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  1. Welcome to SCP SL Roleplay Server. This is not an official server
  3. Discord:
  5. RULES:
  6. 1. only English in voice chat
  7. 2. Do not annoy other people using voice chat
  8. 3. SCPs and Chaos can team tgt, Scientist and Class-D can too (have to stop when meet ntf)
  9. 4. All ntf should listen to their commander (unless commander dies, then listen to lieutenant and so on)
  10. 5. NTF must terminate All Class-D, help Scientist and neutralize the SCPs at all cost.
  11. 6. Do not be toxic in voice chat
  12. 7. Please respect the Admins
  13. 8. Admins can do whatever they can do (please don't break the game, admins we worked hard for this server)
  14. 9. Please Roleplay (not an actual rule but please do)
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