The ¯situation¯

Apr 26th, 2020
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  1. The ¯situation¯:
  3. Zambia Has:
  4. copper / brass
  5. Nkana Smelter
  6. refinery
  7. ** cobalt
  9. Can produce:
  10. concrete
  11. rebar
  13. Wants: Looming machines, steel
  15. Shipping points:
  16. Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo -> Brazil
  17. Lome, Togo -> Jamaica && France
  19. ==== the situation ====
  20. ---- Zambian Consolidated Copper Mines Limited :) ---- #AWildSnake2
  21. Metal Fabricators Of Zambia Plc (ZAMEFA) :) https://www.zamefa.com/zamefa-products/ (copper wire)
  22. https://cecafrica.com/ :} *bearish* <--- (43homeruns :) twoPomSols)
  23. Puma Energy Zambia Plc +[:|]+ Energy producer :/)
  24. https://www.lafarge.co.zm/ (concrete) :/) (cacasDuras) ~ö~, civil engineering through dense forrest (road through congo)
  26. === trade requests ====
  27. south africa wishes to trade refined iron for copper ore or cobalt {iron -> copper ore 1 -> 1.13}
  29. germany offers looms for cobalt (wants ideas on trade from Zambia)
  31. india wants to manufacture brass fittings,
  33. Mangalore wants it to be shipped to them, 190,000 INR per metric ton? 2490 USD ~ 5,118 USD per metric ton
  34. > (lol @india)
  36. china wants brass fittings --- can trade for complete looms as well as raw copper and cobalt, but would prefer brass fittings, zambia could use pnuematic looms to manufacture material conveyor belts (quicker extraction of materials),
  37. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/China-Shandong-Qingdao-dobby-pneumatic-loom_62199394208.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.2.7cbb27a0jkTxym china will trade 1 per 10 metric tons and they will take care of shipping, just get it to a dock.
  39. UK will take fabric from zambia to make sails for boats
  41. ~japan offers steel patents for cobalt (there are some patents in there the usa wants, but ya just gotta find them and understand their importance, no cheating).
  43. [-]isreal will trade mining explosives for cobalt salts and nickel refined copper
  45. +jamaica wants copperwire 140000 994.53 per spool? ([ ]) (Zambia rates as good deal, Arbitrat0r unaware of exchange rate), want to pair with shipping coming from gabon or lagos but prefer Lagos.
  47. brazil BRL wants copper ore 12,000 2,145.35 USD (Zambia rates as good deal) (suggest me to look around in gulf of guinea, they hint at gabon)
  49. iMadeEmacs says Zambia needs servers, Zambia could be a great for server farms, but they need to up their energy output before hand. iMadeEmacs wants querty100 to choose who does the servers
  52. Transport & civil engineering:
  53. They want better roads from Calanda to Bumbu
  54. Lusaka to Mongu
  55. Railway: choma -> mongu
  57. Wants to throw down for angola nambia railroad connection... needs steel from south africa or will take japanese steel patents and some steel manufacturing equipment for cobalt (whatever they want) ...
  58. > japanese steel is high precision maybe ya'll don't need this high quality of steel for rail roads... so probably ¯USA¯ steel
  60. USA wants both copper ore and refined copper, but there is not consensus on which one they want more of. (But will still take japanese steel patents for cobalt exchange)
  62. Angola requests investment into port on Namibe, wants a miracle
  63. > (okay angola, if we can get enough stuff coming out of zambia headed east, we will need another port, so we'll need to get that railway going),
  65. Angolo requests to also refine copper, zambia says no thanks but we'll keep you in mind, we might move some cement manufacturing to Angola)
  66. Zambia says if they get good steel manufacturing technology, they will partner with businesses in Angola
  68. Isreal says Angola needs mining explosives more than Zambia, Zambia confirms.
  69. > @lol at Isreal
  70. Zambia will trade Angola some cobalt if they work on the roads requested in Angola, and a shipping deal.
  71. > Angola: Zambian Rebar?
  72. > Zambia: Yeah it's coming up.
  74. Zambia points to South African iron and will trade copper and said they are alright with using USA contractors to get a rebar industry going.
  75. Zambia... well just rebar, Angola needs to use it's own concrete, we'll partner with the concrete business there.
  77. [ lol'd ]
  79. Russia requests cobalt ore, they say they have good cargo ¯train¯ technology for navigating diverse environments.
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