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Oct 13th, 2013
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  1. You don't know how it ended up like this.
  2. You were sent here to kill Slaanesh, not cuddle with him! But that can't be helped now, after travelling through Slaanesh's palace for a solid millennium (or was it a century? definitely more than a week.) you finally reached her throne room, but once you gazed upon his beautiful form, you were immediately under her command.
  3. Now you lay here, face stuck in the golden locks of the Prince of Pleasure, body pressed against hers, feeling each other's warmth, and your head gently kept in place by his curved and polished horns. Of course, you don't really mind, her hair smells better than any worldly perfume could ever hope to smell, and her body is the softest and most comfortable thing you've ever felt.
  4. You run a hand down the length of his body, and a small smile flickers across her face. A relaxed, contented smile uncommonly seen on his face. She lets out a soft sigh, and nuzzles closer to you. Wrapping your arm around him, you grab a hold of her hand. You both close your eyes, and enjoy the warm, bliss filled moment.
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