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Menyoo PC changelogs 2

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Feb 20th, 2019
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  1. v0.9998771b:
  2. Improved framerate, maybe.
  3. Added voices and speeches from b1493 (After Hours).
  4. Added INCOMPLETE nightclub locations and INCOMPLETE Arena War locations in the teleport menu.
  5. Bugfix-The task settings menu for PlaySpeech did not show a tick next to the selected speech name.
  6. Bugfix-Entering the vehicle Customs menu for the first time with a vehicle set the HorsePower, Torque, MaxSpeed and HeadLightIntensity multipliers to defaults. Now they are not affected until the options are tampered with.
  7. Bugfix-Legacy .SP00N files failed to load.
  8. Minor fixes.
  10. v0.999877b:
  11. Updated ped animation dump to include latest b1604 animations (thanks to alexguirre for b1493 list).
  12. Added cutscenes to the cutscene player for 2018 patches.
  13. Added folder previews — Place an image named 'preview.png' in a folder to see it in-game in any Menyoo folder browser (Outfits, Vehicles, Loadouts, Spooner, etc.).
  14. Bugfix-The PlaySpeech ped task voice dictionary menus showed as blank.
  15. Bugfix-CopyEntity froze the original entity in place for some reason.
  16. Bugfix-Xenon Headlight Colour did not save in Spooner/Vehicle files.
  18. v0.9998769b:
  19. Updated to support game patch 1.0.1604.0.
  20. Updated vehicles, vehicle crew logo positions, vehicle previews, peds, props, weapons, weapon attachments, tattoo/badge overlays, etc. for the last 2 DLCs.
  21. Added Vehicle Xenon headlights colour options.
  22. Some previously blocked options have been re-enabled (i.e. Run/swim speed, Elongation).
  23. Added a version check for certain natives so they don't cause an exception to be thrown on previous patches.
  24. Added 'Create New Folder' option in Outfits/Vehicles/Loadouts/Spooner browsing menus. This option also allows you to quickly open existing folders by name.
  25. Bugfix-SpoonerMode entity counts only showed on the right side of the screen. They know swap to the left side when the menu is on the right.
  26. Bugfix-Certain vehicles caused the game to crash when spawned with the Unlimited Native Boost option enabled.
  27. Bugfix-The smash ability animation started after releasing the levitation key.
  28. Bugfix-Vehicle rainbow mode only showed black.
  29. NEW NOTED BUG-Copying an entity in SpoonerMode freezes the original one in place. P a t i e n c e.
  31. v0.99987681b:
  32. DLC cars can be spawned again normally.
  33. New vehicles are still all in SUPER.
  34. Added new vehicle crew logo positions.
  35. No further changes.
  38. v0.9998768b:
  39. Updated functionality for game patch 1.0.1365.1.
  40. Added new vehicles (all are in SUPER category for now).
  41. Added more timecycle modifier names in TimecycModifiers.xml.
  42. Added option to go to animation settings in animation-dictionary submenus.
  43. Outift/Vehicle/WeaponLoadout/Spooner file loading menus only show relevant files now.
  47. v0.999876795b:
  48. Added option to move Spooner tasks in a sequence up and down.
  50. v0.999876794b:
  51. Updated VoiceChanger & SpeechPlayer with more voices and speech, which are now read from PedSpeechList.txt (thanks to alexguirre).
  52. Added option to fix individual doors in Menyoo Customs (thanks to Unknown Modder).
  53. Added DisableRootMotion animation flags.
  54. Moved 'Double-Action' from Shotguns section to pistols.
  55. Updated DisableVehicleSiren to work with the ambulance and firetruck.
  56. Added AddBlip and RemoveBlip tasks for all Spooner Entity types.
  57. Spooner Entities are now properly detached (both ways) before deletion.
  58. Bugfix-PedOption>Animations & Scenarios stopped saving to Spooner XML files.
  60. v0.999876793b:
  61. Moved Stromberg from Sports to Sports Classic.
  62. Added Spooner (Ped) Tasks: AimAtCoord, AimAtEntity.
  63. Added a few animation flags (thanks to Skizzymisfit).
  64. Added WeatherOptions>Clouds.
  65. Added new Doomsday Heist interiors and teleport locations.
  66. Added crew emblem position information for new vehicles.
  67. Bugfix-PedDecalOverlays was broken.
  69. v0.999876792b:
  70. Updated Weapons and attachments, Proplist, PedList, VehicleList and vehicle previews, PedDecalOverlays (tattoos and decals), InfiniteBoost.
  71. Bugfix-Editing Wanted level might not have worked in the last version.
  73. v0.999876791b:
  74. Fixed compatibility issues with ScriptHookV and other asi mods.
  76. v0.99987679b:
  77. Updated mod to function on patch 1.0.1290.1 (1.42).
  78. TaskSequence>SnapToRotation now works on attached entities.
  79. Bugfix-Some cars spawned invincible.
  81. v0.999876782b:
  82. Added tint/colour options to Smuggler'sRun-Hangar parts, and an option to remove the bedroom.
  83. Updated Run/Walk/Swim speed options (the better ones) for the latest patch.
  84. Bugfixes.
  86. v0.999876781b:
  87. Added sm_ props (previously I had only added ar_ props).
  88. Added hangar teleport options.
  89. Fixed SOME native errors (thanks David).
  91. v0.99987678b:
  92. Updated mod for mpAirraces update. Added new tattoos/vehicles/peds/props/vehiclepreviews/vehicleemblempositions, etc.
  93. Spawning a vehicle now turns the vehicle's engine on if the player's previous vehicle is on.
  94. Bugfix-Teleporting to North Yankton enabled the Yankton mini-map and did not disable it thereafter. Now, teleporting elsewhere will disable the Yankton map.
  95. Bugfix-AddNewMarker menu-item spawned the new marker on the player regardless of whether SpoonerMode was enabled (in which case it should spawn at the target).
  96. NEW BUGS:
  97. Multiple bugs such as certain features not working (like GiveWeapon(s)).
  98. Some random duplication of peds and such due to hooking method.
  99. (Temporary) ScriptHookV clone included in archive. Designed for use with Menyoo alone but can be used with other asi scripts. DirectX hook is not the best (and is disabled by default in the ini file)...
  101. v0.999876778b:
  102. Fixed spawning doors from Spooner Files (but dynamic objects may need a push to become properly dynamic now).
  103. Added 'Armour' option to Spooner ped options.
  105. v0.999876777b:
  106. Added mk2 weapon camo liveries.
  107. Said liveries now save in Loadouts and are restored after respawn.
  108. Added GunRunning props.
  109. Bugfix-PauseClock was reset to 0:00 on startup.
  110. Timecycle modifiers are now read from an xml file.
  111. Added attachment and linking to SpoonerMarkers. Note: attachments only have yaw rotation synced with the base entity. Do not attempt to adjust the other 2 rotation offsets as they don't work properly unless the entity is facing North. Marker-links save to files but may not load properly (so links may be lost upon loading a file but the teleports will still work as static or attached).
  113. v0.999876776b:
  114. Added 32 tints for GunRunning weapons.
  115. Fixed some faulty natives in clonehookv. e.g. markers work now.
  116. UseDxHook is 0 by default now. Set to 1 for drawTexture to work*.
  117. getGameVersion returns proper id for steam versions now.
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