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Night-Hunter Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Night-Hunter is let into the excellent and pretty cool Prodigy Center by a robot security guard and directed to a meeting room set up for Gen Prime interviews. The building itself is pretty busy, buzzing with robot and human staff while visitors representing various groups wait in the lobby. In the meeting room Bom-Pom waits with an advanced looking robot standing behind her. She's busy looking over a few hefty books while she types away on a laptop, but gestures for their guest to enter. "Hello, please take a seat."
  3. NewberL337: quietly let himself be ushered about by the bot. He took in his surroundings, taking note of various details. He turned to the young girl as she greeted him. Regarding her in silence for a moment he did as asked and seated himself, each hand resting atop a leg.
  5. GeneralFreedom: She closes her laptop and gives a smile. "Welcome to the Prodigy Center. I'm Becky Neven, Bom-Pom, and this is my co-leader, Tutor," she gestures to the robot who gives a brief nod. "Pleased to meet you. Hopefully you are well today," Tutor says.
  7. NewberL337: looks between the two. "I am." he said in a dispassionate tone. Looking back to Becky he'd incline his head to her. "Night Hunter."
  9. GeneralFreedom: "Alright, let's get this going. So basic stuff here; do you have much hero experience or any other experiences that might help you in a superteam setting?"
  11. NewberL337: "I've worked under my mentor in New York for several years. It was a mutual agreement that brings me here. Some experience with a team of people my age would serve me well."
  13. Generalfreedom: "Ah, a former sidekick. I've heard you get a lot out of that kind of relationship," Bom-Pom nods. "Though experience isn't required, it does help to have heroes with some experience on the team," Tutor nods. "Okay, we'll move right along with Question Two; what are your powers and abilities? What kind of skills do you bring to the team?" Bom-Pom asks.
  15. NewberL337: rustled subtly at the "side-kick" comment. But he listened as they continued. "I have no meta human powers. I am however a skilled hand to hand combatant, skilled in several weapons and weapon styled. Additionally I employ an arsenal of advanced gadgetry and technology. I bring a clear, consciousness to problem solving. I am excel at observation. Studying and recording enemy movements and tactics. I am incredibly patient and strong willed. When given a task, I see it done. While I am unexperienced in a team, I am curious to be a part of such a dynamic. Though I do feel comfortable solo. This will be very much out of my comfort zone."
  17. GeneralFreedom: "That definitely sounds impressive. You'll fit in with the other spooky detective martial arts kind of guys on the team, I'm sure," Bom-Pom grins. "Hopefully it will be enlightening," Tutor adds. "Working with a team builds important skills, I'm told. I'm looking forward to working with everyone myself."
  18. "Okay, you kind of already answered my last question so instead, I'll ask if you have any questions for us," Bom-Pom asks.
  20. NewberL337: looks from Becky to Tutor and back again. "As the de-facto leader of this team, I would like to know who it is I would be following. What are your qualifications. Skills and achievements?"
  22. Generalfreedom: "Well now. That's pretty bold, isn't it," Bom-Pom smirks. "I'm a high achiever, top grades in my class at a prestigious private school and involved in several club and after school activities. I speak five languages and am well on my way to inheriting a multi-billion dollar business empire. On the more physical side of things I'm able to manipulate close range energy fields that I can detonate with enough force to punch through steel and have had training in several types of martial arts. Nothing too intensive, but enough to defend myself."
  23.  "I'm also a very pretty public face. Don't you agree?" She grins broadly and Tutor gives her a look. Probably disapproving.
  25. NewberL337: Sits, the only part visible to her being his mouth shows no signs of feelings one way or another at her question. "I suppose those are commendable accolades for a young person to have achieved. Good. Thank you. I have no more questions."
  27. GeneralFreedom: "Good then," she snickers and gestures for Tutor, who slides a Gen Prime card across the table. It has the groups logo and contact information. "We'll be in touch then!"
  29. NewberL337: takes the card, inspecting it a moment and tucks it away into a compartment on his suit. "I will be waiting." he stood up from the chair.
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