Dec 21st, 2019
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  1. [AWS network with clear diagrams]
  3. Internet Route Solutions (Internet, VPN, Direct Connect)
  4. https://bre.is/ewYgKDKw
  6. Internal Route and Inter VPC Route (VPC endpoints, PrivateLink, VPC peering)
  7. https://bre.is/cKJ2eCWJ
  9. Direct Connect Gateway and Transit Gateway
  10. https://bre.is/JoWeLm8d
  12. Inter-Region and Inter-Account Routes (VPC peering, PrivateLink)
  13. https://bre.is/TaUoGVvK
  14. ---------------------
  15. I've made a total of 4 videos regarding AWS network from the perspective of Solution Architect. All these videos are FREE and open online and welcome to be shared.
  16. However, I would still like to invite you to support my effort in sharing this knowledge. For each of the videos I made, it took me about one week to learn, record, edit, re-record, re-edit. Therefore, I have put all the same videos on Udemy in the course below.
  17. If you find these videos helpful and you are financially capable, it would mean a lot if you could support my course by registering it. Thanks.
  18. ---------------------
  19. Please support my sharing if you could!
  20. https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-network-solution/?couponCode=1412A8E0E85FA7659A6F
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