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Jul 22nd, 2013
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  1. [07:50:29] <copper> [Saint]: "Thank you for your fantastic theme. However I presume there is an issue. In the now playing screen, if the Artist or Album Name is long, when it starts to slide, the whole line beeps rapidly."
  2. [07:50:42] <copper> that's what I reported the other day
  3. [07:50:44] <saratoga> IIRC it used to be 1dB steps that the drivers converted into their native units, but i don't know what the recent changes involved
  4. [07:51:07] <copper> when the available width is a tiny bit too small, the line blinks instead of scrolling
  5. [07:54:14] <copper> how to reproduce: download, set the theme to "iBox", change the "album" tag of any song to "Random Access Memories", play that song
  6. [07:54:40] <copper> works in the iPod Video sim
  7. [07:54:52] <copper> I mean, the bug shows in the iPod Video sim
  8. [07:54:59] <copper> can be reproduced*
  9. [08:06:49] <copper> interestingly, I can't reproduce that bug with the Fuze+
  10. [08:07:00] <copper> with the same font, metadata and dimensions
  11. [08:16:26] <copper> ok, I see the blinking happening on the iPod Video sim even when the available width is significantly narrower than the metadata value
  12. [08:19:30] <copper> hmmm
  13. [08:19:33] <copper> very interesting
  14. [08:20:45] <copper> the title and artist theme fields are exactly the same dimensions, but the bug doesn't happen with the track title section on my theme
  15. [08:23:46] <copper> wow
  16. [08:24:03] <copper> the bug is fixed if I change the color of the field from 666666 to 000000 o_O
  17. [08:26:16] <copper> all colors except black cause the bug, apparently
  18. [08:30:03] <bertrik> if it happens in the sim as well, it's much easier to debug
  19. [08:31:02] <bertrik> copper: can you wrap everything up in a flyspray bug?
  20. [08:33:10] <copper> about the theme bug?
  21. [08:33:40] <copper> I don't even know what the report
  22. [08:33:51] <copper> I don't understand what's causing it at all
  23. [08:34:03] <copper> I'm trying a bunch of things
  24. [08:34:40] <copper> it does seem to have something to do with colors
  25. [08:41:28] <copper> I don't understand
  26. [08:41:49] <copper>
  27. [08:41:54] <copper> this causes it to blink
  28. [08:59:58] <copper> this is incomprehensible
  29. [09:07:46] <copper> I'm going insane over that blinking bug
  30. [09:17:48] <copper> super weird
  31. [09:18:10] <copper> I fixed it by putting the color definition (%Vf) and the metadata (%s%ac%id) on the same line
  32. [09:18:22] <copper> there were no trailing characters
  34. [09:48:30] <pixelma_> I've sometimes seen blank lines in viewports where non should be and the positioning of %Vf or even other thing in the code affecting it. Maybe what you see as "blinking" is a short appearance of a blank line?
  35. [09:57:42] <copper> hmmm
  36. [09:57:58] <copper> you mean a blank line that has the same height as the text?
  37. [09:58:12] <copper> as opposed to a 1px high line
  38. [09:59:10] <copper> what is strange, is that I used pretty much the same code, with the same syntax and same positionning, for my Fuze+ theme, but I can't reproduce the bug on the Fuze+
  39. [09:59:31] <copper> I might look more into it tomorrow
  40. [10:00:15] <copper> see if I can isolate the problem as much as possible
  41. [10:01:49] <copper> good night
  43. [18:58:52] <copper> interesting: the blinking bug occurs when the color of the field in question is NOT the "front color" as defined in the theme file
  44. [19:00:42] <copper> it also occurs if the background color is not the one defined in the theme
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