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Sep 22nd, 2020
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  1. Dear West Lafayette Community School Corporation Alumni,
  3. The future of West Lafayette Community Schools will be decided this November 3, 2020. There are 15 candidates running for 4 seats on the West Lafayette Community School Corporation's (WLCSC) School Board. Some of these candidates want to control the School Board and could change the direction of the school district including possibly getting new administration.
  5. This occurred back in the mid-90's when 10 people ran for School Board and a new group took control of the School Board because they were unhappy with some of decisions made about remodeling West Lafayette Jr/Sr High School. Then, in 1998, WLCSC's superintendent at that time left and the new School Board brought in a new superintendent, Dr. Stella Batagiannis. She drove away high quality teachers and administrators. In 2004, another group of concerned citizens including the former president of the WLCSC Teachers Association who retired to get on the School Board, Dianne Sautter, had to run for School Board to help save WLCSC. Prior to that election, Dr. Batagiannis was placed on leave and she filed a lawsuit against the WLCSC. The 2004 School Board brought in Mr. Iran Floyd as interim superintendent. It took him and the 2004 School Board many years and four years of litigation to fix the havoc caused by a disgruntled group running for the School Board in the mid-90's and winning.
  7. To avoid this from occurring again, a group of concerned citizens are forming the RDP-PAC (Red Devil Pride-Political Action Committee) and are starting to raise funds to support four candidates who have the best interests of the students, staff and community in mind. If the School Board authority changes on November 3, 2020, there is a high probability that teachers and administrators could leave WLCSC. Candidates who are running because of a personal agenda or grudge are not worthy of our support. Therefore, we need your help to save the future of WLCSC. Considering the following information about West Lafayette Schools since 2007:
  9. · Ranking #1 in the state for the past five years and #3 in the nation last year by and BusinessWeek;
  11. · Implementing an $80 million building project without increasing WLCSC's tax rate that includes a brand new school (West Lafayette Intermediate School), complete renovation of Cumberland Elementary School, and at the Jr/Sr High School, construction of the Richard Wachs Aquatic Center, the Bob Kelly Performing Arts Center, and the James R. Guy Academic Wing;
  13. · Receiving community support of two operating referendums to maintain WLCSC's art, music, sports, P.E. and advance class offerings with the 2nd referendum being supported by 94.28% of the voters; and
  15. · Increasing WLCSC's property values due in part to the academic excellence of the school district.
  17. The goal of the RDP-PAC is to raise $40,000 to provide the political support to four candidates who will be endorsed by WLCSC Teachers Association and the RDP-PAC. To date, we have raised nearly $20,000. Would you be willing to help us? If so, please consider the following:
  19. 1) Respond to this email indicating you want to be sent information from the RDP-PAC;
  21. 2) Consider donating to the RDP-PAC at: RDP Pac, PO Box 2501, West Lafayette, IN 47996; and
  23. 3) Consider contacting alumni you know or have them send us their contact information.
  25. Thank you for your support of WLCSC. We are hopeful you will consider assisting the RDP-PAC. If you would like more information, please let me know and someone will get in touch with you.
  27. Sincerely,
  29. The RDP-PAC
  31. Monica Shaeffer - Treasurer
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