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May 10th, 2014
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  1. [21:24] <Phonograph> i think it's just "first experience"
  2. [21:24] <Phonograph> prolly related to that delivery thing
  3. [21:25] <Phonograph> dunno where you got "moto e" means "to where"
  4. [21:31] <dancey> some other song, haruka, kimi no moto e is translated as far away, to where you are
  5. [21:32] <Phonograph> it's more like "to everybody's side"
  6. [21:34] <Phonograph> maybe it has a close meaning
  7. [21:36] <dancey> maybe it's more like "To WHere Everyone's From" but that still sounds bad
  8. [21:37] <Phonograph> "from" is maybe too close to "belong"
  9. [21:38] <dancey> i'm going on the assumption that moto means origin/source but i don't think it's ever translated that literally
  10. [21:38] <dancey> that doesn't mean the same thing as belong or side, not sure where that is from
  11. [21:39] <Phonograph> i was speaking of your "from" using
  12. [21:39] <dancey> right, i'm using it to loosely mean origin
  13. [21:40] <dancey> saying something like where are you from, from means origin
  14. [21:41] <Phonograph> i mean the particle used leads to "to", not to "from" (if it has a sense to say it like that)
  15. [21:42] <Phonograph> sometimes i don't get the particle used in jap, it's maybe a jap thing
  16. [21:42] <dancey> yeah i don't understand particles that well
  17. [21:43] <dancey> all i see is "minna" = everyone, "moto" = origin/source/blah, "e" means "to/toward" so "Everyone Origin To" makes no sense, literally
  18. [21:43] <dancey> so i'm just trying to form it into something that makes logical sense in english
  19. [21:43] <dancey> i don't know the rules of particles though so i could be reordering them wrong
  20. [21:43] <dancey> But when we're talking about the "he" part, it's always put at the front in english
  21. [21:43] <dancey> like "To the <noun>"
  22. [21:44] <dancey> so "To Everyone's Origin" doens't make sense, but "To Where Everyone's From" makes a little more sense
  23. [21:44] <dancey> just don't know if that's 100% wrong
  24. [21:44] <Phonograph> bah it's "A no B e" -> 'to B of A" / "to A's B"
  25. [21:45] <Phonograph> same with "ni", "de" etc
  26. [21:45] <dancey> right, but still doesn't make sense
  27. [21:46] <dancey> to origin's everyone? to everyone of origin?
  28. [21:46] <Phonograph> it's if you see "moto" as "origina"
  29. [21:46] <Phonograph> -a
  30. [21:46] <Phonograph> moto can mean "side" or "location"
  31. [21:47] <Phonograph> i find "side" has a warmhearty feeling, more than "where"
  32. [21:47] <Phonograph> it's maybe just me
  33. [21:48] <dancey> side is a very ambiguous word in english, it can me like, the side of a house, or it could mean territorial/relationship "side" (like side of an argument)
  34. [21:48] <Phonograph> replace "your" by "everyone" in "by your side"
  35. [21:49] <dancey> By Everyone's Side makes sense, is that what you're saying?
  36. [21:49] <Phonograph> yup
  37. [21:49] <dancey> can 'e' mean by?
  38. [21:49] <Phonograph> in a way, it's possible
  39. [21:49] <Phonograph> you can't literally attributed "one" only trasnlation to a word
  40. [21:50] <dancey> not sure what that means
  41. [21:50] <Phonograph> according to the translated language, you must assign the right term
  42. [21:50] <dancey> yeah, well that would be easy if I spoke japanese and english fluently :p
  43. [21:50] <Phonograph> you don't say "to your side" in english, but "by your side"
  44. [21:50] <dancey> you can say "to your side", too, though
  45. [21:51] <Phonograph> oh
  46. [21:51] <dancey> But if you say "To Everyone's Side", it implies almost like, a defensive type meaning. Like "Everyone came to my side"
  47. [21:51] <Phonograph> it's prolly not the right context
  48. [21:51] <dancey> If you say "By everyone's side", it implies more of an emotional/supportive meaning
  49. [21:52] <dancey> like "by your side" could almost mean like "I support you" or "I believe in you"
  50. [21:52] <dancey> or the literal of standing directly next to someone, obviously
  51. [21:53] <dancey> well, at least that's my interpretation of english
  52. [21:53] <dancey> it could be wrong, too
  53. [21:53] <Phonograph> by everyone's side is cute imo =)
  54. [21:54] <Phonograph> i think for that shop thing, "open for business" is just enough
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