them to good use.
  5827. Let's stick to driving--no sense working harder than we have to.
  5829. Looks like you're slowing down. Food might help a bit, but you need a rest.
  5830. What the hell?
  5831. Keep in mind these things are homemade, so they don't last forever.
  5832. Yeah, I really don't want to get any closer to the Barrett place.
  5833. The lake, huh?
  5834. TMI
  5835. Oh well we're in luck, it's still a small one.
  5836. I've tried running around a little bit, but I'm too hurt.
  5837. NEW ZOMBIE TYPE: Big Bastard
  5838. Tell Quentin what you learned?
  5839. Sorry, I'm sorry. It's just eating at me that I can't go say goodbye to Eli.
  5840. Sounds like %3$s is in a tight spot. Could use a hand getting home. -%2$s
  5841. 1 Case of Ammunition for 5 Cases of Medicine.
  5842. Let's go somewhere else. There's no point in drawing more of them here.
  5843. CRISIS: Malnutrition
  5844. There is more than one save game available. Please select the storage device with the save you want to use, or continue without saving losing any progress made.
  5845. Tussin
  5846. Glad to be back with other people again. I got separated and have been scrambling around, just trying to survive.
  5847. Always hated getting sick, even when I could go to the doctor.
  5848. TIP: Press [Y] to check for supplies.
  5849. Come in, come in.
  5850. Protein Powder
  5851. Julissa
  5852. Don't get so bent out of shape, they're zombies, not baby seals.
  5853. I really just don't know what to say.
  5854. Unequip
  5855. 2 Daily Rations of Food per day
  5856. Keep your eyes on the left.
  5857. I don't know why you're so fucking relaxed, %1$s. The rest of us seem to understand there is some serious shit going on but you don't. You should get your head examined. - %2$s
  5858. Construction Expert
  5859. Pimms
  5860. Come on. You and me are going to go out there and kick some ass. Trust me, you'll feel better.
  5861. ATTITUDE: Secretive
  5862. Those people the Army kicked out... did they make it?
  5863. God, she's got a temper on her, huh?
  5864. Got some building materials here.
  5865. Yeah, I know her. Busted her for solicitation and possession often enough.
  5866. 34 GENERIC Grant Fitzwallace
  5867. I'll just be a minute.
  5868. More of 'em.
  5869. Benitez
  5870. And what happens if we get ganked, huh? You think Becca's gonna send even more guys after us? 'Cuz I don't.
  5871. Did my hands always shake like this?
  5872. Fuckers never let up.
  5873. Then, my brother went.
  5874. Got 'em.
  5875. Ammo Cache
  5876. I'm fine.
  5877. Shit. That's Andy.
  5878. You can become Friends with many characters in the game after earning their full Trust. Your level of Trust with each character is represented by the green gauge. You can earn Trust with characters by helping them out on Missions and keeping the Community defended and well provisioned.
  5879. When a character becomes your Friend you can play as that character by highlighting his or her portrait and pressing [X] to "Switch to..."
  5880. 112 DEBUG
  5881. Haven't been eating right... when I've been eating at all.
  5882. Johnson
  5883. SET UP: Dining Area
  5884. Hasty scribblings in pencil on the back of an office envelope.
  5885. Give us a break, it's not like we've got anybody who's an expert in this shit.
  5886. Ask about the raids.
  5887. We're screwed. Totally screwed.
  5888. And now some dumb fuck just panicked and wasted a whole bunch of it!
  5889. Have you see what we have left for building supplies? We try to build anything bigger than a birdhouse and we're gonna have nothing left.
  5890. Got things rolling again.
  5891. Pistol: Condor
  5892. Private Life
  5893. %1$s is barely hanging on.
  5894. Attempted a trade run for an exchange with %2$s. I was providing escort. %1$s was carrying the goods. Things did not work out.
  5895. Consume beer 25% faster.
  5896. Tolbert
  5897. Hey, anybody home at the courthouse?
  5898. Flores
  5899. We don't have any outposts.
  5900. Don't let them break through!
  5901. You're mine now.
  5902. SET UP: Farmhouse Kitchen
  5903. Wait! Wait a minute.
  5904. I've been writing about zombies for years. Never thought I'd actually run across them. (Knowledge of literature.)
  5905. You willing to help us find somebody? One of ours is AWOL.
  5906. Ally in Trouble
  5907. Yeah?
  5908. Trying to find a safe spot to hide is a lot harder with so many infestations. - %1$s
  5909. %1$s really could have used your help with that attack. They took care of it, but it was a close call. - %2$s
  5910. TIP: Tap [B] to defend.
  5911. Dig it!
  5912. Watch your back.
  5913. Prevents character from being visible in the journal.
  5914. It's gonna take more materials than we expected to fix these walls.
  5915. Goddamn, that thing's fists are bigger than my head!
  5916. Practice makes perfect. Every character in the world has a unique set of traits, some of which can impact combat effectiveness. Improve upon these traits by completing challenges and choosing which skills to upgrade. Are you a stealth expert, able to sneak into any building? Or are you a one-shot zombie killing machine? Contextual Moves: Press [LB] + [Y] for interactive moves such as pushing a zombie away or shoving it against a wall. Finishers: When an enemy is in a prone position, press [LB] + [Y] to perform a finishing move.
  5917. One of our outposts is in trouble.
  5918. 7.62mm
  5919. Nervous Survivor
  5920. Trait Discovered: Dog Lover
  5921. Seidel
  5922. That guy's a little too slick for me. I'm not interested in getting tangled up with him. - %1$s
  5923. Hold [Y] to search. Hold [LB] + [Y] to search faster, but make more noise.
  5924. Run!
  5925. We could specialize this workshop to focus on construction and car repair. NEEDS TOOLS EXPERT.
  5926. Delay your decision. Maybe if you pretend not to understand, you won't have to do anything.
  5927. It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered.
  5928. I'm not sure how much I trust these people, but at least they're not trying to kill us on sight. - %1$s
  5929. If you want, you can tell me a little about your dad.
  5930. If we had a watchtower, we could have someone pick off the zombies before they get close. - %1$s
  5931. Hell, yeah! Take 'em down!
  5932. Shark Hoodie (Female)
  5933. Discovered the truth.
  5934. You must be in a BUILDING to set up an outpost.
  5935. We better. A leaky roof's one thing, but if we can't keep the walls secure....
  5936. We've gotten reports of a zombie wearing body armor, if you can believe it. Won't be easy to take down.
  5937. Where'd you come from anyways?
  5938. Come on, you pouty little girl's-britches, suck it up and keep going!
  5939. JOURNAL: Gone Fishin'
  5940. Cooked a Big Meal.
  5941. Braeden
  5942. Beavers
  5943. I'm sending Alan and Sam to meet you at the clinic.
  5944. RUMORS: Radio Silence
  5945. New faces.
  5946. That's not my problem.
  5947. Pills aren't going to cut it now.
  5948. Stamina will gradually recover while resting at home. It should take about 2 hours to get back to full Stamina.
  5949. Piss off.
  5950. Hopefully next time %3$s will pay a little more attention to what's going on. -%1$s
  5951. Makes house calls and everything.
  5952. Shared vision.
  5953. Yeah, that was a close thing with the horde.
  5954. Carl? Hey, hey, I wanted to talk to you for a second.
  5955. What? Come on. Eventually money's gonna be worth something again. I'll cut you in for 25% if you help me get it.
  5956. Weapons (Hand to Hand)
  5957. It'd be best to hurry, though. Never know when someone might walk off with our stuff.
  5958. %1$s is still missing.
  5959. They're flanking on the right!
  5960. No, I haven't earned this.
  5961. Help Search the Building
  5962. Remove Dining Area
  5963. You can also Break Open resources for immediate usage, but this destroys
  5964. Situation like this, you wish there were orders to follow. (Improved Shooting and Fighting.)
  5965. Bilkins
  5966. I don't think they knew. Not about us, anyway. Eli was terrified of what they'd do if they found out. Especially Job.
  5967. Now get out of here. Give me some damn privacy at least.
  5968. Nothing. Just, you know... bad luck with the army. I'm sorry.
  5969. I've just located a zombie infestation.
  5970. Yeah, well, I'm not gonna get any better without some medicine, am I?
  5971. Wendell
  5972. Spinning Backhand
  5973. 'We've fucked those zeds up!'
  5974. <Sigh> What's going on?
  5975. SCAVENGING: Food
  5976. ... So we formed a band!
  5977. If you do not comply with these instructions, the Army will not take responsibility for you being chewed on by zed. Thank you, and buy American.
  5978. Was working on an article about the death of small-town America.
  5979. Yeah, I think "I used to have sex for money" is a topic that should come up.
  5981. Her first emergency call resulted in her entire team's death.
  5982. Why go for speed when you can have raw, brute force?
  5983. Looks like I can pick this guy.
  5984. Torn Apart
  5985. Pastor's Quarters
  5986. Jesus, you want everyone to hear us?
  5987. Tore him apart right in front of me.
  5988. An Enclave sent out a radio request for assistance against a large crowd of encroaching zombies, we were more than happy to oblige.
  5989. Check %s
  5990. Ray shared his philosophy with me. Seems like a decent enough guy. - %1$s
  5991. Yeah... about that. I'm sure you have your reasons for changing your name. And as far as I'm concerned, they're yours.
  5992. Nails
  5993. Oh, shit. Oh God, I gotta go. I gotta go!
  5994. Please tell me you're joking.
  5995. I swear to God, one of these days she's gonna snap.
  5996. Hold on! I'm coming!
  5997. Uh-huh.
  5998. Mission opportunities don't stick around forever.
  5999. Poirier
  6000. Outdoor Survival Guides
  6001. +15% chance for your chosen contestant to advance to next round.
  6002. Insufficient Storage
  6003. Don't forget to hit up the supply locker if you need anything.
  6004. According to the reports, he's up at the cemetery outside Spencer's Mill.
  6005. Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman
  6006. Sure, sure, didn't mean anything by it. Just saying, it's a shame he couldn't be discreet about... well, about things past.
  6007. COMPLETED: Search and Rescue
  6008. I don't think so.
  6009. So? Can't we just tear them down like the barricades on the bridge?
  6010. Anson
  6011. Advise him to let the past go.
  6012. I could use some help here!
  6013. I don't know why you're so calm.
  6014. Smartest guy I know.
  6015. I learned a long time ago that there are two kinds of people in this world: People who appreciate my sense of humor and people who can go fuck themselves.
  6016. Ready for some good news/bad news? Good news: %3$s is back home. Bad news: the search party ran into some trouble. - %2$s
  6017. Start getting sicker, and maybe.
  6018. Already looted.
  6019. Kukri
  6020. The others can fight the hordes on their own too, but there's always some risk.
  6021. Gas stations are a pretty obvious spot to look for fuel, but this is farm country. Plenty of people keep a can or two in the shed or the barn.
  6022. Trying to find someone named Jack.
  6023. What? No, no. Just… just… just hang on, you've got to--
  6024. Goddammit! You eat shit, you dead bastards!
  6025. Course, some folks can never see how good they got it until it's all gone.
  6026. Go Back for the Others
  6027. Platform Type
  6028. Yeah. Somebody dumped a body right behind my restaurant.
  6029. Monica
  6030. Well, if it ain't my guardian angel.
  6031. HOME: Super Dosing
  6032. We need to get a better look at our surroundings.
  6033. Oh Lord, help me!
  6034. Platform Lock
  6035. Read Comic Books
  6036. Ham
  6037. Construction Delayed
  6038. At ease that shit. Stay frosty and watch for zeds.
  6039. Find a Vehicle
  6040. Not here. This place isn't big enough.
  6041. Help find missing friend?
  6042. Vanished Into the Night
  6043. Using explosives made in the workshop was key.
  6044. Appreciated your help.
  6045. Wonder what it's gonna be tomorrow. Probably the fucking bun.
  6046. No one can be sick.
  6047. Yknow, those first few days, I thought it wouldn't be too bad. Just avoid the big hordes and keep your head down.
  6048. Need a Garden
  6049. We're trying, but there's no good place to post sentries around here.
  6050. Are you okay?
  6051. Stettin
  6052. Local in over his head.
  6053. You got a knack for cracking heads. Good work out there.
  6054. You shouldn't run around wounded like this.
  6055. I am not going outside with all these zombies around.
  6056. Time to go home.
  6057. Nice.
  6058. I may not be Pastor Will, but I do what I can.
  6059. Jesus... I should have been here.
  6060. Skills
  6061. Home theater with a 7.1 surround, fully-stocked bar, jacuzzi in the backyard... it was the ultimate bachelor pad.
  6062. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens like yourselves are living in fear. Fear of the dead, fear of the criminal element that sees this as an opportunity to prey on their fellow man, fear of the uncertain future of our nation.
  6063. Disagree
  6064. I could use an escort.
  6065. Girl came up to my shoulder. You'd think she'd realize she needed a different cut.
  6066. You're a badass.
  6067. What is wrong with you people? The bridges are barricaded for a reason. Do not attempt to climb, destroy, or otherwise circumvent the barricades.
  6068. Yeah, no problem.
  6069. Can't somebody else kill these things?
  6070. You okay?
  6071. Good. That's all I wanted to say.
  6072. I figure there isn't a thing on this earth I don't know how to fix. Just get me some duct tape. (Handy with tools.)
  6073. What the hell? Do we have any food left in this place?
  6074. COMMUNITY: Braggadoccio
  6075. You trying to get us to landscape the entire valley? Negative on artillery support.
  6076. Looking for Andy Pimms.
  6077. I'll make sure everything's secure from here.
  6078. Probably won't make it without our help.
  6079. Neighbors need our help.
  6080. Rejection
  6081. Head to the Survivors
  6082. Shooting Platform
  6083. <Laughter>
  6084. Threading Tools
  6085. Andersen
  6086. Little busy for that, don't you think?
  6087. Seriously. You can keep your folksy charm and your "folks round here don't gotta lock their doors at night" shit.
  6088. You okay?
  6089. These things look pretty active. I think they're gonna spread to another building soon.
  6090. 1
  6091. Delay your decision. The trade might happen without you.
  6092. C'mon. Let's do this.
  6093. A versatile, multi-role rifle in the field.
  6094. How bad is it?
  6095. Nilsen
  6096. MISSION: Anger Management
  6097. ATTITUDE: Bitter
  6098. %s joined your home!
  6099. Something is not quite right here.
  6100. Practice weapon from a martial arts studio.
  6101. Confirmed, we're zed-free here.
  6102. Counterattack
  6103. Get the fuck back!
  6104. My ass remain on station! These people are getting their asses handed to them!!
  6105. You've added survivors to your Community! Press D-pad [DUp] to open your Journal and learn about making Friends on the People page.
  6106. Glad I don't have to clean up this mess.
  6107. You ever think when this is all over somebody's gonna present us all with a big fat bill?
  6108. I saw Carmen for the first time when I was ten. Gronquist Hall's silent now. (Strong sense of etiquette.)
  6110. That's our place. Thanks again for all the help.
  6111. Yo yo.
  6112. Ready to look for home sites.
  6113. HURT: Banged Up
  6114. European precision used by police and militaries worldwide.
  6115. What are they up to?
  6116. Allows establishment of a Fitness Regimen.
  6117. Don't underestimate the value of good socks and insoles. Wicking is really important. (Improved cardio and wits.)
  6118. Ashlynn
  6119. Hey, how come you never just stomp a zombie when it's down? Got anger issues?
  6120. Kristiansen
  6121. Set Up Kitchen
  6122. Check Friendship
  6123. 2x4 Bracket
  6124. Ah, there you are.
  6125. START MISSION. Work together. Earn Trust. Make things safer.
  6126. Are you sure you want to exit? Any unsaved progress will be lost.
  6127. It's not safe out here.
  6128. Remain in that position until the soldiers have passed.
  6129. Oh, uh, no offense.
  6130. How about it? You got my back?
  6131. We can scope things out in advance.
  6132. It's never gonna get any better, is it? This? This is the way the world ends.
  6133. This is what we get for outsourcing American manufacturing jobs. Guess we gotta do all this again.
  6134. The trick is to not panic, just feed the shells in one by one.
  6135. I don't want to put my mouth on trouble, but I think our defenses here are pretty solid.
  6136. Car's gonna attract too much attention.
  6137. You Are Here
  6138. Help destroy an army zed.
  6139. Hey, are you in there?
  6140. On a mission
  6141. Well that, and two-ton steel doors. Only way to open them is to power up the generator over here.
  6142. Mckee
  6143. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
  6144. Gathered 4 Daily Rations of Food
  6145. 10 GENERIC Simon Hart
  6146. WTF is going on?
  6147. INCIDENT: Vomiting Blood
  6148. There are NO KNOWN RESOURCES here.
  6149. SMG: M-10
  6150. Most missions are only available for a limited time. The more urgent the situation, the sooner the mission opportunity will pass.
  6151. Cycle Items
  6152. Sure…
  6153. Try Preserving Some Food
  6154. <Groaning>
  6155. I think you knew all of that in your heart already. Sometimes we just need someone else to give voice to it.
  6156. XP bonus from Library!
  6157. I like you, pard.
  6158. Hey, do we have any aspirin? I've got a killer headache.
  6159. Don't worry, I'll be back out there as soon as I can. Sucking chest wounds aren't gonna slow me down.
  6160. We've had zombie attacks before, but never like this.
  6161. Rescue the Survivors
  6162. Home Sweet Home
  6163. Come on home and talk to our guest if you're interested.
  6164. 76 GENERIC Adam Robertson
  6165. We could use our medical stockpiles to try to heal the sick. I don't really have any influence here, though. I don't think it's up to me.
  6166. Okay, what's next?
  6167. Unlocks a new Skill, granting additional benefits and new Abilities with a specific type of weapon.
  6168. Well this isn't good.
  6169. Tell me you're not going to want a nice, warm hat when it gets cold outside. (Handy with Arts and Crafts.)
  6170. Antique show piece.
  6171. Mayor Carson had got himself shot trying to cross the bridges, the City Council was locked in a conference room and refused to come out, the police station was overrun... it was chaos.
  6172. Careful on the left.
  6173. Bite me!
  6174. He says it would impede his ability to look after all his patients. Nobody's had the guts to push the issue yet.
  6175. Warned about Ed
  6176. Surge Protector
  6177. Finished Eli
  6178. Yeah, that's right, I said it.
  6179. Escaped Trumbull County.
  6180. DISCOVERED: Eager Survivors
  6181. By sitting in an empty room with a Bible, hoping somebody'll show up? That's pretty sad.
  6182. Got some supplies.
  6183. You know, we could use some extra hands around here. Why don't you join us?
  6184. I'll say one thing for the zombie apocalypse. It really evened out the real estate market.
  6185. HUNGRY: Starving
  6186. So, you know, if you wanted to claim dibs on some of the better gear, I don't think anybody'd mind.
  6187. Firecracker
  6188. More coming up on the right!
  6189. I've given it all I got today. I'm going to bed.
  6190. High Fashion
  6191. You don't get special treatment just because you're pissed off. Don't act like the enemy or I'll treat you like one.
  6192. How you bear up under that gaze will be remembered.
  6193. %3$s found an infestation and needs some help clearing it out. -%2$s
  6194. That's it, let's ditch this bitch and go home.
  6195. Yeah... I guess so.
  6196. Damaged cellphone, stuck on the "My Photos" folder.
  6197. You ought to think about settling down here. Least till the government's back up and running.
  6198. Feral zombie nearby. They're fast.
  6199. 78 GENERIC Liz Winard
  6200. Dice!
  6201. Why bother fighting?
  6202. Maybe not. Let's head down the bank--might be a place for us to cross on foot.
  6203. Jurisprudence
  6204. Nobody's sure if money's going to be worth anything. So just like that, it isn't. The truest currency after the apocalypse is AMMO. Each case of ammo provides enough bullets to fully restock one of us multiple times over.
  6205. XP penalty from Bad Lungs.
  6206. Looks like another trouble spot up ahead. Let's be neighborly and clear these things out, shall we?
  6207. Waiter
  6208. Well, no... not exactly.
  6209. Watch that feral.
  6210. You done good. Can't have been easy.
  6211. Gather supplies, maintain our home base, staff facilities, kill zombies--when the hell do we get a break? - %1$s
  6212. Orders are orders.
  6213. I'm telling you, this thing's a lot bigger than we thought.
  6214. Some people are scared of books. Zombies, not so much.
  6215. Hey, at least I know if my ass runs into trouble out there, somebody'll be coming for me. 'Cause my ass is precious.
  6216. Injury Recovery
  6217. RUMOR: Missing Person
  6218. Zombies fell for it hook, line, and sinker. -%1$s
  6219. Under Construction
  6220. WITHDRAWL: Stims
  6221. Should still be some casks scattered around the place, too. If you need something with a little more boom, put a round through one of those bad boys.
  6222. Fournier
  6223. Sweet, brah! Awesome!
  6224. That girl was always borrowing my stuff, even though we totally weren't the same size.
  6225. Delete Invalid Save
  6226. On second thought, I need to think about this more.
  6227. Better get ready, we'll be on 'em soon if we keep going this way.
  6228. I see. And you're the law on this matter, are you?
  6229. Appreciation.
  6230. Christ, will you just shut up? You're not everybody's personal shrink. I don't want to "open up" or "share my feelings," so just get lost. - %1$s
  6231. Jessica
  6232. 66 GENERIC Lance Sykes
  6233. Pastor Will always used to say God would provide. No matter how bad things got, he never lost faith.
  6234. I was supposed to be on a plane to London today. Saved up for months to afford the trip.
  6235. That boy always was stubborn. Got it from me.
  6236. That ought to be enough. They'll be too fixated on the noise to pay much attention to Eli.
  6237. Great. That should get everything working again.
  6238. Things are stable in Marshall... for today, at least.
  6239. Can't we all just get along?
  6240. Station Wagon
  6241. You call that a scalpel?
  6242. Snack Food Boxes
  6243. No end in sight!
  6244. Dammit. No more painkillers.
  6245. When everything looks like a nail, sooner or later you need a really big hammer.
  6246. Maxed out a community member's Cardio skill.
  6247. Melee Targets
  6248. And there's no cure?
  6249. Seemed like half the town was already dead or dying, and the other half was trying to cram into the courthouse for protection.
  6250. SUPPLY RUN: Medicine Acquired
  6251. Well, maybe if you weren't fighting with people, you wouldn't get hurt.
  6252. Rifle: 700 Huntsman
  6253. That... that didn't look like any disease I've ever seen. You?
  6254. You can do it. I'll help.
  6255. From the Wilkersons
  6256. Nixon
  6257. %1$s is staying relaxed.
  6258. Snacks
  6259. Stuck his neck out to save some civilians. Probably facing a court martial.
  6260. Time to get an elevated perspective.
  6261. Okay, I'm at the generators. Don't see much damage, but they're definitely not running.
  6262. Before we go, we've got to take care of one more thing.
  6263. Maybe everyone else's just been a little too sensitive lately.
  6264. Hey, there's my friend!
  6265. This place looks promising.
  6266. Roger that.
  6267. Laugh if you want, I'm still the only law enforcement officer on duty in this town.
  6268. Uhh. Maybe not.
  6269. Special attack that dismembers the target's leg.
  6270. Hang back!
  6271. Looks like we just had a breakthrough.
  6272. Morale is dropping.
  6273. By sharing knowledge, we all improve our Wits faster. REQUIRES GOOD RESEACHER.
  6274. The ammo we've got isn't gonna last much longer. We gotta either find more or start thinking about making our own.
  6275. Now, I'm not sure exactly where to look, but I've narrowed it down to a few places.
  6276. Here to trade?
  6277. The hell we didn't! Everybody that gets this "black fever" shit ends up dead sooner than later. You know that!
  6278. Scavenged food isn't gonna last forever. We need to start planting before it gets too cold.
  6279. Do you want a horde all up in your shit?
  6280. So... how'd you end up on this frequency?
  6281. So how'd you find me?
  6282. You're lucky that's all you got.
  6283. Okay, just about...
  6284. ATTITUDE: Overeager
  6285. Help us set up defenses?
  6286. Okay, fine, we need a long-term solution, I get that, but in the meantime we could still be helping people around here.
  6287. I've found what we needed.
  6288. Well, what do you think? Check this place out. Big yard, a privacy wall we could fortify pretty easily... and check out that tree fort! We could turn that into a watchtower, easy!
  6289. Lily! You invite these strangers?
  6290. Let me help.
  6291. Nothing left.
  6292. Oh yeah.
  6293. They can probably handle it without you.
  6294. Really? My God, thank you. I thought for sure we were going to die out here.
  6295. +60%
  6296. Yeah, well next time maybe you don't go running headlong into infested areas, huh?
  6297. Greet %1$s %2$s
  6298. Action Delayed
  6299. Help hunt the Big Bastard?
  6300. Cars & Trucks
  6301. I guess they just scattered. My buddy fell in with some people at the courthouse, but a bunch of the others didn't make it.
  6302. INFLUENCE GAINED (Target Found)
  6303. What's going on? Something exciting?
  6304. MISSION: Eyes In the Sky
  6305. What? You've got to be kidding me!
  6306. Anger Management
  6307. Mcelroy
  6308. We've been looking through some of the records the Army left behind.
  6309. Judge Lawton
  6310. Wants to talk.
  6311. THE LAW
  6312. Goddammit, that thing fucking reeks!
  6313. It's like %1$s has forgotten everything that makes us human.
  6314. Carly, if you get this note, STAY HERE. I heard a rumor you were in Danforth, so I went to check it out, but just in case it's wrong, I want you to wait for me here. Lock the doors, there's food and ammo in the house, and don't let anyone in who isn't me. Okay? I'll see you soon.
  6315. O'Leary
  6317. Copy that. Pop smoke, we'll do the rest.
  6318. Visit the cabins by Tanner Lake.
  6319. 110 STORY Mercenary
  6320. Loved "Idol"
  6321. Save The Survivor
  6322. Zombie Horde Killed!
  6323. Delay your decision. Sam won't wait around forever.
  6324. Shit, locked.
  6325. Cayden
  6326. I think he's really depressed.
  6327. Don't slow down now, boys, we're kicking their asses!
  6328. 1 Case of Ammunition for 10 Pallets of Building Materials.
  6329. We have guard towers watching them, and you will be shot without warning.
  6330. So why don't we just climb it?
  6331. Probably waiting to break my legs and steal my haul.
  6332. START MISSION. An act of kindness. There probably isn't much reward in this for you.
  6333. Figured I'd see if you folks need a hand.
  6334. Trait Discovered: Beware of Dog
  6335. I dunno what your plans are, but we were thinking it's time to get the hell off this mountain.
  6336. Tell me about it. Like we don't have enough problems.
  6337. Yeah. I think we could hold this place.
  6338. Of course. I'll help you look.
  6339. Home Needs: %s
  6340. Our route's blocked by a horde.
  6341. Last clip. Better make it count.
  6342. MATERIALS RESOURCE. Supplies for a major home improvement project. In pristine condition.
  6343. I swear to God! The thing, it kept trying to eat me, but that big stupid foam dog head just kept getting in its way.
  6344. She'd probably kill me if she knew I was saying this about her, but Sam was a good person.
  6345. Haney
  6346. Led the way.
  6347. Why don't you make yourself useful and go babysit those two?
  6348. God, I know it's a terrible thing to ask, but... will you help me? Please?
  6349. People have been looking at Becca and whispering a lot lately, and then there was that whole thing where the sheriff kept calling her "Alex."
  6350. I'll do it.
  6351. Once the killing started, I ran. I'm not proud of it, but I am alive.
  6352. Survey the Area
  6353. Keep an eye on our six.
  6354. You need to leave.
  6355. Thanks. I'm gonna head home now. You watch yourself out here.
  6356. This isn't the first time we've had to deal with one of these... things.
  6357. Food Loss
  6358. Well, at least it's not serious or anything.
  6359. … but there's a whole mess of them fuckers working their way over here...
  6360. Flimsy sword from a late-night commercial show.
  6361. We need more people if we're going to cover all the approaches.
  6362. MISSION: Sweet Ride
  6363. Watch the rear, don't let them surround us!
  6364. Died.
  6365. Injury Recovery Failed
  6366. Bullshit. You're gonna… you're gonna be fine.
  6367. Vinson
  6368. Ran into some people who really needed my help to find their friend Jack. Whatever. I don't know Jack. - %1$s
  6369. Here. Got this from a guy in Bravo Company. Cost me three crates of cigarettes and maybe the last porno mag on earth, but I figured I owed you for saving our asses back there.
  6370. Found Nothing Useful
  6371. Need Staff
  6372. Just a sec.
  6373. This sounds like it might be worthwhile.
  6374. We're trying, but there's no good place to post 'em around here.
  6375. I need an update on our friends.
  6376. At least we're pretty well set for medical emergencies here.
  6377. ATTITUDE: Confident
  6378. Rylee
  6379. Fat chance. These old trucks have more juice than you'd think. Get a good run-up on this stretch of road, we could jump that gap no problem.
  6380. UPGRADED: Greenhouse
  6381. Look for hordes and infestations.
  6382. Well... that's a few options, at least. Might be more out there if you look around.
  6383. Pharmacist
  6384. I'll mark it on your map.
  6385. Your inventory is FULL. There's no room for an ARTILLERY MARKER.
  6386. I'll handle the grunt work, I just don't want to go out there alone. Buddy system, right?
  6387. %+d Morale!
  6388. I'll wait right here.
  6389. That wasn't too close for you, was it?
  6390. MISSION: Friend In Danger
  6391. Strong background in research and analysis.
  6392. Lost target, I say again, lost target.
  6393. Help hunt the Bloated Zed?
  6394. Dude, bro... talk about a buzzkill.
  6395. Clear the Blast Radius
  6396. I intercepted and destroyed an incoming horde before it reached our home. - %1$s.
  6397. As promised, payment for your help the other day. Rumor has it those poor folks got killed by zombies not 10 minutes after you left. Real shame. - %1$s
  6398. Delete
  6399. We'll take care of the rest of the repairs.
  6400. At least it wasn't a TPK.
  6401. It was a way to see the world even when I was stuck in the house.
  6402. Hydrochloric Acid
  6403. Hoo-ee! You keep on with what you're doing!
  6404. Come on.
  6405. Last time anybody saw him, he was hanging out here. Probably the best place to start looking.
  6406. Tanner
  6407. Almost ready. Just got to take care of this one thing first.
  6408. Payton
  6409. Kyra
  6410. Yeah, that feels a lot better.
  6411. %1$s isn't allowed to go on sentry duty without somebody checking their breath for tequila. How many mags did they blow through and not hit a single damn thing? - %2$s
  6412. Oh shit. Zombie Horde.
  6413. Mishandled Gun
  6414. God be praised.
  6415. Let's hole up here a little longer. There's some stuff I want to do before we go.
  6416. You don't have to like orders to follow them.
  6417. Mackenzie
  6418. DECLINE MISSION. Leave the stranger to fend for himself.
  6419. Super Glue
  6420. SNACKS aren't enough to combat long-standing HUNGER.
  6421. Beat to shit, signals don't work and it smells like anchovies. Papa Fulci spared every expense on this sweet ride. Space for four, or twenty pizzas.
  6422. Who's that there on the road? Huh?
  6423. I think I could cobble together a signal booster out of these old guitar amps. Maybe pick up broadcasts from farther away.
  6424. One of our neighbors radioed in a special request.
  6425. That's no damn good to anybody.
  6426. Hell, if I'm being honest, some days I don't even want to get out of bed in the morning, you know?
  6427. Zombies? How the hell is that possible?
  6428. 120 STORY SWAT Officer
  6429. I'll be back with a car.
  6430. Lab Work
  6431. Look, I don't know what you're trying to accomplish, but I've had enough.
  6432. Gained +5 Food.
  6433. Marley
  6434. Okay, we've got some more materials headed your way.
  6435. Requires Fighting Level 7
  6436. Okay... well....
  6437. Light em' up! Redneck's special blend. Pretty sure it's pure wood-grain alcohol.
  6438. Juggernaut
  6439. Bag of Fertilizer
  6440. Well?
  6441. We've gotten word that another group of survivors wants to trade some of their Building Materials for some of our Ammunition. -%2$s
  6442. We could use some help.
  6443. PERSONAL SKILL. God, I love money.
  6444. No, no. It makes perfect sense.
  6445. Citizens of Trumbull Valley I know it's difficult, but we must insist that you do not bury any of your re-animated loved ones, even after they've been destroyed.
  6446. I must have been delirious with fever. Kept dreaming that people were murmuring about putting one in the back of my skull. Crazy, right? - %1$s
  6447. Alright, lady, that's enough. Off the radio.
  6448. The Zombie Apocalypse
  6449. We should do some experiments with food preservation. Pickling, salting, smoking, canning. So many things to try. REQUIRES SOME EXPERIMENTATION.
  6450. Kessing
  6451. I've gotten us out of worse spots than this, right? Just stick with me.
  6452. Need Medicine
  6453. Boles
  6454. You stickin' around?
  6455. Got a grip on him, don't he?
  6456. Dailey
  6457. Group therapy.
  6458. Nobody's been able to raise %1$s on the radio. Supply runs shouldn't take this long... right? - %2$s.
  6459. Perfect. Our friends and neighbors. What should we do?
  6460. ATTITUDE: Ambitious
  6461. Power Tools
  6462. Here, I'll put it on your map.
  6463. I'm still feeling pretty energized. I should save this.
  6464. SleepingPad
  6465. Goddamn, where'd you learn to shoot like that?
  6466. They must be using seriously old-school equipment, 'cause I was able to crack their encryption.
  6467. My stepdad was miserable son of a bitch. Treated me like shit, treated my mom even worse. Not really a new story, I know.
  6468. May make it home on his own.
  6469. Diehl
  6470. Don't open the door!
  6471. Sorry, we just don't have the room for you right now.
  6472. Scientist
  6473. I'm going to grab every classic I can...Dickens, Shakespeare, Frost. Losing them would be a tragedy. (Knowledge of Literature.)
  6474. We just lost another group of survivors.
  6475. Grocer
  6476. That's what your momma said.
  6477. Any joint pain? Fatigue?
  6478. I've found some supplies.
  6479. Eckener
  6480. Horse Trainer
  6481. Anything out there I should be aware of?
  6482. Za?it novou hr
  6483. Bugged out. Well, the ones that weren't sick or hurt, at least. You saw what they did with them.
  6484. Good for you.
  6485. Hamburger Buns
  6486. Intel said they were dug in pretty good, but they weren't well-armed. We figured it'd be a piece of cake.
  6487. %s Known
  6488. Gagnon
  6489. START MISSION. Help defend the survivors.
  6490. Ally Hurt
  6491. New neighbors.
  6492. - %1$s
  6493. Now, doesn't that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?
  6494. Artillery, now!
  6495. Well, I'm guessing they heard the car.
  6496. Let's set up camp here.
  6497. Fight in the Community
  6498. Look like that infestation was worse than we thought. %1$s couldn't even make a dent. - %2$s
  6499. I haven't earned this.
  6500. Yeah, we're coming in.
  6501. We've got to be quieter.
  6502. Huh?
  6503. After dodging, quickly press [X] for a damaging counterattack. (Must have melee weapon equipped.)
  6504. Raises Vitality and improves Recovery Chance.
  6505. Bonus XP from Dojo!
  6506. +250%
  6507. What kind of lesson?
  6508. You hear that?
  6509. Welcome to the Church of the Ascension
  6510. You got it from here?
  6511. Looks like they're walking a predictable route.
  6512. This character should be given the BADASS context tag whenever the player's health is below 40% and there are more than 2 zombies around.
  6513. -%d Day(s)
  6514. Don't suppose you'd be interested in taking this little beauty for a test drive?
  6515. That guy was dead. I swear to God, that guy, he was dead. How the hell does that happen?
  6516. All right, I'm going to set the charges.
  6517. Hmmm… Eenie meanie miney mo....
  6518. START MISSION. There probably isn't much in it for you other than earning some goodwill.
  6519. Loved Movies
  6520. Yeah, I think we just saw it.
  6521. Fuck with me and I'll kick your teeth in. (Improved Fighting and Cardio.)
  6522. Reliable and inexpensive, a classic.
  6523. I could get used to this.
  6524. Vitality will gradually recover while resting at home. It should take about 5 hours to get back to full Vitality.
  6525. Haylee
  6526. Don't you think we've got enough ways to get messed up without fighting amongst ourselves?
  6527. Kaasik
  6528. How about getting out of my face? How does that sound?
  6529. Habe
  6530. Lot of money for a county commissioner.
  6531. I've been asking around, but no signs of Doc Hanson yet. - %1$s
  6532. Select storage device
  6533. We're still here why, exactly? Does everybody here have a death wish?
  6534. What happened to the guy the Wilkersons beat up?
  6535. We got a term for this in the Army. That term is FUBAR.
  6536. Yeah, I was afraid of that. We've got a horde on our hands.
  6537. Everyone's okay.
  6538. COMPLETED: Stranger in Trouble
  6539. You're right. Start putting out calls to everyone we know. Tell them to get ready to move. We're all getting out of here.
  6540. Now just hold still...
  6541. Yeah. Better keep an eye on him.
  6542. These expired years ago!
  6543. MISSION: Zed Hunt (Big Un)
  6544. Nothing surprising about people letting you down.
  6545. Finn
  6546. Weeks
  6547. Feel like checking something out?
  6548. Get a quick tour of the church?
  6549. Trade 1 Case of Ammunition for 10 Pallets of Building Materials.
  6550. Just about made it.
  6551. Pull pin, toss, wait for boom. Repeat as neccessary.
  6552. We've gotten a request for some help. Could go check it out.
  6553. I need to do some housecleaning before this place is safe enough.
  6554. Okay, I'm on my way.
  6555. We should survey the area.
  6556. Go To The Church
  6557. Coker
  6558. I came out here to end it, but... God, I'm such a chickenshit.
  6559. COMPLETED: Survey Request
  6560. Watch the right.
  6561. Woah now--we don't know if whoever did this is still here.
  6562. I dunno, there's just something satisfying about building, you know?
  6563. Damn good shot.
  6564. The Judge and the Sheriff are dead.
  6565. Your Scores
  6566. Requires Shooting Level 4
  6567. Fitness Guru
  6568. Medical Advice
  6569. Shit, at this rate I'd settle for a slingshot. Better luck finding ammo for it at least.
  6570. Emerson
  6571. They're in a tough spot. Can you give them an escort?
  6572. Crowbar
  6573. Requires Shooting Level 5
  6574. Ofelia
  6575. 87 GENERIC Harold Atede
  6576. The new group we brought in didn't last, but I'm glad we tried to help them. - %1$s
  6577. Enclave %1$s (Trust %2$d)
  6578. Requires SUDOKU CHEAT SHEET.
  6579. Practice Weapons
  6580. Better take care of that feral.
  6581. Pops up to head height for optimal zombie killing.
  6582. You want two halves of a phone book? I've got a lot lying around.
  6583. Hatchback
  6584. Johari
  6585. Velazquez
  6586. You gotta wrap it real tight. If you can still feel the limb afterwards, it ain't tight enough.
  6587. Hang tight, still got half this place to fortify.
  6588. Well? What are you waiting for?
  6589. Let's be friends
  6590. I could use some food.
  6591. Anyways, even if we didn't know him that well, we'll miss him. So long, Ed.
  6592. TIP: Press [A] for a longer range attack.
  6593. One of our guys has gone missing. We could use some help finding him.
  6594. Anything I need to take care of?
  6595. Some things (like a Garden) can't be built indoors.
  6596. I'd be surprised if you had. They never got much national press. Just a small, quiet bunch of crazies who thought the Reds were going to rain nuclear hellfire down on us any day.
  6597. %1$s got home with the supplies, but it was a close call. - %2$s
  6598. It was bad. The zombies got in somehow and just swarmed them.
  6599. Hell, when that horde started swarming the walls, I thought we were all done for.
  6600. Community, you see. That's what matters--now more than ever. All of us together, doing our own thing but helping our neighbors when they need it.
  6601. I'm ready.
  6602. specialization
  6603. If I don't get the medicine I need soon, I'm in the same boat as your friend.
  6604. Oh honey, that's wonderful!
  6605. Thanks. For everything.
  6606. Stranger in Trouble
  6607. Nah, this place is too small.
  6608. I used to crunch numbers, but now I'm crunching skulls. Never saw that coming.
  6609. Eli
  6610. Shit. Is he still alive?
  6611. Abigail
  6612. Just checked our stockpiles.
  6613. Yeah! Let's do this!
  6614. Swinging for the fences, metal style.
  6615. Everybody signed her yearbook "Have a great summer."
  6616. We should get on this ASAP. A life is at stake.
  6617. Adrenaline Junkie
  6618. COMPLETED: Quentin Barnes?
  6619. A little busy here.
  6620. Intense concentration makes the world around you slow to a crawl as you line up the perfect shot.
  6621. Special Delivery
  6622. So many priceless pieces of art destroyed. It breaks my heart. (Sales experience.)
  6623. Autumn
  6624. Never mind. Forget I said anything.
  6625. Created 3 Pipe Bombs.
  6626. Come on, I saw a truck just up the road. I don't think you should be walking right now.
  6627. Deal with it.
  6628. Our mom died when I was thirteen. Lily was nine.
  6629. Yeah. It might be time I had a little talk with the Wilkersons.
  6630. There's a good infirmary here. Just need to stock it and clean up a little... Okay, a lot.
  6631. Patrick
  6632. I'm headed home.
  6633. One nasty son of a bitch.
  6634. Do I have to? Okay, okay. Fine.
  6635. I'm trying to avoid combat, but it's hard.
  6636. Do you want to sign in? If you don't you will be unable to save progress.
  6637. Guess you guys like loud noises.
  6638. Forget it. We're not interested in "signing up" with your little society.
  6639. Another big boy! I call dibs!
  6640. We've had a few suspicious sightings. Might be people afraid to ask for help. Might be something to worry about. How are things over there? - %1$s
  6641. Guess this arm gives me time to brush up on my domestic skills.
  6642. If you can hear me, this is Pastor William at the Spencer's Mill Church.
  6643. Hey, are you gonna go look into those survivors I mentioned?
  6644. As long as he doesn't get cocky.
  6645. 142 STORY Jacob Ritter
  6646. We'll gather up our stuff and head over in a bit.
  6647. Really take care of people, you know?
  6648. Here. A little something for the next batch.
  6649. Rifle: Mk. 15
  6650. Seems like the only way to stop them for good is with a shot to the head. Anything else, they just keep coming.
  6651. Would you like to load the existing save game?
  6652. Boys! Get your lazy asses out here and bring this stuff inside!
  6653. Destroy hordes to slow the spread of infestations.
  6654. %d Daily Rations of Food
  6655. You see them up ahead there?
  6656. Cross
  6657. Or you're going to answer to me.
  6658. Maybe they can get us out of here. -%1$s
  6659. Can't be too careful.
  6660. Jump Rope
  6661. Ahhhh!
  6662. Dammit, here they come again!
  6663. I skipped the tour, but Lily still had something to say: I need to score some antibiotics for Ed or he's going to die. - %1$s
  6664. My hands are greased lightning. I'm faster while aiming, I reload quicker, and I can lock in on a zombie's head from even farther away. (Core Specializations: Run & Gun, Focus Aim)
  6665. Meantime, just sit tight.
  6666. Zeds. 9 o'clock.
  6667. 93 GENERIC Rick Ford
  6668. Dead
  6669. You can choose a special technique related to this skill if you haven't already chosen a special technique.
  6670. Woah, woah. Give that noisemaker a little more room next time!
  6671. What's the word?
  6672. The best selling shotgun in history.
  6673. You're pretty banged up. Painkillers won't be enough.
  6674. Runs a conspiracy theory blog.
  6675. The fuck is her problem?
  6676. Ready to roll in a minute.
  6677. I don't like the fact that we're not hearing any transmissions from outside the valley.
  6678. Somebody's got to take care of them.
  6679. Grassi
  6680. Tell you what, though. Give me a little while to put something together. A sort of "welcome to the neighborhood" present. I'll give you a call when it's ready. See you then?
  6681. DECLINE MISSION. Are you willing to turn a blind eye to what's happening?
  6682. Let me guess. Hordes of shrieking, ravenous undead?
  6683. I like a fight as much as the next gal, but maybe we should be quieter.
  6684. No, son, it's not just one. It's a horde smorgasbord.
  6685. You might just be almost as badass as me!
  6686. I couldn't be a part of this community anymore. I'm sorry.
  6687. I'll Be There For You
  6688. Sam
  6689. Advice: Upgrade to Dojo
  6690. We are vastly outnumbered, facing an enemy that knows neither respite nor pity. Alone, we don't stand a chance.
  6691. I'm right here, dumbass. Can't be in two places at once.
  6692. MORALE ISSUE: Insensitive Personality
  6693. It's hard to stay focused. I need food. (REDUCED STAMINA.)
  6694. How about it?
  6695. Sword
  6696. Stockton
  6697. NEW TRAIT: Sick
  6698. Vitality will gradually recover while resting at home. It should take about 15 hours to get back to full Vitality.
  6699. %s: %s
  6700. Rifle: Sidekick
  6701. Talk to the boys if you're looking to trade; I'm busy here.
  6702. I know, right? Like that asshole'd have duct tape.
  6703. Dancer
  6704. Try not to lose hope. Another opportunity will present itself.
  6705. Good thing nobody took any of these yet. God knows what weird side effects they'd have after all this time. -%1$s
  6706. It's too late to run. We'll have to stand and fight.
  6707. I want you to know how much I appreciate all your efforts.
  6708. This fuckin' sucks.
  6709. SCAVENGING: Medicine
  6710. CHARITY: Soup Kitchen
  6711. Hey!
  6712. Infirmary's going to fill up fast at this rate.
  6713. Hey, we were counting on you!
  6715. Snipe Zombies
  6716. I wish I'd gotten to know him better.
  6717. Dim Bulb
  6718. Ball Bearings
  6719. Commemorative Hockey Stick
  6720. I found %3$s, but it was too late. I did what I had to. -%1$s
  6721. Talk
  6722. For now, that's a good enough reason. It's bad enough fighting zombies, I don't want to have to fight the Wilkersons, too.
  6723. I've been saying we can't just leave our shit lying around on shelves. We need some way to refrigerate our food.
  6724. Well, as it says in Revelation "Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer
  6725. You ready?
  6726. But on the plus side, at least you're not in Montana.
  6727. Stopping Power Increased!
  6728. Look, we're all scared. None of us knows what's gonna happen next.
  6729. Pistol: Bz 75
  6730. Like loud noises, don't ya?
  6731. Well, you can cancel that missing persons report. %3$s just made it home, courtesy of %1$s. - %2$s
  6732. We're pretty shorthanded right now. We'd love to have you.
  6733. No, we should have it covered.
  6734. Never mind. I'm just here to trade.
  6735. People will start to flee.
  6736. I got a visual.
  6737. DEFENSE: Incoming Horde Destroyed
  6738. Then I promptly told them all to get fucked as soon as I turned 18. Moved out here and did my damnedest to forget everything they taught me.
  6739. Tasked with maintaining some semblance of order in Trumbull County.
  6740. Gamer Mu
  6741. Just uh, don't tell the Judge, okay?
  6742. %2$s isn't happy.
  6743. Seems like an asshole.
  6744. I'm not stealing it, I'm just... borrowing it. Honest. That's all. Look, I need it, okay? - %1$s
  6745. I wish I'd gotten to know her better.
  6746. Preserve Food
  6747. We could use your help.
  6748. Oh, interesting.
  6749. INFLUENCE GAINED (Rapid Completion)
  6750. Good news. We figured out how to make homemade grenades.
  6751. SET UP: Medical Area
  6752. Gabriela
  6753. Easy soldier. What happened to you?
  6754. No problem.
  6755. Need 10 Materials
  6756. Trade our Ammo for some Medicine?
  6757. This could work. Nice size, remote enough there's not too many zeds....
  6758. Here you go. As promised.
  6759. Hey, hey. I'm just here to make sure the trade goes nice and smooth.
  6760. Daniel
  6761. State of Decay
  6762. A handy, short notice weapon.
  6763. We need to stock up on medicine.
  6764. %s Clear
  6765. Fucking zombies keep picking our people off.
  6766. I'm never going to know love again. - %1$s
  6767. popular autoloader. Loved by shooting enthusiasts.
  6768. I'm sorry, son. I did all I could.
  6769. Meimberg
  6770. Essentailly a 40mm revolver.
  6771. It's not exactly a core survival skill, but I am pretty good with a ukelele.
  6772. Can I help you?
  6773. Created 2 Box Mines.
  6774. Heads up. We've got zombie activity at three o'clock..
  6775. Food, medicine, ammo? That all makes sense. Immediate survival and yadda yadda.
  6776. Come on. We're getting out of here.
  6777. %2$s is stabilized, at least. Could have just as easily gone the other way, though. - %3$s
  6778. Not that I'm planning to break bad on you, but a little energy boost while you're out there might save your butt.
  6779. They've sorted it out themselves. They're moving again.
  6780. State of Decay is an open sandbox world that develops in real time, dynamically responding to your actions, the choices you make, and the ever-increasing zombie threat. Decide where you'd like to set up a fortified safe haven for you and other survivors you've rescued, then scout for critical supplies and call runners to gather resources and create supply chains. Use the materials you've gathered to build and upgrade your home base, but be careful! Resources will deplete as you pillage areas, and zombies are attracted to noise and activity. Take up the offensive by assaulting hordes before they reach your home, or focus on improving your defenses against the massed zombie attacks. Every choice and every action matter in this fully simulated, evolving world.
  6781. Helped %3$s take out an Armored zombie. They said thanks with some supply stockpiles. -%1$s
  6782. The crud's contagious.
  6783. Man, this is some bullshit. Risking three guys just to go out and find one dumb asshole who got himself lost?
  6784. It's from the New International No Bullshit Version.
  6785. Good shooting! Hey Mickey, you taking notes?
  6786. -20% Max Stamina
  6787. Missing
  6788. That's a relief.
  6789. I told Quentin the truth about Becca. He deserved to know.
  6790. Lily will warn you if someone's attitude is cause for concern.
  6791. Hmm… I think I see a pattern to their movements.
  6792. An AK 47 and a shotgun had a baby.
  6793. UPGRADED: Medical Lab
  6794. 121 STORY Soldier
  6795. Durable with reliable bolt action.
  6796. 20%
  6797. Virginia
  6798. Well, when you get drunk you do kinda stumble around like a zombie. Can't blame somebody for taking a shot at you.
  6799. Lily, we don't have time!
  6800. Jaiden
  6801. %s Acquired!
  6802. And to think, I actually had hope for this generation.
  6803. It's sort of an odd couple thing to see the two of them spending so much time together, but I'm glad to see it. Seems like %1$s is a good influence on %2$s. - %3$s
  6804. Macklin
  6805. What about lesions? Have you developed any lesions?
  6806. Appreciate you taking care of this for us. Mickey's right, he's not likely to make it himself.
  6807. Showed those motherfuckers what's what, didn't we?
  6808. Perez
  6809. They're preliminary, we'll have to do a full work-up back at base, but... yes ma'am, they appear to be.
  6810. More of 'em coming.
  6811. Doesn't take everybody. Just one.
  6812. Something's Missing
  6813. You seem awfully excited about this place.
  6814. Come on. We'll go see to your friend.
  6815. I've had just about enough of this shit.
  6816. Plug your ears!
  6817. So I've been thinking about stuff we could do to improve this place, but we just don't have enough materials to do much.
  6818. Well, I think I've seen enough for now.
  6819. We just got lucky.
  6820. Lead the Runners Home
  6821. We still have people out there.
  6822. What is that?
  6823. Tactical version of the 870.
  6824. Took a beating for late payments to the Wilkersons.
  6825. Painkillers
  6826. Morale Issue: Anger
  6827. I used to shop at all the organic food places, farmer's markets, shit like that. If it wasn't holistic, pesticide-free and lovingly hand-picked by hippies on a commune somewhere, I wouldn't eat it.
  6828. Pseudoephedrine
  6829. This will get you where you need to go, slowly, and for a price. Four seats of unregulated fares await.
  6830. Abandon Outpost
  6831. We all feel that pain, but we also take joy in the memories they left us.
  6832. You've taken a lot of damage, reducing your MAXIMUM VITALITY.
  6833. Sweep Kick
  6834. Close call for those two, looks like the Army isn't here to protect and serve. -%1$s
  6835. You especially.
  6836. Aim
  6837. Judge Lawton stepped up. Got us all organized, kept people from each other's throats...
  6838. There's a good kitchen here. Just need to clear out all the chaos and we can start using it.
  6839. Let's hole up here a while longer. There's still some stuff I want to do before we go.
  6840. Stay sharp. This ain't over.
  6841. Keyah
  6842. What can I do?
  6843. Could use some help to get out of here.
  6844. We should check on Eli.
  6845. Waiting for you.
  6846. Break its fucking skull!
  6847. 132 STORY Job Wilkerson
  6848. Come with me. You need to get out of your own head for a little while.
  6849. Public Restroom
  6850. Please. You try to help people, and you just get taken advantage of. Way of the world.
  6851. Ed's hitting on the girl at the bait shop. Again. God help us all. - %1$s
  6852. BUILT: Watchtower
  6853. What were you thinking? You know nobody's supposed to go out there alone.
  6854. Hey, what's that? Looks like a vet's office or something.
  6855. DECLINE MISSION. Let them know the futility of their actions.
  6857. Collection of Do-It-Yourself Pamphlets
  6858. Know what would make this easier? If we had some medicine. Hell, I'd settle for some allergy pills at this point.
  6859. Later.
  6860. MISSION: The Vet Clinic
  6861. Now we can grow some food.
  6862. Seems like we need to break open the armory.
  6863. Did I fire six shots, or just five?
  6864. ADVICE: Build Training Area
  6865. Soldier
  6866. I can't sneak past all these things.
  6867. Baumschlager
  6868. Jesus.
  6869. This is good, right? I mean, it doesn't suck.
  6870. Big Guns
  6871. Broker the Exchange?
  6872. Can't help you right now, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten you.
  6873. OUTPOSTS provide a safe destination for missing friends.
  6874. Leapfrog
  6875. That was good.
  6876. Helped some folks with a supply run. -%1$s
  6877. I shouldn't.
  6878. Terry
  6879. What?
  6880. Ana
  6881. Yeah. Better keep an eye on her.
  6882. %1$s left the community
  6883. Nothing. Just, you know... bad luck with the army. Sorry.
  6884. Want to come with? Do some trading?
  6885. You mean aside from being lost in the woods, attacked by psychopaths, and watching two of my best friends die?
  6886. You're a goddamn machine!
  6887. Not much on the radio to fill the time.
  6888. Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God....
  6889. Little... closer...
  6890. Electrical Leads
  6891. XP penalty from Dim Bulb.
  6892. You've got to think about defense too. Can't just wade in like that.
  6893. You throw it. It goes boom. If you're lucky, not right in your face.
  6894. Becca?! What's going on?
  6895. Well, at least somebody's got our six.
  6896. And the crowd goes wild!
  6897. 147 STORY Maya Torres
  6898. Raymond
  6899. FOOD RESOURCE. All foods that don't need to be refrigerated.
  6900. Shaka, brah!
  6901. CONTACT: Call for Scavengers
  6902. Wait until later to ask.
  6903. The rest of the ammo you're owed. That should clear up the debt.
  6904. Cash
  6905. Spotted an unusual one.
  6906. Actually, we're pretty close.
  6907. Vince
  6908. SUPPLY RUN: Food Acquired
  6909. We're not going to make it without more ammunition.
  6910. Petrol Bomb
  6911. Stay away! Just stay away!
  6912. Sounds like the situation out there has changed.
  6913. Top Chef: %s
  6914. Ah, who am I kidding, before too long some motherfucker with an instant camera and a permanent marker's gonna drag us back down.
  6915. Goddammit, Doc! All I want to know is how Eli's doing?
  6916. We Kick Ass
  6917. Lindsey
  6918. Quentin, wait!
  6919. Raises shooting skill for the whole community.
  6920. Distraction Progress
  6921. Della
  6922. Do you know what it's like out there? No, uh-uh, no we'd get killed in a second! I'll stay here.
  6923. I bench press more than my body weight, if that's what you mean.
  6924. Nicely done. Nicely done.
  6925. Aw man, I was stupid. I was searching this garage for some gas for the generators, when some of those cops from the courthouse start coming up the street.
  6926. Well, if it ain't everybody's favorite. What you after?
  6927. Losing patience with this nonsense.
  6928. Did he say Eli?
  6929. Click [RS] to cycle between Mission Opportunities.
  6930. No, you can't-
  6931. Clear the infestations with Sheriff Carl.
  6932. Every time you kill an enemy, you regain a small amount of Stamina.
  6933. I'm on bed rest till this thing gets better.
  6934. Looks like the moment has passed.
  6935. Alright, here's the situation. This pass is the only way out of the valley, and the Army clearly doesn't want us leaving anytime soon.
  6936. SMG: P9 Forge
  6937. Holy shit. I think we're in the clear.
  6938. If they hit us again any time soon, we're in trouble.
  6939. We set 'em up, you knock 'em down.
  6940. AFTERMATH: The Vet Clinic
  6941. Power Supply
  6942. Anyone else want some?
  6943. That bought us a little time. Let's resupply and get ready for the next wave.
  6944. Check your map.
  6945. Fernandez
  6946. I'll sleep easier now.
  6947. Unwelcome Guest
  6948. It's not overrun with murderous walking dead guys, right? I mean, it's pretty safe there?
  6949. Listen to me! I don't have long, I can feel the change coming.
  6950. Let's dance!
  6951. For all I know, this is all their fault!
  6952. Numbs the pain, but won't help serious wounds. Serious stuff. Feels pretty damn good, though.
  6953. Hoarded Stuff
  6954. Can I uh, can help you?
  6955. Quentin's in shock.
  6956. Electricity
  6957. Hope people aren't accusing me of not pulling my own weight because of this injury.
  6958. Useful ITEMS that we've found or made. Gotta plan carefully while loading up a backpack.
  6959. We got your cyclophophosphamide, Lily. I didn't see any of that metho-whatever.
  6960. I just want to be able to get my damn paper without having a twenty minute conversation about Aunt Mabel and her bunion troubles, you know?
  6961. NIMBY
  6962. Eli? What? What happened to him?
  6963. MEDICINE is needed for a chance at recovery.
  6964. That's it. I'm out of here.
  6965. Even the best needs some help sometimes!
  6966. Dude, I've never seen anybody kill as many zeds as %2$s! It was freaking unreal! Totally worth all the ammo we used. - %1$s
  6967. Vaccarini
  6968. I don't think "ambush" is these guys' MO. More like "run at you screaming and try to eat your face."
  6969. That sounds bad.
  6970. Choice is final for each character. Hold [X] to choose.
  6971. Alvarado
  6972. OPPORTUNITY: Train Outsiders
  6973. I tell you about the zed I wasted the other day?
  6974. Springs
  6975. BUILT: Training Area
  6976. Make Mild Stims
  6977. %2$s knows what he did. - %1$s
  6978. Problem solved.
  6979. You know what's sad? I'm already starting to forget what it felt like to be worried about normal shit.
  6980. SET UP: Workshop
  6981. Max. Stamina
  6982. Vehicles
  6983. Grey
  6984. Well, that was a total disaster. %1$s and the team got their butts kicked by that infestation. - %2$s
  6985. Automatically repair Body and Tire damage for vehicles parked overnight.
  6986. Dramatically decreases construction and upgrade times for facilities.
  6987. Well, I should hope so.
  6988. Potassium
  6989. Baling Wire
  6990. Failure
  6991. Yeah, they're coming! Looks like we got a few minutes, though.
  6992. Choose Character
  6993. PERSONAL SKILL. Man, that new solid-state drive I had on order is never gonna get here now....
  6994. SMG: MP5K
  6995. It's done.
  6996. Honorably discharged for a bum knee.
  6997. Watch your left!
  6998. Duly noted.
  6999. A lot of people used to say he was crooked, but nobody ever proved anything.
  7000. Oh... was I not supposed to eat all that? Sorry, nobody showed me the ration schedule. - %1$s
  7001. At least the bullet didn't hit any vital organs. That accident could have been a lot worse.
  7002. You can meet with them and see if it's worth our while.
  7003. Don't worry, I'll be back out there as soon as I can. Sucking chest wounds aren't gonna keep me down.
  7004. We're gonna need more construction materials soon, or this place is gonna start falling down around our ears.
  7005. +175%
  7006. Woah shit shit shit shit shit!
  7007. The way I see it, this whole thing is just another bad time, and I just know my daddy and granddaddy are looking down at me right now, saying "Raymundo, you've got to do the right thing."
  7009. If you think this thing "just happened," you're fooling yourself. Someone knows what caused this, someone is BEHIND this. Don't believe me? Then riddle me this: why did the Army start ferrying people in two days BEFORE the first confirmed attacks?
  7010. DECLINE MISSION. Lily may still have a little something to say to you.
  7011. I'm just going to pretend I didn't see you violating curfew.
  7012. Doc Hanson ran into trouble. I wasn't able to help. - %1$s
  7013. Aiden
  7014. Your map should have the location.
  7015. I don't know. Maybe it's some kind of messed up super-virus. Maybe it's radiation from outer space, or black magic or... or the Wrath of almighty frickin' God.
  7016. Medicine
  7017. Bite me.
  7018. Well, I guess we can stop worrying about philosophical differences about how to run the community. - %1$s
  7019. You're right, it's not. We've built a home here, and you just want to abandon it because things are getting tough!
  7020. Requires Shooting Level 3
  7021. Maybe that's a good thing, right? Maybe it means this is almost over?
  7022. Combat Endurance
  7023. Yes
  7024. Stay sharp. This isn't over.
  7025. Don't worry about looking for %1$s; just got word from their people they made it home safe. - %2$s
  7026. Push them back on the right!
  7027. I don't care if you think it scares the zombies away, %2$s, next time you start yodeling at two in the morning I'm going to strangle you! - %1$s
  7028. Looks like we "lost" a few things.
  7029. Spencer's Mill Church
  7030. Your car's ready.
  7031. Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.
  7032. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Library
  7033. Ah, just what we need.
  7034. Yeah. Yeah, you can count on it.
  7035. Comic book nerd who insists on being called "Lex." No one listens.
  7036. 2x4 Nails
  7037. Sounds like a bad situation out there.
  7038. People don't need to see that!
  7039. Mayday, mayday! Is anyone reading?
  7040. Having a community member with a medical background improves Recovery Chance.
  7041. Just do exactly what I say. You'll be fine.
  7042. Gunfire just pisses 'em off.
  7043. I don't have a gun.
  7044. Your community cannot support any more outposts.
  7045. Yeah... pretty sure cheese isn't supposed to smell like gym socks. Unless it's French. Which this isn't.
  7046. Words of Encouragement
  7047. Friendly... right.
  7048. Unfazed by the lack of a microwave.
  7049. We're just sitting tight. We're ready when you are.
  7050. Come on, up you get. Time for you to go home.
  7051. I can't really put weight on it.
  7052. EXPIRED: Search and Rescue
  7053. That'll do us for today.
  7054. Jonson
  7055. Jaded
  7056. Decreases the rate at which you lose Stamina in combat.
  7057. +30
  7058. I've been looking at these old ham radio manuals.
  7059. This place is a death trap!
  7060. We should be more quiet, okay?
  7061. We've got next to nothing left for building projects. We're going to need more really soon.
  7062. This is bullshit! We're just trying to survive out here, you can't kill us for that!
  7063. Hint Duration
  7064. You might want to swing by and check this out.
  7065. Dominguez
  7066. Samuel
  7067. Yeah.
  7068. Things are getting pretty hairy out there.
  7069. We can try preserving food here.
  7070. What's going on in the world, Lil?
  7071. Hey, if you're in a hurry, let me know.
  7072. Forge
  7073. HOME DEFENSE: Horde Destroyed
  7074. Ask about Food Caches
  7075. Currently MIA.
  7076. We're not going to open up until it's clear.
  7077. Failed to protect %1$s.
  7078. He needs a doctor.
  7079. Oh, quit your whining already. We were all thinking it. I just had the balls to say it. (Can be Insensitive.)
  7080. Relax, we got this one.
  7081. Well, the good news is the wound hasn't become necrotic. I'll keep an eye on him until the fever breaks, but I think your friend is gonna make it.
  7082. Had yourself quite a hurt, didn't you?
  7083. NOTE: Making the Rounds
  7084. Sup?
  7085. Loved Literature
  7086. So... Alan, huh?
  7087. Gimme a few more minutes?
  7088. Feel the Burn
  7089. Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just... y'know. Worried in general.
  7090. The Grange
  7091. Nothing like pulling the trigger and seeing a whole pack of zombies fall down.
  7092. There you are.
  7093. Got anything good?
  7094. Negative emotions lower Stamina and can lead to trouble in the community.
  7095. Need a Storage Facility
  7096. Made it. Gonna look around now.
  7097. Really? Yeah, I'd appreciate that. Let's go.
  7098. I'm sorry, Eli. Goodbye.
  7099. Hell, now I'm just happy if a can of creamed corn's only been expired a week.
  7100. Okay, let me think.
  7101. Jesus Christ, we just can't catch a break, you know? Everything seems to be going wrong.
  7102. I mean when it comes to long-term survival.
  7103. Small game scope included at no charge!
  7104. %3$s is a little banged up, but it's better than the alternative. -%1$s
  7105. You got a map? Give it here, I'll mark the spot.
  7106. UPGRADED: Refrigerated Storage
  7107. Cans
  7108. You just like hearing this baby purr, don't you?
  7109. Glad you stopped by. Fact is, we're never gonna last on our own. Not like you folks have.
  7110. Took the brunt of the abuse.
  7111. No. No. What I said was "this will cover the interest." You still owe us the principal, right?
  7112. What can I say, I was in my punk rock "fuck the man" phase. I thought it made me cool.
  7113. %2$s is stuck in the middle of an infestation. Without help, I don't like the odds. -%2$s
  7114. Just hang in there!
  7115. I think everybody's going to be sleeping with one eye open from now on. - %1$s
  7116. Dude! Help! Now! Please?
  7117. Escape
  7118. Kelsey
  7119. I love it when they come right up the front like that!
  7120. Fish
  7121. Whoa--easy there, Alex. It's me, Sheriff Carl. We don't want any trouble, we're just here to talk.
  7122. Malia
  7123. Ya think? What's next, razor wire and guard towers?
  7124. What do you want to do here?
  7125. Found a bunch of dead people when we were out patrolling yesterday.
  7126. Business as usual at the Courthouse. Still confiscating guns and pretending they've got things under control. - %1$s
  7127. You better clear that infestation before they get there.
  7128. %1$s committed suicide.
  7129. In my defense, I was drunk at the time. - %1$s
  7130. Jesus, this hurts like hell. I hate feeling this useless.
  7131. Denial
  7132. Your guess is as good as mine.
  7133. Sorry about your people.
  7134. Well, now we know where the black fever came from. -%1$s
  7135. Okaaay then, got it.
  7136. All's quiet with the Wilkersons.
  7137. Survey Point
  7138. What kind of person turns a gun on someone they live with?
  7139. It was that, or let him stay here and keep grumbling about kicking you and Ed out.
  7140. Pistol: G22
  7141. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Big Bastard
  7142. Right. Guess I'm not surprised you're out here ignoring the quarantine orders.
  7143. Fix Up Lockers
  7144. They seem to like noise. They'll come check out any loud noise they hear.
  7145. Jude
  7146. Fitness Magazine
  7147. A favorite in north-central Florida.
  7148. Hoffman
  7149. Striking Pads
  7150. Truck Stop
  7151. NOTE: I've Got An Idea
  7152. Maybe COMBAT TRAINING at a DOJO would help.
  7153. %1$s ran into some trouble on the way home from a scavenging run. Probably could have used our help. - %2$s.
  7154. Pistol: Bz75 ST
  7155. COMMERCE: Train Outsiders
  7156. This here's too much.
  7157. Master the use of Edged Weapons.
  7158. Somebody's been attacking survivors, stealing their stuff, and generally being assholes. Time to talk to the Wilkersons. - %1$s
  7159. Shit, you're always a rush!
  7160. Santos
  7161. You want %2$s, you've got to go through me. - %3$s
  7162. Anything at home I should be worried about?
  7163. Over here.
  7164. Hey! Come get me, you dead bastards!
  7165. Will you just calm down? Just calm down. We'll find him.
  7166. I need some time to think about this. I'm going out.
  7167. Relax, it's just a little food poisoning.
  7168. Zombies are pretty thick on the ground right now. Could be trouble down the road.
  7169. We don't have enough food for everyone.
  7170. Let's get these bastards!
  7171. Low Morale puts your community at greater risk of depression, violence, and despair.
  7172. Family Meals
  7173. A military solution to your problems.
  7174. Escort the Survivors
  7175. But I think I want to find out.
  7176. How're they doing?
  7177. This room is in disarray. We'll need to fix it up before we can use it.
  7178. You probably ought to lock me up somewhere, right? I don't want to turn in the middle of the base and then start eating people.
  7179. Oh, man, this is bad. I think I pissed off a horde or something.
  7180. Shot Eli
  7181. Right. End of the world, you just blew into town and could somebody point you to a place to stay?
  7182. Marshall Municipal Courthouse is a safe place. We have food, security, and shelter.
  7183. Marchenko
  7184. Oh man, if you weren't here, we'd have been fucked. Royally.
  7185. Made it.
  7186. Yeah, okay, maybe leave that part out.
  7187. Hope we aren't planning any big construction projects.
  7188. We found a backpack containing gathered resources and brought them home. - %1$s.
  7189. Larson
  7190. Quentin wants me to find out about Becca's past. Sheriff Parsons seemed to know something; maybe I should start with him. - %1$s
  7191. Mulligan
  7192. Maher
  7193. I've done what I could to raise spirits.
  7194. Maybe if we weren't down to an expired bottle of baby aspirin and a case of cough syrup, we wouldn't have so many sick people.
  7195. I'm glad.
  7196. PERSONAL SKILL. Come on, let's make a deal.
  7197. Increased space for resources.
  7198. Lock and load, boys! Company's here!
  7199. One of ours has wandered off. I could use a hand finding them.
  7200. Sounds like the Army is stepping things up.... -%1$s
  7201. All set.
  7202. 96 STORY Karen Tolbert
  7203. Waypoint (%s)
  7204. I'm just here to make sure the trade goes nice and smooth.
  7205. Completed a survey activity.
  7206. Alright, we're all stressed, but we can't afford to be at each other's throats, okay? So you start playing nice, or you're out on your ass.
  7207. Delay your decision. An attempt might be made without you.
  7208. Supplies must be brought HOME for distribution.
  7209. Do you want to load this save, overwrite the save, or choose another storage device?
  7210. We lost somebody back there. We could use your help finding them.
  7211. Yeah. Seems like we just can't catch a break.
  7212. Hard at work, or hardly working
  7213. Warren
  7214. You can blame that on everybody being at each others' throats. Not all those injuries are from zombies.
  7215. A greenhouse will improve our crop yields.
  7216. Hey, check your map again.
  7217. Hey, hey. Guess what I had for breakfast today? Fucking tree bark.
  7218. If you're hearing this, we could use some help.
  7219. I can't go home. I can't! That last supply run I... I got bit.
  7220. Could you grab a car or something?
  7221. How are you doing? Getting enough to eat?
  7222. You want to confess that we killed her father and stole his radio before they patch you up?
  7223. Parking Space
  7224. Somebody out there has to have some food. I'm going to find them. - %1$s
  7225. Aw shit. Zombies heard the car, better move quick.
  7226. Close Map
  7227. It's not exactly a core survival skill, but I am pretty good with a ukulele.
  7228. Heeeeere little zombie. Come on. Uncle Mickey wants to blow your fucking brains out.
  7229. We've had a sighting of one of our missing people.
  7230. Hilda
  7231. If you have to fight them, try to isolate them and kill them quickly.
  7232. You did good. I know things are looking pretty bleak, but just try and remember, everybody's here for you.
  7233. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Headshot Streak
  7234. I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks.
  7235. Looks like somebody's ammo cache.
  7236. Yeah, I've been saying we can't just leave shit lying around on shelves. We need some way to refrigerate our food.
  7237. Garrison
  7238. %1$s was out gathering supplies for the community. I offered to provide an escort home, but things went to shit. I failed. - %2$s
  7239. Spin Kick
  7240. Keep them off the barricades!
  7241. I don't see anything of interest.
  7242. Never leave a man behind. That's us, motherfuckers.
  7243. What do you mean, "lowest bidder?"
  7244. Call for Scavengers
  7245. Roger that, we're inbound.
  7246. Need a MUNITIONS SHOP
  7247. Can't say for sure, but I think it's one of those thugs the Wilkersons hired.
  7248. Hey, would I lie to my favorite little sister in the world?
  7249. 49 GENERIC Eddie Francis
  7250. A few more outposts would give us more of a safety net.
  7251. Seems like more of those things out there lately. You notice that?
  7252. Well unless somebody walks up to the bomb, rips the electrical leads out of the detonator and jams them into the charge by hand, yeah.
  7253. We need you back here!
  7254. Better take that feral down first.
  7255. Suppose that's half the reason he left.
  7256. Grocery store pharmacies, corner drugstores... heck, you'd be amazed what people have in their bathroom medicine cabinets these days.
  7257. I dunno, man. Whole situation's pretty messed up.
  7258. The Sheriff? Yeah, he went out about an hour ago. He said he was gonna hunt down this feral bastard that's been stalking our patrols.
  7259. Uh, Lily said you guys aren't actually building anything right now.
  7260. Finally. Maybe now I can have a bunk to myself. - %1$s
  7261. I'm continuing to hear stories of flu outbreaks. Having a good stockpile of medicine and decent medical facilities is all we can do. -%1$s.
  7262. [DDown] (D-pad) to use the radio.
  7263. Besieged
  7264. Zombie hordes don't form instantaneously. If we can clear a few out, we'll make things safer for a little while. - %1$s
  7265. In the meantime, I'm going to look around some more.
  7266. Perimeter's breached!
  7267. Hey, Carl, how are things?
  7268. Stack of Construction Materials
  7269. Yeah, whatever.
  7270. Hello, Sam. I didn't see you at service last Sunday.
  7271. Behold, the demons shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days
  7272. Yi
  7273. Fire in the hole!
  7274. Supply Run Complete
  7275. I'll do it.
  7276. Talk about the living situation.
  7277. We need more ammo, or we're gonna be fighting off the next attack with sticks and rocks.
  7278. Winard
  7279. Climb up and scout for danger.
  7280. INCIDENT: Big Bastard Encounter
  7281. Look to the left.
  7282. I think our defenses are okay, but I'm not sure I want to put them to the test.
  7283. Our ammo reserves are dwindling.
  7284. Torres
  7285. I'm loaded up. See you back at base.
  7286. Talking Doll
  7287. Coming home now.
  7288. Janiya
  7289. Shut up shut up shut up!
  7290. Tessa
  7291. Yeah, I'm pulling the trigger on this outpost.
  7292. Yes.
  7293. We're going to get through this.
  7294. Hey... you all right?
  7295. These guys pick on you in high school or something?
  7296. You have everything?
  7297. Why don't you go skydiving? Without a chute?
  7298. This stays closed until the zombies are cleared out.
  7299. Trait Discovered: People are Strange
  7300. I'm not sure what's going on.
  7301. I'm looking for someone.
  7302. Good news I've been working on figuring out these Army broadcasts.
  7303. Let's get some barricades up on those windows.
  7304. Sorry, I'm out.
  7305. Having a dedicated work area would let us repair weapons, do light vehicle repairs, and make some useful items.
  7306. After scouting a building, you can use the radio to call in other community members to loot the place.
  7307. Hold up.
  7308. A wild and crazy guy.
  7309. What is this, an action movie? This is C-4 we're talking about here, you can light it on fire and it won't go off. It only detonates if you hit it with an electrical current.
  7310. Officer Parsons, please take the prisoner into custody.
  7311. Having people on the walls is great, but if we had a watchtower it'd be easier to coordinate our defenses.
  7312. Well, then, I guess we better find some pills for you two, huh?
  7313. Yeah? Why not?
  7314. If your friend doesn't look too dicey, we'll let you in.
  7315. Come on. I'll lead the way.
  7316. Aaaaand…. bang!
  7317. Special Attack
  7318. %1$s noticed some improper food handling. Someone could have easily gotten sick if we'd tried to cook and serve that.
  7319. DECLINED: Unwelcome Guest
  7320. I'm getting close to an infestation.
  7321. A place to grow fresh food. A thriving crop!
  7322. I... I don't think I can.
  7323. This is just like a book I read. Well, like ten or twelve books I read.
  7324. HURT: Mauled
  7325. Moral Objections
  7326. We're gonna need to do something about that soon.
  7327. Then a quick word of advice. Pick your friends carefully, while you still have the luxury.
  7328. Now we gotta throw out all this food because vermin got into it!
  7329. Shelby
  7330. Rank
  7331. Spend INFLUENCE for extra supplies or to influence others.
  7332. Spot zombies for the Army's artillery.
  7333. Yeah, why do you think I'm trying so hard to get the gate open?
  7334. Our resource stockpiles were running a little low so I went out to find what we needed. Mission accomplished. - %1$s.
  7335. Advice: Upgrade to Bunkhouse
  7336. Finish it off!
  7337. Surprised he hasn't French-kissed a shotgun yet.
  7338. Case of Military Ammunition
  7339. Maybe we ought to send somebody out there. Might be able to help each other out.
  7340. Reduces the chances of suicides.
  7341. Level 4
  7342. Nail Puller
  7343. Wants an escort to the exchange site.
  7344. Right?
  7345. I always figured I'd die somewhere exotic.
  7346. Will never ask "you want fries with that?" again.
  7347. Find the Feral Zombie
  7348. Gotta cut that part out. Don't be a baby about it, it's just a knife.
  7349. Dammit, I've searched this place from top to bottom, and it's not here!
  7350. We'd better do something. I've seen them leap walls like they were nothing. - %1$s.
  7351. What, firecrackers? Yeah... yeah that should work nicely.
  7352. MISSION: Army Activity
  7353. Lily wants to show me around the church. I guess that's a good move. - %1$s
  7354. Pistol: D 1911
  7355. HISTORY: Coward and Thief
  7356. %2$s snores. You all know it. Not a one of you wouldn't do the same thing. - %1$s
  7357. Oof... thanks... I really needed that. Don't worry, I feel much better now. - %1$s
  7358. Somewhere to sleep.
  7359. Guess that's all there is to see.
  7360. Ellie
  7361. You didn't think we were gonna leave you out here, did you?
  7362. %+d Community Fame
  7363. Yeah, you're a regular goddamn hero.
  7364. Henry
  7365. DECLINED: Nervous Survivor
  7366. MISSION: Fear Itself
  7367. Whistling Box Mines available for construction.
  7368. Went through more materials than usual reinforcing the wall.
  7369. ATTITUDE: Nervous
  7370. Well, we'll see how Qentin deals with it now.... - %1$s
  7371. SUPPLY RUN: Resources Acquired
  7372. Yeah, you know what would make this easier? Is if we had some medicine. Hell, I'd settle for some allergy pills at this point.
  7373. Your heroics have earned you Fame.
  7374. What've you got for us today, Ray?
  7375. Well, we had a little bit of a close call there, but we got the barricades down.
  7376. Can we blast our way through?
  7377. It's like a little traffic pattern. Hordes keep forming there.
  7378. You may need to hurry.
  7379. Good for fitness and combat training.
  7380. Skydiving, base-jumping, mountain climbing... you name it, I tried it. Even swam with the sharks once.
  7381. You know, we could use some extra hands ourselves. Why don't you join us?
  7382. Let's get to searching.
  7383. Got him.
  7384. Defensive positions everybody. We're about to have company..
  7385. Hey, you see that?
  7386. No. There used to be twelve of us.
  7387. Just... when the time comes, make it quick, okay? One in the head. Don't let me suffer.
  7388. Gotcha, bitch!
  7389. Eyes right.
  7390. We have more MATERIALS than we'll be able to store. - %1$s
  7391. Well, nothing useful here.
  7392. Headshots. It's gotta be headshots.
  7393. CRISIS: Malnutrition (Need Food)
  7394. Uhh, whenever you're ready, buddy! Help!
  7395. Surprised you remember that.
  7396. It'd mean we have to spend less time scrounging for food... plus eating fresh fruit and vegetables has to be better for us than the canned stuff.
  7397. Reduces the chances of violent arguments.
  7398. Upgrade to Refrigerated Storage
  7399. Pistols
  7400. Other people survived!
  7401. You've been surviving out there? All this time? Damn....
  7402. She seem a little... twitchy to you?
  7403. Worthless.
  7404. I don't know how much longer I can take this. You know I had to shoot Frank last week, after he turned, right?
  7405. It is okay to let people help, you know.
  7406. Sure, sounds good.
  7407. Nolan
  7408. Requires Fighting Level 4
  7409. Thanks for walking me home.
  7410. We're all scared, but that's no excuse to not do your damn job.
  7411. Mm hm. Good kid, though. I tried to get her cleaned up and off the streets, but it never took.
  7412. Have you heard anything I've said in the last minute?
  7413. Oh, yeah, sure! Help yourself!
  7414. Why? Why did I think steak tartare was a good idea with two-week-old beef? - %1$s
  7415. Get a Vehicle
  7416. Hey, Ray! Good to see you!
  7417. Katerina
  7418. I had to pick up a lot of that slack. "Jacob, I need you to be a man. Take care of your sister." Know what I mean?
  7419. Food Preservation
  7420. Shit, who needs zoning laws and county commissioners and all that crap?
  7421. Holy shit!
  7422. Even dead, people still hate this sound. Brings the zombies running.
  7423. Give me a snare and I'll bring you every damn zombie in the county. (Improved Cardio.)
  7424. Started taking a bunch of samples and talking about "infection vectors" and a bunch of shit I didn't understand.
  7425. Man, that was fucked up. So, these guys get it into their head they can start selling crank on the Wilkersons' turf, right?
  7426. Herrera
  7427. Ferrari
  7428. Someone needs a talking to.
  7429. Still feeling pretty energized, better save this.
  7430. Update on the runners...
  7431. Command Center: Fuel Located
  7432. Trait Discovered: Adrenaline Junkie
  7433. Anybody got any good intel on what's going on around here?
  7434. Also? Now we've got a good source of medicine.
  7435. He got jumped on his way home from "patrol." Barely managed to drag his stupid ass home.
  7436. SUPPLY RUN: Resources Found
  7437. Maybe later.
  7438. A friend in trouble.
  7439. We've got a line on one of our missing people.
  7440. There's something unnatural about this so-called Black Fever. No medicines seem to help. - %1$s
  7441. Ask about Material Caches
  7442. Let's rock this shit!
  7443. The biggest problem we've got right now is food spoilage, right?
  7444. Details
  7445. Yeah, I got you a pony. But then it tried to eat me, so I shot it in the head.
  7446. Yeah.
  7447. Accelerate
  7448. Might want to take a detour.
  7449. Sounds like they're having some trouble with infestations in Marshall.
  7450. No, I will not "lay off the doom and gloom." I'm just being a realist. -%1$s
  7451. Army Activity
  7452. ATTITUDE: Panic
  7453. Janet
  7454. +13%
  7455. Area's secure, no zeds here.
  7456. Needs help.
  7457. Haugen
  7458. His name is Ed.
  7459. Bonus XP from Eagle-Eyed!
  7460. Has anybody seen %1$s? They haven't checked in since they headed out on that trade run... oops. I wasn't supposed to mention that. - %2$s
  7461. A little help back here!
  7462. How many other people you think would go out there and risk their necks to rescue somebody in trouble?
  7463. "and he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall be no more; neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain, any more the first things are passed away."
  7464. The effects on the local ecosystem could be unprecedented.
  7465. 104 STORY Benjamin Winston
  7466. Destroys Factility
  7467. Winston
  7468. Use Item
  7469. Check the barricades on the left!
  7470. Look for the "Medical Advice" option in your radio.
  7471. %1$s has been acting really weird lately. Like, "contemplating suicide" weird. Somebody better do something. - %2$s
  7472. SMG: PDS
  7473. +16%
  7474. Toggle Police Siren
  7475. Sadie
  7476. Bingo.
  7477. Fishing before dawn.
  7478. Wouldn't have been so bad if we had some advance warning. We've got to get some watchtowers set up.
  7479. All right, well, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go inventory the kitchen. Again.
  7480. We're all friends here, of course, but the Judge is a mighty busy lady. You need anything, you come see me first.
  7481. Everywhere You Look
  7482. Anyways, I was finally gonna fly over there and visit him, see if maybe London was the kind of place I could live.
  7483. Man, I can't even remember the last time I had a decent night's sleep. We need to build a bunkhouse, now.
  7484. No zombies there.
  7485. I think I have a plan for building a kitchen. Having one clear, clean place to prepare our food will go a long way.
  7486. 17 GENERIC Terry Larwin
  7487. Quentin's about as big-hearted and generous as they come. If it were up to him, he'd hand out all the food in the store to anybody who needed it; that's just what people do in a crisis, right?
  7488. Shit. What about bread?
  7489. Ed won't survive forever.
  7490. Ol' Andy Pimms
  7491. We need more weapons here.
  7492. Hey, come on, you can still turn this around.
  7493. Gun Specialization
  7494. We were coming out of this field. We stopped to get our bearings, and one of 'em came out of nowhere. Must have been hiding in the bushes or something.
  7495. Your friends are not ranked on this leaderboard
  7497. Take care.
  7498. What is it, Quentin?
  7499. Help! Anybody? Please help me!
  7500. Upgrade to Munitions Shop
  7501. Mechanic
  7502. Alright, be ready in a minute.
  7503. We need a little extra to get this thing done.
  7504. SICK: Gravely Ill
  7505. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Slaughter
  7506. Hicks
  7507. Ah, yeah, this takes me back. The open road, wind in your hair... of course, when I was younger I usually had a stacked blonde sitting next to me, but hey.
  7508. Had to take some meds from the stores. Twisted my ankle pretty bad out there. Sure you don't mind. - %1$s
  7509. So what about you two? What are you doing up here, romantic getaway?
  7510. We don't have time!
  7511. Another one of our neighbors is gone. No survivors.
  7512. Food eaten.
  7513. Rejoin the other survivors.
  7514. Tamm
  7515. Heh. It's funny. Up until two weeks ago, that was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me.
  7516. You might want to go check out that Army camp. No telling how long they'll be there.
  7517. Alexis
  7518. Gradually gain Fame with special achievements.
  7519. 119 STORY SWAT Officer
  7520. Like that time when I hit on Richie Peters' girlfriend. Man, that was a mistake.
  7521. Rosenberg
  7522. Planning a new construction project?
  7523. Assault Rifle: M6 SBR
  7524. Check this out. This came over the radio a little while ago. I managed to record most of it.
  7525. We're not going very far.
  7526. Trait Discovered: Frugal Gourmet
  7527. Seems like there's a bug going around. It's only a matter of time before it hits us. - %1$s
  7528. It will take a while for the plants to mature.
  7529. Dead ahead!
  7530. Upgraded police shotgun.
  7531. It was Black Fever. They never stood a chance.
  7532. Carl, hey. Wanted to talk to you for a sec.
  7533. Select
  7534. 65 GENERIC Mary O'Leary
  7535. I'll come with you. I owe him that much.
  7536. Runner should be getting close soon.
  7537. Caldwell
  7538. %s%d %s
  7539. It'd boost morale, and I bet people would feel more energized after a big, healthy meal.
  7540. Taking a moral stand.
  7541. Careful on the right.
  7542. Come to mama.
  7543. Nobody better get sick any time soon, because I got some bad news.
  7544. Anything you guys need?
  7545. Toggle Map Legend
  7546. Thanks. You just saved our lives.
  7547. Let's go tear down that wall! Man, I've been waiting to say that my whole life.
  7548. Paramedic
  7549. TIP: Press [LB] + [Y] while sneaking to kill a zombie instantly
  7550. Kick attack ([Y]) is replaced by a more powerful kick that pushes enemies back and staggers them.
  7551. Shopping
  7552. A save game cannot be found on this storage device. You can create a save on this storage device, choose another storage device, or continue without saving losing any progress made.
  7553. I mean, you spend your whole life in a place, but until you're climbing fences and running through backyards, you don't really see how it all fits together.
  7554. I've got their pattern down now.
  7555. Bonus XP for Shooting
  7556. Okay, I know I screwed up, and I'm sorry, but at least nobody got hurt... right? - %1$s
  7557. We're heavily engaged, cannot support you at this time.
  7558. Keep an eye out for the zombies--I'll be as quiet as I can, but... well I mean... I'm using a fucking hammer.
  7559. COMPLETED: Combat Training
  7560. I'm not 100% sure it's spoiled, but better safe than sorry.
  7561. Just turn me loose in a room and I'll strip it to the copper in the walls.
  7562. A greenhouse provides higher yield crops than a garden.
  7563. I've got a visual.
  7564. Skills like these you gotta acquire by attending a fancy culinary school--or burning a lot of food. Either way, it's not happening now.
  7565. Richey
  7566. We've got an injured man here. If anybody knows where we can find Doctor Hanson, please let us know on this frequency.
  7567. Comforter
  7568. Dora
  7569. Free and clear, we'll be there shortly.
  7570. Just stay out of my way and let me work.
  7571. Ricky
  7572. That was some real hero shit.
  7573. I mean, I got mugged once in Danforth. Freaked me out so bad I didn't leave my apartment for a month.
  7574. Click in on [LS] to toggle zoom with scoped weapons.
  7575. Take this. You're gonna need it soon.
  7576. Yes! Humans 1, flesh-eating freak monsters 0!
  7577. We need to stay close to home!
  7578. Looks like we're gonna have to crack open the armory.
  7579. A guard tower would help.
  7580. Cycle Missions
  7581. Those guys are in real trouble.
  7582. Any idea who's behind it?
  7583. Mission accomplished.
  7584. Montano
  7585. And, y'know, no offense, but there are people here I do not want to share a bed with. Even if it is in shifts.
  7586. Just like target practice.
  7587. That's one.
  7588. COMPLETED: Anger Management
  7589. New Storage facility action added temporarily.
  7590. Saw some creepy dude hanging out by the public restrooms. He looked drunk. Maybe stoned. Stank too. Gross. I decided to hold it.
  7591. I'm okay. The fatigue's getting worse, though.
  7592. Sheesh, she's got a temper on her, huh?
  7593. Increases likelihood of penalties on opposing team.
  7594. Did her part, despite adversity.
  7595. Whoa boy! Left side, left side!
  7596. You think you scare me?
  7597. Fire hot! use a poker.
  7598. Harlow
  7599. Apparently, I didn't pull my weight. - %1$s
  7600. Some weird rumors have been going around on the radio. People getting beaten up, robbed, stuff like that.
  7601. I don't know. Yeah. I guess zombie's as good a word as any.
  7602. She really cared, not just about surviving, but about doing the right thing.
  7603. They're on the left!
  7604. I wouldn't mind help getting past these assholes.
  7605. Numbs the pain, but won't help serious wounds. Typical over the counter stuff. Come on, everybody knows what aspirin is.
  7606. Anyway, they ran out of room in their infirmary, so they started putting the sick anywhere they could find room. Including a certain warehouse.
  7607. Here you go. Just in case.
  7608. Eriksen
  7609. SURVIVAL TACTICS: To the Pain
  7610. So. You were up on Mt. Tanner the day you found us.
  7611. Factory
  7612. Besse
  7613. Medical Clinic
  7614. Good call. Discretion is the better part of valor.
  7615. I need support here!
  7616. Dammit! This place was supposed to have a closet full of first aid kits! I swear, if that son of a bitch lied to me, I....
  7617. I'm not sure yet.
  7618. Dead people are walking around now? There goes my business. (Counseling experience.)
  7619. Don't let them in!
  7620. START MISSION. Do what you said you were going to do.
  7621. I feel like somebody should say something, I just… God, what do you say in a situation like this?
  7622. Reload
  7623. HOME: Outpost Arrival
  7624. Hudson
  7625. We had a little help.
  7626. I hate to ask, but... help?
  7627. Stoffler
  7628. Dammit! This place was supposed to have a closet full of first aid kits! If that son of a bitch lied to me....
  7629. Maybe everyone else's been a little too sensitive lately.
  7630. Utensils
  7631. If we don't get somebody with real experience in the infirmary, this shit's never gonna get better.
  7632. Hey, I'm not greedy. You help me out and half of everything we get is yours.
  7633. Hello? This thing on, or are you just ignoring our generous offer to risk life and limb for your country?
  7634. Kind
  7635. My family's got deep roots in this town. My grandpa started with nothing but the deed to a few dozen acres of empty wilderness and spun it into a lumber empire that put all four of his kids through college.
  7636. Somebody put theantihistamines where the pseudoephedrine is supposed to go. Good thing I noticed, or I'd have killed myself trying to treat sniffles. We need a goddamn infirmary. - %1$s
  7637. Gain +3 AMMO to train survivors from another community with firearms.
  7638. SUPPLY RUN: Fuel Acquired
  7639. Can somebody draw these fuckers away?
  7640. All right….
  7641. You gotta help them! Please!
  7642. I'm gonna wreck your shit and look good doing it!
  7643. Bonus Vitality
  7644. You got this?
  7645. They never get tired, but you don't have to pretend you don't. You need rest.
  7646. The save game appears to be damaged and cannot be loaded. You can choose another storage device or continue without saving losing any progress made.
  7647. NOTE: Come check this out!
  7648. %1$s is no longer in the community.
  7649. Awesome.
  7650. You might not know me yet, but I think the two of us could do each other a lot of good.
  7651. Zeds up ahead.
  7652. Novak
  7653. Zombie Kill Points (Weekly)
  7654. We need to make some armor. (Handy with Arts and Crafts.)
  7655. I guess we're moving on, huh?
  7656. So much for doing it the quiet way.
  7657. Not too bright, are they?
  7658. Don't suppose you've decided on whether we can join you or not?
  7659. Steer
  7660. Hold still, dammit! I know it hurts!
  7661. Pistol: X-Lock Tactical
  7662. You ain't welcome round these parts, pardner.
  7663. Doesn't seem to trust anyone.
  7664. Yeah, get that sumbitch!
  7665. Sledgehammer
  7666. You got ammo, we got hooch. Interested?
  7667. Cannot help with missions or provide labor until the wound heals.
  7668. HOME: Binge Eating
  7669. Laws
  7670. If you want to keep your guns and keep your own scavenge, you're on you're own.
  7671. The folks out at the old Ballard homestead have been having trouble with one of their trucks. I happen to have some parts to spare, so I was figuring on running them out there.
  7672. Okay, what joker tied my intestines into bowlines? - %1$s
  7673. Hey, what the fuck are you doing? Get your ass back here!
  7674. COMPLETED: Ask the Sheriff
  7675. 137 STORY Ray Santos
  7676. Thank God we've got plenty of medicine.
  7677. That won't work.
  7678. Mugs
  7679. I cannot believe you! You want to run away! Again!
  7680. The law still reigns in Marshall.
  7681. Gonna be a hell of a time keeping stuff working around here without electricity.
  7682. Woohoo! %1$s and some other folks fought off that siege. - %2$s
  7683. Ours? Ours are still pretty much bottles of booze with rags in them.
  7684. Make Pipe Bomb
  7685. I'll carry the stuff and do the talking. I just want to have an extra gun on hand in case things get bad.
  7686. Looks like we get to sit around with our thumbs up our asses a little longer.
  7687. Did nobody see my name on the fucking hot dogs? Seriously? I had plans for those! Special plans. Assholes. - %1$s
  7688. Have raids like this been a problem before?
  7689. That should thin the zombies out for a while. Makes things safer for all of us. -%1$s
  7690. Reflexes Improved!
  7691. I'll say my goodbyes then. And if you gentlemen decide you'd rather be in a different line of work, well, you just let me know.
  7692. We've got a problem at the Workshop.
  7693. My dad used to say when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  7694. Desperately Need Guns
  7695. Martinez
  7696. Items added to the supply locker!
  7697. Safe only goes so far. Hordes can still wander through and noise can always draw zeds in.
  7698. Perfect. You stay safe out there.
  7699. This car's gonna get us too much attention.
  7700. Glad you came by--I was trying to get to this place with good salvage, but I ran into a whole bunch of zeds.
  7701. That is not good.
  7702. Surveying
  7703. Slow attack that automatically decapitates a single target.
  7704. Assault Rifle: 416 CQB
  7705. Game Over, Man!
  7706. Pretty smug right about now.
  7707. Pistol: Mi.Le
  7708. Load Rucksack (Hold)
  7709. Sorry I asked....
  7710. I was hoping you'd say that. Come on, I'll show you what we need.
  7711. DANGER: Food Shortage
  7712. So now what?
  7713. Exploration
  7714. Privacy Screens
  7715. Community Morale is Good
  7716. Not zombies--they've got guns. They- <Gunshots>
  7717. We're doomed.
  7718. MISSION: Trouble at the Courthouse
  7719. .45 caliber
  7720. New report from our scouts.
  7721. Weiss
  7722. %s Fully Searched
  7723. Cardio
  7724. Trowel
  7725. There a good kitchen here. Just need to clear out all the chaos and we can start using it.
  7726. Blue ballpoint pen in a small, well worn notebook.
  7727. Population
  7728. We're lucky we aren't dead already--and we owe a lot of that to you. Any chance you'd have some space for us?
  7729. Let's get going.
  7730. I mean it. We gotta stick together, right? Alone I would have been vulnerable--we need people to watch our backs.
  7731. You're straying from the righteous path, my child.
  7732. 39 GENERIC Martin Tarney
  7733. Show you when I get there.
  7734. Parker
  7735. Hope you brought something worthwhile.
  7736. The Events page keeps a log of things that happen to you as you play, including new mission opportunities, results of previous missions, community events, skill upgrades, and global events that impact you and your fellow survivors in Trumbull Valley.
  7737. Use the D-pad to select an event and press [A] to show more details such as the people involved, and the associated rewards and bonuses.
  7738. Our people are getting chewed up out there.
  7739. Spotted something interesting. Should be some useful stuff there.
  7740. You need to watch your stamina.
  7741. Need an escort.
  7742. We don't have enough weapons for everybody.
  7743. I'll lead the way.
  7744. Killing Blow Chance Increased!
  7745. If Doc hadn't been in the neighborhood... well. I've told him and told him, "Don't you go out alone."
  7746. Gotta love sneaking up on the bastards.
  7747. Might want to check here.
  7748. Attention survivors Only those who abide by the laws posted outside the courthouse are eligible for the protection of the Sheriff's Department.
  7749. In times like these, I often take comfort in those around me.
  7750. Done and done.
  7751. %+d Community Fame (Savior)
  7752. Pistol: P 229
  7753. I don't know. I guess we just head to town, try to find... somebody.
  7754. Great news! This last crop came up even better than we hoped!
  7755. It's all so wrong. I don't know if it's the lying or the whoring that bothers me more. - %1$s
  7756. Claims to have things under control.
  7757. Javier
  7758. Scavenger?
  7759. (Can't work.)
  7760. Hold [LB] and press [X] to launch an attack that hits a wide area in front of you. Has a high chance to trip enemies or remove their legs.
  7761. We're gonna have to tear down all of this and rebuild it. Unless you want the place to fall down around our ears.
  7762. SET UP: Warehouse Lockers
  7763. How you holding up, Carl?
  7764. Cool. That'll go a long way toward securing the area.
  7765. NOTE: Still Searching
  7766. Will you use your head for once in your fool life?
  7767. Paid a debt for a perfect stranger.
  7768. Must be nice to be a squirrel.
  7769. "Mercy" killing.
  7770. Yeah I wouldn't say faith is my strong suit.
  7771. Amateur photographer that sells the occassional shot to small magazines.
  7772. It's been a pleasure doing business.
  7773. Jenna
  7774. Looks like trouble headed our way.
  7775. Yo, that's my dawg right there, son!
  7776. Army Medic
  7777. This isn't how we make friends.
  7779. Coming up the road now! Better get ready!
  7780. Can't wait till this shit gets better. I'm going stir crazy on nothing but rest.
  7781. What is your decision?
  7782. Myles
  7783. Clearing infestations is rough work. Just ask %1$s. - %2$s
  7784. Let's do some business.
  7785. %d added to Supply Locker. (Good fuel supply.)
  7786. Retooled from 10mm to .45 cal. Scope included.
  7787. Look, I don't know what you're asking for, but if you want my advice... some things ought to stay in the past. Anybody deserves a clean slate, it's that girl.
  7788. You can choose one of two defensive skills.
  7789. +20
  7790. No, no, no no no no.... it can't be gone! I left it right here! Agh, where is it!
  7791. Talk to Alan?
  7792. That should protect us for a little while at least.
  7793. Screw that, they need my help!
  7794. Kills
  7795. We could use your advice on some construction.
  7796. No.
  7797. Sounds like a real old time country doctor.
  7798. They're coming up behind us.
  7799. Keep moving. They're behind us.
  7801. Crap.
  7802. Tomba
  7803. You wouldn't be looking for a hired gun by any chance, would you?
  7804. Research Potent Homemade Stims
  7805. Lot of zed activity over here.
  7806. Stash %d
  7807. Swear to God! Kept trying to eat me, but that big stupid foam dog head kept getting in its way.
  7808. Target Snap Distance Increased!
  7809. See if you can make contact.
  7810. Green items active during Driving.
  7812. He always had a good head on his shoulders. If he was in trouble, he would've tried to get inside, and fortify someplace till we came looking.
  7813. Good think Pastor Will played the electric guitar at Sunday School.
  7814. Janiyah
  7815. We'll discuss this later, Sheriff. We have a visitor.
  7816. Let's go for a walk.
  7817. Civilian version of the M4.
  7818. No no, thank you. I don't get many opportunities to practice my sermons any more.
  7819. Fast, deadly, and nearly immune to gunfire.
  7820. Box Mine
  7821. Irma
  7822. Cadimo
  7823. Still supporting Judge Lawton.
  7824. These should help.
  7825. We need to hurry.
  7826. PERSONAL SKILL. No, no, no, I said an *Erlenmeyer* flask!
  7827. TIP: Click [RS] to turn your headlights on or off.
  7828. Dammit, I've searched this place from top to bottom. It's not here!
  7829. Could you?
  7830. Is it empty?
  7831. Okay, got everything we can.
  7832. You gonna aim that thing, or flail around like you're in a bad action movie?
  7833. Kitchen Timer
  7834. Kitchen, bathroom, garage. The Holy Trinity of efficient scavenging.
  7835. That guy is not right in the head. Trust me, we're better off without their "protection."
  7836. I'm out of ammo.
  7837. But uh, we should get moving. That fight's gonna draw more of them soon. See you around.
  7838. Come help him out before it's too late.
  7839. Let me put it in technical terms.
  7840. Them bridges have been empty for days now! The Army ain't even watching them, we get over the barricades and we can get all the guns we want!
  7841. ADVICE: Build an Outpost
  7842. Uhh... it looked like it was all about to go bad. I swear. So I figured it was better for somebody to eat everything than to let it spoil. - %1$s
  7843. Still... it was pretty sweet.
  7844. Hmm, interesting.
  7845. I'm not making friends today.
  7846. Recovered a backpack of gathered resources
  7847. Chronic Condition
  7848. Crush the skull.
  7849. Makes a mean stroganoff.
  7850. An AR15 with some new furniture.
  7851. Find the Survivors
  7852. Same as usual.
  7853. Gathered Supplies
  7854. All right, I'm in the area.
  7855. Trait Discovered: "Finding" Supplies
  7856. %2$s disrespected me. I sure as shit wasn't going to let that go unanswered. - %1$s
  7857. Found %s!
  7858. Basic Workshop
  7859. Available Influence:
  7860. Come on, Lily, that's not fair.
  7861. Make it quick.
  7862. Well, I think we can do better in the future.
  7863. 4
  7864. Community Members
  7865. Stick with me, do what I say, and you'll be fine.
  7866. It's still out there.
  7867. Saylor
  7868. Ortiz
  7869. Practiced Taxidermy
  7870. Watch them barricades!
  7871. Escaped Mt. Tanner and found the survivors at the church.
  7872. We're trying to get it set up, but we don't have everything we need.
  7873. Quiet, that's a Screamer.
  7874. COMMERCE: Food Preservation
  7875. I'm not going to turn you away.
  7876. Look out!
  7877. This is for you.
  7878. PERSONAL SKILL. People are inclined to listen to me and do what I say.
  7879. Dramatically speeds up research projects.
  7880. I was just trying to tell Lily that we need to start looking for a new place to live.
  7881. Hey Doc, what do I do about this injury?
  7882. Nothing this organized, though.
  7883. You are not ranked on this leaderboard
  7884. .357 caliber
  7885. Okay... you say so. Maybe grab some meds from the communal supply though, huh?
  7886. Shit, I knew we should have picked Montana this year.
  7887. I've been looking for you.
  7888. Victor
  7889. Wait here. Looks like trouble ahead.
  7890. That's it! Charges set! Go go go!
  7891. ATTITUDE: Insensitive
  7892. Willing to share.
  7893. I just want you to know, you're doing great. Thanks.
  7894. Staffing:
  7895. You can scratch that supply run out of your day planner... and expect some harsh words from %1$s. Something about being hung out to dry? - %2$s
  7896. Who's interested in a little hunting practice?
  7897. Recoil Reduction
  7898. MISSION: Special Delivery
  7899. Hey, if that floats your boat, I'm not turning down free help.
  7900. Is that a threat?
  7901. Actor Will flee if Hungry
  7902. TRUST GAINED (Emotional Support)
  7903. Rescued.
  7904. Feel like lending a hand?
  7905. Well for now, that's a good enough reason. It's bad enough fighting zombies, I don't want to fight the Wilkersons, too.
  7906. HOME: Food Contamination
  7907. Kill that rotter!
  7908. Izquierdo
  7909. Increased XP from melee combat.
  7910. You learn a lot about human nature doing people's hair. My number one takeaway? We're doomed. (Counseling experience.)
  7911. Golf Club
  7912. In the old days they'd fill shotguns with nails, bits of glass, rocks, whatever they could get their hands on. Bet that'd ruin a zombie's day.
  7913. Not cool, brah. Not cool.
  7914. Kensenth
  7915. No sweat. I'll run interference while your people work.
  7916. That's not a good idea.
  7917. Okay, I'm headed your way.
  7918. Better wrap things up quick.
  7919. Talcum Powder
  7920. Well, the infestation's dealt with, but %1$s had a pretty nasty time of it. - %2$s
  7921. Anybody out there's got a set of wheels and the inclination to play good Samaritan, swing on by the farm.
  7922. <Laughs>
  7923. Johanson
  7924. Gather Progress
  7925. Tell Quentin?
  7926. Hold tight. I'm on my way.
  7927. Gamer Sigma
  7928. Here comes another horde.
  7929. Set Up Kitchen (builtin)
  7930. Watch your back!
  7931. I have other patients to see, but I will come visit the church and check on this friend of yours soon as I can. - %1$s
  7932. You the one the Wilkersons sent?
  7933. Suck it up. You survived that horde attack, you can survive this.
  7934. All set.
  7935. An unplanned death is a danger to everyone.
  7936. Job denied it, but I'm pretty sure they know something about it, at least.
  7937. Ask %s to join your home?
  7938. Almost home.
  7939. We've relocated to the Alamo BBQ and Burrito Hacienda. The food here wasn't very authentic, but the wall's surprisingly legit. - %1$s
  7940. Spotted a vet clinic that looks fairly untouched. We're going to go see what we can find. - %1$s
  7941. Just wondering if you've been having the same problem.
  7942. Destroyed 10 hordes in one day.
  7943. Get ‘em off the barricades!
  7944. <Coughing> In retrospect, I'm not sure which I regret more.
  7945. Civic Duty
  7946. I can do that.
  7947. Hey, just hang in there, okay?
  7948. 4 TANNER Sheila Brookstone
  7949. SET UP: Alamo Cold Storage
  7950. A garden would let us grow some of our own food instead of always having to scavenge.
  7951. Yeah... looking back on it, I should've gotten that dog.
  7952. Hey, listen, sometimes stuff breaks. It's nobody's fault, it just is what it is.
  7953. Reload Gun
  7954. Is now missing.
  7955. 16 GENERIC Devon Wall
  7956. Pike
  7957. Jesus, ain't there an end to these bastards?
  7958. Doesn't anybody check the dates on these bottles? All this goes in the trash now. -%1$s
  7959. You know what we need? A workshop. You know? Something that will show people that we can actually build on this place, ok? We don't just have to scrape by.
  7960. Better wrap up quick before they come to investigate.
  7961. Bloodstains on the carpet again?
  7962. I'm getting kinda worried about him. He's barely eating, he hardly says two words to anybody....
  7963. There's our target.
  7964. It takes hordes a while to congregate. If we clear some of them out, it'll make things easier for us. For a while, anyways.
  7965. That's not good.
  7966. So... %1$s decided to try and make that trade run on their own, and I haven't heard from them since. I'm getting worried. - %2$s
  7967. Do you have everything?
  7968. Player Match
  7969. AMMO RESOURCE. A hodgepodge of ammunition.
  7970. Credits
  7971. How about that? I might be an angel!
  7972. Incoming! Right side!
  7973. Well, nothing, Mickey... but then who's gonna bring you more?
  7974. Counseling
  7975. Yeah, come by if you're not too damn busy.
  7976. Stopping Power
  7977. Delay your decision.
  7978. They're gonna bust through any second!
  7979. Trade 15 Daily Rations of Food for 3 Cases of Ammunition.
  7980. EXPIRED: Seek and Destroy
  7981. 46 GENERIC Tom Cassavettes
  7982. Outpost Setup
  7983. Let's consider that done.
  7984. Good luck out there.
  7985. You can choose one of two special attacks.
  7986. Pistol: G21
  7987. Sure, I've got a lot of shit stashed. Always knew it would come in handy someday. (Hoarding tendencies.)
  7988. +71%
  7989. May God have mercy on your soul.
  7990. The Sheriff in Marshall asked me for some help, and I refused. I wonder if that was a mistake. - %1$s
  7991. A SUPPLY RUN is already in progress here.
  7992. They'll be on their way soon.
  7993. Outlaw
  7994. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. (Improves wits s-l-o-w-l-y.)
  7995. No. We're not opening up until the zombies are gone.
  7996. Illness Recovery Failed
  7997. Like, I never knew Bill Mahoney's backyard had an unobstructed view right into Katie St. John's bedroom window.
  7998. Get lost.
  7999. PERSONAL SKILL. Do you have a minute to discuss the use of symbolism in Anna Karenina?
  8000. Fuck! They're inside! They're inside!
  8001. %1$dm; %2$ds
  8002. Micro-brewer who left the big city to open a small pub in town.
  8003. SMG: MPS 90B
  8004. BONUS XP (Slaughter)
  8005. I'm going to have to ask you to move along. This area is under quarantine. No civilians allowed.
  8006. On second thought, I'm an idiot. Hold off.
  8007. There are supposed to be a lot of painless ways to do this. Course, all of them end with me turning, so I guess it's bullet in the head time. Fuck you, zombies. - %1$s
  8008. Don't count on a car surviving an encounter with one of these guys.
  8009. This was a total bust. There's nothing useful out here.
  8010. Safe Zone
  8011. Sally Jo
  8012. Albin
  8013. Just don't expect me to be running around town dodging zombies till then.
  8014. LMG: M249 SAW
  8015. So... that didn't suck.
  8016. Stay away! Just… Just stay away!
  8017. Asshole!
  8018. 70 GENERIC Hannah Nolan
  8019. I was just looking at our medical stockpiles, and we're running very low.
  8020. Cabin
  8021. No point in taking that.
  8022. Alcoholic
  8023. No, no no no no, here's good, here's safe, out there, bad!
  8024. We don't get some more food soon, we're gonna start having riots.
  8025. Go to the Ranger Station
  8026. <Coughing>
  8027. But they must have bailed in a big goddamn hurry to leave all this behind. Let's see if we can get a better look.
  8028. I heard from a buddy of mine in Marshall the Army rolled up on them and seized all their guns.
  8029. %.1f lbs
  8030. Assault Weapons
  8031. We're down to the stragglers now.
  8032. I almost turned onto the highway to go talk to him in person.
  8033. It looks like work's going to be stalled a bit. - %1$s
  8034. Other survivors want to join us.
  8035. Thank you, %1$s. You were a real life-saver back there. - %3$s
  8036. Damn, you came out of that without a scratch?
  8037. Check that out.
  8038. Okay, that's all we needed.
  8039. "Ugh. Me Lurgh. Me make medicine with fire. Fire good magic. Fire keep saber-tooth tiger away." -The guy who made this batch of meds.
  8040. Bricks
  8041. Sets zeds on fire. They don't seem to like it much. Watch it with this one--it's got a kick.
  8042. 60 GENERIC Vince Meeks
  8043. I think they want to eat us!
  8044. Workshop
  8045. I need more than just painkillers.
  8046. Not zombies. Dead people. These folks never turned. No injuries on any of them but a single gunshot, right in the head.
  8047. Let's scope this place out.
  8048. Good deal.
  8049. Trumbull County bought these second hand off the Feds six years ago. They still have great speed and handling. Seats four (two uncomfortably).
  8050. NOTE: You rock!
  8051. Jeez, you okay? You're not looking so good.
  8052. Probably waiting to break my leg and steal my haul.
  8053. Shotgun: Warden
  8054. Should save this til I need an energy boost.
  8055. We could check it out.
  8056. Good. That's good. And everybody got those special presents I gave you?
  8057. Argument between Jacob and Lily.
  8058. A P226 used by select U.S. military units.
  8059. I'm going home. I'll see you around.
  8060. If you knock a zombie down, you need to finish it off.
  8061. Reinsert the storage device, or you may continue without saving and lose any progress made.
  8062. Found next to action figures. Replica.
  8063. I need some backup here!
  8064. You can choose a gun specialization if you haven't already chosen a weapon specialization.
  8065. Protects against spoilage and opens up new recipes.
  8066. Yeeeeaaaaargh!
  8067. Seriously, that was freaking insane! How the hell'd you do that?
  8068. And yet you're out here, violating quarantine, unlawfully occupying people's homes. Great parenting.
  8069. Contact!
  8070. You're a real hero.
  8071. As far as anybody around here knows, we're kinda nobodies.
  8072. We don't know he was going to die, Alan!
  8073. No Actions Available
  8074. You got red on you.
  8075. I mean, not that I don't appreciate you coming all this way to find me, but I paid Ray half my weekly food ration for the lead on this place.
  8076. %1$s is contagious. Good thing we decided to keep the sick people in the infirmary. The last thing we need is for half the community to be out of commission.
  8077. Let's see anybody ban these bad boys now!
  8078. I appreciate it.
  8079. Just follow me. And stay close, I'd rather you didn't get eaten.
  8080. Prevents sleep deprivation.
  8081. Meyer
  8082. Taking things from their SUPPLY LOCKER will cost less INFLUENCE now.
  8083. Well, that's just fine. I've got a few more deals to make, but I'll let you know as soon as everything's taken care of.
  8084. Note to self: deals with Job Wilkerson are bad news. - %1$s
  8085. We don't drive enough for FUEL to be a concern for cars, but we may want it for making firebombs.
  8086. Heads up, survivors. Looks like it's getting pretty bad out there.
  8087. We could make the things we need to fight zombies instead of having to scavenge for everything.
  8088. Nobody deserves to be in debt to the Wilkersons. - %1$s
  8089. Ranger station?
  8090. Long range service provider. Scoped.
  8091. --------
  8092. Psst! On the left.
  8093. Scavenging Speed
  8094. Kline
  8095. Wow, that is not a normal zombie.
  8096. No more free cars for me.
  8097. Rescued Maya.
  8098. So next time you get into an argument, try using your words.
  8099. Training Area
  8100. My hero.
  8101. Thanks. I'm ready to go.
  8102. Not your fault. I just hope things there aren't as bad as they are here.
  8103. Potatoes
  8104. I mean, is this what we're risking a hideous, painful death for? Living on scraps in the ashes of civilization? - %1$s
  8105. Goddammit.
  8106. Here, help me move this against the wall. We need to clear a space for the wounded.
  8107. Well, that's good. Here. Managed to scrounge you some immunosuppressants. Should moderate the worst of your symptoms.
  8108. I... what? Okay... wow. Wasn't expecting that.
  8109. That would be a huge help.
  8110. Use the "Preserve Food" action at the Storage facility.
  8111. Mm-hmm.
  8112. Schulden
  8113. Minimart
  8114. Mcneal
  8115. What, you think I wouldn't help my fellow man unless it was court ordered?
  8116. I know things look pretty grim, but what's the alternative? Strike out on your own?
  8117. How you doin'?
  8118. Forceps
  8119. Need to be on foot for this one.
  8120. Well, I kinda took that guy's walkie-talkie. Maybe we can raise somebody on that?
  8121. 68 GENERIC Janet Weiss
  8122. Meeting new allies has earned you Fame.
  8123. Am I supposed to just take this abuse day after day?
  8124. Uh, we, we need to get out of here.
  8125. Ok, I'll run this home.
  8126. Goddammit, they're coming from the rear, too!
  8128. Play matchmaker for Quentin and Becca.
  8129. Mmmm, guarana. (Removes penalties to your maximum stamina)
  8130. TIP: You can now switch off between Maya and Marcus.
  8131. You might want to go check on... whatever's going on down by the bridges.
  8132. SET UP: Refrigerated Storage
  8133. So, yeah, we both drank more than we probably should, and there's this couch in the manager's office, and... yeah.
  8134. Scheideler
  8135. Think you could help me out here?
  8136. Bad Tidings
  8137. Zombies to the left. Don't think they spotted us yet.
  8138. Girl's got the common sense God gave a tree stump. You're worse than your brother.
  8139. Shotgun: Model 1100
  8140. Infestation destroyed.
  8141. You can carry more weight in your pack before becoming encumbered.
  8142. We're on it.
  8143. Assault Rifle: ACR
  8144. -%d Minute(s)
  8145. Okay.
  8146. What's the situation at home?
  8147. Wish I had, friend, but whatever they're up to, they aren't telling me anything about it.
  8148. Michael
  8149. Upgrade to Bunkhouse
  8150. Here they come on the left flank!
  8151. Maybe I'll go out to the infirmary. And just lie there by myself, seeing as how nobody's working it.
  8152. +30 Food, Ammo, Medicine, Fuel, and Materials capacity.
  8153. Catch you later.
  8154. Well, you're human after all.
  8155. What's the sitch?
  8156. Let's rock and roll, brother!
  8157. Marshall
  8158. Plastic Sheeting
  8159. Wakizashi
  8160. Jesus, watch the doors!
  8161. I'm not alone in here.
  8162. It's another beautiful day.
  8163. We go to work.
  8164. YOU
  8165. Me and a couple guys from my unit came up here to do some deer hunting.
  8166. We were foolish to ever think you could be trusted. - Your reluctant neighbor, %1$s
  8167. Christmas dinner comes early this year.
  8168. My dad got me my first ham radio set when I was 12. I guess I kinda got hooked.
  8169. So what exactly are these laws?
  8170. You know it. Our people get shit done. Nobody here's afraid to mix it up with zed.
  8171. Sure it bucks like a donkey with a bee under its saddle, but it's just so satisfying!
  8172. We will?
  8173. This is gonna take a while. Hope you're ready for company.
  8174. We should collect some more medicine.
  8175. Assault Rifle Specialization Improved! (Reload Speed Increased)
  8176. Dammit.
  8177. What's the point of even trying against something like that?
  8178. Okay, look. Before all this started, I was... I had problems, okay?
  8179. Bat
  8180. Caution is key--now I'm less likely to break stuff when I search.
  8181. Nice place.
  8182. For the last time, asshole, nobody's going to help you rescue your action figure collection! We got enough problems already. -%1$s
  8183. I'm up. I'll take a look around.
  8184. Hell with this. Y'all want to risk your asses for his dumb fuck pal, knock yourselves out.
  8185. A special attack that hits everything in a large area in front of you.
  8186. Seriously, though, rule number one: All the food stays in here, and it stays sealed.
  8187. No more painkillers.
  8188. It might sound corny, but I've been encouraging people to share stories about where they're from. Turns out people have a lot more in common than they might think. - %1$s
  8189. How so?
  8190. Not one perimeter breach.
  8191. Awesome! Now that we've established an outpost, we can really start pushing the zombies back and reclaiming the valley.
  8192. Escobar
  8193. Don't know what for, but I figure if anybody can track 'em down, it'd be you.
  8194. He's not well, son, and he's gonna be worse if I have to keep tending to these interruptions.
  8195. Hey, don't be a stranger.
  8196. You know how it sucks when your hatchet breaks right in the middle of splatting zombies?
  8197. I met Eli, the youngest Wilkerson brother, when I rescued Jacob.
  8198. From Home
  8199. Insulation
  8200. Watch your ammo and try to reload when it's safe.
  8201. Geez, that thing coulda exploded in my hand! The hell is wrong with people? - %1$s
  8202. Oh... the expiration date said "2010," not "2018." - %1$s
  8203. They're still out there.
  8204. Sit tight, we'll be there soon.
  8205. Volpe
  8206. Hey look, you didn't hear this from me, but you need to be extra careful next time you go out.
  8207. Wanker.
  8208. Dammit! This is taking longer than I thought.
  8209. Provides food daily
  8210. -%d Hour(s)
  8211. Resources: ????
  8212. Let's clear them out.
  8213. Great. I think we'll all benefit from this trade.
  8214. %+d Cases of Medicine
  8215. Rodeo Bleachers
  8216. Nothing they didn't deserve.
  8217. Clear Out the Zombies
  8218. Quit dicking around and get back inside!
  8219. I'm out.
  8220. 19 GENERIC Simon Sayers
  8221. Lost Brother
  8222. All in a day's work.
  8223. Event: Food poisoning
  8224. You get my back, I'll get yours!
  8225. Callie
  8226. Got any inspiration for me?
  8227. Woo! That one'll wake you up in the morning, huh? Damn near had a heart attack. - %1$s
  8229. Fell in the initial attack.
  8230. Red felt tip pen on construction paper, large lettering.
  8231. He's hurt, and... look.
  8232. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Collect Guns
  8233. So, Colton and Strand? Did you serve with them?
  8234. You must be signed-in to Xbox LIVE in order to purchase the full game.
  8235. Signed, sealed, and delivered. Now we'll see if Ray comes through with payment. - %1$s
  8236. They weren't that impressed.
  8237. Liked to Tinker
  8238. In case you haven't noticed, we're not exactly overburdened with strong leadership types. Alan's the only bastard cold enough to support a plan like that, and, well...
  8239. Right. Let's get the hell back to the ranger station and get out of here.
  8240. If they couldn't survive on their own, what chance has anybody got?
  8241. Okay, just about done. We clear?
  8242. I really like this girl. I just want to make sure I'm not making a mistake.
  8243. Mickey, I could use some covering fire!
  8244. Sorry. Not interested.
  8245. Liliana
  8246. It's not too late to seek redemption.
  8247. Great. Let's keep it that way.
  8248. Cooperation is the key. We have to learn to live together. We have to learn to work together. (Idealistic.)
  8249. Sorry, kid. If we're going by "who's dying first," I got you beat by at least a few months.
  8250. Nah, let's wait on this one.
  8251. Face, meet bat.
  8252. Has left the community.
  8253. I've seen some fucked up shit, believe me. (Good in an infirmary)
  8254. Almost. Just give me a second.
  8255. Higgins
  8256. Events
  8257. Hey, we've run into some trouble.
  8258. Alright. Hope the return trip goes well.
  8259. I confess that particular intelligence has eluded me until now.
  8260. A word of warning about the Wilkersons, though....
  8261. Sentencing severity reduced by 33%.
  8262. No ma'am.
  8263. There's a horde right behind us. Move your asses!
  8264. Guess that's two I owe you. I'll meet you out front.
  8265. SICK
  8266. It's always hard to lose one of our own. Seems like we've lost so many people....
  8267. COMPLETED: The Wall
  8268. Look, I know there's some food here somewhere, I just... gotta find it. Please. It's for my brother.
  8269. Farmhouse Food Storage
  8270. Survival Handbook
  8271. Claire
  8272. If there is, we'll have to make an incision through the skull to drain off the excess fluid.
  8273. Community Reputation Worsened
  8274. I managed to get clear, but they were right on my ass and I was low on ammo.
  8275. Resources Gained
  8276. Eesh. That place is crawling with zombies.
  8277. Check it out. I managed to decrypt this signal.
  8278. Your momma's so dumb zombies call her "appetizer."
  8279. Critical failure!
  8280. Allows weapon repair and item creation.
  8281. %.2f lbs
  8282. Madaleno
  8283. Follow Jacob
  8284. It's one thing to know how to roll with the punches. It's better if you can avoid 'em all together. (Great reflexes.)
  8285. Ally Fled (Food Shortage)
  8286. I'm not in charge.
  8287. Available
  8288. Yeah! C'mon, you shit-eatin' sonsabitches!
  8289. Scanning.
  8290. Well, I suppose I owe you one.
  8291. %1$s is sick now too.
  8292. Remote enough we'd have to drive to get anywhere, but I see your point.
  8293. Gunpowder
  8294. That's not important. Is it true?
  8295. Choose a specialization
  8296. Get Doc Hanson.
  8297. Wait!
  8298. I'm just worn out. Food isn't going to change that.
  8299. Those folks need someone to help them get down here. -%2$s
  8300. Honestly, a little town like this? It's not like the stores here had the greatest selection to begin with.
  8301. Fortunately, I have faith in you.
  8302. He needed a doctor.
  8303. Huh. I expected the universe to shit on us.
  8304. Just got word that a whole bunch more zombies are headed your way.
  8305. %1$s made the ultimate sacrifice.
  8306. Yeah, didn't think so.
  8307. Trujillo
  8308. Come on now, don't y'all be a bunch of pussies! We still need somebody with a ride down here at the farm!
  8309. Sudden noises are great for grabbing attention. (Best to toss these and then run or hide.)
  8311. Engaging!
  8312. Look for Alan Gunderson
  8313. -60% Max Stamina
  8314. Hey, hey! Low stamina makes it easier for the zeds to drag you down.
  8315. You gonna be okay on your own?
  8316. Shit, they're around back!
  8317. You are still ENCUMBERED. Stamina will drain rapidly while sprinting.
  8318. Gamer Rating
  8319. EXPIRED: Zed Hunt
  8320. Fear Itself
  8321. Uppercut
  8322. Listen, I'm a generous guy, but at some point you're just taking advantage of me.
  8323. Desperately Need Medicine
  8324. Wonder what's gonna go wrong today.
  8325. XP penalty from Two Left Feet.
  8326. Retrieved Thomas Ritter's watch for Lily. Something to remember him by.
  8327. Looks like we have an issue in the Kitchen.
  8328. Reduced Wound Recovery chance.
  8329. Keep them off the barricades!
  8330. Sight Adjustment Tools
  8331. Gathered medicine.
  8332. Hold [LB] to search faster!
  8333. Mickey, can you watch my ass?
  8334. I managed to find %3$s and get them home safe and sound.
  8335. Talk to %1$s %2$s
  8336. You're giving away our goddamn position with this Rambo shit.
  8337. Press DOWN on the DPad to use your Radio.
  8338. Anybody tell you you can be a real meanie-weenie?
  8339. Whitlock
  8340. Search and Rescue
  8341. Lorenz
  8342. Scientific Principles
  8343. 105 STORY Philip Manfred
  8344. Great. Out of food.
  8345. You sure about this?
  8346. Yeah, well, excuse me for not being team cheerleader.
  8347. Helped %3$s with a supply run. They were glad for the help, so they cut us in. -%1$s
  8348. He's a whiz with a gun, and the dozens of taxidermied animals on his wall prove it.
  8349. RIP Andy
  8350. What the hell is that?
  8351. Bullying
  8352. Okay, I'm getting close now.
  8353. That's it.
  8354. Good sightlines up there.
  8355. Jesus. This is getting ridiculous. I'll bet you Judge Lawton's not going hungry.
  8356. I had this one little black dress she borrowed every time she went out on a first date. I didn't have the heart to tell her it just wasn't working for her.
  8357. Extreme Couponing
  8358. I appreciate you coming to get me, but I really need to find this. You think you can come with me while I look for it?
  8359. I've got this one.
  8360. For God's sake, I just kept a few cans of tuna so my wife could eat!
  8361. Scratch that off the wish list.
  8362. Probably not a bad idea to switch up your weapons every once in a while.
  8363. Really gives you a sense of the big picture, you know? Go ahead, have a look. Take it in.
  8364. Foreman
  8365. Headed off to join the other Wilkersons.
  8366. Ranger Gunderson - We apologize, but despite your repeated requests we cannot authorize the purchase of any .50 caliber hunting rifles for the ranger station. We would like to remind you that bears have not been seen on Mt. Tanner in over forty years, and moreover large-caliber rifles are not a recommended means of dealing with rogue bears.
  8367. Trait Discovered: Game Breaker
  8368. Futility
  8369. And since you apparently can't figure it out for yourself, we are better armed, armored, and equipped than a bunch of drunk hillbillies with hunting rifles.
  8370. The sooner the better.
  8371. This may be our one chance. We've gotta get on this.
  8372. Come on, I'll show you where I'm staying.
  8373. Need Building Materials
  8374. Cheer
  8375. It ain't wise to cross me.
  8376. So, look. I really appreciate you dragging me out here for this little heart-to-heart, but....
  8377. We have food, water, and shelter, and we're willing to share.
  8378. Unh... I ain't gonna last long leaking like a busted radiator.
  8379. Need enough BEDS for everyone or they won't be rested.
  8380. Send in backup!
  8381. The man loves cars.
  8382. +10
  8383. Based on this information, and for your own safety, I'm declaring a lockdown, effective immediately and until further notice.
  8384. Ritter
  8385. Bastards aren't opening the gates, meanwhile my boys are sitting out here like a goddamn mobile brain buffet. So no, everything's pretty much not okay.
  8387. What's the situation out there?
  8388. %1$dm
  8389. Kaelyn
  8390. %1$s is pretty obnoxious.
  8391. Soap Opera Trivia
  8392. Medicine's been one of the more popular things to loot since all this started, but you can still find it if you know where to look.
  8393. Lily's trying to pick up the pieces.
  8394. Roman
  8395. Revolver: Anvil
  8396. Sorry you wasted a trip. I'm not going back.
  8397. Collins
  8398. Damn, I shoulda told that guy to haul my ass to a city.
  8399. Cool. This isn't over, though.
  8400. Sounds like the folks at the grange could use some help with their defenses. - %1$s
  8401. Hurry! Please!
  8402. Since the zombie apocalypse, Judge Lawton has been the front-runner in maintaining some semblance of society amongst the survivors.
  8403. Tell you one thing: I'd be welcome in any community. With these things roaming around, everyone could use a drink. (Can cook.)
  8404. Damn, I'm tired.
  8405. Event: Deadly Disagreement
  8406. Paul
  8407. Me? Don't be silly, I'm perfectly fine. No, UI don't know why %2$s said they heard me sobbing last night. Maybe it was somebody else? - %1$s
  8408. Restores max Stamina a little. Fresh from our med lab. Heisenberg would be proud.
  8409. Etiquette
  8410. Hello?
  8411. Locked
  8412. Bug
  8413. Overclock
  8414. We're going to get through this. Now come on.
  8415. We've been actively sniping zombies, giving us a larger safe area around our home.
  8416. I think I managed to listen in on some pretty heavy-duty stuff. Want to hear?
  8417. Earn and spend this every day. Use it or lose it.
  8418. Medicine Cache
  8419. Assault Rifle Specialization Improved!
  8420. %s < %d
  8421. Gotta be honest, I have no idea what to do now.
  8422. He usually goes to ground here when things get bad. Maybe that's where he holed up.
  8423. Food, Medicine, and Ammunition all play key survival roles.
  8424. Yo yo yo!
  8425. Target acquired.
  8426. %s Supply Run: On The Move
  8427. Storage Room
  8428. Ohhhhh, shiiiiiiiiit!
  8429. Taking this one on foot.
  8430. Used to track characters that have become hurt in order to allow them to recover during gameplay
  8431. Store of Knowledge
  8432. Back again, huh?
  8433. Hey there, sports fan.
  8434. What? How can you just ignore this?
  8435. Sports Trivia
  8436. This'll be a piece of cake.
  8437. Yeah. I'm in.
  8438. START MISSION. Earn Trust and Influence.
  8439. Hey, shut it. That's a Screamer.
  8440. Dining Area
  8441. Well, we've got to do something. We can't keep relying on Ray and his swap meets to keep us in food.
  8442. Desperate People
  8443. It's okay. I know you tried your best.
  8444. Zeds dislike fire. This one comes fresh out of our workshop, so go us!
  8445. Looks like you need a little something for the pain.
  8446. COMPLETED: Army Sighting
  8447. Lost faith. Abandoned the community.
  8448. It's all about staying calm under pressure. I reload my guns a lot faster now.
  8449. Hope you're about done there, because it's about to get messy.
  8450. We can't stay here. Come on, let's grab what we can and get moving.
  8451. Fat lot of good that did anybody else.
  8452. Steve
  8453. Schultz
  8454. Assault Rifle: AKMS
  8455. Juarez
  8456. Myra
  8457. This is a total mess.
  8458. Might want to see what we can do to beef up our rep.
  8459. I thought we were goners back there. I mean, I've seen some bad shit in my time, but that was... damn.
  8460. Can I just go on the record and say that that really sucked?
  8461. Holy crap!
  8462. The Kirkman Residence is a bit bigger than the church, and has a built-in workshop. - %1$s
  8463. Attempt to make contact with a new group of survivors
  8464. This sixty year-old is nowhere near retirement.
  8465. BOASTFUL people have their drawbacks.
  8466. %3$s seems to have gotten it together. -%1$s
  8467. But if we had reference material, we could do a whole lot more.
  8468. Help. It's called… it's called help. I know you probably haven't heard of it, whatever. Just… oh God.
  8469. Julie
  8470. You know expired meds are worse than nothing, right? Ugh, throw all these out! -%1$s
  8471. Have you looked at the streets lately? It's like every day is Zombie Pride Day.
  8472. Dammit! Back me up!
  8473. Zed Hunt (Rotter)
  8474. Asshole
  8475. Are you sure? I mean, the church has been home since this started. I hate to leave it.
  8476. Why haven't you kicked him out, then?
  8477. Head to the Grange
  8478. Community Morale is Very Low
  8479. Survivor
  8480. Hate those things.
  8481. Huh. So that's what they mean by "no such thing as an unloaded gun." Sorry %2$s. - %1$s
  8482. You're a bunch of law-breaking delinquents, but you're tough. I might have a use for you. I'll be in touch. - %1$s
  8483. Great. No keys. Guess we're walking after all.
  8484. I'm not saying there's nothing to worry about, but there's no need to panic. We're doing pretty well, all things considered.
  8485. Up ahead.
  8486. We're running low on food here. If anyone has any leads on unspoiled food stores, well, we'd really appreciate it.
  8487. You think it's an evac route?
  8488. Dude, that was too close, too close!
  8489. -40% Max Vitality
  8490. Glutton
  8491. Found some weapons.
  8492. I can carry the goods and make the exchange, but it'd be nice to have some backup.
  8493. Exit Game
  8494. We've got problems at one of our outposts.
  8495. Come on then, you think you're hard enough!
  8496. Beer Pong
  8497. Heavy, sturdy and all business.
  8498. That's nothing. I caught him earlier, staring at a pistol like it was his long-lost best friend.
  8499. Hey, I appreciate the help. I know it's not easy.
  8500. Too Many Hordes
  8501. Still can't wrap her head around what's going on.
  8502. This one's tough.
  8503. I'm kinda messed up, Doc. What should I do?
  8504. Model 1100 for police and militray use.
  8505. Shoot them in the head. Body shots will never kill them.
  8506. And that, my friends, is how we do that!
  8507. Beats the hell out of me. They just showed up, dragged us out onto the street, and sent in those guys in hazmat suits.
  8508. His faith has not wavered.
  8509. Shit. I miss my old place.
  8510. Yeah, damn right never mind. We're done, that's the final word.
  8511. Hope nobody was planning on making firebombs any time soon.
  8512. It's a car. Wait, is that for me?
  8513. Sales
  8514. I'm outta here.
  8515. Damn. We were doing pretty well there up until the end.
  8516. Fortify the Farmhouse
  8517. We don't have anybody free to make a run right now.
  8518. Phosphorus
  8519. I gotta get out of here!
  8520. Cassavettes
  8521. Increase protected range around the outpost.
  8522. What happened?
  8523. Yeah, over here.
  8524. We might have to start saving brass soon.
  8525. Shit, bulletproof zombies!
  8526. Clubbing zombies on the head is a surefire way to improve your Blunt Weapon Specialization.
  8527. Heavy Weapon Specialization Improved!
  8528. This gun can't take a suppressor.
  8529. Requires ART GALLERIES.
  8530. What? Never heard of comfort food? Don't you judge me. - %1$s
  8531. I honestly don't think there's anybody left that's not hurt. Before long we're all gonna be screwed.
  8532. This is all we could find up on the ridge. No survivors, though.
  8533. Fresh batch just came out of the barrels. You interested?
  8534. These days just about every place has security cameras, and a lot of those systems have battery backups in case the power fails.
  8535. God, will somebody shut that thing up?
  8536. Empty.
  8537. HOME: Bonding
  8538. I've already done the calculations and I believe I will be the victor.
  8539. A must have.
  8540. New Friend
  8541. Watch my back.
  8542. Fodor
  8543. Find Sheriff Carl Parsons.
  8544. Local charity worker and activist.
  8545. Attention civilians Remain in your homes with the doors locked and the windows secured.
  8546. Stamina penalty.
  8547. Exercise Area
  8548. You stay the fuck away from %1$s, %2$s. Next time it won't just be an argument.
  8549. Need something?
  8550. He was unconscious for most of it. Only woke up a couple of times.
  8551. Come on, no sense in dilly-dallying.
  8552. So, what was that with you and Lily?
  8553. Okay, we really need to do something about all these infestations. The more infestations out there, the greater the danger. - %1$s
  8554. I ever tell you I was one of those people in the cold open of a cop show?
  8555. Just the usual. Watch for screamers and kill any zombies you see.
  8556. Got them.
  8557. Evade attacks as they come in.
  8558. If we put a little more work into our infirmary, we might be able to actually get ahead of it. Preventative medicine and all that.
  8559. Can I help?
  8560. Survivor's Guilt
  8561. She was supposed to be gathering supplies from here. Maybe she's still around.
  8562. Oh, for fuck's sake!
  8563. Choose Action
  8564. The good stuff.
  8565. Poor bastard. Well, let's see if he's got a wallet on him or something.
  8566. Halverson
  8567. Yeah, well, people are scared. It only makes sense.
  8568. Zombie Horde Attacking Home!
  8569. We're getting a lot of good use out of the workspace, but if we put a little more time and effort into it, we could start doing some basic automotive repair.
  8570. Come on, I saw a truck just up the road. I don't think you should be walking.
  8571. Wonder if my bros made it. (Decent cook.)
  8572. Oh, shit!
  8573. Great. I'm on my way.
  8574. Black Fever?
  8575. Oscar
  8576. I've got things under control in here. You just get out there and keep them off my back.
  8577. This place looks nice and defensible. Long as we don't run out of supplies, we should be okay.
  8578. You can't ask me to do this!
  8579. We may have something here for the pain, but I'm more concerned about this fever. Could be a sign of infection.
  8580. Probably ought to lock me up somewhere. I don't want to turn in the middle of the base and start eating people.
  8581. MORALE ISSUE: Anger
  8582. NOTE: Safe and Sound
  8583. Has worked at the local drugstore for 30 years.
  8584. SMG: Mini Uzi 22
  8585. Mickey and Job will meet you there.
  8586. Tired
  8587. Quick and efficient. That was great.
  8588. That was intense! Gonna be riding this high for a while. Go team! - %1$s
  8589. You seen Job around?
  8590. Blunt Weapon
  8591. Coordinating things at home.
  8592. I think it's one of these.
  8593. Clear Infestation
  8594. DANGER: Extremely Low Morale
  8595. Artillery strike, my position, now now now!
  8596. Donut Shop
  8597. That's it. I see our target.
  8598. %1$s committed suicide. I guess we all saw it coming, but nobody did anything to stop it. There was no note. - Lily
  8599. Sacrifice.
  8600. I've got somebody here.
  8601. Well, I guess you're not a total dumbass.
  8602. I think he might be delirious.
  8603. Jesus. This is like walking through a war zone. - %1$s
  8604. Ah, negative Charlie Six, hold position.
  8605. COMPLETED: Friendly Survivors
  8606. Didn't blow up.
  8607. Barn
  8608. Well, that sucks. Guess we walk from here.
  8609. Points
  8610. Time to pound the pavement.
  8611. Let's just focus on not getting eaten for now.
  8612. Artillery Marker
  8613. There's a cell tower behind the Swine & Bovine. From up there you should be able to get a good look at the town.
  8614. Can you make it down to Spencer's Mill? Some of us are holed up at the church.
  8615. 64 GENERIC Gene Evans
  8616. TIP: If you relocate, you will abandon your current home.
  8617. +200%
  8618. It's getting worse out there.
  8619. Don't worry about it. We'll just... borrow a car before we head home.
  8620. You guys need a hand?
  8621. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Daily Influence
  8623. I told you that guy was dead.
  8624. Get out of there!
  8625. A martial arts fighting stick.
  8626. Jerk
  8627. Stirring up trouble.
  8628. Mercenaries
  8629. Requires: %1$d Materials
  8630. Zombie Infestation
  8631. A little trouble focusing. (Improves wits slowly.)
  8632. Okay, yeah, let's go.
  8633. Saving
  8634. Where's it going?
  8635. Here. Just like we agreed on.
  8636. %3$s has been on edge lately. Better do something about that before it gets out of hand -%2$s
  8637. Like hell I'm going outside with this leg. Even one of those fatass zombies could catch me right now.
  8638. Two. Afghanistan.
  8639. Ready to go?
  8640. %1$s is losing faith.
  8641. Doc Hanson's with the Wilkersons. From everything I've heard, these people are dangerous. - %1$s
  8642. Some people have moral objections to our choices.
  8643. Oh man, he blew up. We had a huge fight, didn't talk for years after that.
  8644. Got killed by zombies.
  8645. We're not talking razor wire and Jersey barriers here. These are serious walls, the kind they use to stop car bombers from driving onto Army bases.
  8646. Ray
  8647. Sounds like things are mostly quiet out there.
  8648. If they can't see you, they can't eat you.
  8649. TIP: Use an EXPLOSIVE or INCENDIARY to go out in a Blaze of Glory.
  8650. Construction
  8651. Debug3
  8652. This is an open message to any survivors in Trumbull Valley.
  8653. What is it?
  8654. Requires 23 CATS.
  8655. Are you trying to draw attention?
  8656. Tell me you weren't with Eli Wilkerson again.
  8657. Don't be a stranger.
  8658. I already told you, we don't have any ammo! Christ, we're down to killing zombies with two-by-fours!
  8659. Sanchez
  8660. Paxton
  8661. What? Oh, Jesus, just... word of advice? Job Wilkerson offers you anything on credit, you run for the hills like your ass is on fire.
  8662. Chef's Knife
  8663. One of those big bastards has been tromping around. We've avoided it so far, but we need to take it out.
  8664. Fashion
  8665. I guess....
  8666. Some folks are kind of worried about you. You okay?
  8667. That's your problem
  8668. No problem.
  8669. I'm about wrapped up here.
  8670. MISSION COMPLETE: Help Doc Hanson
  8671. 55 GENERIC Aidan Murray
  8672. Maybe I'll go out to the infirmary. And just lie there by myself, since nobody's working it.
  8673. Distracted zombies to complete an objective.
  8674. You don't have to do this, Alan. We can figure something out, buddy.
  8675. Good thing we had an infirmary.
  8676. Honestly, I don't know which prospect scares me more.
  8677. Okay, so, guess you didn't think that was worthwhile. Fair enough. - %1$s
  8678. Grenade, Landmine, Firebomb, Suppressor
  8679. PERSONAL SKILL. Plants aren't so different from us. Each one has its own needs, and if you don't tend to those needs they'll end up choking each other to death.
  8680. Gunsmith's Manual
  8681. Their numbers make them dangerous.
  8682. Acquired TRUCK KEYS and RADIO.
  8683. Mistakenly thought the World Stroganoff Cookoff was in town.
  8684. Yeah, you know what, I'll just take that.
  8685. Values people over orders.
  8686. Yeah, well... better stock up on meds. Pastor Will's not looking so great.
  8687. Sgt. Erik Tan
  8688. Preacher
  8689. Seay
  8690. Hi, Becca.
  8691. It takes some real hand-to-hand combat skill to take these on. - %1$s
  8692. I don't know, man. Doesn't make sense.
  8693. Faith
  8694. Airtight Bags
  8695. Little closer... little closer... fuck you!
  8696. Listen, whatever the problem is, you need to knock that shit off. You're starting to freak out the others.
  8697. Need to head home and rest. Eating won't help.
  8698. Wine should have a vintage. Clothing can be vintage. Antibiotics should not be vintage. -%1$s
  8699. 116 STORY Jackson Hollis
  8700. My best friend growing up was this kid named Danny Morse. His family, they were fucking loaded--I think they owned a bunch of real estate or something.
  8701. Dude, I don't even know if I like you any more.
  8702. HOME: Wipeout
  8703. Spotted something interesting. There should be some useful stuff there.
  8704. I'm trying to avoid combat, but it's difficult.
  8705. Hell with that! We ain't got time for half-asses and lollygaggers. We need boys we can rely on.
  8706. Hey, it's not my fault! %2$s keeps trimming {[2:mn]his}{[2:f]her} toenails while I'm trying to eat. It's sick!
  8707. Hold on!
  8708. He's been really moody ever since Eli died. He won't talk to me about it.
  8709. Look, the infirmary's no damn good if we don't have somebody to run it.
  8710. FAILED: Indefensible
  8711. It's not safe here! Too many zeds around.
  8712. SUPPLY RUN: Ammo Acquired
  8713. Mission?
  8714. What do you say? You'll get a cut of the deal, of course - provided it all goes according to plan.
  8715. Carlos
  8716. Just acquired a stash of military style weapons and I feel like sharing. Benefits of being on my good side. - Mickey Wilkerson
  8717. He always had a good head on his shoulders. If he was in trouble, he would've tried to get inside, fortify someplace till we came looking.
  8718. New developments.
  8719. Matthew
  8720. Good for making and repairing stuff.
  8721. Blessed is the Lord.
  8722. TIP: Press [Y] to open or close a door.
  8723. Need me to come along?
  8724. Switch Camera
  8725. Save Created
  8726. I think she's really depressed.
  8727. I will fuck you up!
  8728. We appreciate everything you've done for us. - Your neighbor, %1$s
  8729. Outpost
  8730. Adam
  8731. Fishing before dawn is awesome, except when you were up till three the night before. Where the hell does Ed put all that whiskey? - %1$s
  8732. Change Storage Location
  8733. Yeah. Just seems like we can't catch a break.
  8734. Got some stuff we could use as weapons here.
  8735. unlocked
  8736. Sure is nice to see you round here.
  8737. %1$s was out scouting. Make it home, but just barely. Had to burn some medicine on the wound. -%2$s
  8738. We've got this covered.
  8739. Come on, let's clear this place out.
  8740. Army
  8741. Oh yeah, there's a way easier approach for that.
  8742. My luck I'll get infected and die....
  8743. But we can't stop fighting. If we give up, we're nothing. Less than nothing. Who's going to remember us if we roll over and die?
  8744. Man, I hope not. We've got some survivors back at the ranger station that seem to know what's going on, but we didn't have time for orientation.
  8745. Kinda busy here. Can it wait?
  8746. .45 caliber royalty.
  8747. ATTITUDE: Supportive
  8748. Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!
  8749. %+d Community Fame (Social Network)
  8750. Make Chemical Incendiaries
  8751. I think that made quite an... impression. Get it? Guys?
  8752. You have exceeded my expectations, and to you I say congratulations.
  8753. He's dead.
  8754. We need to get a better sense of what's going on around us. A quick survey would do us a lot of good. -%2$s
  8755. Oakley
  8756. Altman
  8757. I'm getting worried about her. She's barely eating, she hardly says two words to anybody....
  8758. I know. I'm sorry I blew up at you.
  8759. Nothing too onerous. You'll keep to the curfew, put any supplies you gather toward the community pool, and respect the rights and property of the others in the community.
  8760. Yeah, kiss my ass.
  8761. Uh... I came from the church. Pastor William sent me? I'm here to pick up the doctor.
  8762. Blue felt tip pen on white nopepad. Three extra question marks.
  8763. <Heavy sigh.>
  8764. Holy crap. I can't believe we survived that.
  8765. Used to train race horses.
  8766. Fuck! They're inside!
  8767. Wounded Scout
  8768. Dear Anthony, We waited as long as we could. Your father isn't willing to stay any longer. I suppose he's right. We can't risk everyone else. I hope you find this note and that you come find us. We didn't want to leave without you. We love you. Be safe.
  8769. Debug4
  8770. Mayonnaise
  8771. I'm done here.
  8772. Put Andy Pimms to Rest
  8773. INCIDENT: SWAT Zombie Encounter
  8774. We're all ready to go. Just waiting on you.
  8775. Madisyn
  8776. I'll be back.
  8777. Fancy Machete
  8778. Thanks for coming with me, but... you mind waiting here? I want to say goodbye privately.
  8779. Eliza
  8780. Disinfectant
  8781. I don't really need this now.
  8782. These things last a while past the expiration date, but not forever. -%1$s
  8783. Want: %s
  8784. Okay, I think that's about all there is to find here.
  8785. You must earn 100% trust before BEFRIENDING someone.
  8786. The ammo locker's looking pretty empty.
  8787. Sommelier
  8788. In the meantime, I'm going to go look around some more.
  8789. It's coming for you!
  8790. ATTITUDE: Brusque
  8791. Know what would make this a lot easier? If we had some medicine. Hell, I'd settle for some allergy pills at this point.
  8792. Use this after your MAXIMUM VITALITY has been reduced.
  8793. 114 DEBUG
  8794. What else is there to say? %2$s is a raging prick. I'm not sorry. - %1$s
  8795. Showed those sons of bitches what's what.
  8796. Popcorn machine, candy, curtains in front of the TV... he even made me get a ticket.
  8797. Routine Maintenance
  8798. Michaela
  8799. LESSON 2
  8800. Thanks. We owe you big-time.
  8801. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Real Time
  8802. Now, does it still burn when you piss?
  8803. XP penalty from ????
  8804. Something bad happened out at the Barrett place. Reports are still coming in, but... it sounds like the Wilkersons are dead.
  8805. You need to get home right now.
  8806. I think this may be the first day in a while that I'm not sure it's gonna be my last.
  8807. Well, I've got some ideas for a food storeroom that should cut down on that.
  8808. And you wouldn't know anything about it, would you?
  8809. Well, seems maybe I underestimated you.
  8810. Oh my God... come on! We've got to move!
  8811. Home Away From Home
  8812. You sure you don't need me to stick around?
  8813. Pastor William Contacted
  8814. Rice
  8815. Rader
  8816. Nice shooting, Tex!
  8817. Boyles
  8818. Assign Person
  8819. All I know is the chickenshit bastard better not panic when he's watching my back.
  8820. Agree
  8821. Research Box Mine
  8822. Aw man, it's locked.
  8823. Delay your decision. What could possibly happen in the meantime?
  8824. Sherwood
  8825. Mohrhaus
  8826. Keep an eye on that feral zombie.
  8827. ...Yay?
  8828. Really people? A candy dish full of pushpins? I'm sure they're super-useful and all, but some of us are coming back from supply runs tired and hungry and just want a mouthful of delicious candy, not tetanus of the mouth. - %1$s
  8829. Shooting Platform option added temporarily.
  8830. One of the most popular .22 cal. rifles.
  8831. Halmer
  8832. Help destroy a Big Bastard
  8833. House
  8834. Don't... please.
  8835. If they don't get help, those people could die.
  8836. Your dad. What was he like?
  8837. Yeah, you can say that again.
  8838. Doherty
  8839. Expand the safe area around your home using a Watchtower.
  8840. See ya.
  8841. Could snap at any time.
  8842. Meade
  8843. Gamer Country
  8844. Let's go find 'em, then.
  8845. No. It really doesn't, does it?
  8846. Oh no. I'm so sorry.
  8847. Make Flame Fougasse
  8848. START MISSION. Earn 3 Cases of Ammo with a simple (?) delivery mission.
  8849. %1$s isn't going anywhere.
  8850. You throw a guy out on his ass for a case of the sniffles? What kind of an Army are you running?
  8851. de la Cueva
  8852. Increased mobility and control when using large machine guns.
  8853. The government? You don't get it. It's been total chaos.
  8854. You'd think in a situation like this, empathy for your fellow man would be one of the first things to go. Glad to see that's not the case.
  8855. A freaking foot, that's what! Yeah. Somebody dumped a body right behind my restaurant.
  8856. SMG: MP7A1
  8857. You ever see a head explode like that?
  8858. I'll look and see what we got.
  8859. I'm whipped. Need to catch my breath before I can do anything else.
  8860. Thanks!
  8861. Maybe we should go the other way, huh?
  8862. Find Carl
  8863. You boys didn't have a bullet to your name.
  8864. You know, when they open on some innocuous scene of a guy jogging in the park or a couple arguing about directions and suddenly they find a dead body?
  8865. Well, that was pretty awesome. - %1$s
  8866. Wall Repairs
  8867. Is Alan out there with you?
  8868. Search for the Big Un
  8869. It's not rocket science: you want to improve your Revolver Specialization, you've got to dust off the old six-shooter and kill some zeds.
  8870. You think anybody else up here survived?
  8871. Grows soybeans and corn.
  8872. Just need a little fuel and some generators, and I'm your new best friend. (Handy with tools.)
  8873. Uses the .50 AE pistol round, a show stopper.
  8874. What else is new?
  8875. I got something you might want to see here. Meet me as soon as you can, I could use some backup.
  8876. HOME: Fight at Home
  8877. Ben
  8878. Setting up traps ftw.
  8879. HOME: Loss of Hope
  8880. Best part, though? No piece of shit local cops showing up blabbing about "drunk and disorderly" and "restraining order" bullshit.
  8881. Yeah, no, I'm fine. Least I will be when my hands stop shaking. - %1$s
  8882. So what now? Head back to the station, or go check the lake cabins?
  8883. Hard hitting SMG, meant to replace the MP5.
  8884. Better'n biscuits on a Sunday morning.
  8885. Special counter that lets you bodyslam enemies.
  8886. We don't have the materials to fortify that place.
  8887. Scratch this one off the list.
  8888. Provided you're willing to obey the law and contribute to society, you're welcome to join us here.
  8889. I see something. Looks like an infestation.
  8890. Found some ammo.
  8891. The standard in most U.S. military branches since 1985.
  8892. HOME: Recovery Failed
  8893. Studied Kickboxing
  8894. I'm gonna see if I can get a high-level view of things.
  8895. That's a relief.
  8896. Weapon Specialization
  8897. Spivey
  8898. RECOVER: Belongings
  8899. Fix Up Library
  8900. Shit, I'm dry!
  8901. Community Has %s
  8902. Listen, I understand where you're coming from. We've all lost a lot.
  8903. The supply run will complete on its own. Or you could provide an escort.
  8904. Alivia
  8905. Just like that.
  8906. Norville
  8907. Tell Quentin... or not.
  8908. It's a good thing I was here, but we need to deal with %1$s. Next time I might not be around. - %3$s
  8909. Training
  8910. As a reminder to all citizens of Marshall, until the current crisis is over, possession of firearms by civilians has been declared unlawful.
  8911. Zed Hunt (Big Un)
  8912. Help destroy a feral zombie?
  8913. Camp Site
  8914. Well, that's just about it for your physical. Now, has there been any reduction in the burning sensation when you urinate?
  8915. Guess there are no celebrities left to gossip about. The greater our group's FAME, the more INFLUENCE we have at the start of each day.
  8916. +10 Food, Ammo, Medicine, Fuel, and Materials capacity.
  8917. I ain't your personal bodyguard. Tend to your own shit for once.
  8918. Nuts and Bolts
  8919. Woah. There might be some people there.
  8920. We're getting low on medicine.
  8921. DECLINE MISSION. Quentin probably won't appreciate that.
  8922. Word on the wireless is %1$s made it home with those supplies. Seemed kinda miffed about not getting any help, though. - %2$s
  8923. Bastards never stood a chance!
  8924. We gotta start loading up on gas, or these cars aren't going to be worth squat.
  8925. There's a reason we're seeing so many hordes out there. Seems like half the valley's infested.
  8926. Oviedo
  8927. What are you waiting for? You. Me. Truck. Now.
  8928. Problem Solver
  8929. The perimeter's breached!
  8930. Well, then we need to get people out there looking for more building materials. Lumber, nails, tools, you know, that kind of shit.
  8931. %s Unlocked
  8932. What's wrong?
  8933. Running sucks. (Improves cardio slowly.)
  8934. Support local business my ass, once you can order a toilet that's a replica of Henry VIII's throne at two in the morning, you don't go back.
  8935. We fended off yet another zombie horde. It's really starting to wear on everyone. - %1$s.
  8936. Restaurant
  8937. Theo
  8938. Found some medicine.
  8939. Will look around for any survivors.
  8940. Lawyer
  8941. Neutral Observer
  8942. Need More %s
  8943. I'm in position
  8944. I think we'll call it a day there. The rest of those infestations can wait a while. I appreciate the help, though.
  8945. Greatly reduced Vitality and Stamina. Bed rest is advised. Very small chance of recovery every 24 hours.
  8946. Suit yourself. I suppose you'll just have to take your chances. Good luck.
  8947. You will see me later.
  8948. Short Wakizashi
  8949. Shit, I thought there was a lot of you!
  8950. Turns food into fuel.
  8951. Pistol: M9
  8952. Pressure Triggers
  8953. That was too close.
  8954. Unfriendly attitude.
  8955. Storage
  8956. No-No Picture
  8957. MISSION: Ask the Sheriff
  8958. Let's do this thing, brah!
  8959. Note to self: punch Alan right in his goddamn face. - %1$s
  8960. You don't mess around, do you?
  8961. Here to make a deal?
  8962. That's more like it.
  8963. Defend the Perimeter
  8964. A quality blade, lightly used.
  8965. Hood
  8966. Look, I appreciate your concern. Really, it means a lot.
  8967. What, again? Didn't you just fix it?
  8968. SWAT deployment not available at this time, over.
  8969. Shaun
  8970. Made it to the ranger station, but it looks like we're not out of the woods yet. Heh. Ed will be sad he missed making that pun. - %1$s
  8971. I mean, hell, I hate going out there just to get food.
  8972. Pack it up and move it out.
  8973. You're not.
  8974. Our best bet is immobilizing them with explosives.
  8975. Look, I don't mean to be rude, but... can you just leave me alone for a little while?
  8976. That's a hell of a thing for anybody to see.
  8977. He's gonna get swarmed if we don't draw some of them off. Come on, help me look for something to distract them.
  8978. Goddamn right.
  8979. I can handle this.
  8980. The AK 47's older sister. Bayonet removed.
  8981. The rest is up to you.
  8982. RUMORS: We Are Famous
  8983. Well, at least I won't have to worry about paying off my school loans.
  8984. A ruthless zombie killing tool.
  8985. Rebar
  8986. I'm getting worried about him. He's barely eating, he hardly says two words to anybody....
  8987. Svenson
  8988. Never say no to extra muscle.
  8989. They may not survive without your help.
  8990. Unlocks the ability to create Steel Pipe Bombs. REQUIRES A MUNITIONS SHOP.
  8991. We do have supplies for you. If you need them.
  8992. I think it's time we pulled up stakes.
  8993. HOME: Counseling
  8994. 43 STORY Dennis Cross
  8995. 44 GENERIC Becky Silverstone
  8996. Cuts down gunshot noise. Made this one out of an oil can, figure it's only good for 10 shots or so.
  8997. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't bring myself to brain it.
  8998. So, what did you want to say?
  8999. Keep an eye out for construction sites, garages, repair shops... anything like that. They're basically arsenals now.
  9000. Remind me to never piss you off.
  9001. Think we've just about wrung this town dry.
  9002. I'm afraid our little flock may have outgrown its pasture.
  9003. And another bust. Freaking great. I told you this was a stupid idea.
  9004. Bum Knee
  9005. Trying to keep Ed out of trouble. Mostly failing.
  9006. +
  9007. Yeah some, uh… some folks are kind of worried about you. You okay?
  9008. Advice: Upgrade to Shooting Platform
  9009. Here. Everything we found at the lakeside cabins. Nobody made it out of there.
  9010. I was unarmed for the first couple of days cuz I didn't want to ding up any of my bats. Had a game-used Babe Ruth, you know? (Sports Trivia whiz.)
  9011. Worst. Vacation. Ever.
  9012. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Noise Attracts Zeds
  9013. Nice going, boss!
  9014. Reece
  9015. Maybe it's just me, but bringing people home safe feels like a bigger win than killing zombies. Like it's not a zero-sum game any more, you know?
  9016. In Pace Requiescat
  9017. A great tool for apocalypse gardening.
  9018. Fitness Regimen
  9019. We'll get packed up and head to the base.
  9020. We've run into a bit of a snag.
  9021. Well. It sounds like there were no survivors.
  9022. Look, we're not going home until we find Jack, okay? So quit with the bitching already.
  9023. So what happened anyway?
  9024. Thinks we're all in this together.
  9025. +66%
  9026. 41 GENERIC Mike Daroca
  9027. I've had just about enough of her bullshit.
  9028. Direct descendant of Ezekiel Marshall himself.
  9029. Fucking help me!
  9030. I think we can eliminate the worst threat.
  9031. Shotgun: Russian 12K
  9032. I keep thinking about the last drive I made through town. The last one before, I mean.
  9033. We're going to need to go on a little scavenger hunt.
  9034. Rotholz
  9035. Killed one of each freak zombie type.
  9036. We're gonna need more construction materials soon, or this place is gonna fall down around our ears.
  9037. MORALE ISSUE: Boastful Personality
  9038. Control Increased!
  9039. Yup. Gonna be a good season.
  9040. Guess I've wasted enough of your time--let's get out of here.
  9041. I knew I could rely on you. By all means, you drive. It's not too far.
  9042. If there's any part of you that can understand me, I'm sorry.
  9043. Killed by a Big Boy
  9044. Nothing worse than trying to take a shot with an empty magazine.
  9045. Nothing.
  9046. Give that noisemaker a little more room next time!
  9047. She finally had enough a few years back; took our son to live in the city. Said it would be a more enriching environment for him.
  9048. We're about done. Thank you, by the way. I couldn't have done this without you.
  9049. Killed 3 zombies with an exploding propane tank.
  9050. We're gonna have to leave the valley, aren't we? We can't keep drinking this.
  9051. PERSONAL SKILL. Coffee's for closers only.
  9052. I still can't believe that fight escalated to shooting.
  9053. You're welcome.
  9055. Fetch Doc Hanson.
  9056. Defend the Survivors
  9057. More of them? I'll be damned. We're gonna ding the fender at this rate.
  9058. Needs help ASAP.
  9059. Megan
  9060. It's really tearing into something in this pile of trash. So I yell at it to get lost before it takes a shit, and when it takes off, guess what I see?
  9061. Shit! Gotta get out of here!
  9062. Crusty, huh?
  9063. Hope you're geared up. We've got a few infestations to deal with.
  9064. Crazy Cat Person
  9065. Polycarbonate Sheets
  9066. Rifle: Monag 90/31
  9067. These are not the kind of skill you acquire by ameteur experimentation, and good luck finding an accredited university out there.
  9068. Not like any of us are gonna get out of this alive. Might as well just mix up a big old batch of cyanide punch and wait for the dark. - %1$s
  9069. Get these things out of here!
  9070. %1$s and %2$s wiped out a bunch of zombies before they became a threat. Cost us some ammo, but the morale boost's worth it! -%3$s
  9071. Delivered %1$s to %2$s
  9072. C'mon. We need to put up some barricades.
  9073. Several Pints of Honey
  9074. LEVEL 4. Reloading a gun always looks so easy in the movies. Took me a while to get the hang of it. I'm so much more efficient now.
  9075. Escort
  9076. Wonder what he needs? - %1$s
  9077. We should set up some defenses.
  9078. Ask me again tomorrow, I'm beat.
  9079. We don't have enough ammo for everybody.
  9080. Man, my life just flashed before my eyes. It was like a really boring art film. I need to get out more.
  9081. You look like hell. Got any painkillers?
  9082. Who says there's no such thing as karma?
  9083. We should set up some traps.
  9084. Medical Professional
  9085. Gunfire, explosions, firecrackers, and alarm clocks are just some of the ways to create a DISTRACTION.
  9086. I hope it's not my fault....
  9087. Watch out for the big one!
  9088. I'll just stay out of your way and let you work.
  9089. HOME: Epidemic Contained
  9090. Helps keep our people healthy.
  9091. Attach
  9092. Fatalities Averted
  9093. MISSION: Army Sighting
  9094. Take a walk with me, will you? Let me see if I can't explain how things are.
  9095. Munitions Shop
  9096. Set Traps for Passing Hordes
  9097. Check the right!
  9098. A revolver with a long history of police use.
  9099. I say we head to a neutral location. We'll do the exchange there.
  9100. That should do it.
  9101. Vercesi
  9102. Hope you enjoy the ride.
  9103. No sweat. I'll help run interference while your people work.
  9104. I like you! You can come over to my house and fuck my sister!
  9105. Sorry to hear that. I wish I could do more, but I've just about burned through all my medical stocks. Everybody's got this thing, seems like.
  9106. Oh yeah!
  9107. Survivors at the Church
  9108. Unresolved issues.
  9109. I'm not saying anyone's a thief, but some things have walked off.
  9110. I'm confused.
  9111. Headhunter
  9112. Book on Firearm Maintenance
  9113. PERSONAL SKILL. Yeah, yeah, I've heard all the jokes about sadistic gym teachers and sleazy personal trainers. See if you're laughing when I leave you in the dust with the dead.
  9114. Appreciate it. Wasn't sure I'd make it home otherwise.
  9115. Too many fucking newbies around here. Gotta get us a training facility.
  9116. Well, we can't have that now, can we? We got to get you back to your people.
  9117. Nah, that's it. You just seemed like you needed to get out of your shell a little bit. Get some perspective, maybe.
  9118. SWEET RIDE
  9119. Hunt down an Armored zombie.
  9120. My fever's spiking. I can't do anything right now.
  9121. You won't be sorry.
  9122. Just about there.
  9123. Shit. You think we'll make a run on one of those construction sites soon?
  9124. Smoker
  9125. More freaking patrols, man... bullshit.
  9126. <Disgusted sigh> This is sooo lame…
  9128. Garden
  9129. HOME: Morale Qualms
  9130. Make Whistling Box Mine
  9131. Gotcha!
  9132. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's a really interesting problem to solve, if you think about it. (Handy with tools.)
  9133. What?! Are you literally insane?
  9134. Unlocks a more powerful replacement for the shove attack ([Y]).
  9135. TIP: Press [DDown] (D-pad) use your radio to call in favors.
  9136. Sorry, dudes. Didn't mean to eat all that grub, I just found the last stash of Acapulco Gold maybe in the world, and I figured "hey, it'd suck to die with this righteous bud unsmoked," and, well, you can kinda see what happened from there. - %1$s
  9137. Good thing my tape recorder was running. You're gonna want to hear this.
  9138. Fitzwallace
  9139. Delay. Sgt. Tan will wait for you.
  9140. That's our load blown. You folks take care, now.
  9141. We got zeds on our six.
  9142. Anyway, she asks me to bring her some of "the product." So I have to drive instead.
  9143. With food supplies scarce, everyone's on edge, but %1$s and %2$s really crossed the line. -%3$s
  9144. You can choose one of two utility skills.
  9145. Flirt
  9146. Yeah, assuming they haven't switched to a steady diet of long pork, too.
  9147. Makayla
  9148. One sec.
  9149. I already took my fair share.
  9150. Sorry about that. Had to deal with a little problem. I'm all ears.
  9151. Trait Discovered: Storyteller
  9152. No apocalypse is complete without one.
  9153. Like they say, chance favors the prepared mind, and mine is prepared.
  9154. Extra firepower when you need it.
  9155. People
  9156. At this rate I'm gonna lose half this shit before we get home!
  9157. Listen, I know you're upset, but I could really use a hand with this.
  9158. Explusion always lowers your community reputation.
  9159. I see one.
  9160. Quit trying to freeload!
  9161. Getting a little cramped in here, don't you think?
  9162. +100% construction rate. REQUIRES TOOLS EXPERT.
  9163. They fucked with the wrong person, huh?
  9164. Jeffrey
  9165. We need medicine here anyway. You can't be sick, you understand?
  9166. One more. Better make it last.
  9167. I just got a distress call from our neighbors.
  9168. Thought he was gonna pop me one back there.
  9169. So what else did you find out? Do you know where the Army went?
  9170. Come on, it'll be fun! Take out some of your aggression. Blow off steam. Trust me, this baby can take it.
  9171. I don't know how long they'll be gone, but I can tell you where to look.
  9172. 103 STORY Aaron Felder
  9173. Died
  9174. Let's get this over with.
  9175. Oh no... I'm gonna have to tell Jacob.
  9176. I think we should clear out some space specifically for medical treatment.
  9177. I mean, as loud as this thing is, we'll have every zed from here to Danforth on us.
  9178. I'm headed back with the goods.
  9179. Enables full vehicle repair.
  9180. Good. Nothing serious then.
  9181. Bagged any big ones lately?
  9182. Ah, the damn generator's on the fritz again. You know, I think I'll actually be glad when the fresh food's gone and we can turn these refrigerators off.
  9183. Well, that just about oughta do it.
  9184. We've packed everyone up and moved back into the Church of the Ascension. - %1$s
  9185. Specializes in Mexican/Indian fusion cuisine.
  9186. Help Ray with a delivery.
  9187. Head to the survey point.
  9188. There are NO USABLE ITEMS in your inventory.
  9189. Bout time you showed up. Let's get this show on the road. You're the newbie, so you get to bust in the window.
  9190. Assault Rifle: AK47 Custom
  9191. Oh, do you see that?
  9192. Just happy to be alive.
  9193. Jess
  9194. Has that classic cowboy flavor.
  9195. Junk
  9196. Those things are toxic. - %1$s
  9197. Thanks. I feel a lot more confident now.
  9198. You keep this up and I'm gonna have a total girl-boner for you.
  9199. Advice: Upgrade to Machine Shop
  9200. Come find me now!
  9201. Come on. I'll give you the nickel tour.
  9202. Concerned that this problem persists.
  9203. Why does he call everybody "Boss?"
  9204. Hiatt
  9205. Is it wrong to think this is better than my shitty old job?
  9206. Build Library
  9207. That... that's a lot of zombies.
  9208. I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed.
  9209. Coffey
  9210. Wanna have some fun? Like shooting zed in a barrel.
  9211. Crush the skull, cleave the brain, sever the head. Keep at it and in no time you'll be a Self-Defense expert.
  9212. Gotcha, you son of a bitch!
  9213. Rubbing Alcohol
  9214. Better go help Doc Hanson, we can't afford to lose his expertise. -%1$s
  9215. Potential Home Base
  9216. HOME: Flu Outbreak
  9217. It'd been almost a month. Not a peep from him, and I was coming back from work and I...
  9218. 94 GENERIC Angela Farrell
  9219. Spencer
  9220. Good thing we had ammo.
  9221. We should be safe for a while now.
  9222. Keep them off me, this is going to take a while.
  9223. 27 GENERIC Tommy Luther
  9224. Negative. We've been coming out there too much lately as it is.
  9225. Yeah, sure, come by if you're not too fucking busy.
  9226. Distract zombies to complete an objective.
  9227. We're gonna have to start using something weaker to make our firebombs.
  9228. It's for the best.
  9229. Last time anybody saw her, she was hanging out here. Probably the best place to start looking.
  9230. Well that was a bust.
  9231. Asthma Attacks
  9232. Met a man in debt to the Wilkersons. I thought about helping, but we can't spare the ammo. - %1$s
  9233. There they are.
  9234. Irreconcilable Differences
  9235. Shitshitshitshitshit!
  9236. Find a hiding spot.
  9237. XP penalty from Absent-Minded.
  9238. I honestly thought she was gonna hit me right in the face there.
  9239. We're running pretty low on fuel. Might want to look for more before it becomes a problem.
  9240. The opportunity has passed.
  9241. Cinderblocks
  9242. Farkas
  9243. I was trying to give %1$s a dignified end. I failed. - %2$s
  9244. HOME: No Infirmary
  9245. Now me and my brother, we done pretty well for ourselves in all this. Other folks see that, and, well....
  9246. DECLINE MISSION. Try to talk them out of meeting with the Wilkersons.
  9247. A 4.6mm converted to 9mm. Optic included.
  9248. Lily needs special medication or she will die.
  9249. Andres
  9250. Master the use of Revolvers.
  9251. How's Ed doing?
  9252. Abraham
  9253. Well, that's a big fat clusterfuck.
  9254. Hank
  9255. PERSONAL SKILL. If there's a deal, I'll find it.
  9256. Christ, what I wouldn't give for some electric lighting. Maybe a hot shower. We ought to hook up a generator.
  9257. Thanks for the ride.
  9258. Jensen
  9259. Brackets
  9260. I think I'm okay now. Thanks.
  9261. 20 Max Vitality and +10 Max Stamina for everyone.
  9262. %s >= %d
  9263. This area is a bust.
  9264. Guess that temper's working for you, huh?
  9265. Load
  9266. Running Shoes
  9267. Barricade's down!
  9268. Gotta Enjoy the Little Things
  9269. Shit, half our stock ends up going bad before we can use it. We need a storeroom.
  9270. You know what I was known for? My specialty before the... thing?
  9271. The painkillers also seem to have taken effect.
  9272. Are you kidding me? I was ready before it was cool, man.
  9273. Is it me, or are people really slow to trust us lately?
  9274. Oh, shit. We're screwed. We're screwed.
  9275. ADVICE: Upgrade to Munitions Shop
  9276. I'm begging you. Put me out of my misery, ok? It'll be worse for everybody if you don't.
  9277. I encountered a new group of survivors. They're barely hanging on. - %1$s
  9278. Zoom
  9279. Ask any hunter and they'll tell you: you're not going to improve your Rifle Specialization unless you start bagging trophies with one.
  9280. With the medicine situation being what it is, I guess I get to just tough it out.
  9281. Hot Plate
  9282. I had this crazy streak of headshots just now. I must be getting better at shooting. - %1$s
  9283. Huh. No wonder Becca wanted to keep her past hidden. - %1$s
  9284. Where were we?
  9285. Rich Friend
  9286. MATERIALS RESOURCE. Construction materials that were never sold.
  9287. Gain Trust to gain Friends.
  9288. Carly
  9289. Influence Costs Increased
  9290. SCRAPPED: Trouble at the Courthouse
  9291. Hey, hey. At least the bullet didn't hit a major artery, huh? There's something. You know, that accident could have been a lot worse.
  9292. I'll carry the stuff and do the talking. I just want to have an extra gun on hand in case things go bad.
  9293. Hey, you got a little on you.
  9294. So, how about it?
  9295. Yeah? Gotta say I am surprised to see you standing around with your thumb up your ass while civilians are dying all around you.
  9296. Stack of Food
  9297. What I want you to do is head to the cell tower on the north side of town and find a way up. Tell us if the coast is clear. Be our eyes in the sky.
  9298. Rafael
  9299. Okay. I think I'm ready to head home now.
  9300. (s)
  9301. Cover me!
  9302. Lotsa weird noises.
  9303. Great. So we're stuck up here playing cannibal family picnic until somebody bothers to come looking for us?
  9304. Sweet Ride
  9305. The Skills page is where you view your progress in various Skills. Everyone you encounter will have a different set of skills at their disposal.
  9306. To learn more about a Skill such as how to train it up, how it helps you, and what new abilities it unlocks; select a Skill with the D-Pad and press [A]. Some skills, such as Fighting, will allow you to further specialize and learn new techniques.
  9307. Additional Vitality bonus for everyone.
  9308. That's what happens when we don't have a clean place to prepare our food. We need a kitchen.
  9309. Those people in Spencer's Mill are still in major debt to the Wilkersons. Just a reminder.
  9310. A riot baton with some bolts added.
  9311. I won't forget this, you know.
  9312. Rusty nails are an added bonus.
  9313. Those might be survivors.
  9314. Home
  9315. Knows the truth now.
  9316. %1$s got %2$s sick.
  9317. Enables partial vehicle repair.
  9318. We could always use more help around here... and they'll probably appreciate a safe place to stay.
  9319. You can't seriously be asking me to do this.
  9320. Fitness Regimen started!
  9321. Yvonne
  9322. Sofia
  9323. Somebody has to be the responsible one.
  9324. um, duh!
  9325. Not just yet.
  9326. Only one way out and it's walled off. Options are limited, get through it or die. -%1$s
  9327. Automatically repair and reinforce weapons each day.
  9328. Vito
  9329. Keep your eyes peeled for infestations.
  9330. Your equipped gun uses a different kind of ammunition.
  9331. Bailey, he... well, by the time we got the dogs off him, there wasn't much left to tell he was human.
  9332. I should return home.
  9333. Okay, but you need to follow my directions exactly.
  9334. Everybody's feeling a lot better after that dinner.
  9335. Boiler Kettle
  9336. Gandolfi
  9337. Drove a big rig on the Danforth/Chicago route.
  9338. 20 GENERIC Dr. Nancy Paxton
  9339. We're all stressed, okay? But we can't afford to be at each other's throats. So start playing nice, or you're out on your ass.
  9340. I hate those things.
  9341. Has a gift, as promised.
  9342. I can't do this one on foot.
  9343. This right here! This is the person to watch!
  9344. Why do I doubt you're helping this guy out of the goodness of your hearts, huh?
  9345. I dunno. Let's just take a look around, see if we can find a first aid kit. Maybe some food.
  9346. I mean, all this running, shooting, climbing, driving shit, it's exactly like playing on-line co-op with my buddies!
  9347. Saws
  9348. Thanks for coming to get me. I'm ready to leave now.
  9349. Blow Up the Barrier?
  9350. +125%
  9351. One of those feral zombies has been lurking around here.
  9352. Trust me. I'll never look at the tailpipe of a '72 Falconer Hatchback the same way again.
  9353. Aw dammit.
  9354. You broke the law, sir, and the people here need to know that breaking the law still has consequences. At least as long as I'm in charge.
  9355. Uncle John used to take me and my cousins camping every summer. Taught us how to navigate with a compass, make fish hooks out of twigs, how to make a fire...
  9356. Gamer PUID
  9357. Need a good cook.
  9358. Jesus Christ!
  9359. Mickey and Job have some kind of deal going down, and they want me as a neutral observer. - %1$s
  9360. Found some materials.
  9361. Help the Wilkersons resolve their differences.
  9362. Scavengers Inbound
  9363. Bertolucci
  9364. Waypoint (Survey)
  9365. You're a cold-hearted son of a bitch, you know that?
  9366. For grenade launchers. Obviously.
  9367. Safe Haven
  9368. Just about lost 'em.
  9369. Oh god don't let me die!
  9370. Well you can blame that on everybody being at each others' throats. Not all those injuries are from zombies.
  9371. We don't know what's on the other side of that pass. We're going to need food, medicine, transportation... you know. The usual.
  9372. START MISSION. Help out in exchange for their most plentiful resource.
  9373. What are you doing in here?
  9374. Killin' time!
  9375. At least we're pretty well set for medical emergencies.
  9376. MISSION FAILED: Fear Itself
  9377. Dubois
  9378. I went to draw some ammo from our stores this morning. Guess what I found.
  9379. Let's get some barricades up on these windows.
  9380. Nagle! Hernandez! Where the fuck are you guys?
  9381. The more infestations there are, the more dangerous the streets get.
  9382. PERSONAL SKILL. Sure, it's nice having a good cook or somebody that can keep the peace around, but a good medic's worth their weight in ammo. You know it, I know it.
  9383. Come on. You? You're carrying this.
  9384. Delivered the goods.
  9385. Missions won't stick around forever.
  9386. Kill The Zombies In The Building
  9387. I think that woman was in charge--Captain Montressor or something. Not like she even looked at us.
  9388. TIP: After exploring for a while, you will FATIGUE, lowering your available stamina.
  9389. We need to do something about those infestations.
  9390. COMPLETED: Zombie Infestation
  9391. Fuel reserves were looking iffy even before this.
  9392. One of the first responders to the Marshall food riots.
  9393. Nah, Doc's good people. He can be a little... crusty sometimes though.
  9394. Listen, we're stuck up here on Mt. Tanner. My friend needs medical attention, can you help us?
  9395. -5 Friendship.
  9396. SCAVENGING: Materials
  9397. There's no point in any of this. (Suicide risk)
  9398. Something to protect our perimeter. Having a watchtower increases the safe area around our home.
  9399. Not a Rat
  9400. I'll... I'll think about it.
  9401. Looks like somebody's in trouble down there.
  9402. Cheap, chain-store blade.
  9403. No shit. Any chance we can just hole up here with the last of the tequila until this all blows over?
  9404. Owes the Wilkersons some AMMO. Doesn't have it.
  9405. Salutations!
  9406. Bachman
  9407. You coming? This is important.
  9408. Shotgun Specialization Improved! (Reload Speed Increased)
  9409. That one doesn't look so good.
  9410. We're not out of the woods yet.
  9411. We've got an opening. Let's get out of here while we can.
  9412. Yeah, well, trust me... you don't want those two in a room together right now.
  9413. Anything you want to tell me?
  9414. Take The Survivors Home
  9415. Yeah, I got that impression. Come on. Follow me.
  9416. Gathered by %1$s.
  9417. Alan just shot Pastor Will.
  9418. I've got a few other leads, though, if you'd cover me while I go look.
  9419. Give the man a ride?
  9420. Now don't get all riled up, it ain't as bad as all that. I'm reliably informed the ancient Egyptians did it with fair regularity.
  9421. Spotted something. Should be some useful stuff there.
  9422. MEDICINE RESOURCE. Medication for animals.
  9423. Hey, what's up?
  9424. Dude, what the hell? I saw you like ten minutes ago. Also? Kinda busy here.
  9425. Garza
  9426. Reckon I better go patch this up. After that, think I'll get my sorry ass blind stinking drunk for a month of Sundays.
  9427. Excellent.
  9428. Continuing to monitor the situation.
  9429. Team Player
  9430. MISSION: The Voice On the Radio
  9431. Enjoyed Sailing
  9432. Sure, why not? I've amassed a fair little collection since this business went down. I can spare one for a new friend. It's all about people pulling together, after all.
  9433. You been sleeping okay?
  9434. I saw a few of those Army jeeps driving around while I was in Marshall
  9435. Anyway, I don't think Lily's quite forgiven me yet.
  9436. These things aren't your regular shambling corpses.
  9437. Thalia
  9438. I think she grew up somewhere around here, she might have holed up in one of these buildings.
  9439. Gomez
  9440. Silver felt tip pen, cursive, on cream colored diary paper, the "O" in gross has a smiley face in it.
  9441. Oh. Okay, yeah. No, sure. I understand.
  9442. Loved Dancing
  9443. Local carpenter, one of the first to help organize survivors.
  9444. Hey, we could use some help here!
  9445. Rosa
  9446. This isn't over yet.
  9447. I'll look into it.
  9448. Sure it's a workout, but crushing zombies with large, heavy objects is the only way to master Heavy Weapon Specialization.
  9449. That was an impressive stroke of good fortune.
  9450. Anything you need to get off your chest?
  9451. MISSION: Escort
  9452. So maybe she's not technically the law of the land... but damn sure we'd all be dead without her.
  9453. Civilian CasEvac isn't the mission. Isolate, contain, identify. Until the squints figure out what's causing this little chucklefuck, you're all potential carriers.
  9454. I think she grew up somewhere around here, she might have holed up in one of those buildings.
  9455. We're safe as long as we have ammo and a guard tower.
  9456. Took karate to get revenge on everybody who made fun of him in high school.
  9457. Special counter that lets you jump over an enemy and knock it to its knees.
  9458. Gotta walk for this one.
  9459. All this medicine just went bad. Don't any of you people check the expiration date?
  9460. Julius
  9461. Might want to consider it for some of our surplus.
  9462. The apocalyptic handyman's best friend.
  9463. Stamina will gradually recover while resting at home. It should take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get back to full Stamina.
  9464. Vitality will gradually recover while resting at home. It should take about 10 hours to get back to full Vitality.
  9465. Oh, fuck you and your "noble martyr" bullshit! You don't go shooting people without at least consulting the fucking rest of us!
  9466. I'll start taking inventory.
  9467. You've leveled up a Skill! Press D-pad [DUp] to open your Journal and view your Skills and Abilities on the Skills page.
  9468. Use the "Train Outsiders" action at the Shooting Platform to accept.
  9469. You were untouchable out there, man.
  9470. She always had a good head on her shoulders. If she was in trouble, she would've tried to get inside, and fortify someplace till we came looking.
  9471. I can't leave yet. It's my fault our food stores went bad. I've got to make it right.
  9472. Rescue Op
  9473. Make Firecracker
  9474. Ibuprofen
  9475. Who do you think should staff the place?
  9476. Yeah. Not far now.
  9477. That's nothing. I caught him earlier, staring at his pistol like it was his long-lost friend.
  9478. Hey, cheer up, boss. Can't be all bad.
  9479. I've been saying it forever, we need a kitchen. I'm sick and tired of eating cold processed meat all the time.
  9480. Small caliber rounds for pistols, revolvers, rifles, and SMGs.
  9481. Unlocks the ability to create Box Mines. REQUIRES A MUNITIONS SHOP.
  9482. The town. It's been on rough times for a while now, but it used to be a damn fine place to live. Raise a family.
  9483. You got him!
  9484. Civilian version of the MP 90. Optic included.
  9485. You have a new Home! Press D-pad [DUp] to open your Journal and view your Stockpiles and Possessions on the Assets page.
  9486. Frizzini
  9487. Mm-mm.
  9488. Need a pinch hitter here!
  9489. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Recruiting survivors
  9490. Hell, yeah.
  9491. We won't let you down.
  9492. You got yourself a deal.
  9493. Hold [LB] + hold [Y] for a more powerful shove that always knocks enemies down.
  9494. Infirmary's no damn good if we don't have somebody to run it.
  9495. This is Judge Lawton. Earlier today, our scouts informed me that they have identified multiple infestations in the downtown Marshall area.
  9496. Look, you're not alone. Everybody's scared. Just don't do anything stupid, okay?
  9497. Caroline
  9498. Glad you came by. Fact is, we're never gonna last on our own. Not like you folks have.
  9499. Do you want a pack of these things on your ass?
  9500. Sign In
  9501. That didn't go so well.
  9502. Jars
  9503. Anything I can do to make you feel better?
  9504. We are clear!
  9505. Shot in his sleep by Alan Gunderson.
  9506. ATTITUDE: Sulking
  9507. Up front!
  9508. But they want some kinda "neutral observer" or whatever the fuck. Job figured maybe you'd put their minds at ease.
  9509. The Army's been pretty quiet since that last incident. Let's hope it stays that way. -%1$s
  9510. Feels like a bunch of tiny goblins are doing a clog dance through my bowels. This is what we get for not having someone who knows how to cook worth a damn. - %1$s
  9511. Oh, son, you just asking for a whooping!
  9512. Dude is now missing.
  9513. Hey look, I didn't come out here to talk about my feelings, alright?
  9514. Dad? Dad, are you there?
  9515. Good. You made it.
  9516. Rugged exterior, measured precision.
  9517. I remember that the charges were dismissed. Nobody could prove anything.
  9518. Suturing Needles
  9519. Walk with Job
  9520. Signed Out
  9521. Escort the Survivor
  9522. We're really short on guns.
  9523. Blunt Weapon Specialization Improved!
  9524. Let's execute this plan.
  9525. Let me know if you want to run back together.
  9526. Barrels of Fuel
  9527. Adita
  9528. Defensive Skill
  9529. Yeah, well, we're gonna get through them whether they're crazy or not.
  9530. Every item has a history and a soul of it's own. Of course, I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand. (Hoarding tendencies.)
  9531. No pain, no gain, right?
  9532. House hunting.
  9533. You know I never once broke curfew growing up? Never snuck out of the house, never dated anybody my parents didn't approve of, never took a road trip to Mexico and forgot most of the details in a tequila-soaked haze.
  9534. Short of sitting in our bunks jerking off, all we were allowed to do with our free time was come up here, swim a few laps, and try to pretend MREs were suitable barbecue fodder.
  9535. Sure. So long, Alan.
  9536. Potent Stims
  9537. Look, somewhere to hide!
  9538. Disaster
  9539. We're pretty under-supplied for DIY projects. Keep an eye out for building materials.
  9540. Eat another fuckin' steak.
  9541. 100% faster construction. +10 Material storage capacity.
  9542. Jimena
  9543. The Sheriff? Yeah, he went out about an hour ago. Said he was gonna hunt down this feral bastard that's been stalking our patrols.
  9544. CONTACT: Construction Advice
  9545. Isabella
  9546. What did I say? No cars!
  9547. Sounds like we have at least one horde inbound.
  9548. Contacted a new group of survivors.
  9549. If anything survived that, you've got bigger problems.
  9550. New Survey Point Discovered!
  9551. Funny how differently you see the place when you're avoiding zombies.
  9552. Vitality will gradually recover while resting at home. It should take about 20 hours to get back to full Vitality.
  9553. COMMUNITY: Concern
  9554. Don't worry about it, this one's on me. You can get me next time.
  9555. Pretty bad.
  9556. Hey, I appreciate your concern. It means a lot to me.
  9557. Atede
  9558. 15% chance of missing allies coming home safely on their own.
  9559. Over there.
  9560. Check on Eli
  9561. Set Up Cooking Area
  9562. Head to the Warehouse
  9563. Warehouse
  9564. Uh, yeah, that's great. I'm really excited for you.
  9565. Hey. Whatcha doing?
  9566. Woo!
  9567. You coulda killed somebody!
  9568. Played Golf
  9569. Glad we got some real food. It was getting hard to stay alert. - %1$s
  9570. Come on, we gotta at least check the place. Somebody might have survived.
  9571. Before all this, I had a sweet setup.
  9572. There's something about a well-maintained kitchen that makes everything feel almost normal.
  9573. Damn. I was hoping things might not be as bad down there. Still... thanks.
  9574. Shh! This son of a bitch has killed four of my people in the last three days.
  9575. ESCAPE
  9576. Hey, c'mon. It'll turn around. Just have a little faith.
  9577. Gimme a fuckin' hand here!
  9578. Prevented the food poisoning.
  9579. Dude. Seriously? Even I think you're a douche.
  9580. Torrisi
  9581. They say "count your age not in years, but in friends." You, my friend, might as well be Methuselah.
  9582. Yeah, that was a close call with that horde.
  9583. The Judge wants to talk to you. Get your ass down to the courthouse.
  9584. Please go home. I don't want to shoot anybody today.
  9585. Marquez
  9586. Lone Soldier
  9587. Sarah
  9588. So I think I owe %2$s an apology. I thought everyone knew what I said things like 'punk ass bitch' and 'unbelievable crybaby' that was just good natured ribbing. I was wrong. - %1$s
  9589. You see what I did there?
  9590. Nah, let's not.
  9591. HOME: Hunger Recovery
  9592. Margaret
  9593. Improves Vitality and food safety.
  9594. Maybe you want to slow down? Be a little quieter?
  9595. You have no space to carry that!
  9596. Aw, yeah, we're talking military-grade destruction here.
  9597. No gun; nothing to silence.
  9598. New food storage options.
  9599. Let's not scare our friends off already, Mickey. Everybody's here because they want to be.
  9600. The crops are almost fully grown.
  9601. That should last Becca a while. Also: TMI. Seriously. - %1$s
  9602. Go Big or Go Home
  9603. Hey c'mon, man, you got my back or what?
  9604. About time you showed up. We've been needing those spare parts for a while now.
  9605. Any bug these would treat has probably evolved an immunity already. -%1$s
  9606. %1$s is sad.
  9607. I don't have time for this.
  9608. Rescue %s %s
  9609. Watch the birdie, motherfuckers!
  9610. Survivors at the church.
  9611. MISSION: Runner in Trouble
  9612. Hey, I'm looking for Carl. Anybody seen him?
  9613. I don't think anyone's available.
  9614. Sounds like there's some commotion out there.
  9615. The Wall
  9616. Well, that wasn't too bad, was it?
  9617. SMG: Samurai PDW
  9618. Family troubles.
  9619. Revolver: Blackbird
  9620. Sayers
  9621. Just doing our part to keep the streets safe. -%1$s
  9622. Check the left!
  9623. Little bit.
  9624. Maggie
  9625. COMPLETED: Missing Survivor
  9627. Spotted a Big Boy on its way toward us. We were able to use explosives to take it out. - %1$s.
  9628. Bonus XP for Crushing
  9629. I think we're okay.
  9630. Lake
  9631. Set Up Sleeping Area
  9632. Here, let me do that.
  9633. Oh. Okay, yeah, sure. I understand.
  9634. I think we just saw it.
  9635. I mean it. We gotta stick together, right? I mean alone I would have been vulnerable but--we need people to watch our backs.
  9636. We're pretty short on weapons. I think some people are down to broken bottles.
  9637. I tried asking %1$s to leave for the good of the community. That didn't go over so well. - %2$s
  9638. Indefensible
  9639. Look... I'm living on borrowed time as it is. It's not like anyone's still making the meds I need, right?
  9640. Delaney
  9641. Mckenzie
  9642. And then the dead started rising from the grave and eating people. Fuck it, I need a drink.
  9643. <Sigh> Right. Sorry.
  9644. Horticulture
  9645. Tag yourself in, brother!
  9646. Aigner
  9647. EXPIRED: Diversion Request
  9648. I encountered a new group of survivors. They're pretty guarded. - %1$s
  9649. TIP: The green icons represent mission opportunities.
  9650. Isaiah
  9651. Questions Judge Lawton's policies.
  9652. Then how do we get out?
  9653. Good Stockpiles
  9654. I don't give a shit! I ain't never had to pay for it, and I ain't never had to take it that way neither!
  9655. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Materials Storage
  9656. Sounds like clearing out that infestation got pretty hairy. %1$s barely made it out with the team. - %2$s
  9657. When hunting big game, bring enough rifle.
  9658. Goddammit, is it too much to ask for a little trigger discipline around here?
  9659. Business as usual for the Wilkersons. -%1$s
  9660. I can load up any time if you want to get going.
  9661. Jack could have died out there. I couldn't risk that.
  9662. I see someplace worth a scavenging run.
  9663. COMPLETED: Ranger Station
  9664. I better move. You get him home safe.
  9665. Hey, don't get me wrong. I mean, the church is great, but we need to consider the long run.
  9666. +40%
  9667. Okay, let's get started.
  9668. STATUS: Impatient
  9669. I've always felt like I was specially blessed. When I was six, I fell off my daddy's boat.
  9670. Please... I'll be fine, just let me go....
  9671. Look! Somewhere to hide!
  9672. Hayley
  9673. We don't have enough bullets for everybody.
  9674. All right. You better get back out there and keep them from getting in.
  9675. Work can continue
  9676. Leaderboards are not available while not connected to Xbox LIVE
  9677. Played Sudoku
  9678. Or we go check on those gunshots we heard.
  9679. Lane
  9680. Targets
  9681. We can't take that risk.
  9682. Billy
  9683. They came out of nowhere! <Gunshots> I can't hold them off by myself!
  9684. Gonna see how things look from higher ground.
  9685. Yo.
  9686. Oh, thank God.
  9687. So... Now you know. Who I used to be.
  9688. I dunno. Maybe.
  9689. Well... until the mold in the walls put me in the hospital for a month.
  9690. <Weak coughing>
  9691. Bingo. That's exactly what we need.
  9692. Things look pretty bleak, huh?
  9693. Thought that's what I said.
  9694. What do you think?
  9695. Automatically repair body, engine, and tire damage. Replace lost bumpers and doors.
  9696. How's things?
  9697. Course, it was on the ground floor and it had floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, so, y'know... zombie death trap.
  9698. Ebberts
  9699. Shared her story.
  9700. %1$s Needs: %2$s
  9701. Where's Doc Hanson? We need to get going.
  9702. Vitaly
  9703. Fucking dogs.
  9704. Leave the rest. We gotta go now.
  9705. Got that little present ready for you. Come on out and meet me when you've got the time.
  9706. Yeah! Keep it up.
  9707. Nice one!
  9708. The people at the courthouse... they're all dead.
  9709. How could you do that?
  9710. Hmm... let's hold off on the move for now.
  9711. Growing
  9712. Found a stash of medications. -%1$s
  9713. Listen to me! I don't have long, I can feel the change coming on.
  9714. There's only one way out if you don't have air support. The pass back by the fairground--it links up with the main highway after about ten miles.
  9715. Waypoint
  9716. Studied Boxing
  9717. How the hell are we supposed to protect ourselves now? We're almost out of ammo!
  9718. Delivery made.
  9719. Contact contact contact!
  9720. Clean Suit
  9721. The detonator's shot, or else the receiver is. Bottom line, there's no way to blow this thing from a safe distance.
  9722. Architect
  9723. TIP: Outposts create a small SAFE AREA and can be visited to RESUPPLY.
  9724. Take it easy.
  9725. Howdy.
  9726. Hope he'll survive another day.
  9727. Investigate the source of the gunshots.
  9728. Gilbert
  9729. All the benefits of an Infirmary, plus the ability to create Stimulants. REQUIRES LIBRARY.
  9730. Find Missing Survivors
  9731. Job says he doesn't know anything about raids. Yeah, right. - %1$s
  9732. He was dropping out of school, you see. His father and I tried to talk some sense into him.
  9733. Ethan
  9734. Matthew says "stop whining about how tired you are, sack up, and do the job." That about cover it?
  9735. Thinks he's hard.
  9736. You bet.
  9737. Game Breaker
  9738. Okay. Let's go find 'em.
  9739. We ought to make a supply run.
  9740. Taking things from the supply locker costs Influence.
  9741. Guns
  9742. Okay, people, we seriously need to figure out how we're going to improve our defenses.
  9743. That's gonna bring trouble.
  9744. Just keeping a rational perspective. Can't afford to get attached to nobody.
  9745. If you want quicker Reflexes, you've got to take the fight up close and personal.
  9746. Sup, Bro! Beer Pong, anyone?
  9747. Get to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station.
  9748. Better make a note of it. We'll have to clear it out before it spreads.
  9749. Hey, hey, you want a horde all up in your shit?
  9750. SWAT Team Inbound
  9751. Shhh, that's a Screamer.
  9752. Gonna be a good day to kill zeds.
  9753. Sounds like I have a little time to explore. I should probably start looking for the things we'll need to survive. - %1$s
  9754. C'mon. Let's go check on Eli.
  9755. After one died, the others ran away. - %2$s
  9756. Doc Hanson
  9757. Wouldn't mind some help getting past these assholes.
  9758. Increasingly erratic in his behavior, but not a man to be trifled with.
  9759. Trade 1 Case of Ammunition for 5 Barrels of Fuel.
  9760. Lance
  9761. Coulda been worse.
  9762. We're okay for a little while yet, but we're going to need more food soon.
  9763. I'm sorry. I know what this must look like, but I swear I wouldn't leave if it wasn't important. I met some survivors who said they might've seen my sister over in Danforth. I've got to find a way across the river and see if it's really her. Best of luck to you all. - %1$s
  9764. Scavenged food isn't gonna last forever. We need to start looking into planting before it gets too cold.
  9765. PAYMENT: Special Delivery
  9766. Guess this arm gives me some time to brush up on my domestic skills, huh?
  9767. Fire Department
  9768. I'm spoiling for a fight. How about you?
  9769. I appreciate it. There's a water tower out back that has a good view of the campgrounds. Might be worth your while to climb up there and have a look around first.
  9770. Gamer Name
  9771. We opened our doors to feed some outsiders. It was an act of charity. - %1$s.
  9772. It's looking pretty grim.
  9773. Annual Fishing Trip
  9774. Yeah okay... I guess so.
  9775. Scavenged food isn't gonna last forever. We need to start thinking about planting before it gets too cold.
  9776. Places, people!
  9777. HISTORY: Got Separated
  9778. Cruz
  9779. How much longer do you think this place is gonna last, huh? The zombies KNOW WHERE WE ARE! You cal all hole up in your little death trap as long as you want, but hell if I'm going out like that. I'll find my own place. - %1$s
  9780. How to Play
  9781. I mean, shit... leaving those people to die like that? Cold, man.
  9782. Okaaay.
  9783. I got some good canned vegetables here. What'll you give me for them?
  9784. We can try sneaking around, but I'd just as soon destroy them now.
  9785. FIND HELP
  9787. No survivors.
  9788. Thank God. I was starting to worry this place was going to fall over.
  9789. 100 STORY Charlene Norville
  9790. Need a little nip? Can't say I blame you.
  9791. If I'm right, we could start growing some higher-yield crops.
  9792. Break Open
  9793. Hey, evade attacks as they come in.
  9794. Liked to Travel
  9795. All I know is the chickenshit bitch better not panic when she's watching my back.
  9796. Thicket
  9797. Almost there.
  9798. Come on, Lil.
  9799. Grenade Launcher: GL 06 Riot
  9800. We're all scared. That's no excuse to not do your fucking job.
  9801. Never thought I'd be this hungry in my life.
  9802. Get help from the Army.
  9803. Got an update on that siege for you--%1$s took care of it. - %2$s
  9804. EXPIRED: Scavengers
  9805. TIP: Hold [B] for the handbrake. Press [X] for a door attack.
  9806. You know what I had for breakfast today? Half of a frozen hamburger patty. On a plate.
  9807. Circular Saw
  9808. Threaded Pipe Caps
  9809. Dammit, Becca! When were you going to tell me this?
  9810. How are you folks holding up?
  9811. TIP: Radio home using [DDown] (D-pad) to create an OUTPOST here.
  9812. This area was a bust.
  9813. Benjamin
  9814. She's gone.
  9815. Too sick.... Left me behind. Left all the sick ones behind.
  9816. Get ready.
  9817. Fuel reserves were looking iffy even before this shit.
  9818. Fuck!
  9819. Veterinary Medical Supplies
  9820. Uhh... Lily? I really hope you're at the radio, sis, 'cause I'm in a little trouble here.
  9821. Zombie Hunt
  9822. Old bastard's probably dead by now, but apparently I'm a sucker for winos with no teeth and bad gout, because here I am looking for him.
  9823. If you ever do something that incredibly stupid again, I will kill you. Okay?
  9824. START MISSION. Go on a road trip with Jacob.
  9825. Saved the day.
  9826. Good news, boss.
  9827. Sit tight, we're on the way.
  9828. I've got your back.
  9829. As if that matters now.
  9830. Good news! %1$s found %3$s, and everybody made it home safe and sound. - %2$s
  9831. Found some food.
  9832. Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!
  9833. Any tips on making this construction go faster?
  9834. Okay, just about done. How we looking?
  9835. We need to do something about our lack of beds. People aren't getting enough rest. - %1$s
  9836. DISCOVERED: Friendly Survivors
  9837. Annabelle
  9838. We got a horde that needs clearing out.
  9839. Bam, crush that skull.
  9840. Lizbeth
  9841. Vehicle Sounds
  9842. Hold [LB] and press [X] to cut off an enemy's leg.
  9843. MICKEY WILKERSON. Calls in Mickey to provide some covering fire. (+1 Use every 24 hours.)
  9844. Uhh, isn't that suicide?
  9845. The hell's going on there?
  9846. Welcome Back
  9847. Christmas dinner comes early this year, folks.
  9848. CanOpener
  9849. Quiet Search
  9850. Rowley
  9851. Alan was MIA for a while, but he has returned. - %1$s
  9852. That's nice of you to say...
  9853. Damian
  9854. So I was going to ask if you'd go up to where he died and bring me something of his.
  9855. Full size rifle round, SMG sized package.
  9856. Would be dead without our help.
  9857. Getting close.
  9858. Requires WEEKLY PINOCHLE GAME.
  9859. A place to grow fresh food. Just getting started.
  9860. New Mission
  9861. Opportunity
  9862. Delay your decision. They may find another ride for him in the meantime.
  9863. Lots of people seem pretty keen to join us.
  9864. We're gonna tell everybody else about this, right? I mean, we're not just gonna leave?
  9865. Event: Emergency Repairs
  9866. Whatever you do, don't tell him wrestling is staged.
  9867. Oh my God!
  9869. Melee Specialization
  9870. All right. We'll get everything organized here and then head your way.
  9871. Buck up. You survived that horde attack, you can survive this.
  9872. No more than usual. I usually just lay down for a little while until it passes.
  9873. Shit.
  9874. Can't do that anymore.
  9875. Pistol: X-Lock
  9876. %d added to Supply Locker. (Passable medicine supply.)
  9877. +10 Pouting.
  9878. Just a little one....
  9879. We don't need to clear out the whole area, just take out the freak.
  9880. Shake it off!
  9881. We could use your help. Again.
  9882. That's just about it for our fuel.
  9883. +20 Food, Ammo, Medicine, Fuel, and Materials capacity.
  9884. Grenade Launcher: GL M32
  9885. I'm on this like stink on a bloater.
  9886. So, zombies aren't covered by the Geneva Convention, right?
  9887. Gotta give this thing time to run its course.
  9888. Racks
  9889. Computer printout on personal letterhead, mailed two weeks ago.
  9890. Zombies weren't enough, now we gotta deal with super flu?
  9891. What can I say? I'm a people person. (Sexting aficionado.)
  9892. No problem. I'll call your guys and walk them through it.
  9893. Just the six of you?
  9894. For medical treatment.
  9895. What you gonna do when I run wild on you?
  9896. We're clear.
  9897. You should join us.
  9898. FOOD RESOURCE. A few of these might be stale, but they should still be edible.
  9899. Derek
  9900. Might be, yeah.
  9901. It started, what, 12, 13 days ago? At first it was just weird stories on the news.
  9902. I should save this til I need an energy boost.
  9903. Uh... shit. Make that a lot of zombies harassing our guys.
  9904. Teach %3$s a trick or two.
  9905. I think we can set up some surprises for the zeds.
  9906. Just came to Trumbull Valley for a vacation.
  9907. Oh no...
  9908. I think we can take out the worst threat.
  9909. Load off my mind.
  9910. START MISSION. Hear what Alan has to say.
  9911. Shootist
  9912. ADVICE: Build an Infirmary
  9913. Nah. Let her cool down. She'll come around eventually.
  9914. Thank you for getting me out of there. I thought I was dead.
  9915. I'm just looking out for number #1. You got a problem with that? (Improved wits.)
  9916. Liked to Sew
  9917. This ain't going to be quick.
  9918. DANGER: Feral Sighting
  9919. Laine
  9920. Trust Gain Rate Increased!
  9921. Things actually seem pretty calm out there for once.
  9922. One of those creepy, fast bastards was spotted. We need to end this fucker now! -%2$s
  9923. They're not here. We are. And we gotta think about what comes next.
  9924. Genesis
  9925. Well, thank you very much for the info. Guess I've got a decision to make.
  9926. +10 Max Vitality for everyone. 15% Recovery Chance from injury/illness each day.
  9927. I'm in trouble!
  9928. Just get us inside.
  9929. Back off. I don't have time for this shit.
  9930. Luther
  9931. Hey, thanks. I owe you one.
  9932. Dear Diary, HOLY SHIT IT WORKED! When Skyler said he found a ritual that could bend the dead to our black wills and finally take revenge on assholes like Ricky Valdez I kinda thought he was full of shit, but IT WORKED! It's all over the news, the dead are rising from the grave to eat the flesh of the living! BRB, I'm going to try out my sweet zombie-controlling powers!
  9933. Can we get the hell out of here and get eaten on the open road already?
  9934. I've got to wonder if the strain of leadership is getting to Her Honor. I mean, hell, it'd get to anybody.
  9935. Studied the Occult
  9936. Aspirin
  9937. DECLINE MISSION. Piss off the Wilkersons but avoid any more entanglements.
  9938. Camouflaged pump hunting shotgun.
  9939. Rescued Doc
  9940. Sorry, you're on your own.
  9941. Juliana
  9942. God, that thing fucking reeks!
  9943. Holy shit, don't shoot!
  9944. Kill one of each freak zombie type with your car.
  9945. It's surprisingly hard to cultivate patience and understanding when you're caroming from crisis to crisis.
  9946. I got him, Lily. We're on our way home.
  9947. Hey, I just got a report from some folks just outside Spencer's Mill.
  9948. Ryan
  9949. Choose Facility
  9950. Like, why aren't they taking these people to a hospital or something?
  9951. Memento
  9952. I... I think I'm going to be sick. You've never seen so much blood. - Lily
  9953. Good stuff!
  9954. Lots of zeds right behind me.
  9955. And uh, speaking of pulling together... I wonder if you wouldn't be able to do me a favor?
  9956. Seems like you never go for the quick kill.
  9957. This looks like the sort of place that would make a good home.
  9958. Ready Freddy.
  9959. I don't know.
  9960. First thing I'm gonna do when this is all over? I'm gonna have a steak. Second thing I'm gonna do? Wipe my ass with real toilet paper. Third?
  9961. Ray.
  9962. We could make something a little less rickety. REQUIRES WORKSHOP.
  9963. Morey
  9964. I'm fine!
  9965. Failed To Stop the Freak
  9966. Hmm?
  9967. Best thing about this trip? No cell reception. No e-mail alerts from work, no "the Meyers account needs to be audited by Monday morning" texts, no RSS feeds. Just peace, quiet, and fresh fish. - %1$s
  9968. Need a car out here.
  9969. Zombie Hordes move and become alerted as a group. Don't fight them if you don't have to.
  9970. We've let the zeds overrun too much of valley. It's not safe. - %1$s
  9971. Serious Depression
  9972. Command Center
  9973. Holy fucking shit!
  9974. 1 Case of Ammunition for 5 Barrels of Fuel.
  9975. Need a MEDICAL LAB
  9976. Enjoy, motherfuckers!
  9977. I'm telling you, we've got to start thinking long-term, and that means building some improvements into this place.
  9978. <Whew>
  9979. Damnation! We just lost a barricade!
  9980. So, I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately, and something occurred to me.
  9981. Officially, of course, you're all still lawbreakers and squatters and you'll be arrested as soon as we have a jail to put you in.
  9982. Hey, try not to shoot us in the back, okay?
  9983. Cortes
  9984. Actor
  9985. Attention citizens We've had reports of armed civilians attempting to force our patrols to provide supplies.
  9986. Command Center: Survivors Located
  9987. I heard we lost another patrol last night. Shit's getting bad.
  9988. Pick Up Rucksack
  9989. Hey, I'm not sure what happened, but I think we got separated.
  9990. What if I find some more? Will that pay our rent?
  9991. Cases of Ammunition
  9992. Mendoza
  9993. Eventually, you'll find fatigue building up. A snack will give you a temporary energy boost, but to really fight fatigue you should think about stepping away and resting for a day. You you can also radio home and talk to Pastor Will. He has a way of inspiring people to keep going. - %1$s
  9994. Phosphorous Triiodide
  9995. And in the junk drawer in his kitchen, I find these pictures that... well, trust me. I'll never look at the tailpipe of a '72 Falconer Hatchback the same way again.
  9996. Yes, Alan. Pastor Will is still sick.
  9997. A pipe with a heavy fitting on the end.
  9998. Hey, and you assholes better build a statue of me!
  9999. I see 'em!
  10000. Zed Hunt (Feral)
  10001. Rifle: Model 70
  10002. Better do one more sweep, make sure everything's clear.
  10003. My whole senior year of high school, she made me take these karate classes, so I'd be able to protect myself.
  10004. Isabelle
  10005. COMPLETED: Zed Hunt (Armored)
  10006. Why would they do that?
  10007. 54 GENERIC Gilbert Wingate
  10008. Roaming Zombie Horde
  10009. No Melee Weapon
  10010. Look For %s
  10011. Denial.
  10012. Pistol: G 20
  10013. All quiet here.
  10014. This character should never be given the Away status.
  10015. There you go. Don't say I never gave you anything.
  10016. Building Materials
  10017. Castilla
  10018. Buy in Bulk
  10019. Kylie
  10020. BLOOD TIES
  10021. Never realized how much food three people can go through in a week. When we found that Tartan Mart nobody had hit yet, we thought we'd taken enough for a month, but now it's a week later and the food's all gone and that Tartan Mart has been totally picked over... and now I don't know what to do.
  10022. How many other people you think would go out there and risk their necks just to rescue somebody in trouble?
  10023. I've had just about enough of his bullshit.
  10024. Hey, c'mon. Things'll turn around. Just have a little faith.
  10025. The youngest Wilkerson brother. A reckless hoodlum.
  10026. I needed a little quiet time to get my head straight after all the shit that's been going down. Nothing weird about that. If you've got a problem with that, %1$s, how about you quit with the wisecracks and try saying so to my face? - %2$s
  10027. Jeez, I don't know. At first it just seemed like the place to go, y'know? End of the world and all that.
  10028. This won't do any good. I'm still fresh.
  10029. Nicole
  10030. I'll follow your lead.
  10031. Okay. Looks like no zombies were close by.
  10032. The middle Wilkerson brother. A cold-blooded schemer.
  10033. I heard from a buddy of mine down in Marshall the Army rolled up on them and seized all their guns.
  10034. Don't worry, I'll make sure you look good too.
  10035. Practiced Photography
  10036. Gianna
  10037. Okay. I'll follow your lead.
  10038. Liked Tailgating
  10039. Any time I can do you a favor, just say the word.
  10040. Better do it quick then. Before it starts to move.
  10041. Be careful in there.
  10042. +30% to flirt, but 15% chance of lawsuit or impeachment.
  10043. The longer this goes on, the more I think the ones who got turned were the lucky ones. -%1$s
  10044. You gonna sit around with your thumb up your ass or help out?
  10045. Search Sounds
  10046. Tells my dad not to worry so much. "Just remember me in November." It was $10,000.
  10047. League Champion
  10048. Get a tour of the church.
  10049. We get out of this, I oughta take you hunting!
  10050. Uh-huh.... And were you "scouting" with Eli Wilkerson?
  10051. I've got a couple of leads I can check out. Meantime, your people ought to start stockpiling supplies.
  10052. Time's a-wasting.
  10053. Edged Weapon
  10054. You Gotta Believe
  10055. We've lost our target.
  10056. We've noticed some new survivor activity.
  10057. Target identified. We're zeroed in, contact in 3... 2... 1...
  10058. Master the use of Rifles.
  10059. <Sharp inhale>
  10060. We're out.
  10061. You can radio home for SCAVENGERS instead and let someone else do the heavy lifting.
  10062. We need to thin the ranks a little. Take out this horde before it gets any bigger.
  10063. Suppressor won't work on this one.
  10064. What a piece of crap. Guess I could use it to break a window.
  10065. Whoa, hold up!
  10066. WITHDRAWL: Caffeine
  10067. This place is nice and isolated. That's a big plus except when we need to make a supply run. - %1$s
  10068. Ten-four, I'm ready.
  10069. Now we gotta throw out all this food because vermin got to it!
  10070. I could keep this up all day!
  10071. I was saving that!
  10072. Gun Oil
  10073. Is that all you got left?
  10074. Alamo Kitchen
  10075. Olson
  10076. Black pen on a yellow legal notepad, there is a bloody thumbprint in the corner.
  10077. You got a knack for this, you know that?
  10078. Athletic Tape
  10079. SHERIFF PARSONS. Brings in a SWAT team to help you for a couple of minutes. (+1 Use every 24 hours.)
  10080. You're not fine. You need to go to the infirmary.
  10081. Explosives acquired.
  10082. %1$s called in - said the guy who was willing to trade with us backed out. Guess we shoulda been a little quicker on the draw, - %2$s
  10083. Goddamn zombies overran everything we built. Feel like coming back and trying again?
  10084. I just, I feel terrible. They were always asking for help... I guess this time they really needed it.
  10085. It's way too easy for zombies to ambush us. We need to put up a watchtower and curb that shit.
  10086. A good kid, but a little flaky.
  10087. Anyway, she wants to call herself Becca now, that's her business.
  10088. <Groaning, coughing>
  10089. The most direct and simplest way to put an end to a zombie is in hand-to-hand combat. Every weapon is a little different, but it always comes down to the same thing: remove the head or destroy the brain.
  10090. Rumors spread 20% faster.
  10091. I guess they were trying to keep it quiet, but that didn't last too long. People figured it out pretty quick.
  10092. Corporal Torres.
  10093. Let's do this.
  10094. Amado
  10095. At least you can get around now without the constant risk of getting plowed into by some jackass in an SUV. (Improved cardio.)
  10096. Well, at least we won't have to worry about our ammo supply.
  10097. That's it! We're done! Game over, man, game over!
  10098. All right, let's see what you've got. Better not be wasting our time.
  10099. Top scores for handling and acceleration in its class. Someone put a lot of their rent money into this. Four seater.
  10100. God, I hate this shit.
  10101. Hell with that, Becca's in there!
  10102. Okay, I know, I know, it was stupid to come out here alone, I just thought... I dunno, if I could find something really useful, maybe Lindsey'd finally like me. You know?
  10103. Kill Zone Size
  10104. Thanks, %1$s. I appreciate what you said. I've been blaming myself for things that aren't under my control. - %2$s
  10105. Not zombies. Dead people. These folks never turned. No injuries on any of them except a single gunshot, right in the head.
  10106. For God's sake, I just kept a couple cans of tuna so my wife could eat!
  10107. Let it be known that we will not tolerate raiders in Marshall. Attacks on fellow survivors will be answered harshly.
  10108. Sarah was the worst.
  10109. Trust me.
  10110. Salazar
  10111. Sheets
  10112. Kind of regretting that now.
  10113. Let's do this quietly, folks.
  10114. Samaritan
  10115. Before too much longer, we're gonna have to shut the generators off.
  10116. Zombie
  10117. It's-- no, never mind, it's stupid.
  10118. EOD Training Texts
  10119. I couldn't... didn't help him. And then I ran. I've kept running.
  10120. They're coming in the front.
  10121. 36 GENERIC Sam Wenderly
  10122. How bad you think it's getting outside the valley?
  10123. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
  10124. New Waypoint
  10125. DEATH: %1$s
  10126. Petersen
  10127. Okay, I see the generators, but... they're crawling with zombies.
  10128. See how I did that?
  10129. %3$s has been really depressed lately. Better do something about that. -%2$s
  10130. What did you-?
  10131. Blue pen on crumpled notepaper.
  10132. A typical garden store blade.
  10133. That looks like trouble.
  10134. Assigning someone to staff your kitchen reduces the risk of food poisoning.
  10135. Aw, hell!
  10136. My guns don't wear out nearly as quick, and when they do jam I clear them faster.
  10137. Forget about it. You'd have done the same for us.
  10138. Almost done!
  10139. Establishing Outpost
  10140. Quentin says I can RADIO him for advice that'll speed up construction projects. - %1$s
  10141. ATTITUDE: Quiet
  10142. Revolver: Toro Bravo
  10143. You saved me.
  10144. As far as Sam is concerned, Trumbull Valley and just about everyone in it can suck her dick.
  10145. Heine
  10146. A full-fledged workshop would give us the ability to repair cars.
  10147. Can you please go away? I'm not a big fan of yours right now.
  10148. The voice on the radio.
  10149. I was born ready.
  10150. Let's just find some transportation and get the hell out of here. I don't like being this exposed.
  10151. Use caution when exploring.
  10152. That is that.
  10153. Ly
  10154. That was pretty crazy.
  10155. Shit. Glad you've got a steady hand.
  10156. Our defenses managed to hold. Things could have been a lot worse. - %1$s
  10157. Help Sam find Andy Pimms?
  10158. I intercepted and destroyed an incoming horde before it reached its destination. - %1$s.
  10159. I dunno, there's just something satisfying about building.
  10160. Let's start looking, then. What, you didn't think I was going to let you go out there alone, did you?
  10161. Nobody's perfect.
  10162. It sounded like it was pretty important to you. I figured it was the least I could do.
  10163. You don't look so good.
  10164. The fuck are you waiting for?
  10165. Confirmed, we are zed-free here.
  10166. I'd rather fight them here. At least here we've got choke points.
  10167. You ought to rest up when you get home.
  10168. No one came to help. Had to get the hell out of there.
  10169. Attention Marshall citizens. Trumbull County Sheriff's deputies are currently engaged in operations to clear the dead infestations in town. Please remain indoors and out of the line of fire until operations are concluded.
  10170. I guess maybe one of them survived. Whole time though, Job? He never looks up from his fuckin' book. Kept reading out loud from it. I dunno, something by Julius Caesar or somebody.
  10171. I'm not proud of what I did. I was just trying to survive.
  10172. Research Whistling Box Mine
  10173. We could probably beef up our defenses. Just to be safe.
  10174. Let's start by boarding up these here windows. There should be some scrap lumber in here that'll serve.
  10175. Who sent you to get me? Was it Holkins? That friggin' guy... you can tell him I'm not leaving until I'm done searching this place.
  10176. Yeah, wow. That was awesome.
  10177. Ask me, we shouldn't have stopped. Should have driven right the hell out of this valley. Headed for the city, maybe.
  10178. You have any idea how long I've wanted to do that? Dreamed about it? Planned it? Felt good, too.
  10179. Trait Discovered: Self-Sufficient
  10180. Maybe Later.
  10181. Hangers
  10182. Wits Improved!
  10183. All lined up and ready.
  10184. No surprise. That loser Lily invited couldn't hang with the big boys. Sam and I took care of business, though. - %1$s
  10185. Help!
  10186. You want this stuff? Keep them off us.
  10187. Hits the bottle a little too hard.
  10188. Change View
  10189. DECLINED: Sweet Ride
  10190. The runners are trouble!
  10191. Hey, babe.
  10192. Investigate the signs of survivor activity.
  10193. MISSION: Scene of the Crime
  10194. I'm already loaded down here.
  10195. What you in the market for?
  10196. That's it for me.
  10197. Parent
  10198. Iturbide
  10199. I bet they can hear us from a mile away.
  10200. Nice shootin', Tex!
  10201. Complete 50 missions or activities with the same character.
  10202. I hear ya.
  10203. Aw, man, who invited you?
  10204. BLAZE OF GLORY: %1$s
  10205. Don't these things ever quit?
  10206. Survived another day
  10207. Requires Edged Weapons Level 4
  10208. Let's just say I don't cry when I stub my toe. Any more.
  10209. Jesus!
  10210. I need some medical advice.
  10211. A place to meet and eat.
  10212. Loves the great outdoors.
  10213. Shit. Well, what'd you expect?
  10214. We'll be there soon.
  10215. Tell me a little about your dad.
  10216. You saved my ass.
  10217. Unlocks a new special ability triggered by your defensive moves ([B]).
  10218. I think we can try that again.
  10219. A Powerhouse wades into the middle of 'em and mixes it up hand to hand.
  10220. SCRAPPED: Lily's Brother
  10221. On second thought. Hold off. This place isn't safe.
  10222. Your friend needs antibiotics, I need medicine, so I kinda... sent you to a place you might find both.
  10223. Damn good thing the zombies tore this place up. We gotta fix this before people start getting sick.
  10224. Sure, take your time. Not like we're all slowly dying of dead guy plague or anything.
  10225. PERSONAL SKILL. "No white after Labor Day" is just the beginning.
  10226. Conner
  10227. Better shut that screamer up first.
  10228. DECLINED: Special Delivery
  10229. Hatchet
  10230. When they figure out who's responsible for this epidemic, there's going to be one hell of a lawsuit filed against them. (Jurisprudence expertise.)
  10231. Marissa
  10232. So next time you piss somebody off, make sure they're not armed.
  10233. Horde attacking home!
  10234. Yeah? Huh. Maybe Quentin's right after all.
  10235. %+d Friendship with Everyone at Home
  10236. It's like high school all over again, except the glee club wants to eat me. - %1$s
  10237. Watch the front!
  10238. TRUST LOST (Ally in Blast Radius)
  10239. Trade our Ammo for some Food?
  10240. Let's do this fast. Grab the shit and get the hell out of here.
  10241. Sounds nice.
  10242. Clayton
  10243. START MISSION. Seems like a harmless way to earn a little goodwill.
  10244. Advice: Build a Training Area
  10245. Our friend here would be happy to take you home. Wouldn't you, friend?
  10246. That should give us a better sense of where we stand. -%1$s
  10247. Hector
  10248. Copper Wire
  10249. Colton?
  10250. Got Doc Hanson out of a jam at the cemetery. He's offered to provide medical advice to me and my friends. - %1$s
  10251. Sleeping quarters. Hope you don't mind sharing, we're pretty tight on space here.
  10252. I did. Carl said that Alex is her real name. She, ahh... she worked at the truck depot, you could say.
  10253. Was there something else?
  10254. Yeah. We're on our way.
  10255. I gathered resources and brought them home. - %1$s.
  10256. Here's your meds, no thanks to dumbass over there.
  10257. Sounds like a plan.
  10258. I can't keep going out there if I never get any rest when I'm here. It's gonna get me killed. - %1$s
  10259. Never thought we'd have to worry so much about a case of salmonella.
  10260. DECLINED: Accusations
  10261. Those things are disgusting.
  10262. 12 GENERIC Grant Marshall
  10263. Holy Rolling
  10264. Soliz
  10265. Remind me not to piss you off.
  10266. Watch your ammo and reload when it's safe.
  10267. Help destroy a feral zed.
  10268. Weight Belts
  10269. Nothing here.
  10270. Survivor Activity
  10271. Williamson
  10272. Make Box Mine
  10273. Delete Error
  10274. Earn a skill specialization for one of your community members.
  10275. Dammit! Help!
  10276. A wealthy museum curator from Danforth.
  10277. Erlenmeyer Flask
  10278. Probably kill you last....
  10279. Hey, you think you could talk to Jacob the next time you stop by?
  10280. Ugh...
  10281. 88 GENERIC Billy Bob Hicks
  10282. Hazmat
  10283. Wyatt
  10284. That's nothing. I caught him earlier, staring at his pistol like it was his long-lost best friend.
  10285. Oh man, oh man, oh man! This is so screwed up!
  10286. Desperately Need Food
  10287. Damn. We were doing pretty good there up until the end.
  10288. You're going to burn yourself out if you don't come home and rest a little.
  10289. New toys!
  10290. Seems like a screamer issue.
  10291. You just run along and get us what you owe, and we won't have a problem. You hear me?
  10292. Ruiz
  10293. You shoulda seen %2$s, man! Dumped, like, three whole clips into one of those big boys. I didn't think that thing would ever go down! It's epic! - %1$s
  10294. Strain 854b shows a remarkable resistance to traditional antibiotic countermeasures. Estimated probability of successful containment: 13.48%
  10295. You have 5 minutes remaining in your trial. Press Start [Start] to unlock the full game.
  10296. Your Honor.
  10297. He might have known, but he didn't care. As far as Eli was concerned, he was immortal.
  10298. We're going to survive this.
  10299. Combat Sounds
  10300. I guess this is it, huh?
  10301. Might want to send somebody with military experience. I dunno, maybe they'd respond better.
  10302. Goddammit! We got enough trouble without bringing in another freeloader to use up all our medicine!
  10303. She always had a good head on her shoulders. If she was in trouble, she would've tried to get inside, fortify someplace till we came looking.
  10304. I've always loved taking things apart and putting them back together. Dig into the guts, ya know?
  10305. Additional Vitality and Stamina bonuses for everyone. (High likelihood of needing special ingredients.) REQUIRES GOOD COOK.
  10306. No, I like it. It's got a certain devil-may-care panache.
  10307. I think we're going to have a fight on our hands here.
  10308. Are you trying to draw them to us?
  10309. Mickey wanted me to reach out; let you know we appreciate having you as a neighbor. - %1$s
  10310. I don't know about you, but I'm keeping a couple of bullets back. Just in case.
  10311. Trade 1 Case of Ammunition for 5 Daily Rations of Food.
  10312. Y'know, I hear Marshall's real nice this time of year. Cool, roomy, friendly... did I mention roomy?
  10313. Peacemaker
  10314. Kirchheim
  10315. But the more dangerous the situation, the more likely it will result in injury or death.
  10316. Now they've got armor? That's not fucking fair!
  10317. Baiko? Baiko! Have you seen my dog? He's got to be around here... somewhere.
  10318. Eat for a temporary stamina boost.
  10319. Dane
  10320. EYES IN THE SKY: Survey Complete
  10321. Leaderboards
  10323. Tauscher
  10324. Seems like we're getting a reputation. Some neighboring survivors asked if they could come get some firearms training from us. There's 3 cases of ammo in it for us. - %1$s
  10325. HOME: Missing Persons Dead
  10326. Way too tired to lug that thing around.
  10327. I'm terribly sorry, but the rest of my flock requires attention as well.
  10328. White
  10329. That's unnecessary.
  10330. Well, the shoulder looks to be healing nicely, but I'm concerned about that head.
  10331. Lead the way.
  10332. Spare us the inspirational speeches. We all know how bad it is out there, and pretty words ain't gonna make it better. -%1$s
  10333. New actions available.
  10334. This game supports an autosave feature. When you see this icon please do not turn off your console or remove the storage device.
  10335. Safe Zone (%dm)
  10336. Jacob Ritter
  10337. Can you believe it? All this time, she was lying to me. To all of us.
  10338. Yeah, sure, man. I can do that.
  10339. %1$s is not happy.
  10340. We missed a catastrophic case of the shits by THAT much. We gotta be more careful with our food.
  10341. +25%
  10342. Maybe a few decades from now, we'll have domesticated dead people.
  10343. Just taking care of some business.
  10344. Enclave in trouble!
  10345. Hold [LT] to aim. Pull [RT] to shoot.
  10346. Jesus... like he was a damn toy....
  10347. Huh. Might be some people there.
  10348. Sometimes it's like we're re-inventing civilization one discovery at a time.
  10349. It is therefore the decision of this court that you serve a term of not less than two weeks in the county detention facility.
  10350. He's a shithead, but look on the bright side. He's only about half as stupid as he looks.
  10351. Single-malt, my friend. Your favorite, if I remember right.
  10352. You may be gripped with doubt, exhausted and afraid. You may think this is all futile, and that we won't see another dawn.
  10353. Edged Weapon Specialization Improved!
  10354. Because the LategameCheat flag is set, all of these have been unlocked: Library, Generator, Storage, Dining Area, Garden, and Kitchen
  10355. Oh man, oh man...I'm losing my shit!
  10356. Influence Costs Decreased
  10357. Smythe
  10358. Got 'em.
  10359. Sneaking through here is harder than I thought.
  10360. You shouldn't be running around hurt like that.
  10361. Just don't take shit you haven't earned.
  10362. Need an infirmary to keep sick people away from everyone else.
  10363. Save Game Not Found
  10364. That's taken care of.
  10365. +300%
  10366. Beer pong opponents get drunk 20% faster.
  10367. Doesn't suspect the truth.
  10368. Barrera
  10369. Created 3 Mild Stims.
  10370. We'll get payback, but right now we have to keep moving.
  10371. Looks like that's all there is to see.
  10372. Just like Thanksgiving.
  10373. You gotta be smart to survive. There are no second chances. (Bad at FIGHTING)
  10374. C'mon, asshole. Get in the truck.
  10375. Where the hell did you learn to fight like that?
  10376. You are now FATIGUED and have LOWER STAMINA.
  10377. I think I'll just leave that.
  10378. UNLOCKED!
  10379. Bullets are bullets. Don't much care where they came from. You can tell your sweethearts their debt's settled.
  10380. Watch out!
  10381. But...
  10382. Purnell
  10383. That's odd.
  10384. Did not make it.
  10385. We could use more hands.
  10386. Hey, it's okay, I'm a patient man and you're busy, but I really would like to talk to you.
  10387. I've had to live with that decision for ten years, Your Honor. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder if I made the right one.
  10388. Ritalin
  10389. TIP: Press [X] to attack.
  10390. Next person might not be as lucky as me.
  10391. Yeah, boy, let's do this.
  10392. Three more down with black fever.
  10393. How about these?
  10394. %3$s seems to have cheered up a lot. -%1$s
  10395. Don't forget we still need those explosives if we're gonna break through.
  10396. You look like hell. You should take some painkillers.
  10397. Got some zombies for you to shoot here, Mickey.
  10398. You're giving away our goddamn position with this Rambo routine.
  10399. Set Up Dining Area
  10400. Dammit, horde spotted us!
  10401. Well, they do say misery loves company....
  10402. We sure could use your help around here.
  10403. These attacks gradually wear down morale.
  10404. No Nonsense
  10405. The remains are cross-contaminated all to hell. We're not going to get anything useful here.
  10406. I've got a few ideas on where we could look.
  10407. Disapproves.
  10408. Tyler
  10409. Something's going on with the Generators.
  10410. Can't we just shoot it, set it off that way?
  10411. Raffone
  10412. Hmm. Maybe not.
  10413. Witness Protection
  10414. That's a big fuck you to zed.
  10415. Keep your eye on our right, we've got zombies incoming.
  10416. You have 30 minutes remaining in your trial. Press Start [Start] to unlock the full game.
  10417. Infestation destroyed
  10418. Gamertag
  10419. Lott
  10420. Bring %s home
  10421. 40%
  10422. I'm sorry. That doesn't seem very fair.
  10423. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to move on. The Captain gets cranky when people contaminate her scene.
  10424. Approach a container and press [Y] to search it.
  10425. So um, what happened to the guy the Wilkersons beat up?
  10426. Probably should have brought somebody more useful than me.
  10427. Listen, I'm not leaving you here and I'm damn sure not carrying you, so pull yourself together and follow me!
  10428. We've got a horde sighting.
  10429. Set the timer and run like hell. Zombies'll come running like it's Sunday dinner.
  10430. Suicide Hotline
  10431. Sounds like somebody lost one of their people. - %1$s
  10432. I'll mark survey locations on my map with BINOCULARS.
  10433. Invert X-Axis
  10434. A group of survivors is interested in joining our community. - %2$s
  10435. Priorities
  10436. We'll pack this away for a rainy day.
  10437. Sam and Alan are waiting at the clinic. I'll put up with Alan if it means getting the meds. -%1$s
  10438. Find out where you stand.
  10439. So that's what I'm doing. Just helping out, any way I can. You need supplies, I can arrange a trade. You need a car, I can hook you up.
  10440. Quentin Contacted
  10441. Could use our help.
  10442. Who's... can't see... help me...
  10443. All right, people, I want samples of everything in here. Food, medicine, toothbrushes, dirty underpants, bag it, tag it, and get it back to the lab!
  10444. Shit, here we go!
  10445. Storage Device Removed
  10446. Total Fame Earned
  10447. +32%
  10448. Was that too much? I was kinda going for a Doc Hanson thing there.
  10449. I'm on it.
  10450. Boyle
  10451. Either way, we should look into it. Having electricity will open a lot of doors for us.
  10452. Kill one of each freak zombie type.
  10453. Vitality drops whenever you get hurt. Taking serious damage lowers your Maximum Vitality.
  10454. This right here is why giving everybody a gun is a bad idea. - %2$s
  10455. We can't keep this up forever.
  10456. Now I know you're not gonna leave this beauty sitting on the side of the road.
  10457. What's going on is there's more of them up here than I expected. We need to sweep the rest of the cabins for survivors, but I've got injured people here I have to tend to.
  10458. Fine, you hold her hand.
  10459. Let's move out, then.
  10460. Hey, I can't bail your sorry ass out all the time. Got all these other shitheads to look out for.
  10461. Don't push yourself too hard. You need to give yourself time to heal at home.
  10462. That's just disturbing on so many levels.
  10463. %+d Community Fame (Flawless)
  10464. Quentin Barnes? From the grange?
  10465. Hey, congratulations!
  10466. Bad Blood Turned to Bloodshed
  10467. COMPLETED: Not Alone
  10468. %2$s is doing better.
  10469. Let's hoof it, people. Stay low and stay quiet.
  10470. Almost there!
  10471. We're moving out. Be there soon!
  10472. You've been a good friend to me, and to the people of this valley. When we start to rebuild on a larger scale, you're exactly the kind of person I'm going to want on my side.
  10473. MISSION: Zed Hunt (Rotter)
  10474. He don't get better soon, you know what I gotta-
  10475. We got a big trade going down with them folks over at the ranch house.
  10476. Event: Ally Hurt
  10477. Collects notes on survival techniques, giving everyone a boost to Wits XP for the week.
  10478. Larry
  10479. Yeah. It's time for a change of scenery.
  10480. Welcome to the Savini Residence
  10481. They might not be as bad as hordes, but even having a few zombies wandering around here is a risk.
  10482. SET UP: Warehouse Storage Area
  10483. Do you see that?
  10484. NOTE: Chopper Sightings
  10485. Fell victim to the Pastor.
  10486. Hey, dipshit. We're trying to be sneaky here.
  10487. Goddammit. Come on, then, we better go bail them out.
  10488. A hiding spot.
  10489. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Safe Areas
  10490. Gimme a few more minutes.
  10491. I hoped for better from you.
  10492. Let's get back in the car.
  10493. I'd like to see more of that!
  10494. Guess we bit off a little more than we could chew. Don't suppose you'd be willing to give us a hand?
  10495. Nothing useful here.
  10496. Rescued
  10497. We've got to do something soon, it's getting way too dangerous out there.
  10498. Whatever. Just... whatever.
  10499. Greatly reduced Vitality and Stamina. Bed rest is advised. Moderate chance of recovery every 24 hours.
  10500. Here's the coordinates.
  10501. That did it. Thanks, Doc.
  10502. Everybody here's occupied. Sorry.
  10503. HUNGRY: Weak from Hunger
  10504. %d Cases of Medicine
  10505. Aaron
  10506. Mauser
  10507. Listen, asshole, we don't want any trouble!
  10508. Powerful round primarily for revolvers and some rifles.
  10509. Oh, Christ... It's... Has everybody gone nuts?
  10510. Jesus, that one looks vicious.
  10511. Come on, up you get. We need to get you out of your funk.
  10512. You get allergies, you blow your nose like an adult and get back to work!
  10513. Hey. Thanks, by the way. You really busted your ass for us back there. We won't forget that.
  10514. C'mon. This has gotta be making you feel better, right?
  10515. Edmond
  10516. Oh God, help me! I don't want to die like this!
  10517. Sounds good to me.
  10518. Book on Car Maintenance
  10519. So you robbed a dead guy. And you expect his friends to help us out?
  10520. Research has kinda slowed to a crawl.
  10521. Guys, guys, guys. Don't you think we've got enough ways to get messed up without fighting amongst ourselves?
  10522. Sorry, Becks. Figured you'd yell at me if I told you.
  10523. Give Quentin Some Space
  10524. No longer tired.
  10525. Ah great. Now we got screamers.
  10526. Gunderson
  10527. Whichever one of you dicks thought it would be funny to replace my tomato juice with sriracha sauce: vengeance is coming. Oh yes. You will suffer. - %1$s
  10528. Kayla
  10529. Somebody ought to step up to man the infirmary. Not doing us a lot of good otherwise.
  10530. Eliminate Stragglers
  10531. We're about done. Thank you, by the way. I couldn't have done it without you.
  10532. Welding Equipment
  10533. Do it! Target my position, danger close!
  10534. Firearms Training
  10535. Reduced Sickness Recovery chance.
  10536. Covering fire on demand.
  10537. How's everybody doing?
  10538. Help with a "delivery."
  10539. Or... Wait, wait... Maybe… was I supposed to take a left back there? Shit. Do you mind watching my back while I check this?
  10540. Told Quentin
  10541. How's it going?
  10542. Topsoil
  10543. Dunno.
  10544. It's empty! Go find stuff.
  10545. May be a danger to the community.
  10546. You don't have to do this. We can-
  10547. Trouble is, the Army blocked it off when they left. Probably trying to stop whatever this is from spreading.
  10548. Revolver: River Snake
  10549. Hurt
  10550. Missed my chance to help out %1$s. Maybe next time. - %2$s.
  10551. Mouth Guards
  10552. Assault Rifle: 416D
  10553. Well, hell, can't ask for much more than that. See you all next time.
  10554. I'm seriously getting sick of this rationing bullshit.
  10555. Listen, I know there's some food here somewhere, I just... gotta find it. Please. It's for my brother.
  10556. Bitch all you want, you know I'm right! None of you had the stones to do what had to be done.
  10557. When we have freak sightings, we need to be more proactive about dealing with them. - %1$s
  10558. HOME: Epidemic
  10559. Ain't like I got anything better to do while I'm drinking.
  10560. ADVICE: Build a Sleeping Area
  10561. You did good. I know things were looking pretty bleak to you, but just try and remember, everybody's here for you.
  10562. Well that one's got extra padding.
  10563. If you was so embarrassed about your condition, maybe you shouldn't have been fraternizing with women of low moral character.
  10564. Okay, I'll be here a little longer.
  10565. Plates
  10566. So stop standing there staring at me and put one through my head, huh?
  10567. SET UP: Warehouse Machine Shop
  10568. They'd like to join us.
  10569. Moreno
  10570. Hmm. Probably not.
  10571. Andy Pimms
  10572. Heavy, reliable, durable.
  10573. You're human after all.
  10574. I'm interested.
  10575. <Burp!>
  10576. Not sure how much longer I can hang on!
  10577. Alison
  10578. Hello? Can you hear me?
  10579. This is the place.
  10580. Fuckin' screamers. Ain't so tough without their little zombie buddies around, am I right?
  10581. Makes the surrounding area a lot more dangerous.
  10582. You give people hope. I admire that.
  10583. You let me worry about that.
  10584. So, do you always do shit that's that dangerous, or was this just a special occasion for you?
  10585. Clean and lubricate the arsenal.
  10586. Ran over 250 zombies.
  10587. Let's start looking, then. What, you didn't think I was just going to let you go out there alone, did you?
  10588. Well, it still sits ugly with me.
  10589. Self-Sufficient
  10590. Haha. Nicely done.
  10591. Journal
  10592. Welcome. I suppose you've heard our broadcasts? Well, it's all true.
  10593. Firecrackers, Alarm Clocks, Etc.
  10594. Grant
  10595. Holy crap, that was loud! Did you guys know that was gonna be so loud? - %1$s
  10596. Now I'm sharing a room with four other people, and if I want any privacy, I've got to brave the zombie-infested streets.
  10597. I wish I could shoot like you. I've gotta practice more.
  10598. Couldn't get a lot out of them, but they sounded scared. Might be worth checking out.
  10599. Safe... for now.
  10600. Hey, I appreciate it. Too bad I'm, uh, fresh out of ammo, or I'd totally come with you. Totally.
  10601. Too bad we don't have anybody to staff it.
  10602. Beds
  10603. Defend the Workers
  10604. Should do a lot to cut back on the spoilage problem.
  10605. There's a freak.
  10606. Well, antibiotics for dogs aren't any different than antibiotics for people. And it looks like no one's broken in.
  10607. Could we not do this right now? Please?
  10608. Better fighters make better survivors.
  10609. Wait, what's the point?
  10610. Might be some good stuff in there.
  10611. Is it that hard to put them on?
  10612. Look, I'm all for sharing freely, but whoever keeps eating my soy cheese could you please stop? I'm lactose intolerant, I can't eat the other kinds. Just a little pretend cheese, that's all I ask! - %1$s
  10613. Precisely what the chef requested.
  10614. Hey, alright! That's mighty fine!
  10615. Orlando
  10616. He didn't make it. I'm sorry.
  10617. Well, excuse me for being a little stressed out over the end of the fucking world!
  10618. Maybe it was an unforeseen interaction with--
  10619. Carlson
  10620. Ipina
  10621. Orchard
  10622. Const. Materials Cache
  10623. You want to learn the ropes, you need on-the-job training or a good trade school. Neither's really around any more.
  10624. Just so you know... we all appreciate what you're doing out there.
  10625. Alright, let's track 'em down.
  10626. Set/Clear Waypoint
  10627. Hugo
  10628. CQB - Close Quarters Battle.
  10629. So long.
  10630. Sets zeds on fire. They don't seem to like it much. This one's made with gasoline.
  10631. Hey, look. Eli knew it, too, ok? It wasn't your fault.
  10632. I'll take my chances.
  10633. Or not. She's crazy. - %1$s
  10634. Storyteller
  10635. Troubled by this situation.
  10636. Not all that hard to kill, but they're highly infectious.
  10637. It's amazing how much a simple "thank you" now and again can smooth things over. - %1$s
  10638. Skillful feats like a one-shot multikill provide a big XP boost.
  10639. Dojo
  10640. Julienne!
  10641. Yeah, sure. Let's go.
  10642. When I shove somebody, they move. (Class Specializations: Power Push, Power Kick)
  10643. Worried about community morale.
  10644. Sure. The more the merrier.
  10645. New community members.
  10646. Two Left Feet
  10647. People are getting fed up with canned food and beef jerky.
  10648. Subtitles
  10649. Okay, come on, let's get back to it.
  10650. Screamers
  10651. Yeah, okay, I ditched my search buddy. But see, I know this place, not too far from here. Guy had like a hundred grand stuffed into a mattress.
  10652. Jayden
  10653. One of our folks wandered off last night. I think it was cabin fever finally setting in.
  10654. That was the last of my food.
  10655. I'm there. Gonna take a look around.
  10656. Zombies. On the other side of the river.
  10657. Barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways, etc. etc.
  10658. Gimme a more minutes.
  10659. Right. Right, sorry. Stupid....
  10660. Safety First
  10661. Watched Cooking Shows
  10662. Watch your right!
  10663. We have to face facts. Pastor Will has that black fever. He isn't gonna make it. - %1$s
  10664. Coming up on an infestation.
  10665. Unarmed attacks replaced by a spinning kick that knocks the target down.
  10666. I need you to drive me.
  10667. FixUp_AltChurch
  10668. Builds houses for the poor.
  10669. Nice takedown.
  10670. So that's it, huh? "Nice to meet you, would you prefer to be shot in the face or kicked out on your asses?"
  10671. How'd you meet Eli, anyway?
  10672. Goddammit, Will, why'd you have to go do this on me?
  10673. Leila
  10674. I'm not surprised. There's so many infestations around here it's a miracle you didn't die when you stepped out the front door.
  10675. Sounds like I've got company.
  10676. Nothing
  10677. Stump
  10678. Maybe you shoulda thought about that before you bought our merchandise! You know what we do to deadbeats?
  10679. The Workshop and the Medical Lab unlock additional items.
  10680. Doc, what's the good word?
  10681. Heads up, big boy coming.
  10682. Better look around some more.
  10683. %1$s made the find.
  10684. Ridge Cabins
  10685. Built a facility.
  10686. <Death scream>
  10687. +10%
  10688. I'll see to him. You got what you came for, so just take Doc and get the hell out.
  10689. I've fought my last squabble over a stale heel of bread. If you get the food situation sorted out, call me. - %1$s
  10690. +120%
  10691. Assault Rifle: AK47
  10692. I know things seem bad, but we're going to make it. And you're going to help. Let's go.
  10693. Don't rack the slide when there's a shell in the chamber. It makes you look like a jackass.
  10694. If you've got one, attach a suppressor to muffle the sound.
  10695. NEW TRAIT: Depression
  10696. Speed Bag
  10697. I was wondering what you could tell me about that girl at the grange. Becca?
  10698. Aging classic from the last days of WWI.
  10699. Or--and this is totally speculation, here--it could be the known felons who live just outside of town.
  10700. Izabella
  10701. I've run eighty yard touchdowns without even breaking a sweat. (Sports trivia whiz.)
  10702. Knows how to cover his tracks.
  10703. "And I heard a great voice out of the throne saying, "Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he shall dwell with them, and they shall be his peoples, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God"
  10704. Medical Advisor: %s
  10705. Wits
  10706. Come with me. I've got an idea.
  10707. COMPLETED: Scene of the Crime
  10708. Wacker
  10709. +5
  10710. Regain Vitality by numbing the pain.
  10711. Why aren't we better organized?
  10712. Shotgun: A-Series Mod. 1
  10713. The warehouse I'm headed to right now?
  10714. 21 GENERIC Ben Greene
  10715. We've gotten reports of a zombie wearing body armor, if you can believe it. Won't be easy to take it down.
  10716. You don't miss much, do you?
  10717. Relax, I ain't gonna hit you ‘less I want to.
  10718. I don't even know what to say. "Thank you" doesn't really cover it, does it?
  10719. Anyone interested in creating a little distraction?
  10720. I think we're clear!
  10721. MISSION: Home Sweet Home
  10722. Called in a favor from his artillery buddies.
  10723. Breakfast Foods
  10724. Next stop, Spencer's Mill. - %1$s
  10725. Create a Garden
  10726. Problem Solved
  10727. People used to hide when they saw me coming. You believe that? Grown-ass men and women, hiding from Santa Claus.
  10728. He'd kill me if he knew I said this, but... I swear I saw tears in his eyes.
  10729. Kirkman Residence
  10730. Veterinary Clinic
  10731. Set Up Machine Shop
  10732. Lily's brother is in trouble. Maybe if I bail him out it'll earn us some points. -%1$s
  10733. Small Backpack
  10734. This isn't the time for a little casual reading.
  10735. New Radio Option Gained
  10736. Well, there's a lucky break.
  10737. Fled from a horde. Now missing.
  10738. Military Stash
  10739. Yeah, and if we gotta deal with any zombie trout, you'll be the first motherfucker I call.
  10740. Eat this!
  10741. Let this be a lesson to those Wilkerson boys and anyone else who would prey on their fellow survivors
  10742. DECISION
  10743. Noobsauce. Total noobsauce.
  10744. Suarez
  10745. Civilians are getting restless. I don't like it.
  10746. Didn't murder unarmed civilians. That doesn't exactly make him a hero.
  10747. One in the head, you know they're dead. And you get better at Firearms.
  10748. Succinctly put. Now, it's been a while since I've read my field survival manual, but I'm pretty sure dead guys rotting in your water supply is what's known as a bad thing.
  10749. Target down.
  10750. Gun Shop
  10751. Incoming. Clear the area!
  10752. Not really. The occasional squabble over resources, and y'know, we saw some riots in the first couple of days.
  10753. 2
  10754. That's what made Marshall great, and it's what made America great.
  10755. Well, looks like we're not evicted, yet. Keeping an eye on Alan though. -%1$s
  10756. TRUST GAINED (Rescue)
  10757. Then why on earth would you think I'm interested? I need brain tissue samples, and I need them yesterday!
  10758. A meathead who's more concerned about the lack of football than he is about the zombies.
  10759. Mona
  10760. I really just have no idea what to do right now.
  10761. Anyways. Now's the time to get tough and get going. You can do it.
  10762. This right here? Why you should listen to me.
  10763. Gain increased XP from melee combat. This effect lasts for 3 days.
  10764. Hold [LT] to aim. Pull [RT] to shoot. While aiming, press [Y] to reload.
  10765. This way.
  10766. If you need to resupply before you head out check the locker.
  10767. Crisis averted.
  10768. Determined to survive.
  10769. Liked Gardening
  10770. Brewster
  10771. Hey look, I can load up whenever you want. We'll just get going.
  10772. Head into town.
  10773. Anybody else notice how %1$s just seems to stay calm no matter what? Maybe it should worry me, but I actually find it kind of reassuring. - %2$s
  10774. %1$s led the way.
  10775. Trait Discovered: Priorities
  10776. Ew! No.
  10777. I've got a lead on some supplies.
  10778. Target Snap Distance
  10780. Something just came in over the radio.
  10781. Hold [B] to crouch down and make yourself harder to spot.
  10782. Dante
  10783. Ammo
  10784. Looks like trouble heading our way.
  10785. Follows player around, even outside of missions.
  10786. There you go.
  10787. Hates this town and everyone in it. Posers.
  10788. Boxes of Medications
  10789. Pico
  10790. Might want to start here. She always did love the place. I think her parents owned it.
  10791. Koppel
  10792. That guy was just as tough as you'd fear... and faster than you'd expect. - %1$s
  10793. Part of the job description.
  10794. RECOVERY: I'm back, baby!
  10795. Before we can do that, though, we need to find a way to get some power.
  10796. So what are you going to do?
  10797. MISSION: Trade Opportunity (Materials)
  10798. Like the mighty crocodile, I'm very dangerous over short distances.
  10799. We need an infirmary. We can't keep cramming sick people in with the rest of us.
  10800. Everything went to hell at the Vet Clinic. I think Alan still made it out with the medicine, but no one here's gonna trust me for a long time, I think. - %1$s
  10801. I'll just put these with the rest of the stuff.
  10802. Nick
  10803. Keep an eye out for zombies--I'll be as quiet as I can, but, well... hammer.
  10804. I'm sorry. I know I let you down, I know this is a coward's way out, but I just can't. I'll see you soon, Mama. - %1$s
  10805. +150%
  10806. We really aren't ready for another attack.
  10807. Exit Strategy
  10808. I am SO sorry, %2$s. You have to know it was an accident. I would never, ever do anything like that intentionally. - %1$s
  10809. Good supply of AMMO in their location.
  10810. That was pretty good.
  10811. Black pen on the back of a granola bar box.
  10812. Invert Y-Axis
  10813. Gonna have to drive.
  10814. Concerned about our lack of construction materials.
  10815. Debug1
  10816. I was afraid of that. Better keep an eye on it.
  10817. I know, exciting life, right? Hell, I barely knew how to get to the post office.
  10818. Doc Hanson is a miracle worker.
  10819. Spotted someplace interesting. Should be some useful stuff there.
  10820. Puente
  10821. Somebody take out that screamer!
  10822. Watch the barricades!
  10823. Get ready!
  10824. Shotgun Specialization Improved!
  10825. Yeah, but can you imagine how many people we'd need to keep it secure?
  10826. Saw things through at the courthouse.
  10827. MISSION: A Helping Hand
  10828. Stamina Regeneration
  10829. Listen, nobody likes having to make this call. I mean, I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.
  10830. Rifle: Mini 14
  10831. You here to help?
  10832. Case of Ammunition
  10833. Advice: Build a Watchtower
  10834. Cornwell
  10835. Man, they beat the shit out of him. Cops had to taze a couple of them just to pull them off, and Biker Steve, he's just grinning like an idiot the whole time.
  10836. Maddison
  10837. Hey, not too bad.
  10838. Guys, we've got maybe the last tub of spicy garlic hummus in the world in our kitchen. That's pretty awesome, right? I'd love it if everybody got to eat some, but if a certain someone keeps dipping their fingers in it, nobody's going to get to enjoy it. -%1$s
  10839. Broadsword
  10840. Ha ha! That never gets old, does it?
  10841. The more outposts we have in an area, the larger the safe space around them will be. - %1$s
  10842. Uh... I came from the church. Pastor William sent me? I'm here to pick up the doc.
  10843. I know where we can go to fix that.
  10844. You're pretty banged up. You'd better head home and rest.
  10845. That's nothing.
  10846. It's a trifle more blunt than any translation I'm familiar with.
  10847. The fuck is a "Sabine?"
  10848. Evictions?
  10849. OSHA Standards
  10850. Walk with Sgt. Tan
  10851. Okay, I'll round up everybody that's available.
  10852. %1$s is a little insensitive.
  10853. Pistol: Carrier 1911
  10854. Oh. You know. Stuff.
  10855. Start by climbing the designated Survey location.
  10856. Like, back in college, I was in a car accident. I was stupid, trying to drive home after a frat party, lost control and swerved off the road.
  10857. Now get ready to move. The noise is going to bring down every zed in a ten-mile radius.
  10858. There's a building we'll want to check out.
  10859. Seeds
  10860. No, it's... ugh! Look, we're barely hanging on here as it is. Medicine was some of the first stuff to run out. We don't have any to spare for your friend.
  10861. DEAD
  10863. That was my goddamn pudding cup.
  10864. Alright, sounds good. We'll meet at a neutral location.
  10865. I understand the difficulty, Sheriff, but I don't know what you expect me to do about it.
  10866. Please forgive me!
  10867. Nimble
  10868. Glad we got away from that.
  10869. Nice of you to see things my way.
  10870. Almost out.
  10871. The Wilkersons won't be happy.
  10872. Could be they ran out of gas. If you don't see any reserve tanks around, you might have to siphon some vehicles to get enough.
  10873. %1$s and Co. barely made it though that last attack. - %2$s
  10874. Ehrenburg
  10875. You can take a few things from the emergency locker over there. We try to ration out supplies every day.
  10876. Had to get out there and find something to eat, but it's too hard trying to survive solo.
  10877. Edwin
  10878. Good shit right there.
  10879. Materials
  10880. There's a lot of ground to cover, though. Somebody ought to put a bell on that boy.
  10881. No zombies over there.
  10882. Some people have all the luck.
  10883. You looking for some food?
  10884. Trait Discovered: TMI
  10885. No, goddammit! Cars are too dangerous, just leave it!
  10886. Hot Dogs
  10887. We found a backpack containing the belongings of a fallen ally and brought them home. - %1$s.
  10888. Offer Shelter to Survivors
  10889. I really don't want to do this....
  10890. I hate to see the old girl like this.
  10891. Search the Location Thoroughly
  10892. Cots and Futons
  10893. I think I've seen just about enough of this valley. Let's get the hell out of here.
  10894. Mary
  10895. %s Level Up
  10896. Resources Lost
  10897. Gained +3 Ammo.
  10898. We've got some construction problems.
  10899. I know I might not make it.
  10900. Command Center: No Survivors Found
  10901. Jones
  10902. Lincoln
  10903. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Rucksack
  10904. Yeah, this place is a ghost town.
  10905. Who should I send?
  10906. We can't just let the zombies infest these buildings.
  10907. We'll see you soon.
  10908. Resupply at Home
  10909. So, you used me.
  10910. Hey, I'm not greedy. You help me out and half of anything we get is yours.
  10911. There's nobody up there buddy....
  10912. I lost contact with a friend of mine.
  10913. You see them? Over there on the left?
  10914. This just gets better and better.
  10915. Go scout for a larger place to call home.
  10916. No, no we should have it covered.
  10917. Ray says he's got something for me. Wonder what it is. - %1$s
  10918. I dunno, I figured if he had a radio, there must be somebody on the other end.
  10919. +28%
  10920. Uh, this is so corporate.
  10921. That means cars? Bad, unless you're getting the hell out of there in a hurry.
  10922. No matter how fucked up things get, we have to plan for the coming season. (Good with plants.)
  10923. XP BOOST: Leadership
  10924. Fully Explore this Location
  10925. %2$s knows what she did. - %1$s
  10926. Available Facilities:
  10927. Scouts said they found them with grass stuffed in their mouths. Starved. Bad way to go.
  10928. The hummus is for everybody.
  10929. Dedicated Work Area
  10930. Now that Ed is dead, we no longer have a reason to fetch the Doc.
  10931. And time's not exactly on our side, if you know what I mean.
  10932. If it doesn't come in the form of a folksy saying, Janet doesn't trust it.
  10933. Everybody's here 'cause I went out and found them, little brother! So they--
  10934. Thought he was gonna pop me one right there.
  10936. Generators would be pretty straightforward, or we could try to find a place with solar panels.
  10937. Larwin
  10938. Appreciates a good gun.
  10939. So you're saying those things are zombies?
  10940. Thought you'd want to know I made it. I met up with some good people. I have a new home now. - %1$s
  10941. We've lost too many people already.
  10942. Mayday, mayday!
  10943. Actions like this improve your reputation.
  10944. This making you feel any better?
  10945. The Judge is going too far...Somebody oughta do something.
  10946. Powerful spinning kick that knocks down a target.
  10947. Oh. You know. Some stuff.
  10948. They've sent someone to talk it over.
  10949. You can say that again.
  10950. Could go at any time.
  10951. Going up close and personal with these things is a recipe for disaster. We need more guns.
  10952. Well, I'm not running a marathon any time soon.
  10953. Don't worry, I'll be back out there as soon as I can. Fucking chest wounds aren't gonna slow me down.
  10954. Aidan
  10955. Eli knew it, too. It wasn't your fault.
  10956. Yeah, I'll take any help I can get.
  10957. Here. Resupply.
  10958. Allows Workshop to be upgraded to Machine Shop.
  10959. I'm not going outside with all these zombies around.
  10960. It's time to clear this infestation out.
  10961. The whole world's burning, and we're sitting here guarding the Valley That Modernization Forgot. Go Army.
  10962. We're not quite ready yet.
  10963. Maybe, but as soon as I switch them on, those things are going to swarm.
  10964. Cleared that bunch out pretty good.
  10965. Jesus, what's the point any more? We're never gonna survive this.
  10966. So, what, we're on our own?
  10967. Can you get around them?
  10968. Oh God... I don't believe it.
  10969. If you're trying to cheer me up, this is a piss-poor job of it.
  10970. Just perfect.
  10971. Drinking Glasses
  10972. You wouldn't believe how fast rats get into things otherwise. We learned that one the hard way.
  10973. Do you got everything?
  10974. (at home)
  10975. COMPLETED: Melancholy
  10976. Hold up, let's take care of this first.
  10977. Gathered 11 Daily Rations of Food
  10978. What's your billet, soldier?
  10979. Put this one in the win column.
  10980. Walk with me. I'll explain.
  10981. Look for New Home Sites
  10982. SURVIVAL TACTICS: Personalities
  10983. Billy Bob
  10984. Chicken-fried steak?
  10985. If you're interested, there's a little recovery operation we could do.
  10986. Son of a bitch... I knew I shouldn't have gone out there without somebody watching my back.
  10987. Cases of Medicine
  10988. Bunn
  10989. Not as racist as he seems.
  10990. Not so tough without your cronies, are you %2$s? - %1$s
  10991. Was someone looking for a little survival training?
  10992. Keller
  10993. Yeah, this should work.
  10994. Area of effect items like petrol bombs are good when taking on groups.
  10995. Lots of zombies right behind me.
  10996. So, is there anything you want to tell me?
  10998. Dude, check it out! They've got a gun!
  10999. You do indeed. I'll, uh, get the rest of this stuff stowed.
  11000. Aw shit, bulletproof zombies!
  11001. C'mon! Anybody hungry?
  11002. All right, made it to the top. Gonna take a look around.
  11003. What's going on here?
  11004. Sharpen your Wits by searching and scavenging.
  11005. Ford
  11006. Let %1$s down.
  11007. We're not the only survivors around, you know. There's a few other groups scattered around the valley.
  11008. Looks like it's harvest time again.
  11009. Double Kill
  11010. Well, once the itis wears off.
  11011. No, I am not leaving empty-handed. You need to do what you can.
  11012. Got to get out of here! I... I can't stay....
  11013. Aura
  11014. Shotgun: Model 1100 Malone
  11015. GLOBAL
  11016. XP penalty from Drunk.
  11017. Spotted something interesting. We should check it out later.
  11018. Heads up. We've got a visitor.
  11019. Guess we better get looking then, huh?
  11020. We got a double dose.
  11021. Shit... way too exposed out here, gotta get moving.
  11022. I'm realizing more and more that stamina is the key to survival. And the more stuff I carry, the less stamina I have.
  11023. Hold [LB] + [B] while standing still to kill two enemies at once.
  11024. Quentin has a question.
  11025. If he lives through the night, he'll probably pull through.
  11026. Organized exercise program: An additional +10 Stamina for everyone.
  11027. We need to do something to turn this around or we're going to lose everyone. -%1$s.
  11028. Booster
  11029. Friedl
  11030. We should be more quiet.
  11031. DOC HANSON
  11032. You know, you shouldn't run around wounded like this.
  11033. Truth is, Ed's not the only one who needs medications.
  11034. We're getting pretty famous around here.
  11035. "The United States of Trumbull." Got kind of a nice ring to it, huh?
  11036. Oh shit, wait, he's coming over here. Act natural.
  11037. Beakers
  11038. MISSION: Trade Opportunity (Medicine)
  11039. Woah, on second thought. Hold off. This place isn't safe.
  11040. Now we're making progress.
  11041. Crook
  11042. Shooting
  11043. RUMOR: Neighbor Missing
  11044. I could be out on the ocean right now. The whole world could go to hell in handbasket, but I'd just have the waves and the wind, you know?
  11045. This has been all over the radio lately.
  11046. Cool. Not done yet.
  11047. But if you keep that shit inside, it'll eat away at you. You gotta let go.
  11048. Kill Stragglers
  11049. Looking for somebody.
  11050. Hoarding
  11051. I did. But I think you should ask her yourself if you really want to know.
  11052. %1$+d Trust with %2$s
  11053. Slacker
  11054. Listen, man, we need some help here! A bunch of us are crammed into the church, and we-
  11055. Might want to head down to the courthouse and see what's going on.
  11056. Listen to this. I recorded it a little while ago.
  11057. You know something, you're all right. You ain't kin, but you're all right.
  11058. Sneak to the Next Location
  11059. Cervantes
  11060. "The United States of Trumbull." Got kind of a ring to it, huh?
  11061. Return to the Runner
  11062. Locked.
  11063. Barth
  11064. Zombies ain't smart, but they never quit. They'll find their way in if there's an opening, and if you give them enough time they'll make one.
  11065. Thomson
  11066. 'I'm glad you're here.'
  11067. Yeah. Me too.
  11068. I remember all my kids.
  11069. %1$s wants us to help other survivors.
  11070. That's nothing. I caught her earlier, staring at her pistol like it was her long-lost friend.
  11071. Switch to %1$s and let %2$s rest. %2$s will regain maximum Vitality and Stamina while resting.
  11072. Get some, brah!
  11073. Okay, I see Spencer's Mill up ahead.
  11074. 74 GENERIC Dick Calvert
  11075. Where is he?
  11076. Nicholas
  11077. Somebody place an order for delivery?
  11078. Did you ever hear of the Montana People's Front?
  11079. You have a society? I'm sorry, what exactly happened to the United States while I wasn't looking?
  11080. Auto Repair
  11081. Hanna
  11082. Duckworth
  11083. ADVICE: Build a Cooking Area
  11084. Fairgrounds Lockers
  11085. Yo dawg, that's straight-up cold, man.
  11086. My mom, she's got this medical marijuana prescription, right?
  11087. HOME: Not Enough Beds
  11088. Copy that.
  11089. Now, I've drawn up some basic plans, but we'll want to get on this in a hurry.
  11090. Feral Zed
  11091. I can carry the stuff and handle the negotiating, but some extra muscle never hurt.
  11092. We're there.
  11093. Created 2 Suppressors.
  11094. Can't we deal with this later?
  11095. That place is worth a scavenging run.
  11096. Ezekiel
  11097. TIP: Taking emergency supplies requires INFLUENCE.
  11098. Miller
  11099. COMPLETED: The Voice On the Radio
  11100. They're trying to get in the front!
  11101. Protect Ed
  11102. ATTITUDE: Relaxed
  11103. You could have prevented this. It's not like I exactly kept it to myself. All somebody had to do was say something, but I guess your "supply runs" are more important. Fuck you. - %1$s
  11104. Brooklyn
  11105. Change of plans.
  11106. Don't you get it? More of us didn't make it than did. We can't be soft-hearted about this. Not any more.
  11107. Swiss SMG, a relative of the P9 Forge.
  11108. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure they're just advance scouts. The main force will be here any day, and they'll take care of us.
  11109. I know it's probably not something you want to think about, but... we've got a decision to make.
  11110. Take Care of Eli
  11111. Stealth Drunk
  11112. Let's take care of him and go the fuck home.
  11113. Taxidermy's a way to take something living and preserve it forever. It's not about dead things; it's about making them immortal. (Chemistry and Arts and Crafts. Interesting combo.)
  11114. How about some artillery support?
  11115. Are you high? No way I'm going out there!
  11116. We could use your help in this area.
  11117. Tensions are running pretty high these days, huh?
  11118. You had a chance to talk to Carl yet?
  11119. Yeah. Tell the gang we're building an outpost here.
  11120. Maximum trust!
  11121. Now, it's your call whether you want to help or be a pain in my ass...
  11122. Hey, have you seen Dad recently?
  11123. Ow! Dammit!
  11124. There's another horde.
  11125. Knows a little something about tools and construction.
  11126. Find out what Mickey wants.
  11127. Better stock up on Medicine.
  11128. Anyway, thanks for the- oh, what the fuck?
  11129. You may want to come home.
  11130. Really? Yeah, no, that's awesome.
  11131. Use a car door to kill a zombie.
  11132. Watch yourselves. It's slippery over here.
  11133. Well you can thank our friend here for that. We would have been in real trouble otherwise.
  11134. Probably would have drowned, except some fella picnicking on the bank saw me. Dove right in and hauled me out.
  11135. No. It's gotten better.
  11136. The lumber room's looking pretty empty. Might want to look for some building materials out there.
  11137. Holden
  11138. Christ, just ring the dinner bell while you're at it.
  11139. Yeah. Few of their goons hit up the gas station outside town, found a couple survivors holed up there.
  11140. Elliott
  11141. Anyone out there? Please!
  11142. MISSION: Sgt. Erik Tan
  11143. Event: Mishandled Gun
  11144. First Aid Kit
  11145. So just... scrape them into some bags and incinerate them.
  11146. Surrender this location to the zeds.
  11147. Shame about Maybeline's boy.
  11148. Long story.
  11149. Returning Home
  11150. Staying on foot's a better idea anyways.
  11151. +25 Demagoguery when discussing literature.
  11152. Nothing we can use here.
  11153. Right. Well, thanks for the offer, but we're doing just fine on our own, and I'm damn sure not surrendering my guns when the streets are full of flesh-eating dead people.
  11154. That's not a normal zombie.
  11155. Full Auto
  11156. Anything I need to worry about with this doctor?
  11157. DECLINE MISSION. This might not go over so well.
  11158. Almost. Just one more second.
  11159. Could use help to get out of here.
  11160. Whistling Box Mine
  11161. Maybe I jumped the gun a little bit. Let's stay where we are.
  11162. Helmerichs
  11163. Oh, god, I don't want to die!
  11164. Sorry. I'm too banged up.
  11165. One solution. One number per square. It's a rare dose of logic in this illogical world. (Sudoku expertise.)
  11166. PERSONAL SKILL. Babe Ruth's batting average? .342. Ask me a tough one.
  11167. Come on, then. I'll help you track 'em down.
  11168. Radio Operator: %s
  11169. He's got a point. I'd feel better with something sturdier than a tree branch. We might want to think about scrounging up some long-term supplies too. Just in case.
  11170. Holy Mother of God....
  11171. Hammer
  11172. Hope he's not looking for new patients up there.
  11173. TANNER LAKE
  11174. What is that dude eating?
  11175. DECLINE MISSION. Tell the strangers to fend for themselves. This isn't how we make friends.
  11176. What I'm doing? Sheriff Parsons, what we're doing here is nothing less than maintaining the continuity of American government in the face of an unprecedented crisis.
  11177. Thought you were hot shit kicking me out, right? Well, it turns out I don't need you assholes. - %1$s
  11178. Need:
  11179. Another survivor group approached us after hearing that we'd learned to cure and pickle food to extend its longevity. We traded our expertise for a share of their stockpiles. - %1$s.
  11180. Or you're going to have to answer to me.
  11181. Alice
  11182. If you ignore the rampant destruction and flesh-eating dead people, this place is kinda quaint.
  11184. Helped %3$s find one of their missing people. Got a nice little bonus out of it, too. -%1$s
  11185. Don't let it get up!
  11186. Doc, you can't ask me to do this. I promised ma I'd take care of him.
  11187. I'm actually getting to the point where thinking about food makes me nauseous. I didn't think that was possible.
  11188. I got a horde over here.
  11189. Sometimes you gotta go your own way.
  11190. OUTPOSTS could take him out before he reaches us.
  11191. All that got me was a pissed off zombie and a busted uke.
  11192. Hell with this. Y'all want to risk your asses for her dumb fuck pal, knock yourselves out.
  11193. What is the point of even trying against something like that?
  11194. Suicide
  11195. We might want to get somebody to get up in the watchtower and pick them off.
  11196. Let's roll.
  11197. This one was really bad. Two people down, and it's just dumb luck it wasn't more.
  11198. Hope you're ready.
  11199. We've got sightings of one of those zombies with body armor. Better take it out quick. -%2$s
  11201. Продолжение следует...
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