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  1. The boot loader must create and initialise the kernel tagged list.
  2. A valid tagged list starts with ATAG_CORE and ends with ATAG_NONE.
  3. The ATAG_CORE tag may or may not be empty.  An empty ATAG_CORE tag
  4. has the size field set to '2' (0x00000002).  The ATAG_NONE must set
  5. the size field to zero.
  7. Any number of tags can be placed in the list.  It is undefined
  8. whether a repeated tag appends to the information carried by the
  9. previous tag, or whether it replaces the information in its
  10. entirety; some tags behave as the former, others the latter.
  12. The boot loader must pass at a minimum the size and location of
  13. the system memory, and root filesystem location.  Therefore, the
  14. minimum tagged list should look:
  16.         +-----------+
  17. base -> | ATAG_CORE |  |
  18.         +-----------+  |
  19.         | ATAG_MEM  |  | increasing address
  20.         +-----------+  |
  21.         | ATAG_NONE |  |
  22.         +-----------+  v
  24. The tagged list should be stored in system RAM.
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