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  1. [00:18] His speed seemed to only ramp up as the blood magi refused to go down. He heard her claims, what she said and where their beautiful daughter was, he was being sent to his death to retrieve her.
  3. And he still would.
  4. The clashing of their spells, she'd find herself soon overpowered by the lightning magi. The heat that Shrike emitted was unrivalled, there was nothing in the world that could compare to it.
  6. As her blood magic and water even attempted to approach him in the mild gaps of his speed, his nigh instantaneous movements, they'd evaporate, turning to steam as it even reached the five foot mark.
  8. His skin was glowing red hot beneath the blue cracks within his flesh. Eyes, although they carried no pupils or irises, it was extremely evident that they'd never left Asuka's form.
  10. A last second whip from Asuka, his speed, a massive trench behind him, shooting through the whip, a blade dug into her abdomen, her stomach. It hung there, keeping the blood in from her gut.
  12. Both of his hands, placed onto the sides of her ribs, burrowing extremely quickly. A hand stopped, a mere centimeter or two from her heart.
  14. The wound and flesh quickly melded to itself, boiling and destroying the nerves around the entrance of the cavity. It was instantly cauterized from the heat.
  16. "Anything left in you? Screams? Cries for help? Or will you die in here, surrounded by people who regret you ever existing...?"
  18. It wasn't like him, just that form of speech was ominous enough.
  19. (Shrike Airgetlám)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. [00:21] Phobos exclaims, "And I thought I was evil!"
  23. [00:25] Agni watched the fight take place in complete and utter awe at the brilliant display of flashing light and clash of magical prowess. This is what combat between mages could reach with the right level of passion and determination. -It wasn't something that could come on demand as it was a do or die situation that often brought this change about a person or a feeling of great emotional stress, but it was always impressive to see real time.
  25. When the fight seemed to reach its conclusion though, the girl would begin to move picking the Nagual up before bringing her out of the arena and setting her down like one would a pole.
  27. All of this was done wordlessly as to not interrupt the conversation or the mood of the room. Sienna hues would glide back over to Shrike and the assassin woman.
  28. (Agni cos Solenne)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. [00:30] Blinding lights flash, the bolts of electricity were far too strong for any normal Magi to deal with.
  33. The blunt force cascading her, with electricity following soon after, yes- she had seen this once before.
  35. And much like what she expected, it would be her downfall.
  37. Finally- The befitted 'Queen' would receive her end, one spectacular of blinding lights and color- the blade hammering deep into her abdomen, her own familiar crimson leaking forth.
  39. The red miasma could not manifest any longer- now what dropped to the grounds was merely the red stain of sanguine, the failure to manifest her Blood meant only an inevitable demise.
  41. A hand curls forth, bringing her shaky fingers- pale as snow, lingering towards the wound, violent attempts to circulate blood to extend her own lifeline. She violently coughs-, spitting up a momentary haste, sanguine spraying onto the male's wrist.
  43. She looked up at who would befall her- ShrikeAirgetlám.
  44. --It was interesting how that worked. Had it not been half a decade prior she sat in their home, so calmly playing chess with his wife?
  46. Most likely, this was the fate of the Queen. A powerful piece, wrecking havoc on the board, bringing waste to the mere sacrificial pawns. But- any true grandmaster would never lose such an important piece so early in the game. After all- there was still a captive at the end of the day.
  48. She grips onto the gauntlets. Hands crawling from the blade to the hilt, would finally make their way to the end of the leathery covering. Through the spurts of her fluid, she managed to muster speech.
  50. ".. Haaaa."
  52. ".. Yeah- see, that's fu- [CGHH--!!][CGH--!!] -unny .." She violently coughed as her hands worked their way up, attempting to climb up Shrike's arm, to properly meet his gaze.
  54. The Eyes would form crimson for a moment- reading Shrike like a book, peering deeper into his heart ..
  56. . . .
  57. '.. Ba-bump, Ba-bump, --
  58. -- Ba-bump, .. Ba-bump, ..
  59. -- Ba-bump, ..'
  61. ".. Yeah. I give it-"
  62. ".. Three weeks, maybe? Wither is coming for her." Wither?
  63. "--If you're late, I guess- [CGH--!!][CGHH--!!] .. I guess Asena dies then! .. Same as me."
  66. "Now."
  67. "Do it, pussy."
  68. (Asuka Kurokaiyo)
  69. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  71. [00:30] {Item} You drop Pipe.
  72. [00:30] {Item} You drop Sandals.
  73. [00:30] {Item} You drop Soothing Reed x1.
  74. [00:31] Asuka Kurokaiyo's Darkmoon Pendant was stolen by Shrike Airgetlám.
  75. [00:31] Asuka Kurokaiyo's Cloak Of The Watch was stolen by Shrike Airgetlám.
  76. [00:31] {Item} Dropped a bag of 50 Coins.
  77. [00:31] Asuka Kurokaiyo's Drake's Adamantium Guardian was stolen by Shrike Airgetlám.
  78. [00:31] {Item} You drop Black Hood.
  79. [00:39] His breathing grew heavy, the time was coming.
  81. His arms lifted her into the air and held her some feet from the ground.
  83. Suddenly, his hands retracted, letting gravity to the work, it'd honestly only take a second before she'd hit the ground but, her touching the ground wasn't what he was aiming for.
  85. THUD
  86. You could hear the snapping of her ribcage echo throughout the dojo.
  87. A massive kick to her abdomen sent her flying away, even though they were in the middle of the dojo, the sheer force was enough to send her flying away.
  89. She was still flying, she had yet to touch the ground.
  91. Suddenly, his body hunched forwards, all signs of lightning on his body suddenly erased. It was like time had slowed down, a small droplet of blue light came from above him, faster than Asuka was flying away.
  93. BOOM
  95. Those around him and in the general area of the dojo would be sent flying back from the sudden shockwave. A sonic boom from the Ookami's sudden ejection and velocity.
  97. It was instantaneous, they had seen Asuka flying away and within tenths of a second...?
  99. She was turned directly into blood mist.
  100. At the end of the new trench in the dojo, wood was singed, blackened even. Shrike was hunched over, dagger in hand, wrenched from her body as he forced himself THROUGH her.
  102. It was raining blood in the center of the arena.
  103. (Shrike Airgetlám)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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