MH - Billy's Intro

Aug 28th, 2014
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  1. <@Darkling> The morning sunlight peaks through the leaves and branches of the trees in the forest. The air is full of noise as the forest is already quite alive and awake. A squirrel darts past, stopping only to inspect the scene before making haste away and into the brush. You lie, naked, on the forest floor in a bedding of dead leaves and pine needles. Scratches and bruises cover a good portion of your body, mixed with a smattering of blood and dirt.
  2. <@Darkling> Your clothes appear to be nowhere in sight. This was what, the second time this happened? You can't really remember anything or how you got here. Last you know you were going to sleep after preparing for the first day of the school year. Oh crap, school.
  3. <Billy_Blackfeather> She gave a groan as she shakily got to her feet, black hair free of its usual braid and hanging in her face. Was it normal for people to sleepwalk naked? This was twice now? The third? She shook her head and looked around to get her bearings. Right. School. She didn't care but gramps did. She was going to need a shower and breakfast but first she had to get home. At least no one could see her running naked through the woods for her fam
  4. <Billy_Blackfeather> >At least no one could see her running naked through the woods for her family trailer, right?
  5. <@Darkling> Not likely unless someone was taking a deep stroll through the woods at 6am. You make a pretty good pace through the woods after getting your bearings and arrive home before long. The trailer door is wide open, no one appears to be home but it does look like something made a good mess of the usual mess it is.
  6. <Billy_Blackfeather> Tsk. That was going to be on her to clean up. Had a raccoon gotten in while she was out for a sleepy strool? "It can wait," she says to herself, heading right for the shower. Was it really all her blood? She didn't seem to be scratched that badly. Whatever. She shoots for a world-record shower before jumping out and heading to her room. No need for a bra with her humble chest, just another old band shirt with her shorts and big ol' bel
  7. <Billy_Blackfeather> Where was her backpack? It was going to be a crap day wasn't it?
  8. <@Darkling> You must not have been badly hurt after all. Only a few small scrapes here and a bruise there. All that blood then? Who knows. Either way you make excellent time and head out of the trailer. Your backpack sits open, school schedule sticking out of it amongst other registration papers. School was a good distance off, but you should be able to make it before classes start.
  9. <Billy_Blackfeather> She stuffed her flipflops into the backpack before pulling it on and heading off. Running was easy for her, she loved it and knew the forest on an instinctual level so she generally avoided injury. Maybe she should check on gramps on the way. Only a slight adjustment in direction and she was heading for the familiar cabin.
  10. <@Darkling> After a five minute run you reach a small babbling creek and find the stone path leading to gramps' tiny cabin. He's sitting out in a wooden rocking chair as usual.
  11. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Hey gramps." She jogs over and hugs the elderly Native American. "Doing okay?"
  12. <@Darkling> He nods, muttering nothing intelligable but opens his eyes and smiles at your approach. "Nikiq, you seem full of energy this morning."
  13. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Not really. I had another episode. Woke up a ways out behind the trailer." She looked off at the woods. "Need anything before I go to school?"
  14. <@Darkling> He shakes his head. "I have all I need right here." He gives you a poke. "You are letting your troubles take root." He looks you over. "Do less of that." It seemed to make perfect sense to him.
  15. <Billy_Blackfeather> "How am I supposed to do that, gramps?" Another hug and a peck to his cheek. "I'll stop by tonight for dinner, we can eat the pheasant I bagged." One last wave and she was off again, running the familiar trailer that would lead her toward town proper and the school.
  16. <@Darkling> You can't see, but he's licking his lips as you head away.
  17. <@Darkling> After a few kilometres you reach the little town you go to school in, Dover. Highschool is near the centre of town, just a few blocks fro mthe downtown district. Won't take you much longer to get there.
  18. <Billy_Blackfeather> She sighs, slowing to a jog and eventually stopping. Now that she was in town she'd have to put her sandles on. The woods were one thing, sidewalks and parking lots another. She could head right to school but she needed to replace the t-shirt she'd worn last night. She'd never be seeing it again. Value Village it is.
  19. <@Darkling> The thrift shop isn't open yet, but one of the guys working there recognizes you as he's heading around back. "Need something?"
  20. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Just wanted to buy a shirt." She plays with her dreamcatcher necklace, looking at the sidewalk.
  21. <@Darkling> Looks like he was unloading the donations he picked up this morning. He pulls down a carboard box with an assortment of shirts. "Take your pick."
  22. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Thanks." She squats down and rummages through the box, occasionally pulling out a shirt to hold it up and examine it more closely. Eventually she settles on a Black Sabbath shirt that should fit. "How much?"
  23. <@Darkling> "For what?" He takes the cardboard box away with a smile and goes back to unloadign the truck.
  24. <Billy_Blackfeather> "T-thanks!" Shirt clutched in one hand she's off running again heading right for Dover High.
  25. <@Darkling> Soon enough you're at the school, one of the largest buildings in the small town. A few other students have already arrived, seems you're a little early.
  26. <@Darkling> There's that brute of a football player Luke chilling by the steps with his little group of friends, the ditz Felicia and his buddy Sam.
  27. <@Darkling> A lot of other students you don't recognize, must be new to the school or just entering high school.
  28. <@Darkling> Might as well head to your first class, English from the looks of it.
  29. <Billy_Blackfeather> None of her business. Schedule in hand she's intent on slipping by them, trying her best to mentally map out the path she'd be taking through the school five days a week.
  30. <@Darkling> English is on the third floor, near the south side of the building. Being your third year here, you know the way pretty well.
  31. <@Darkling> When you arrive there is no one in the class except the teacher, Mrs. Herker. She's sitting back in her chair, nose buried in a book and doesn't hear you. Looks like all the desks in the class have names set up on them. Assigned seating? Damn.
  32. <Billy_Blackfeather> She sighs, already starting her search. She'd rather sit close to the door but whatever. Blackfeather...Blackfeather...
  33. <@Darkling> You find your name amongst a group of five desks clumped together near the back corner window.
  34. <Billy_Blackfeather> Who else was she going to be sitting with? Hmmm.
  35. <@Darkling> Who indeed.
  36. <@Darkling> ------------------
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