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Consensual Corruption

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  1.     Fiechte looked across the crowded bar at the knight as he walked through the door. The winter slush clung to his boots as he wiped them off and shook the snow from his shoulders. Removing his helmet, he shook his head to let his glistening hair dry out.
  3. “Oy!”
  5. Fiechte jumped as a bulbous hand crashed down on the table she was at, turning the heads of nearby patrons.
  7. “You’s just gonna’ stand there, or you going to give me my drink you slow woman?” growled the patron she was tending to.
  9. She stammered an apology and set down the tankard of beer, taking the empty ones off the table and scurrying away. Peeking back, she could see the man eyeing her rear with his beady eyes from over the rim of his mug.
  11. Ditching the tray as quickly as she could in the washing tub, she hustled over to the armored man taking up one and a half spaces at the bar.
  13. “Good sir knight! Always a pleasure to see you! What can I do you this evening?” she asked. No! Do for you! Fiechte flinched at her verbal fumble.
  15. The knight just chuckled and waved a hand dismissively. “I’ll just take an ale. And please, just call me Kriese. I always say: I’m only a knight when I’m carrying a sword.”
  17. “HAHAHAHA… ha…haha…” Fiechte blushed as she began involuntarily laughing too hard, garnering looks of concern and annoyance from the other patrons. Even Kriese looked off put by her outburst. “I’ll go get that…”
  19.     As she went to the far end of the bar to reach the ale keg, she looked back at him. He was looking around the bar, taking in the patrons. It must be hard to find much reason to protect these people when half of the town consisted of drunken slobs. He continued his sweep of the usual degenerates until he made eye contact with Fiechte again. She gave him a little wave, but used the hand that was holding the tankard. The ale drained down onto her chest, and she quickly turned away and began to refill the cup.
  21. Mortified, she shuffled back to Kriese and set the cup down in front of him. “Thank you for your patronage…” she mumbled on the verge of tears. Her hasty retreat was stopped by Kriese calling out to her.
  23. “Hey! Wait!”
  25. Oh Eros, PLEASE let that be ale in the cup.
  27. She slowly turned and lifted her head a bit.
  29. He leaned in a little and lowered his voice. “Are they working you too hard?”
  31. “Huh?”
  33.     His face was full of genuine concern. “I don’t come here as often as some of the “regulars,” but whenever I come in here, it seems like you’re being worked to death.” He looked over his shoulder at the fat man from before, swaying dangerously in his chair. “And I’d bet my life that what happened earlier isn’t an isolated occurrence. Are you safe here?”
  35. Don’t cry. DON’T CRY.
  37. Fiechte began to sniffle. Burying her face in her hands she tried to dry her eyes on her apron, only to smear her face with ale. “I-*hic* I been havin’ a bad day.” she said through her hands.
  39. One of her hands was gently pulled away from her face. Kriese held it firmly between his two gloved hands. “Don’t worry. It will get better. I promise.”
  41. Fiechte sniffed and wiped away her tears. “Do you really care?”
  43.     He looked heartbroken to hear those words. As sad as it was, most people in town couldn’t care less about anything they couldn’t drink, spend, or fuck. But they were the people who answered to his lord, and so he was honor bound to protect them. Even if they didn’t deserve it.
  45. “Of course I really care. Who wants to see a cute girl like you cry?” he said with a smile.
  47. Fiechte whimpered and squeezed his hand a little. This was perfect! “Please, just take me away from here!” she thought.
  49. “FIECHTE!”
  51. She jumped as the thundering voice of her employer rang out behind her.
  53. “GET THE FUCK BACK TO WORK! You get paid to serve, not to flirt, unless you want to work upstairs…” shouted the spindly man.
  55. Upstairs was one of the few places that the men of the town may have a chance at reproducing. Any girl who couldn’t make it wound up in one of the brothels around town. Not all the women in those places were… consenting…
  57. “Yes sir.” said Fiechte slipping away from Kriese and hurrying to help her barmaids with the growing work load.
  59. It may have started out as a bad day, but Kriese stayed for most of her shift. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.
  61. From a dark corner of the bar, a couple watched the flustered bar maid return to her duties.
  63. ~~~~~~
  65.     When at last her shift had ended and the manager had succeed in removing the last of the unconscious drunks, Fiechte slipped out into the cold night, pulling her shawl tight around her. It was imperative to get home quickly. The streets were as cold as they were dangerous at this hour, and there was little chance that one of the few guards in the city would lift a finger to help her in this weather.
  67.     Fortunately, her home was nearby. Shuffling through the snow and mud, she arrived at her building without incident. Slipping inside, she savored the warmth of the staircase that led to all the tenements. Shaking her boots dry, Fiechte moved up the stairs to her humble abode.
  69.     The room was pitch black, and as she lit the candle she kept near the door, her foot came down on a piece of paper. Cursing, Fiechte picked up the soggy leaflet and set it on her table. After the fire was stoked, she attempted to dry the paper by the flames as she ate a piece of hard bread. It appeared to be an advertisement. It read:
  70. “Love consulting: The answer to all your romantic problems! Contact Madam Becqueré in the market square, near the…”
  72. The rest of the paper was obscured by mud and water. The ink had bled down the page making it impossible to read. Strange, had one of her neighbors put this under her door? Did one of them see her talking to Kriese?
  74. Please no, that would be too embarrassing.
  76.     More importantly, should she go see this woman? If it was coincidence, this was a pretty good indication of fate. And if it wasn’t, going to see what this ‘Madam Becqueré’ could do. Her next off day was in a few days, maybe she could stop by then? It was a weekend, and most stalls closed early, but Fiechte may be able to catch Becqueré as she left.
  78. It’s not like she had anything better to do. Or much money to be scammed out of. Alright, what the hell. Using her shawl to seal the draft in her wall, she settled into her ratty sheets and went to sleep.
  80. ~~~~~
  82.     After several agonizing days, Fiechte rose from her bed without any obligations for the day. With a flutter in her heart, she ate quickly and set off for the market. The streets were filled with people, but it was far less crowded than the weekdays. Sometimes even getting to work could be difficult with all the wagons and bodies obstructing her path.
  84.     The trip to the market was made shorter by cutting through alleys, something she wouldn’t dare try at night or with fewer people in the street. The nice thing about the town being full of desperate men was that a small army of people always appeared to help a maiden in peril. With a few extra intents of course, but still.
  86.     Picking up a piece of bread at the baker’s stall, Fiechte meandered through the labyrinth of stalls and tents. At the far corner of the market, a bored looking woman rested against the side of a building, watching the crowd go by. When she saw Fiechte approaching, she straightened and adjusted her hair.
  88. “Ahh, there she is! I was beginning to wonder if you were going to come at all!” said the woman.
  90.     Her dress set her apart from the other people in the market. She wore a tight corset that accentuated her shapely hips and generous chest. More surprisingly, she didn’t show any discomfort showing her arms, shoulders, and a good bit of her legs despite the freezing weather around her. Her apparel was also spotless, contrasting the grime and slush that caked every other denizen of the town. Everyone who passed her let their gaze linger.
  92. But Becqueré only had eyes for Fiechte. She quickly motioned her forwards.
  94. “Come, come! Let me see what I’m working with.” said the mysterious woman.
  96. Fiechte stepped forwards, and Becqueré grabbed her shoulders.
  98. “Hmm… you’re pretty thin, aren’t you?” said Becqueré pinching Fiechte’s slender waist. “I suppose it must be hard to eat correctly with how little that slave driver pays you. Hmm…”
  100. Becqueré palmed Fiechte’s cheeks, tilting her head back and forth. With a nod of approval, Becqueré retracted her hands and placed them on her hips.
  102. “Yes, I think you’ll do nicely. I see a lot of potential in you.” she said confidently.
  104. Fiechte was quite shaken, having just been molested in broad daylight. Several men had also stopped to watch Becqueré feel her up as well. Slowly, Madam Becqueré remembered that this was a stranger that she had just felt up.
  106. “Oh! Please, forgive me.” said the strange woman. “My name is Madam Becqueré, at your service.” she said with a little flourish. “I couldn’t help but see your pathetic floundering in the tavern the other night, and decided to take pity on you.”
  108. “P-pathetic?!”
  110. “Have no fear!” said Becqueré, ignoring Fiechte. “If you are willing to follow my tutelage, I can guarantee that the knight you were swooning over will be head-over-heels for you in no time.” she said puffing out her chest.
  112. “I wasn’t swooning…” said Fiechte weakly.
  114. “You were, and you were doing a poor job of it too. So, what will it be? Are you going to accept my help or die alone?”
  116. Those were some harsh terms! Fiechte was confident that she could EVENTUALLY find someone decent to marry without Becqueré’s help. It may not be Kriese, it may not be someone too attractive, or smart, or caring, or…
  118. No, Becqueré was correct. Fiechte really had nothing to lose. The Madam hadn’t even asked for any payment. This could be the only chance she had at catching the eye of Kriese.
  120. “I don’t have any money.” said Fiechte flatly. No sense in getting her hopes up if she couldn’t afford to dream.
  122. “Honey, for you? Free. My services are their own reward~” said Becqueré with a smirk.
  124. “Just what does that mean?” asked Fiechte.
  126. “It means that I love seeing love like yours blossom. You have a lot of potential, miss Fiechte. It would be a shame to waste it~”
  127. Fiechte took a deep breath. “Fine. I guess some advice couldn’t hurt…”
  129. “Excellent! When is your next shift?” asked Becqueré.
  131. “Tomorrow. Why?”
  133. “We’ll start then. I’ll meet you in your apartment an hour before you start.” said Becqueré. She abruptly turned and left Fiechte without an opportunity to ask any more questions.
  135. What had she gotten herself into?
  137. ~~~~~~
  139.     Fiechte sat quietly in her apartment as Madam Becqueré went through her things. The strange woman was turning the entire residence over, inspecting her bleongings. She had said she wanted to ‘get a better idea of what she was working with.’ Whatever that meant.
  140. Closing the cupboard, Becqueré turned back to her with a mouthful of bread.
  142. “Oshay,” she swallowed. “Now we can begin.”
  144. “Are you just here to rob me? Please don’t. I’m poor.” said Fiechte.
  146. “No, I told you. I’m here to get you laid.”
  148. Fiechte blushed hard and looked away.
  150. “Ooh, perfect. I think that Kriese will bite on the ‘cute-sexy’ aesthetic. We just need to work on the sexy part.” said Becqueré.
  152. “Me? I’m cute?” asked Fiechte.
  154. “Of course! Your timid nature just makes me want to throw you on the bed and fuck you silly. And then protect you.”
  156. “Huh…?”
  158. “Nevermind. You’ll see soon enough. We start now!” said Becqueré moving Fiechte in front of a mirror she had brought over. “First things first: always show some skin.” she said yanking down hard on the front of Fiechte’s uniform. Fiechte yelped as her breasts sprang free.
  160. “Woah! Too much! Here…” Becqueré pulled the uniform up a bit. “Hmm, now it’s too high. Good thing I brought supplies!” she said sashaying over to a small bag she had brought. With a thread and needle, she took some measurements and set to work on the garment.
  161. “Ok, well I finish this, let’s talk strategy. When I’m done with this, you’ll be getting a lot of attention. You have to make sure that the attention you’re getting is from Kriese. Otherwise, you’ll have a real problem on your hands. That will be good in the future, but for now we’ll just set the hook. Here.” said Becqueré handing back her uniform.
  163. She was fast! In just a few minutes this woman had not only exposed a generous window to her cleavage, but she had also repaired several holes in the sleeves and lower back.
  165. “But what do I do?” asked Fiechte.
  167. “Just be cute!” said Becqueré hugging her. Fiechte was taken aback by the sudden embrace but couldn’t help but to reciprocate. She was so warm! “Chat him up, make sure he knows that you know who he is. Make him feel special. Listen, Kriese will love a girl like you. You just need to keep his eyes on you. This town is in dire need of women, and you need to use that to your advantage before some heiress snatches him away. Can you do this?”
  169. Fiechte looked at herself in the mirror. This modification really did show quite a bit of cleavage… But it was for Kriese! She had to follow through!
  171. “I can do it!” she said confidently.
  173. “That’s my girl!” said Becqueré giving her a sharp slap on the butt. “Now get out there, my apprentice. I’ll be watching~”
  175. ~~~~~~
  177.     It was the worst tavern at the bar Fiechte had ever worked. She was used to the men being knuckle-dragging savages, but tonight they were especially intolerable. Customers took extra time ordering just to get more time to rape her with their eyes. Her ass stung from the barrage of slaps she received. Her ears were accosted with whispers and murmurings of how she must be trying out for a spot upstairs. This was a mistake!
  179. Eventually, Kriese entered the tavern. But Fiechte was almost ready to give up on the entire endeavor and just have things go back to the way they were. Why did this have to be so painful!
  181. “Good evening sir, what can I get for you?” asked Fiechte with what little patience and politesse she had left.
  183. “I’ll have a… a…” Kriese began. His eyes wandered down her body, settling in the valley of her chest.
  185. A loud cough sounded from the corner and Fiechte turned to see Madam Becqueré and a man whom she assumed to be her husband sitting in a corner. Becqueré was waving at her and mouthing some words. Lean… forwards.
  187. Fiechte tentatively bent a little further over the bar, and Kriese’s vison followed in suit.
  189. By the Chief God, were men really this easy? Suddenly all the years she had spent alone felt very wasted…
  191. “Sir?” asked Fiechte using one hand to protect a bit of her modesty.
  193. “Ah! A-an ale please. Same as before. Remember?” he sputtered, blushing and looking away.
  195. “Of course, knight Kriese. Coming right up.” said Fiechte sauntering away to fetch his drink. She made sure to swing her hips more than usual as she walked to the keg. He had perked up when she used his name. Good. She didn’t seem creepy, and he knew that she was familiar with him. Returning with his drink, she felt a surge of confidence.
  197. “Here you go. So, was it a hard watch today?” she said setting the flagon down so that he had to reach out for it.
  199. “No, nothing to difficult. Just drunks and pickpockets.” he said.
  201. “Well keep up the good work. It makes us all feel safer with you out their protecting us.” said Fiechte.
  203. “Mmm.” said Kriese, sipping his ale. She could tell he was having a hard time maintaining eye contact.
  205. Fiechte smiled and returned to her less savory patrons. But for the rest of the night, she felt Kriese’s eyes following her.
  207. ~~~~~~
  209. “That was brilliant! Ooh I’m so proud of you!” said Becqueré squeezing Fiechte tightly. “I knew you could do it. You’re a natural, is what you are. That hip swing was inspired! I don’t think you need me at all!”
  211. “R-really?” asked Fiechte. She was unaccustomed to receiving such praise.
  213. “Well, you may be able to do it on your own, but I’m guessing you’d rather not wait to be with your beloved.”
  215. “No…”
  217. “Well alright then, just keep doing what you’re doing. We can’t move to fast. Otherwise you’ll just look like every other slut in this town.” said Becqueré pacing the entirety of Fiechte’s small residence.
  219. “But I thought slutty was good.”
  221. “No, anyone can be slutty. You’re cute. Endearing. Something to protect and nurture. Kriese is a knight, and a good one too. Protecting people, especially those who cannot protect themselves, comes natural to him. You have to keep that image of innocence.” said Becqueré.
  223. “So… just keep at it?” asked Fiechte.
  225. “Yep. Just keep talking to him. Learn about what he likes. Demonstrate your interest in him. By doting on him, you can set yourself apart from every other loose cunt in this town; including any nobles. You’d be surprised about how boring high society can be.” said Becqueré.
  227. “Alright then. I guess it really is business as usual then…” said Fiechte.
  229. “Hey, keep your chin up. That dour attitude doesn’t suit you. Trust me. In no time you’ll be out of this room for good, snuggled up against him.” said Becqueré with a wink.
  231. ~~~~~
  233.     The dreadful days at the tavern continued, albeit made better by the attention she was receiving from Kriese. He had been coming in more and more, and his visits were beginning to coincide with Fiechte’s shifts. They talked and laughed, and found common interest in things like food and the circus that passed by every few months. Seeing him smile, smile because of and for her, made any torment the other barflies directed at her insignificant. But torment her they did. It was apparent to even the least astute observer that she was laying on the charm for this young handsome man, and the elderly customers were quite jealous that their favorite piece of ass was being taken from under their noses. The amount of slaps, rude comments, and short tempers was increasing every day.
  235. One day, as Fiechte was leaving the tavern for the night, the jealousy that had been stewing in that dank and foul room came to a head.
  237. She noticed a figure behind her, and picked up her pace. There were a few people in the street, enough to dissuade any attack. But that didn’t make her feel any safer. She began to walk faster, and looked over her shoulder.
  239. To her horror, the figure matched her pace and began to look around. There was no mistake, he was checking to see if anyone would witness whatever was about to unfold.
  241.     Fiechte began to breath quickly as her trot turned into a jog. There was a curse behind her and the heavy footfalls grew more frequent. And closer. Fiechte tried to run, but her dress was too restrictive. Dashing through an ally in a desperate gambit to arrive at her home, she stumbled and fell into the grime. Before she could get back onto her feet, the man was already upon her. She tried to scream but a filthy bloated hand covered her mouth. The other seized her throat and clamped down.
  243. “You little shit! You shitty little whore! You think you can do that to me?! Just lead me on like that and cut me loose without any consequences?! You slut! I won’t be denied any longer…” he hissed at her. His face was inches from hers, and his breath reeked of rot and liquor. Fiechte whimpered into his meaty hand and prayed for help. He pushed her against the wall and released her throat, and undoing his belt.
  245. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” he said. He groped her breast hard, eliciting a muffled shriek of pain from Fiechte.
  247. Just as he was about to remove his pants, another figure appeared behind him in the alley. “HEY!” shouted the silhouette.
  249. Kriese!
  251. She was always happy to see him, but this was something else. Relief, love, adoration. Words couldn’t describe how happy she was to see him.
  253.     Kriese charged forwards, and tackled the rapist. The large man swore as he toppled to the ground with Kriese on top of him. Kriese punched the man in the face twice and their was a loud crunch and a squeal as the perpetrator’s nose shattered.
  255.     More guards poured into the narrow gap between buildings and pulled Kriese off of the drunkard. In a matter of minutes, they verified Krieses identity, and took Fiechte’s testimony. The guards hauled the man off as he whimpered and tried to slow the bleeding of his fractured nose.
  257. “Th-thank you.” mumbled Fiechte. She would have tried to say more, but her nerves were shot.
  259. “Of course. I’m just glad I got that tip.” said Kriese, offering her a hand.
  261. “A tip?” asked Fiechte taking his gloved hand.
  263. “Yeah, some guy said he saw you being followed, so I came to make sure you were alright.”
  265. Fiechte’s cheeks flushed. She tried to stand, but a sharp pain in her ankle sent her into Kriese’s chest.
  267. “Are you okay?” he asked.
  269. “I-I think I hurt my ankle when I fell…” she said sheepishly. How embarrassing!
  271. “I can help you home. You live close by, no?” asked Kriese, puffing out his chest a bit.
  273. “Oh! Yes, I do actually. Just down this street.” said Fiechte pointing towards her house.
  275. “Alright then. Here we *ermf* go!” said Kriese scooping her up.
  277. Fiechte let out a gasp and quickly covered her face. Thank you, Chief God! Please don’t let this end!
  279. ~~~~~~
  281. The day after the rapist incident, Madam Becqueré practically beat down Fiechte’s door.
  283. “I heard all about what happened.” She said breezing past Fiechte into her apartment. She set down the bags she was carrying and began to stoke the stove.
  285. “It’s alright, I’m okay.” said Fiechte. “Are you making me something? You don’t have to do tha-“
  287. “It isn’t for you.” said Becqueré pulling down some pans from the cupboard.
  289. “Oh…”
  291. Becqueré turned to Fiechte. “Don’t you see? This is your in! You have to act now! Love is a give and take sweetheart, and you just took. So now, you gotta give. Help me unpack all this, would you?”
  293. Fiechte was a bit displeased by the woman’s lack of concern for her, but the strange lady’s haste in preparing the kitchen intrigued her.
  295. “What do you mean give? A-am I going to…! You know…” asked Fiechte fidgeting.
  297. “Fuck him? No. Not yet, you horny little thing. We’re just baking him a nice pie. A big one at that.” said Becqueré pouring some flour into a measuring cup.
  299. Fiechte looked over the ingredients. Most she recognized, but some were alien. “What are these berries?” she asked, handling a syrupy fruit.
  301. Becqueré smiled, but didn’t look at her. “Nothing to fancy, you’ll see. Here, you can start on the filling…”
  303. ~~~~~
  305. “Kriese, you have a visitor.” said the guard with a hint of friendly teasing.
  307. Fiechted blushed and tightened her grip on the basket containing the pie. It smelled divine! Surely he would love it if it tasted half as good as its aroma suggested.
  309. “Oh! Fiechte! How are you? Is your ankle feeling better?” asked Kriese, pushing himself away from the desk he had been seated at.”
  310. “Yes, thanks to you. You didn’t have to take me all the way back to my home…” she said.
  312. “Of course I did! I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if I had left you there.” he said.
  314. “I know, you’re a kind person.” said Fiechte. “But I wanted to thank you nonetheless. Here, I baked you this pie!” she said, uncovering the warm pastry.
  316. Kriese eyed the pastry. “No, no! It was nothing really. Just doing my job is all…” he said licking his lips.
  318. Just take it you hungry bastard!
  320. “I made enough for the other guards too. I mean, it’s for you, but I thought you may like to share and…uhh…” said Fiechte.
  322. “W-well I suppose I could…” said Kriese, trying to pry his eyes away from the delicious delicacy.
  324. “Hey man, just take the pie. It smells delicious!” quipped a guard from the door.
  326. “Hey! Y-you guys, get out of h-“
  328. “Yeah! Take it! We helped too, and if you won’t accept it, we sure as hell will!” said another guard.
  330. “Kriese you ass, the lady took the time to make you a pie. The least you could do is eat it.” said a female guard.
  332. “Alright, alright already.” Kriese turned back to Fiechte with crimson cheeks and cleared his throat. “Thank you very much Fiechte, it looks delicious.”
  334. Fiechte beamed. “I hope you all enjoy!” she said.
  336. “I brought the plates! Where’s this pie I heard about?” said a guard entering the room.
  338. ~~~~~~
  340. “They loved it!” squealed Fiechte.
  342. For the first time, Madam Becqueré had invited her over to her own abode. It was a small house, but it had the perplexing property of seeming larger once inside.
  344. “Of course, it was made with love after all.” said Becqueré. She didn’t seem as lively as she normally did.
  346. “Is everything alright? Did I do something wrong?” asked Fiechte.
  348. “No! No. You did everything perfectly. Even better than I could have hoped. Like I said, you’re a natural. I really do mean it when I say you surpassed every expectation I had for you.” affirmed Becqueré.
  350. “Thank you. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.” said Fiechte.
  352. “And you don’t have very much further to go.” said Becqueré. Fiechte’s heart skipped a beat. She was so close to being with Kriese! She wanted so desperately to hold him as her own. “But there is one final step.”
  354. “What is it?” asked Fiechte.
  356. “Before we get into it, I’d like to introduce my husband, Nador.” said Becqueré.
  358. A man walked into the room. Fiechte was uncertain what to expect. She imagined him being an eccentric businessman, or a daring adventurer, a scientist, or a poet. But the man standing before her was decidedly plain.
  360. “A pleasure to see you Fiechte.” He said.
  362. “Oh!” exclaimed Fiechte. “I’ve seen you before! You came to the tavern sometimes.”
  364.     “That’s right. I visited there before you started this journey as well. I was a regular their when you started as a matter of fact. I even took a shining to you before I met my wife.” He said looking lovingly at Becqueré. She beamed as he continued. “After that, well, I didn’t need the alcohol to improve my life anymore. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me, bar none. I would do anything for her, and I know she would do the same. I love her more than you can ever imagine.” He said linking his hand with hers. Becqueré nuzzled his chest and let out what sounded like a purr.
  366. “I see…” said Fiechte. She felt a tad awkward watching this display of unbridled affection. Would she be like this with Kriese one day?
  367. “This is what I want for you, Fiechte. I want you to be able to love someone as much as I love Nador. So, it’s time I come clean: Fiechte, I am a succubus.”
  369. Fiechte stared at her. “Huh?”
  371. With a snap of her fingers, a shimmering light seemed to fly off Becqueré. Like a curtain being torn away, the magic revealed horns, wings, a tail, and a series of tattoos covering Becqueré’s body. Fiechte gasped and nearly fell out of her chair.
  373. “Don’t be afraid!” said Becqueré. “I’m only showing this to you because I believe you’re ready. You earned it Fiechte, the love that Kriese feels towards you is your own. You just need to grasp it.”
  375. “You’re a monster!” shouted Fiechte, backing away.
  377. “I am. I lied to you. But only because you wouldn’t have accepted my help otherwise.”
  379. “Stay back!” screamed Fiechte.
  381.     “Think Fiechte! I may be a monster, but am I really monstrous? Did I not help you in your time of need? Did we not become friends? Did I not deliver on all the promises I made to you? Fiechte, I care about you; and I only want to see you happy. It’s brought me so much joy to see you and Kriese fall for each other. I just want you two to have the best lives possible.” said Becqueré. “My identity was the only thing I ever hid from you. I know you must be scared, but if I wished you any harm, I wouldn’t have waited this long.”
  383. “Y-you eat people!” retorted Fiechte, cowering behind her chair.
  385.     Becqueré sighed and began to speak but Nador cut her off. “She doesn’t, Fiechte. I’m living proof of that. It’s been what, two years, since I stopped visiting the tavern? And they’ve been the happiest of my life. The ONLY time she ever deceived me was fooling me into thinking that she was just a beautiful woman, and not a beautiful monster.” Becqueré blushed. “She isn’t what the Order has led you to believe. She’s the love of my life, and the best partner I could have asked for.” He hugged Becqueré, who did a little flutter as he embraced her.
  387. “You lie! She must be working some angle…” said Fiechte.
  389. “I’m not. I understand that this is all very hard. But we’re revealing all of this too you because I want you to consider becoming a succubus like me.” said Becqueré hugging her husband.
  391. Fiechte blanched. “B-beco… like… you…”
  393. “This will be the biggest decision that you ever have to make. And from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry that this is all happening so fast. But you are very special Fiechte. The love within you is pure and bountiful; that’s why I helped you. To see love between man and monster flourish, that is what the Demon Lord wishes for.”
  395. “I won’t do it.” said Fiechte. It was barely more than a whisper.
  397.     Becqueré winced at her words. “I know it’s hard to believe, but becoming a mamono is a painless process. It would only amplify the love you and Kriese feel for each other, and unlock certain magical potentials in you. That is my solemn vow to you.” said Becqueré.
  398. “I-I won’t…” repeated Fiechte.
  400. Becqueré looked like she was about to cry. Nador pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head.
  402. “Very well, Fiechte. This is not a choice that I would force anyone to make. If that is your choice, you are free to leave. We won’t stop you.” said Becqueré.
  404. Fiechte staggered towards the door as fast as her jellied legs could carry her. Whimpering, she pulled at the handle. The door swung open to the cold night outside. With a tentative hand, Fiechte waved her hand through the door.
  406.     “There’s no barrier Fiechte. I meant what I said; you are free to leave. I truly relished the time we spent together. I’m sorry I had to end it like this…” said Becqueré. She tried to smile, but her eyes began to run.
  407. Fiechte stepped out onto the porch. She stood there panting. The town was dark and dingy, and the familiar stench of muck and evil wafted over her.
  409. None of it made any sense! Becqueré had tricked her, just like the Order had said! But she didn’t eat her, or anyone else it would seem. What kind of monster had better manners than most of her neighbors?
  411.     Fiechte thought back to all the time she had spent with Becqueré. Baking in her apartment, going to the market, talking about their men, spending time at the tavern when business was slow… Come to think of it, Becqueré was the best friend Fiechte had ever had. None of the pious Order adhering towns folk gave her the time of day, except to harass her. But Becqueré had treated her with unconditional patience and kindness from day one. And now she was just letting her go. Even though it meant Fiechte would tell the guards. Even though they would have to move. Even though it put her and the person she loved the most in mortal danger.
  412. Damn it all!
  414. Slowly, Fiechte turned. Becqueré was now sobbing into Nador’s chest, while he shushed her and rubbed her back. When he saw Fiechte looking back in at them, he gently shook Becqueré. She wiped her eyes and looked at Fiechted quizzically.
  416. “All those things you said…” started Fiechte. “You really meant it?”
  418. “Yes.” sniffed Becqueré.
  420. “All of it?”
  422. “All of it.”
  424. “I-I… how would I live?! I don’t know how to be a monster! I would be hunted down in a day!”
  426. “No you wouldn’t. I wouldn’t let my best friend be killed like that. If I transform you, you’ll be like family; I will do everything in my power to protect you and Kriese from anything that may come your way.” assured Becqueré.
  428. “Could you stop them?” asked Fiechte quietly.
  430. Becqueré chuckled. “I haven’t been caught yet, have I? Once you become a succubus, you’ll learn to harness your magical potential. In time, you won’t need me to protect you. But in the meantime, I’ll keep you safe while you’re vulnerable.”
  432. Fiechte had calmed down, and regained her breath and composure. “And it won’t hurt?”
  434. “No, but you will be very hungry after the ritual. Hungry in a way you’ve never felt before.” said Becqueré.
  436. “And will I still be… me? I don’t really know how to say it but will I, Fiechte, be replaced by what I turn into?”
  438. “No, your mind will just become more love-oriented. Your hobbies, personality, likes and dislikes, and talents will be unchanged.”
  439. Fiechte stared into Becqueré’s eyes. For some reason, this demon seemed more trustworthy than most townsfolk. Her eyes exuded a confidence and caring that was unheard of around these parts. A gentle confidence too, one gained from trust; not a predatory look, like the ones on the loan sharks that hung around the tavern.
  441. Her mind went to Kriese. She loved him more than anything. All she wanted was for him to feel the same.
  443. “I’ll do it.” said Fiechte softly.
  445. “You will?!” said Becqueré with a flutter.
  447. “Y-yes, as long as everything you’ve told me is true, I’ll do it.” said Fiechte. She was still very apprehensive, but Becqueré had never cheated her before.
  449. Becqueré squealed and launched out the door to hug her. “Ooh Fiechte! I’m so happy! We’ll have so much fun, just you wait! I promise you won’t regret this.” she said squeezing the barmaid tightly.
  451. “Y-yeah, okay. How do we *ooph* do this anyways?” asked Fiechte trying to pry herself free from the demons crushing embrace. How was she so strong?
  453. “It’s easy! You just need to drink a tiiiiny bit of my blood. Don’t worry though! It will be in a meal, so you won’t even know it’s there. Dear,” said Becqueré turning to Nador. “Could you please fetch Kriese?”
  455. “Of course. I’ll be back with your husband soon, Feichte.” He said with a grin, and hurried out the door.
  457. “Alright Fiechte, let’s get dinner ready!”
  459. ~~~~~~
  461.     The dinner was delicious. Fiechte had never known there was such variety and flavor when it came to food. Strange meats, fruits and vegetables covered the table, each one having its own unique flavor and effect. By the time Fiechte was finished, her head was swimming and she felt an unusual warmth in her crotch.
  463. “I feel good Becqueré.” said Fiechte, giggling and reclining in her chair.
  465. “We aren’t done yet. Here. Drink this.” Said Becqueré thrusting a goblet into her hand.
  467. “Waz init?” asked Fiechte.
  469. “The kicker.”
  471. Without hesitation, Fiechte drained the cup.
  473.     As she finished, the goblet fell out of her hand and clattered to the floor. Becqueré rushed over and removed her from the chair, hustling to the basement. It was well lit and dry in the cellar; unusually so for a subterranean room. It was so comfy…
  474. “Alright Fiechte, just hang in there. Things will feel a bit strange, but just stay here with me alright?” said Becqueré setting her down on the bed and taking her hand.
  476. “Becqueré, I feel gooood…” slurred Fiechte.
  478. Fiechte had never felt anything quite like what she was experiencing. The warmth that her body was exuding was pouring forth in waves, but didn’t feel like any fever. The tingling in her loins became unbearable as her wings and tail sprouted out of her lower back. She came violently, and had only a moment to recuperate before she was brought to orgasm again by her new horns. Even the soft blankets were enough to make her writhe in pleasure. But through it all she wished for Kriese to be here experiencing this ecstasy as well.
  480. “Fiechte?!”
  482. Kriese burst into the room to see Fiechte now fully transformed, panting on the bed and soaked in her own juices. “Kriese…!” she exclaimed weakly. Seeing him brought on a clarity to her mind. He was a beacon of sensibility in this fog of lust.
  484. “Kriese! I-I’m so glad you’re here.” she said, rising on unsteady legs off of the bed.
  486. “No, no, no, no! Stay back!” he said drawing his sword and staggering away from Fiechte. His foot caught on the bottom stair and he fell backwards.
  488. “Are you alright?” asked Fiechte.
  490. “What are you!? What have you become?!” said Kriese.
  492. “She did if for you, knight Kriese.” said Becqueré. “She loved you so much that she couldn’t bear the though to losing you.”
  494. “Damn you both! I should have known she was a monster from the start!”
  496. “She wasn’t.” said Becqueré. “She just turned a few minutes ago. Voluntarily.”
  498. “Fiechte would never consent to something so vile!” shouted Kriese.
  500. “She did, and it’s all for you, Kriese. I can’t make you love her as much as she loves you, but I won’t let you harm the person I swore to protect.” said Becqueré firmly.
  502. “I did love her! I loved her when she wasn’t a monster! Now she’s… she’s…” Kriese began. He lowered his sword a bit. “Oh Fiechte, what have you done to yourself…”
  504. “I’m still Fiechte! Y-you may not believe it, but I’m still me! Kriese, the time I spent with you was the best of my life. I… I couldn’t see you snatched away by anyone else, and I wanted to make you as happy as you made me.”
  506. “Liar! The Fiechte I know is dead! You’re just using her image to seduce and eat me!” said Kriese taking a step forward.
  508. Fiechte stepped back and fell onto the ground. “K-Kriese, please! It’s really me!”
  510. He raised his sword.
  512. “Y-you like ale the best!” squeaked Fiechte.
  514. Kriese looked at her in confusion, but lowered his sword a bit. “Huh?”
  516.     “W-when the circus comes to town, your favorite part is the jousting because it’s where you saw Knight Ulrich first, and he’s the person who inspired you to become a knight in the first place! Your favorite meal is braised pork over spinach with cheese from the stall with the red and white awning! I baked you a pie that you shared with the other guards and they made fun of you but you ate it anyways and it made me so happy I want to die! A-and when you came in to the tavern, you always ordered an ale, except in summer when we get casks from the brewery up river. They make a special wheat ale that you love more than anything!” pleaded Fiechte, covering her face and praying not to die.
  518. “…Summer…but… we only met this winter…” said Kriese confusedly.
  520. “Think again, Kriese. This girl has had her eye on you for a looong time. Not that you never noticed her. Not until she had help from me, a succubus.” said Becqueré looking awful smug. “Fiechte is a wonderful woman, no? But if I hadn’t intervened, you wouldn’t even know she existed. Was that time you spent with her worth nothing?”
  522. Kriese lowered his sword. “Fiechte?” he whispered.
  524. Fiechte uncovered her face and wiped her eyes.
  526. “Is it really you?”
  528. “Yes.”
  530. Kriese stepped forward and reached out a hand to her. Fiechte shrank back a bit, frightened by the fact that he had still not dropped his weapon.
  532. “Gods above… It really is you…” he said.
  534. “I told you. Listen champ, I know that this is a lot to take in, but I need you to just take what I have on faith, because we’re a little strapped for time.” said Becqueré. “Honey, could you come down here?” she shouted up the stairs. “Look mamnono don’t eat people, we just gain energy from…copulating. We don’t drain people anymore, see?” Becqueré walked over to her husband and embraced him.
  536. “Nador?! You?! With…her?” said Kriese.
  538. “Yep. And I don’t have any regrets either. I know that it’s a lot to take on faith, but they really do care about you. More than any heiress or noble ever could.” said Nador.
  540. “K-Kriese…” panted Fiechte.
  542. “Oh, right her. Remember what I said about being short on time? She really needs to feed.” said Becqueré pushing Kriese towards the sweating lesser succubus. “The food I gave her sated her for a little but she needs you now. You’re the only one who can help her.”
  543. “I thought you said that monsters feed by copulating!” protested Kriese, digging his heals into the ground. How was this woman so strong?
  545. “I did. Get to it you two! We’ll bring down some refreshments in a few hours. Have fun~”
  547. Becqueré flew up the stairs, practically dragging her husband with her.
  549. “But…but…” Kriese turned back to Fiechte. She was even more stunning now. Her adorable demeanor was now juxtaposed by her sensual body. Had she always looked that good under her dress? The strange sensation that he had been feeling ever since eating the pie was coming back, and right now Fiechte looked absolutely irresistible.
  551. “Kriese, please… I need you.” moaned Feichte, holding her arms out to him.
  553. “Fiechte, I uh… I’ve never… done it with anyone before…”
  555. Even in her addled state, Fiechte smiled. “Then we’ll learn together!”
  557. ~~~~~
  559. “Wow.”
  561. It felt like days had passed since they began. Kriese was propped up against the headboard, and Fiechte was laying against his chest, tracing his well-defined muscles. Kriese ran his fingers through her silky hair and she cooed contentedly.
  563. “Fiechte, I really am happy that I met you. I’m… not sure about all this quite yet, but it looks like I made the right choice.”
  564. “I’m happy as long as I have you~” said Fiechte looking up at him.
  566. He smiled, but turned away with concern on his face. “I know, but, how can I go back? What will the others think if they find out?”
  567. “They’ll probably think the same as you, soon enough.”
  569. Becqueré marched down the stairs with a plate of food and a pitcher of drink.
  571. “That pie wasn’t just from Fiechte you know. I may have *ahem* omitted the fact that it was made with fruit from the demon realm…”
  572. “Becqueré!” shouted Fiechte. “Half the guard ate that pie!”
  574. “They sure did, and I have a lot of work on my hands now. I’ll be a bit busy for the next few weeks, but so will you two I imagine.”
  575. Fiechte blushed hard, and Kriese pulled her in tighter.
  577. “So, Fiechte, do you have any regrets?” asked Becqueré setting down the tray of food.
  579. Fiechte looked up at Kriese, who leaned in to kiss her forehead. “No, none.”
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