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Icy Challenge; Gillamen vs. FlamingoMask and the Units

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  1. Gallibon the Destroyer
  2. *Elsewhere, in some undisclosed location, at the Mecha Galgen Gang's HQ, another board meeting is being held. Gilleman walks up out of his seat and walks towards Gevaudan, Salamander, and Dr. Borg. Bullets, Iron Jack and Barbe Q stand by, guarding*
  3.  (Gevaudan) <(Since Garuma failed, we are now assigning you to eliminate FlamingoMask and the Units with your own mecha built by Dr. Borg.)
  4. (Dr. Borg) *gives some controller device to Gillamen* <(Use this to control the robot. You are given control of the Freezer Robot. Use it wisely and do your best to eliminate the Warrior of Light and his robotic pals. Do not lets us down.)
  5. 1:06
  6. ShodaiGoro
  7. galbon pm
  8. whos da dragen
  9. 1:06
  10. Gallibon the Destroyer
  11. (Gillamen) <(Alright!) *salutes* <(I'm off for duty!) *turns around, heads out with Mecha-Mobsters to go with the Freezer Robot*
  12. Dragen?
  13. 1:07
  14. ShodaiGoro
  15. Gevaudan
  16. 1:07
  17. Gojiran
  18. that's a robotic wolf
  19. 1:07
  20. Gallibon the Destroyer
  21. He's not a dragon
  22. He's a robotic wolf.
  23. 1:07
  24. ShodaiGoro
  25. it's an emote, okay?
  26. 1:07
  27. Gallibon the Destroyer
  28. Gevaudan
  29. The emote does make him look a little draconic though.
  30. 1:07
  31. Gojiran
  32. I understand
  33. I didn't know what he was either at first
  34. 1:08
  35. DrGodzilla120
  36. I'm watching Weber Cooks to sad music
  37. 1:08
  38. Gallibon the Destroyer
  39. I forgot I requested his emote, lol
  40. So I was surprised to see it like that.
  41. 1:09
  42. DrGodzilla120
  43.  (Gevaudan)
  44. 1:10
  45. Thegoldnguy
  47. 1:12
  48. Fish6
  49. .
  50. 1:17
  51. DrGodzilla120
  52. Fish
  53. 1:17
  54. Gallibon the Destroyer
  55. *Gillamen and several Mecha-Mobsters then take off with Freezer Robot, making quick act of their work. Meanwhile, FlamingoMask and the Units are at the city of Haleiwa, having walked there, following the two new Units; Brownie and Sonnet. They go to Brownie and Sonnet's house, which appears to be a lonely, but cozy beach-house.*
  56. 1:17
  57. ShodaiGoro
  58. galbon pm
  59. 1:17
  60. Gallibon the Destroyer
  61.  (FLM) *sits down on a rather large beanbag* <(So this is where you guys live? Pretty nice place I must say.) *sinks into beanbag*
  62. (Unit 8 Sonnet) <(It's okay to me, but you take what you get.)
  63. Lord Vehk has just entered the core of all our madness!
  64. 1:18
  65. Gallibon the Destroyer
  66.  (FLM) <(Aaaah. *muffled a bit, readjusts himself*
  67.  o/
  68. 1:19
  69. Lord Vehk
  70. ...
  71. Wait.
  72. Where does the X in WolfMask's trigger come from?
  73. 1:19
  74. Gallibon the Destroyer
  75. It's just a thing, I guess.
  76. 1:20
  77. DrGodzilla120
  78. It's because FXM.
  79. 1:20
  80. Lord Vehk
  81. there is no x in wolfmask.
  82. 1:20
  83. DrGodzilla120
  84. So it just became WXM.
  85. (CYM)
  86. Huh.
  87. 1:20
  88. Lord Vehk
  89. But FoxMask has an X.
  90. 1:20
  91. DrGodzilla120
  92. Yeah, it's just sort of like that.
  93. 1:20
  94. Lord Vehk
  95. But WolfMask doesn't have an X  XD
  96. 1:20
  97. Thegoldnguy
  98. Wolxmask
  99. 1:21
  100. Gallibon the Destroyer
  101.  (FLM) <(I also hope you two don't mind use parking Machine G a few miles from here and all. You know, got to put him somewhere...)
  102. 1:21
  103. ShodaiGoro
  104. fighting gojiran with dio on steam
  105. i showed him the world
  106. 1:22
  107. Gallibon the Destroyer
  108. (Unit 5 Brownie) <(I'm fine with that, as long as it doesn't do any damage.)
  109. (Unit 8 Sonnet) <(Just watch where your going with him .)
  110. 1:22
  111. Lord Vehk
  112. tell him there is no X in WolfMask
  113. 1:22
  114. ShodaiGoro
  115. It's an abbreviation
  116. Who cares?
  117. It's three letters. One is off.
  118. It's not his name.
  119. 1:22
  120. Gojiran
  121.  (Iori) *to Dio* <(Pompous bastard... I'll tear you into ribbons!)
  122. 1:23
  123. ShodaiGoro
  124. i'd respond, but
  125. 1:23
  126. Gallibon the Destroyer
  127.  (FLM) <(Okay.) *lays down, takes out water bottle, drinks it*
  128. 1:23
  129. ShodaiGoro
  130. goldn does dio better
  131. 1:23
  132. Lord Vehk
  133. one letter off?
  134. One letter off from FXM is a completely different Shadowblood...
  135. it just bothers me.
  136. Anyways. Gtg.
  137. Might be back later.
  138. 1:24
  139. DrGodzilla120
  140. Toodles.
  141. 1:24
  142. Gallibon the Destroyer
  143.  o/
  144. 1:24
  145. ShodaiGoro
  146.  o/
  147. 1:24
  148. Gojiran
  149.  o/
  150. Lord Vehk couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  151. 1:26
  152. Gallibon the Destroyer
  153. *In the background, Unit 3 Unica was observing the house some more, just exploring the place. Unit 1 Cotton was laying down in the other room, watching Wonder Seven on TV. Unit 4 Sagiri and Unit 2 Ayame entered the living room with  (FLM) , Brownie and Sonnet and continued their conversation*
  154.  (FLM) <(That last battle was...really hectic btw. That mecha...and it was with Garuma, one of the Mecha Gang's kaijin. I have a bad feeling they are far more threatening than I feared they would be...)
  155. (Unit 5 Brownie) <(Just who are the Mecha Gang anyways?)
  156.  (FLM) <(Basically; an crime group of alien robot criminals who always send out monster hitmen to kill me all the time. So far, they have yet to work.)
  157.  (FLM) <(Getting really tried of thier crap now; what with them always following me...)
  158. (Unit 8 Sonnet) <(Why haven't you tried tracking them down then? Follow them back and smash them to bits is what I would do.)
  159. (Unit 4 Sagiri) <(I'm afraid it's not that simple. The problem is....the Mecha Gang cover their tracks admittedly well.)
  160. (Unit 4 Sagiri) <(We have no idea where their base is or where they come from.)
  161. (Unit 4 Sagiri) <(We
  162. ...
  163. (Unit 4 Sagiri) <(We've tried searching them with Machine G and little to no luck.)
  164. (Unit 5 Brownie) <(You think they might have some kind of cloaking devices or something?)
  165. (Unit 4 Sagiri) <(Maybe...of course, maybe we just aren't trying hard enough.)
  166.  (FLM) <(Ayyyyy; don't get to down now. Sure, the Mecha Gang are a pain, but that doesn't mean any of you are lousy or anything. Now, enough talk about the Mecha Gang--talking about them grates on me. Even though it is important...regardless; if their trying to start some kind of war against us, then their in for a big surprise now...)
  167. 1:39
  168. ShodaiGoro
  169. galbon pm
  170. 1:39
  171. Gallibon the Destroyer
  172.  (FLM) <(Now, let's just chill for some time.)
  173. *Cut to several minutes later, into the city of Halewia, it's hot out and many cars pass by. Many people walk by, attending their usual business. However, then something rains down....snow? It seemed very odd, considering it was summertime still*
  174. Fish6 couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  175. 1:40
  176. Gallibon the Destroyer
  177. *But then loud mechanical footsteps could be heard*
  178. (Freezer Robot) *roars, making heavy metal footsteps and then sprays gusts of snow down onto the area from his cannon on his head*
  179. *Many Mecha-Mobsters charge in like an army, chasing the people. Chaos ensues. The news of this all does not go unnoticed however....*
  180.  (FLM) *stops, faintly hears the commotion elsewhere, senses trouble....* <(....Units, we got another problem. We might wanna act on it fast too.)
  181. (Unit 2 Ayame) *to  (FLM) * <(Why? What's wrong?)
  182.  (FLM) *turns around, points to the city, pointing at Freezer Robot* <(That....) *The Units and  (FLM) then spot Freezer Robot plowing through the city, spraying a giant snowstorm around*
  183.  (FLM) <(Well, you know how we do it---let's gooooo!!!)
  184. (Units) <(Right!)
  185. *FLM, Cotton, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri then move out. Brownie and Sonnet follow behind last. Cut to a few minutes later, the city is quickly being evacuated and some military forces are sent in to deal with the robot. FLM and the Units see some civilians running away, with some authorities with them*
  186. 1:48
  187. ShodaiGoro
  188. galbon pm
  189. 1:48
  190. Gallibon the Destroyer
  191.  (FLM) <(This is looking pretty bad...)
  192. DrGodzilla120 couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  193. 1:51
  194. Gallibon the Destroyer
  195. *As FLM and the Units rush into the city however, an armored car then drives in, actually driving to the city, appearing to be following them....*
  196. *As they all reach into the city, the Freezer Robot then slams it's right hand drill against some buildings, demolishing them. FLM and the Units stand back, watching Freezer Robot*
  197.  (FLM) <(This has got to stop---Cotton, Ayame, Sagiri, Unica! Get into Machine G and stop this snowstorm monster. Beings that this the Mecha Gang we're dealing with here, the controller is bound to be somewhere....)
  198. (Unit 2 Ayame) <(Alright. We'll be careful. What about you, Brownie and Sonnet?)
  199.  (FLM) <(We'll be looking for the controller of this...)
  200. 1:54
  201. ShodaiGoro
  202. it's an nes max
  203. 1:55
  204. Gallibon the Destroyer
  205. (Unit 2 Ayame) <(Alright. Have luck!) *runs with the other thee Units, they go to Machine G to get inside*
  206.  (FLM) *to Brownie and Sonnet* <(Now--- *claps hands* Let's get to work.)
  207.  (FLM) <(Since you two are good at tracking, got any ideas where the controller might be?)
  208.  (Unit 5 Brownie) <(I can use my Sensor Ears to detect them.)
  209.  (FLM) <(Sensor Ears?)
  210. (Unit 5 Brownie) <(My ears can detect the baddies if their hiding. Also, they get good reception.)
  211. Fish6 has just entered the core of all our madness!
  212. 1:57
  213. Gallibon the Destroyer
  214.  o/
  215.  (FLM) <(Oh. Cool.)
  216. (Unit 5 Brownie) *jumps up, ears activate* <(Apparently, there's a group of mecha-mobsters coming right this moment.)
  217.  (FLM) <(Where are they?)
  218. *A bunch of armored vans then pull over behind the three, lights blaring*
  219. *Mecha-Mobsters come out from them, armed with flamethrowers. One assassin kaijin leads up and lands down to them*
  220. (Gillamen) <(HAAA!) *lands down* <(FlamingoMask! I see you brought your friends---fancy of you to help me bring them to their doom.)
  221.  (FLM) <(That's what a lot of you assassin kaijin say.)
  222. (Gillamen) <(But it's true. Anyways, I see you've met the Freezer Robot. Destructive and cold giant it is. Soon it's going to freeze over this entire city and in a matter of minutes. Then after that, it's going to freeze the next city and the next and the next. But as for now, I'll start here by letting it do it's job and I'll be killing you.)
  223. (Gillamen) *gets out pistols* <(Reach for the skies, FlamingoMask!)
  224.  (FLM) , (Unit 5 Brownie) and (Unit 8 Sonnet) *all three get into battle position*
  225. 2:03
  226. ShodaiGoro
  227. galbon pm
  228. 2:04
  229. Gallibon the Destroyer
  230. *Meanwhile, Freezer Robot continues to wreak havoc, drilling through some buildings and coating the area with snow*
  231. (Freezer Robot) *slashes a building in half with it's drill arm*
  232. *Something then shoots maser beams down in front of Freezer Robot*
  233. (Freezer Robot) *turns around, faces his opponent*
  234. (Machine G) *flies in, roaring and then soaring in the skies, trying to get past the snowstorm.*
  235. (Machine G) *then lands down, getting into a combat position against Freezer Robot*
  236. (Freezer Robot) *eyes glow and then readies itself*
  237. *Machine G and Freezer Robot then charge at each other, clashing and wrestling against one another*
  238. *Back down on ground, Unit 5 Brownie and Unit 8 Sonnet fight through many Mecha-Mobsters, with  (FLM) fighting against Gillamen*
  239. (Gillamen) *shoots pistols at  (FLM) *
  240. Thegoldnguy couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  241. 2:11
  242. Gallibon the Destroyer
  243.  (FLM) *runs out of the way of the blasts, retaliates by shooting a thin Flamingo Beam at Gillamen's area*
  244. *Sparks fly from the blast, sending Gillamen staggering back*
  245. Thegoldnguy has just entered the core of all our madness!
  246. 2:12
  247. Gallibon the Destroyer
  248. (Gillamen) *jumps up and kicks against  (FLM) *
  249.  (FLM) <(Agh!) *is hit, rolls over*
  250.  o/
  251. brb
  252. 2:22
  253. ShodaiGoro
  254. testing
  255. 2:23
  256. Fish6
  257. gnitset
  258. gtg
  259. 2:23
  260. Gojiran
  261.  o/
  262. 2:24
  263. Gallibon the Destroyer
  264.  o/
  265. 2:25
  266. ShodaiGoro
  267.  o/
  268. galbon pm
  269. 2:27
  270. Gallibon the Destroyer
  271. (Gillamen) *lands down, punches at  (FLM) *
  272.  (FLM) *grabs the punch before he can hit him and then throws Gillamen by the arm against a wall*
  273. (Gillamen) <(Daaagh!) *lands, rolls over and then gets back up*
  274.  (FLM) *takes out flail* <(Wrecking Flail!) *leaps up, then swings flail around, smacking it across Gillamen*
  275. (Mecha-Mobsters) *crouch down, start shooting their flames at Brownie and Sonnet*
  276. (Unit 5 Brownie) and (Unit 8 Sonnet) *leap up in time*
  277. (Unit 8 Sonnet) *lands down behind the smaller group and shoots electricity from her hands against them*
  278. (Mecha-Mobsters) *blasted by the electrifying wave, they stagger back, some fall to the ground*
  279. (Unit 5 Brownie) *bounces up and down, gets out her Laser Rifle* <(Laser Rifle!) *aims and shoots at several Mecha-Mobsters with her laser rifle*
  280. Fish6 couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  281. 2:33
  282. Gallibon the Destroyer
  283. *Many Mecha-Mobsters are blasted apart by the laser rifle, taking them down quickly*
  284. (Unit 8 Sonnet) *then rushes up to some more Mecha-Mobsters, extends claws and tears her way through many*
  285. *Back with Machine G and Freezer Robot...*
  286. (Machine G) *rapidly punches against Freezer Robot's chest*
  287. (Freezer Robot) *hit many times, then retaliates by bashing it's right hand drill against Machine G's head*
  288. (Machine G) *sparks fly out from head, staggers back*
  289. (Freezer Robot) *shoots a barrage of snowballs from it's snow cannon on it's head against them*
  290. (Machine G) *gets hit by a few, only to get back in the game and punch away at some of the snowballs*
  291. Thegoldnguy couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  292. 2:44
  293. Gallibon the Destroyer
  294. (Unit 2 Ayame) <(Fire Twin Maser Cannons!)
  295.  (Machine G) *crouches down, activates Twin Maser Cannons and shoots at Freezer Robot*
  296. (Freezer Robot) *staggers back, sparks and flares rise off from it*
  297. *Only a few Mecha-Mobsters are then left. Unit 5 Brownie and Unit 8 Sonnet then regroup*
  298. (Unit 8 Sonnet) *charges electrical energy, glowing*
  299. (Unit 5 Brownie) *gets out her Carrot Cannon, aims* <(Fire away!)
  300. (Unit 8 Sonnet) <(A.B. Thunder!) *sends a wave of electricty from her hands against the Mecha-Mobsters*
  301. (Unit 5 Brownie) *shoots a giant green laser beam from her Carrot Cannon at the Mecha-Mobsters*
  302. *The two attacks then collide and create a giant explosion, destroying the last of the Mecha-Mobsters*
  303. *Brownie and Sonnet then run up to  (FLM) , helping him out to defeat Gillamen*
  304. (Gillamen) *hit in head by the flail, staggers back*
  305.  (FLM) , (Unit 5 Brownie) and (Unit 8 Sonnet) *all three corner him*
  306. (Gillamen) <(I figured this would happen...)
  307. (Gillamen) *gets out a few Red Shurikens* <(Let's see if you all can handle these!) *throws them*
  308. (Gillamen) <(Red Shurikens!)
  309. *The shurikens are then thrown down to the three's area, creating a big blast*
  310.  (FLM) , (Unit 5 Brownie) and (Unit 8 Sonnet) *stagger back* <(Aaaaaah!)
  311. (Gilleman) *leaps up, throws some knives around the three* <(DIEEE!!!)
  312.  (FLM) *gets in front of Brownie and Sonnet, creates a light shield to protect them*
  313. *The knives then hit the shield and deflect back*
  314. (Gillamen) <(Aieee!) *rolls out of the way, gets out pistols and opens fire*
  315.  (FLM) *then ceases light shield and then hurls a three Flamingo Orbs against him* <(Flamingo Orbs!)
  316. (Gillamen) *blasted aways by the orbs* <(Aaaaaagh!)
  317. (Unit 5 Brownie) and (Unit 8 Sonnet) *both leap up, flying towards Gillamen*
  318. (Gillamen) *gets back up and then roars at the two*
  319. (Unit 5 Brownie) <(Brownie Kick!)
  320. (Unit 8 Sonnet) <(Cat Punch!)
  321. *Both attacks slams against Gillamen had, sending him flying against a building, crashing through many windows*
  322. (Gillamen) <(GRAAAAGH!)
  323.  (FLM) *flies down, approaches Gillamen*
  324. (Gillamen) *gets back up, steam rising off of him* <(You-you three! I'm getting really tired of your shit!) *throws some more red shurikens, creating some powerful blasts* <(Raaaagh!!!)
  325. *The explosions are big and send FLM, Brownie and Sonnet flying back*
  326.  (FLM) *gets back up slowly*
  327. (Gillamen) *charges at the downed  (FLM) , holding up knives and is about to stab him*
  328.  (FLM) *then turns around and kicks against Gillamen* <(Flamingo Kick!)
  329. (Gillamen) *sent flying upwards*
  330.  (FLM) *shoots Flamingo Beam against Gillamen*
  331. (Unit 5 Brownie) *gets out Carrot Canon and shoots at Gillamen* <(Fire away!)
  332. (Unit 8 Sonnet) *shoots a wave of electricty against Gillamen* <(A.B. Slugger*
  333. *No wait, instead  (FLM) blasted his Shadow Slash*
  334. (Gillamen) *is hit by all three attacks* <(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!)
  335. (Gillamen) *sparks in the air as he flies down to the ground, then explodes, destroying him*
  336.  (FLM) , (Unit 5 Brownie) and (Unit 8 Sonnet) *then all face away, striking victorious poses*
  337. 3:08
  338. ShodaiGoro
  339. galbon pm
  340. 3:08
  341. Gallibon the Destroyer
  342. *Back with Machine G and Freezer Robot*
  343. (Freezer Robot) *creates a dangerous snowstorm around them, then charges and bashes it's arm drill some more against Machine G*
  344. (Machine G) *flares blast off from it's chest, staggers back*
  345. (Freezer Robot) *freezes some buildings from around it, then shoots more snowballs down at Machine G*
  346. (Unit 2 Ayame) <(Deploy missiles now!)
  347. (Unit 3 Unica) <(Right away!)
  348. *Machine G then shoots missiles out from it's back, sending them all at Freezer Robot*
  349. (Freezer Robot) *roars, eyes flashing as it's hit, it's snow cannon also smoking*
  350. (Unit 2 Ayame) *sees this* <(Units! Aim for the cannon on it's head! I believe that's the weakspot!)
  351. (Unit 4 Sagiri) <(Just like the last one then, alright.)
  352. (Freezer Robot) *roars, then charges*
  353. (Machine G) *crouches down, activates Twin Maser Cannons and shoots at Freezer Robot's snow cannon on it's head*
  354. (Freezer Robot) *then snow cannon is shot off from it's head, the snow cannon flings to the other side of the city*
  355. (Freezer Robot) *eyes dim, slowly moves now*
  356. (Machine G) *then follows up by flying in, punching at it's chest and then kicking up into the sky*
  357. (Freezer Robot) *is kicked, flying up high in the sky*
  358. (Unit 2 Ayame) <(Now for the finishing move!)
  359. (Machine G) *raises arms and then blasts it's Twin Maser Cannons against Freezer Robot at full charge*
  360. *Freezer Robot then explodes once the beams hit him, sending out a flurry of snow blasting in the air; the deadly snowstorm as now no more*
  361. (Machine G) *strikes a victorious pose as well, then flies off*
  362. *Cut to later that night, and all of the Units and FLM regroup back in the beach house*
  363.  (FLM) <(Alright guys that one was....extreme. Maybe next time when I say "chill", I shouldn't be too literal about it then....)
  364.  (FLM) <(Overall; how was that?)
  365. (Unit 1 Cotton) <(Frosty!)
  366.  (FLM) <(Hehe.)
  367. 3:18
  368. ShodaiGoro
  369. galbon pm
  370. 3:19
  371. Gallibon the Destroyer
  372. (Unit 8 Sonnet) <(I had fun.)
  373.  (Unit 5 Brownie) <(Yeah. I think I'm getting better at this fighting stuff too. Ooh! *her ears start getting active* My sensor ears are picking up; one of my favorite songs is playing right now!) *dances as she listens to the song onto he sensor ears*
  374. (Unit 4 Sagiri) <(I think I got a headache from that one, uggh.) *lays down on the couch*
  375.  (FLM) <(I can relate, in a way. Those guys just wouldn't give....)
  376. (Unit 2 Ayame) <(I understand. Well, if you need me, I'm going to play with my guitar.)
  377.  (Unit 3 Unica) <(I'm going to practice too.) *follows*
  378. (Unit 1 Cotton) <(Guess I can go back to watching Wonder Seven.) *heads into a different room*
  379. 3:21
  380. ShodaiGoro
  381. gallibon pm
  382. 3:22
  383. Gallibon the Destroyer
  384. (Unit 8 Sonnet) *falls asleep on a couch*
  385.  (FLM) *goes over to Cotton and sits with her* <(Mind if I watch too?)
  386. (Unit 1 Cotton) <(Nah. You can join.)
  387.  (FLM) <(Alright then.) *sits back*
  388. *End of RP*
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