Overworld actions

May 24th, 2018
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  1. * Each row on the list represents an action. The amount of total actions you can make in a turn equals to your nation level.
  2. ** You can't split your action to multiple posts
  3. 1) Recruit an army [Create a new army. Read more here: Roll 1d100 afterwards to determine strength]
  4. 2) Upgrade existing army[Use Gold to upgrade an un-upgraded elite army: ]
  5. 3) Expand to a new territory[]
  6. 4) Go to war [Fight another nation! Read more here: Roll 1d100 to determine war effectiveness]
  7. 5) Build/Upgrade buildings [
  8. 6) Trade with another nation: [You can trade special resources with other nations. Read more: ]
  9. 7) Pray to the god [One prayer made by all nations will be answered by the god each turn. Prayers grant more possible actions and special abilities. Read more: ]
  10. 8) Cast a dark spell [Casting dark spells is considered heresy and costs faith. Yet the benefits are ever so tempting... Read more: ]
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