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  1. <size=200%><b><color="white">Invision.<color="blue">Digital</size></color>
  2. <size=150%>    <color="red">Holiday In Hell</color></size></b></align>
  4. <size=120%><color="blue">Website<color="white">: </color></color></size><link=""><u><color="red">Link</color></u></link> | <size=120%><color="blue">Discord<color="white">: </color></color></size><link=""><u><color="red">Link</color></u></link>
  5. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6.    <b>Rules</b>
  7.      <b>The following behavior will not be tolerated:</b>
  9.        <color="red">1</color>. Mass team-killing
  10.        <color="red">2</color>. Team-killing without a solid RP reason
  11.        <color="red">3</color>. Music over the Intercom, radio, spectator or SCP chat
  12.        <color="red">4</color>. Delaying the rounds.
  13.        <color="red">5</color>. Impersonation or disrespecting IV.Digital staff.
  14.        <color="red">6</color>. Cheating/exploiting the game will result in a perm ban
  15.        <color="red">7</color>. Do not be a dick.
  16.        <color="red">8</color>. Do not spawn camp MTF or CI Spawns to kill when they spawn
  17.        <color="red">9</color>. Do not kill disarmed Personnel
  18.      <color="red">10</color>. Do not stay in spots where the SCP’s cannot reach you.
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