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How to calmly inform.

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Oct 12th, 2015
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  1. xxxxxxx says: hey if anyone here wants to co-op click on me and private message me, im a low level but i know what im doing..
  2. LeisureSuitLoli says: Please use the Co-op chat for that
  3. xxxxxxx says: please mind your own business when nobody actually cares
  4. LeisureSuitLoli says: Please be aware that the Co-op channel was put there for people to find parties.
  5. xxxxxxx says: you remind me of abusive GM's in fallen earth..
  6. xxxxxxx says: buddy.. dont care..
  7. LeisureSuitLoli says: You might not, but please be cautious in the future.
  8. xxxxxxx says: cautious? dafuq?
  9. xxxxxxx says: screw you too
  10. LeisureSuitLoli says: People can report you for asking for parties in the world chat.
  11. joshuiacampbell says: Mommy and Daddy are fighting!!
  12. Kvaak says: some people just beg for it :(
  13. xxxxxxx says: and you can shut the *****up and stop being a child for once
  14. xxxxxxx says: so keep that crap for yourself
  15. xxxxxxx says: if i was asking for a report i'd ask for a report
  16. LeisureSuitLoli says: I'm just being calm and polite.
  17. xxxxxxx says: and im being a realist
  18. xxxxxxx says: if you were an adult you'd mind your own business
  19. Kvaak says: and hilariously ironic
  20. CursedSaviour says: no one uses the coop anyway
  21. xxxxxxx says: oh no reported! i might not play MP!
  22. xxxxxxx says: lol
  23. xxxxxxx says: i dont play MP anyways.. see if i care
  24. xxxxxxx says: im blocking any of you dumb ****ing children out there
  25. LeisureSuitLoli says: If you get reported, then it has been your fault.
  26. xxxxxxx says: so have fun saying whatever random crap you gotta say to a wall
  27. joshuiacampbell says: Wow... this is silly.
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