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Nov 5th, 2018
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  1. RULES:
  2. 1. always wash yer hands after you poop....
  3. 2. if you didn't poop, DO NOT FLUSH THE CHAIN, we are saving water
  4. 3. no matter how many people have pee'd DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET
  5. 4. do not throw tampons down the toilet
  6. 5. no pee'ing or poop'ing in the sink
  7. 6. if you pee on the floor, please use an item of clothing to mop it up, we have CCTV in every cubicle so we will upload the video to youtube
  8. 7. we don't supply soap so don't poop on yer hands
  9. 8. pets are allowed
  10. 9. you are not allowed to bring your own condoms, all condoms must be purchased from the machine for $20 for 2
  11. 10. if you bring alcohol, but don't finish it, please pour it into the jug by door so i can bottle it up as christmas presents to my staff
  13. Owner: blogs
  14. Deputy Manager: BRONICA
  15. Co-Owners: NatalieCopter and Booyahhayoob
  16. Plumber: etaco
  17. Cleaners: PT2506
  18. Condom machine filler: andychuck
  19. Toilet assistant: sexyguy29
  20. Janitors: Slice, Swimboy818
  21. Chick sexer: littlepianist
  22. Man sexer: brandonator
  23. Glory hole operator: patricklucien
  24. Bathroom Drama Consultant: mahogany
  25. DJ: sirbeastly
  26. Part time Secretary, Full time Jedi Knight: DavidVegemite
  27. Bathroom Maid: JosephinaAlexis
  28. Camera Operator: rdoggjcat
  29. General Manager: jasoncutie7542
  30. Professional Peeker: DaisyDaisy
  31. Toilet: Pepper
  32. Escort: Lucash
  33. Suicide Hotline Consultant: tommyboy500
  34. Profesional Urinal Cake: Chris99x
  35. Porn Star: Banjo
  36. Tampax machine filler: Bronica
  37. Vandal: Gueld
  38. Repair Guy: taylor112399
  39. Golden Shower Mechanic: Holiday
  40. Performer: zaza
  41. Toilet Attendant: Shameless
  42. Shit Cleaner: black0ut247
  43. Maths Teacher: saxonmath
  44. Lock Smith: Joeposh
  45. Interior Decorator: lemonsalsa
  46. Hand Dryer: konohavillage1
  47. Ass Wiper: _Aria
  48. Disabled Walker: Clone
  49. Air Freshener: krazyjordan7
  50. Drug Dealer: MeregonMcCill
  51. Ice-Cream Man: Sterling1234
  52. Porn Cameraman: thecoolyest
  53. Hair Collector: RespectThePouch
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