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May 6th, 2020
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  1. "I thought it wasn't too. Don't think you Sorry. My fault. Now you got me with that. I hope so. Thank you. So, basically, this is the idea up inserts coming to your company. But this this is, um, bom process in some companies that basically, either they are contributing to weapons of praise at some point or they are even releasing their own sober price open self praise. That's, for example, the case off over that you guys think then, Okay, What's the relationship between uber and open source? They're releasing Lie. If I remember well in the last three years, like to reply, it's per month new offensive plays per month. That's that selloff activity in the middle of all of the SEC assistant is where open serve Peron offices are created in companies in some companies to start managing all these inbound outbound things happening there. My way to sue this is basically operas or front office people. Are the rangers in the organization taking care of the consistent? Because basically, your company is participating in Olympic assistant that you depend on either because you're consuming things from there or if you are contributing, are releasing fist to that ecosystem. So basically, how you healthy behavior could be the assistant he's gonna impact on this revival of your company. Your business is everyone away. So I will talk about this right now. So basically, when we're talking about what's that? One of the toughest typically achieved by open source for an office is while some people call them paint points because he's like, you will see that it's a lot of things too, but especially when they're consuming often surf somewhere they are dealing with insulated with license compliance. Okay, I'm getting things from here and there. If no one is taking care, probably are missing things. We did it GPL me than I'm compatible license. And you will have some issues. We know what little issues means to some companies. Basically, no, we're not gonna use that. So basically, you need someone with level mindset on board with that, but also is it is okay. A friend using an open sir, Pray I need to know what's the health of the prayer at some level If is there any activity? If I found certain issue here, we're also meeting it is gonna be solved. No. Let's go for security floors. If nobody's taking care of the security of the coal you are putting into your organization, well, maybe can be funny at the beginning, but at the end could be pretty severe. Problems there. And, of course, for many companies is also a way to attack attack talent. Basically, you go there and you see all this happens pretty cool. It's very interesting for us. Why not hiding the people that is in that community? Because if this key for us, they wanna have this knowledge in our company. So it's also a wayto so basically only with consuming. So were you already see that there are people that I need some toe, have some legal knowledge free lady with what's a health and open source security analyses on human resources or community management thing. So that's very different mindset. Let's go for the next thing contributing to open source. If your company's contributing to a concert, these reindeers need to be aware. Okay, is my company leaders littering the process that is participating because we have cases of companies okay in a power company by and participating in this sewer? Pry it because I need this over to be really when my heart were released, goes to the market because I want to be sure that it's working perfectly. That's I need to be the leader. So basically is not going the first day and I'm gonna be my contributions. And they're gonna separate by the first day how I become a leader on then off course, the footprint of the company in the open, separated, participating. I need to be aware. Okay. Was the impact off myself? That's a company when I am participating in open source of care. Is someone in the company's doing some code externally. You need to deal with I p compliance and feel like that. Okay, Don't reveal secrets and things that I be protected in the company. I feel like that. And of course, in this case in many companies has been ready. Okay, we want people to be happy, and we have discovered that style is that people contributing to offensive player a lot of committed to the things they're doing. So it's about sometimes to talent retention, that allowing people to contribute open service make that we've made them happy in the company at some point again, new and mindsets and still also human resources and things like that. And then releasing a maintaining open source is not only about contributing but outside and releasing our employees. It's Let's see, if you're like, OK, I am when I am releasing a prince of Pride the way get any external contribution to the prayer or is just me doing myself my stuff? Because that's the case probably was the reason to do that. As it happens, I've been talking with a pencil for many years, and you saw it the money yourself off them as things was the value of doing the research for us again. I'm not talking about Red other companies like that, but you gotta know where company, like another company of companies like that. Okay, my business is not doing up and searched by doing this. What the impact we have, the benefits we're getting from this on again, not only engaging people by growth. The company. I mean, I love the community on those plates again, frustrated with be compliance favorite with leadership of foot, Bring in. This case is at the game. When I am releasing this, pry it in some communities. Arming some companies is very related with not only this is our technology. Please contribute back to read. It's okay, Let's see which people are coming with what People are coming. Let's see how telling they are Because prices are way too high us for the company. That could be our so risky. We know cos at the start, but started I still a steel elements of preying on one of the issues that have failed. They have higher all the community so nobody else has taken that sucks section in. This is okay, who is the next one in my community. So there is no more community in the on the level to enter in the community. The worry of winter is so high Now that you know you have to run also again. Sonny says you need to man it. So basically, if you look at the the right side of the screen, those are a lot of things to manage a lot of very different mindsets. And when I ask it to people that okay, do you have an open serve? Peron off using your company at your case here that you were mentioned before How many people are working in that open source print office. How many people is dealing with all these things on when I've been talking with our experts? One of the numbers, The user, I say's Well, usually these things are about one person by its 1000 developers in my company. So I'm buying all the possibilities, with 1000 of developers using, contributing, releasing open source on one person one again, all of that big tax toe touch if here. But the thing I want to say is distance are key for the company at some point. Basically, we are trying not to get people crazy about this job, so that's that's one of these is here. So how to mine? It's an open serve Peron office. How I can get some hell where their communities already community for practice or lending or practitioners off people discussing about all this stuff. While I could like to mention at least to die, no, well, probably there more. One is it to the group from the Dinners Foundation, but both off. Those are from the dinner from there, some pre. It's by one of Mr to the group on. Actually, the tour was the one that is writing guys about how to manage opened storefront offices use cases. There are people from Bloomberg Amazon. Google opens or so open source for an office is already there is a very active for years without a guide, some tools they're developing. So it's for community health. Takes for open source somewhere at some point, we wanted to have us in their sights, but that's the different dog. But in the eyes, okay, when we're talking about offenses, development and cuff, how you measure that on? There were some initiatives here and there, and they okay, why not put all together that knowledge in tow single bran? Unless just discussing our what are the metrics that matter? And I remember the one of the first media. Okay, what's the key metric? We need to say to the people, I'm with 25% of the people in the room, and we'll ended saying like 24 different key metrics. So that means So let's box through this inbound and start the years on how to face all these things and usually what I found. His people start with questions. I have a lot of questions by from them. Buying point of view is which price are we using in our organization? How do you know that when we're talking again? About 1000 developers taking the decision. Okay, I'm gonna add these cool things that I found in gift because I got to You have ordeal levels. I look for some specific process, and then Oh, this is something that is going to say my time I'm gonna have today. Oh, my, I'm brilliant. Okay. Who is taking care of that? There are really some solutions there. I know. Sober three s W 360 that allows you to maintain a lace off all your dependencies. Pro? Yes, on this kitchen with consistent. But then the question is okay. What's the health off those prayers? How are these prayers there after, I don't know. Because I goto their babysitter because I don't know. What do you do? I would like you to know only faster. Want released? Maria is one of the most use offensive place in the world. And it's not that active again. Healthy could mean very different things. So then there are people looking nothing like when how they are dealing with issues, coming, issues they have open. So things start to get complicated because you're I started looking at the I would say no hung in frustrated with metrics and all this stuff. And again one. Once we have identified, this guy feels the next question is okay. Where they keep people in this place because they have an issue and 1/2 2 stops with someone who's so I go with with other people that are solving the issues. It's a community is a company. It's nobody who is who is dealing with all of that. That's I will say that I have the typical question. I don't know. You have any specific questions when you're doing dealing with this involving anything you have in mind things that you take before? Sorry. Liza sees okay with boy. Fair enough. Yeah, thank you. I will have that later to his life. Don't make it more complete from some point album. Point of view when I have releasing are contributing questions could be similar. Like Okay, which price are we contributing US organization on? But this has been an interesting exercise for some big company life. Okay, let's look at where your people is contributing and they're very risk. Very different reasons to start guessing that, for example, field lie. Okay, let's see if my people is contributing to certain pry, it's Maybe I will should take care of those praise, too, because at some point they are important for us or things that have happened in some companies is is someone I start to contribute to. Some pray it's maybe someone is looking for a promotion or probably a few dirty up. And I can tell you something, just cases. How about that is very interesting, or people that I can to open that. I would like that this platform Toby also using other price. So I basically and continued in that so that those private things like that or fill it with Okay, which price are we releasing? If nobody's taking care of that, probably they're gonna face issues with Be compliance on stuff like that. Oh, okay. Lets residents and open, sir, pray that this key for us So we are working on that, and then someone in the communities and parts or Ameriquest or something like that on nobody take care of that because okay, it is not in our Roman not brother. So ignore that we have releases from if you, us with hope in the stack. We did an analysis for them. That's something we called the anti community. I mean, how many people has dual contribution and never come back? I mean, they send up issue or metal requests off in like that For reasons that you're no, that could be personal. That could be who answered the issue or because you've noted that completely they never asked again or submit another issue or face whatever it is on with this course and communities with, for example, 4400 people. Sorry in the other community, anti community metric. So that means my you saying some while you have 400 people willing to contribute And it noted the Afghan If you have 3000 people coming for you, you don't care back a set number two take You struck out at some point and again from people that already contributed. Who are the key contributors, especially when you are releasing an offensive. Pray it is not about okay, we have released I don't know our own. Pry it with more love. For example, in the gates off our company on. We have life. I don't know. 23 contributors. Oh, Mason. That's a nice price. Okay, 25 off. Then I went home and please off. Probably. There are not that many contributors. 25. But from those five who are the ones that are only engaged Really engaged with the price, How you can look at that. And usually I use this quote from William. It was them in I don't know if you know, then why There is no mob for many things ready with Project Manage Minister's letter. But I love this school that without data, you're just a person with an opinion. I am not saying that opinions are bad, but the ones you have opinions based on data. Well, things are gonna be interesting to this cast because you have facts to discuss on on top of that. So basically Okay, let's start, for example, when people are talking about open source of what health, how we can define health. Well, I've mentioned before chaos, chaos. Kass release on January this year. The second release off metrics to define ability with basically cares, as I said before, is open so pro years they have life. They have to streak committees one ready with silver. I mean, tours to measure things in a pincers on one is still committee ready it with what we call metrics. I mean, definition of my day. So ready. This could orient death in people talking in Middle East weekly calls. Okay, let's talk about different medics. Is dividing five working roof the common metals working room Forgot some medicine are related with any of the other. Or you decide to not talk about diversity and gruesome working groups. So we're simply medics about diversity. People come into the price of sound like that evolution working group that used to be called grow maturity and the climb because they have the price half its life cycle like that. Now we call it evolution because they can't be forever. It would spit at some point. Also there, Ray's working room that is ready. Okay. When you are wanted to use appropriate, there are some maturity with the risk of using that. How to measure that again? They're sort of discussion there on the value working group because one of the things that people want to know. Okay, it was the value off this problem. How come? Measured. So how the value on I just see what? I don't know if you can see them, but the websites that cars dot com this last method you can go for the tales These details about the details about the definition of them a tree how you can measure that with existing tools in the in the community, all this stuff. And of course, also China's to discuss some things like that and to make things a little bit easier Last small thing in Bedelia the company and work for release another open so appropriate to meself insulated with cows on metrics In general, that is called cauldron. Everything in our company for us we're names about magic. Basically, if you want to call them that, you are gonna be ableto the billed as more off metrics and stuff like that. They are so not really pretty fine as you see there. So, for example, on the right hand side, you can see half off all the chaos metrics to find already implementing in the last war. So basically, you can see things that is okay. Baseball things like for example, I will I will probably send you better. Why? It is called on and then I will say you. So you're sorry. Full of skin thing that is gonna be better Busily golden is 100% free. Open source over. Everything we do is a piss or somewhere So we're not selling anything. Here is just if you want to play with you this free is built on a raid three open surf The open surprise for us when it's remote Lap that is the tool said that this part of care that we donate to chaos in 2017 when the caste community waas on our sun lodge we donate that to the community Is veil on build on been destroyed for elastic safety, you know now is basically a 100% free open source over implementation Off last insert on another tools are usually you need to use things with the with security Aler teen on old staff that I will show you later on younger We love python So we love that young girl and it has helped us out on It's still Alfa has been announcing force. Then on Dhe, we have been working on it for price 34 months. So we had a small but it's for your business soldier who were gonna everyone to join the community. I'm basically the first step is you went to the website. If you have time to run a great demo in me tick well, it would be a presentation. We thought that they might have come break and nothing will work itself. Basically, this is the website said called on that I, uh you can go to a nice appropriate it would create up black white empty environment. So basically by now, supporting, having formation, did information, did love information and meet up the the yes to us. Things said there but from during this year to us that they just incinerated, probably with the scores, probably with his lack four million lease or groups higher. I mean also because our the eyes that silver development is not only right in court is ready with people discussing people contributing in very several ways. I would probably talk like that. How you ran. It's okay. You can go here. Okay? Our profits most off our place. Harding did lap because we love the did love. Thank you very much. Religion people for it. Um, you were here, for example. We hosted a long car drawn drone. Yeah, so it's our organization. I don't know. For example, if you know the difference between get happened, you're loving. You're fab. You have owner on you, sir. And then the repositories on in your love you call half a very good on detail level of a sector. So basically, you guys have Rudin vitamin and then different groups and their needs group. You can have repositories. So we support that. Basically, you click here, you go to the gallery. Behind everything was there it is is a star to Iran. So basically, it goes to each of the reporters it has found. And I start to get in Tallinn data when you are running this on the lab, this is for de la dot com, the ice also to measure facilities we did You can see here in other bunch. You know, here we are tracking information about did commits repositories on also visited with issues. Ameriquest. So basically, you are gonna have all that information at some point from there. Basically, you have two things. One fear is what we call the public does more. So basically selling you can sit with anyone in the community. Okay, This is how this probably looks like. I mean, with the community, with anyone. And you have your workers space where you can also build your own. That's worth the other one. I have some you before. I think I have one example here. This is one analysis I ran for dot net recently. Basically, is this cow's message? That's words. And you can see things like, for example, this thing. I don't know how many reports it is dot net fast, but I think it's around hundreds. So we ever get all that information and you can see for the lasts. Let me tell you how I think this is the last five years. I'm sick so I can exit for Yes. Yes, six years. You see, this is given, Alan, the standard you wanna back to forest going to make it isn't right. But you see a behavior. Yeah, well, you basically you see that most of the contributions are happening. The wiggly days, working weekly days during the work time. My guest this sucker parade of employees because most of the world is being doing the working hours. I've I haven't allies, um, really open search? Probably. It's about gaming, for example. And you see people working on Saturdays, Sundays, Fridays, early morning, five days late, thing like that. Well, in this place, there are some people that has done a lot of contributions around noon on Saturday. Young on something so I don't know, big release and stuff, but they're medically, for example, how long does it taste t attend the first response in an issue. Not only how long does it takes to get these clothes, but how long? An average steaks for all these repositories, but you can filter by report city but Anastacio, wherever you can, also get information. Okay, I feel like when the issue has been submitted, all the bullet was submitted. How long that's it? They are until one person that is not the submit er pass. Answer anything to this thing. I think it's something that not many doors, how they're provides bar. It's a theatre. Deal with this is ready with the email domain used by the contributors. We are going up on demise. All the data here, So basically no emails store, but at least the male domain is gonna be there. So you can do some basic analysis about where people are coming from. Especially if they're using the corporate address like Microsoft dot com, for example. Don't notice clearly Microsoft that comprise here at some point again. For example, if you want to feel there, forget information. No, I've seen advice on ever here. That too made that okay on this one, people, things rock, you know, they won't assisting this part. Okay, That's his paints, everything. I'll put it. I know how to fix that. I can go to one of my Manny brilliance on what is dot Net, I think is here, right? Yes. Yeah. I can't go to my work space. Um, And that session, if you don't touch it all the day in the booth, has this thing. So where are any change to my This is also very interesting thing you have to use of access. One is the global one that has all the polling information on the other One is the private one. So the private one is the one where I can create all the things we are working on. Improving the U S. Suspicions that you got you creaking workspace. You've other related to your private work space on then in the dashboard sleeves is gonna be these have checked tries. Here you go. For the last 15 minutes. Probably gonna be empty. Makes sense. Nothing happens in the last 15 minutes in Let's take for the last year to make it first, I hope. Yes, it is. Here it comes. So yes. Yeah, Microsoft Kid Daytime Microsoft Some places gonna appear empty I'm gonna be field And you see how Microsoft people is working on this problem and all the depositors again You can apply different filters here, representing the name and stuff like that or other things that are I'm gonna ask Disabled again. This filter, for example. Yes, cleaning there. Another thing that we are working on. It's so casing this information on down here, this being in cares, they're talking about contributors. But we are gonna want a war Minister, Father, and basically on a rising Who are the maintainers? Who are the people right in the court. I mean, doing did commit Who are the people contributing? Thereby contributing. I mean people, that is, and sovereign issues, answering questions. Ah, so we need something with outstanding questions or submitting poor requests or mercy quest. That's the idea that those people are contributing the car maintenance. But there's something so valuable information, and then we have the user's from when many people talk about. Okay, I want to know how many people is downloading the thing. How many bills are done. On top of that, I usually say, Okay, that's that's interesting. But when we're talking about so for development of its development, we're talking about people, so you need a spring. But the magic from my point of view and I can be completed round to focus on, give me the trends. How about the people? How many people is asking questions or some median issues? That is another way to ask those questions in the systems I have, because those people are people that has taking the time to look at my feet, I asked a question. I will come back to that concept later, but that people, this is a way to measure this thing and then I have up servers. Since we support meet up we're playing toe probably more that the sources later. But I do have okay when I am doing meetings. How many people have certain into these meetings? Because they are the the ones that are close to the prey. At some point, I don't know. You know this orbital mother that some people is defining about? You have the servers. How is the gravity of the Bryant? What we call it the only A model. Basically, you have the servers and you have the use serves. Then you have them on the contributors, and then in the core of that you have containers. Maybe people are not changing layer. But at some point I think it was one of the questions in previous talk about from Ray from Philip. Is our anyone going all the way down to become a maintainer? Because some people see that not as a business, final form academic funded by that contributor. Funny how you can't engage people from gas being interesting, man open, so try it on becoming a mundane. It's a long path could take almost forever for some price, but it's an interesting thing, so that's that's good. So I think I went too much on this story. So the good thing is, all these slides are gonna be fast because it was my backup to receive. There's no one nothing running. So here we go. So when we're talking about metrics on measuring and, uh, how many of you here are Some technical. I know that I am the CEO of the company, so I'm not the most any person for sure. But when you're talking with technical people are okay. We're talking about metrics. Mystery data are Come on, I can do that. I can go to the Gila, baby, I can't go to the baby and gather data. Okay on then you have also to measure things in Jeddah. And then you have answered to measure things in the 1,000,000 lease and off. Now, Brian, I have very good excuse on these on. I remember one off our first customer said to me, Do you know what? I have to spend 80% of my time on things and not pay for I need to manage my prayers. Notto got the date on deal with things that if the baby is broken, if something has changed, how I murdered the identity of the people across the different that the service is how I can reach information with where these people are coming from which cos they're coming from favorite. So basically, if someone has written go for these, I would use that. That's one thing. But for me, the most important thing is to understand that metrics doesn't mean I don't mean anything without a strategy. Onda study. You have work with companies with Janice Asians. We have been doing this for 15 years. Analyzing opens of praise on the world on devolution is okay. Everybody in our community is doing this for a reason. I mean, when I'm talking about the community, I'm talking about organizations. I'm information on talking about companies and I'm talking about individuals on each one of them, have very different goals when they're coming to our community and contributed to commit on those are the things you need to start with. Okay, what are your goals as a company or Samantha year for doing this stuff? I mean, for whatever you are doing, whether their goals then turned those girls into questions about okay, I am doing this because I want to lead the market. I want to be the leader on this in the Mac. Okay. How How many countries are coming to your prey? How many users are asking from different eyes? Those are question that the key point is, can Davy answer with a number? Because then you can see the evolution to your goals I can take. How is it going on that's ready with a plan. Do take at my game plan. Do check out from Well, they mean assignments before as we family. For that, they say they're going. Let's plan how to achieve the goal. Then put on interaction and then check. I am doing well. If not the less replant If Ian and I start doing that cycle from time to time, So, for example, these are sunset from someone uses. So I'm gonna greet greatly. Go through son, use cases we have found. This is for over on. The case was okay. I want to know who are my core maintainers in the price and releasing because they were releasing outof open surprise and they wanted to know not only okay, I want to know how many people is coming, but I want to know who is the core. Maintaining how we define the core, maintaining well. We have the on your model for user's and stuff contributors, some mundane it. But we have also the only a model that we call the Jake Gore CASS well and regular contributors on By core, we mean the people that has done this is by quarter 80% of the contribution. Then you discover that 80% of the contributions are doing mostly around 20% of the people. They polito rather that a lot of people know. Then we have the regular contributors. I mean, the people that the 15% of the contributions and then we have the cast are contributors. They want that 55% of the contribution. So is it is not. The pony factor is a little bit more divided. My equity in that sense, with a there you can see. First of all, what's the trend? I am engaging more core contributors, but basically this is the red line. The red bag Sorry, I was the is the blue one here on also, you can see sayings in some cases. For some companies, we also have the name of the people. You can see if people go from one pocket to the other. So at some point you can day, this is own base. All these core maintainer has Bean has been a Corman. Dinner for 3/4 on Now is not anymore and he's successful. One. What has happened? Because basically has been doing 80% of the thing. And then it's 25% of the thing has hit a new job. Has she moved to another company? Is not interesting anymore. Has being any brawling in the community? A Samantha. You're probably as a community man. I pray you can take an action. Okay, let's send an email Things like that those are is example Stone this time Another funny example that over people told me that was interesting is where things happening For Sonny P eyes. You have information about the location for other that our sources for example. Indeed you don't have that information But you have the time soon at some point in the committee is a star. This has been done on this from this time. Okay, there people using times on Syria I don't know. We love to believe in the middle of the Atlantic. I don't know why I am from the north sort of Spain. I promise you, Atlantic can be very cold. But you see, there was a battering being give her for in Sorry in, over in there just repositories that most of the activity seems to be happening. You know where some prince is quiet on. They wanted to be a goal. Why spread company? A frantic telling all around the world, they were opening offices in a big aria thing is Europe time and stuff like that on They discover that people were not that engaged to send the CVS and I started out. I could be happy. Um, they decide to 10 study. They were running a lot off development, middle abs and staff and feel like that in the States in San Francisco area on this. Okay, let's do our open service conference in Bulgaria, because let's make clear to the world that we have not a San Francisco company. We are worldwide company and they start to receive more remains. More cities Morris to me. So you may seem that the strategy worked. So this again, it's not only about measuring how many comments I have in my in my brain. Well, this is another advance. Sorry. I think you cannot read very well about the idea off. Okay, As I said before worlds, are my people contributing on the case of over, for example, they discovered that there were people, but this a baby in Facebook. Microsoft open source brilliance. There were two things here further discovered. Okay, then it is important for us, Amanda. Yet you are the ones that have this knowledge about what's going in my company in the high level. So ask us. Analyzers we don't know is we can tell you this is happening. You can look at the data, but we don't know what we sit down. Anyone like I don't know if these people willing to move to another company or and then they told me. Now we have it. Could be it could be good. We know which reported there says this happening. Yes, we can know that because we have ah, very successful prey would have the least that were basically these are nutty every art thing toe bill applications based on type of script and I said react in Temple Street react mostly from Facebook on that disk remotely from Microsoft. So basically over was making contributions on those process to ensure that their prey, it was what they want. Imagine not doing that in an officer's way. I mean, I ain't doing that Assad company knocking on the other people company. You know that I need your technology to be changed on. We need to send an agreement and nd a and all this stuff. No, it has bean don't behind the curtains in an open source away. So they have a very nice story to tell. We're collaborating with these people. Thank you very much. Microsoft from Favorito said my contributions and made things better for us for our daily lives. This is a very good example of that on again. That's another thing that we discover is basically is not anymore. This is my community. This is the single community need to look at. Then you discovered of communities are related somehow many ways and we have some dogs have their about that again. This is an example about dealing with contributions. How long does it days again? Days to match the incense. And I would like to to win the conversation to focus on on another point of view. I mean talking about Okay, this is how from the corporate you can measure things and look at that. But everything is this Korean discussion about consumer someone things. I mean, people taking things for free on their will, win immediately on certain are sitting with me what's happening here. People get important, but a lot of things this is, um, balance. At some point, I mean, there are, you know, that there are many users for lower left number of containers on these because open surges as these, he's basically you are giving things to the wall. So you're giving that for free if you want to. A boy anyone to use that? Very. Don't call that free, open source over. So let's discuss again about Dyson since you started that we can discuss with CIA Iraq. But for my point of view, that sounds interesting. Too boring toe retire that consuming up insert without taking care like going there. All this is for free. For me to use it could be found, but it could be very dangerous if you don't take that needs a rapist on. I found that one of the one of the ways that helps organizations on open surprise Hello? This basically try to move from users specifically from consumers, but uses as I said before people submitting issues asking questions. Two contributors you probably already have this knowledge from. Okay. I can't dance after using a pro for a while. I can solve some visas. Go to the club. Is you take the easy ones. Answer then felt the price on how this is one way to help on. I'm gonna serve you. There was an interview toe. Just C'mon, just Simon story from Salesforce opens the front office. Look, you know, okay, if you don't going No, no, no. Never go to a community on then. I don't know. In a moment on time, a company a life like self for go there and say I have an easy with this problem. I need to be solved. You're gonna probably ignore or Well, you're gonna get an answer. That is not very polite. I know that not all the price has similar, but is there is you are facing. You have bean helping on issues, questions because you already have that knowledge is not that big for free when you are coming with an issue. Someone's guys. L think you're actually contributed. Very. I'm gonna take time to look at what's happening here on that Serb salad. So this is one way. Until it off course, there are many people talking about money because Sistani media also means okay, I need to be living on these and they're out of business. Mother, remember? But remember, I am in the mood off. Open source is not a business model, but you can build out of business model readers with up inserts. So that's that's important to understand. But there are many multi bollocks. Yes, I want a name. A few of them. Why not ready with a rail system business? I don't know. You know about my leaf been collective. They are felt being their silly service to companies. Tow the maintainers, or you can put money there on this, then spread across the maintainers of half any any need. That's that's one way you have foundation, son. There are tons of foundation on there from this year's quite big and quite well funded, but there are others that they're not that well funded, but they're supporting a lot of praise like that so far, Freedom conservative. They have a booth here in the scale, so stop by, say, hello. The non foundation is already there. Say hello, thanks them for all the wealth things that doing something from time to that doesn't it doesn't hurt anyone. And they have. The community reads from the foundation that can be used to drive some money to pry it. Also, there again, it's a way to support containers. Or you can own. You can start your own officers over funding initiative, indeed as why so basically, they the ice. If you're in the employee and you're contributing to offensive projects, they are gonna donate morning to these prayers that they have budget allocated for that sales forecast announced, I think just announced this, I think one or two weeks ago in Twitter. So basically sell first cousin, now one also on blast, but the least While people think that the compass forces are good idea, Patrick could be also needed. I see that us, my personal opinion did did development, so basically like getting deeps yard for developers. My impression that is, that is not sustainable on time for the better part to make a living. But the case is another way, so I have to list it there to be as complete as possible. On last, but not least, as I said before, there are many ways to build a business on top of weapons are already with opens of prey. It on there are small. Even in the real organization. They're making this for a living. So first of all, I well, I would like people to a boy. They're not invented here syndrome that I have seen many companies. Like I said before, when you're talking, Papa, we have doing the skating date and I can do that. I am going. I am more than experience with that. You don't need to hide you, but you know all the things you need to do it after that. Okay, why not get on? Hire those people? Guy, hide that companies, because again, it's a way for them to make a living and on live on these things. So some final remarks I would like to say what you just have briefing because we are 46 minutes off Logan, I would like to know your opinions also. But of course, first of all, managing the recently with obvious or somewhere like assistance requite some knowledge are very different topics on that's complicated for one person's remain. One person eats 1000 developers. All the things you need to manage. So I think the second thing is to think about okay, when you are thinking about managing this team open source. So where it's not assets and resources. I mean, it's not something that you can't throw away on manage, like this is a thing. I know there are people under that and there are people you need to deal with. You need to have some soft skills to freed all of these. So I think that's important on blast. But the lease, of course, they are open source tools and organizations to help you understand all of these. So I think you are not around. Is not that risky? I mean, is diverse knowledge why there are some good recommendation there again recommend you to go toe to the group and take all the guys there that if off, I'm sure that if you see something missing, you can open an issue and I start participating in that community. And of course, from my point of view, I think one of the key point don ignored your open source of our ecosystem. If you think a sonic a system that's a human leaving or living being in the middle off the forests and depending on that ecosystem, this was done everything, even for that leaving that being depends on the consistent. So your sustainability and growth as a company, us, the real also so could depend on that. So don't ignore your opposite. Okay, I'm taking this cold. I don't mind was going behind that cold, and you start using it is probably people behind that be interesting stories that these are both cast. I usually heard that these underdogs on they are doing by a monthly interview that have been doing a model interview to open source companies Minor years interview. So they are telling the story of how they started from zero to Okay, I have a company and doing this an episode, and it's so fun to agree that, but they didn't interview it's seat from from digital app, and it was very interesting, for example, how they determine eye. The first your client How brief our price. How are you gonna get money from someone to ask me? I want to pay for these and it like a I don't know. I'm doing this because I love these prayers. Let's give I don't know. $15,000? Yes. Okay. Okay. That's what too low. Next time I need $2 thing. So all this story, he like things like that. I think there are very remarkable. So again. Then you put on. So it's not desk that nice, cold and using is all the story a story line behind that. Go free. That was My glasses lie. But I have on his lie about the company. But I have mentioned it before. You have all information to contact me there. That was my last thing. I don't know. What do you think? Questions. Comments on more than we're going. Anything you ask. Probably speak too fast. Sorry. I always want to say a lot of things. Yes, using these. So the question I need to repeat it if just to take it 1/2 of the story is basically if you have been using for a while, and opens of prayer. And you want to. Okay. I want to become all involved. Understand? Say, I'm not saying OK, let's start by. Sorry. I've been using this for a while. Having nor in you. I love the things you're doing. I think it's fun to start. Okay. And using these were the congregation sandals. I probably they're using some kind of mental ease. Even the issues system, even the issues. If you're fine underway around that, we are recommending things like Okay, let's start leveling your issues with easy to fix. First issue things like that. Go there. Commend something. Oh, even even things I have seen lie. Okay, This issue have I have also found it on I don't know how to fix it. And then you're right. I've been using this over. And this issue is also something I've seen. How? How? I can hope. Actually, Mama, prize This ability with open source is not only helping you to improve your people. Call that Harley skills and soft skills, your heart skills, arcade, technical things, but also suffer skills. Okay, How to say police are Hello and thank you. Within those are the magic words their thing. There is also a song about this are magic words. They can open door, something like that. So thank you. How I can help again. Think you remind him. Please let me know how it got there. That's that. That the things I recommend that on again, you can face out of very different maintainers moves. But that's all it is. Something I've seen people that has changed. Praise will only because the technology but the community behave under the community. Okay, I would like to have You don't have any crew at t f am or whatever they are. They okay? Thank you very much. Probably ain't gonna take an alternative because everything about the consistency is the other alternatives to live with. And that's that's the good thing. Those are from my burning personal experience I have faced. I mean, Hyogo. Yeah. Also sometimes specific issues sometimes Also channels they're using the tides on first Communist. Yes, I think I would idea. Thank you very much for that on I say that my first scenario, as far as we know it was going so this I f c on that old or a slag or didn't or whatever they're using. Say hello, huh? Thank you very much. First for all these arm I here to learn that that's it. Be humble. Uh, go there. Comments or questions you have. So it's urgent earlier. Don't. You don't need to have an open served profit office on the thing with to the group that it depends on your organization. My recipe, the duo has this opens like Santa. So you're more than we're going to participate there To participate in certain areas of the delude. You need to be Ellen's foundation member, and then you need to buy all the presidents have for C L A. Understand. Later in the chaos community, for example, you don't need to be a case. Remember, Neither are Dennis when they remember, is basically go there and participated at the university. Is the students people like that that has been studying this thing for what? So I would prefer to the group to be more open in that sense, Where is how it works? There? The decision on dhe. That's it. Yep. You see, six. Oh, yeah. Create there. No. Yeah, that that's good work. Will still think you're basically the question is when we're talking about you, sirs. Contributors Mundane. Er how we can, if there is any mean that has been seen communities to facilitate or two. Is that from my point of view, that's like a new talk being discussed front for a while in small tats. But everybody when I explained this thing and it's not my FBI's. The thing is Mike from Cumbria product that has a very nice block. Parts are the contributors final, so I recommend that to really? Also, it sounds to say in there how some means to do that. It seems that you can do but things for sure. That has helped. I mean, not anybody opening an issue. It's Ah, cold writer is not a potential Monday now, but there are some that there, Um, for those, if you are for anyone that you are welcoming, probably you're gonna get them engaged to okay, This community is nice, is what coming? Me. So if they get used to the brothers at some point of the technology, if they are well of our designers or cold writers oh, then I come probably there is well documented recommendation can help a lot work on this issue because I know howto fix that I have some ideas on. They have treated me well when I was seven million issues probably are gonna do to me. Well, if I answered meeting a solution or discussing a solution somewhere. So again, he's like, let's acknowledge they all think of remarks. And this is the commendation. You want to know more what kind of developer you are, and then you start making the brothers moved to them on. The other thing that is important from my point of view in some communities is depending on the pro. Yet It's at some point maintainers need to start. This is again my speaking about load about talking. Sorry. Uh, learn to delegate, because is this idea okay? I have a stop that this open source pro yet. So do you feel this? This is my opens of prey. This is my thing on Some people don't want that to be touched by anyone by them. But then because this is how off course, it's good to have people meeting Pattison issues and off this topic. But I will manage all of that. And I know cos driven by this a company know that there's one person reviewing all the poor sick Was there having all one from anyone? Even the company workers. So, basically, like am I in the bottle? Right. So now am I insane? Behavior like this is my open sourcing on the moon. Unity. I think it should be good toe promote this one. Actually, something that's an open surprise is not yours anymore. Is communities thing off course? You have an enterprise of reason. If you have something under your way of working for is gonna be George, because it's your way. But how to make people freed into okay. This is something we are doing with the community. The war is front. Thank you. The community to helping us. We are doing this together is when you start seeing people. Then I can go there and I'm fixed. Whatever. But I found this one thing I have of my mom. But off course. I mean, it's not that easy, but that's the challenge. Oh, thank you so much for the Western, uh, German minutes. We have I don't know. You have anything? Mine enough. I'm gonna free you for party. What everyone? Who in Pasadena do they so thank you very much."
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