Polka and Mel's Bloody Good Collab!

May 20th, 2021
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  1. The thing about streams is that they can be…unreliable. Or perhaps unexpected would be a better word. Sometimes an otherwise normal stream becomes something amazing by the end, or a highly anticipated event is forgotten about a few weeks after it happened. That unexpected variance in streaming extends into the lives of both the talents and those around them, often to strange effect. This is one of those times.
  3. What was supposed to be perhaps one of the most relaxing streams in recent Hololive history became anything but due to one such odd occurrence. Relaxing at home, you slid on your headphones to listen to a collab that your girlfriend was hyping up for some time. Omaru Polka is a bundle of enthusiasm when it comes to interacting with her senpai, so the idea that she'd get to do an ASMR stream with Yozora Mel got her practically bouncing off the walls. Lying back and letting the contrasting sounds of the two girls' voices wash over your ears is practically making your brain melt, so at this point you have to agree with Polka that this was something to look forward to. The standard fare like whispering just seems to be brought to another level when you're surrounded on both sides. There are also a few comedic moments, like Mel teasing Polka and wondering if she was going to have a "Yandere moment" if any of her fans member to Mel because of the collab. Polka retelling the story about how she got embarrassed at how much sushi she eats compared to Mel was another highlight. You're about as comfy as can be by the time it seems like they're about to wrap up. But, Mel had yet to use her classic finishing move, and she felt like walking Polka through it.
  5. "Kapu-kapu, y'know? Like biting sounds.~", Mel whispered matter-of-factly. In her ASMR streams Mel combines her catchphrase with ear biting to lethal effect.
  7. "I know that's your catchphrase, but do bites really sound like that? Mine sound more like *CROMCH*." Polka laughs to herself at the strangely intense noise she made.
  9. "Fine, Fine. Let's teach you how to bite properly, then. Try on me. Vampire skin is really tough, so you can bite me all you'd like as practice!"
  11. After a bit of fussing as Polka dissolves into a puddle in response to such an invitation, you hear the telltale shuffling to indicate that the girls have changed position, likely to accommodate Polka getting in close to Mel. After yet more whimpering as Polka musters up her courage, Mel slowly eases Polka into her neck, as she explains to the audience.
  13. "Okay, now take a bite. And make sure to make the sound!~" Mel is oddly enthusiastic about being bitten.
  15. You hear a series of restless murmurs from Polka, who sounds like she has her mouth full. After a few moments, Mel huffs in frustration.
  17. "C'mon, it's not going to sound right if you only bite like that. You don’t have fangs, so this doesn't even have a chance of hurting me. *This* is how much pressure you need to use."
  19. You hear the sound of Polka panicking as Mel pushes her deeper into her own neck. A few moments later you realize why. As a foxgirl, Polka most certainly *does* have fangs, she just makes a point of hiding them as they don't look very fun and approachable like a circus performer should be. You worry momentarily for Mel's wellbeing, but then brush it off. Even if Polka draws a little blood, Mel would be fine. She's a vampire after all.
  21. …Wait, what happens when you bite a vampire?
  23. Almost as soon as you ponder that question you hear the very visceral sound of flesh giving way followed by a gasp from both Mel and Polka. You can hear chairs clattering as Mel stands up.
  25. "Oh no. Oh no. I'm so sorry. I didn't know how sharp your teeth were, I should have asked. Okay, we've gotta move fast, Polka. A small dose like that won't be permanent, but some people turn quicker than others. We need to get you into a locked room or someth…"
  27. "Thirsty." Polka utters in almost a breathless hiss.
  29. "Wh-what? Polka, how are you feeling?" Mel sounds just a bit shaken by the sudden change in Polka's demeanor.
  31. "I'm thirsty. Can I suck you?" Polka sounds eager at the prospect, though a bit out of it.
  33. "No, Polka. You're not yourself right now. My blood made you sick. We need to get you somewhere safe before you lose control."
  35. "Safe, huh? I know somewhere safe. My darling always makes me feel better. I'll go talk to him!" With these words you hear the distinctive woosh of someone taking off at high speeds followed by the sound of glass shattering, a jarring shift in volume compared to the restful whispers you were hearing mere moments ago.
  37. Mel quickly turns back to the screen and utters a few quick sentences.
  39. "O-oh wow, everybody! I wonder which one of you Polka is paying a visit to! It could be any one of you, probably! If I was that guy, I'd definitely get ready with all the stuff that works on vampires in movies so I could stay safe. If he can last until morning, she should go back to normal. I'll go see if I can buy that special someone a bit more time, but thirsty vampires are a lot stronger than vegetarian ones like me. Um, goodnight!"
  41. And with no outro, the stream goes dead. Mel did her best to keep up appearances, but you know she was talking directly to you. Maybe if you weren't around she'd go door to door draining her beloved fans, but she knows exactly where her number one fan is right now. With the situation suddenly dire, you frantically try and scape together memories about vampire lore as you run around your house collecting the necessary ingredients to (hopefully) keep you alive.
  43. The sun is currently setting, so whatever effect daylight is having on Mel and Polka as they race across the city is outside of your control. You'll need to rely on some other weaknesses. You quickly realize that most of the items you need can be found in the kitchen, so you double time it over there. You grab the salt shaker and make a large circle in the center of the living room. You're pretty sure that works to keep out demons, and vampires are pretty demonic, right? You're hoping to end this without any conflict, so sitting in a circle until sunrise sounds great. Then you grab some diced garlic and lay it by the windowsill. Polka likely jumped out of a window at the end of the collab, so making sure she can't get *in* from a window will come in handy. You have a full clove of the stuff too, which you toss into your pocket as a last line of defence. As you rummage through the cabinets, something catches your eye. A set of especially bulky looking chopsticks sit in the back of the cutlery drawer. Taking them in your hand for a moment, you contemplate if they would make a good wooden stake, a known vampire weakness. But stakes are known for killing vampires, and no matter what you're committed to keeping your girlfriend safe tonight. You toss the chopsticks on the ground and run off to another room.
  45. You have no clue if it's possible to make holy water, but you're willing to give it a try. Grabbing a spray bottle, you fill it with water and start to brainstorm. Holy water is a Christian thing, so you ask God (with a capital G) to bless this water. When no burst of lightning erupts from the bottle or something similar, you sigh and try plan B. If you're not qualified enough to make Christian holy water, maybe you can use the ingredients laying around the house to make holy water from another religion. Running to Polka's office, you grab a talisman off of the wall. She got it during your visit to a shrine on New Years together, and it was supposed to be some kind of protective amulet. You unscrew the top of the spray bottle and jam the amulet inside. You have half assed Christian holy water mixed with half assed Shinto holy water now. Hopefully that means you have something magical and not a colossal waste of time. The sun has nearly set, so you dash to the center of the circle and steady your breathing. The night is just beginning.
  47. The silence is broken by a heavy thud at the windowsill, followed by a short hiss that sounds distinctly unlike the normal affectionate noises Polka typically makes upon arriving home. It seems the garlic worked, and you hear Polka scamper down the building's edge without ever seeing her face. It occurs to you that she could look scary and ghoulish due to her transformation, and you shudder at the thought. But soon you hear a steady thudding indicating Polka has arrived at the front door.
  49. "Hiii~" Polka's oddly saccharine voice drips through the door. You start to consider that maybe Polka being some kind of scary monster would actually be easier to deal with.
  51. "Wait, I'm a vampire now, huh? Doesn't that mean I can't come inside without an invite? Daaaarlingg, let me iiiiin!" Polka sounds oddly casual despite her transformation, but you're steadfast in keeping your silence.
  53. "Wait, I just figured something out. This is *our* house." Polka's voice transitions from mild surprise to deathly seriousness as she utters this simple fact.
  55. Without any further warning, the door flies off it's hinges, and in walks Omaru Polka. As the splinters that were once a door tumble into the main room, Polka chuckles out loud, with a lack of restraint she usually only allows herself when she's playing a yandere onstream.
  57. "If this is my house, I guess I don't need an invitation!"
  59. Striding into the room, Polka's body looks mostly as it should, but her outfit is wildly different from normal. Her eyes have shifted from a comforting purple to a maddeningly vibrant red, and her mouth is agape with her newly elongated canines glimmering brightly. You breathe a sigh of relief that she isn't bloodied, either from her own industry or due to picking up a "snack" on the way here. Her posture is wild and her tail darts around erratically, but from a distance it would be hard to identify any of these changes. What is highly noticeable is that Polka is wearing an entirely different outfit than what she had on when she departed. She's wearing a garment that both resembles a jersey and a ruffled blouse, and her gloves have been replaced with detached sleeves. Noting you studying her, Polka does a twirl and a pose before smiling.
  61. "Do you like my outfit? Mel-senpai slowed me down a bit by shredding my circus outfit to shreds so the sun could get at me. It was super rude! And embarrassing! And expensive! And some other words I'm too thirsty to come up with!" Polka stomps her feet indignantly as she rants on.
  63. "Anyway, I needed something to keep the sunset off me while I made my way here. But who cares! I know I'll feel better once I get a drink." Polka eyes the fridge, shakes her head dismissively, and then once again turns to you.
  65. "There's a part of Polka that's really sorry about what's about to happen, but you can forgive her later, okay?"
  67. And with that simple line Polka dashes to the edge of your salt barrier. Immediately you try to blast her with your homemade holy water. She recoils immediately, but then just wrings out her shirt, exposing her stomach.
  69. "I'm a fox, not a cat! What did you expect a spray bottle to do?" Polka seems slightly annoyed at best. It seems holy water production is best left to the professionals. She then eyes the salt circle curiously.
  71. "Huh. I dunno if this will work. Let's try it!~" Polka backs up and takes a running start at the circle, bounding over it effortlessly. She then turns around and runs her finger through the line, taking a few crystals into her mouth.
  73. "Oops. This one is my bad. I accidentally filled the salt shaker with sugar today. It sure made my lunch come out weird!" Polka bops the side of her head jokingly and giggles in mock shame.
  75. Your defences are quickly being whittled down. You're down to just the clove of garlic in your pocket. Presenting it out in front of you, Polka does take an unsteady step back.
  77. "Uuuu…why is that stuff so gross now? How am I ever gonna eat normal food like this?" Polka teeters back and forth on her feet. It's unclear whether she's overacting her actual suffering or she's genuinely in pain and playing it off with comedy.
  79. "…Hey, sweetheart? Can you toss that stuff away for me?" Polka utters this request in the most innocent tone as you stare into her eyes.
  81. Her eyes. Her beautiful eyes. Her seductive eyes. The deep red pools no man could resist swimming in. The glitter of starlight brought into new focus after being flooded with thirst. The eyes that are filled with vampiric magic that can overpower minds. That last sentence of your musing snaps you out of your stupor, but it is already too late. You've tossed away the garlic, a momentary thrall to one of Polka's newfound vampiric powers. Mel did this once when you met her in person, but you were able to shake it easily enough. It seems your love of Polka amplified the effects.
  83. As the garlic lazily rolls across the floor, Polka shrugs with a smug grin on her face before closing the distance between the two of you with supernatural speed. Immediately she peppers your body with kisses, followed by dragging your helpless body to a wall which she pushes you against. Breathing heavily, she uses one arm to pin you against the wall and the other to feel up your neck. You're almost certain she found a vein already.
  85. "I'm sorry. This'll feel good for you too, I promise." Polka's voice seems tinged with anxiety, as if one side of her is desperately trying to convince the other that this is true.
  87. You try to struggle, but you're well aware you're outmatched. Polka was already athletic due to being a performer, and now with her base attributes magnified she's almost impossibly strong. Her dexterity is still in place as well, as the claws she manifests from her nails cut your shirt to ribbons without a second's hesitation despite leaving you unharmed. She looks into your eyes with affection, though there is a swirling, delirious hunger that clouds over them.
  89. "There was something I was trying really hard not to forget on my way here, but it's gone. Maybe you can help me think while I drink."
  91. And with that, Polka unceremoniously rolls out her tongue and clamps her jaw on the side of your throat. You feel the first and then second fang puncture your throat. A sudden heat wells up at the point where her mouth meats your skin, as her frantic panting coats your nape and her tongue feverishly traces a path between the two wounds, unable to stay in one place. Five seconds turns into fifteen seconds which eventually turns into a full minute of draining, and though at first you felt warm you now recognize that coldness is creeping into your fingers and toes. You're running out of blood. Any more and you'll likely lose consciousness, and nobody will be able to stop Polka from finishing her drink of you then. Polka momentarily releases her grip on you so she can take a breath, and you slide down the wall.
  93. "Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you! I love how you smell, I love how you feel and I love how you taste! Why didn't I try this before?" Polka cries out in a drunken ecstasy.
  95. While she basks in the glow of satisfaction, you slowly inch your way to the kitchen. Maybe you have some more garlic stashed somewhere. Or some garlic powder? You could cover yourself in that. These simple thoughts push you onwards as your vision begins to narrow. As you stumble through the kitchen, you trip and fall over something. Turning to your feet, you see it was the chopsticks you tossed to the floor. Laughing to yourself at how your reckless disposal of eating utensils likely will spell your downfall, you resign yourself to your fate as Polka approaches your collapsed form from behind. You hear her pick the chopsticks off the ground from near your foot.
  97. "Wait…these. You could have used these. How come you didn't?!" Polka jostles your body as she asks her question, but then freezes in place.
  99. "…You didn't want to kill me. That's what I forgot. On the way here, I kept telling myself I would only drink a little to keep you safe. I didn't want to hurt you, even like this. But I got worse, and I forgot something so simple. I didn't even consider that drinking your blood would hurt you." Polka's voice quickly takes on a somber and quiet tone as she regains her senses.
  101. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Polka huddles up closer to you, taking you into her arms. It has none of the supernatural strength behind it she was using a moment ago. Though her fangs are elongated still, her eyes are mostly drained of bloodlust.
  103. "I don't think I'm fast anymore, so I can't get you to the hospital. But I'm here, and I can help. Here." Polka begins applying steady pressure to your neck wound with her hands. As the blood oozes between her fingers she blinks a few times, but she steadies her nerves by biting her lip.
  105. "I'll call an ambulance. Do you have your ph-"
  107. Polka is cut off by a shadowy figure bursting into the room at high speeds.
  109. "POLKA I STOLE SO MUCH BLOOD FROM THE HOSPITAL PLEASE DON'T EAT YOUR BOYF-" Mel flies into view, dropping a few of the blood bags she's carrying as she slows herself. Her clothes are noticeably tattered, which is saying something as there wasn't all that much there to begin with. She quickly appraises the situation.
  111. "Oh. Wow. Did not think he'd be able to get you out of a frenzy. That's really romantic. I guess we'll be giving these to him instead, huh?"
  113. Polka looks down at you and smiles, before covering her prominent fangs.
  115. "Yeah, no more of this stuff for me."
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