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  1.             <section class="description">
  2.               <div class="two-columns">
  3.               <p class="two-columns__brief">The main problem with education</p>
  4.                 <div class="two-columns__main-text">
  5.                   <p class="two-columns__paragraph">Whether it's at school or university, the one thing no one ever teaches you is how to teach yourself. All you actually do is memorize information in order to regurgitate when you take the test. You get drilled on how to solve specific exercises so that while you know exactly what you need to do when exam time comes around, do you truly understand the subject material? All you've really learned is how to pass that one test. Once that test is over, the information in your head has outlived its usefulness.</p>
  6.                   <p class="two-columns__paragraph"><span class="two-columns__span-accent">Conclusion:</span> Knowing how to study is absolutely essential, but for some reason, this point is too often overlooked. So, what can we do to remedy this?</p>
  7.                   <p class="two-columns__paragraph">There are certain techniques and exercises that can be applied to the learning process to help make it more efficient and engaging. This is exactly what we do at Practicum.</p>
  8.                 </div>
  9.               </div>
  10.             </section>
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