How to set up the autosplitter

Sep 3rd, 2016
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  1. - download the Windows Error Reporting service files and execute the "DisableWERSvc.bat" file in order to disable the Windows Error Reporting service
  2. - start LiveSplit (if you haven't downloaded it yet:
  3. - create splits using the Splits Editor (Right click -> Edit Splits) [or use these splits for the start: and skip the next step]
  4. - set game name to "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven"
  5. - "Activate" the autosplitter/load remover -> "OK"
  7. - then right click on LiveSplit -> Compare Against -> Game Time
  9. Beware this autosplitter/load remover only works if the executable of Mafia is called "Game.exe" and the game has been downgraded to 1.0 (downgrade files: or 1.2 .
  10. It may be necessary to run both game and LiveSplit as admin for everything to work correctly.
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. (!! OLD instructions, not necessary anymore !!)
  14. Self installed script using the Scriptable Auto Splitter component:
  16. - go to
  17. - copy the content of file and paste it into the Windows editor and save it as "LiveSplit.Mafia.asl" (DO NOT SAVE IT AS .txt file) in your prefered directory (DO NOT MOVE THE FILE)
  19. - right click -> Edit Layout -> PLUS (+) -> Controls -> Scriptable Auto Splitter
  20. - double click on Scriptable Auto Splitter and load in the saved "LiveSplit.Mafia.asl"
  21. - if you can select the options "Start", "Split", "Reset" then you configured it correctly
  23. - then right click on LiveSplit -> Compare Against -> Game Time
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