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  1. three years ago I went to a thrift store and i had found a japanese game called  玩具メーカー on a japanase stall.<br />I asked to the japanese guy to translate the word and he said:"This is Toy Maker a game for all the kids".<br />I decided to buy it for only twenty dollars and three hours after I wanted to use the game but I moved house and I forgot it.<br />Yesterday while I search my old game boy in an old backpack I found the game and I decide today to try the game but it's for DOS.<br />I downloaded DOS Box (a DOS emulator) and I installed the game on the emulator.<br />I made a screenshot of the splash menu image, it’s look like a low quality images, with the name of the product, the copyright date and the name of the creator “Tsunayoshi Toshimichi”.<br />When I pressed Return button I seen the real main menu, with three buttons:<br />Start Game – it doesn’t work anymore<br />Load game – the game crashes<br />Options – a options menu can be opened<br />When I opened the Options menu I seen other three buttons:<br />Sounds – when I open it, the game stuck on a black screen<br />Controls – the game crashes<br />Exit to DOS – close the game<br />I can’t play with this game, I tried a lot of methods but it stuck on the main menu…<br />If anyone can make this game start contact me at<br />'''''UPDATE N°1'''''<br />One day after I buyed the game, I was back to the japanase stall, but the Japanese guy and his stall had disappeared.<br />
  3. '''''***This article was copied and pasted here from a japanese forum, becouse the original one was deleted***'''''
  5. (Sorry for my bad english)
  7. I contacted that guy and he answered:
  9. '''''"Dear Matteo,'''''
  10. '''I had read your email and yes, a guy on the internet has contacted me and I decided to send to him a copy of the game.<br />I waited at least two month.<br />Later having waited all this time he has contacted me with this email:<br />'Hi,<br />I have created a executable of you game... It can be played from windows without an emulator but it isn't finished.'''
  12. '''Bye.''''
  14. '''Keep attention, the sounds in the game are a little troublesome and repetitive, graphicses are not of the better ones.'''
  15. The game does not have much sense, I have not played there very much but it is a game which puts the anxiety.<br />Tomorrow i'll give to you a copy of the game converted by the guy, but now i can send some screenshots.
  17. '''Good luck..."'''
  19. There was an enclosure in the email, a .rar file, with some screenshots of the game:
  21. [[File:180px-1.png|thumb|left|Screenshot 1]][[File:180px-3.png|thumb|Screenshot 2]][[File:180px-4.png|thumb|Screenshot 3]]I'm waiting for the copy of the game....
  23. '''UPDATE 1: '''Kenjiro finally sent me a copy of the game.
  27. '''I uploaded it [!RV5iGLKK!ZJNDqz994Vxx5XFEqhyEFWC0REoAHAXsKhPOR8-rYHU here] .'''
  31. I played the game, but i don't completed it because in some points it crashes.
  33. However, there are various pathways, and i didn't explored them all. I need help to complete this game, so feel free to modify this page and add all informations you find!
  35. [[File:J2x8.png|thumb|left|Screenshot of the starting screen]]'''UPDATE 2: '''I re-contacted Kenjiro for more informations, and he sent me theese two links:
  37. 1)
  39. 2)
  41. The first page says that the website is closed.
  43. The second requires a username and a password. I am searching for it, but with poor results.
  45. The case is still open...
  46. [[Category:Video Games]]
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