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  1. `NAME:` {Alessio Golbach}
  2. `AGE:` {22}
  3. `GENDER:` {Male}
  4. `SEXUALITY:` {Homosexual}
  5. `AFFILIATION:` {Neutral}
  6. `BIRTH PLACE:` {Achigan City}
  7. `ETHNICITY:` {American - White}
  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. `POWERS:`
  11. ⧖ Human Voodoo Doll ⧖
  12. Alessio has the ability to inflict pain and physical damage to another person when it is inflicted on himself. Whenever damage has been dealt to Alessios body that has been inflicted by himself or others, the wounds near instantly heal and pain would be all nothing. All of the wounds and damage that was dealt to him transfers onto the body or bodies of others which creates the same wound in the same spot. Alessios abilities are so strong he is able to withstand fatal wounds that would cause instant death and can easily reciprocate the death onto someone else. This ability will also act as a defense mechanism as whenever someone deals to damage to him, the damage and pain will be redirected back onto the attacker immediately. Due to the damage being dealt within himself this ability allows him to bypass those with Invulnerability. Anyone with invulnerability will still be harmed with this ability as if they didn’t have invulnerability at all, even those with durability and other types of durability like powers. This ability does give him a type of immortality has he can take many fatal shots and still live like nothing happened.
  13. [If he deals fatal (Instant Kill) damage upon others than he will fall unconscious for roughly a day. Although he doesn’t feel pain, some forms of constant attack such as constant exposure to fire will cause him to feel pain. Healing may be instant but it does take a toll on his body and may create many scars. This ability does not work on mental attacks and abilities. This ability can only work on 1-3 targets at once. He will take the damage and pain of attacks that have been dealt with the following: Bronze, Titanium, and Mirrors. This ability can be stopped if he is trapped within a circle made from red paint. Can still die via: Total Body Destruction, Fatal shot by the metals listed above, Sickness / disease, and more.]
  16. `SKILLS:`
  17. ⧖ Sketching [Advanced]
  18. ⧖ Martial Arts [Proficient]
  19. ⧖ Flexibility [Advanced]
  20. ⧖ Stealth [Advanced]
  21. ⧖ Biology [Proficient]
  22. ⧖ First Aid [Proficient]
  23. ⧖ Disguising [Proficient]
  24. ⧖ Gymnastics [Advanced]
  27. `ASSETS:`
  28. ⧖ Currently None
  31. ⧖ Lack of Skill: Alessio overall doesn’t have much skill when using his powers.
  32. ⧖ Hunger: His power has shown to cause his metabolism to increase making him always feel hungry.
  33. ⧖ Sleep: His powers have shown to quickly drain him of energy making him always feel sleepy or appear tired.
  34. ⧖ Titanium: This metal has shown to burn him upon contact and will rapidly burn his skin.
  35. ⧖ Mental Instability: He has shown to have several mental instabilities and will occasionally enter a type of meltdown.
  37. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. `BACKSTORY:` Oh wow Tea
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