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  1. **Take Action:**
  3. * **[Operation Burning Wires](**
  4. * **[Firearms Policy Coalition](**: Contact your representatives form and connect on social media.
  5. * **[Ruger Advocacy](**: Contact your representatives form.
  6. * **[NRA-ILA](**: Contact your representatives form.
  7. * **[GOA Action Center](**: Contact your representatives form.
  8. * **[FPC on POPVOX](**: Review **upcoming federal legislation** that the FPC either supports or opposes.
  9. * **[NRA-ILA Grassroots](**: Review **upcoming state legislation** and take action.
  12. **Connect:**
  14. * **[Firearms Policy Coalition](**: Non-partisan coalition of 2A rights orgs for the new gun rights culture. [@gunpolicy](, [Facebook](
  15. * **[Gun Owners of America](**: The only no-compromise pro gun lobby in Washington DC. Determined to fight tooth and nail to keep American freedom and liberty in all 50 states. [@gunowners](, [Facebook](!/pages/Gun-Owners-of-America/21090771700)
  16. * **[National Rifle Association](**: [@NRA](, [@NRAILA](, [@NRANews](, [Facebook](
  17. * **[Second Amendment Foundation](**: A non-profit working to protect 2nd Amendment gun owner rights. [@2AFDN](, [Facebook](
  18. * **[Second Amendment Sisters](**: A nonprofit women's advocacy group dedicated to preserving the basic human right of self defense. [Facebook](
  19. * **[Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership](**: America's Most Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership. [@JPFOAlert](
  20. * **[National Association for Gun Rights](**: Non-profit, non-partisan, civil rights organization focusing on issues relating to the Second Amendment. [@Natl_Gun_Rights](, [Facebook](
  21. * **[Pink Pistols](**: A gay gun rights organization. [Facebook](
  22. * **[Law Enforcement Alliance of America](**: A non-partisan, conservative gun rights corporation in the United States.
  25. **Share:**
  27. * **[](**: Splash page of victim disarmament statistics presented for easy consumption.
  28. * **[](**: A short presentation that provides an accurate definition of an assault weapon.
  29. * **[Innocents Betrayed](**: JPFO documentary that reviews historical examples of gun control preceding tyranny. (45 minutes)
  30. * **[FPC Artwork](**: Images to share on Facebook
  31. * **[JPFO Artwork](**: Images to share on Facebook
  33. ***
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