How Chrysalis Got Her Groove Back V

Oct 8th, 2016
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  1. >There were very few times when a Changeling hive becomes silent
  2. >Changelings, though a race known for its stealth and ability to blend into any crowd, were very noisy creatures when in the safety of their home
  3. >Usually not a second went by when one couldn't hear the buzzing of wings or chirping or the dull thud of hooves hitting stone
  4. >But, at that moment, all was silent
  5. >The Changelings of the Southernmost Hive, from hatchlings to adults, were completely silent and still
  6. >Even the ones that were deep in the hive, far away from the hive's entrance, found themselves stopping what they were doing to nervously look around
  7. >Something was wrong in the air
  8. >It was as if a void had been created
  9. >The various emotions--joy, love, irritation and the like--in the air seemed to shift as if caught up in a wind
  10. >The very air itself was cold, and the darkness that clung to the edges of the rooms and halls seemed to grow and become darker
  11. >This could only mean one thing
  12. >Mom was mad
  13. >Very, very, VERY mad
  14. >"... Twenty-four-nineteen? I would have words with you."
  15. >Twenty-four-nineteen, one of the many personal guards to both the king and queen, found himself shivering as the Queen of the Changelings turned her attention to him
  16. >He could feel cold fury radiating off his queen in waves
  17. >It was a spicy yet sour taste; not at all appetizing
  18. >It was never an emotion that a ling wanted to taste; doubly so when that fury came from the queen herself
  19. >In fact, it was so potent that many of the lings that were unfortunate to be at the entrance of the hive found themselves wanting to vanish from the cavern
  20. >And Chrysalis herself wasn't helping matters
  21. >This fury, this rage, was beginning to twist the queen's form
  22. >Her fangs seemed longer, her face and body seemed to become more angular
  23. >Her gaze was sharp and predatory, and her eyes seemed to glow in the dim light
  24. >Gone was the motherly ling that they all had been growing accustomed to
  26. >The one that stood before them was the Great and Powerful Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings and Destroyer of Nations
  27. >A growl escaped her throat, and despite himself Twenty found himself flinching
  28. "I-I am yours, my lady," he said with a shaky salute
  29. >Chrysalis took a step toward the ling, and it took a considerable amount of willpower for him not to take a step back
  30. >Twenty, despite the lizard part of his brain SCREAM to run away, stood firm as the queen descended upon him in the same manner a lioness would her prey
  31. >"Why is there an alicorn stuffed in a bag sitting in my hive?" she asked in an icy tone, leaning forward until her muzzle was pressed up against his. "WHY. IS. THERE. An. ALICORN. IN. MY. HIVE?"
  32. >Twenty gulped
  33. "U-Um, well, you see, your m-majesty--"
  34. >"Hon," King Anonymous said. "Why don't you step away from the poor boy so that he can ac--"
  35. >Without looking away from the ling soldier, Chrysalis extended a wing and brought it to her husband's lips, effectively silencing him
  36. >"You WILL tell me what happened, Twenty-four-nineteen," she commanded. "You will tell me EVERYTHING."
  37. >A muffled grumble could be heard in the burlap bag
  38. >The bag's occupant began to shift around, kicking her legs
  39. >King Anonymous, keeping a careful eye on his wife, quickly nudged the bag with his foot
  40. "W-We were in the northern part of Labyrinthia, tasting some of the famous blue cheeses that the minotaurs p-produce there," Twenty said, almost managing to keep the quiver out of his voice
  41. >"The cheese was wonderful love," Anonymous said, pushing his wife's wing away. "It was a more... layered kind of cheese. I wouldn't recommend it with crackers but a nice wine woul--thmp!"
  42. >Twenty-four-nineteen jumped again as his queen's wing once again covered King Anonymous's mouth
  43. >"Twenty..."
  44. "We w-were about to disembark to the eastern part of the 'taur lands when Princess Twilight Sparkle came into town--"
  46. >"TWILIGHT SPARK--" the queen began, only to take a deep breath and close her eyes
  47. >Twenty, dryly swallowing, utterly failed to keep his legs from shaking
  48. >Chrysalis was silent for a few moments--you could almost hear her counting down in her head--before she opened her eyes
  49. >"Proceed," she growled
  50. "We attempted to l-leave the town quietly, but Princess Tw--"
  51. >"Do NOT speak her name!"
  52. "--T-The Equestrian, for reasons t-t-that we cannot d-discern, knew what we w-were. Because o-of that we were f-forced to take e-extreme measures."
  53. >Chrysalis's eyes narrowed
  54. >"Extreme measures?" she questioned
  55. >Twenty nodded his head rigorously
  56. "We k-knocked her out a-and stuffed her in t-that bag, my liege."
  57. >The guard's answer didn't seem to satisfy the queen in the slightest
  58. >Her face twisted further in rage, and she bared her fangs at the little ling, causing him to take a nervous step backward
  59. >"Why in the name of the Thousand-faced God did you bring her here then? Do you know how much danger you put us in?"
  60. >Eyes wide in panic, Twenty began to back away
  61. >Chrysalis, her green eyes blazing, matched him step-for-step
  62. >"And what about my beloved? Because of your actions he could have been captured or WORSE if this alicorn's guard happened to find you or if you didn't manage to incapacitate her!"
  63. "Y-Your g-grace--"
  64. >"It is not your job to seek glory my little ling. Your one duty, your sole purpose, is to protect my husband and I. The MOMENT that you saw the Equestrian you should have LEFT! RETREATED! RAN!"
  65. "B-But--"
  67. >Chrysalis, shaking in anger, jerked as she felt a hand on her wither
  68. >Her head snapped to the side, a snarl on her face, to see her husband looking at her calmly
  70. >"Chrysalis," he said. "Remember yourself. You're scaring the children."
  71. >Blinking, the queen found herself looking around the room
  72. >She could see nearly every single one of her lings huddled at the end of the chamber
  73. >They were shaking, cowering, staring at her with their big, fearful eyes
  74. >She could taste the fear coming from her
  75. >It was thick in the air, it's foul taste making her nose scrunch up
  76. >"I understand that you're upset, but I think that you need to tone it down at bit," her husband murmured, giving her wither a squeeze
  77. >It was then, when she saw what her rage had done, that she also noticed the anger pouring off of her
  78. >No doubt the entire hive could taste it
  79. >Many of her lings were probably just as fearful as the ones in front of her
  80. >The anger left her like a puff of air
  81. >She turned back to her husband, who gave her a gentle smile
  82. >"Twenty? Why don't you and the boys go and rest up? I'd be happy to tell the queen what happened."
  83. "YES SIR!" Twenty squeaked, before he cleared his throat. "Um, yes S-SIR!"
  84. >With a quick bow Twenty, along with the other two lings that had accompanied the king on his journey, fled the room
  85. >Chrysalis watched them quietly, her face an emotionless mask
  86. >Anonymous, just as quiet as her, took a step forward and placed one of his hands on the small of her back
  87. >She sighed, withers slumping, as she felt his fingers scratching her chitin
  88. >"Do you feel better?" the king asked
  89. >"They should have done their jobs properly," she replied quietly, stubbornly. "Your safety was their top priority."
  90. >"They were trying to get us out of there without the little princess noticing."
  91. >"They are the elite of the elite. They shouldn't have need to TRY."
  92. >"You weren't there."
  93. >"Nevertheless, I--"
  94. >Grimacing, Chrysalis turned away, prompting her king to kneel down
  95. >"Everything's fine, hon," he said, wrapping his arms around her in a hug
  96. >Chrysalis made a half-hearted effort to pull away from his grasp, making him hold her all the tighter
  98. >"Other than the princess over there, who no doubt has one hell of a bump on her head, no one got hurt."
  99. >"But what of the alicorn's guard--"
  100. >"The princess took off after us before she could say anything to her guards," Anonymous said, cutting her off. "I'd wager that they still think she's in the city trying to solve some friendship lesson or some such nonsense."
  101. >The king pressed his forehead against hers, smiling all the while
  102. >"Twenty and the other boys did a thorough inspection of her royal highness. There's nothing that will let the Equestrians track her, and we both know that she won't be able to use her magic to call for help. We're safe, love. We're safe."
  103. >Chrysalis was silent as her husband nuzzled her cheek
  104. >Her mind raced, calculating and weighing and judging
  105. >She had Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Savior of Equestria half a dozen times over, tied up in a burlap sack
  106. >While she could appreciate the humor in that--gods know that she was going to laugh herself sick later-- she also knew that a very delicate, dangerous, and possibly profitable situation had fallen into her lap
  107. >If her husband was right and the Equestrians had no idea where their newest princess was, who knows what she and her lings could gain from this
  108. >She could tear through the alicorn's mind and learn every secret that she knew
  109. >She could random her off for land, wealth, or whatever else she desired
  110. >If she were so inclined, she could even replace herself with this purple annoyance and infiltrate her enemies from the inside
  111. >And she had learned from her mistakes
  112. >Her conquest would be savage and shift
  113. >There would be no time for some other annoying pest to come in and ruin her plans
  114. >She no longer needed to capture a stallion full of love so that she stood a chance against the other alicorns
  115. >Her husband was the only one she needed, and with him she had all the love and power that she needed
  117. >Her power at the moment eclipsed what she had had during that BLASTED wedding
  118. >There was no doubt in her mind that, if it came to a fight, she'd be able to take on both the Princess of the Sun and Moon
  119. >And then there were her little lings
  120. >Just like her, they had grown strong on her husband's love
  121. >They were no longer starving, weak creatures that overwhelmed their enemies by sheer numbers
  122. >Each one of her soldiers were now as strong as an elite guard from Canterlot, if not stronger
  123. >And there were thousands of them; tens of thousands
  124. >If she wished it, she'd sweep all of her opponents from the table all at once with little to no effort
  125. >She'd be able to get her lings out of this accursed desert, build a nice hive in Manehattan or Las Pegasus or near Cloudsdale
  126. >There, her hive could grow and expand until it reached the sky
  127. >Then the Southernmost Hive would go from being the most powerful Changeling hive to being a powerful kingdom that needed to be reckoned with...
  128. >The dread, fear, and worry that had been twisting Chrysalis's gut began to slip away, replaced by cautious excitement
  129. >Giving her husband a nuzzle in return, she stepped away from him and made her away over to "Princess" Twilight Sparkle
  130. >The pony was shifting uncomfortably in the bag, trying to roll onto her stomach to do gods know what
  131. >A pair of lings guards were keeping careful eye on the bagged alicorn, their spears at the ready
  132. >They stiffened as she came near, standing up straight and saluting
  133. >"At ease, by little lings," Chrysalis said quietly, carefully eyeing the bag. "Now step away. Your queen desires to have a little... chat with the princess."
  134. >The queen's horn glowed as her lings quickly stepped away
  135. >Her green magic surrounded the bag in its eerie light
  136. >The bag was hoisted into the air, and with a flick of her horn Chrysalis send it floating it toward her
  138. >Twilight Sparkle began thrashing wildly in the bag, trying to shout through the gag that her husband's guard had placed in her mouth
  139. >Chrysalis's soared when she tasted the fear pouring off her
  140. >She SHOULD be afraid, she should be fearful
  141. >She had entered the domain of Equestria's greatest foe, and she would only leave once the queen had allowed it
  142. >IF the queen allowed it
  143. >Chrysalis's horn glowed a bit brighter
  144. >The bag containing the princess began to disintegrate
  145. >A muffled squeal could be heard from inside the bag
  146. >Twilight Sparkle began kicking as hard as she could
  147. >But she was in the queen's grasp now
  148. >There would be no escape
  149. >None
  150. >In a matter of moments, the bag was gone, leaving the sweaty, haggard, and disorientated alicorn out in the open for all to see
  151. >As Chrysalid expected, the alicorn had been bound up tight and gagged
  152. >Though her lings hadn't tied the ropes securing her tight enough to cause any serious injury, she could see the beginnings of rope burn on the secured bits of her body
  153. >Amusement and more than a bit of satisfaction filled her as she looked upon the young princess
  154. >Here was the one that had destroyed her hopes for bring all of Equestria under her hood, bound and gagged and at her complete mercy
  155. >It was delicious; easily one of the greatest gifts that her husband had ever given her
  156. >Twilight's purple eyes darted around the room, widening at the sight of the Changelings, before they rested on the queen
  157. >The princess stiffened, her bound wings straining against the ropes holding them to her sides
  158. >The fear, confusion, and shock around her became more and more concentrated as she tried to wiggle from the queen's magic
  159. >Twilight Sparkle closed her eyes, no doubt trying to use her magic, but that would only end in failure
  160. >In this hive, the only magic that could be used was ling magic
  161. >Twilight Sparkle was as helpless as a newborn lamb
  163. >A giggle escaped the Chrysalis's lips, which turned into a chuckle, which turned into a guffaw
  164. >Soon, her laughter was bouncing off the walls, menacing and cruel and EVIL
  165. >"Oh, Twilight Sparkle. It is ever so good to see you...~"
  168. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  171. >The cell was dark and cramped
  172. >There were no windows of any kind, and the only thing from keeping the room from sinking into total darkness was a small torch outside the iron bars
  173. >There was an unpleasant, undefiable smell in the air
  174. >It was also completely silent; so silent, in fact, that if one listened carefully they'd be able to hear the beating of their own heart
  175. >Twilight found herself shivering as she looked at the green flame of the torch that sat next to her cell
  176. >The light felt unnatural, wrong, as did the shadows that danced in it
  177. >If she wasn't so terrified of what lingered in the darkness, she would have hide from that awful light
  178. "Sweet Celestia, what did I get myself into..."
  179. >Her cell was cold, but the air was somehow humid
  180. >While it was oddly clean for a cell, she still couldn't help but feel some unseen filth clinging to her fur
  181. >She hugged herself with her wings, curling into a ball on that cold, hard stone floor
  182. >They hadn't given her a bed; hadn't given her anything really
  183. >The only other thing in the room besides her was a small bucket
  184. >What it was for she couldn't discern, nor did she particularly want to
  185. >She licked her dry, cracked lips, desperately wishing for something to eat and drink while, for the thousandth time
  186. "It'll be FINE, Twilight," the mare grumbled her to herself in a mocking variation of Cadence's voice. "Nothing will happen to you. You'll make friends with Chrysalis, forge a lasting peace with the Changelings, and be home within the week. It'll be your greatest work in friendship! What a load of horse apples..."
  187. >This was just Twilight venting of course
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